Adult Graphic Novels

These are graphic novels for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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X-Gender Vol. 1
Miyazaki, Asuka
Stray Dogs
Fleecs, Tony
Look Again
Trembley, Elizabeth A.
Where black stars rise
Shammas, Nadia, author.
Slash Them All
Maillard, Antoine/ Allen, Jenna (TRN)
Side Effects
Anderson, Ted/ Marts, Mike (EDT)/ O'Connor, Tara (CON)
The Rush : This Hungry Earth Reddens Under Snowclad Hills
Spurrier, Si/ Gooden, Nathan (ILT)/ Duke, Addison (CON)/ Otsmane-Elhaou, Hassan (CON)
Refrigerator full of heads
Youers, Rio, writer.
Laura & Other Stories
March, Guillem
The Black-jack Demon 1
Hermes, Nick
Nowhere Girl
Le Huche, Magali
It won't always be like this : a graphic memoir
Gharib, Malaka, author, illustrator.
A fade of light
Fakes, Nate, author, artist.
War and Peace : The Graphic Novel
Poltorak, Alexandr (ADP)/ Chukhrai, Dmitry (ILT)/ Tolstoy, Leo
Red Lightning
Bucci, Marco B./ Atzeni, Riccardo (CON)
Phenomena 1 : The Golden City of Eyes
Bendis, Brian Michael/ Ara{250}jo, Andre Lima (ILT)
The Night Eaters 1 : She Eats the Night
Liu, Marjorie/ Takeda, Sana (ILT)
Movements & Moments
Eismann, Sonja (EDT)/ Schṉingh, Maya (EDT)/ Schṉingh, Ingo (EDT)
Macanudo : Welcome to Elsewhere
Liniers/ Groening, Matt (INT)
Lore Olympus 3
Smythe, Rachel
The Keeper
Due, Tananarive/ Barnes, Steven/ Finnegan, Marco (ILT)
Joy operations
Bendis, Brian Michael, author.
Extraordinary 2022
Schwab, V. E.
Arnold, Matt/ Burchielli, Riccardo (ILT)
Dirtbag Rapture 1
Sebela, Christopher/ Goode, Kendall (ILT)/ Contreras, Gab (EDT)
Cryptid Club
Andersen, Sarah
The Changeling 1
Lugo, Tina N.
Brzrkr 2
Kindt, Matt/ Garney, Ron (ILT)/ Reeves, Keanu
Big Scoop of Ice Cream : 17 Short Stories
Delfa, Conxita Herrero/ Whitman, Jeff (TRN)
Be Kind, My Neighbor
Limbo, Yugo
Astonishing times
Barbiere, Frank J., writer.
Animal Castle 1
Dorison, Xavier/ Delep, Felix (CON)
The Silent Lord
Heikkila, Otava
We have demons
Snyder, Scott, writer.
Head Wounds : The Sparrow
Isaac, Oscar (PRD)/ Buccellato, Brian (ILT)/ Ward, Christian (ILT)/ Johnson, Robert (CRT)/ Alvey, John (CRT)
The Tales of Exandria : The Bright Queen
Mercer, Matthew (CRT)/ Van Poelgeest, Darcy/ Coupleofkooks (COR)/ Peter, Cris (ILT)