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Secret engineer : how Emily Roebling built the Brooklyn Bridge / Rachel Dougherty.
"On a warm spring day in 1883, a woman rode across the Brooklyn Bridge with a rooster on her lap. It was the first trip across an engineering marvel that had taken nearly fourteen years to construct. The woman's husband was the chief engineer, and he knew…
Flower talk : how plants use color to communicate / Sara Levine ; illustrations by Masha D'yans.
This new book from Sara Levine features a cantankerous talking cactus as a narrator, revealing to readers the significance of different colors of flowers in terms of which pollinators (bees, bats, birds, etc.) different colors "talk" to. A fun nonfiction …
Meat-eating dinosaurs / Joe Fullman.
Dinosaurs are a high-interest topic for readers of all ages, and meat-eating dinosaurs are often considered the most ferocious. This exciting volume teaches readers to make their own versions of these fierce creatures using the art of origami. Along the w…
Understanding Islam / by Gail Radley ; content consultant, Sana Tayyen.
"Understanding Islam covers the history of Islam and explores how the religion has evolved and expanded. Readers learn about worship practices, women's roles, and the world contributions Muslims have made. This title also discusses the discrimination Musl…
Charcoal / by Alix Wood.
For young artists who don't mind getting a little messy, charcoal can be a thrilling new art form to master. This engaging guide is the perfect tool for young artists who want to learn this expressive black-and-white medium. Creative projects help young a…
Pen and ink / by Alix Wood.
Move aside, Rembrandt! The next generation of masterful pen-and-ink artists are on their way. Working with pen and ink may be tricky, but the results can be amazing. This engaging guide gives young artists the tools they need to begin making pen-and-ink m…
Acrylics / by Alix Wood.
"Rich colors, elaborate textures, and expressive brush strokes make painting with acrylics an adventure. This introduction to acrylics gives beginning artists the fundamentals they will need to master this lively art form. Creative projects teach artists …
Watercolors / by Alix Wood.
Watercolors are a wonderful way to explore the magic of colors. Layering and bleeding watercolors together can lead to breath-taking works of art. This informative guide to watercolors is perfect for young artists who want to try their hand at this versat…
In fairyland : the finest of tales by the Brothers Grimm / Hans Fischer ; translated by David Henry Wilson.
Hans Fischer, the beloved Swiss illustrator known as "Fis," illustrated a large number of children's books in his lifetime. His illustrations, drawn with precision and humor, bring utter delight to these finest of tales by the Brothers Grimm: "The Musicia…
How to talk to your computer / by Seymour Simon ; illustrated by Mike Lowery.
Introduces young children to computer languages and explains programs and how to write them.
Your mind is like the sky / Bronwen Ballard ; illustrated by Laura Carlin.
Your mind is like the sky. Sometimes it's clear and blue - but sometimes a raincloud thought comes along and makes everything seem dark. So what can we do about rainclouds? This beautiful picture book, written by psychologist Bronwen Ballard and illustrat…
Space / by Richard Spilsbury.
Take a trip into space and discover the spacecraft, satellites, and telescopes that travel among the galaxies and stars. Learn about the astronauts who have lived in orbit and set foot on the moon and find out about the future of space tourism and explora…
Step into your power / written by Jamia Wilson ; illustrated by Andrea Pippins
A guide for girls instructs them in how to harness their own power to succeed and grow, discussing the importance of community, making good choices, action, and self-care
Left brain vs. right brain / James Bow.
The brain is a powerful, complex organism that is responsible for many functions in our day-to-day life. There is a theory that some people are governed more by the left-brain, and others by the right-brain. Some believe that this determines part of our p…
Short vowels / by Wiley Blevins ; illustrated by Sean O'Neill.
"The alphabet has 26 letters. Five of them are vowels: a-e-i-o-u. They can make long and short sounds. The short vowels can be used to build many simple words. Readers learn what these short vowels can do."--Provided by publisher.
Long vowels / by Wiley Blevins ; illustrated by Sean O'Neill.
"Vowels can say their names: A-E-I-O-U. These vowel sounds can be spelled many different ways, including vowel teams. Readers discover how these long vowels and vowel teams can be used to build words."--Provided by publisher.
Let's draw dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts with Crayola! / illustrated by Brendan Kearney.
Provides instructions using such simple shapes as a square, circle, rectangle, and triangle for drawing a variety of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.
Magic tricks with optical illusions / Elsie Olson.
You won't believe your eyes! This book teaches aspiring magicians to perform amazing optical illusion tricks. Simple text, step-by-step instructions, and supporting photos will engage and excite young readers.
Magic disappearing acts / Elsie Olson.
"Now you see it, now you don't! How do magicians make things disappear? Read this book to learn the secrets behind tricks to make coins, marbles, and even water magically disappear!"--Publisher description.
The lion's tale / by Laura Buller.
An introduction to lions discusses where they live, how they hunt, and how they take care of their young.
Cheetahs / by Cyndy Unwin.
Did you know that while a cheetah can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour in just three seconds, it can also stay perfectly still for half an hour while hunting? Features include stunning photography; a fact file which breaks down vital data points in…
Can we help? : kids volunteering to help their communities / George Ancona.
Describes how children can help their communities in different ways, from tending a community garden and training service dogs to volunteering to help people with disabilities and mentoring younger students.
Fast enough : Bessie Stringfield's first ride / Joel Christian Gill.
A young Bessie Stringfield was told girls cannot ride bikes because they are not fast enough, but after asking the Man Upstairs if that was true, she gets her answer in a dream.
Giant pandas / by Lisa M. Herrington.
Did you know that giant pandas eat more than 600 bamboo stems a day and are expert tree climbers? Features include stunning photography; a fact file which breaks down vital data points in an easy-to-follow and understand format; fast facts; a family tree …
The children's illustrated Bible / retold by Trevor Barnes.
Presents stories from the Old and New Testaments with a reference section that includes maps, diagrams, and historical background.
Kleptocats : it's their world now! / by Daphne Pendergrass.
Meet the most diabolical KleptoCats -- Care, keeping, and coexisting with KleptoCats -- Awesome things your KleptoCats will bring! -- Pleasing your new overlords.
50 things to see with a telescope : a young stargazer's guide / John A. Read.
"50 Things to See with a Small Telescope explores the planets, stars, galaxies, and nebulas observed from all over the northern hemisphere. This book includes easy-to-follow star maps, and updated eclipse charts for years 2017 to 2030. With the new "teles…
Perfectly peculiar plants / Chris Thorogood ; illustrated by Catell Ronca.
As you explore these amazing species, gain a foundation of knowledge about the plant kingdom. How do plants get energy? Can plants talk? Why do plants have flowers? Can plants move? Learn how plants get energy and nutrients, how animals and plants work to…
Rivers : a visual history from river to sea / Peter Goes ; [translation, Bill Nagelkerke].
"This breathtaking journey along the most important rivers in the world takes us from the Nile to the Amazon, the Mekong Delta to the Mississippi, the Murray to the Waikato. Our seas and rivers tell a compelling story about our planet."--Provided by publi…
The Great Sphinx / Ken Karst.
"An investigative approach to the curious phenomena and mysterious circumstances surrounding the Great Sphinx, from historical legends to archaeological findings to hard facts"--Provided by publisher.
The element in the room : investigating the atomic ingredients that make up your home / Mike Barfield ; illustrated by Lauren Humphrey.
Did you know that without the "lead" in your pencil, there would be no life on Earth? Or that the deadly ingredient used to make the most dangerous weapon in history can also be found in your bottle water? Just about everything in the universe is made up …
The samurai handbook / by Osamu Tashiro ; written by Noriyuki Irisawa ; translated by Peter Porcino.
"Japan in the 1500s was torn apart by warring clans. The heroes of the many battles were the samurai who defended lands, conquered foes, and unified the nation. Learn their stories, and explore their armor, weapons, tactics, and more"--Back Cover.
We are the gardeners / Joanna Gaines and kids ; illustrated by Julianna Swaney.
A young family learns to grow a garden, describing how they prepared the soil, watered their plants, dealt with the animals who invaded their garden, and how all their hard work finally paid off as they harvested vegetables and flowers.
A beautiful day in the neighborhood : the poetry of Mister Rogers / lyrics by Fred Rogers ; illustrations by Luke Flowers.
"Lyrics to seventy-five songs from the children's television programs Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and The Children's Corner, collected and presented as an illustrated treasury of poems. Lyrics explore topics such as feelings, new siblings, everyday life, …
No more poems! : a book in verse that just gets worse / by Rhett Miller ; art by Dan Santat.
Shares humorous poems about such subjects as disco baths, sneaky sisters, nose hairs, and wanting a dog.
A ray of light : a book of science and wonder / written and photographed by Walter Wick.
"The wonder of light has fascinated readers for ages. Walter Wick's mesmerizing photographs paired with simple yet fascinating text and scientific observations help readers understand the secrets and complexity of light. You will learn what light is made …
The frog book / Steve Jenkins & Robin Page.
An introduction to an assortment of the world's frog species discusses their colors, shapes, and sizes; many different habitats; their lifecycle; and how they find food, escape danger, and attract a mate.
The everything kids' Scratch coding book : learn to code and create your own cool games! / Jason Rukman.
"Understanding computer science is becoming a necessity in the modern age. The Everything Kids' Scratch Coding Book helps children get a head start on this new essential skill, with Scratch coding--a language designed by MIT specifically to help a younger…
Dan Zanes' house party : a family roots music treasury / by Dan Zanes ; illustrations by Donald Saaf ; music notation by Claudia Eliaza ; additional notation by Billy Buss.
Presents a collection of sixty-four folk songs, with a discussion about the origin of each song, the musical tradition it came from, complete verses, and the musical notation.
Wonders of nature : explorations in the world of birds, insects and fish / Florence Guiraud.
Shares expressive illustrations of many different kinds of birds, insects, and fish.
Build your own chain reaction machines : how to make crazy contraptions using everyday stuff : creative kid-powered projects / Paul Long.
"With Build Your Own Chain Reaction Machines, you'll create twelve zany and awesome mechanical contraptions using stuff from around the house"--Provided by publisher.
National monuments. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial / Christine Taylor-Butler.
"Learn all about the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, from how it was created to what it is like to visit today."--Provided by publisher.
Physical science. Light / Jo S. Kittinger.
"This book details the science of light. It explains where this energy comes from, how it affects life on Earth, what uses people have found for it, and more."--Provided by publisher.
Dictionary of dinosaurs / illustrated by Dieter Braun ; edited by Dr. Matthew G. Baron.
Profiles dinosaurs, from Aardonyx to Zuniceratops, offering information on their diet, size, when they lived, and where their fossils were found.
Hacks for minecrafters : combat : the unofficial guide to tips and tricks that other guides won't teach you / Megan Miller.
Provides information on game combat, including fighting off hostile monsters, enchanting armor and weapons, and setting traps on one's property.
Physical science. Gravity / Alexa Kurzius.
Presents the basic principles of gravity, a history of how the theory was developed, the revisions made by Albert Einstein, and descriptions of how gravity works in space, with examples from America's space program.
Physical science. Electricity & magnetism / Cody Crane.
"This book details the science of electricity and magnetism. It explains how these forces work, how they are related, what uses people have found for them, and more."--Provided by publisher.
Moon landings / by Shoshana Z. Weider.
Describes the Apollo spacecraft missions to the Moon, detailing each mission's voyage, the astronauts of the Apollo program, and what it takes to be an astronaut.
The perfect horse : the daring rescue of horses kidnapped by Hitler / Elizabeth Letts.
American soldiers, aided by an Austrian colonel who was both an Olympian and a trainer of Lipizzaners, attempt to kidnap horses that had been taken by Nazis "for the glorification of the Third Reich" and smuggle them to safety.
Europe / Joana Costa Knufinke.
"Inside you'll find: what makes Europe unique and what life is like there; a timeline, maps, photos--and how Europe has grown and changed over time; suprising true facts that will shock and amaze you!" --from back cover.
Africa. / Zukiswa Wanner.
"This book details the history, culture, and geography of Africa."--Provided by publisher.
Gettysburg / Moira Rose Donohue
"Learn all about Gettysburg National Military Park, from which historic events occurred there to what it is like to visit today."--Provided by publisher.
Bolivia / by Nel Yomtov.
"This book details the history, culture, geography and government of Bolivia."--Provided by publisher.
1,000 facts about ancient Egypt / by Nancy Honovich ; foreword by Dr. Jennifer Houser Wegner.
Presents one thousand facts and trivia about ancient Egypt, covering such topics as religion, daily life, government, food, games and pastimes, and language.
Moon landings / by Shoshana Z. Weider.
Describes the Apollo spacecraft missions to the Moon, detailing each mission's voyage, the astronauts of the Apollo program, and what it takes to be an astronaut.
Big cats / author: Andrea Mills ; consultant: Giles Clark.
Presents information about the big cats, discussing such topics as habitats, physical characteristics, senses, communication, behavior, and endangered species.
Borrowing bunnies : a surprising true tale of fostering rabbits / Newbery Honor author Cynthia Lord ; photographs by John Bald ; illustrations by Hazel Mitchell.
"From Newbery Honor author, Cynthia Lord, comes the heartwarming true story of the author's own journey in fostering two amazing bunnies, illustrated with photos and drawings"--Provided by publisher.
Don't mess with me : the strange lives of venomous sea creatures / Paul Erickson ; photography by Andrew Martinez.
Profiles such venomous sea creatures as the box jelly, Chinese dragon sea slug, scorpionfish, palette surgeonfish, and striped fangblenny.
Ruby, head high : Ruby Bridges's first day of school / Irène Cohen-Janca ; illustrated by Marc Daniau.
"Inspired by an iconic Norman Rockwell painting and translated from an original French text, this is a story about the day a little girl held her head high and changed the world"--Provided by publisher.
Stathead basketball : how data changed the sport / by Michael Bradley.
"In pro basketball today, it's good to be a stathead. Coaches use stats to decide who should be in the lineup each game, how defend against each opponent, and when to send in a sub. Players use stats to train and prepare and to get an edge after the openi…
Lots of tongue twisters for kids / by Whee Winn.
"Laugh out loud with Lots of Tongue Twisters for Kids, a collection of hilarious, kid-friendly fun. Over 250 tongue twisters will send kids and grown-ups alike into a fit of giggles!"--Provided by publisher.
Jesus saves the world / illustrator: Denis Alonso.
Presents a retelling story of the life and death of Jesus.
5-minute devotions for girls : featuring 180 daily devotions / content by: Laura L. Smith ; interior design: Denise Froehlich.
"The Faithgirlz 5-Minute Devotions for Girls: 180 Daily Devotions is the perfect book for girls on the go. With beautiful packaging, a highly designed interior, and short and sweet devotions applicable to everyday life, busy girls will love spending five …
From an idea to Disney : how branding made Disney a household name / Lowey Bundy Sichol ; illustrated by C.S. Jennings.
"From an Idea to Disney is a behind-the-movie-screen look into the history, business, and brand of the world's largest entertainment empire. With humorous black & white illustrations throughout, learn about the company behind the world's favorite mouse, M…
Wilma's way home : the life of Wilma Mankiller / by Doreen Rappaport ; illustrated by Linda Kukuk.
"A picturebook biography of Wilma Mankiller, the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation."--Provided by publisher.
The sea book / Charlotte Milner.
Introduces the sea, describes the different zones and marine animals that can be found there, and offers suggestions for what people can do to protect them.
Hedy Lamarr's double life / written by Laurie Wallmark ; illustrated by Katy Wu.
Shares the life of the actress and inventor, detailing how she developed a groundbreaking communications system that still remains essential to the security of today's technology.
Dolphins! : strange and wonderful / Laurence Pringle ; illustrated by Meryl Henderson.
Introduces dolphin species from all over the world, describing their habitats, physiology, communication, intelligence, parenting, and diet, and discusses how dolphins can be protected from hunting, pollution, and other threats.
Pancakes to parathas : breakfast around the world / by Alice B. McGinty ; illustrated by Tomoko Suzuki.
Explores what children in twelve different countries eat for breakfast, from vegemite on toast in Australia to cornmeal porridge in Jamaica.
Yogi : the life, loves, and language of baseball legend Yogi Berra / Barb Rosenstock ; illustrated by Terry Widener.
Looks at the life of Major League Baseball and New York Yankee legend Lawrence "Yogi" Berra, describing how his differences challenged his baseball prospects and helped motivate him to prove his abilities as a player, coach, and manager.
I am Billie Jean King / by Brad Meltzer ; illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos.
Presents an illustrated biography of the tennis star, from her childhood and early competitive career to her role as activist for equality in sports.
Calm : mindfulness for kids / written by Wynne Kinder, M.Ed..
Shares mindfulness activities that teach children how to focus their thoughts and pay attention, with care, to one moment at a time, including breathing exercises, moving the body to unwind stress, and taking a walk in the woods.
Who is Michael Jordan? / by Kirsten Anderson ; illustrated by Dede Putra.
Presents the life and accomplishments of the legendary basketball player, from his childhood and college career to his success in the NBA, his product endorsements, and his philanthropic efforts.
Carter reads the newspaper / written by Deborah Hopkinson ; illustrated by Don Tate.
"Carter G. Woodson was born ten years after the end of the Civil War, to parents who had both been enslaved. Their stories were not the ones written about in history books, but Carter learned them and kept them in his heart. Carter's father could not read…
Jack Montgomery : World War II : gallantry at Anzio / Michael P. Spradlin.
"The true story for middle grade readers of First Lt. Jack Montgomery, a Native American who received the Medal of Honor for his valor in World War II."--Provided by publisher.
Passover / by Rachel Grack.
"Relevant images match informative text in this introduction to Passover. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade"--Provided by publisher.
Famous Spies / Deanna Caswell.
"Takes readers on a mission to learn about famous spies through conversational text, engaging photos, and fun facts"--Provided by publisher.
STEM lab : 25 super cool projects : build, invent, create, discover / Jack Challoner.
Presents over two dozen science activities demonstrating such scientific properties as forces and motion, chemical reactions, shapes and structures, and light and sound.
Dominican Republic / by Lura Rogers and Barbara Radcliffe Rogers.
Discusses the history, physical landscape, people, government, economy, religion, art, sports, and food of the Dominican Republic.