Adult Historical Fiction

These are historical fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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The Wright sister : a novel
Dann, Patty, author.
The woman in the green dress
Cooper, Tea, author.
The turncoat
Lenz, Siegfried, 1926-2014, author.
The Shepherd's Wife
Hunt, Angela Elwell
The Paris children : a novel of WWII
Goldreich, Gloria, author.
The paper daughters of Chinatown
Moore, Heather B., author.
The orphan collector
Wiseman, Ellen Marie, author.
Mountain Laurel : a Kindred novel
Benton, Lori, author.
The most precious of cargoes : a tale
Grumberg, Jean-Claude, 1939- author.
Makaryk, Nathan
A life once dreamed
Fordham, Rachel, 1984- author.
The Liberation
Furnivall, Kate
A Haven for Her Heart
Mason, Susan Anne
The blind light : a novel
Evers, Stuart, author.
A blessing to cherish
Snelling, Lauraine, author.
The Bass Rock : a novel
Wyld, Evie, author.
At night all blood is black
Diop, David, 1966- author.
American follies
Lock, Norman, 1950- author.
All Things Left Wild
Wade, James
Three sisters, three queens
Gregory, Philippa, author.
The woman in red
Giovinazzo, Diana, author.
We came here to shine
Schnall, Susie Orman, author.
Villa of Delirium
Goetz, Adrien/ Lehrer, Natasha (TRN)
The two Mrs. Carlyles
Rindell, Suzanne, author.
Set the stars alight
Dykes, Amanda, author.
The Secret Messenger
Robotham, Mandy
Red Sky over Hawaii
Ackerman, Sara
Rabbit Foot Bill
Humphreys, Helen
A Portrait of Loyalty
White, Roseanna M.
People of the canyons
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal, author.
The Paris Secret
Lester, Natasha
The Paris Model
Joel, Alexandra
An Orphan's Promise
Sharp, Cathy
The Music Book
Osborn, Karen
A mosaic of wings
Duffy, Kimberly, author.
The lost diary of Venice : a novel
DeRoux, Margaux, author.
The London restoration : a novel
McMillan, Rachel, 1981- author.
The librarian of Boone's hollow : a novel
Sawyer, Kim Vogel, author.
The King of Warsaw
Twardoch, Szczepan/ Bye, Sean Gasper (TRN)
The House of Whispers
Purcell, Laura
The House at Mermaid's Cove
Ashford, Lindsay Jayne
The hooligans
Deutermann, Peter T., 1941- author.
Her sister's tattoo : a novel
Meeropol, Ellen, author.
Glorious boy : a novel
Liu, Aimee, author.
The ghost factory
McCartney, Jenny, author.
The forgotten kingdom : a novel
Pike, Signe, author.
Dawson's Fall
Robinson, Roxana
Dancing With Langston
Skeeter, Sharyn
The Collaborator
Armstrong, Diane
City of Sparrows
Nour, Eva
Hozar, Nazanine, author.
Quail Crossings
McMurrain, Jennifer
The last blue
Morley, Isla, author.
Yours, Jean
Martin, Lee
What Momma Left Behind
Sproles, Cindy K.
The Sun Sister
Riley, Lucinda
Storing up trouble
Turano, Jen, author.
The socialite : a novel
Ciesielski, J'nell, author.
A single spark
Miller, Judith, 1944- author.
A Reckless Love
White, Beth
The Pelton Papers
Coates, Mari
The Library of Legends
Chang, Janie
The key to everything : a novel
Luesse, Valerie Fraser, author.
A gilded lady
Camden, Elizabeth, 1965- author.
Book of the little axe
Francis-Sharma, Lauren, author.
The unsuitable : a novel
Pohlig, Molly, author.
A Tender Thing
Neuberger, Emily
Raphael, Painter in Rome
Storey, Stephanie
Rachel's Legacy
Thomas, Julie
The prettiest star
Sickels, Carter, author.
Passage west : a novel
Reddi, Rishi, author.
Our Riches
Adimi, Kaouther/ Andrews, Chris (TRN)
Kealey, Imogen/ Robertson, Imogen
In Our Midst
Jensen, Nancy
Here We Are
Swift, Graham
Forester, C. S. (Cecil Scott), 1899-1966, author.
The Florios of Sicily : a novel
Auci, Stefania, author.
A Daughter—ęs Dream
Sharp, Cathy
To the Eastern Seas
Stockwin, Julian