Adult Mystery & Suspense

These are mysteries and thrillers for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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The Shimmer
Stroud, Carsten
Left to Die
Jackson, Lisa
Dread of Winter
Bickford, Susan
Double Crossfire
Tata, Anthony J.
Silent Knit, Deadly Knit
Ehrhart, Peggy
She's Out
La Plante, Lynda
Penny for Your Secrets
Huber, Anna Lee
Murder Cuts the Mustard
Ellicott, Jessica
Little Voices
Lillie, Vanessa
A Fragment Too Far
Lynch, Dudley
The Fragility of Bodies
Olguin, Sergio/ France, Miranda (TRN)
Famous in Cedarville
Wright, Erica
The Devilѫs Due
MacBird, Bonnie
Dark queen rising
Doherty, P. C, author.
The Crooked Hinge
Carr, John Dickson/ Todd, Charles (INT)
Apple Cider Slaying
Lindsey, Julie Anne
'tis the Season Murder
Meier, Leslie
Seven crows
Kessler, Kate, author.
Blues in the Dark
Benson, Raymond
Black Nowhere
Hirsch, Reece
Treacherous Strand
Carter, Andrea
Tide and Punishment
Baker, Bree
Read and Buried
Gates, Eva
Murder to the metal
Hogsett, Annie, author.
Mr. Campion's Visit
Ripley, Mike
The Measure of a Man : A Novel of Leonardo Da Vinci
Malvaldi, Marco/ Curtis, Howard (TRN)
A Legacy of Murder
Berry, Connie
GI confidential
Limón, Martin, 1948- author.
A death in Harlem : a novel
Holloway, Karla F. C., 1949- author.
Death at Whitewater Church : an Inishowen mystery
Carter, Andrea (Barrister), author.
The Books of the Dead
Bernhard, Emilia
Blood Sugar
Kraus, Daniel
Best Kept Secrets
Phillips, Tracey S.
White Hot Silence
Porter, Henry
Where she went
Simmons, Kelly, author.
Southward, Adam
Bunn, T. Davis, 1952- author.
One Night Gone
Laskowski, Tara
Invisible Wars : The Collected Dead Six
Correia, Larry/ Kupari, Mike
Home Invasion
Johnstone, William W./ Johnstone, J. A.
The Dead Wife
Fortin, Sue
Blood in the water
Flynn, Jack, 1968- author.
Always Look Twice
Goddard, Elizabeth
The Unseen Hand
Marston, Edward
Two Bites Too Many
Goldstein, Debra H.
Smells Like Stars
Ohdiambo, D. Nandi
On a Quiet Street
Doucette, J. L.
The Off-Islander
Colt, Peter
No Way to Die
Easley, Warren C.
Murder at Kensington Palace
Penrose, Andrea
Mrs. Jeffries and the Alms of the angel
Brightwell, Emily, author.
A merry murder
Kingsbury, Kate, author.
Marry Christmas Murder
Blackmoore, Stephanie
Late Checkout
Perry, Carol J.
Lacandon dreams / A Milagro Mystery
Medhat, Katayoun, author.
The Good Cop
Steiner, Peter
The Garden Club Murder
Meade, Amy Patricia
The Empty Birdcage
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem/ Waterhouse, Anna
Clearing the Dark
Allen, Hania
Christmas Cow Bells
Bryan, Mollie Cox
Carpet Diem
Simon, Misty
The Bone Fire
Sykes, S. D.
The Best American Mystery Stories 2019
Lethem, Jonathan (EDT)/ Penzler, Otto (EDT)
Autumn Alibi
Hesse, Jennifer David
Trust me when I lie
Stevenson, Benjamin, author.
State of lies
Mitchell, Siri L., 1969- author.
A Single Light
Lee, Tosca
Pretty guilty women
LaManna, Gina, author.
The Preserve
Anderson, Steve
Nothing to Fear
Rushdan, Juno
Nobody Move
Elliott, Philip
Mother Knows Best
Peikoff, Kira
The Mask Collectors
Vilhauer, Ruvanee Pietersz
The Lies We Tell
Webb, Debra
Left for Dead
Jackson, Lisa
A Girl Named Anna
Barber, Lizzy
Fatal strike
Mills, DiAnn, author.
Empty hearts : a novel
Zeh, Juli, 1974- author.
Clear My Name
Daly, Paula
Blind Spot
Novak, Brenda
Wonton Terror
Chien, Vivien
When hell struck twelve
Benn, James R, author.
Vanishing in the Haight
Tomlinson, Max
Valley of Shadows
Cooper, Steven
The truth behind the lie : a novel
Lövestam, Sara, 1980- author.
The Tower of Songs
Barrett, Casey
To the Lions
Watt, Holly
Tilling the Truth
Henry, Julia
She Be Damned
Tjia, M. J.
The second biggest nothing
Cotterill, Colin, author.
Mackay, Malcolm
The Queen's Gambit
Harper, Bradley
The Queen Con
Molin, Meghan Scott
The Pearl Dagger
Chandlar, L. A.
The Other End of the Line
Camilleri, Andrea/ Sartarelli, Stephen (TRN)
Now You See Me
McGeorge, Chris
A Necessary Murder
Tjia, M. J.
Mulberry Mischief
Farrow, Sharon
Weston, Julie
Molten mud murder
Johnson, Sara E., author.
The missing ones
Hill, Edwin, 1970- author.
Miami Midnight
Segura, Alex
The man in the white linen suit
Handler, David, 1952- author.
The long-legged fly
Sallis, James, 1944- author.
In the Line of Fire
Noonan, R. J.
The hidden things
Mason, Jamie, author.
Graveyard bay
Kies, Thomas, author.
Gallows court
Edwards, Martin, 1955- author.
Forgotten Bones
Barz, Vivian
Flour in the Attic
Archer, Winnie
Fiddling with fate: a Chloe Ellefson mystery
Ernst, Kathleen, 1959- author.
February's son
Parks, Alan, author.
Fatal Cajun Festival
Byron, Ellen
The Dragon Lady
Treger, Louisa
Divorce Is Murder
Ray, Elka
The Dirty Dozen
La Plante, Lynda
Death by Jack-O'-Lantern
Morgan, Alexis
Death by Cafe Mocha
Erickson, Alex
A Deadly Deception
Harris, Tessa
Dead Big Dawg
Houston, Victoria
A Darker State
Young, David
A curio killing : a Keepsake Cove mystery
Hughes, Mary Ellen, 1941- author.
Crypt Suzette
Corrigan, Maya
Cookies and Clairvoyance
Cates, Bailey
Cold Woods
Katchur, Karen
Evans, Mary Anna
Evans, Mary Anna, author.
Blood in Eden
Tremayne, Peter
Below the line
Gould, Howard Michael, author.
The Vows We Break
Cole, Briana
The victim : a novel
Manning, Max, author.
Valley of Death
Mariani, Scott
The runaway
Overton, Hollie, author.
Begbie, Hannah
The Guilty Party
McGrath, Mel
A Florentine Revenge
Kent, Christobel
Fire storm
Mehl, Nancy, author.
Deadly intentions
Harris, Lisa, 1969- author.
The twice-hanged man : a medieval mystery
Royal, Priscilla, author.
Triumph of the Spider Monkey
Oates, Joyce Carol
The third Mrs. Durst
Aguirre, Ann, author.
Singapore sapphire
Stuart, A. M., 1959-
Rocket to the Morgue
Boucher, Anthony/ Wilson, F. Paul (INT)
Penne Dreadful
Bruns, Catherine
The man who wouldn't die
Jewell, A. B., author.
The killing tide
Pettrey, Dani, author.
Greasy Bend
Lackey, Kris
Grave Expectations
Redmond, Heather
Fragments of fear
Parks, Carrie Stuart, author.
Deep dive
Knopf, Chris, author.
This Side of Night
Scott, J. Todd
The heart keeper
Dahl, Alex, author.
Robson, Amanda
Dead Silence
Staub, Wendy Corsi
Random Act
Boyle, Gerry
Invisible Blood
Jakubowski, Maxim/ Child, Lee/ Deaver, Jeffery/ Hoffman, Mary/ Fowler, Christopher
The Body in Griffith Park
Kincheloe, Jennifer
Wetwork Repair
Rooney, William
The Sign of Seven
Rosenstock, Martin (EDT)/ Belanger, Derrick (CON)
Murder Fest
Wassmer, Julie
Blindsided : A Mystery
Seale, Caroline
The Summer House
Kent, Christobel
The Spotted Dog
Greenwood, Kerry
Next of Kin
Robertson, L. F.
The Bone Ritual
Lees, Julian
Apple of My Eye
Allan, Claire
Alibi Island
Solomon/ iiKane
The Polish Detective
Allen, Hania
True Believer
Carr, Jack