Adult Graphic Novels

These are graphic novels for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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War bears
Atwood, Margaret, 1939- author.
Through a Life
Haugomat, Tom
Martin, George R. R./ Golden, Raya (ILT)
Shade, the changing woman
Castellucci, Cecil, 1969- author.
Rick and Morty Vs. Dungeons & Dragons
Rothfuss, Patrick/ Zub, Jim/ Little, Troy (ILT)
Philip K. Dick : A Comics Biography
Queyssi, Laurent/ Marchesi, Mauro (ILT)
The Night Witches
Ennis, Garth, writer.
The New World 1
Kot, Ales/ Moore, Tradd (ART)/ Moore, Heather (ART)/ Cowles, Clayton (ILT)/ Muller, Tom (CON)
Modern fantasy
Roberts, Rafer, 1976- author.
Millennium : The Girl Who Danced With Death
Runberg, Sylvain/ Ortega, Belen (ART)/ Zerner, Rachel (TRN)
Lucy Dreaming
Bemis, Max/ Dialynas, Michael (ILT)
Letter to survivors
Gébé, artist, author.
Leaving Richard's Valley
Deforge, Michael
Bendis, Brian Michael, writer, artist.
The handmaid's tale
Atwood, Margaret, 1939- author.
Good talk : a memoir in conversations
Jacob, Mira, 1973- author.
Eugene V. Debs : a graphic biography
Van Sciver, Noah, artist.
Doom Patrol 2 : Nada
Way, Gerard/ Lambert, Jeremy/ Derington, Nick (ILT)/ Fowler, Tom (ILT)/ Mcdaid, Dan (ILT)
Coyotes 2
Lewis, Sean/ Yarsky, Caitlin (ILT)
Coyotes 1
Lewis, Sean/ Yarsky, Caitlin (ILT)
Book Love
Tung, Debbie
This Woman's Work
Delporte, Julie/ Dascher, Helge (TRN)/ Jensen, Aleshia (TRN)
The Sea
Villadsen, Rikke
Rick and Morty 8
Harmon, Dan (CRT)/ Roiland, Justin (CRT)
Singelin, Guillaume
Pacific Rim Aftermath
Scott, Cavan/ Elson, Richard (ILT)
Off Season
Sturm, James
Moonstruck 2
Beagle, Shae (CON)/ Fajardo, Kat (CON)/ Ellis, Grace
Kid Gloves : Nine Months of Careful Chaos
Knisley, Lucy/ Knisley, Lucy (ILT)
Juni Taisen : zodiac war. Volume 2
Akatsuki, Akira, author, artist.
Hobo Mom
Forsman, Charles/ De Radigüs, Max
A Fire Story
Fies, Brian
Big Trouble in Little China 3 : Old Man Jack
Carpenter, John (CRT)/ Burch, Anthony/ Corona, Jorge (ILT)/ Cassata, Gabriel (CON)
Big Trouble in Little China 2 : Old Man Jack
Carpenter, John/ Burch, Anthony/ Corona, Jorge (ILT)/ Cassata, Gabriel (ILT)/ Dukeshire, Ed (ILT)
Big Trouble in Little China 1 : Old Man Jack
Carpenter, John/ Burch, Anthony/ Corona, Jorge (ILT)/ Cassata, Gabriel (CON)
Aposimz 2
Nihei, Tsutomu
Paper Girls 5
Vaughan, Brian K/ Chiang, Cliff (CON)/ Wilson, Matthew (CON)
Meg : The Graphic Novel
Alten, Steve/ Miller, Mike S. (CON)/ Earl, J. S. (ADP)
Run. Book one
Lewis, John, 1940 February 21- author.
Delliquanti, Blue/ Ho, Soleil