Adult Graphic Novels

These are graphic novels for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Watchmen Companion
Moore, Alan (CRT)/ Gibbons, Dave (CRT)/ Greenberg, Dan/ Winninger, Ray/ O'Neil, Dennis
Umma's Table
Hong, Yeon-sik/ Hong, Janet (TRN)
The strange ones
Jusay, Jeremy, author, artist.
The Rose of Versailles 1
Ikeda, Ryoko/ Ikeda, Ryoko (ART)
In Vitro
Roy, William
Grass Kings 3
Kindt, Matt/ Jenkins, Tyler (ILT)
Familiar Face
Deforge, Michael
Don't Say Anymore Darling
Yoshinaga, Fumi (CON)
Villadsen, Rikke
Booher, David/ Zucker, Drew (ILT)
Bob Marley in Comics!
Blitman, Sophie/ Gaet's (COR)
Big Black - Stand at Attica
Smith, Frank/ Reinmuth, Jared/ Ameziane (ILT)
Nisioisin/ Oh! Great (COR)
Bakemonogatari 3
Nisioisin/ Oh! Great (COR)
Bakemonogatari 2
Nisioisin/ Fernandez, Kristi (EDT)/ Ransom, Ko (TRN)
ApocalyptiGirl : an Aria for the End Times
MacLean, Andrew (Andrew Ross), writer, illustrator.
Peeters, Frederik
Goblin Girl
Bowers, Melissa/ Romanova, Moa
The Dreaming 2 -empty Shells
Spurrier, Simon/ Gaiman, Neil/ Evely, Bilquis (ILT)
British Ice
Pomery, Owen D.
Bloodshot salvation
Lemire, Jeff, author, artist.
Becoming Horses
Wallander, Disa
750cc Down Lincoln Highway
Barroux/ Chambaz, Bernard
Year of the Rabbit
Veasna, Tian
The Mueller Report Illustrated : The Obstruction Investigation
Washington Post (COR)/ Feindt, Jan (ILT)
Gender : A Graphic Guide
Barker, Meg-John/ Scheele, Jules (ILT)
Fights : One Boy's Triumph over Violence
Gill, Joel Christian/ Gill, Joel Christian (ILT)
Bowie : Stardust, Rayguns, & Moonage Daydreams
Allred, Michael (ILT)/ Horton, Steve/ Allred, Laura (ILT)/ Gaiman, Neil (FRW)
Swimming in Darkness
Harari, Lucas/ Homel, David (TRN)
Sports Is Hell
Passmore, Ben
A Radical Shift of Gravity
Tapalansky, Nick/ Glasheen, Kate (ILT)
Parable of the Sower : A Graphic Novel Adaptation
Butler, Octavia E./ Duffy, Damian (ADP)/ Jennings, John (ILT)/ Nalo, Hopkinson (INT)
The Man Without Talent
Tsuge, Yoshiharu/ Holmberg, Ryan (TRN)
Bell, Gabrielle
The Golden Age
Moriel, Roxanne/ Pedrosa, Cyril (ILT)/ Pedrosa, Cyril
An Embarrassment of Witches
Goldstein, Sophie/ Jordan, Jenn
Hex wives
Blacker, Ben, author.
Punk Mambo
Bunn, Cullen/ Gorham, Adam (CON)
Middlewest 2
Young, Skottie/ Corona, Jorge (CON)/ Huddleston, Mike (CON)
Young, Skottie, author.
La Voz De M.a.y.o Tata Rambo 1
Gonzo, J./ Gonzo, J. (CON)
Blade Runner 2019
Green, Michael/ Johnson, Mike/ Guinaldo, Andres (ILT)
Us two together
Ephameron, 1979- artist, author.
Two dead
Jensen, Van, author.
Strangelands 1
Visaggio, Magdalene/ Badger, Darcie Little/ Del Rey, Vanesa (ILT)
Saint Young Men 1
Nakamura, Hikaru
Higa, Susumu
November 1
Fraction, Matt/ Charretier, Elsa (CON)
Life Is Strange 2
Vieceli, Emma/ Leonardi, Claudia (ILT)/ Izzo, Andrea (ILT)
Walking the path
Wilson, G. Willow, 1982- author.
H.p. Lovecraft's at the Mountains of Madness 2
Tanabe, Gou (ADP)/ Tanabe, Gou (ILT)
G., G.
Chasing Echoes
Goldman, Dan/ Schall, George (ILT)
Bradley of Him
Willumsen, Connor
The Big Country
Peeples, Quinton/ Calero, Dennis (ILT)/ Robertson, Darick (ILT)
Little Bird : The Fight for Elder's Hope
Van Poelgeest, Darcy/ Bertram, Ian (CON)
Holy Hannah
Dinski, Will
D-day : Storming Fortress Europe
Chambers, Jack/ Hendrix, Erik/ Polls, Esteve (ILT)
Calexit 1 : Emmie-x
Pizzolo, Matteo/ Granda, Carlos (CON)/ Affe, Lauren (CON)/ Lee, Soo (CON)/ Boss, Tyler (CON)