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Tom and Jerry, a Nutcracker tale
Tom and Jerry find themselves in a fantastic wonderland brought to life by holiday magic and set to the music of Tchaikovsky's 'The Nutcracker'. In an empty opera house, Jerry wishes for his chance to perform and magically his dream comes true.
Spookley and the Christmas kittens
Spookley the Square Pumpkin helps a special green cat and three stray kittens find a home.
Festive follies collection.
Includes Scooby-Doo and the Snow Creatures; Tom and Jerry's Winter Wackiness; and Yogi Bear's All-Star Comedy Christmas Caper.
Mulán = Mulan
Clever Mulan proves her worth outside of her tradition-bound society when, disguised as the male soldier, "Ping", she bravely takes her father's place in the Imperial Army. Helped by her funny guardian dragon Mushu and a lucky cricket named Cri-kee, Mulan…
A Charlie Brown Christmas
"That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown! Christmas time is here. Happiness and cheer...Christmas lights may be twinkling red and green, but Charlie Brown has the Yuletide blues. To get in the holiday spirit, he lakes Lucy's advice and directs t…
The Hanukkah magic of Nate Gadol
"Nate Gadol is a great big spirit with eyes as shiny as golden coins and a smile that is lantern bright. He can make anything last as long as it is needed, like a tiny bit of oil that must stretch for eight nights, a flower that needs to stay fresh to che…
In search of Santa
When a sleigh bell mysteriously falls from the sky, pure-hearted Princess Crystal is determined to prove it came from one of Santa's reindeer. Together, she and her sister, Princess Lucinda, set off on a daring journey to the North Pole to find Santa Clau…
Mira, royal detective. On the case!
"Meet Mira, Jalpur's Royal Detective! In On the Case!, a world of adventure awaits Mira and friends, including her sleuthing sidekicks Mikku and Chikku, as they help others by solving mysteries...Mysteries include: Where is the Queen's missing scarf? Who …
Horse camp : a love tail
"It’s a new year at summer horse-riding camp but everything is different this time—a new head counselor, new friends to make, and to spice things up, the ranch hand has a crush on the head riding instruction! When he is too nervous to reveal his feeling, …
Welcome to the Day of the Dead
Despite the town's ban on comedy, Diego dreams of becoming an accomplished comedian/ But grumpy Queen Of The Dead Erasma Bones simply hates it when the dead laugh! Desperate to prove his talent, Diego embarks on an extraordinary journey to convince his to…
Jumbo 2
It's been a year since Jumbo the elephant won the Fernville spelling bee, and everybody's favorite pachyderm has been basking in his newfound fame! When Fernville slimy frog mayor joins forces with ruthless manager Marlon Whatnot to promote a new concert …
Monster hits : rock & rhyme with Elmo.
The singalong fun never ends! Each song goes with three Sesame Street clips, tying together classic nursery rhymes like 3Do You Know the Muffin Man4 to laugh-out-loud moments such as Cookie Monster and Gonger whipping up cranberry muffins on their Foodie …
Moon's first friends : [one giant leap for friendship]
This bestselling, heartwarming story of a friendship-seeking moon celebrates the extraordinary fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing!
The wiggles. Fun and games.
The Fun and Games begin in the park, hopping around the mulberry bush, looking for baby shark. Join The Wiggles in a Mexican hat dance and Henry the Octopus in his eight legged pants. Who else is coming to the Wiggly party? Captain Feathersword, Dorothy, …
Day of the dead dance
It's the Day of the Dead and all the inhabitants of Sunnyville are celebrating with a dance! Besties BeezBee the bee, Peanut the giraffe and Brooklyn the lion are wondering where they can find the best treat of this festive holiday. The three besties go o…
Dave of the dead
Zombie Dave has worked the fly-thru window at Spacejack's intergalactic fast-food restaurant for ten years, and he's seen it all, until Count Dracula stiffs Spacejack's on a bill, leaving Dave on the hook for eight Space Bucks! Will Dave catch the elusive…
Bonksters' gross science. Fantastic farts!
Join Bonks and Stonks two rude and crude bog monsters as they explain all about one of their favorite subjects in the world: farts! Get ready for a blast of facts to make a head spin and a nose scrunch.
Mother Goose world. Jack and the beanstalk.
Shhh, quiet, Mother Goose is about to tell another story. Listen in with all her ducklings as Mother Goose reads the classic story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Meet a formidable giant and a magical hen who lays golden eggs in this classic fairy tale story t…
Feathered serpent and the five suns : a Mesoamerican creation myth.
An award-winning author brings an ancient creation myth about Quetzalcoatl, one of the most important deities in ancient Mesoamerica, dazzlingly to life.
Curious George : 30-adventure collection.
Everyone's favorite monkey is up to his ears in mischief in this dizzying, 30-story adventure collection. The PBS Kids series features so many simian shenanigans that even the Man with the Yellow Hat can't keep up! Whether George is counting stars in the …
Bubble guppies. The great guppy games!.
Ready, set, get wet! Dive into five swim-sational sports as the Bubble Guppies take part in the Summer Camp Games, the Super Ballet Bowl, and the royally awesome Glitter Games! Plus, make a splash with a game of Puddleball and the elephant Trunk-A-Dunk!
Ultimate U.S. road trip atlas : maps, games, activities, and more for hours of backseat fun!.
Presents new games, fun facts, pictures, and activity suggestions for kids, including easy-to-read maps and coverage of topics ranging from wacky road signs to national monuments.
The space between lost and found
Cassie is determined to give her mom--who has early onset Alzheimer's--one last adventure.
Finn and the intergalactic lunchbox
"When Earth is threatened by an invading race of bugs called the Plague, 11-year-old Finn, his arch-nemesis, Lincoln, his crush, Julep, and one pink unicorn lunchbox become Earth's last best hope against destruction"--Provided by publisher.
My video game ate my homework
Dewey Jenkins wants to have the top science project in class to avoid summer school and win a state-of-the-art virtual reality video game, but after his friend Ferg accidentally breaks the console, they accidentally trigger the device, finding themselves …