Kids Fiction

These kids fiction books are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top).

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Forest of shadows / Forest of Shadows an original tale by Kamilla Benko ; illustrations by Grace Lee.
When a mysterious sickness strikes Arendelle, Elsa incants a magic spell that she hopes will make her dream of curing the sickness come true, but instead, a sinister dream comes to life--her sister Anna's nightmare of a giant, fearsome wolf.
Legacy / Shannon Messenger.
As Sophie tries to unravel the mysteries about her family, she and her friends are pulled further into a conspiracy that leaves them unsure of who they can trust.
The Fowl twins / Eoin Colfer.
Eleven-year-old twins Myles and Beckett Fowl enjoy adventure and mayhem while helping a troll escape nefarious forces that want his magic.
Ali Cross / James Patterson.
"Alex Cross. The brilliant DC detective who never gives up on a case. Ali Cross. The tenacious kid who's determined to follow in his father's footsteps. The case that finally gives him a chance. Ali knows Gabe Qualls better than anyone, so when his fr…
Heart of the moors / Holly Black.
"When Maleficent put a crown on Aurora's head, she didn't think she was putting her in danger. Ruling a kingdom is challenging under any circumstances. But Aurora--queen of Perceforest and queen of the Moors--is reigning under th weight of two crowns. …
The Princess in Black and the bathtime battle / Shannon Hale & Dean Hale ; illustrated by LeUyen Pham.
When the goat pasture is plagued with a foul stench, the Princess in Black and her friends must take on a stinky beast.
Ribsy / Beverly Cleary ; Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers.
Separated from his owner, Henry Huggins, in a shopping center parking lot, an ordinary city dog begins a string of bewildering adventures.
Twin trouble / by Jaden Kent ; illustrated by Iryna Bodnaruk.
"On their journey home, dragons Ella and Owen meet unicorn twins who just can't seem to get along! The dragons are swept up in the unicorns' argument and have to choose sides. Will the crazy challenges the twins come up with reveal who's really the best…
Frankenstein / Mary Shelley ; adapted & illustrated by John Green.
Generations of readers have thrilled to the story of a young doctor who dared to play God.
The hound of the Baskervilles / Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and [adapted by] Claire Bampton ; art: Anthony Williams.
"There are many iterations of Sherlock Holmes in popular culture, so it's important to go back to the source to find out why people have long been inspired by this ingenious character. This winning graphic novel is a faithful retelling of Arthur Conan Doy…
The silent thaw / Erin Hunter.
"ThunderClan's leader, Bramblestar, has been behaving erratically after losing one of his nine lives, and suspicion is quickly spreading across Clan borders. And when a strange apparition sparks unrest in SkyClan and ShadowClan, each warrior must decide w…
A Christmas carol / Geronimo Stilton ; baseed on the novel by Charles Dickens ; illustrations by Andrea Denegri and Edwyn Nori ; translated by Emily Clement.
"A Christmas Carol--Geronimo Stilton retells the classic tale! Ebenezer Scrooge is a cranky old mouse who is only concerned with his business and making money. Scrooge thinks Christmas is just a waste of time. but on the night of Christmas Eve, he is v…
The dance of the star fairies / Thea Stilton ; illustrations by Giuseppe Facciotto, Chiara Balleello, Barbara Pellizzari, Valeria Brambilla, and Alessandro Muscillo ; translated by Julia Heim.
"Where is all the stardust? The Thea Sisters are needed in Starlight Kingdom. The stars in the kingdom's sky have been losing all their energy and shine! The sky is starting to go dark. The mouselets head to Brightstar Castle to solve the mystery and …
The last dragon / James Riley.
"Fort Fitzgerald can't stop having nightmares about the day his father was taken from him in an attack on Washington, DC. In these dreams and Old One, an eveil beyond comprehension, demands the location of the last dragon. But other than some dragon ske…
Maybe he just likes you / Barbara Dee.
When boys in her class start touching seventh-grader Mila and making her feel uncomfortable, she does not want to tell her friends or mother until she reaches her breaking point.
White bird / written and illustrated by R.J. Palacio ; inked by Kevin Czap.
Tells the story of Julian's Grandmère's childhood as she, a Jewish girl, was hidden by a family in a Nazi-occupied French village during World War II and how the boy she once shunned became her savior and best friend.
The Vanderbeekers to the rescue / by Karina Yan Glaser.
The Vanderbeeker children, ages six to thirteen, race to help save their mother's baking business from closure after it fails an inspection.
My little pony : friendship is magic / colors by Heather Breckel ; letters by Neil Uyetake.
When a chance purchase leads to a quest for missing constellations, the ponies find themselves in the path of Cosmis, their most galactic villain yet.
The collected works of Gretchen Oyster / Cary Fagan.
When Hartley Staples finds a series of handmade postcards around his small town, he becomes obsessed with finding their source.
Paws vs. claws / Spencer Quinn.
When the neighbor's prize cow disappears, threatening her morning cream supply, Queenie the cat reluctantly turns for help to the slobbering Arthur, who is also anxious to help his humans find out what is behind recent strange activities in town.
The spy who loved ice cream / Sam Hay ; illustrated by Marek Jagucki.
Jackson, code-named Secret Agent 00Zero, and his inventor-friend, Quigley, both penguins, must prove Uncle Bryn is innocent of robbery before the Frosty Bureau of Investigation locks him away forever.
Talespinners : saving Fable / Scott Reintgen.
Indira Story grew up in Origin, yearning to be the hero of her own story, but after finally being chosen to attend Protagonist Preparatory, she learns that side characters can be heroes, too.
Bernard Pepperlin / Cara Hoffman.
After the Dormouse from Wonderland is transported to modern-day New York, he uncovers a plot by some bad weasels who intend to stop time, so he enlists the help of his new friends to stop the weasels and save the city.
Boil line / M. J. McIsaac.
"Best friends Nate, Owen and Mercy have been coming to Camp Clearwater for years. But the summer they turn sixteen and incident forces the camp to close its doors. Mike Elliot, the river-kayaking guide who taught the teens everything they now, is lost t…