Adult General Fiction

These are literary fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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You're Pretty Gay
Pisarra, Drew
The Trees
Everett, Percival L.
Siege of Comedians
Daitch, Susan
Gereaux, Tara
Mr Cadmus
Ackroyd, Peter
The morning star
Knausgård, Karl Ove, 1968- author.
Milk Teeth
Bukowski, Helene/ Calleja, Jennifer (TRN)
Making Nice
Mount, Ferdinand
A long way from Douala
Lobe, Max, 1986- author.
Lean Fall Stand
McGregor, Jon
Kissing the wind
Hotchner, A. E., author.
High As the Waters Rise
Kampmann, Anja/ Posten, Anne (TRN)
The Gold Bug Variations
Powers, Richard
Dog park
Oksanen, Sofi, 1977- author.
Coolidge, Sarah (EDT)/ Abreu, Caio Fernando/ Freitas, Angelica/ Bensimon, Carol/ Noll, Joô Gilberto
Christmas at the Amish Bakeshop
Gray, Shelley Shepard/ Good, Rachel J./ Lough, Loree
Catch Us When We Fall
Fay, Juliette
Urruela, Bt
Beneath the Lion's Gaze
Mengiste, Maaza
Warda Means Rose
Hagi-Mohamed, Halima
White Resin
Wilhelmy, Audree
When we cease to understand the world
Labatut, Benjamain, 1980- author.
Waiting for the Waters to Rise
Condeþ, Maryse/ Philcox, Richard (TRN)
Test Signal
Connolly, Nathan (EDT)
The spectacular : a novel
Whittall, Zoe, author.
Songs for the flames : stories
Vaasquez, Juan Gabriel, 1973- author.
Something wonderful : stories
Lloyd, Jo, author.
A Single Rose
Barbery, Muriel/ Anderson, Alison (TRN)
Self-portrait With Russian Piano
Wondratschek, Wolf/ Yarbrough, Marshall (TRN)
Savage Kiss
Saviano, Roberto/ Shugaar, Antony (TRN)
The River Capture
Costello, Mary
The Reckoning
Katsu, Alma
The Pump
Brooman, Sydney Warner
An Ordinary Wonder
Papillon, Buki
An observant wife
Ragen, Naomi, 1949- author.
The Love We Left Behind
Slee, Katherine
Zambrano, Mario Alberto
Beauvoir, Simone de/ Smith, Sandra (TRN)/ Atwood, Margaret Eleanor (INT)
In the shadow of the Yali : a novel
Derviş, Suat, author.
I wished
Cooper, Dennis, 1953- author.
I was never the First Lady : a novel
Guerra, Wendy, 1970- author.
How to wrestle a girl : stories
Blackburn, Venita, author.
He Gets That From Me
Friedland, Jacqueline
Happy hour
Granados, Marlowe, 1991- author.
Hao : Stories
Ye, Chun
Gordo : stories
Cortez, Jaime, author.
Glorious Frazzled Beings
Lalonde, Angelique
The Fortnight in September
Sherriff, R. C.
Fifty in Reverse
Flanagan, Bill
The Famished Road
Okri, Ben/ Guignery, Vanessa (INT)
The dog of Tithwal : short stories
Manṭo, Saʻādat Ḥasan, 1912-1955 author.
McLachlin, Beverley
The Collected Novellas of Stefan Zweig
Zweig, Stefan/ Bell, Anthea (TRN)/ Starritt, Alexander (TRN)
The Bloom Girls
Pine, Amy
The Best Short Stories 2021 : The O. Henry Prize Winners
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi (EDT)/ Quigley, Jenny Minton (EDT)
The Bad Immigrant
Atta, Sefi
The archer
Swamy, Shruti, 1985- author.
The Words We Whisper
Taylor, Mary Ellen
Wild Animals Prohibited
Misra, Subimal/ Ramaswamy, Venkateswar (TRN)
Where I Left Her
Garza, Amber
What's Left Unsaid
Bleeker, Emily
The weight of memory
Smucker, Shawn, author.
A Vineyard Crossing
Stone, Jean
Three rooms
Hamya, Jo, 1997- author.
She wouldn't change a thing
Adlakha, Sarah, author.
The Second Season
Adrian, Emily
Savage tongues
Van der Vliet Oloomi, Azareen, author.
Red Crosses
Filipenko, Sasha/ Baer, Brian James (TRN)/ Vayner, Ellen (TRN)
Radiant Fugitives
Ahmed, Nawaaz
Prisoner's Dilemma
Powers, Richard
The President and the Frog
De Robertis, Carolina
The People We Keep
Larkin, Allison
Paris is a party, Paris is a ghost
Kim, David Hoon, 1976- author.
Paradise, WV : a novel
Rufus, Rob, author.
Palm Beach
Adkins, Mary
One Year Gone
Bishop, Avery
On the Way : Stories
Vargas, Cyn
No More Words
Lonsdale, Kerry
New Teeth : Stories
Rich, Simon
Mrs. Rochester's Ghost
Marcott, Lindsay
A Mouthful of Air
Koppelman, Amy/ Miller, Adrienne (AFT)
More Than I Love My Life
Grossman, David/ Cohen, Jessica (TRN)
Mona at sea
Gonzalez James, Elizabeth, 1982- author.
The minister primarily : a novel
Killens, John Oliver, 1916-1987, author.
Love on the Line
Castoro, Laura
Look what you made me do
Murphy, Elaine, 1981- author.
Leave Society
Lin, Tao
Last summer in the city
Calligarich, Gianfranco, author.
The Kowloon English Club
Griffiths, Stephen
In the Field
Pastan, Rachel
In Polite Company
Hagerty, Gervais
Immediate family
Levy, Ashley Nelson, 1985- author.
I Am Ariel Sharon
El-Ghadban, Yara/ Grady, Wayne (TRN)
The Hunters
Messud, Claire
The Hunter and the Old Woman
Korgemagi, Pamela
The Human Zoo
Murray, Sabina
How to find your way in the dark
Miller, Derek B., 1970- author.
Home of the Floating Lily
Abdullah, Silmy
Her Turn
Ashenburg, Katherine
Her New Story
Bradford, Laura
The garden house
Willett, Marcia, author.
A Feather on the Breath of God
Nunez, Sigrid/ Choi, Susan (INT)
Death Fugue
Keyi, Sheng/ Bryant, Shelly (TRN)
Butler, Season
Best Debut Short Stories 2021 : The Pen America Dau Prize
Igarashi, Yuka (EDT)/ Rogers, Sarah Lyn (EDT)/ Adjei-Brenyah, Nana Kwame (COM)/ Fajardo-anstine, Kali (COM)/ Piatote, Beth (COM)
Aria's Travelling Book Shop
Raisin, Rebecca
An Amish schoolroom : three stories
Clipston, Amy/ Fuller, Kathleen/ Gray, Shelley Shepard
An Amish Flower Farm
Steele, Mindy
American estrangement : stories
Sayrafiezadeh, Saïd, author.
All's Well
Awad, Mona
Agatha of Little Neon
Luchette, Claire, 1991- author.
The Yellow Wallpaper & Herland
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
The Woman from Uruguay
Mairal, Pedro/ Croft, Jennifer (TRN)
The Weight of Memory
Smucker, Shawn
Walking Through Needles
Levy, Heather
Hoby, Hermione, author.
Together We Will Go
Straczynski, J. Michael
To Zenzi
Shuster, Robert L.
To walk alone in the crowd
Muñoz Molina, Antonio, author.
The Temple House vanishing
Donohue, Rachel, 1975- author.
The Stone Face
Smith, William Gardner/ Shatz, Adam (INT)
The Son of the House
Onyemelukwe-onuobia, Cheluchi
Skinship : Stories
Choi, Yoon
Fraia, Emilio, 1982- author.
The Rules of Arrangement
Bhatia, Anisha
The Republic of False Truths
Aswani, Ala/ Fellowes, S. R. (TRN)
Prelude & Other Stories
Mansfield, Katherine
The playwright's house : a novel
Suarez, Dariel, 1983- author.
A Passage North
Arudpragasam, Anuk
Objects of desire : stories
Sestanovich, Clare, 1991- author.
No Hiding in Boise
Hooper, Kim
Magma : a novel
Þaora Hjörleifsdaottir, 1986- author.
The lost and found necklace : a novel
Leaman, Louisa, author.
Lozano, Brenda/ Mcdermott, Annie (TRN)
Late summer : a novel
Ruffato, Luiz, 1961- author.
I Couldn't Love You More
Freud, Esther
Honey Mine : Collected Stories
Roy, Camille/ Levin, Laurin (EDT)/ Sneathan, Eric (EDT)
Her Pleasure
Bryant, Niobia
Jestin, Victor
The Essence of Nathan Biddle
Lewis, J. William
Embassy wife
Crouch, Katie, author.
Elena Knows
Pinẽiro, Claudia/ Riddle, Frances (TRN)
The divorce
Aira, Caesar, 1949- author.
Disquiet : a novel
Livaneli, Zülfü, 1946- author.
Day for Night
McNeil, Jean
The Cottage of Curiosities
Anderson, Celia
Buy me love
Cooley, Martha, author.
Build Your House Around My Body
Kupersmith, Violet
Sarr, Mohamed Mbougar/ Trigo, Alexia (TRN)
Born Into This
Thompson, Adam
A Boring Wife Settles the Score
Lavoie, Marie-Renee/ Aaronson, Arielle (TRN)
Statovci, Pajtim, 1990- author.
The beginners
Serre, Anne, 1960- author.
Battles in the desert
Pacheco, Josae Emilio, author.
Barefoot in the Sand
Chamberlin, Holly
Arch, Jeff
Di Canzio, William, 1949- author.
The Ones We Leave Behind
Sletten, Deanna Lynn
You People
Lalwani, Nikita
Who They Was
Krauze, Gabriel
What you can see from here
Leky, Mariana, 1973- author.
What a happy family
Dave, Saumya, author.
What a dog knows
Wilson, Susan, 1951- author.
An unlikely match
Wiseman, Beth, 1962- author.
The Touch System
Costamagna, Alejandra/ Dillman, Lisa (TRN)
This shining life : a novel
Kline, Harriet, author.
Take what you can carry : a novel
Sardar, Gian, author.
The Sweetest Days
Hough, John
Strange flowers : a novel
Ryan, Donal, 1977- author.
Site fidelity : stories
Boyles, Claire, author.
Sex with strangers
Lowenthal, Michael, author.
Roundabout of Death
Khartash, Faysal/ Weiss, Max (TRN)
Mohammed, Celeste
A picture of love
Wiseman, Beth, 1962- author.
Baltasar, Eva/ Sanches, Julia (TRN)
No Hiding in Boise
Hooper, Kim
Message in the sand : a novel
McKinnon, Hannah Roberts, author.
O'Hagan, Andrew, 1968- author.
Maps for the Getaway
Noblin, Annie England
Higher Ground
Stelling, Anke/ Jones, Lucy (TRN)
Finding Tessa : a novel of suspense
Hendricks, Jaime Lynn, author.
Consiglio, Jorge/ Orloff, Carolina (TRN)/ Petch, Fionn (TRN)
Echo Tree : The Collected Short Fiction of Henry Dumas
Dumas, Henry/ Redmond, Eugene B. (EDT)/ Keene, John (INT)
Don't make me turn this life around
Pagaan, Camille, author.
The Brittanys
Ackerman, Brittany, 1989- author.
Boston Adventure
Stafford, Jean/ Alam, Rumaan (INT)
Among the Hedges
Mesa, Sara/ McDowell, Megan (TRN)
All together now : a novel
Norman, Matthew, 1977- author.
The Flying Cutterbucks
Rodgers, Kathleen M.
The wedding night : a novel
Walker, Harriet, 1985- author.
We two alone : stories
Wang, Jack, 1972- author.
Transmutation / Stories
DiFrancesco, Alex, author.
This life
KunQuest, Quntos, 1976- author.
The Snake Pit
Ward, Mary Jane
Khayr, Muḥammad, 1978- author.
Shoko's smile : stories
Ch'oe, Ŭn-yŏng, 1984- author.
River, Sing Out
Wade, James
Power Play
Dylan, Rachel
The Portrait of a Mirror
Joukovsky, A. Natasha
Learning to Talk to Plants
Orriols, Marta/ Lethem, Mara Faye (TRN)
Las Biuty Queens : Stories
Ojeda, Ivǹ Monalisa/ Almodovar, Pedro (INT)/ Kauders, Hannah (TRN)
I don't forgive you
Thompson, Aggie Blum, author.
How to Kidnap the Rich
Raina, Rahul
Haymaker in Heaven
Hoem, Edvard/ Chace, Tara (TRN)
Future feeling : a novel
Lake, Joss, author.


Manchester, Steven
Bonnie Jack
Hamilton, Ian
Tucker, Karen
The Best Stories of Ars̈ne Lupin
Leblanc, Maurice/ Salyer, Matthew Carey (FRW)
Barcelona dreaming : a novel
Thomson, Rupert, author.
Lynch, Marc Herman
You Will Remember Me
McKinnon, Hannah Mary
The Women of Brewster Place
Naylor, Gloria/ Jones, Tayari (FRW)
Winter in Sokcho
Shua Dusapin, Elisa/ Higgins, Aneesa Abbas (TRN)
When in Vanuatu
Chen, Nicki
The Walls of Jericho
Fisher, Rudolph
The Violence Almanac
Jeffra, Miah
The Vanishing Point
Brundage, Elizabeth
Until I Find You
Frey, Rea
Under the magnolias
Lowe, T. I. (Tonya), author.
Tragic Magic : Of the Diaspora - North America
Brown, Wesley/ Vital-lazare, Erica (EDT)/ Morrison, Toni (EDT)/ Laymon, Kiese (INT)
Things we lost to the water : a novel
Nguyen, Eric, 1988- author.
A theater for dreamers
Samson, Polly, author.
The Happiness Thief
Bokat, Nicole
Sunset Song
Gibbon, Lewis Grassic/ Sturgeon, Nicola (INT)
The Summer I Found Myself
French, Colleen
Strange children : a novel
Hoagland, Sadie, author.
A Song for the Road
Basi, Kathleen
She Never Told Me About the Ocean
Mcketta, Elisabeth Sharp
Seven Perfect Things
Hyde, Catherine Ryan
The secret talker : a novel
Yan, Geling, author.
Ruby Falls
Royce, Deborah Goodrich
The Rooftop Party
Meister, Ellen
The rock eaters : stories
Peynado, Brenda, 1985- author.
Promises to Keep
Rossiter, Nan
Painting time : a novel
Kerangal, Maylis de, author.
Paint and Nectar
Clark, Ashley
Nervous System
Meruane, Lina/ McDowell, Megan (TRN)
The Mysteries
Silver, Marisa
Mrs. Spring Fragrance : And Other Writings
Far, Sui Sin/ Zhang, C Pam (INT)
Motley Stones
Stifter, Adalbert/ Cole, Isabel Fargo (TRN)
The Mothers
Gannon, Genevieve
Miss Mole
Young, E. H.
Maggie finds her muse
Ernst, Dee, author.
A lonely man : a novel
Power, Chris, 1974- author.
Little Bones
Peacock, N. V.
Little Bandaged Days
Wilder, Kyra
Ellison, Ralph/ Johnson, Charles (FRW)
Jacobo's Rainbow
Hirshberg, David
Imagine Summer
Noble, Shelley
How Not to Drown
Wriston, Jamiee
Highway Blue
Mcfarlane, Ailsa
Kawakami, Mieko/ Bett, Sam (TRN)/ Boyd, David (TRN)
The Heart Remembers
Sendker, Jan-Philipp/ Wiliarty, Kevin (TRN)
The Guardian of Amsterdam Street
Schmucler, Sergio/ Sayer, Jessica Mendez (TRN)
Good behaviour
Keane, Molly, 1904-1996, author.
The Ghost Factory
McCartney, Jenny
Friends & Dark Shapes
Bedford, Kavita
Fantastic Creatures of the Mountains and Seas : A Chinese Classic
Goldblatt, Howard (TRN)/ Chen, Siyu (ILT)/ Sun, Jiankun
The Enchanted Night : Selected Tales
Bǹffy, Miklos/ Rix, Len (TRN)
A Door Behind a Door
Moskovich, Yelena
Dog days
Waller, Ericka, author.
Diamond Hill
Fan, Kit
The dead husband
Wilson, Carter (Novelist), author.
Closer to Fine
Rosenfeld, Jodi S.
Cheat Day
Stratman, Liv
The cave dwellers : a novel
McDowell, Christina, author.
Burn It All Down
Didomizio, Nicolas
The Book of Not
Dangarembga, Tsitsi
Blind Ambition
Lovely, Lutishia
Before I Saw You
Houghton, Emily
Attrib. and Other Stories
Williams, Eley
At the End of the Matinee
Hirano, Keiichiro/ Carpenter, Juliet Winters (TRN)
Are you enjoying? / Stories
Sethi, Mira, 1986- author.
Bayamack-Tam, Emmanuelle, author.
Smith, Sammy H. K.
Angel & Hannah : a novel in verse
Park, Ishle Yi, author.
Alien stories
Osondu, E. C., author.
After Francesco
Malloy, Brian
59 Memory Lane
Anderson, Celia
A Past That Breathes
Obiora, Noel
Cole, Dustin
Never Come Morning
Algren, Nelson/ Vonnegut, Kurt (INT)/ Wright, Richard (INT)/ Simon, Daniel (AFT)/ Donahue, H. E. F. (CON)
My Name Is Monster
Hale, Katie
Stapley, Marissa
Goodbye, Lark Lovejoy
Clink, Kris
Farthest south and other stories
Rutherford, Ethan, author.
Arriving in a Thick Fog
Jung, Young Moon/ Mah, Eunji (TRN)/ Karvonen, Jeffrey (TRN)
All I Ask
Crocker, Eva
Miracle on Cherry Hill
Hwang, Sun-mi/ Kim, Chi-Young (TRN)/ Nomoco (ILT)
The Dog Share
Gibson, Fiona
The Alibi Girl
Skuse, C. J.
West Side Story
Shulman, Irving
Tima, Aleksandar, 1924-2003, author.