Adult Mystery & Suspense

These are mysteries and thrillers for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Wolfhunter River
Caine, Rachel, author.
Total Mayhem
Gilstrap, John
The Summer House
Kent, Christobel
The rumor : a novel
Kara, Lesley, author.
Rules of engagement
Bruns, David, 1966- author.
A Philosophy of Ruin
Mancusi, Nicholas
The Korean woman
Altman, John, 1969- author.
Hawke's Target
Wortham, Reavis Z.
Elliot, Laura
The Friend
Zander, Joakim
Dear Wife
Belle, Kimberly
Blood relations
Moore, Jonathan, 1977- author.
Beautiful Liars
Ashdown, Isabel
Bad Things
Bush, Nancy
The Wounded Snake
Sampson, Fay
A Web of Silk
Buckley, Fiona
The Vanishing Man
Purser-Hallard, Philip
The Tribune
Burgess, Doug
Traitor's Codex
Westerson, Jeri
Toxic Toffee
Flower, Amanda
This storm : a novel
Ellroy, James, 1948- author.
The Thin Edge
Townsend, Peggy
The Tell Tail Heart
Conte, Cate
The Spotted Dog
Greenwood, Kerry
Shoot the Bastards
Stanley, Michael
Rag and Bone
Clifford, Joe
One Small Sacrifice
Davidson, Hilary
Mcfarland, Kristin
Next of Kin
Robertson, L. F.
Murder's No Votive Confidence
Brecher, Christin
Mrs Mohr Goes Missing
Szymiczkowa, Maryla/ Lloyd-Jones, Antonia (TRN)
More news tomorrow : a novel
Shreve, Susan, author.
Left Fur Dead
Griffin, J. M.
Half moon street
Reeve, Alex (Crime fiction writer), author.
Guilty As Charred
Delaney, Devon
The Girl Without Skin
Nordbo, Mads Peder/ Barslund, Charlotte (TRN)
The frangipani tree mystery
Yu, Ovidia, 1961- author.
Down in Flames
Hollon, Cheryl
The don con
Armstrong, Richard, 1952- author.
Death in Kew Gardens
Ashley, Jennifer, author.
Death by the Bay
Skalka, Patricia
The Dead of Achill Island
Draine, Betsy/ Hinden, Michael
The Cutting Room
Dyer, Ashley
The coronation : a Fandorin mystery
Akunin, B. (Boris), author.
The Colours of Murder
Carter, Ali
Cherry scones & broken bones
Hannah, Darci, author.
Chai Another Day
Budewitz, Leslie
The Bone Ritual
Lees, Julian
The black jersey : a novel
Zepeda Patterson, Jorge, author.
Below the Fold
Belsky, R. G.
The Assassin of Verona
Brandreth, Benet
Killer jam : a Dewberry Farm mystery
MacInerney, Karen, 1970- author.
Fatal frost
MacInerney, Karen, 1970- author.
The woman in the blue cloak
Meyer, Deon, author.
White Peak
Frost, Ronan, author.
One More Lie
Lloyd, Amy
Living lies
Walters, Natalie, 1978- author.
Late Season
Kent, Christobel
The Doll House
Morgan, Phoebe
Who's Sorry Now?
Robinson, Maggie
The summer of Ellen
Friis, Agnete, author.
The Sign of Nine
Denning, G. S.
Seeing Red
Dratch, Dana
Sconed to Death
Cahoon, Lynn
Roman Count Down
Wagner, David P.
Murder at Morrington Hall
McKenna, Clara
Milwaukee Noir
Hennessy, Tim (EDT)/ Baldwin, Shauna Singh/ Causey, James E./ Clancy, Christi
The Mad Hatter Mystery
Carr, John Dickson/ Penzler, Otto (INT)
Hitmen I have known
James, Bill, 1929- author.
Exit Wounds
Kane, Paul (EDT)/ O'regan, Marie (EDT)
The Colorado Kid
King, Stephen
Berlin Noir
Wṟtche, Thomas (EDT)/ Alef, Rob/ Annas, Max/ Beck, Zo︠
Swallow, James, author.
Every Last Breath
Rushdan, Juno
Deep Past
Linden, Eugene
The Deadly Kiss-off
Di Filippo, Paul
Apple of My Eye
Allan, Claire
Alibi Island
Solomon/ iiKane
Wild Card
Brandman, Michael
Sweeney on the Rocks
Jones, Allen Morris
Stick together
Hénaff, Sophie, author.
The scholar
McTiernan, Dervla, author.
The Pit-Prop Syndicate
Crofts, Freeman Wills/ Curran, John (INT)
Palm Beach, Finland
Tuomainen, Antti/ Hackston, David (TRN)
My Detective
Fleishman, Jeffrey
A Murderous Malady
Trent, Christine
The Killer You Know
Masters, S. R.
The Jean Harlow bombshell
Bryan, Mollie Cox, 1963- author.
Houston Noir
Zepeda, Gwendolyn (EDT)/ Abrahams, Tom/ Boswell, Robert/ Cortez, Sarah
The Groote Park Murder
Crofts, Freeman Wills
Go, Lovely Rose / the Evil Wish
Potts, Jean/ Norris, J. F. (INT)
For a good paws
Johnston, Linda O, author.
Dying for Devil's Food
McKinlay, Jenn
The Cask
Crofts, Freeman Wills
Cold : a novel
Smolens, John, author.
Where the Missing Go
Rowley, Emma
The time collector
Womack, Gwendolyn, 1970- author.
The Secrets We Bury
Webb, Debra
Secrets Never Die
Leigh, Melinda
Pray for the Girl
Souza, Joseph
A Party in San Niccolo
Kent, Christobel
Nothing to Hide
Brennan, Allison
Her last goodbye
Leigh, Melinda, author.
Everything About You
Child, Heather
Konrath, J. A.
Alice's Island
Ařvalo, Daniel Sǹchez
Wed, Read & Dead
Burns, V. M.
Throw me to the wolves
McGuinness, Patrick, author.
Thread on Arrival
Wait, Lea
Strong as steel
Land, Jon, author.
A Scandal in Japan
Matsuoka, Keisuke
Rough Music
Blake, Robin
Prologue to Murder
Elliott, Lauren
The Polish Detective
Allen, Hania
Mystery writers of America presents odd partners : an anthology
Mystery Writers of America (COR)/ Perry, Anne (EDT)/ Brennan, Allison/ Deaver, Jeffery/ Krueger, William Kent
Murder knocks twice : a mystery
Calkins, Susanna, author.
Loch of the Dead
De Muriel, Oscar
Knit One, Die Two
Ehrhart, Peggy
His First Lie
Hill, Mark
Her fugitive heart
Tantimedh, Adi, author.
Girl Most Likely
Collins, Max Allan
False account
Heley, Veronica, author.
Death in Captivity
Gilbert, Michael
Antiques Ravin'
Allan, Barbara
The Unsuspected
Armstrong, Charlotte/ Penzler, Otto (INT)
They all fall down
Hall, Rachel Howzell, author.
A Taste for Honey
Heard, H. F./ Penzler, Otto (INT)
Sorry for the Dead
Upson, Nicola
Scot & Soda
McPherson, Catriona
A Puzzle for Fools
Quentin, Patrick/ Penzler, Otto (INT)
Perfect Silence
Fields, Helen
I, Witness
Mackay, Niki
Foul play on words
Clark, Becky, 1961- author.
A Fall of Shadows
Herriman, Nancy
A Dream of Death
Berry, Connie
Charity's Burden
Maxwell, Edith
A Bloody Business
Struzan, Dylan/ Struzan, Drew (ILT)
The Woman in the Dark
Savage, Vanessa
We All Fall Down
Kalla, Daniel
True Believer
Carr, Jack
A town called Malice : a novel
Abramowitz, Adam, author.
Tom Clancy's the Division : Broken Dawn
Irvine, Alex (NA)/ Irvine, Alex
Bunn, T. Davis, 1952- author.
Justice Delivered
Bradley, Patricia (NA)
I'll Be Watching You
Tate, Courtney Evan
The Ghost Manuscript
Frieswick, Kris
Finding Katarina M.
Elo, Elisabeth
Don't Turn Around
Brooke, Amanda
And Then You Were Gone
Jacobs, R. J.
Whose Body?
Sayers, Dorothy L.
Towhee Get Your Gun
Ripley, J. R.
Murder in Midtown
Freeland, Liz
Murder by Matchlight
Edwards, Martin
May Day Murder
Hesse, Jennifer David
The killer in me : a novel
Kiernan, Olivia, author.
I Am Watching
Kavanagh, Emma
Fisherman's Bend
Greenlaw, Linda
Desert Redemption
Webb, Betty
Death Waits in the Dark
Buckley, Julia
An artless demise
Huber, Anna Lee, author.
Murder in Belgravia
Brittney, Lynn
Murder from Scratch
Karst, Leslie
Mrs. Jeffries delivers the goods
Brightwell, Emily, author.
The Good Detective
McMahon, John
The Elephant of Surprise
Lansdale, Joe R.
The Dutch Shoe Mystery
Queen, Ellery/ Penzler, Otto (INT)
Cat Got Your Crown
Chase, Julie
The Case of the Careless Kitten
Gardner, Erle Stanley/ Penzler, Otto (INT)
A beautiful corpse
Daugherty, Christi, author.
Watch Them Die
O'Brien, Kevin
No Good Deed
Green, Cass
East of Hounslow
Rahman, Khurrum
The Caretakerѫs Wife
Zandri, Vincent
Border son
Parker, Samuel, 1974- author.
A Murder Unmentioned
Gentill, Sulari
Final Exam
Perry, Carol J.
Fallen mountains : a novel
Grant, Kimi Cunningham, author.
Drowned Under
Thomas, Wendall
Disappearance at Oare
Wassmer, Julie
The Colour of Murder
Edwards, Martin (INT)/ Symons, Julian
Chocolate a la murder
Weiss, Kirsten, 1968- author.
Black souls
Criaco, Gioacchino, 1965- author.
The Murder Pit
Finlay, Mick
February's Son
Parks, Alan
The Devil's Dice
Watkins, Roz
Smells Like Stars
Ohdiambo, D. Nandi
Post facto
Wimberley, Darryl, author.
The Rhythm Section
Burnell, Mark