Adult Mystery & Suspense

These are mysteries and thrillers for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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You Can Die
Zanetti, Rebecca
The viper / A Dave Gurney Novel
Verdon, John, author.
La Plante, Lynda
The Trench
Alten, Steve
Street Players
Goines, Donald
The Silent Bride
Boland, Shalini
The Ocean Above Me
Sites, Kevin
Murder in the Family
Hunter, Cara
Maidens of the cave : a novel
Richards, Lloyd Devereux, author.
Last Rites
Sala, Sharon
I Did It for You
Engel, Amy
Her Father's Daughter
Dunn, T. M.
The Food Mafia
Gordon, Jon
Cold pursuit
Mehl, Nancy, author.
Citizen Orlov
Payne, Jonathan
The wayward prince
Goldberg, Leonard S., author.
Urgent Matters
Rodriguez, Paula/ Moses, Sarah (TRN)
Unnatural Ends
Huang, Christopher
The Unforgiven Dead
Ross, Fulton
Take the Honey and Run
Marts, Jennie
Sun Damage
Durrant, Sabine
The Stranger in the Seine
Musso, Guillaume
The stolen coast
Murphy, Dwyer, author.
Steeped in Malice
Delany, Vicki
Sleepless City
Coleman, Reed Farrel
A Shimmer of Red
Wesley, Valerie Wilson
The shadow girls
Blanchard, Alice, author.
McCaw, Robert B., author.
The puzzle of Blackstone Lodge
Edwards, Martin, 1955- author.
The Party House
Anderson, Lin
One night : a novel
Cross, Georgina, author.
Obelists at sea
King, C. Daly, 1895-1963, author.
Not by Blood
Narozny, Chris
The Murder Wheel
Mead, Tom
Murder at Crime Manor
Craig, Fergus
The Missing Heiress
Goldsborough, Robert
The Messenger
Davis, Megan
Lowdown Road
Von Doviak, Scott
The lady from Burma
Montclair, Allison, author.
The Killer's Wife
Furlong, Susan
I Know What You Did
Osborne, Cayce
Hard country : a thriller
Wortham, Reavis Z., author.
Craven, M. W. (Mike W.), 1968- author.
Fatal legacy
Davis, Lindsey, author.
A Fatal Groove
Blacke, Olivia
Death of Jezebel
Brand, Christianna, 1907-1988, author.
A Deadly Dedication
Loudon, Margaret
Date With Evil
Chapman, Julia
Date With Death
Chapman, Julia
Crook o' lune / A Lancashire Mystery
Lorac, E. C. R., 1894-1958, author.
Cleveland Noir
Headen, Miesha Wilson (EDT)/ Ruhlman, Michael (EDT)
Break of day
Coble, Colleen, author.
Black River
Spencer, Matthew
The bitter past
Borgos, Bruce, author.
Best served cold
Wagner, David P., author.
Austin Noir
Hay, Hopeton (EDT)/ Montgomery, Scott (EDT)/ Odintz, Molly (EDT)
The Accidental Medium
Whitwell, Tracy
Stone Maidens
Richards, Lloyd Devereux
Try not to breathe
Bell, David, 1969 November 17- author.
Tomaas Nevinson
Maraias, Javier, author.
Second Shot
Dees, Cindy
The Pigeon
Gordon, David
The Other Mistress
Williams, Shanora
Smith, Wilbur A.
A Man of Lies
Crane, Ben
A Killer's Game
Maldonado, Isabella
The Island of Lost Girls
Marwood, Alex
Final Call
Lake, Alex
Tom Clancy's op-center. Fallout
Rovin, Jeff, author.
Escape to Aswan
Sedky-winter, Amal
Don't forget the girl : a novel
McKanna, Rebecca, author.
The Devil You Know
Hauty, Chris
Dead drop
Woodward, M. P., author.
The Camp
Bush, Nancy
Before She Finds Me
Chavez, Heather
The woman inside
Edvardsson, M. T., author.
The Tumbling Girl
Walsh, Bridget
Truly, Darkly, Deeply
Selman, Victoria
Substantial Justice
Ben-horin, Daniel
Six Ostriches
Schott, Philipp
Scaredy Cat
Ryan, Sofie
The Night It Ended
Garner, Katie
Murder Before Evensong
Coles, Richard
Mother Howl
Clevenger, Craig
Killing monarchs : dd
Griffith, Cary J., author.
I Didn't Do It
Hendricks, Jaime Lynn
How the Murder Crumbles
Sennefelder, Debra
Hidden Beneath
Ross, Barbara
A fatal illusion
Huber, Anna Lee, author.
Fatal Fudge Swirl
Allen, Meri
The Devil's Flute Murders
Yokomizo, Seishi/ Rion, Jim (TRN)
Death Among the Ruins
Calkins, Susanna
Code of the hills
Offutt, Chris, 1958- author.
Blow Up
Crosby, Ellen
Eat, drink and drop dead
LoTempio, T. C., author.
The seat of the scornful / A Devon Mystery
Carr, John Dickson, 1906-1977, author.
Remain Silent
Gigl, Robyn
Relentless Melt
Bushnell, Jeremy P.
A Novel Disguise
Larsen, Samantha
Murder With Earl Grey Tea
Smith, Karen Rose
The Last Songbird
Weizmann, Daniel
Hot Pot Murder
Chow, Jennifer J.
Halifax : Transgression
Simpson, Roger
Grave Danger
James, Alice
A good family
Goldman, Matt, 1962- author.
The Game She Plays
Sterling, Siena
Foul Play Suspected
Wyndham, John
Flat White Fatality
Duncan, Emmeline
Final Cut
McCown, Marjorie
Double indemnity
Whitlow, Robert, 1954- author.
Bad Kids
Chen, Zijin/ Deeter, Michelle (TRN)
Fit to Die
Kalla, Daniel
The Second Cut
Welsh, Louise
Fazzi, Cindy
The Monster of the Mere
Purser-Hallard, Philip
No Man's Ghost
Powell, Jason
Graveyard of Empires
Mariani, Scott
Player's vendetta
Lantigua, John, author.
The Botanist
Craven, M. W.
Blood on the Siberian Snow
Farrington, C. J.
Ferraro, Nicolas