Adult Mystery & Suspense

These are mysteries and thrillers for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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What's the Matter With Mary Jane?
Dorsey, Candas Jane
War women
Limaon, Martin, 1948- author.
The Village of Eight Graves
Yokomizo, Seishi/ Karetnyk, Bryan (TRN)
True crime story
Knox, Joseph, author.
Strictly Murder
Wassmer, Julie
A secret never told
Noble, Shelley, author.
Prose and Cons
Staub, Wendy Corsi
A Plus One for Murder
Bradford, Laura
The Pledge
Kent, Kathleen
Pay or Play
Gould, Howard Michael
No one notices the boys
Birkby, Michelle, author.
A Murder Yule Regret
Archer, Winnie
Mrs. Jeffries and the midwinter murders
Brightwell, Emily, author.
Mimi Lee cracks the code
Chow, Jennifer J., author.
Life Without Parole
Viets, Elaine
Last Redemption
Coyle, Matt
Judgment at Santa Monica
Copperman, E. J.
How to Book a Murder
Kuhn, Cynthia
A Dire Isle
Raman, R. V.
Debonair in death
Fletcher, Jessica, author.
The deathwatch beetle : a mystery
Eriksson, Kjell, 1953- author.
Death under the perseids
Dovalpage, Teresa, 1966- author.
Death by the Finish Line
Morgan, Alexis
The Dead Cry Justice
Simpson, Rosemary
The Cry of the Hangman
Calkins, Susanna
A Counterfeit Suitor
Wilde, Darcie
Christmas Candy Corpse
Ross, Rosemarie
The Bloodless Boy
Lloyd, Robert J.
Bear a Wee Grudge
Macy, Meg
The Assistant
Dahl, Kjell Ola/ Bartlett, Don (TRN)
After I've gone
Green, Linda, author.
While my eyes were closed
Green, Linda, author.
Maigret Tend Un Piege
Simenon, Georges
Blood in the Low Country
Attaway, Paul
Le Chien Jaune
Simenon, Georges
Dead at Third
Payette, Gregory
Las doncellas / The Maidens
Michaelides, Alex/ Jimenez, Laura Manero (TRN)/ Dios, Laura Martin De (TRN)
The Quiet Man
McDonnell, Caimh
The Yards
Carter, A. F.
Wreathing Havoc
Henry, Julia
When Christmas Comes
Klavan, Andrew
Under Color of Law
Clark, Aaron Philip
Twice in a blue moon
Moyes, Patricia, author.
Strawberries and Crime
White, Elle Brooke
Strangers on a Skein
Canadeo, Anne
Slashing Through the Snow
Frost, Jacqueline
Scandal in Babylon
Hambly, Barbara
The Savage Kind
Copenhaver, John
Sammy Two Shoes
Depoy, Phillip
Camilleri, Andrea, author.
The Pickwick Murders
Redmond, Heather
No memes of escape
Blacke, Olivia, author.
Murder in an orchard cemetery
Harrison, Cora, author.
Murder in an English Glade
Ellicott, Jessica
Kwŏn, Yŏ-sŏn, 1965- author.
Labyrinth of Lies
Hannon, Irene
Just Thieves
Galloway, Gregory
The ice coven
Seeck, Max, 1985- author.
Hypnosis Is for Hacks
Berry, Tamara
The House of Death
Tremayne, Peter
Hold Me Down
Simon, Clea
Felonious Monk
Kotzwinkle, William
Carter, Charlotte
Double Take
Breck, Elizabeth
Death by Hot Apple Cider
Erickson, Alex
Daggers Drawn
Jakubowski, Maxim (EDT)/ Rankin, Ian/ Deaver, Jeffery
A Corruption of Blood
Parry, Ambrose
The Corpse in the Gazebo
Sennefelder, Debra
China roses
Bannister, Jo, author.
Brass Lives
Nickson, Chris
Bodies from the Library
Medawar, Tony (EDT)/ Marsh, Ngaio/ Brand, Christianna/ Crispin, Edmund
Best Kept Secrets
Florio, Gwen
The Best American Mystery and Suspense 2021
Cha, Steph (EDT)/ Burke, Alafair (EDT)
All These Ashes
Queally, James
The Vow
Howells, Debbie
Trace of Doubt
Mills, DiAnn
The summoning : a novel
Smith, J. P., 1949- author.
The Sculptor
Aronovitz, Michael
The Pandemic Plot
Mariani, Scott
Ice Angel
Hart, Matthew
Echoes of the dead
Kope, Spencer, author.
Dark Intercept
Andrews, Brian/ Wilson, Jeffrey
Two Wicked Desserts
Cahoon, Lynn
A Time to Swill
Harris, Sherry
The Port of London murders
Bell, Josephine, 1897-1987, author.
Poison for Teacher
Spain, Nancy
The Point of No Return
Broadfoot, Neil
Over the Falls
Hodge, Rebecca
The Long-lost Jules
Hughes, Jane Elizabeth
The Good Death
Sykes, S. D.
A Fire in the Night
Swann, Christopher
Farewell blues : a Lady Adelaide mystery
Robinson, Maggie, author.
Eight Faces at Three
Rice, Craig/ Lutz, Lisa (INT)
Designs on the Dead
Bernhard, Emilia
Deadly Summer Nights
Delany, Vicki
The dark remains : Laidlaw's first case
McIlvanney, William, 1936-2015, author.
The Children's Secret
Monroe, Nina
Campus Bones
Barz, Vivian
The Artist Colony
Fitzpatrick, Joanna
Shot Caller
Danna, Jen J.
My mistress' eyes are raven black
Roberts, Terry, 1956- author.
Murder With Orange Pekoe Tea
Smith, Karen Rose
Murder Most Fair
Huber, Anna Lee
Dial M for Maine Coon
Erickson, Alex
Coq au vin : a Nannette Hayes novel
Carter, Charlotte (Charlotte C.), author.
Be My Ghost
Perry, Carol J.
Unholy Murder
La Plante, Lynda
The Last Guests
Pomare, J. P.
The Killing Look
Rhoades, J. D.
God of War
Rovin, Jeff/ Clancy, Tom (CON)/ Pieczenik, Steve R. (CON)
The elimination threat
Laurence, Michael, 1973- author.
A Different Dawn
Maldonado, Isabella
The Deep State Revolution
Miniter, Frank
Dangerous Ground
Grant, Rachel
The Truth of It All
Florio, Gwen
Rhode Island red
Carter, Charlotte (Charlotte C.), author.
Palm Springs Noir
Demarco-Barrett, Barbara (EDT)/ Bahnsen, Chris J. (CON)/ Beetner, Eric (CON)/ Bowman, Rob (CON)/ Craft, Michael (CON)
Gumshoe in the Dark
Leininger, Rob
Danger at the cove : a mystery
Dennison, Hannah, author.
The Cider Shop Rules
Lindsey, Julie Anne
Cajun Kiss of Death
Byron, Ellen
The bitter taste of murder
Trinchieri, Camilla, 1942- author.
The April Dead
Parks, Alan
Safe in My Arms
Shepard, Sara
The Perfect Ruin
Williams, Shanora
The Ninja Betrayed
Eldridge, Tori
Hiding Place
Holloway, Meghan
The dare : a novel
Kara, Lesley, author.
Black Ice
Gerhardsen, Carin/ Giles, Ian (ILT)
The Vow