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The Villain Kids' guide for new VKs / adapted by Tina McLeef ; based on the film by Josann McGibbon & Sara Parriott.
Evie and her friends put together a guide for Auradon Prep's newest VKs--Villain Kids. This newest addition to the line of hit Descendants books like Mal's Spell Book and Mal's Spell Book 2, this compelling tome will build upon the world, mythology, and m…
The star wolf [#5]/ by Paula Harrison ; illustrated by Sophy Williams.
Emma lives in a forest full of magical creatures like star wolves! The wolves' special song makes the stars appear in the sky every night. When Emma rescues a baby star wolf from a trap, she knows she must return the pup to his family.
For whom the ball rolls / written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey as George Beard and Harold Hutchins ; with color by Jose Garibadli.
Dog Man has been working hard to overcome his bad habits, but when his obsessions turn to fears, he finds himself the target of an all-new supervillain, while Petey the Cat, who was just released from jail, starts a new life with Li'l Petey.
My little pony : the manga. A day in the life of Equestria. Vol. 1 / story by David Lumsdon ; art by Shiei ; toning by Ludwig Sacramento ; lettering by Nicky Lim.
"When Pinkie Pie lends a hoof to help Twilight Sparkle and Spike clean up the castle Library, she discovers a mysterious mirror with the power to gaze into alternate realities. Upon entering the portal-like mirror, Pinkie Pie sets off a chain of events th…
Captain Underpants and the preposterous plight of the Purple Potty People / the eighth epic novel by Dav Pilkey ; with color by Jose Garibaldi and Corey Barba.
Harold and George's time-traveling Purple Potty lands them in an alternate universe where everything seems delightful, but evil lurks just beneath the surface, and leads to a battle between Captain Underpants and his own evil twin.
Three's a crowd! / by Ray O'Ryan ; illustrated by Colin Jack.
"Zack is thrilled when his best friend on Earth, Bert Jones, visits for the weekend. But when Zack introduces Bert to Drake, his best friend on Nebulon, trouble begins!"--Provided by publisher.
Trip to the pumpkin farm / Rebecca Elliott.
Eva Wingdale and her class are excited about their trip to Poppy's Pumpkin Farm, where every year, there is one very large, extra special, thank-you pumpkin; but on the second day of the visit the owls find that the Thank-you Pumpkin has gone missing, and…
Elizabeth I : red rose of the House of Tudor / by Kathryn Lasky.
In a series of diary entries, Princess Elizabeth, the eleven-year-old daughter of King Henry VIII, celebrates holidays and birthdays, relives her mother's execution, revels in her studies, and agonizes over her father's health.
Lunch quest / Chris Kuzma.
Have you ever been looking for your lettuce, but instead you find skate kids shredding the moon, bunny gladiators astride bumpy frogs, and dance party dance-offs so twisty they put a bag of pretzels to shame? No? Then dig into this collection of comic vig…
Madness in the mine / Winter Morgan.
"For as long as the residents of Meadow Mews can remember the town mine has been emptied of any precious metals. Everyone has a story about why the mine was barren. When Brett and Joe are working on a farm near the mine, they fall into a portal, which lea…
The poison jungle / by Tui T. Sutherland.
When Sundew the dragon teams up with her LeafWing friends to destroy the HiveWings, she uncovers an ancient secret that has the power to destroy them all.
My little pony. 12, To where and back again / story by Josh Haber ; adaptation by Justin Eisinger ; lettering and design by Gilbert Lazcano.
"Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Discord, and Thorax the Changeling take center stage when evil Queen Chrysalis enacts her plan to rule Equestria!"--Provided by publisher.
Pokémon the movie. The power of us. Zeraora's story / story and art by Kemon Kawamoto ; original concept by Satoshi Tajiri ; supervised by Tsunekazu Ishihara ; script by Eiji Umehara, Aya Takaha ; translation & adaptation, Emi Louie-Nishikawa ; touch-up & lettering, Susan Daigle-Leach.
"Ash and Pikachu arrive in Fula City at the start of its renowned Wind Festival and meet Margo, the mayor's daughter, and Dr. Hawthorn, a scientist. Through the magic of Dr. Hawthorn's virtual reality technology, our friends experience the history of the …
Calling all witches! : the girls who left their mark on the Wizarding World / by Laurie Calkhoven ; illustrated by Violet Tobacco.
"For all the girls as clever as Hermione Granger, as dedicated as Tina Goldstein, and as fierce as Minerva McGonagall, this incredible compendium is packed with the stories of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts' extraordinary heroines! Besides the series' …
The Wormworld saga. 3, Kingspeak / Daniel Lieske.
"Jonas stumbled through a secret portal in a painting in his grandmother's attic and found himself in an alternate universe--a universe facing dangerous threats where Jonas is seen as the inhabitants' beacon of hope. The beautifully illustrated epic adven…
Spider-man / Sholly Fisch.
"It's a spider-tacular adventure when Spider-man is visited by his fellow web-slingers!"--Back cover
All the Greys on Greene Street / Laura Tucker.
SoHo, 1981. Twelve-year-old Olympia is an artist -- and in her neighborhood, that's normal. Her dad and his business partner Apollo bring antique paintings back to life, while her mother makes intricate sculptures in a corner of their loft, leaving Ollie …
The castle in the sea / Mardi McConnochie.
"Twins Will and Annalie Wallace continue to search for their missing father. As the Admiralty closes in, Will, Annalie, and their friends Essie and Pod must evade capture--and pirates--while tracking Spinner's movements around the world in their small sai…
Star Wars adventures : destroyer down / Writer, Scott Beatty ; art & colors, Derek Charm.
In "Destroyer Down," renowned scavenger Rey investigates a junked Imperial Star Destroyer rumored to be haunted; and in "The Ghost Ship," the Star Destoryer Spectral meets its fate during the last days of the Empire.
Descendants 3 : the novelization / adapted by Carin Davis ; based on Descendants 3, written by Josann McGibbon & Sara Parriott.
"Mal, Evie, Carlong, and Jay return to the Isle of the Lost to recruit a new batch of villainous offspring to join them at Auradon Prep. But when Hades, the former god of the underworld, almost breaches the barrier when they go back to Auradon, Mal fears…
Serafina and the Seven Stars / Robert Beatty.
In 1900, the shapeshifting guardian of North Carolina's Biltmore estate faces deceptively dark and terrifying forces that make her question her own senses and whom she can trust.
The secret life of pets / Stéphane Lapuss' ; Goum ; English translation: Montana Kane.
Max has a perfect life with his owner Katie, until one day Katie brings home another dog, Duke, and he and Max become rivals, but when Max and Duke get lost in the city, they learn they must work together if they are going to find their way home.
The girls of Firefly Cabin / Cynthia Ellingsen.
Lauren, Isla, Jade, and Archer are friends from their first day at summer camp, but rival cabins, distracting crushes, and the girls' own secrets get in the way of their winning the big contest.
This was our pact / Ryan Andrews.
Ben and his friends are determined to find out where the paper lanterns of the annual Autumn Equinox Festival go, so they follow the river as far as they can until the only followers left are Ben and Nathaniel.
A ghost in the castle / by Jordan Quinn ; illustrated by Robert McPhillips.
Prince Lucas and his best friend Clara discover a ghost haunting Wrenly Castle.
Nixie Ness, cooking star / Claudia Mills ; pictures by Grace Zong.
Nixie and Grace have been best and only friends since preschool, but now Nixie must attend an after-school cooking camp while Grace spends her afternoons with classmate Elyse.
All of me / Chris Baron.
Thirteen-year-old Ari faces what it is to be a man while dealing with a cross-country move, his parents' separation, being bullied for his weight, and belatedly starting bar mitzvah preparations.
Alexis's half-baked idea / by Coco Simon.
When Alexis decides she wants to be more like her popular older sister, Dylan, she tries out for cheerleading, without really thinking about what that entails, including that her sister was a star on her cheerleading squad.
Goldilocks, go home! / Martha Freeman ; illustrated by Marta Sevilla.
Baby Bear and Goldilocks contentiously relate the events of an action-packed week in the Enchanted Forest when Goldilocks stays with the three bears waiting for the Big Bad Wolf to leave.
Out of place / Jennifer Blecher.
Twelve-year-old Cove Bernstein yearns for her best friend, Nina, who moved to New York City, but with unlikely new friends, discovers that life on Martha's Vineyard can be pretty good.
Minecraft / written by Sfé R. Monster ; art and cover by Sarah Graley ; lettered by John J. Hill.
"Tyler has a strong group of friends forever linked in the world of Minecraft! Tyler, along with Evan, Candace, Tobi, and Grace have been going on countless adventures together across the Overworld and are in need of a challenge. They decide to go on the …
Piper cooks up a plan / by Erin Soderberg ; illustrated by Anoosha Syed.
Part-chef, part-scientist, Piper dreams of competing on her favorite cooking show and with the help of the rest of the Daring Dreamers Club, Milla, Zahra, Mariana, and Ruby, she is prepared to win.
Riverbound / Melinda Beatty.
"Only Fallow sits beside the king to reveal lies, but now she must use her gift and her courage to fight for the kingdom to treat all people fairly"--Provided by publisher.
Honeybees and frenemies / Kristi Wientge.
Twelve-year-old Flor faces problems at home while spending a summer working at her parents' store, partnering with former friend Candice for a pageant, and volunteering with a reclusive beekeeper.
Who was P.T. Barnum? / by Kirsten Anderson ; illustrated by Stephen Marchesi.
Recounts the life of P.T. Barnum, the legendary showman who transformed the American circus into a popular phenomenon.
Spaced out : a graphic novel / written by Shea Fontana ; art by Agnes Garbowska.
Jessica Cruz, Earth's new Green Lantern, travels to Oa to introduce herself to the Green Lantern Corps, but finds that the evil General Zod has taken over the planet.
The farting princess / by Fredrik Colting ; illustrations by Daria Solak.
"Princess Cleo lives in a lovely kingdom and spends her days feeding the royal ducks in the royal pond, riding the royal horses across the royal meadows, and baking princess cake in the royal kitchen. One day a wizard, disguised as a black pigeon, puts a…
Everblaze / Shannon Messenger.
"Sophie's talents are getting stronger and, with the elusive Black Swan group ignoring her calls for help, she is determined to find her kidnappers but a daring mistake pushes her world to the edge of war, and soon she has exposed a major conspiracy that …