Adult Graphic Novels

These are graphic novels for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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The way of the househusband. 1
Oono, Kousuke, author, artist.
Deforge, Michael
Skyward 3 : Fix the World
Henderson, Joe/ Garbett, Lee (ILT)/ Fabela, Antonio (ILT)/ Bowland, Simon (CON)
Shades of Magic - Night of Knives
Schwab, V. E./ Olimpieri, Andrea (ILT)
Reincarnation Stories
Deitch, Kim
Tjia Sherwin
De La Plante, Alexis Leriger/ Petrovic, Natasha Tara (ART)
Open Borders : The Science and Ethics of Immigration
Caplan, Bryan/ Weinersmith, Zach (ILT)
Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles 1
Narumi, Naru/ Narumi, Naru (ILT)
Little Bird : The Fight for Elder's Hope
Van Poelgeest, Darcy/ Bertram, Ian (CON)
The Illuminati Ball
Buhler, Cynthia Von
I hear the sunspot : Limit. 2
Fumino, Yuki, author, artist.
The House
Roca, Paco
Holy Hannah
Dinski, Will
Fairlady 1
Schirmer, Brian/ Balboni, Claudia (CON)/ Louise, Marissa (CON)/ Chankhamma, Shari (CON)
Death of the Master
Kyle, Patrick
Cosmoknights 1
Templer, Hannah
Cats of the Louvre
Matsumoto, Taiyō, 1967- author, artist.
Bury the Lede
Dunn, Gaby/ Roe, Claire (ILT)/ Rodriguez, Miquel
Atar Gull : Or the Tale of a Model Slave
Nury, Fabien/ Bruno (ILT)
Assassin Nation 1 : With a Bullet
Starks, Kyle/ Henderson, Erica (ART)/ Bennett, Deron (ILT)/ Moisan, Jon (EDT)
Sjḇlom, Lisa Wool-rim
Snowpiercer: Extinction
Matz/ Rochette, Jean-Marc (ILT)
Paper Girls 6
Vaughan, Brian K./ Chiang, Cliff (CON)/ Wilson, Matt (CON)
Jack and the Ghost
Poling, Chan/ Michell, Lucy (ILT)
Joseph Conrad's Heart of darkness
Kuper, Peter, 1958- author.
The Song of the Machine : From Disco to Djs to Techno, a Graphic Novel of Electronic Music
Blot, David/ Cousin, Mathias/ Daft Punk (FRW)/ Laredo, Joseph (TRN)
Rat Time
Roberts, Keiler
Santoro, Frank, author, artist.
Yoshimizu, Eldo
The River at Night
Huizenga, Kevin
Once upon a Time in France
Nury, Fabien/ Vallě, Sylvain (ILT)/ Hahnenberger, Ivanka (TRN)
The Kitchen
Masters, Ollie, author.
The Hard Tomorrow
Davis, Eleanor
The girl in the bay
DeMatteis, J. M, writer.
Lemire, Jeff.
The Forgotten Queen
Howard, Tini/ Pinna, Amilcar (CON)
The End of the World
Hertzfeldt, Don
Doomsday clock
Johns, Geoff, 1973- writer.
Ralph, Brian
D-day : Storming Fortress Europe
Chambers, Jack/ Hendrix, Erik/ Polls, Esteve (ILT)
Nickerson, Sylvia
Simon Says Nazi Hunter 1
Frattino, Andre R./ Lee, Jesse (CON)
Rusty Brown
Ware, Chris, 1967- author, artist.
Persephone's Garden
Fawkes, Glynnis
Grease Bats
Bongiovanni, Archie
Forbidden Harbor
Radice, Teresa/ Turconi, Stefano (ILT)
Animal farm : the graphic novel
Odyr, illustrator, adapter.
Meg : The Graphic Novel
Alten, Steve/ Miller, Mike S. (CON)/ Earl, J. S. (ADP)
Calexit 1 : Emmie-x
Pizzolo, Matteo/ Granda, Carlos (CON)/ Affe, Lauren (CON)/ Lee, Soo (CON)/ Boss, Tyler (CON)
White Sand 3
Sanderson, Brandon/ Hoskin, Rik/ Casas, Fritz (CON)
Bilal, Enki