Adult Mystery & Suspense

These are mysteries and thrillers for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Dead Ground
Craven, M. W.
The Curator
Craven, M. W.
Cold Sun
Sivakumaran, Anita
Black Summer
Craven, M. W.
Zig Zag
O'brien, J.d.
Shadow State
Sennett, Frank
Sea castle : a thriller
Mayne, Andrew, 1973- author.
Moving Target
Preisler, Jerome/ Pieczenik, Steve R. (CRT)/ Clancy, Tom (CRT)
Landscape of Shadows
Doherty, Kevin
Getting Even
Jackson, Lisa
Cold Light of Day
Goddard, Elizabeth
Fitzsimmons, Matthew
Black Wolf
Kent, Kathleen, 1953- author.
Ivar, Katja
Post after post-mortem
Lorac, E. C. R., 1894-1958, author.
Paris Requiem
Lloyd, Chris
Of Mushrooms and Matrimony
Meade, Amy Patricia
Murder Served Neat
Klump, Michelle Hillen
Meat thy maker
Myers, Tamar, author.
Liar City
Therin, Allie
Last seen in Lapaz
Quartey, Kwei, author.
Irish Knit Murder
Ehrhart, Peggy
Invitation to a Killer
Malliet, G. M.
A Half-baked Murder
George, Emily
A good day to pie : a novel
Popp, Misha, author.
Golden Ashes
Crofts, Freeman Wills
The girl with the dragonfruit tattoo
Doyle, Carrie, 1972- author.
Fatal Venture
Crofts, Freeman Wills
Every missing girl
Sparks, Leanne Kale, author.
Death of a Dancing Queen
Giarratano, Kimberly G.
Death in Irish Accents
Murphy, Catie
The blue bar
Biswas, Damyanti, author.
The Ambassador
Colt, Peter
The album
Rinehart, Mary Roberts, 1876-1958, author.
On the Marble Cliffs
Jپnger, Ernst
Off the deep end : a thriller
Berry, Lucinda, author.
The girls who disappeared : a novel
Douglas, Claire (Journalist), author.
The Fires
Bjornsdottir, Sigriour Hagalin/ Kyzer, Larissa (TRN)
Swallow, James
Dark rooms
La Plante, Lynda, author.
Watch me disappear : a novel
Armstrong, Ross (Actor), author.
Violent Ends
Broadfoot, Neil
Snuffed out
Jones, Valona, author.
Regrets only
Scott, Kieran, 1974- author.
A murderous persuasion
Oliver, Katie, author.
Misfire : a novel
Euliano, T. Y. (Tammy Y.), 1966- author.
The last resort
Kaufman, Michael, 1951- author.
Jumping Jenny
Berkeley, Anthony, 1893-1971, author.
Clark, Tracy, 1961- author.
Hidden in the pines
Houston, Victoria, 1945- author.
Death on the Emerald Isle
Fletcher, Jessica, author.
Death in heels
Murphy, Kitty, author.
A Courage Undimmed
Graves, Stephanie
Summer of '99
Hyde, J. L.
Delta County
Hyde, J. L.
The Puppet Show
Craven, M. W.
One for sorrow
Fields, Helen, 1969- author.
The Lost Man of Bombay
Khan, Vaseem
The Girl in 304
Daniels, Harold R./ Kelley, George (INT)
That Dangerous Energy
De Leon, Aya
A Small Affair
Collins, Flora
The Party Guest
Robson, Amanda
Someone Had to Do It
Brown, Danielle/ Brown, Amber
The Last Girl to Die
Fields, Helen
Ferraro, Nicolas
What Meets the Eye
Kenna, Alex
A Praying Mantis
Raman, R. V.
The Other Sister
Mohlin, Peter/ Nystr̲m, Peter/ Giles, Ian (TRN)
Murder at Mount Ephraim
Wassmer, Julie
The Housemate
Bailey, Sarah
Holmes Coming
Johnson, Kenneth
Heller - the Big Bundle
Collins, Max Allan
Haunted by the past
Green, Simon R., 1955- author.
Bryant & May : peculiar London
Fowler, Christopher, author.
Sweet Dreams
Leonard, Peter
Diaz, Eloisa