Adult General Fiction

These are literary fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Los Siete Maridos de Evelyn Hugo
Jenkins Reid, Taylor
La Mecanique Du Coeur
Malzieu, Mathias
Orgullo Y Prejuicio
Austen, Jane
Orgueil Et Prejuges
Austen, Jane
Gurnah, Abdulrazak
La casa de los espairitus
Allende, Isabel, author.
Orwell, George, 1903-1950, author.
Firefly Nights
Winters, Katie
Bolano, Roberto
Turning Season
Lageschulte, Melanie
The Blessed Season
Lageschulte, Melanie
Maas allaa : una novela
Alvarez, Julia, author.
La hojarasca
Garcaia Maarquez, Gabriel, 1928- author.
Inaes del alma maia
Allende, Isabel, author.
Hija de la fortuna
Allende, Isabel, author.
El otoño del patriarca
Garcaia Maarquez, Gabriel, 1928-
De donde venimos : una novela
Casares, Oscar, 1964- author.
Cantoras : una novela
De Robertis, Carolina, author, translator.
The problem with humans
Spooner, Allison
Summer fun
Thornton, Jeanne, author.
Niels Lyhne
Jacobsen, Jens Peter
When Broken Hearts Collide
Chandler, Latoya
What isn't remembered : stories
Gorcheva-Newberry, Kristina, author.
We imagined it was rain
Siegrist, Andrew, author.
A Time Outside This Time
Kumar, Amitava
Three Novels : Three Novels
Herrera, Yuri/ Dillman, Lisa (TRN)
The Swank Hotel
Corin, Lucy
Stranger to the moon : a novel
Rosero Diago, Evelio, 1958- author.
The Stolen Sisters
Jensen, Louise
Sophie Valroux's Paris Stars
Verant, Samantha
The singing trees : a novel
Walker, Boo, author.
See Jane Snap
Crandell, Bethany
A Season of Change
Wiseman, Beth
Search history
Lim, Eugene, author.
Sankofa : A Novel
Onuzo, Chibundu
The Origins of Iris
Lewis, Beth
Kessler, Brad
Life Among the Aryans
Reed, Ishmael
Last Words on Earth
Serena, Javier/ Whittemore, Kattie (TRN)
LaserWriter II : a novel
Shopsin, Tamara, author.
Jane of Battery Park : a novel
Viner, Jaye, 1986- author.
In the Aftermath
Ward, Jane
I Will Die in a Foreign Land
Pickhart, Kalani
The House of Rust
Bajaber, Khadija Abdalla
Golden Heart Parade
Holt, Joseph
Go Home, Ricky!
Kwak, Gene
From the caves : a novella
Prieto, Thea, 1986- author.
A Friend Called Alfie
Wells, Rachel
Four Minutes
Deleva, Nataliya/ Angel, Izidora (TRN)
A flicker of light
Powner, Katie, author.
The first Christmas : a story of new beginnings
Mitchell, Stephen, 1943- author.
Dreaming of You : A Novel in Verse
Lozada-oliva, Melissa
Deer season
Flanagan, Erin, author.
Christmas by the book
Ryan, Anne Marie (Editorial consultant), author.
The Chaneysville Incident
Bradley, David
Cascade : stories
Davidson, Craig, 1976- author.
Call Me Esteban
Kalamujic, Lejla/ Zoble, Jennifer (TRN)
The Book of Mother
Huisman, Violaine/ Camhi, Leslie (TRN)
Hickman, Trice
The Bjorkan Sagas
Johnson, Harold R.
The Best American Short Stories 2021
Ward, Jesmyn (EDT)/ Pitlor, Heidi (EDT)
American Christmas Stories
Willis, Connie (EDT)
All the Quiet Places
Isaac, Brian Thomas
Siege of Comedians
Daitch, Susan
Gereaux, Tara
Mr Cadmus
Ackroyd, Peter
Milk Teeth
Bukowski, Helene/ Calleja, Jennifer (TRN)
Making Nice
Mount, Ferdinand
A long way from Douala
Lobe, Max, 1986- author.
Lean Fall Stand
McGregor, Jon
Kissing the wind
Hotchner, A. E., author.
High As the Waters Rise
Kampmann, Anja/ Posten, Anne (TRN)
The Gold Bug Variations
Powers, Richard
Dog park
Oksanen, Sofi, 1977- author.
Coolidge, Sarah (EDT)/ Abreu, Caio Fernando/ Freitas, Angelica/ Bensimon, Carol/ Noll, Joô Gilberto
Catch Us When We Fall
Fay, Juliette
White Resin
Wilhelmy, Audree
Waiting for the Waters to Rise
Condeþ, Maryse/ Philcox, Richard (TRN)
Test Signal
Connolly, Nathan (EDT)
The spectacular : a novel
Whittall, Zoe, author.
Something wonderful : stories
Lloyd, Jo, author.
A Single Rose
Barbery, Muriel/ Anderson, Alison (TRN)
Self-portrait With Russian Piano
Wondratschek, Wolf/ Yarbrough, Marshall (TRN)
Savage Kiss
Saviano, Roberto/ Shugaar, Antony (TRN)
The River Capture
Costello, Mary
The Reckoning
Katsu, Alma
The Pump
Brooman, Sydney Warner
An Ordinary Wonder
Papillon, Buki
An observant wife
Ragen, Naomi, 1949- author.
The Love We Left Behind
Slee, Katherine
Zambrano, Mario Alberto
Beauvoir, Simone de/ Smith, Sandra (TRN)/ Atwood, Margaret Eleanor (INT)
In the shadow of the Yali : a novel
Derviş, Suat, author.
I wished
Cooper, Dennis, 1953- author.
I was never the First Lady : a novel
Guerra, Wendy, 1970- author.
How to wrestle a girl : stories
Blackburn, Venita, author.
He Gets That From Me
Friedland, Jacqueline
Hao : Stories
Ye, Chun
Glorious Frazzled Beings
Lalonde, Angelique
Fifty in Reverse
Flanagan, Bill
The Famished Road
Okri, Ben/ Guignery, Vanessa (INT)
The dog of Tithwal : short stories
Manṭo, Saʻādat Ḥasan, 1912-1955 author.
McLachlin, Beverley
The Collected Novellas of Stefan Zweig
Zweig, Stefan/ Bell, Anthea (TRN)/ Starritt, Alexander (TRN)
The Bloom Girls
Pine, Amy
The Best Short Stories 2021 : The O. Henry Prize Winners
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi (EDT)/ Quigley, Jenny Minton (EDT)
The Bad Immigrant
Atta, Sefi
The archer
Swamy, Shruti, 1985- author.
Wild Animals Prohibited
Misra, Subimal/ Ramaswamy, Venkateswar (TRN)
Where I Left Her
Garza, Amber
What's Left Unsaid
Bleeker, Emily
The weight of memory
Smucker, Shawn, author.
A Vineyard Crossing
Stone, Jean
Three rooms
Hamya, Jo, 1997- author.
She wouldn't change a thing
Adlakha, Sarah, author.
The Second Season
Adrian, Emily
Red Crosses
Filipenko, Sasha/ Baer, Brian James (TRN)/ Vayner, Ellen (TRN)
One Year Gone
Bishop, Avery
On the Way : Stories
Vargas, Cyn
Mrs. Rochester's Ghost
Marcott, Lindsay
A Mouthful of Air
Koppelman, Amy/ Miller, Adrienne (AFT)
More Than I Love My Life
Grossman, David/ Cohen, Jessica (TRN)
Last summer in the city
Calligarich, Gianfranco, author.
The Kowloon English Club
Griffiths, Stephen
In Polite Company
Hagerty, Gervais
The Hunter and the Old Woman
Korgemagi, Pamela
The Human Zoo
Murray, Sabina
How to find your way in the dark
Miller, Derek B., 1970- author.
Her New Story
Bradford, Laura
The garden house
Willett, Marcia, author.
A Feather on the Breath of God
Nunez, Sigrid/ Choi, Susan (INT)
Death Fugue
Keyi, Sheng/ Bryant, Shelly (TRN)
Butler, Season
Best Debut Short Stories 2021 : The Pen America Dau Prize
Igarashi, Yuka (EDT)/ Rogers, Sarah Lyn (EDT)/ Adjei-Brenyah, Nana Kwame (COM)/ Fajardo-anstine, Kali (COM)/ Piatote, Beth (COM)
An Amish schoolroom : three stories
Clipston, Amy/ Fuller, Kathleen/ Gray, Shelley Shepard
Together We Will Go
Straczynski, J. Michael
The Stone Face
Smith, William Gardner/ Shatz, Adam (INT)
The Rules of Arrangement
Bhatia, Anisha
Lozano, Brenda/ Mcdermott, Annie (TRN)
Sarr, Mohamed Mbougar/ Trigo, Alexia (TRN)
A Boring Wife Settles the Score
Lavoie, Marie-Renee/ Aaronson, Arielle (TRN)


Manchester, Steven
Miss Mole
Young, E. H.
Never Come Morning
Algren, Nelson/ Vonnegut, Kurt (INT)/ Wright, Richard (INT)/ Simon, Daniel (AFT)/ Donahue, H. E. F. (CON)
Tima, Aleksandar, 1924-2003, author.