Adult Mystery & Suspense

These are mysteries and thrillers for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Evans, Mary Anna, author.
A Will to Kill
Raman, R. V. (CON)
The Solace of Bay Leaves
Budewitz, Leslie
The Shapeshifter's Lair
Tremayne, Peter
Murder in the Margins
Loudon, Margaret
Murder Comes to Call
Ellicott, Jessica
The Great Hotel Murder
Starrett, Vincent/ Faye, Lyndsay (INT)
Death by French Roast
Erickson, Alex
Curses Are for Cads
Berry, Tamara
Bodies from the Library
Medawar, Tony (EDT)
Bending the Paw
Kelly, Diane
Desert guardian
Baldwin, A.W.
Raptor canyon
Baldwin, A.W.
Wings over ghost creek
Baldwin, A.W.
You Can Trust Me
Rowley, Emma
A Woman Alone
Laurin, Nina
Three single wives : a novel
LaManna, Gina, author.
Their last secret
Mofina, Rick, author.
Tell Me My Name
Ruddy, Erin
The silence
Elliot, Kendra, author
The silence : a novel
Veste, Luca, author.
Shadows of the dead
Kope, Spencer, author.
The Return
Cahn, Jonathan
The pandora deception
Bruns, David, 1966- author.
No escape
Burton, Mary (Mary T.), author.
The Ninja's Blade
Eldridge, Tori
Never Look Back
Burton, Mary
The Last Agent
Dugoni, Robert
Johnstone, William W., author.
Griffin, Laura, 1973- author.
Her final words
Labuskes, Brianna, author.
The heatwave : a novel
Riordan, Kate, author.
Alten, Steve
Finding Grace
Slater, K. L. (Kim L.), author.
The butcher's daughter
Staub, Wendy Corsi, author.
The Best of Friends
Berry, Lucinda
The annihilation protocol
Laurence, Michael, 1973- author.
Mills, DiAnn
The Widening Stain
Johnson, W. Bolingbroke/ Basbanes, Nicholas A. (INT)
The Watcher
Pashley, Jennifer
Veiled in Death
Blackmoore, Stephanie
Tie Die
Tomlinson, Max
Tampa Bay noir
Bancroft, Colette (EDT)
The sleeping nymph
Tuti, Ilaria, author.
Sins of the Mother
Norman, August
Sarah's List
Gunn, Elizabeth
Saddled with murder
Brady, Eileen (Veterinarian), author.
Revenge in rubies : a Harriet Gordon mystery
Stuart, A. M., 1959- author.
Relative silence
Parks, Carrie Stuart, author.
A Pretty Deceit
Huber, Anna Lee
Poetic Justice
Johnson, Andrea J.
Murder take two
Perry, Carol J., author.
Murder at the PTA
Hollis, Lee
Murder at Queen's Landing
Penrose, Andrea
Mortmain Hall
Edwards, Martin, 1955-
The mockingbird's song
Brunstetter, Wanda E., author.
Hollyberry homicide
Farrow, Sharon, author.
Hidden bones
Barz, Vivian, author.
Haunted homicide
Ness, Lucy, author.
Gingerdead man
Corrigan, Maya, author.
The French Widow
Pryor, Mark
Famous in Cedarville
Wright, Erica
Death on the green
Murphy, C. E. (Catie E.), author.
Dead-end Detective
Flower, Amanda
The Darkest Hearts
George, Nelson
The corpse who knew too much
Sennefelder, Debra, author.
The Christmas Fair Killer
Meade, Amy Patricia
A Christmas carol murder
Redmond, Heather, 1969- author.
Candy slain murder
Day, Maddie, author.
Back Bay Blues
Colt, Peter
Addis Ababa Noir
Mengiste, Maaza (EDT)
Young Blood
Fields, Tricia
Witches and wedding cake
Cates, Bailey, author.
Vintage Crime : From the Crime Writers' Association
Edwards, Martin (EDT)/ Crime Writers' Association (COR)
A Trick of the Light
Carter, Ali
The traveller : and other stories
Neville, Stuart, 1972- author.
The Spider's Web
Purser-Hallard, Philip
Banville, John
The Sicilian method
Camilleri, Andrea, author.
Scavenger : A Mystery
Chambers, Christopher
A Resolution at Midnight
Noble, Shelley
The Red Right Hand
Rogers, Joel Townsley/ Lansdale, Joe R. (INT)
The Readers' Room
Laurain, Antoine/ Boyce, Emily (TRN)/ Aitken, Jane (TRN)/ Mackintosh, Polly (TRN)
Prefecture D : four novellas
Yokoyama, Hideo, 1957- author.
Point of danger
Hannon, Irene, author.
Once Again
Hope, Catherine Wallace
Night shift
Ryan, Annelise, author.
Never Turn Back
Swann, Christopher
Murder on the Downs
Wassmer, Julie
More better deals
Lansdale, Joe R., 1951- author.
Mistletoe and Murder
Dunn, Carola
Knot of this world
Marks, Mary, author.
The Inspector of Strange and Unexplained Deaths
Barde-Cabucon, Olivier/ Rogers, Louise Lalaurie (TRN)
From beer to eternity
Harris, Sherry (Mystery writer), author.
False Conclusion
Heley, Veronica
Exit Strategy
Danna, Jen J.
Ellery Queen's Japanese Mystery Stories : From Japan's Greatest Detective & Crime Writers
Queen, Ellery (EDT)/ Saito, Satoru (FRW)/ Tsutsui, Yasutaka/ Matsumoto, Seicho/ Togawa, Masako
Death rattle
Gilly, Alex, author.
The Christmas egg : a Seasonal mystery
Kelly, Mary, 1927-2017. author.
The Case of the Baited Hook
Gardner, Erle Stanley/ Penzler, Otto (INT)
Broken Genius
Murray, Drew
The bangtail ghost
McCafferty, Keith, author.
An accidental corpse
Harrison, Helen A. (Helen Amy), author.
You again : a novel
Immergut, Debra Jo, author.
Oldham, Nick
Who did you tell? : a novel
Kara, Lesley, author.
Vertical Run
Garber, Joseph R.
Until the end
Rushdan, Juno, author.
The Summer of Kim Novak
Nesser, Hakan/ Vogel, Saskia (TRN)
Still here : a novel
Stuart, Amy, 1975- author.
The Stepdaughter
Howells, Debbie
Bradley, Patricia, 1945- author.
Singing to the Dead
Ramsay, Caro
Silver wings, iron cross
Young, Thomas W., 1962- author.
The Sideman
Ramsay, Caro
Seven years of darkness
Chŏng, Yu-jŏng, 1966- author.
The second wife
Fleet, Rebecca, author.
The search party
Lelic, Simon, author.
Once Two Sisters
Warburton, Sarah
Lost river
Scott, J. Todd, author.
Lies, Lies, Lies
Parks, Adele
The law of lines : a novel
P'yŏn, Hye-yŏng, 1972- author.
The Last Wife
Hamilton, Karen
The Last High
Kalla, Daniel
In case of emergency : a novel
Scott, E. G., author.
Hurry home : a novel
Nay, Roz, author.
Hunting Ground
Holloway, Meghan
House of War
Mariani, Scott
High treason : a novel
McFate, Sean, author.
Gilstrap, John, author.
Hawke's fury
Wortham, Reavis Z., author.
The Glass Kingdom : a novel
Osborne, Lawrence, 1958- author.
The Girl Beneath the Sea
Mayne, Andrew
Die next
Stone, Jonathan, 1956- author.
Dark Water
Ramsay, Caro
Dark August : a novel
Tallo, Katie, author.
Convince me : a novel
Sadowsky, Nina, author.
The burden of truth
Griffin, Neal, author.
Behind the red door : a novel
Collins, Megan, 1984- author.
The bad sister
O'Brien, Kevin, 1955- author.
The babysitter
Bush, Nancy, 1953- author.
Assassin's strike
Larsen, Ward, author.
Ramsay, Caro
Witch hunt
Conte, Cate, author.
A twist in the tail
Dobbs, Leighann, author.
Three-fifths : a novel
Vercher, John, author.
Three Treats Too Many
Goldstein, Debra H.
Tea & treachery
Delany, Vicki, 1951- author.
Strong from the heart
Land, Jon, author.
Still knife painting
Hollon, Cheryl, author.
A sprinkling of murder
Gerber, Daryl Wood, author.
Spring Girls
Katchur, Karen
Somewhere in the Dark
Jacobs, R. J.
Shills Can't Cash Chips
Gardner, Erle Stanley
Settling scores : sporting mysteries
Edwards, Martin (EDT)
Rolling Thunder
Devlin, A. J.
The Red, Red Snow
Ramsay, Caro
Peachy Scream
Gerard, Anna
Nothing Bundt Trouble : A
Alexander, Ellie
No woods so dark as these
Silvis, Randall, 1950- author.
No one saw
Long, Beverly, author.
Nacho average murder
Day, Maddie, author.
Murder with honey ham biscuits
Herbert, A. L., author.
Murder in the East End
Ashley, Jennifer, author.
Murder in Chianti
Trinchieri, Camilla, author.
Murder at Hotel 1911
Keown, Audrey
Murder at Blackwater Bend
McKenna, Clara, author.
Molten City
Nickson, Chris
Mission Road
Corbett, Ron
Little Falls
Lewes, Elizabeth
The last curtain call
Blackwell, Juliet, author.
Knit of the living dead
Ehrhart, Peggy, author.
Jane Darrowfield, professional busybody
Ross, Barbara, 1953- author.
It cannoli be murder
Bruns, Catherine, author.
The Indigo Ghosts
Clare, Alys
The House on Widows Hill
Green, Simon R.
Hold Your Breath, China
Qiu, Xiaolong
Hog Wild Dead
Kopfler, Pamela
The grove of the Caesars
Davis, Lindsey, author.
The fate of a flapper : a mystery
Calkins, Susanna, author.
An exquisite corpse : death in surrealist New York
Harrison, Helen A. (Helen Amy), author.
Eat, drink and be wary
Delaney, Devon, author.
Dough or die
Archer, Winnie, author.
Don't Make a Sound
Ragan, T. R.
Digging up the remains
Henry, Julia, 1962- author.
A Desperate Place
Greer, Jennifer
Death of a wicked witch
Hollis, Lee, author.
Death of a wandering wolf
Buckley, Julia, 1964- author.
Death Comes to Durham
Dams, Jeanne M.
Daughters of Darkness
Spencer, Sally
Dangerous pursuits
Bannister, Jo, author.
The crushing depths
Pettrey, Dani, author.
Beyond Beyond
Heywood, Joseph
15 minutes of flame
Brecher, Christin, author.
The Vow
Tower of Babel
Sears, Michael
The streel
Logue, Mary, author.
Sleeping Beauties
Spain, Jo
The scent of danger
Buckley, Fiona, author.
Roar back
Farrow, John, 1947- author.
Postmark Berlin
Emery, Anne
The Ponson Case
Crofts, Freeman Wills/ Gordon-Smith, Dolores (INT)
The pink bonnet
Tolsma, Liz, 1966- author.
Nothing can hurt you : a novel
Goldberg, Nicola Maye, author.
The Monsters We Make
White, Kali
In the Company of Fools
Bayard, Tania
The Heights
Bilal, Parker
The Haunted Lady
Rinehart, Mary Roberts/ Penzler, Otto (INT)
The Green Dress
Tolsma, Liz
The Girl With No Name
Regan, Lisa
The full scoop
Orr, Jill, author.
Death of a telenovela star
Dovalpage, Teresa, 1966- author.
Darkness for Light
Viskic, Emma
A child lost
Cox, Michelle (Historical fiction writer), author.
The Cask
Crofts, Freeman Wills
Between Two Evils
Dolan, Eva
Berkeley Noir
Thompson, Jerry (EDT)/ Hill, Owen (EDT)
Alabama Noir
Noble, Don (EDT)
Street music
Hallinan, Timothy, author.
Skin Deep
Woo, Sung J.
Silence on Cold River
Dunn, Casey
Lyle, D. P.
Red Hot
Dratch, Dana
The rat began to gnaw the rope
Grafton, C. W. (Cornelius Warren), 1909-1982, author.
O'Neill, Tracy, author.
The Night Raids
Kelly, Jim
Night Ferry to Death
Moyes, Patricia
Murder With Clotted Cream
Smith, Karen Rose
The Misadventures of Nero Wolfe : Parodies and Pastiches Featuring the Great Detective of West 35th Street
Pachter, Josh (EDT)/ Penzler, Otto (INT)/ Bradbury, Rebecca Stout (INT)/ Goldsborough, Robert (CON)/ Kaye, Marvin (CON)
The King's Evil
Taylor, Andrew
Death of a Bean Counter
Balzo, Sandra
Breathing through the wound
Árbol, Víctor del, author.
The Big Man's Daughter
Fitzstephen, Owen
The Widowsѫ Club
Brooke, Amanda
Ungentlemanly Warfare
Linskey, Howard
The Perfect Daughter
Souza, Joseph
The closer you get
Torjussen, Mary, author.
A stroke of malice
Huber, Anna Lee, author.
Pulp Friction
Lindsey, Julie Anne
A Fatal Finale
Kalb, Kathleen Marple
Dead Manѫs Daughter
Watkins, Roz
Perfect Kill
Fields, Helen
Of Mutts and Murder
Blake, Bethany
Little Boy Lost
Carter, J. P.
At Your Door
Carter, J. P.