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Snack, snooze, skedaddle : how animals get ready for winter / Laura Purdie Salas ; illustrated by Claudine Gévry.
Fact-filled rhymes and evocative natural-world artwork depict a variety of familiar wild animals, from snakes and foxes to hummingbirds and whales, who survive the cold winter season through migration or hibernation.
Animals surviving in extreme environments / writer: Alex Woolf.
"Some animals have traits that allow them to survive in places where people can barely visit even with special equipment. Animals Surviving in Extreme Environments looks at how animals thrive in such tough places, from mountaintops to ocean depths." --ba…
Animals migrating / writer: Alex Woolf.
"Some animals move around to different places throughout the year. Animals Migrating looks at the different types of migration, such as longitudinal and altidudinal migration, and the reasons animals make these long journeys." --back cover
Animals making homes / writer: Cath Senker.
"Just as people do, many animals use shelters for safety and to protect themselves from bad weather. But their homes are often much different than ours. Animals Making Homes looks at the many places animals live and ways they find shelter, from complex …
Animals living in groups / Mary Auld.
"Just as people live together, many kinds of animals form groups for survival. Animals Living in Groups looks at the many reasons animals form groups, such as for protection, or to raise young, and how they are able to live together." --back cover
Animals finding food / writer: Sean Connolly.
"Animals need food to survive, but they can'tget it from a store or restaurant. Animals Finding Food looks at the many ways animals find food--from meat-eating strategies, such as hunting and scavenging, to plant-eating strategies, such as browsing and g…
Animals finding mates / Mary Auld.
"It's not enough for an animal to just survive--it must also reproduce. Almost all animals reproduce sexually, which means they have to find a member of the opposite sex to mate with. Animals Finding Mates looks at the many ways animals attract and choo…
Animals living alongside people / Cath Senker.
"For many animals, the greatest challenge to survival is how to deal with the top species on Earth--humans! Animals Living Alongside People looks at how animals are able to cope with changes to the environment and climate caused by humans and what happen…
Animals communicating / writer: Mary Auld.
"Just as people talk to each other, animals communicate with one another to warn of danger, tell where food is, or show who's in charge. Animals Communicating looks at the many different ways and reason animals exchange information with each other." --ba…
Animals defending themselves / writer: Sean Connolly.
"Most animals, even if they are predators, can become prey to another animal. Animals Defending Themselves looks at the many ways animals protect themselves from attack--from physical traits, such as spines and poison, to behavorial strategies, such as l…
Animals depending on other animals / writer: Alex Woolf.
"Just as we need one another ot get through the day, animals depend on each other to survive. many times, one animal relies on different species for food, protection, or shelter in a relationship called symbiosis. Animals Depending on Other Animals look…
Animals caring for their young / writer: Cath Senker.
"Just as people care for their children, many animals care for their babies to help them reach adulthood. Animal Caring for Their Young looks at the different kinds of care animals provide their offspring, such as feeding them, building nests, and scarin…
Animals attacking / Alex Woolf.
"Predators must hunt and kill other animals to survive. Animals Attacking looks at the many ways these animals catch prey--from physical traits, such as claws and teeth, to behavioral strategies, such as ambushing and pack hunting." --back cover
Wangari Muta Maathai / author: Kris Fankhouser.
"Discover how Wangari Muta Maathai founded the Green Belt Movement, an organization devoted to environmental conservation and community development in Kenya, and became the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize." --back cover
Frida Kahlo / author: Kris Fankhouser.
"Discover how Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who was severly injured in a bus accident at age 18, taught herself to paint and become known for her striking self-portraits."--Provided by publisher.
Mohandas Gandhi / author: Kris Fankhouser.
"Disover how Indian lawyer, social activist, and writer Mohandas Gandhi led the movement that won his country's independence from the British Empire." --back cover
Frederick Douglass / author: Kris Fankhouser.
"Discover how Frederick Douglass, born a slave, went on to become the leading spokesman of African Americans in the 1800's." --back cover
Susan B. Anthony / author: Kris Fankhouser.
"Discover how social reformer Susan B. Anthony helped to achieve woman suffrage in the United States"-- Provided by publisher.
Nikola Tesla / author: Kris Fankhouser.
"Discover how Serbian Amerian inventor Nikola Tesla changed the way electrical power operates in most of the world." --back cover
Zac Newton investigates : spectacular space / author: Paul Harrison ; illustrator: Rob Davis/The Art Agency
"When clouds ruin Zac's stargazing party, Lucia may just decide she hates space once and ofr all. And what has Marcus thinking he would rather live on the moon? Find out what happens as the kids get the scoop on space from Annie Jump Cannon, Edwin Hubbl…
Zac Newton investigates : fabulous forces / author: Paul Harrison ; illustrator: Rob Davis/The Art Agency
"Can Zac, Ning, Lucia, and Marcus build a cart fast enough to win the big race? The will need to freshen up on forces, with the help of Isaac Newton, Galileo, the Wright brothers, and more. Journey through time with Zac Newton and friends as the learn t…
Zac Newton investigates : extraordinary electricity / author: Paul Harrison ; illustrator: Rob Davis/The Art Agency
"When the power goes out at Zac's house, will Marcus, Lucia and Ning be left in the dark? Time to spark a conversation about electricity with Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday, and more. Journey through time with Zac Newton and friends as…
Zac Newton investigates : bodies and brains / author: Paul Harrison ; illustrator Rob Davis/The Art Agency.
"Marcus has a cold. Ning breaks her arm. It seems like very 'body' is falling apart! Can Zac put it all together with help from Leonardo da Vinci, Rosalind Franklin, and more? Journey through time with Zac Newton and friends as they learn the wonders …
Zac Newton investigates : beasts and bugs / author: Paul Harrison ; illustrator Rob Davis/The Art Agency
"A mystery beast is trashing yards around the neighborhood and seriously freaking out Zac's dog, Orbit. Can Zac, Ning, Luciá, and Marcus identify the invader with help from Charles Darwin, Aristotle, and more? Journey through time with Zac Newton and fr…
Zac Newton investigates : wild weather / author: Paul Harrison ; illustrator Rob Davis/The Art Agency.
"A visit to Tornado Alley turns into a game of tag with a dangerous twister. Can Zac, Lucia, Marcus, and Ning weather the storm with help from Ted Fujita, John Park Finley, and more? Journey through time with Zach Newton and friends as they learn the wo…
Little legends : exceptional men in black history / Vashti Harrison with Kwesi Johnson.
"Meet the little legends. They're brave. They're exceptional. They changed the world. An important book for readers of all ages, this engagingly written and beautifully illustrated volume brings to life true stories of black men in history. Among the…