Adult Historical Fiction

These are historical fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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The abolitionist's daughter
McPhail, Diane C., author
Restless : a novel
Boyd, William, 1952-
The Undertaker's Assistant
Skenandore, Amanda
Summerlings : a novel
Howorth, Lisa, author.
A song of joy
Snelling, Lauraine, author.
The Samurai's daughter : a novel
Healey, John J, author.
A perfect silhouette
Miller, Judith, 1944- author.
Makaryk, Nathan, author.
The measure of the world
Davis, Charles, 1960- author.
A man in love : a novel
Walser, Martin, 1927- author.
King's shadow : a novel of King Herod's court
Hunt, Angela Elwell, 1957- author.
The Game of Kings
Dunnett, Dorothy
Friends call me Bat
Colt, Paul, author.
The Barefoot Child
Sharp, Cathy
The Redeemed
Pears, Tim
Maum, Courtney, 1978- author.
Yours Truly, Thomas
Fordham, Rachel
Where Dandelions Bloom
Johnson, Tara
In the Shadow of Wolves
ћlepikas, Alvydas/ Kinka, Romas (TRN)
Time after time : a novel
Grunwald, Lisa, author.
The Tenth Muse
Chung, Catherine
Templar silks
Chadwick, Elizabeth, 1957- author.
Star Path : People of Cahokia
Gear, W. Michael/ Gear, Kathleen O'Neal
The Soul of the Border
Righetto, Matteo
Rouge : a novel of beauty and rivalry
Kirshenbaum, Richard, 1961- author.
A reluctant belle
White, Beth, 1957- author.
Prairie fever : a novel
Parker, Michael, 1959- author.
One night in Georgia : a novel
Norfleet, Celeste O, author.
The number of love
White, Roseanna M., 1982- author.
No Common War
Salisbury, Luke
Mrs. Rossi's Dream
Ha, Khahn
The medallion
Gohlke, Cathy, author.
The king's mercy : a novel
Benton, Lori, author.
The House Children
Daniele, Heidi
The healer's daughter
Hinger, Charlotte, 1940- author.
The German Midwife
Robotham, Mandy
Fatal Inheritance
Rhys, Rachel
Ever faithful : a vintage national parks novel
Barnett, Karen, 1969- author.
Clover Blue
Edwards, Eldonna
The almanack
Bailey, Martine, author.
You Will Be Safe Here
Barr, Damian
The policewoman's bureau : a novel
Conlon, Edward, 1965- author.
Once More Unto the Breach
Holloway, Meghan
Life of David Hockney : a novel
Cusset, Catherine, 1963- author.
America was hard to find : a novel
Alcott, Kathleen, author.
Whose waves these are
Dykes, Amanda, author.
The red daughter : a novel
Schwartz, John Burnham, author.
The Unquiet Heart
Welsh, Kaite
The Sect of Angels
Camilleri, Andrea/ Sartarelli, Stephen (TRN)
The Ghost Tree
Erskine, Barbara