Kids Easy Reader books

These easy readers are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top). They are for kids just starting to read on their own.

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Graduation day! / Candice Ransom ; illustrated by Ashley Evans.
"The school year is nearly over, and little bro is ready to graduate kindergarten! He and big sis head off for the very last day of school. He learned so much and can do so much on his own now. His cubby is cleaned out, he has his cap and gown, but—oh no!…
A new friend / written by Kyle Lukoff ; art by Kat Uno.
"Swim along with mermaid Vera and octo-kid Beaker! In these three stories, Vera and Beaker make a new friend with a powerful baby mantis shrimp. Together, they explore the town of Tidal Grove. Then they play fun underwater games! Young readers will love d…
Mario's big adventure / by Mary Man-Kong.
"Meet Mario, Luigi, and all their friends as they battle Bowser and the bad guys!" --back cover
Mia sets the stage / by Robin Farley ; pictures by Aleksey and Olga Ivanov.
"The big recital is just around the corner, and Mia has been practicing everywhere she goes! Mia twirls and leaps until - whoops! She falls and hurts her paw. Oh, no! Can Mia still be part of the show?" --back cover.
I really want to make lemonade! / Harriet Ziefert.
"Really Bird is a small bird who lives in a large city park. Today he is thinking...I really want to make lemonade! But it will take working together to make a unique refreshing drink." --back cover
Earth Day / written by Margaret McNamara ; illustrated by Mike Gordon.
When Mrs. Connor's class celebrates Earth Day, Emma decides to start small by recycling, using only what she needs, and picking up trash when she goes for a walk.
Sniffles, sneezes, hiccups, and coughs / Penny Durant.
"What happens when we yawn or get the hiccups? Get the inside scoop on sniffles, sneezes, and germs." --back cover.
Snakes slither and hiss / Fiona Lock.
"Scaly snakes slither, bite, hide, and hiss! Meet copperheads, pit vipers, cobras, and more." --back cover.
A day on the farm / Sue Nicholson.
"When the rooster crows and the baby animals come out to play, the farm springs to life." --back cover.
The great panda tale / Laura Buller.
"Join Louise at the zoo as she gets ready to help welcome a new panda baby. What will it look like?" --back cover.
Explore the coral reef / Deborah Lock.
"Meet the fish, dolphins, and other ocean animals that live in the coral reef." --back cover.
At the park / Dawn Sirett.
"Come visit the park! We can ride bicycles, watch ducks, and play on the playground." --back cover.
A day at the petting zoo / editors Grace Hill Smith, Libby Romero, Michaela Weglinski.
"Cuddle a guinea pig. Feed a hungry rabbit. Meet these animals and more at the petting zoo!" --back cover
Farm animals / editors, Grace Hill Smith, Libby Romero, Michaela Weglinski.
Introduces young readers to farm animals and their babies.