Adult Historical Fiction

These are historical fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Tale of the Dreamer's Son
Samarasan, Preeta
La pasiaon segaun Carmela : una novela
Aguinis, Marcos, author.
Courage to stand
Dye, Ginny
Journey to joy
Dye, Ginny
Traces : a novel
Hudson, Patricia L., author.
Terra Nova
Lazaridis, Henriette
The sleeping car porter
Mayr, Suzette, author.
The Seamstress of Sardinia
Pitzorno, Bianca
Scatterlings : a novel
Manenzhe, Reesoketeswe, author.
The Mapmaker's Daughter
Marchant, Clare
Lost Souls of Leningrad
Parry, Suzanne
Lost in the Long March
Wang, Michael X.
In love's time
Breslin, Kate, author.
His delightful Lady Delia
Hitchcock, Grace, author.
The Hidden Prince
Afshar, Tessa
The Hidden Palace
Jefferies, Dinah
A harvest of secrets : a novel
Merullo, Roland, author.
The girls in navy blue : a novel
Rickloff, Alix, author.
Galatea : a short story
Miller, Madeline, author.
The fire and the ore : a novel
Hawker, Olivia, author.
Cullhed, Elin/ Hayashida, Jennifer (TRN)
Sternberg, Libby
Come from Away
Graham, Genevieve
The call of the Wrens
Walsh, Jenni L., author.
The brilliance of stars
Ciesielski, J'nell, author.
The Blackout Book Club
Green, Amy Lynn
All the lost places
Dykes, Amanda, author.
All the Broken Places
Boyne, John
Corrido de amor y Gloria / A Ballad of Love and Glory
Grande, Reyna/ Silva, Raul (TRN)/ Reardon, Alicia (TRN)
Cruz, Angie
The Lost Century
Lai, Larissa
The Reindeer Hunters
Mytting, Lars/ Dawkin, Deborah (TRN)
Mawer, Simon, author.
Goddess of Small Victories : A Novel of Gḏel's Wife
Grannec, Yannick/ Wood, Willard (TRN)