Adult Graphic Novels

These are graphic novels for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Ten Count 6
Takarai, Rihito
Sandoval, Tony
Vanishing act
Muradov, Roman, author, artist.
Tank Girl Classic Collection
Martin, Alan/ Hewlett, Jamie (ILT)
Solid State
Monteys, Albert (CON)/ Coulton, Jonathan/ Fraction, Matt
Record of Grancrest War 1
Mizuno, Ryo (CRT)/ Yotsuba, Makoto
The Prague Coup
Fromental, Jean-Luc/ Miles, Hyman
Parallel Lives
Schrauwen, Olivier
Mother Panic : Gotham A.D.
Houser, Jody, writer.
Monstro Mechanica 1 : The Automation
Allor, Paul/ Marts, Mike (EDT)/ Evenhuis, Chris (ILT)
Mirenda 1
Wilkins, Grim
Men of Wrath
Aaron, Jason/ Garney, Ron (ILT)
Ponchione, Sergio
The labyrinth
Steinberg, Saul, artist.
Iron Maiden : legacy of the beast
Leon, Llexi, author.
I Hear the Sunspot 1 : Limit
Fumino, Yuki/ Kohler, Stephen (TRN)
Hope...For the Future
Adams, Guy/ Broxton, Jimmy
Form of a Question
Rostan, Andrew J./ Kasenow, Kate (ILT)
Follow Me In
Chapman, Katriona
The First Man
Camus, Albert/ Ferrandez, Jacques/ Bloom, Ryan (TRN)
Emma G. Wildford
Zidrou/ Edith (ILT)
Drawn to Sex : The Basics
Moen, Erika/ Nolan, Matthew
Crude 1
Orlando, Steve/ Brown, Garry (ILT)
Cecil & Jordan in New York
Bell, Gabrielle
The best American comics 2018
Gloeckner, Phoebe (EDT)
Aposimz 1
Nihei, Tsutomu/ Sivasubramanian, Kumar (TRN)
Shipwreck 1
Ellis, Warren/ Hester, Phil (ILT)
Ball, Rachael
Baudoin, Edmond, 1942- author, artist.
Petit 1 : The Ogre Gods
Boulard, Hubert/ Gatignol, Bertrand (CON)
Part of it : comics and confessions
Schrag, Ariel, author.
Paper Girls 5
Vaughan, Brian K/ Chiang, Cliff (CON)/ Wilson, Matthew (CON)
Meg : The Graphic Novel
Alten, Steve/ Miller, Mike S. (CON)/ Earl, J. S. (ADP)
Skroce, Steve/ Skroce, Steve (CON)
An Illustrated History of Filmmaking
Boardman, Adam Allsuch
Twists of Fate
Roca, Paco
Mandela and the general
Carlin, John, 1956- author.
Injection 1
Shalvey, Declan (CON)/ Bellaire, Jordie (CON)/ Ellis, Warren
I Am Young
Dean, Michael
Girl Town
Nowak, Carolyn
Fluorescent Mud
Howey, Eli
Che : a revolutionary life
Anderson, Jon Lee, author.
Black Dahlia
Geary, Rick
Run. Book one
Lewis, John, 1940 February 21- author.
Delliquanti, Blue/ Ho, Soleil
I Am Not Okay With This
Forsman, Charles
Don Quixote of La Mancha
Cervantes, Miguel De/ Stavans, Ilan (ADP)/ Weil, Roberto (ILT)
Blame This on the Boogie
Ayuyang, Rina
The Warriors
Higa, Susumu
Karma Police
Lewis, Chris/ Boose, Nicole (EDT)/ Gregori, Tony (ILT)
Doom Patrol 2
Way, Gerard/ Derington, Nick (ILT)