Kids Easy Reader books

These easy readers are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top). They are for kids just starting to read on their own.

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We are thankful / written by Margaret McNamara ; illustrated by Mike Gordon.
"It is time to give thanks at Robin Hill School. As the class shares what they are thankful for, they learn that they are thankful for many of the same things!'--inside jacket.
Dragon's merry Christmas / Dav Pilkey.
"Dragon tries to make Christmas special each year. He picks the perfect tree and buys the perfect presents. But Dragon just can't bring himself to cut down a tree, and as he walks home from his shopping trip, he gives away his gifts to needier creatures."…
Come in, Zip! / David Milgrim.
When Zip's mother calls, Zip, who is busy playing, tries all sorts of methods to get away from her, but she is always ready to catch up.
Sleepover party! / based on the stories by Katharine Holabird ; based on the illustrations by Helen Craig.
"Angelina is so excited to host her very own sleepover! She can't wait for her best friends to come over so they can practice ballet, play games, and eat yummy cheddarburgers!"--inside jacket.
Ty's travels : all aboard! / by Kelly Starling Lyons ; pictures by Nina Mata.
"All aboard! Ty wishes his family would play with him, but everyone is too busy before dinnertime. Luckily, Ty knows just what to do. Time for fun! Join Ty on his train adventure."--inside jacket.
My family is special / adapted by Maggie Testa ; based on the screenplay
Daniel and his friends spend a day at the library learning about what makes their families special.
Interrupting Cow / by Jane Yolen ; illustrated by Joëlle Dreidemy.
"Knock, knock! Who's there? Interrupting cow. Interrupting cow wh--. Well, you know how the joke goes--or do you? the true (and truly funny) story of the one and only Interrupting Cow!"--inside jacket.
If you love books, you could be... / by Elizabeth Dennis ; illustrated by Natalie Kwee.
Describes the career paths available to readers who love books, including author, editor, or book designer.
Whales / Jennifer Szymanski.
"Information for children learning how to read about whales, with photographs"--Provided by publisher.
Bunny will not be quiet! / written and illustrated by Jason Tharp.
"Big and Bunny are friends. Bunny will not be quiet. He is even loud at the library! Can you help?" --book jacket