Adult General Fiction

These are literary fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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The legal limit
Clark, Martin, 1959-
The incompletes
Chejfec, Sergio, author.
This Is Pleasure : A Story
Gaitskill, Mary
This Is Happiness
Williams, Niall
The story of a goat
Perummurukaṉ, author.
Hyde, Catherine Ryan
The sacrament : a novel
Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson, author.
Meg and Jo
Kantra, Virginia, author.
The living days
Devi, Ananda, author.
Jude the Obscure
Hardy, Thomas
In the Cradle Lies
Newport, Olivia
Holding on to nothing
Shelburne, Elizabeth Chiles, author.
Heart's Ease
Harrison, Sarah
A Bend in the River
Naipaul, V. S./ Marnham, Patrick (INT)
The history of love
Krauss, Nicole.
Wake, siren : Ovid resung
MacLaughlin, Nina, author.
Tiny love : the complete stories of Larry Brown
Brown, Larry, 1951-2004, author.
A Storm Blew in from Paradise
Anyuru, Johannes/ Wilson-Broyles, Rachel (TRN)
Not a Thing to Comfort You
Wortman-wunder, Emily
The Negro Grandsons of Vercingetorix
Mabanckou, Alain/ Johnston, Bill (TRN)
Mac on a Hot Tin Roof
Metz, Melinda
Sönmez, Burhan, author.
Tizano, Rodrigo M̀rquez/ Bunstead, Thomas (TRN)
Holly Banks Full of Angst
Valerie, Julie
Girl, Woman, Other
Evaristo, Bernardine
Freedom Lessons
Sanchez, Eileen Harrison
Disaster's Children
Sloley, Emma
Die, My Love
Harwicz, Ariana/ Moses, Sarah (TRN)/ Orloff, Carolina (TRN)
The Bishop's Bedroom
Chiara, Piero/ Foulston, Jill (TRN)
The big impossible : novellas + stories
Delaney, Edward J., 1957- author.
Big Familia
Moniz, Tomas
American grief in four stages : stories
Hoagland, Sadie, author.
Light from distant stars
Smucker, Shawn, author.
Black card : a novel
Terry, Chris L, author.
The worst kind of want
Jacobs, Liska, 1983- author.
Why, Why, Why?
Monz̤, Quim/ Bush, Peter (TRN)
When I close my eyes
Musser, Elizabeth, author.
What burns : stories
Peck, Dale, author.
Vernon Subutex 1
Despentes, Virginie, 1969- author.
Under the Water
Pen, Paul/ Bruni, Simon (TRN)
Duncan, Monica
They will drown in their mothers' tears
Anyuru, Johannes, 1979- author.
Silence of the Chagos
Patel, Shenaz/ Zuckerman, Jeffrey (TRN)
Red Oblivion
Shimotakahara, Leslie
Shale, Tseruyah, author.
Nappily Married
Thomas, Trisha R.
Nappily Faithful
Thomas, Trisha R.
The mutations
Comensal, Jorge, 1987- author.
Man's 4th best hospital
Shem, Samuel, author.
The Little Blue Kite
Danielewski, Mark Z.
Life Went on Anyway : Stories
Sentsov, Oleg/ Blacker, Uilleam (TRN)
Last of Her Name
Lok, Mimi
The involuntary sojourner : stories
Tenhoff, S. P., author.
The Innocents
Crummey, Michael
The Fugitivities
Mccarthy, Jesse
Father Sweet
Martin, J. J.
Eternal Sojourners
Ponicsǹ, Darryl
The Dreamed Part
Fresǹ, Rodrigo/ Vanderhyden, Will (TRN)
A dream come true : the collected stories of Juan Carlos Onetti
Onetti, Juan Carlos, 1909-1994, author.
The dog I loved
Wilson, Susan, 1951- author.
Divide me by zero
Vapnyar, Lara, 1971- author.
The Colonel's Wife
Liksom, Rosa/ Rogers, Lola (TRN)
Christmas in Austin
Markovits, Benjamin
Beside Herself
Laban, Elizabeth
Berlin stories
Hensher, Philip (EDT)
As Long As It's Perfect
Tognola, Lisa
American Saint
Gandert, Sean
When Christmas comes
Spencer, Katherine, 1955- author.
A Sister's Power
Rax, Cydney
Reinhardt's Garden
Haber, Mark
The promise
Ocampo, Silvina, author.
A peculiar kind of immigrant's son
Troncoso, Sergio, 1961- author.
The lost causes of Bleak Creek : a novel
McLaughlin, Rhett, author.
The Girl at the Door
Raimo, Veronica
From hell to breakfast : a novel
Tifft, Meghan, author.
The friend of the desert : a novel
Ors, Pablo J. d', 1963- author.
Forgotten journey
Ocampo, Silvina, author.
Fire summer : a novel
Lam, Thuy Da, 1971- author.
The factory
Oyamada, Hiroko, 1983- author.
Dry County
Hinkson, Jake
Drowning With Others
Keir, Linda
Death and the Seaside
Moore, Alison
The cheffe : a cook's novel
NDiaye, Marie, author.
The beadworkers
Piatote, Beth H., 1966- author.
And the Bride Closed the Door
Matalon, Ronit/ Cohen, Jessica (TRN)
All this could be yours
Attenberg, Jami, author.
All About Evie
Lamb, Cathy
Krist̤f, ℓgota/ Watson, David (TRN)
Frank, Michael, 1959 June 2- author.
Suicide Woods : Stories
Percy, Benjamin
Seven letters
Monninger, Joseph, author.
Salt Slow
Armfield, Julia
Pursuit : The Balvenie Stories Collection
Preston, Alex (EDT)/ Preston, Alex (CON)/ Williams, Eley (CON)/ Szalay, David (CON)/ Shamsie, Kamila (CON)
Metropolitan stories
Coulson, Christine, author.
It would be night in Caracas
Sainz Borgo, Karina, 1982-
Here Until August : Stories
Rowe, Josephine
Ghosts of Berlin : Stories
Herzog, Rudolph
The fool : and other moral tales
Serre, Anne, 1960- author.
A Fist or a Heart
Eir̕ksd̤ttir, Krist̕n/ Kyzer, Larissa (TRN)
The First Stone
Jensen, Carsten/ Mussari, Mark (TRN)
False bingo : stories
Jemc, Jac, 1983- author.
The dollmaker
Allan, Nina, author.
Collected stories
Bowen, Elizabeth, 1899-1973, author.
Christmas angels
Naigle, Nancy, author.
Celestial Bodies
Alharthi, Jokha/ Booth, Marilyn (TRN)
Bezoar : and other unsettling stories
Nettel, Guadalupe, 1973- author.
All the right circles : a novel
Russell, John, 1954- author.
Where the Light Falls : Selected Stories
Hale, Nancy/ Groff, Lauren (FRW)
Welcome to America
Knausḡrd, Linda Bostr̲m/ Aitken, Martin (TRN)
An unorthodox match
Ragen, Naomi, author.
The Trumpet Lesson
Romain, Dianne
The Topeka School
Lerner, Ben
Scott, Kim, 1957- author.
Houellebecq, Michel/ Whiteside, Shaun (TRN)
The Sea of Japan
Nagano, Keita
The not wives
Moore, Carley, author.
A Nail, a Rose
Bourdouxhe, Madeleine/ Evans, Faith (TRN)
The Man With No Borders
Morais, Richard C.
The liar
Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet, 1982- author.
Invisible As Air
Fishman, Zoe
Drndic, Daتa/ Curtis, S. D. (TRN)/ Hawkesworth, Celia (TRN)
The Crossed-out Notebook
Giacobone, Nicols̀/ Mcdowell, Megan (TRN)
The Christmas Shop
Naigle, Nancy
The Best American Short Stories 2019
Doerr, Anthony (EDT)/ Pitlor, Heidi (EDT)
Baron Wenckheim's homecoming
Krasznahorkai, László, author.
Will and Testament
Hjorth, Vigdis/ Barslund, Charlotte (TRN)
We, the survivors
Aw, Tash, author.
Tidal Flats
Martin, Cynthia Newberry
Small Silent Things
Page, Robin
Ruby and Roland : a novel
Sullivan, Faith, author.
The Penguin book of migration literature : departures, arrivals, generations, returns
Ahmad, Dohra (EDT)/ Ahmad, Dohra (INT)/ Danticat, Edwidge (FRW)
The Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories
Lahiri, Jhumpa (EDT)/ Lahiri, Jhumpa (INT)
A Pagan Place
O'Brien, Edna
Opioid, Indiana
Carr, Brian Allen, 1979- author.
On division
Goldbloom, Goldie, author.
A Novel Bookstore
Cosš, Laurence/ Anderson, Alison (TRN)
Night boat to Tangier : a novel
Barry, Kevin, 1969- author.
A mistake
Shuker, R. Carl, 1974- author.
Lost in the Spanish Quarter : a novel
Goodrich, Heddi, author.
Live a Little
Jacobson, Howard
A Kitchen in the Corner of the House
Ambai/ Holmstr̲m, Lakshmi (TRN)
Toynton, Evelyn, 1950- author.
Gun Island
Ghosh, Amitav
The Divers Game
Ball, Jesse
The corner that held them
Warner, Sylvia Townsend, 1893-1978, author.
Bob Honey sings Jimmy Crack Corn : a novel
Penn, Sean, 1960- author.
Bloomland : a novel
Englehardt, John, 1987- author.
Autopsy of a Boring Wife
Lavoie, Marie Renee/ Aaronson, Arielle (TRN)
Del Amo, Jean-Baptiste/ Wynne, Frank (TRN)
A Model Partner
Seery, Daniel
The Ballad of Big Feeling
Braverman, Ari
Surviving the Chase
Johnson, Lisa Renee
The capital
Menasse, Robert, 1954- author.