Adult General Fiction

These are literary fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Walking on the Ceiling
Savas, Aysegپl
Swimming for sunlight
Larkin, Allie, author.
A Student of History
Revoyr, Nina
Smith, Ali
Never Say Never
Wingate, Lisa
Like lions : a novel
Panowich, Brian, author.
Lie with me : a novel
Besson, Philippe, 1967- author.
Everything is just fine
Paesel, Brett, author.
The Elegant Out : A Novella
Bartasius, Elizabeth
The Cage
Jones, Lloyd
Dawes, Kwame
At Briarwood School for Girls : a novel
Knight, Michael, 1969- author.
Helene, Sondra
The Amateurs
Harmer, Liz
Acts of infidelity
Andersson, Lena, 1970- author.
When We Left Cuba
Cleeton, Chanel
Trust exercise / a novel
Choi, Susan, 1969- author.
Then sings my soul
Sorrells, Amy K, author.
Hall, Bobby, author.
A Student of History
Revoyr, Nina
The siege of Tel Aviv : a novel
Kestin, Hesh, author.
Russian stories
Keller, Christoph (EDT)
Ahern, Cecelia
The risk of us
Howard, Rachel, 1976- author.
Furst, Joshua, 1971- author.
Pickle's Progress
Butler, Marcia
The peacock emporium
Moyes, Jojo, 1969- author.
The Patient One
Gray, Shelley Shepard
A Palm Beach Wife
Marren, Susannah
Outside Looking In
Boyle, T. Coraghessan
Sutcliffe, William
The Optic Nerve
Gainza, Maria/ Bunstead, Thomas (TRN)
Normal People
Rooney, Sally
Naamah : a novel
Blake, Sarah (Poet), author.
My Coney Island Baby
O'callaghan, Billy
Malawi's Sisters
Hatter, Melanie S.


Kirino, Natsuo/ Gabriel, Philip (TRN)
How to Rule the World
Fischer, Tibor
Henry, Himself
O'Nan, Stewart
Half finished : a novel
Snelling, Lauraine, author.
Glory Road
Denton, Lauren K.
Everyday Lies
Crosby, Tanya Anne
Diary of a murderer : and other stories
Kim, Young-ha, 1968- author.
Dark constellations
Oloixarac, Pola, author.
The binding : a novel
Collins, Bridget, author.
Bad Guy
Drexler, Rosalyn/ Lethem, Jonathan (INT)
The Ash Family
Dektar, Molly
All My Colors
Quantick, David
Abel and Cain
Rezzori, Gregor von, author.
Barren Island : a novel
Zoref, Carol, author.
Women Talking
Toews, Miriam
White elephant : a novel
Langsdorf, Julie, author.
Tomorrow's Bread
Mayhew, Anna Jean
There's a Word for That
Tanen, Sloane
Stay Up With Hugo Best
Somers, Erin
The Spectators
Dubois, Jennifer
Sing to it / New Stories
Hempel, Amy, author.
Sabrina & Corina : stories
Fajardo-Anstine, Kali, author.
The Promise of Elsewhere
Leithauser, Brad
Professor Chandra follows his bliss : a novel
Balasubramanyam, Rajeev, 1974- author.
Prince of monkeys : a novel
Ehirim, Nnamdi, author.
The Other Americans
Lalami, Laila
The Old Drift
Serpell, Namwali
The Marrow of Tradition
Chesnutt, Charles Waddell/ Cash, Wiley (INT)
Little Lovely Things
Connolly, Maureen Joyce
Lights all night long : a novel
Fitzpatrick, Lydia, 1982- author.
Englander, Nathan, author.
Hope on the Inside
Bostwick, Marie
The Gulf
Boggs, Belle
Gliding Flight
Goemans, Anne-gine/ Forest-Flier, Nancy (TRN)
The girl he used to know
Garvis Graves, Tracey, author.
The fifteen wonders of Daniel Green
Boyce, Erica, author.
Statovci, Pajtim, author.
The cook
Kerangal, Maylis de, author.
Chaos, a Fable
Rosa, Rodrigo Rey/ Gray, Jeffrey (TRN)
Brides in the sky : stories and a novella
Holladay, Cary C., 1958- author.
Boy Swallows Universe
Dalton, Trent
The witch's kind
Morgan, Louisa, 1952- author.
Why Mommy Swears
Sims, Gill
Waiting for Bojangles
Bourdeaut, Olivier/ Kramer, Regan (TRN)
Tomorrow there will be sun : a novel
Reinhardt, Dana, author.
Tiny Americans
Murphy, Devin
Savage conversations
Howe, LeAnne, author.
Oksana, Behave!
Kuznetsova, Maria
The night swimmers
Rock, Peter, 1967- author.
Night School : A Reader for Grownups
Bǹ, Zs̤fia/ Tucker, Jim (TRN)/ Ǹdas, Pťer (AFT)
Mother country : a novel
Reyn, Irina, author.
Memories of the Future
Hustvedt, Siri
Lot : Stories
Washington, Bryan
Living on the borderlines / Stories
Michal, Melissa, author.
The Little Girl on the Ice Floe
Bon, Adľa̐de/ Kover, Tina (TRN)
Little boy
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence, author.
Let Me Out Here : Stories
Pease, Emily W.
A Killer's Alibi
Myers, William L., Jr.
In the blink of an eye
Blackadder, Jesse, author.
If cats disappeared from the world : a novel
Kawamura, Genki, 1979- author.
House on Fire
Kistler, Bonnie
Halibut on the moon
Vann, David, author.
Guarding His Fortune
Bagwell, Stella
Grace after Henry
Shortall, Eithne, author.
The Gardener of Eden
Downie, David
The Dragonfly Sea
Owuor, Yvonne Adhiambo
Difficult People
Wright, Catriona
Ballard, J. G./ Smith, Zadie (INT)
The club
Würger, Takis, 1985- author.
Cadillac Jack : a novel
McMurtry, Larry, author.
Blueschild Baby
Cain, George/ Jamison, Leslie (INT)
Article 353 : a novel
Viel, Tanguy, author.
Honey in the carcase : stories
Novakovich, Josip, 1956- author.
A Woman Is No Man
Rum, Etaf
A Weekend in New York
Markovits, Benjamin
The volunteer : a novel
Scibona, Salvatore, author.
The Unhappiness of Being a Single Man : Essential Stories
Kafka, Franz/ Starritt, Alexander (TRN)
This Side of the Divide : Stories of the American West
Watkins, Claire Vaye (FRW)/ Wolff, Tobias/ Meloy, Maile/ Caspers, Nona/ Evenson, Brian
Things Are Good Now
Ibrahim, Djamila
That Tiny Life
Fisher, Erin Frances
That time I loved you : stories
Leung, Carrianne, author.
Territory of light
Tsushima, Yko, author.
Tacoma Stories
Wiley, Richard
The Story Prize : 15 Years of Great Short Fiction
Dark, Larry (EDT)/ Doerr, Anthony (CON)/ Strout, Elizabeth (CON)/ Saunders, George (CON)/ Wolff, Tobias (CON)
Something Like Breathing
Readman, Angela
The Sisters Hemingway
Noblin, Annie England
The Silk Road
Davis, Kathryn
Rutting Season : Stories
Smith, Mandeliene
Rain : And Other Stories
Couto, Mia/ Becker, Eric M. B. (TRN)
Rag : stories
Meijer, Maryse, 1982- author.
An orphanage of dreams
Savage, Sam, 1940- author.
One another : a novel
Schwitter, Monique, 1972- author.
Northern lights
Strom, Raymond, author.
The nine cloud dream
Kim, Man-jung, 1637-1692, author.
The new me
Butler, Halle, author.
Instructions for a funeral : stories
Means, David, 1961- author
How We Disappeared
Lee, Jing-jing
Aramburu, Fernando, 1959- author.
Goulash : a novel
Kimberling, Brian, author.
Elsewhere, home
Aboulela, Leila, 1964- author.
Death is hard work
Khalfah, Khlid, 1964- author.
Court of lies
Spence, Gerry, author.
The Cht́eau
Goldberg, Paul
Binstead's safari : a novel
Ingalls, Rachel, author.
Baby of the Family
Roosevelt, Maura
Arturo's island : a novel
Morante, Elsa, approximately 1912-1985, author.
American genius : a comedy
Tillman, Lynne, author.
The altruists : a novel
Ridker, Andrew, author
All My Goodbyes
Dim̤pulos, Mariana/ Whitmore, Alice (TRN)
Aerialists : stories
Mayer, Mark, 1984- author.
The woman inside : a novel
Scott, E. G., author
Willa & Hesper
Feltman, Amy
Where reasons end : a novel
Li, Yiyun, 1972- author.
We cast a shadow : a novel
Ruffin, Maurice Carlos, author.
Leon, Sarah/ Cullen, John (TRN)
Waiting for Monsieur Bellivier
Röstlund, Britta, author.
Vernon God Little
Pierre, D. B. C.
Unquiet : a novel
Ullmann, Linn, 1966- author.
Trouble No Man
Hart, Brian
To Keep the Sun Alive
Ghaffari, Rabeah
This Is Not a Love Song
Mathews, Brendan
Talk to me
Kenney, John, 1962- author.
Talent : a novel
Lapidos, Juliet, author.
Such Good Work
Lichtman, Johannes
The spirit of science fiction
Bolaño, Roberto, 1953-2003, author.
Sea Monsters
Aridjis, Chloe
Salt of the Earth
Wittlin, Jozef/ Corness, Patrick (TRN)
The prisoner
Proust, Marcel, 1871-1922, author.
The Peacock Feast
Gornick, Lisa
Otherwise Engaged
Palmer, Lindsey J.
An orchestra of minorities : a novel
Obioma, Chigozie, 1986- author.
Once a Liar
Brady, A. F.
Old Newgate Road
Scribner, Keith
Mouthful of birds : stories
Schweblin, Samanta, 1978- author.
Mothers : stories
Power, Chris, 1974- author.
The military wife : heart of a hero
Trentham, Laura, author.
The Memory Collector
Harper, Fiona
Moshfegh, Ottessa
Mala vida : a novel
Fernandez, Marc, author.
The made-up man
Scapellato, Joseph, 1982- author.
Looker : a novel
Sims, Laura, 1973- author.
The Last of the Stanfields
Levy, Marc/ Wasserman, Daniel (TRN)
Last night in Nuuk
Korneliussen, Niviaq, 1990- author.
Lake City
Kohnstamm, Thomas
In dog we trust
Kendrick, Beth, author.
The hundred wells of Salaga
Attah, Ayesha Harruna, author.
House of stone : a novel
Tshuma, Novuyo Rosa, author.
Horse latitudes
Collins, Morris, author.
Holy lands : a novel
Sthers, Amanda, 1978- author, translator.
Lipsyte, Sam, 1968- author.
Good will come from the sea
Oikonomou, Chrstos, 1970- author.
Ghost wall
Moss, Sarah, author.
Friend of my youth
Chaudhuri, Amit, 1962- author.
The Forgiving Kind
Everhart, Donna
Fast friends
Mansell, Jill, author.
The far field : a novel
Vijay, Madhuri, author.
The falconer
Czapnik, Dana, author.
The end of loneliness : a novel
Wells, Benedict, 1984- author.
Elsey come home
Conley, Susan, 1967- author.
A dog called Jack
Pembroke, Ivy, author.
Divided Loyalties
Shidmehr, Nilofar
Edwards, Rachel
Jones, Gayl
Breach of trust
Dylan, Rachel, author.
Big bang
Bowman, David, 1957-2012, author.
The alarming palsy of James Orr
Lee, Tom, 1974- author.
The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man
Jonasson, Jonas/ Willson-Broyles, Rachel
99 Percent Mine
Thorne, Sally
99 nights in Logar
Kochai, Jamil Jan, 1992- author.
Phillips, Emily
They know not what they do
Valtonen, Jussi, author.
Still In Love
Downing, Michael
Mephisto's Waltz : Selected Short Stories
Pitol, Sergio/ Henson, George (TRN)
Winter Loon
Bernhard, Susan
The Ruined House
Namdar, Ruby/ Halkin, Hillel (TRN)
Half of What You Hear
Lewis, Kristyn Kusek
Winters' Snow : A Novella
Fletcher, Carrie Hope
Tilly and the Crazy Eights
Smith, Monique Gray
Driving to Geronimo's Grave and Other Stories
Lansdale, Joe R./ Laager, Ken (ILT)
Thomas Kinkade's Cape Light : a Christmas secret
Spencer, Katherine, 1955- author.