Kids Easy Reader books

These easy readers are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top). They are for kids just starting to read on their own.

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Kelp finds a way to help! / adapted by Natalie Shaw ; based on the original book by Jessie Sima.
Kelp, who loves helping his friends and family, wonders if a new problem can be solved by dancing or some unicorn magic.
Nail needs help / Sarah Lynne Reul.
"Nail is stuck. When Nail needs help getting un-stuck, who from the toolbox will be the best tool for the job?" --book jacket
Curious George colors eggs / adaptation by Kate O'Sullivan.
When Curious George is left to dye eggs with his friends, he explores primary and secondary colors while trying to keep the kitchen, and himself, clean.
Blink and Block build a fort / by Vicky Fang.
"Blink and Block both want to build the best fort ever, but they each have a different idea of how to do it. Instead of competing against each other, can these two friends team up to build something even better?" --book jacket
Tricky chickies / by Mercer Mayer.
"There’s a surprise at Grandma and Grandpa’s farm—six lively chicks! When the chicks get loose, Little Critter comes up with a plan to get them back!" --publisher's website
Sabrina Sue loves the moon / written and illustrated by Priscilla Burris.
"Sabrina Sue wants to travel to outer space. Her barnyard friends worry it’s too far and dangerous, but Sabrina Sue may just prove them wrong with her out-of-this-world adventure!" --publisher's website
Bumblebee's big mission / adapted by Patty Michaels.
"Since the Transformers War ended, Bumblebee has been living under the radar, helping Optimus Prime whenever he needs him. Only a select few know his whereabouts. Do you want to be in the know. Come along and get the scoop on the most awesome Autobot!" --…
Monkey-cam / written by Margie Palatini ; illustrated by Dan Yaccarino.
"See the world from the view of a monkey who wears a video camera on its head! The monkey slides down a giraffe's neck, meets a lion by mistake, and shares a coconut with a friend! Go, Monkey, Go!" --back cover
Frog can hop / written by Laura Gehl ; illustrated by Fred Blunt.
"Frog can hop. Pig likes to flop. When Frog makes a big drop, will Pig help?" --back cover
See Otto say hi! / David Milgrim.
"See Tweet come. See Otto say hi! See Tweet go. What will Otto do?" --back cover
Big Bub, small car / by Alastair Heim ; illustrated by Aaron Blecha.
"Big Bub the monster needs to take a taxi, but the car is too small. What will he do? It's time to get creative"--Provided by publisher.
Deep-sea dentist / Jenny Moore ; illustrated by Izzy Evans.
When Dawn the deep-sea dentist encounters a whale with a sore tooth, she knows just what to do.
Stitch's valentine / by Tim McCanna ; illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team.
"It's Valentines Day! Can Stitch find someone to be he valentine?" --back cover