Adult Historical Fiction

These are historical fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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A Wolff in the Family
Falk-allen, Francine
The witch of Colchis
Hewlett, Rosie, author.
Waiting for Christmas
Austin, Lynn
Too Great a Sky
Corobca, Liliana/ Cure, Monica (TRN)
Tracey, Julia Park
The shadow key : a novel in four branches
Stokes-Chapman, Susan, 1985- author.
Secrets of the Watch House
Ashcroft, Jenny
A place to hide
Balson, Ronald H., author.
The Paris Understudy
Thiele, Aurľie
The Mesmerist : a novel
Woods, Caroline (Caroline Courtney), author.
Mademoiselle Eiffel
Runyan, Aimie K.
Her Side of the Story
De Cespedes, Alba/ Foulston, Jill (TRN)
The Disappeared
Sanford, Rebecca J.
The Colony Club
Noble, Shelley
Before the Mango Ripens
Kurian, Afabwaje
Ballad of Sword and Wine 2 : Qiang Jin Jiu Novel
Tang Jiu Qing (COR)/ St (ILT)
All We Thought We Knew
Shocklee, Michelle
54 Miles
Pitts Jr, Leonard
A Year of Ravens
Quinn, Kate/ Knight, Eliza/ Whitfield, Russell/ Alvear, Vicky/ Downie, Ruth
We Were the Bullfighters
Miller, Marianne K.
Watching over You
Delaney, Simon
The Volcano Daughters
Balibrera, Gina Mar̕a
Unicorn woman
Jones, Gayl, author.
Mawer, Simon
Tomorrow is for the brave
Bowen, Kelly (Romance fiction writer) author.
Mawer, Simon
The thirteenth husband
Macallister, Greer, author.
Taken by the Shawnee
Bingham, Sallie, author.
The Story Collector
Woods, Evie
The Silence Factory
Collins, Bridget
Shield of the Mighty
Cossette, Connilyn
Secrets of Rose Briar Hall
James, Kelsey (Novelist), author.
The queen's lies
Clements, Oliver, 1972- author.
The Paris gown : a novel
Wells, Christine, author.
A pair of wings: a novel
Hopson, Carole, author.
Our narrow hiding places : a novel
Jansma, Kristopher, author.
An ocean of courage and fear
Borrowman, Jerry, author.
A Nurse's Tale
Awonubi, Ola
The Modern Fairies
Pollard, Clare
The Mirror of Simple Souls
Kiner, Aline/ Emanuel, Susan (TRN)
Gruender, Nataly
Maria : a novel of Maria von Trapp
Moran, Michelle, author.
The Last Light over Oslo
Rickloff, Alix
Lady Macbeth : a novel
Reid, Ava, author.
A Jewel in the Crown
Lewis, David
Into the starlight
Cabot, Amanda, 1948- author.
The housekeeper's secret
Grey, Iona, author.
House of shades : a novel
Dillsworth, Lianne, author.
The history of sound : stories
Shattuck, Ben, 1984- author.
The Hidden Book
Manning, Kirsty
The Heir of Venus
Shepperson, Laura
The haunting of Hecate Cavendish
Brackston, Paula, author.
The girl from the Grand Hotel : a novel
Aubray, Camille, author.
Wilson, Emily H.
The forgotten names : a novel
Escobar, Mario, 1971- author.
Follow the Stars Home
McPhail, Diane C.
Fleeing France
Hlad, Alan
Falling Wisteria
Ibrahim, Laila
Fall of the Florios
Auci, Stefania/ Gregor, Katherine (TRN)/ Curtis, Howard (TRN)
Daughters of Olympus
Lynn, Hannah
Beyond Summerland
Lecoat, Jenny
The Berlin Apartment
Turnbull, Bryn
Be careful what you wish for
Archer, Jeffrey, 1940- author.
The Paris affair
Marshall, Maureen, author.
The Hidden Storyteller
Robotham, Mandy