Kids Easy Reader books

These easy readers are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top). They are for kids just starting to read on their own.

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Chuck's truck / by Peggy Perry Anderson.
"When Chuck gets ready to go to town, his barnyard friends gather around. There's Duck Luck, dogs Nip and Tuck, the burro Buck, workhorse Huck, and a chicken that goes cluck. There's Sue and Lous and the goat Flo, too. Plus plenty of room for you!" --b…
This book is haunted / by Joanne Rocklin ; pictures by JoAnn Adinolfi.
This book's "not too scary" ghost host tells five spooky stories.
Cat traps / by Molly Coxe.
A hungry cat, wanting a snack, tries to catch different animals without much success.
The cat, the rat, and the baseball bat / Andy Griffiths ; illustrated by Terry Denton.
Reformatted as a stand-alone tale for beginning readers, follows a riotous chase between a rat and a bat-wielding cat.
Ed and Ted and Ted's dog Fred / Andy Griffiths ; illustrated by Terry Denton.
Ed, Ted's friend, does not get along well with Ted's dog, Fred, and when Fred bites Ed's head, trouble is spread.
Dinosaurs of the Arctic / written by Dana Hopkins ; illustrated by Aaron Edzerza.
"Learn about dinosaurs that lived in the North! This book gives interesting facts about the different types of dinosaurs and other ancient animals that lived in the Arctic long ago." --back cover
One happy classroom / by Charnan Simon ; illustrated by Rebecca McKillip Thornburgh.
"A happy classroom is full of busy students who help the reader count from one to ten and back again." --publisher's website
Wakanda forever! / written by Julia March.
Explore Black Panther's mighty Kingdom of Wakanda while being introduced to Black Panther's friends and allies.
Let's help Humpty! / adapted by Patty Michaels.
"Humpty wants to play with friends. Can he play without having a great fall?"--back cover.
Super-duper librarian / by Fran Manushkin ; illustrated by Laura Zarrin.
"It's a rainy day, so my parents and I are visiting the library. The librarian, Miss Bliss, is the best at finding the perfect books for everyone. But it's almost time to go and I still don't have any books! Will Miss Bliss find me something super-dupe…
Stronger together / adapted by Steve Behling ; based on the Disney Channel original movie by Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott.
"When King Ben proposes to Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, his former girlfriend Audrey, the daughter of Sleeping Beauty, finds her inner-villain and puts a sleeping spell on Auradon. Together, the VKs help save the school--and Audrey--from evil"--Provid…
What makes a rainbow appear? / by John O'Mara.
"Rainbows are those rare phenomena that make people stop and appreciate the beauty of nature. Why and how they appear are the high-interest topics of this accessible book. While readers will be captivated by beautiful color photographs of rainbows, they'l…
Kitty and Dragon / Meika Hashimoto ; illustrated by Gillian Reid.
"Kitty and Dragon are best friends--even when one of them is snoring, sick, or being messy!...[T]he unlikely duo learns that friends can be really different but love each other just the same." --back cover
Wheels of a hero! / adapted by May Nakamura.
"It's night in the city and someone has stolen all of the PJ Masks vehicles! Will Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette be able to find them?" --book jacket
Space traveler Sally Brown / by Charles M. Schulz ; written by Ximena Hastings ; illustrated by Scott Jeralds.
"Sally Brown is reading a book about Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. There's only one thing for Sally Brown to do: become an astronaut, too!"--book jacket.
Twinkle, twinkle, sparkly star / by Katharine Holabird ; illustrated by Sarah Warburton.
"The Fairy School of Magic and Music is putting on a show and Twinkle is the star. Twinkle practices and practices to make sure she is perfect on stage. But some things are even better than being perfect.
Twinkle and the fairy cake mess / by Katharine Holabird ; illustrated by Sarah Warburton.
"Twinkle the fairy is very excited for the school picnic. She wants to bake a cake, but she only ends up making a mess. Luckily, two very special fairies come to the rescue in this deliciously sweet story about friendship." --book jacket
Interrupting Cow and the chicken crossing the road / by Jane Yolen ; illustrated by Joëlle Dreidemy.
"Why did the chicken cross the road? Was it to get to the other side, or was there more to the story?...[S]ee what happens when the Interrupting Cow meets the famous chicken crossing the road!" --book jacket
I love being me! / by Mechal Renee Roe.
"Girls will love seeing strong, happy reflections of themselves in this vibrant, rhyming, Step 1 reader about the joy of being a girl. Featuring a variety of kids and the activities they enjoy – reading, soccer, cooking, swimming, gardening, and more – th…
Crossing the current / by Jane Yolen ; illustrated by Mike Moran.
"A fish has an exciting new responsibility when he becomes the assistant crossing guard at his school! We hold up signs. We help fish cross. We save a minnow who was lost. Will he rise to the occasion of keeping his classmates safe?" --publisher's websi…
Bunny will not jump! / written and illustrated by Jason Tharp.
"Bunny will not jump. He usually loves jumping! But when he sees how high his friend Big can jump, Bunny does not want to jump anymore. Big just wants Bunny to do what he loves in his own way. He needs your help--by following interactive prompts in the st…
The bug in the bog / by Jonathan Fenske.
"See the bug in the bog. See the frog in the bog. Find out what happens in this laugh-out-loud story with an ending you will not see coming."--book jacket.
Polar bear fur isn't white! : and other amazing facts / by Thea Feldman ; illustrated by Lee Cosgrove.
"Did you know that polar bear fur isn't actually white, that polar bears often have twins, or that they clean their fur by rulling in snow? Learn about these super polar bear facts and more in this book!" --book jacket
Phonics first little readers : 24 fun and easy books for beginning readers.
"Give your child essential reading practice with this collection of fun, easy-to-read storybooks that target key phonics skills. Inside this little box, you'll find 24 full-color mini-books on favorite topics, such as animals, firends, silly folk tales, …
Come here, Tiger / Alex Moran ; illustrated by Lisa Campbell Ernst.
"Where is Tiger the cat? Maybe you can help find him!"--back cover.