Adult General Fiction

These are literary fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Ward D
McFadden, Freida
The Wrong Mother
Duckworth, Charlotte
Witness : stories
Brinkley, Jamel, author.
The Whole Animal
Chong, Corinna
Where All Good Flappers Go : Essential Stories of the Jazz Age
Earle, David M. (EDT)/ Fitzgerald, F. Scott (CON)/ Fitzgerald, Zelda (CON)/ Loos, Anita (CON)/ Parker, Dorothy (CON)
When the hibiscus falls
Galang, M. Evelina, 1961- author.
Western alliances
Barnhardt, Wilton, author.
Walk the Darkness Down
Magariel, Daniel
The vegan
Lipstein, Andrew, 1988- author.
Vanishing Maps
Garcia, Cristina
Rogers, Harold
This brutal house
Govinden, Niven, 1973- author.
Thick of Love
Marcus, Danielle
Tell me how this ends
Leevers, Jo, author.
The Sweetest Revenge
Dent, Lizzy
Sunrise : radiant stories
Kobayashi, Erika, 1978- author.
Hornsby, Daniel
Strange Sally Diamond
Nugent, Liz
Someone you trust
Ryan, Rachel, 1991- author.
Small worlds
Nelson, Caleb Azumah, author.
Shalash the Iraqi
Shalash/ Leafgren, Luke (TRN)/ Makiya, Kanan (FRW)
The sea elephants
Akella, Shastri, author.
Scent of a Garden
Patel, Namrata
Ripe : a novel
Etter, Sarah Rose, author.
Regiment of Women
Dane, Clemence/ Broder, Melissa (INT)
Queen Wallis : a novel
Carey, C. J., author.
Piece of cake : a novel
Huddleston, Mary Hollis, author.
Perfectly Normal
Steele, Zachary
Onlookers : stories
Beattie, Ann, author.
One of the boys
Cowie, Jayne, author.
Nothing Special
Flattery, Nicole
No one prayed over their graves
Khalīfah, Khālid, 1964- author.
Never Back Down
Swann, Christopher
The Neon Wilderness
Algren, Nelson/ Asher, Colin (FRW)/ Carson, Tom (INT)/ Terkel, Studs (AFT)
My husband : a novel
Ventura, Maud, author.
Mild vertigo
Kanai, Mieko, 1947- author.
The Lover
Sacks, Rebecca
Lost on me
Raimo, Veronica, 1978- author.
Lost believers : a novel
Zhorov, Irina, author.
A Little Luck
Pinẽiro, Claudia/ Riddle, Frances (TRN)
Jean, Michel/ Ouriou, Susan (TRN)
Kala : a novel
Walsh, Colin, 1986- author.
Ivan & Phoebe
Kishko-Lut︠s︡yshyna, Oksana, author.
Dixon, Phyllis R.
Inside the wolf : a novel
Rowland, Amy, 1969- author.
The impostor
Telles Ribeiro, Edgard, author.
I wish we weren't related
Sanghani, Radhika, author.
I will greet the sun again : a novel
Khabushani, Khashayar J., author.
I meant it once : stories
Doyle, Kate, 1990- author.
Human Blues
Albert, Elisa
How to love your daughter
Blum, Hilah, author.
The Holy Days of Gregorio Pasos
Montoya, Rodrigo Restrepo
History's Angel
Hasan, Anjum
Happy stories, mostly
Pasaribu, Norman Erikson, 1990- author.
The Half-white Album
Sylvester, Cynthia J.
Half-life of a stolen sister
Cantor, Rachel, author.
Goodbye Earl
Cross-Smith, Leesa
Good Fortune
Chau, C. K.
The Freedom Clause
Sloane, Hannah
Forever Hold Your Peace
Fenton, Liz/ Steinke, Lisa
The forest brims over : a novel
Ayase, Maru, 1986- author.
Every Other Weekend
Klaw, Margaret
The End of August
Yu, Miri/ Giles, Morgan (TRN)
Emergency : Stories
Alcott, Kathleen
Disruptions : Stories
Millhauser, Steven
Direct sunlight : stories
Sneed, Christine, 1971- author.
Delicate condition
Valentine, Danielle, author.
The Crow Valley karaoke championships
Bryan, Ali, 1978- author.
Call up the waters : stories
Caron, Amber, author.
The Brothers Karamazov : A New Translation by Michael R. Katz
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor/ Katz, Michael R. (TRN)
Dinan, Nicola
Before you found me : a novel
Beyfuss, Brooke, author.
The archivists : stories
Kalotay, Daphne, author.
Any Other City : A Memoir
Plante, Hazel Jane
American ending
Zuravleff, Mary Kay, author.
All-night Pharmacy
Madievsky, Ruth
The Absolutes
Dektar, Molly
Dreaming in Cuban
Garcia, Cristina
Beware the Woman
Abbott, Megan
With every memory : a novel
Rosche, Janine, author.
Whether Violent or Natural
Calder, Natasha C.
Where Waters Meet
Ling, Zhang
Where Ivy Dares to Grow
Thompson, Marielle
When Jasmine blooms : a novel
Marcelo, Tif, author.
Virginia's Sisters
Reigh, Gabi (INT)/ Woolf, Virginia/ Gilman, Perkins Charlotte/ Wharton, Edith/ Fitzgerald, Zelda
The Vanishing Hour
Glass, Seraphina Nova
Untitled La
Not Available
This is not Miami
Melchor, Fernanda, 1982- author.
That Reminds Me
Owusu, Derek
Temple Folk
Bilal, Aaliyah
Summer's Gift
Ryan, Jennifer
Summer Roommates
Chamberlin, Holly
Fortunato, Mario/ Macgibbon, Julia (TRN)
Social Engagement
Forrey, Avery Carpenter
So close
Day, Sylvia, author.
Sidle Creek
Mcilwain, Jolene
Seven Exes
Vine, Lucy
The Second Chance Store
Bravo, Lauren
Run Baby Run
Lenhardt, Melissa
The Road to Dalton
Bowring, Shannon
River Meets the Sea
Moorthy, Rachael
The rise and fall of Ava Arcana : a novel
Banash, Jennifer, author.
The Revenge List
McKinnon, Hannah Mary
Return to Valetto
Smith, Dominic, 1971- author.
Hall, Louisa
Duncan, Eliot
Poland, a green land : a novel
Apelfeld, Aharon, author.
Pete and Alice in Maine
Shetterly, Caitlin
People Who Talk to Stuffed Animals Are Nice : Stories
Omae, Ao/ Balistrieri, Emily (TRN)
Tse, Dorothy
Our place on the island : a novel
Montgomery, Erika, author.
Our hospital
Shem, Samuel, author.
Open throat
Hoke, Henry, 1983- author.
One Southern Summer
McCahan, Heidi
On fire island
Rosen, Jane L., author.
Old Enough
Jakobson, Haley
Notes on Her Color
Neal, Jennifer
Nineteen Claws and a Black Bird
Bazterrica, Agustina/ Moses, Sarah (TRN)
Namaste Trump and other stories
Khair, Tabish, author.
My Stupid Intentions
Zannoni, Bernardo/ Andriesse, Alex (TRN)
Much ado about nada
Jalaluddin, Uzma, author.
Mrs. S
Patrick, K.
Mr Katō plays family
Flaesar, Milena Michiko, 1980- author.
Mothers' Instinct
Abel, Barbara/ Pickford, Susan (TRN)
Maddalena and the dark
Fine, Julia, author.
The Long Way Back
Baart, Nicole
The light at the end of the world
Deb, Siddhartha, 1970- author.
Leave Myself Behind
Yates, Bart
La Vie, According to Rose
Parvizi, Lauren
Akutagawa, Ryūnosuke, 1892-1927, author.
Erpenbeck, Jenny, 1967- author.
Inside information : a novel
Nevo, Eshkol, author.
Innards : Stories
Makhene, Magogodi Oamphela
Indigo Isle
Lowe, T. I.
In the act
Ingalls, Rachel, author.
The Imposters
Rachman, Tom
How to be remembered : a novel
Thompson, Michael, 1986- author.
House Woman
Nworah, Adorah
The House Sitter
Howells, Debbie
The House on Via Gemito
Starnone, Domenico/ Stransky, Oonagh (TRN)
Han, Song, 1965- author.
Her, Too
Kistler, Bonnie
Delury, Jane
Have You Seen Her
McKenzie, Catherine
Wright, Steven
Half way to you : a novel
Gold, Jennifer, author.
Crochiere, Nancy
Good for you : a novel
Pagaan, Camille, author.
Glasses, Wallet, Keys
Williams, John Collins
Girlfriend on Mars
Willis, Deborah
The Ghost Theatre
Osman, Mat
The gay best friend : a novel
DiDomizio, Nicolas, author.
Fresh Dirt from the Grave
Rivero, Giovanna/ Adey, Isabel (TRN)
Mills Newman, Alison, author.
Fowl Eulogies
Rico, Lucie/ Chernysheva, Daria (TRN)
The forgetting
Beckerman, Hannah, author.
The fisherman and his son
Livaneli, Zülfü, 1946- author.
First Position
Hamrick, Melanie
Fireworks every night : a novel
Raymer, Beth, author.
The favor : a novel
Griffin, Adele, author.
A Fatal Affair
Torre, A. R.
The exhibitionist
Mendelson, Charlotte, 1972- author.
Myers, Kate
Every Day Is To-day : Essential Writings
Stein, Gertrude/ Wade, Francesca (COM)/ Wade, Francesca (INT)
Emma of 83rd Street
Bellezza, Audrey/ Harding, Emily
Doña Cleanwell leaves home : stories
Castillo, Ana, author.
Dom Casmurro
De Assis, Joaquim Maria MacHado/ Costa, Margaret Jull (TRN)/ Patterson, Robin (TRN)
Clake, Jenna
Demoiselles of Numidia : a novel
Leftah, Mohamed, author.
Days at the Morisaki Bookshop
Yagisawa, Satoshi/ Ozawa, Eric (TRN)
The daughter ship : a novel
Trundle, Boo, author.
Dancer from the Dance
Holleran, Andrew
Crooked plow : a novel
Vieira Junior, Itamar, 1979- author.
A cowardly woman no more : a novel
Cooney, Ellen, author.
Close to home
Magee, Michael, 1990- author.
The child and the river
Bosco, Henri, 1888-1976, author.
Charm city rocks : a love story
Norman, Matthew, 1977- author.
By the rivers of Babylon
Antunes, Antaonio Lobo, 1942- author.
The bookshop by the bay
Kelley, Pamela M., author.
Big Gay Wedding
Lane, Byron
Between Two Moons
Gawad, Aisha Abdel
Berlin : a novel
Setton, Bea, author.
The baker's man : a novel
Moorman, Jennifer, 1978- author.
Austral : a novel
Fonseca, Carlos, 1987- author.
August blue
Levy, Deborah, author.
And then he sang a lullaby
Somtochukwu, Ani Kayode, author.
After he's gone
Hyde, Katherine Bolger, author.
A Perfect Vintage
Fagan, Chelsea
A Wreath for Udomo
Abrahams, Peter/ Gappah, Petina (INT)
Out of the sugar factory
Elmiger, Dorothee, 1985- author.
Hope You Are Satisfied
Malik, Tania
Boy Parts
Clark, Eliza
Barbara Isn't Dying
Bronsky, Alina/ Mohr, Tim (TRN)
Back to the dirt
Bill, Frank, 1974- author.
Screwjack : A Short Story
Thompson, Hunter S.
The Jewish son : a novel
Guebel, Daniel, 1956- author.
Dog on Fire
Svoboda, Terese
The Accident
Kadare, Ismail/ Hodgson, John (TRN)