Adult General Fiction

These are literary fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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The president's room
Romero, Ricardo, 1976- author.
Broken man on a Halifax pier
Choyce, Lesley, 1951-
The beginning / The Cove / the Maze
Coulter, Catherine, author
Your Ad Could Go Here : Stories
Zabuzhko, Oksana/ Shevchuk-murray, Nina (EDT)/ Hryn, Halyna (TRN)/ Melnyczuk, Askold (TRN)/ Shevchuk-murray, Nina (TRN)
You've Got Something Coming
Starke, Jonathan
The yield
Winch, Tara June, author.
Willa's Grove
Munson, Laura
The Weight of the Heart
Aikin, Susana
Dorn, Anna
The Unseen
Jacobsen, Roy/ Shaw, Don (TRN)/ Bartlett, Don (TRN)
Two Rivers
Greenwood, T.
The Trustworthy One
Gray, Shelley Shepard
Tropic of Violence
Appanah, Nathacha
Three Apples Fell from the Sky
Abgaryan, Narine/ Hayden, Lisa C. (TRN)
The Thirty Names of Night
Joukhadar, Zeyn
They say Sarah
Delabroy-Allard, Pauline, 1988- author.
They did bad things : a thriller
Forry, Lauren A., author.
Brown, Luke
Everett, Percival L.
The Sunday Girl
Drysdale, Pip
Summer of Reckoning
Brunet, Marion/ Gregor, Katherine (TRN)
The Subtweet
Shraya, Vivek
Subduction : a novel
Millares Young, Kristen, 1981- author.
Strange hotel
McBride, Eimear, author.
The Stolen Daughter
Billingsley, Reshonda Tate
A song from faraway : stories
B©♭chard, Deni Ellis, 1974- author.
Phillips, Ashleigh Bryant, author.
Burns, Amy Jo
Senseless women : stories
Wallman, Sarah Harris, author.
Scratching the head of chairman Mao
Tel, Jonathan, author.
The Royal Abduls
Koya, Ramiza Shamoun
Red Dress in Black and White
Ackerman, Elliot
The Radiance of a Thousand Suns
Someshwar, Manreet Sodhi
Perfectly famous
Liebert, Emily, author.
Bertino, Marie-Helene, author.
Operation Dimwit : A Penelope Lemon Novel
Majors, Inman/ Griffith, Michael (EDT)
Only the River
Raeff, Anne
Never goodbye : a novel
Mitzner, Adam, author.
A Mother's Lie
Zettel, Sarah
More Than Just Mom
Smith, Rebecca
Misconduct of the Heart
Strube, Cordelia
Abrams, Melanie
Love Letters from Montmartre
Barreau, Nicolas
Little eyes
Schweblin, Samanta, 1978- author.
The lion's den
St. John, Katherine, 1979- author.
Life events
Waclawiak, Karolina, 1979- author.
Leonard and Hungry Paul
Hession, Ronan
The Lehman Trilogy
Massini, Stefano/ Dixon, Richard (TRN)
Latitudes of Longing
Swarup, Shubhangi
The Last Great Road Bum
Tobar, Hčtor
Keep saying their names
Stranger, Simon, 1976- author.
Tima, Aleksandar, 1924-2003, author.
In Our Other Lives
Wheeler, Theodore
The House on Fripp Island
Kauffman, Rebecca
The Heretic
Lavino Allysha/ Lincoln, Henry (FRW)
Her perfect life
Taylor, Rebecca, 1975- author.
Hard cash valley
Panowich, Brian, author.
The Girl in the Tree
Isigپzel, Sebnem/ Wyers, Mark David (TRN)
The Girl He Left Behind
MacNeil, Beatrice
Girl at the edge
Dietrich, Karen, author.
The Gift
Jensen, Louise
Fresh Water for Flowers
Perrin, Valřie/ Serle, Hildegarde (TRN)
Flight risk
Putman, Cara C, author.
Family for Beginners
Morgan, Sarah
The Fallen
ℓlvarez, Carlos Manuel
F*ckface : and other stories
Hampton, Leah, author.
Exciting times : a novel
Dolan, Naoise, 1992- author.
Even the Dogs
McGregor, Jon/ Li, Yiyun (INT)
An elegant woman : a novel
McPhee, Martha, author.
The Eighth Life
Haratischvili, Nino/ Collins, Charlotte (TRN)/ Martin, Ruth (TRN)
East Coast Girls
Kletter, Kerry
Zambreno, Kate
The Death of Jesus
Coetzee, J. M.
A country for dying
Taïa, Abdellah, 1973- author.
Clean Hands
Hoffman, Patrick
The City of Good Death
Champaneri, Priyanka
Cars on fire : stories
Ram©đn R©Ưos, M©đnica, author.
The Caretakers
Maxwell, Eliza
The Beach Quilt
Chamberlin, Holly
Alzayat, Dima
All fires the fire : and other stories
Cortázar, Julio, author.
What It Seems
Bleeker, Emily
The town of whispering dolls : stories
Neville, Susan, 1951- author.
This Won't End Well
Pagǹ, Camille
That hair
Almeida, Djaimilia Pereira de, 1982- author.
The Summer Villa
Hill, Melissa
A Strange Country
Barbery, Muriel/ Anderson, Alison (TRN)
St. Ivo : a novel
Hershon, Joanna, author.
The Silent Treatment
Greaves, Abbie
Shooting Down Heaven
Franco, Jorge/ Rosenberg, Andrea (TRN)
The Roxy Letters
Lowry, Mary Pauline
Williams, Ian
Perfect Tunes
Gould, Emily
One Perfect Summer
Novak, Brenda
No signal area
Perii, Robert, 1969- author.
The moment of tenderness
L'Engle, Madeleine, author.
Man of my time
Sofer, Dalia, 1972- author.
Bosco, Henri, 1888-1976, author.
Made in Saturn
Indiana, Rita/ Hutchinson, Sydney (TRN)
A luminous republic
Barba, Andrés, 1975- author.
Life for sale
Mishima, Yukio, 1925-1970, author.
The last summer of Ada Bloom
Murray, Martine, author.
Lake like a mirror
Fong, Ho Sok, author.
The Knockout Queen
Thorpe, Rufi
Kim Jiyoung, born 1982
Cho, Nam-ju, 1978- author.
Kept Animals
Milliken, Kate
In her shadow : a novel
Miller, Kristin, 1980- author.
In an Instant
Redfearn, Suzanne
Imperfectly Happy
Harris, Sharina
How to Pronounce Knife
Thammavongsa, Souvankham
The Heebie-jeebie Girl
Petrone, Susan
Goshen Road : a novel
Proudfoot, Bonnie, 1954- author.
Bieker, Chelsea
Fifty-two Stories
Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich/ Pevear, Richard (TRN)/ Volokhonsky, Larissa (TRN)
Fiebre Tropical
Lopera, Juliana Delgado
Feels like falling : a novel
Woodson Harvey, Kristy, author.
Hope, Anna
Empire city
Gallagher, Matt, author.
The dominant animal : stories
Scanlan, Kathryn, 1980- author.
Death in her hands : a novel
Moshfegh, Ottessa, author.
The Burnt Orange Heresy
Willeford, Charles Ray
Levin, Adam
Breasts and Eggs
Kawakami, Mieko/ Bett, Sam (TRN)/ Boyd, David (TRN)
Braised Pork
Yu, An
Both Sides : Stories from the Border
Iglesias, Gabino (EDT)/ Kirkman, Isaac (CON)/ Kirk, Shannon (CON)/ Segura, Alex (CON)/ Hart, Rob (CON)
The Boatman and Other Stories
O'Callaghan, Billy
Blonde : 20th Anniversary Edition
Oates, Joyce Carol/ Showalter, Elaine (INT)
The big finish
Fossey, Brooke, author.
Being known : a novel
Gunn, Robin Jones, 1955- author.
Marsh, Richard, -1915, author.
The beauty of your face : a novel
Mustafah, Sahar, author.
The Bead Collector
Atta, Sefi
Barker House
Moloney, David, 1984- author.
The Astonishing Thing
Ward, Sandi
And their children after them
Mathieu, Nicolas, 1978- author.
You will never be forgotten : stories
South, Mary, 1982- author.
The woman in the mirror
James, Rebecca, 1970- author.
Who rescued who
Schade, Victoria, author.
Whiteout Conditions
Shah, Tariq
Vanishing / Five Stories
Emmons, Cai, author.
The Ultimate Legacy
Stovall, Jim
Trans(re)lating house one
Missaghi, Poupeh, author.
The Time of Jacob's Trouble
VanLiere, Donna
Doyle, Rob
St. Christopher on Pluto
McKinley, Nancy, author.
So we can glow : stories
Cross-Smith, Leesa, 1978- author.
Shining Man
Dills, Todd
The Shape of Family
Gowda, Shilpi Somaya
Schrödinger's dog
Dumont, Martin, 1988- author.
Saving Her Shadow
Lovely, Lutishia
Precious you : a novel
Monks Takhar, Helen, author.
Photos of you
Robinson, Tammy, 1976- author.
The perfect world of Miwako Sumida
Goenawan, Clarissa, 1988- author.
Kim, Michael Byungju
Margery Kempe
Glück, Robert, 1947- author.
Machines in the head : selected stories
Kavan, Anna, 1901-1968, author.
Love, Death & Rare Books
Hellenga, Robert
Little Wonders
Rorick, Kate
The last taxi driver
Durkee, Lee, author.
Last couple standing : a novel
Norman, Matthew, author.
Grown-up pose
Lalli, Sonya, author.
Evie of the Deepthorn
Babyn, Andř
The Eighth Girl
Chung, Maxine Mei-Fung
City of Jasmine
Grjasnowa, Olga/ Derbyshire, Katy (TRN)
Childhood : Two Novellas
Reve, Gerard/ Garret, Sam (TRN)
Coldiron, Katharine
Beyond the sea
Lynch, Paul, 1977- author.
Between the records
Tepper, Julian, author.
Wink, Callan
Aira, César, 1949- author.
The Yellow Wall-paper and Selected Writings
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins/ Bolick, Kate (INT)
Real Life
Dieudonň, Adeline/ Glasser, Roland (TRN)
Once upon a sunset
Marcelo, Tif, author.
The Moonglow Sisters
Wilde, Lori


Thayil, Jeet
Lost at sea
Boyce, Erica, author.
The God Child
Ayim, Nana Oforiatta
Frying Plantain
Reid-benta, Zalika
The Freedom Artist
Okri, Ben
The Fifth Avenue story society : a novel
Hauck, Rachel, 1960- author.
The exhibition of Persephone Q : a novel
Stevens, Jessi Jezewska, 1990- author.
Collected Stories
Moore, Lorrie/ Groff, Lauren (INT)
The Body Politic
Platzer, Brian
Barn 8
Unferth, Deb Olin
Alice Asks the Big Questions
Gounelle, Laurent/ Smith, Sandra (TRN)
142 Ostriches
Davila, April
Yellow Earth
Sayles, John
Hodge, Rebecca
The Vindications
Wollstonecraft, Mary
Verge : Stories
Yuknavitch, Lidia
Vera Violet
Peterson, Melissa Anne
The Town
Prescott, Shaun
There Is Confusion
Fauset, Jessie Redmon/ Jerkins, Morgan (INT)
Pen, John, 1901-1958, author.
Shuggie Bain : a novel
Stuart, Douglas, 1976- author.
Romance in Marseille
McKay, Claude, 1890-1948, author.
The Rock Blaster
Mankell, Henning/ Delargy, Marlaine Ann (TRN)
Houdart, Célia, author.
Promises of the Heart
Rossiter, Nan
Our Fathers
Wait, Rebecca
My Part of Her
Djavahery, Javad/ Ramadan, Emma (TRN)
More than we remember
Nelson, Christina Suzann, author.
Molly Bit
Bevacqua, Dan
Mercy House
Dillon, Alena
The lucky star
Vollmann, William T, author.
Love Story : 50th Anniversary Edition
Segal, Erich/ Segal, Francesca (INT)
Cain, Amina, author.
Include Me Out
Cristoff, Mar̕a Sonia/ Silver, Katherine (TRN)
Home truths : a novel
Lewis, Susan, 1956- author.
Home Making
Matalone, Lee
Heathcliff redux : and other stories
Tuck, Lily, 1938- author.
The Golden Key
Womack, Marian
An everyday hero
Trentham, Laura, author.
The Edge
Collinson, Jamie
Eden mine
Hulse, S. M., 1984- author.
Constance Fenimore Woolson : Collected Stories
Woolson, Constance Fenimore/ Rioux, Anne Boyd (EDT)
The cactus league : a novel
Nemens, Emily, author.
Black Sunday
Abraham, Tola Rotimi
Beside myself
Salzmann, Marianna, 1985- author.
Baudelaire Fractal
Robertson, Lisa
B, Book, and me
Kim, Sa-gwa, author.
Melrose, Fiona
Javeri, Sabyn
Here I Am!
Holdstock, Pauline
Crossing the Sierra De Gredos
Handke, Peter/ Winston, Krishna (TRN)
Bezoar : and other unsettling stories
Nettel, Guadalupe, 1973- author.