Kids Easy Reader books

These easy readers are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top). They are for kids just starting to read on their own.

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My tooth is LOST! / written by Drew Daywalt ; illustrated by Olivier Tallec.
"Monkey is sad. He lost a tooth. Will Cake help him find it? Will they both find a new friend?"--back cover.
Princess Faith's garden surprise / story inspired by Jeanna Young & Jacqueline Johnson ; pictures by Omar Aranda.
Princess Faith and her sisters have to make several attempts before succeeding at getting an old garden to bloom again, in this version of the parable of the sower and the seed. Includes note about the parable and its meaning for children.
The bug in the jug wants a hug : short vowel sounds book / by Brian P. Cleary ; illustrations by Jason Miskimins ; Consultant: Alice M. Maday.
An illustrated collection of silly sentences introduces early readers to long vowel sounds with consonant blends.
Yasmin the friend / written by Saadia Faruqi ; illustrated by Hatem Aly.
"Yasmin knows exactly what she wants to play when Ali and Emma come over. But her friends seem to have their own ideas! Can Yasmin come up with a new plan that includes everyone's ideas?"--back cover.
An Elephant & Piggie biggie! Volume 4 / by Mo Willems.
Collects five humorous adventures featuring Elephant Gerald and Piggie.
The reading house. Set 2, letter recognition M-Z / written by Marla Conn, MS.Ed. ; cover art and interior illustrations by WeDoo Studio.
"Set 2: Letter Recognition M-Z includes 12 leveled storybooks featuring colorful animal characters, an activity sheet, and a classroom guide with suggestions for use. In Set 2, children will learn to: Recognize lower- and uppercase letters M-Z; Identify b…
Daniel visits a pumpkin patch / by Maggie Testa ; poses and layouts by Jason Fruchter.
"Daniel and his friends are going to a pumpkin patch! Mom and Dad Tiger have put Daniel in charge of picking out a pumpkin to bring home, but it can't be too big or too small. Daniel is determined to find find the perfect pumpkin!"--back cover.
Pickle party! / by Frank Berrios ; illustrated by Sarah Rebar.
"Waffles and Mochi's friend Kennedy loves all kinds of pickled food. But when they try to get pickles for her birthday party, Waffles and Mochi learn that pickles aren't made quickly." --publisher's website
Rocket has a sleepover / text by Elle Stephens ; art by Grace Mills ; pictures based on the art by Tad Hills.
"Rocket is having fun at a sleepover! But when Owl, Bella, and Fred get ready to catch some Z’s, Rocket refuses to go to bed. Can a bedtime story soothe Rocket and help him fall asleep?" --publisher's website
Big Shark, Little Shark, and the spooky cave / by Anna Membrino ; illustrated by Tim Budgen.
"Big Shark is scared! The cave looks far too dark and spooky to swim into. But Little Shark isn't scared in the least! Can he coax Big Shark to explore? Some exciting surprises are waiting deep in the spooky cave!" --publisher's website
Back on track! / by Christy Webster ; illustrated by Nate Lovett.
"Can Ryder and his heroic team save Adventure City from the meddling Mayor Humdinger in their greatest rescue ever?" --publisher's website
Star of the class play / written by Margaret McNamara ; illustrated by Mike Gordon.
"Mrs. Connor's class is putting on a play at Robin Hill School! Nia is excited to land a role...but when the big day comes, she forgets her lines. Will Mrs. Connor's breathing exercise help Nia calm down and save the show?"--Provided by publisher.
Friends do not eat friends / written by Jill Esbaum ; illustrated by Miles Thompson.
"Thunder is big. cluck is small. Thunder likes to roar! Cluck likes to say 'hello!' Can Thunder and Cluck be friends?" --book jacket
I can be anything! / by Bob Staake.
"The giant back–and this time, instead of changing colors, he’s changing shapes. (Very un-lizard-like shapes, including a robot on a dairy cow, a surfboard for a whale, and a one-eyed, green-headed monster!)" --publisher's website
Driving school / John Cena ; interior illustrated by Dave Aikins.
"Elbow Grease and his monster-truck brothers love to race–but even the fastest racers have to slow down once in a while. This time, the trucks learn the value of being safe and following the rules." --publisher's website
More Ryan's world of science / text by Aubre Andrus ; stock photos and illustrations by iStock.
"Why does it rain? And is it possible to cook with energy from the sun? Find out inside with three science experiments that you can try yourself!" --back cover
Meet Mario! / by Malcolm Shealy.
"Meet Mario, Luigi, and all of their friends and foes from Mushroom Kingdom. Lets go!" --back cover
The very quiet cricket / by Eric Carle.
"One day, a little cricket is born and meets a big cricket who chirps his welcome. But the little cricket cannot make a sound. The cricket meets many insects, but it isn’t until he meets a beautiful female cricket that he can finally chirp 'hello!'" --pub…
Clark the shark and the school sing / by Bruce Hale ; pictures by Guy Francis.
"Clark the Shark is excited about the School Sing! He can't wait to sing. La-la-laaa! But when Mrs. Inkydink asks the class to sing and dance at the same time, Clark discovers that doing two things at once can be really challenging!" --publisher's website
If I ran your school / by the Cat in the Hat with a little help from Alastair Heim ; illustrated by Tom Brannon.
"When the Cat hears that Sally and her brother of the classic The Cat in the Hat think school is dull, he arrives at their classroom–along with Little Cats A, B, and C from The Cat in the Hat Comes Back–to demonstrate how school fun should be done! Among …