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Donate Online

Cash, check and in-kind donations can be made in person at your local library or by mail using our CADL Donation Form.

Looking to donate books or other items to the library? Materials may be integrated into the CADL collection if they meet all the selection criteria outlined in CADL's Materials Selection policy. CADL also maintains a Local collection of materials by local authors and artists.  Find more information about donating materials of historical importance to Forest Parke Library & Archives. Donations which cannot be added to the collection may be given to the Friends of the Library for sale to the public. Find more information about donating directly to the Friends' used book sales

Why Donations are Important

Capital Area District Libraries actively develops and uses supplemental funding sources to help finance enhanced collections, new technologies, expanded or renovated facilities, enriched library programming and innovative demonstration projects.

These supplemental funding sources include: individual or corporate gifts given directly to the library; funds from local library trusts, foundations or endowments; funds raised by Library Friends; and grant awards from state and federal governments or private foundations.

Although supplemental funding may play a key role in supporting library services it cannot replace public funds which support basic public library service.

Capital Area District Libraries welcomes gifts of money, securities, library materials, equipment, furnishings, services, and other items that assist in the provision of library service to the community in accordance with the library’s mission, values, goals, and policies.

Donors may designate their gift to any valid need of the library. These donations will be used for the purposes identified. Gifts made for other purposes need to be approved in advance by the Director in consultation with the Library Board.

Capital Area District Libraries reserves the right to refuse any gifts within its discretion that may not be in keeping with its mission, values, goals, and policies.

We value and respect our donors. The purpose of our recognition program is to thank donors, to encourage others to give, and to build healthy long-term relationships between the library and its donors. Every effort will be made to ensure that recognition is timely, meaningful to the donor, appropriate and equitable. Recognition of donors will be bestowed in accordance with established guidelines.

All records pertaining to established and potential donors will be kept confidential to the extent allowed by law.

Donors who wish to remain anonymous will be listed as “Anonymous” on recognition plaques and in library publications.

CADL's Donor Tree

The Donor Tree recognizes those individuals or groups who have made a significant monetary contribution to the library. Donors are recognized in the following categories:

$1,000 to $2,499 ... Bronze Leaf

$2,500 to $4,999 ... Silver Leaf

$5,000 to $9,999 ... Gold Leaf

$10,000 to $24,999 ... Double Gold Leaf

$25,000+ ... Foundation Stone

Pledges may be recognized for the full amount at the time of the pledge. For the purposes of the donor wall, gifts will be cumulative, starting from the time that a donor database was initiated. In-kind gifts will be recognized at the level designated above and may also be noted as 'in kind'.

Estate gifts may be acknowledged at the time of the receipt of the bequest and may also be noted as 'the estate of…..'. Donor recognition walls may be built into the design of each new branch Library.