Adult Mystery & Suspense

These are mysteries and thrillers for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Unknown threat
Blackburn, Lynn Huggins, author.
Sons of Valor
Andrews, Brian/ Wilson, Jeffrey
The Secrets of Us
Berry, Lucinda
Girl one
Murphy, Sara Flannery, author.
Chasing the lion
Tata, A. J. (Anthony J.), 1959- author.
The Black Order
Rovin, Jeff/ Clancy, Tom (CON)/ Pieczenik, Steve (CON)
Double Iniquity
Pawlish, Renee
The Advocate's Homicides
Burrell, Teresa
The shape of darkness
Purcell, Laura, author.
Secret Mischief
Blake, Robin
Ruby Red Herring
Gardner, Tracy
The Night Whistler
Woodland, Greg
Murphy's Slaw
Logan, Elizabeth
Murder on Mustique
Glenconner, Anne
Making Wolf
Thompson, Tade
Killing in a koi pond
Fletcher, Jessica, author.
Cut to the Bone
Watkins, Roz
The Company
Spencer, Sally
Bones of Hilo
Redman, Eric
Homicide trinity
Stout, Rex
Shirley, John
The Sniper
Kuo-li, Chang/ Flagg, Roddy (TRN)
Seven demons
Truhen, Aidan, author.
SAS : Red Notice
McNab, Andy
The Russian key : a novel
Laber, Jeri, author.
The Paris Betrayal
Hannibal, James R.
The Others
Blau, Sarah
Never Miss
Koslin, Melissa
Near You
Burton, Mary
Lost Immunity
Kalla, Daniel
Legacy of War
Smith, Wilbur
The Last One Home
Stone, Victoria Helen
In Her Tracks
Dugoni, Robert
Her three lives
Holahan, Cate, author.
Her Last Holiday
Taylor, C. L.
Hell's Aquarium
Alten, Steve
Gone Too Far
Webb, Debra
Double Down
Collins, Max Allan
The Demon Club
Mariani, Scott
The Cleaner
Dawson, Mark
A Caller's Game
Barker, J. D.
The Babysitter
Morgan, Phoebe
Against the Law
Gordon, David
Thief of souls
Klingborg, Brian, 1967- author.
The Shadow Man
Fields, Helen
See Something
Perry, Carol J.
Risk Factor
Brandman, Michael
Ride the pink horse
Hughes, Dorothy B. (Dorothy Belle), 1904-1993, author.
The Quiet Boy
Winters, Ben H.
The Prophet
Bailey, Martine
The prodigal daughter
Harrison, Mette Ivie, 1970- author.
Peaches and Schemes
Gerard, Anna
The Paris Labyrinth
Legardinier, Gilles
On an Outgoing Tide
Ramsay, Caro
No Sleep Till Wonderland
Tremblay, Paul
No Going Back
Ragan, T. R.
Murder in the Cloister
Bayard, Tania
A Man Named Doll
Ames, Jonathan
Lies With Man
Nava, Michael
In Cold Blood
Bettany, Jane
The Hatak Witches
Mihesuah, Devon A.
The Granite Coast murders
Bannalec, Jean-Luc, 1966- author.
Gone missing in Harlem : a novel
Holloway, Karla F. C., 1949- author.
The French paradox
Crosby, Ellen, 1953- author.
Four Cuts Too Many
Goldstein, Debra H.
Flat White
Balzo, Sandra
A Fatal First Night
Kalb, Kathleen Marple
Richards, Linda L
Door to Door Quilts
Hazelwood, Ann
Porter, Anna
The Decagon House Murders
Ayatsuji, Yukito/ Wong, Hong-li (TRN)
Death Washes Ashore
Skalka, Patricia
Death Gone A-rye
Archer, Winnie
The Curse of the Cherry Pie
Meade, Amy Patricia
City on the Edge
Swinson, David
City of Fallen Angels
Buchanan, Paul
The Bone Field
Bokur, Debra
Rey Blanco
Gaomez-Jurado, Juan, author.
Reina roja
Gaomez-Jurado, Juan, author.
Loba negra/ The Black Wolf
Jurado, Juan Gomez
Small Town Focus
Pawlish, Renee
The Damned Don't Die
Pawlish, Renee
Nightmare Sally
Pawlish, Renee
Casting demons into swine
Erskine, Ronald
Prometheus scorned
Erskine, Ronald
Present danger
Goddard, Elizabeth, 1963- author.
The Poet
Jones, Lisa Renee
Northern Heist
O'rawe, Richard
Night fall
Mehl, Nancy, author.
Lies We Bury
Marr, Elle
Lady Joker
Takamura, Kaoru, 1953- author.
Just My Luck
Parks, Adele
Just Get Home
Foley, Bridget
Judas Horse
La Plante, Lynda
Heartbreak Bay
Caine, Rachel
Griffin, Laura
Fatal Intent
Euliano, Tammy
Drown Her Sorrows
Leigh, Melinda
The Devil's Hand
Carr, Jack
Central Park
Musso, Guillaume/ Taylor, Sam (TRN)
Staples, Will
A wicked conceit
Huber, Anna Lee, author.
The whispering house
Brooks, Elizabeth, 1979- author.
Whatever the Cost
Kurland, Michael
What You Never Knew
Hamilton, Jessica
To the Dark
Nickson, Chris
To die in Tuscany
Wagner, David P., author.
Summer of Secrets
Harrison, Cora
The Smuggler's Daughter
Barrett, Kerry
The silent bullet : the adventures of Craig Kennedy, scientific detective
Reeve, Arthur B. (Arthur Benjamin), 1880-1936, author.
Saving Grace
Babitt, Debbie
Pieces of Eight
Goble, Steve
Hough, Jason
In the Shadow of the Fire
Le Corre, Herve/ Kover, Tina (TRN)
The house uptown
Ginsburg, Melissa, author.
Heaven's a Lie
Stroby, Wallace
The Foreign Girls
Olguin, Sergio/ France, Miranda (TRN)
The Drummers
Fields, Tricia
Death Grip
Viets, Elaine
A Deadly Influence
Omer, Mike
Dance with death
Thomas, Will, 1958- author.
Crocodile Tears
Rosende, Mercedes/ Gutteridge Tim (TRN)
The cook of the Halcyon
Camilleri, Andrea, author.
The Bride Wore Black
Woolrich, Cornell/ Muller, Eddie (INT)
Bitterroot Lake
Beckman, Alicia
Becoming Inspector Chen
Qiu, Xiaolong
All That Fall
Calvin, Kris
The water rituals
Garcaia Saaenz, Eva, 1972- author.
Murder at Wedgefield Manor
Neubauer, Erica Ruth
Last Seen
Harrington, Kent
Knitty Gritty Murder
Ehrhart, Peggy
Karolina and the torn curtain
Szymiczkowa, Maryla, author.
Fresh Brewed Murder
Duncan, Emmeline
The Fire Thief
Bokur, Debra
Dead Even
Ryan, Annelise
Checking Out Crime
Cass, Laurie
Running away with the bride
Sasson, Sophia, author.
Surrender the Dead
Burley, John
The outside man
Bentley, Don, author.
The Open House
Carrington, Sam
No Dawn for Men
Lepore, James/ Davis, Carlos
The Marriage Pass
Cole, Briana
Jackson, Lisa
Crimson Phoenix
Gilstrap, John
Pessin, Al
Black Coral
Mayne, Andrew
Who's dead, Doc?
Griffin, J. M., author.
Stallings, Josh
Three Bullets
Ellory, R. J.
Tattooed to Death
Redmond Heather
A Stranger at the Door
Pinter, Jason
Spiteful Bones
Westerson, Jeri
The Sinner
Waites, Martyn
The Sign of the Gallows
Calkins, Susanna
The Sharpest Needle
Patrick, Renee
Scot on the Rocks
McPherson, Catriona
The progress of a crime / A Fireworks Night Mystery
Symons, Julian, 1912-1994, author.
The Plague Court Murders
Carr, John Dickson/ Penzler, Otto (INT)
One Simple Thing
Read, Warren
One for the Road
Ellis, Mary
Thomas, Russ, 1975- author.
Kayode, Femi
The Last Protector
Taylor, Andrew
The last exit
Kaufman, Michael, 1951- author.
Knock knock
Roslund, Anders, 1961-, author.
House of the Patriarch
Hambly, Barbara
Hop 'til You Drop
Griffin, J. M.
Fatal Scores
De Castrique, Mark
Fatal Divisions
Booth, Claire
Obey, Erica
The Conjure-man Dies
Fisher, Rudolph/ Ellin, Stanley (INT)
Cold Reading Murder
Lee, R. J.
Checkmate to murder / A Second World War Mystery
Lorac, E. C. R., 1894-1958, author.
The Blood Is Still
Skelton, Douglas
Best Laid Plans
Florio, Gwen
An Artful Corpse
Harrison, Helen A.
Aftershock : a novel
Melinek, Judy, author.
Without Sanction
Bentley, Don
Water Memory
Pyne, Daniel
Haynes, Dana
Savage road
Hauty, Chris, author.
Rings of Fire
Shepherd, Gregory
Red flags
Jurjevics, Juris, 1943-2018, author.
Part of the Family
Philby, Charlotte
Bradley, Patricia
The Mercenary
Vidich, Paul
Love and Other Lies
McPherson, Ben
What waits for you
Schneider, Joseph, 1981- author.
Valentino will die
Casey, Donis, author.
The Silenced women
Weisel, Frederick, author.
Picnic in the Ruins
Petersen, Todd Robert
One Poison Pie
Cahoon, Lynn
Not One of Us
Herbert, Debbie
Network of Deceit
Threadgill, Tom
Mrs. Jeffries demands justice
Brightwell, Emily, author.
The man who didn't fly
Bennett, Margot, 1912-1980, author.
Last seen wearing
Waugh, Hillary, author.
Lady Jail
Farrow, John
Killer content
Blacke, Olivia, author.
Fallen Angel
Brookmyre, Christopher
Rotenberg, Robert
Death by Intermission
Morgan, Alexis
A Deadly Fortune
Murphy, Stacie
Dark Currents
Burgess, Doug
Claw & Disorder
Watkins, Eileen
Imminent Threat
Gunhus, Jeff
Wedding Bear Blues
Macy, Meg
Watch her
Hill, Edwin, 1970- author.
Murder With Oolong Tea
Smith, Karen Rose
The March Fallen
Kutscher, Volker/ Sellar, Niall (TRN)
Loose Lips
Guinness, Mack
The Fatherland Files
Kutscher, Volker/ Sellar, Niall (TRN)
Absence of Alice
Harris, Sherry
A Question of Time
Stejskal, James
Dahl, Kjell Ola/ Bartlett, Don (TRN)
The Burying Ground
Mark, David
Poetic Justice
Johnson, Andrea J.
A Trick of the Light
Carter, Ali
The Vow
Tower of Babel
Sears, Michael
Darkness for Light
Viskic, Emma