Adult General Fiction

These are literary fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Three kingdoms
Zhong, Luo
Dawn : stories
Demirta, Selahattin, 1973- author.
Redmond, Pamela/ Star, Darren (FRW)
A Wedding on the Beach
Chamberlin, Holly
A Vineyard Summer
Stone, Jean
The Van Apfel girls are gone
McLean, Felicity, author.
Anand, Mulk Raj, 1905-2004, author.
Lenzo, Lisa
Travelers : a novel
Habila, Helon, 1967- author.
This is home
Duffy, Lisa, 1970- author.
The Ten Loves of Nishino
Kawakami, Hiromi/ Powell, Allison Markin (TRN)
Surviving the Chase
Johnson, Lisa Renee
The sun on my head : stories
Martins, Geovani, 1991- author.
Summer Hours
Doan, Amy Mason
The Summer Demands
Shapiro, Deborah
Grossman, Vasili, author.
The Snakes
Jones, Sadie
Sleepless Night
De Moor, Margriet/ Doherty, David (TRN)
The Red Pill
Nelson, Blake
Red birds
Hanif, Mohammed, author.
The paper wasp : a novel
Acampora, Lauren, author.
Wilk, Elvia, author.
One night at the lake : a novel
Chase, Bethany, author.
One minute later : a novel
Lewis, Susan, 1956- author.
The Murmur of Bees
Segovia, Sofia/ Bruni, Simon (TRN)
Meteorites : Stories
Paul, Julie
The Melting Queen
Cinnamon, Bruce
Malibu Bluff
King, Janna
Luluѫs Caf̌
Lowe, T. I.
Lucky Girls : Stories
Freudenberger, Nell
Tannahill, Jordan
Let's Tell This Story Properly
Makumbi, Jennifer Nansubuga
The Last Resort
Stapley, Marissa
Inheritance from Mother
Mizumura, Minae/ Carpenter, Juliet Winters (TRN)
In the Night of Memory
Grover, Linda Legarde
In at the deep end
Davies, Kate, 1983- author.
The history of living forever
Wolff, Jake, 1983- author.
Here is what you do : stories
Dennis, Chris, 1979- author.
Have You Seen Luis Velez?
Hyde, Catherine Ryan
Greed : a seven deadly sins novel
Murray, Victoria Christopher, author.
The Great Unexpected
Mooney, Dan
Fleishman is in trouble : a novel
Brodesser-Akner, Taffy, author.
The Favorite Daughter
Henry, Patti Callahan
Blondel, Jean-philippe/ Anderson, Alison (TRN)
Dual citizens : a novel
Ohlin, Alix, author.
Donna has left the building
Gilman, Susan Jane, author.
Dating by the Book
Marlowe, Mary Ann
The Darkness That Divides Us
Dorrestein, Renate/ Velmans, Hester (TRN)
The Children of the Ghetto : My Name Is Adam
Khoury, Elias/ Davies, Humphrey (TRN)
The capital
Menasse, Robert, 1954- author.
Bone deep
Ireland, Sandra (Novelist), author.
The Body in Question
Ciment, Jill
Beyond all reasonable doubt : a novel
Persson Giolito, Malin, 1969- author.
A Beach Wish
Noble, Shelley
Ayesha at last
Jalaluddin, Uzma, author.
Aug 9-fog
Scanlan, Kathryn, 1980- author.
Any other place : stories
Croley, Michael, author.
All manner of things
Finkbeiner, Susie, author.
Above the ether : a novel
Barnes, Eric (Newspaper publisher), author.
Where we come from : a novel / Oscar Cásares.
Casares, Oscar, 1964- author.
Whatever It Takes
Pack, Jessica
Meyers, Randy Susan
Darke, Minnie
The royal secret : a novel
Riley, Lucinda, author.
Riots I Have Known
Chapman, Ryan
The rationing : a novel
Wheelan, Charles J, author.
The organs of sense
Sachs, Adam Ehrlich, author.
Only Ever Her
Whalen, Marybeth Mayhew
No-no boy
Okada, John, author.
Eaves, Will, 1967- author.
Modern Japanese Short Stories : An Anthology of 25 Short Stories by Japan's Leading Writers
Morris, Ivan (EDT)/ Lippit, Seiji M. (FRW)/ Kuwata, Masakazu (ILT)
Cole, Courtney (Novelist), author.
The learning curve : a novel
Berman, Mandy, author.
Law and Addiction
Papantonio, Mike
Last day : a novel
Ruta, Domenica, author.
It's Hot in the Hamptons
Peterson, Holly
If the Ice Had Held
Fox, Wendy J.
Her Secret Son
McKinnon, Hannah Mary
The hanging on Union Square : an American epic
Tsiang, H. T., 1899-1971, author.
Guesthouse for Ganesha
Teitelman, Judith
Flowers of Mold & Other Stories
Ha, Seong-nan/ Hong, Janet (TRN)
The flatshare : a novel
O'Leary, Beth, author.
Fame Adjacent
Skilton, Sarah
East goes West : the making of an oriental Yankee
Kang, Younghill, 1903-1972, author.
Wall, Roger
A daughter's truth
Bradford, Laura, author.
Hamer, Kate
Correspondents : a novel
Murphy, Tim, 1969- author.
Jakobi, Francesca
Biloxi : a novel
Miller, Mary, 1977- author.
Beautiful Revolutionary
Woollett, Laura Elizabeth
America is in the heart
Bulosan, Carlos, author.
Tobisman, C. E, author.
Wagendorp, Bert/ Vincent, Paul
Things That Fall from the Sky
Ahava, Selja/ Jeremiah, Emily (TRN)/ Jeremiah, Fleur (TRN)
Springtime in a broken mirror
Benedetti, Mario, 1920-2009, author.
The Southern Side of Paradise
Harvey, Kristy Woodson
Solovyov and Larionov
Vodolazkin, Eugene/ Hayden, Lisa C. (TRN)
Rules for Visiting
Kane, Jessica Francis
Rabbits for food
Kirshenbaum, Binnie, author.
Princess Bari
Sok-Yong, Hwang/ Kim-Russell, Sora (TRN)
Not bad people : a novel
Scott, Brandy, author.
Nirvana Is Here
Hamburger, Aaron
The Nine-Chambered Heart
Pariat, Janice
My ex-best friend's wedding
Wax, Wendy, author.
Gladman, Renee
Machado De Assis : 26 Stories
De Assis, Joaquim Maria MacHado/ Costa, Margaret Jull (TRN)/ Patterson, Robin (TRN)/ Wood, Michael (FRW)
Mac's problem : a novel
Vila-Matas, Enrique, 1948- author.
Porter, Max
Juliet the maniac : a novel
Escoria, Juliet, author.
Greatest Hits
Barnett, Laura
Fatboy Fall Down
Maharaj, Rabindranath
Drndi, Daa, 1946- author.
The East End
Allen, Jason
Dream sequence
Foulds, Adam, 1974- author.
The desert sky before us : a novel
Valente, Anne, author.
The Den
Maxwell, Abi
Days by Moonlight
Alexis, Andreþ
The Cracks in Our Armor
Gavalda, Anna/ Anderson, Alison (TRN)
China dream / China Magic
Ma, Jian, 1953- author.
Beyond Babylon
Scego, Igiaba, 1974- author.
The Behavior of Love
Reeves, Virginia
Becoming us : a gather novel
Gunn, Robin Jones, 1955- author.
The Baghdad Clock
Al Rawi, Shahad/ Leafgren, Luke (TRN)
Bad Ideas
Marston, Missy
Around Harvard Square
Farley, C. J./ Farley, Christopher John
Arid dreams : stories
D̄ưanwt Phimwan, author.
The Alchemy of Noise
Wilke, Lorraine Devon
Walking on the Ceiling
Savas, Aysegپl
Swimming for sunlight
Larkin, Allie, author.
Smith, Ali
Never Say Never
Wingate, Lisa
Like lions : a novel
Panowich, Brian, author.
Lie with me : a novel
Besson, Philippe, 1967- author.
Everything is just fine
Paesel, Brett, author.
The Elegant Out : A Novella
Bartasius, Elizabeth
The Cage
Jones, Lloyd
Dawes, Kwame
At Briarwood School for Girls : a novel
Knight, Michael, 1969- author.
Helene, Sondra
The Amateurs
Harmer, Liz
Acts of infidelity
Andersson, Lena, 1970- author.
When We Left Cuba
Cleeton, Chanel
Trust exercise / a novel
Choi, Susan, 1969- author.
Then sings my soul
Sorrells, Amy K, author.
The siege of Tel Aviv : a novel
Kestin, Hesh, author.
Russian stories
Keller, Christoph (EDT)
Ahern, Cecelia
The risk of us
Howard, Rachel, 1976- author.
Furst, Joshua, 1971- author.
Pickle's Progress
Butler, Marcia
The peacock emporium
Moyes, Jojo, 1969- author.
The Patient One
Gray, Shelley Shepard
A Palm Beach Wife
Marren, Susannah
Outside Looking In
Boyle, T. Coraghessan
Sutcliffe, William
The Optic Nerve
Gainza, Maria/ Bunstead, Thomas (TRN)
Normal People
Rooney, Sally
Naamah : a novel
Blake, Sarah (Poet), author.
My Coney Island Baby
O'callaghan, Billy


Kirino, Natsuo/ Gabriel, Philip (TRN)
How to Rule the World
Fischer, Tibor
Henry, Himself
O'Nan, Stewart
Half finished : a novel
Snelling, Lauraine, author.
Glory Road
Denton, Lauren K.
Everyday Lies
Crosby, Tanya Anne
Diary of a murderer : and other stories
Kim, Young-ha, 1968- author.
Dark constellations
Oloixarac, Pola, author.
The binding : a novel
Collins, Bridget, author.
The Ash Family
Dektar, Molly
All My Colors
Quantick, David
Abel and Cain
Rezzori, Gregor von, author.
Tomorrow's Bread
Mayhew, Anna Jean
There's a Word for That
Tanen, Sloane
The Spectators
Dubois, Jennifer
Sabrina & Corina : stories
Fajardo-Anstine, Kali, author.
The Promise of Elsewhere
Leithauser, Brad
Prince of monkeys : a novel
Ehirim, Nnamdi, author.
The Other Americans
Lalami, Laila
The Marrow of Tradition
Chesnutt, Charles Waddell/ Cash, Wiley (INT)
Little Lovely Things
Connolly, Maureen Joyce
Lights all night long : a novel
Fitzpatrick, Lydia, 1982- author.
Englander, Nathan, author.
Hope on the Inside
Bostwick, Marie
The Gulf
Boggs, Belle
The fifteen wonders of Daniel Green
Boyce, Erica, author.
Statovci, Pajtim, author.
The cook
Kerangal, Maylis de, author.
Boy Swallows Universe
Dalton, Trent
The witch's kind
Morgan, Louisa, 1952- author.
Waiting for Bojangles
Bourdeaut, Olivier/ Kramer, Regan (TRN)
Oksana, Behave!
Kuznetsova, Maria
Memories of the Future
Hustvedt, Siri
Lot : Stories
Washington, Bryan
The Little Girl on the Ice Floe
Bon, Adľa̐de/ Kover, Tina (TRN)
Little boy
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence, author.
Let Me Out Here : Stories
Pease, Emily W.
In the blink of an eye
Blackadder, Jesse, author.
Guarding His Fortune
Bagwell, Stella
Grace after Henry
Shortall, Eithne, author.
Difficult People
Wright, Catriona
Ballard, J. G./ Smith, Zadie (INT)
How We Disappeared
Lee, Jing-jing
Waiting for Monsieur Bellivier
Röstlund, Britta, author.
Phillips, Emily
Winters' Snow : A Novella
Fletcher, Carrie Hope