Adult Mystery & Suspense

These are mysteries and thrillers for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Violent spring
Phillips, Gary, 1955- author.
Star Struck
McCown, Marjorie
My Favorite Terrible Thing
Henry, Madeleine
Murder Most Owl
Fox, Sarah
Into the Night
Woolrich, Cornell/ Block, Lawrence
The deepest lake
Romano-Lax, Andromeda, 1970- author.
Death on the Lusitania
Graham, R. L.
Death of an Author
Lorac, E. C. R.
Bad Men
Cohen, Julie Mae
Poaching Is Puzzling
Gerber, Daryl Wood
The contact
Herzog, Saul
After the fire
Casey, Jane
A spy like me
Sherwood, Kim, 1989- author.
Safe and Sound
McHugh, Laura
The Infiltrator
Hendricks, T. R.
The Bin Laden plot
Campbell, Rick (Navy Commander) author.
The Berlin letters : a Cold War novel
Reay, Katherine, 1970- author.
Assassin Eighteen
Brownlow, John
Watch It Burn
Bird, Kristen
Under the Paper Moon
Steinberg, Shaina
A Twinkle of Trouble
Gerber, Daryl Wood
Twice the Trouble
Clifton, Ash
Torn Asunder
Ross, Barbara
To the Dogs
Welsh, Louise
Speculations in sin
Ashley, Jennifer, author.
The Silver Bone
Kurkov, Andrey
Secrets of a Scottish Isle
Neubauer, Erica Ruth
The scream of sins
Nickson, Chris, author.
The road to murder
Trinchieri, Camilla, author.
Rhythm and Clues
Blacke, Olivia
The Red House
Watkins, Roz
Copeland, Brian
Nothing Can Hurt You Now
Campos, Simone/ Bery, Rahul (TRN)
Noise Floor
Cartmel, Andrew
Next of kin : a novel
Allen, Samantha Jayne, author.
Murder Marks the Page
Smith, Karen Rose
Murder and the missing dog
Shea, Susan C., author.
The Mayfair Dagger
January, Ava
The Lock Box
Adams, Parker
Little underworld
Harding Thornton, Christina, author.
The Intruder
Blauner, Peter
The House on Rye Lane
Allott, Susan
Four-Alarm Homicide
Kelly, Diane
Death Unfiltered
Duncan, Emmeline
Death and glory
Thomas, Will, 1958- author.
Death and fromage : a novel
Moore, Ian (Comedian), author.
A Deadly Walk in Devon
George, Nicholas
A Deadly Endeavor
Adams, Jenny
Cirque Du Slay
Osler, Rob
Cape Rage
Corbett, Ron, 1959- author.
Bury the Lead
Hilton, Kate/ Renzetti, Elizabeth
Beyond All Doubt
Reed, Hilton
Before It's Too Late
Driscoll, Sara
At the Edge of the Woods
Houston, Victoria
Young rich widows : a novel
Belle, Kimberly, author.
The Unquiet Bones
White, Loreth Anne
Stag : a novel
Bahr, Dane, author.
The Rush
Prak, Michelle
Peril in Pink
Leigh, Sydney
A Nye of Pheasants
Burrows, Steve
Night falls on Predicament Avenue
Wright, Jaime Jo, author.
Murder Backstage
Fletcher, Jessica/ Moran, Terrie Farley
Murder at the college library
Lehane, Cornelius, author.
Knife Skills
Church, Wendy
The Innocents
Walsh, Bridget
The holy terrors
Green, Simon R., 1955- author.
The hollow tree
Miller, Philip, 1973- author.
Hanging With Hugo
Hyde, Katherine Bolger
Death in the Details
Tietjen, Katie
The Concert Hall Killer
Whitelaw, Jonathan
Cold to the Touch
Hakoda, Kerri
The Beaver Theory
Tuomainen, Antti/ Hackston, David (TRN)
Ash dark as night
Phillips, Gary, 1955- author.
The Whole Truth
Hunter, Cara
The Tudor Deception
Mariani, Scott
The Sleepwalkers
Thomas, Scarlett
Fatal Domain
James, Steven
Burning Sky
Darnton, John
The Wedding Party
Jones, L. R.
Never Fall Again
Blackburn, Lynn H.
A Man Downstairs
Lundrigan, Nicole
Like It Never Happened
Hoffmann, Jeff
The dredge : a novel
Flaherty, Brendan, author.
Big Time
Winters, Ben H.
Baby X
Peikoff, Kira
What We Buried
Rotenberg, Robert
Unmarked Graves
Broadfoot, Neil
The rumor game
Mullen, Thomas, author.
The Pierogi Peril
Krotow, Geri
Once upon a Murder
Larsen, Samantha
Murder in masquerade
Winters, Mary, author.
A High Tide Murder
George, Emily
Gone With the Witch
Sanders, Angela M.
Down a Dark River
Odden, Karen
Death in Hilo
Redman, Eric
The Phalanx code
Tata, A. J. (Anthony J.), 1959- author.
Hard Girls
Lennon, J. Robert
Murder most treasonable
Doherty, P. C., author.
The Golden Mountain
Rhoades, J. D.
The Incredulity of Father Brown
Chesterton, G. K./ Mint Editions (COR)