Adult Mystery & Suspense

These are mysteries and thrillers for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Vanishing Hour
Griffin, Laura
Titans of War
Smith, Wilbur
Small Deaths
Das, Rijula
The Missing
Childs, Lisa
Lady Joker
Takamura, Kaoru/ Powell, Allison Markin (TRN)/ Iida, Marie (TRN)
Godfrey, Bradeigh
The Flock
Scott, J. Todd
Coming Dawn
Konkoly, Steven
A Twist of Murder
Redmond, Heather
Swann's War
Oren, Michael B.
Chambers, Christopher
South Central Noir
Phillips, Gary (EDT)/ Cha, Steph (CON)/ Tervalon, Jervey (CON)/ Holmes, Emory, II (CON)/ Westerson, Jeri (CON)
Sinister graves
Rendon, Marcie R., author.
Secret lives
De Castrique, Mark, author.
Room to swing
Lacy, Ed, author.
Diaz, Eloisa
A Reluctant Saint
Fields, Tricia
Punishment of a Hunter
Yakovleva, Yulia/ Kemp, Ruth Ahmedzai (TRN)
The Poison Machine
Lloyd, Robert J.
The Plot Thickets
Henry, Julia
Photo Finished
Brecher, Christin
The Perfect Crime : Around the World in 22 Murders
Khan, Vaseem (EDT)/ Jakubowski, Maxim (EDT)
Murder in the Cathedral
Harrison, Cora
A murder at Balmoral
McGeorge, Chris, author.
Murder after Christmas
Latimer, Rupert, 1905-1953, author.
Kill Them With Canvas
Abbott, Bailee
High Spirits
Perry, Carol J.
Found Object
Frasier, Anne
Five Moves of Doom
Devlin, A. J.
Disaster at the Vendome Theater
Longworth, M. L. (Mary Lou), 1963- author.
The Death of Sally Song
Cheah, Julianne
Death by Spiced Chai
Erickson, Alex
Death at the Savoy
Emery, Prudence/ Base, Ron
Deadly Spirits
Miley, Mary
The Christmas murder game
Benedict, Alexandra, 1977- author.
Body of Evidence
Hannon, Irene
Blind Faith
Beckman, Alicia
Black Is the Night : Stories Inspired by Cornell Woolrich
Jakubowski, Maxim (EDT)/ Gaiman, Neil/ Benedict, A. K./ Howe, Samantha Lee/ Lansdale, Joe R.
Best Practices
Florio, Gwen
Where Secrets Live
Richards, S. C.
Wealth management : a novel
Zuckerman, Edward, author.
They Come at Knight
Angoe, Yasmin
Sometimes People Die
Stephenson, Simon
Her perfect twin
Bonner, Sarah, author.
The Final Equinox
Mayne, Andrew
Fields of Fire
Steck, Ryan
A Familiar Stranger
Torre, A. R.
The Enigma Affair
Lovett, Charlie
Dangerous Beauty
Koslin, Melissa
The Cut
Brookmyre, Chris
Ferraro, Nicolaas, 1986- author.
The confessions of Matthew Strong / Black Lotus
Power-Greene, Ousmane K., author.
Concrete Evidence
Mills, DiAnn
By Way of Deception
Tsarfati, Amir/ Yohn, Steve
Book of Knives
Haines, Lise
Always the first to die
Jacobs, R. J., author.
All Dressed Up
Gagnon, Jilly
South Central Noir
Phillips, Gary (EDT)/ Cha, Steph (CON)/ Tervalon, Jervey (CON)/ Holmes, Emory, II (CON)/ Westerson, Jeri (CON)
Sherlock Holmes & Mr Hyde
Klaver, Christian
Sherlock Holmes : A Detective's Life
Rosenstock, Martin (EDT)/ Swanson, Peter/ Black, Cara/ Lovegrove, James/ Lane, Andrew
Murder on the vine
Trinchieri, Camilla, author.
Murder by the book
Edwards, Martin (EDT)
The house in the orchard
Brooks, Elizabeth, 1979- author.
The Hot Beat
Silverberg, Robert
The Gravedigger's Song
Waites, Martyn
Gone for Gouda
Moss, Korina
Five Decembers
Kestrel, James
Parks, Carrie Stuart, author.
The Enigma of Room 622
Dicker, Jo︠l/ Bononno, Robert (TRN)
The dark side of the road
Green, Simon R., 1955-, author.
Kill Me If You Can
Collins, Max Allan/ Spillane, Mickey
The Defaced Men
Major, Tim
Death on the Argyle
Canadeo, Anne
The Handler
Stephens, Jeffrey S.
Once upon a Crime
Craig, Fergus
Macarons Can Be Murder
Betancourt, Rose
Hansen, Joseph
She Lied, She Died
Lynch, Carissa Ann