Computer Auction



Get Them While They're Hot!

We recently replaced many of our computers. Beginning Monday, Feb. 10, 2014, these older, but very usable, units will begin to beĀ sold via the online auction site at The sale will continue for several weeks until all units have been sold.

All units are desktop models from either Dell or HP, have either 17 or 19 inch monitors, 2GB of RAM, 80 GB hard drives, DVD or CD drives, keyboards and mice.

Licensing restrictions prevent us from providing a copy of the Windows operating system. Therefore, these computers do not come with an operating system, nor technical support. The buyer assumes all responsibility to obtain and install an operating system to make the system functional as a personal computer.

Click here to browse the units currently available. If you don't see any available, check back in a few days. New batches will become available periodically.

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