Adult Graphic Novels

These are graphic novels for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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The tenderness of stones
Fayolle, Marion, 1988- author, artist.
The Song of the Machine : From Disco to Djs to Techno, a Graphic Novel of Electronic Music
Blot, David/ Cousin, Mathias/ Daft Punk (FRW)/ Laredo, Joseph (TRN)
Rat Time
Roberts, Keiler
Santoro, Frank, author, artist.
Dawson, Delilah S./ Basla, Matias (ILT)/ Nalty, Rebecca (CON)
Self / Made 1
Groom, Mat/ Ferigato, Eduardo (ILT)/ Costa, Marcelo (ILT)
Yoshimizu, Eldo
The River at Night
Huizenga, Kevin
Prodigy : The Evil Earth
Millar, Mark/ Albuquerque, Rafael (ILT)
Once upon a Time in France
Nury, Fabien/ Vallě, Sylvain (ILT)/ Hahnenberger, Ivanka (TRN)
The Night
Druillet, Philippe
Lucifer 1 : The Infernal Comedy
Watters, Dan/ Gaiman, Neil/ Fiumara, Max (ILT)/ Fiumara, Sebastian (ILT)
The Kitchen
Masters, Ollie, author.
The Hard Tomorrow
Davis, Eleanor
The girl in the bay
DeMatteis, J. M, writer.
Lemire, Jeff.
Free Sh-t
Burns, Charles
The Forgotten Queen
Howard, Tini/ Pinna, Amilcar (CON)
The End of the World
Hertzfeldt, Don
Doomsday clock
Johns, Geoff, 1973- writer.
Ralph, Brian
D-day : Storming Fortress Europe
Chambers, Jack/ Hendrix, Erik/ Polls, Esteve (ILT)
Nickerson, Sylvia
Baaaad Muthaz 1
Campbell, Bill/ Brame, David (ILT)
Seven to eternity. Vol. 3, Rise to fall
Remender, Rick, author.
Simon Says Nazi Hunter 1
Frattino, Andre R./ Lee, Jesse (CON)
Rusty Brown
Ware, Chris, 1967- author, artist.
Persephone's Garden
Fawkes, Glynnis
Ms Tree 1
Collins, Max Allan/ Beatty, Terry (ILT)
The power divided
Hopkinson, Nalo, writer.
Gunning for Hits 1
Rougvie, Jeff/ Moritat (ILT)
Grease Bats
Bongiovanni, Archie
Forbidden Harbor
Radice, Teresa/ Turconi, Stefano (ILT)
Conan the Barbarian 1 : The Life and Death of Conan
Aaron, Jason/ Asrar, Mahmud (ILT)/ Zaffino, Gerardo (ILT)
Books of Magic 1 : Moveable Type
Howard, Kat/ Gaiman, Neil/ Spurrier, Simon/ Watters, Dan/ Hopkinson, Nalo
Archie : 1941
Augustyn, Brian/ Waid, Mark/ Krause, Peter (ILT)/ Fitzpatrick, Kelly (ILT)/ Morelli, Jack (CON)
Animal farm : the graphic novel
Odyr, illustrator, adapter.
Gender queer : a memoir
Kobabe, Maia, author.
The Cartoon Guide to Biology
Gonick, Larry/ Wessner, David
Ambedkar : Indiaѫs Crusader for Human Rights
Moore, Kieron/ Nagar, Sachin (ILT)
Whenever our eyes meet... : a women's love anthology
ASCII Media Works (COR)/ Harvey, Leighann (TRN)/ Eckerman, Alexis (ILT)
We Are Here Forever
Gish, Michelle
The Walking Dead 32
Kirkman, Robert/ Adlard, Charlie (CON)/ Gaudiano, Stefano (CON)/ Rathburn, Cliff (CON)/ Stewart, Dave (CON)
Lacour, Kate
Super Fun Sexy Times 1
Mcclaren, Meredith/ Mcclaren, Meredith (ILT)
Sky in Stereo
Mardou (COR)
Yoshimizu, Eldo
The Poe Clan 1
Hagio, Moto
Paradox Girl First Cycle
Bourquin, Cayti Elle/ Li, Yishan (ILT)
Old souls
McDonald, Brian, 1965- writer.
Snow, glass, apples
Gaiman, Neil, author.
The Nao of Brown
Dillon, Glyn
Meg : The Graphic Novel
Alten, Steve/ Miller, Mike S. (CON)/ Earl, J. S. (ADP)
Okorafor, Nnedi, writer.
Mcnaught, Jon
Raule, 1971- writer.
How I Tried to Be a Good Person
Lust, Ulli/ Knight, Nika (TRN)/ Reynolds, Eric (EDT)
H.P. Lovecraft's At the mountains of madness
Tanabe, Gou, 1975- adapter, artist.
The Grave
Fraga, Dan
Fearscape 1
O'Sullivan, Ryan/ Mutti, Andrea (CON)
The Empty Man - Recurrence
Bunn, Cullen/ Hervas, Jesus (ILT)/ Guardia, Niko (CON)
Empress Cixtisis
Simon, Anne
Cycle of the Werewolf
King, Stephen/ Wrightson, Bernie (ILT)
Classmates. dou kyu sei / Volume one :
Nakamura, Asumiko, author, artist.
City of others
Niles, Steve, author.
Cemetery Beach
Ellis, Warren/ Howard, Jason (ILT)
Calexit 1 : Emmie-x
Pizzolo, Matteo/ Granda, Carlos (CON)/ Affe, Lauren (CON)/ Lee, Soo (CON)/ Boss, Tyler (CON)
Daniels, Ezra Claytan/ Passmore, Ben (ILT)
Bad Weekend
Phillips, Sean (CON)/ Phillips, Jacob (CON)/ Brubaker, Ed
Gropper, William, 1897-1977, author, artist.
Hernandez, Jaime
Shanghai Dream
Thirault, Philippe/ Miguel, Jorge (ILT)
King of King Court
Dandro, Travis
Bad Gateway
Hanselmann, Simon
White Sand 3
Sanderson, Brandon/ Hoskin, Rik/ Casas, Fritz (CON)
Stalingrad : letters from the Volga
Gil, Antonio (Jesus Gil Ortega), author.
Bilal, Enki
The Magicians - Alice's Story
Grossman, Lev (CRT)/ Sturges, Lilah/ Bak, Pius (ILT)
Love : A Discovery in Comics
De Heer, Margreet
Ottaviani, Jim/ Myrick, Leland (ILT)
Altered Carbon : Download Blues
Morgan, Richard K./ Hoskin, Rik/ Sellares, Ferran (CON)
The Adventure Zone - Murder on the Rockport Limited
Mcelroy, Clint/ Mcelroy, Griffin/ Mcelroy, Justin/ Mcelroy, Travis/ Pietsch, Carey (ILT)
Gendry-kim, Keum Suk/ Hong, Janet (TRN)