Adult Graphic Novels

These are graphic novels for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Young Men in Love : A Queer Romance Anthology
Booher, David M./ Blas, Terry/ Oliveira, Anthony/ Allor, Paul/ Pulliam-moore, Charles
Space Story
Ostby, Fiona
The Paradox of Getting Better
Clemens, Raven Lyn
Grip of the Kombinat
Roy, Simon/ Gentry, Damon
Dune 2 : Muad'dib
Herbert, Frank/ Herbert, Brian/ Anderson, Kevin J./ Allen, Ra{250}l (ILT)/ Mart╠Ľn, Patricia (ILT)
Dark Blood 1
Morgan, Latoya/ Barna, Walt (ILT)/ Hidalgo, Moises (ILT)
The Con Artists
Healy, Luke
Animal Castle 1
Dorison, Xavier/ Delep, Felix (CON)
The Silent Lord
Heikkila, Otava
Radical : My Year With a Socialist Senator
Warren, Sofia/ Staros, Chris (EDT)/ Walton, Leigh (EDT)/ Widick, Nathan (CON)
Gay Giant
Ebensperger, Gabriel
World Record Holders
Delisle, Guy/ Dascher, Helge (TRN)/ Aspinall, Rob (TRN)
We Only Find Them When They're Dead 2 : The Stealer
Ewing, Al/ Di Meo, Simone (ILT)
We Only Find Them When They're Dead 1 : The Seeker
Ewing, Al/ Di Meo, Simone (ILT)/ Miotti, Mariasara (ILT)/ AndWorld Design (CON)
We have demons
Snyder, Scott, writer.
Talk to My Back
Yamada, Murasaki/ Holmberg, Ryan (TRN)
The In-between 1
Roeschlein, Shane/ Kotz, Dean (ILT)
Head Wounds : The Sparrow
Isaac, Oscar (PRD)/ Buccellato, Brian (ILT)/ Ward, Christian (ILT)/ Johnson, Robert (CRT)/ Alvey, John (CRT)
The Good Asian 2
Pichetshote, Pornsak/ Tefenkgi, Alexandre (ILT)/ Dennis, Will (EDT)/ Loughridge, Lee (CON)/ Powell, Jeff (CON)
Eat the Rich
Gailey, Sarah/ Bak, Pius (ILT)/ Brei, Elizabeth (EDT)/ Titov, Roman (CON)/ Rae, Cardinal (CON)
Dune : Tales from Arrakeen
Herbert, Brian/ Anderson, Kevin J./ Gorham, Adam (ILT)/ Rebelka, Jakub (ILT)/ Delpeche, Patricio (CON)
Dog Biscuits
Graham, Alex
Crazy Food Truck 1
Ogaki, Rokurou
Acting Class
Drnaso, Nick
Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead 7
Aso, Haro/ Takata, Kotaro (ILT)
Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead 6
Aso, Haro/ Takata, Kotaro (ILT)
Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead 5
Aso, Haro/ Takata, Kotaro (ILT)/ Skipper, Nova (TRN)/ Clark, Karla (EDT)/ Satone, Vanessa (CON)
Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead 2
Aso, Haro/ Takata, Kotaro (ILT)
ZOM 100 4 : Bucket List of the Dead
Aso, Haro/ Takata, Kotaro (ILT)/ Skipper, Nova (TRN)/ Clark, Karla (EDT)/ Satone, Vanessa (CON)
Undead unluck. 07
Tozuka, Yoshifumi, author, artist.
The Tales of Exandria : The Bright Queen
Mercer, Matthew (CRT)/ Van Poelgeest, Darcy/ Coupleofkooks (COR)/ Peter, Cris (ILT)
Sleeping Beauties 2
King, Stephen/ King, Owen/ Youers, Rio (ADP)/ Sampson, Alison (ILT)
Sakamoto Days 2
Suzuki, Yuto/ Nieh, Camellia (TRN)/ Bae, John (EDT)/ Aharon, Snir (CON)/ Grandt, Eve (CON)
Dent, Richard/ Ketner, Kevin (EDT)/ Marques, Anthony (EDT)/ Berkenkotter, Patrick (CON)/ Freire, Ronilson (CON)
The Liminal Zone
Ito, Junji
Joseph Smith and the Mormons
Van Sciver, Noah
House of Slaughter 1
Tynion, James, IV/ Brombal, Tate/ Shehan, Chris (ILT)
Dune : House Atreides. Volume three
Herbert, Brian, author.
Dune : House Atreides. Volume two
Herbert, Brian, author.
Dune : House Atreides
Herbert, Brian, author.
Bone Orchard Mythos : The Passageway
Lemire, Jeff/ Sorrentino, Andrea (CON)
Grande, Valentina/ Varbella, Sergio (ILT)
After Lambana : Myth and Magic in Manila
Victoria, Eliza/ Malonzo, Mervin (ILT)
The Good Asian, Volume 1
Pichetshote, Pornsak
Voices That Count
Varela, Diana Lopez/ Hesse, Maria/ Dolera, Leticia/ Garcia, Lola/ Sabates, Sandra
The stone king
McDonald, Kel, writer.
Silk Hills
Ferrier, Ryan/ Level, Brian/ Sherron, Kate (ILT)
One Beautiful Spring Day
Woodring, Jim
Lore Olympus 2
Smythe, Rachel
Free Pass
Hanshaw, Julian
Chainsaw Man 11
Fujimoto, Tatsuki
Blacksad : they all fall down part one
Daiaz Canales, Juan, 1972- writer.
Berserk 11
Miura, Kentaro/ Miura, Kentaro (ILT)/ Johnson, Duane (TRN)
Why the People : The Case for Democracy
Feathers, Beka/ Shwed, Ally (ILT)
Wash day diaries
Rowser, Jamila, writer.
Verissimus : the Stoic philosophy of Marcus Aurelius
Robertson, Donald, 1972- author.
The Treasure of the Black Swan
Roca, Paco/ Corral, Guillermo/ Rosenberg, Andrea (TRN)
Tales of the City 1
Maupin, Armistead/ Bauthian, Isabelle/ Revel, Sandrine (CON)
The End
Nilsen, Anders
A visit to Moscow
Olswanger, Anna, 1953- author.
Space story
Ostby, Fiona, author, artist.
Pantheon Graphic Library : Our Colors
Tagame, Gengoroh/ Ishii, Anne (TRN)
Negalyod : The God Network
Perriot, Vincent
Apple Black / Neo Freedom
Oguguo, Odunze, author, artist.
B.P.R.D., the devil you know / The Devil You Know
Mignola, Mike, author, artist.
Keeping Two
Crane, Jordan