Adult General Fiction

These are literary fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Yellow Earth
Sayles, John
The Women in Black
St. John, Madeleine
Hodge, Rebecca
What Hell Is Not
D'avenia, Alessandro/ Parzen, Jeremy (TRN)
The wagers
Michaels, Sean, 1982- author.
The Vindications
Wollstonecraft, Mary
Verge : Stories
Yuknavitch, Lidia
Vera Violet
Peterson, Melissa Anne
Two Blankets, Three Sheets
Al Galidi, Rodaan/ Reeder, Jonathan (TRN)
Engle, Debra Landwehr
The Town
Prescott, Shaun
The threshing floor
Bentley, Ray (Pastor), author.
There Is Confusion
Fauset, Jessie Redmon/ Jerkins, Morgan (INT)
Pen, John, 1901-1958, author.
The stories of Alice Adams
Adams, Alice, 1926-1999, author.
Shuggie Bain : a novel
Stuart, Douglas, 1976- author.
Run Me to Earth
Yoon, Paul
Romance in Marseille
McKay, Claude, 1890-1948, author.
The Rock Blaster
Mankell, Henning/ Delargy, Marlaine Ann (TRN)
The Road to Urbino
Tearne, Roma
The Regrets
Bonnaffons, Amy
Houdart, Célia, author.
Promises of the Heart
Rossiter, Nan
The Presidentѫs Room
Romero, Ricardo/ Coombe, Charlotte (TRN)
Our Fathers
Wait, Rebecca
My Part of Her
Djavahery, Javad/ Ramadan, Emma (TRN)
More than we remember
Nelson, Christina Suzann, author.
Molly Bit
Bevacqua, Dan
Mercy House
Dillon, Alena
The lucky star
Vollmann, William T, author.
Love Story : 50th Anniversary Edition
Segal, Erich/ Segal, Francesca (INT)
Interior Chinatown
Yu, Charles
Independence Square
Miller, A. D.
Cain, Amina, author.
Include Me Out
Cristoff, Mar̕a Sonia/ Silver, Katherine (TRN)
House of Trelawney
Rothschild, Hannah, 1962- author.
Home truths : a novel
Lewis, Susan, 1956- author.
Home Making
Matalone, Lee
Heathcliff redux : and other stories
Tuck, Lily, 1938- author.
The Golden Key
Womack, Marian
Fandango and other stories
Grin, A. (Aleksandr), 1880-1932, author.
An everyday hero
Trentham, Laura, author.
The Edge
Collinson, Jamie
Eden mine
Hulse, S. M., 1984- author.
Dark Mother Earth
Novak, Kristian/ Elias-Bursac, Ellen (TRN)
Bathanti, Joseph
Constance Fenimore Woolson : Collected Stories
Woolson, Constance Fenimore/ Rioux, Anne Boyd (EDT)
The circus : a novel
Karlsson, Jonas, 1971- author.
The cactus league : a novel
Nemens, Emily, author.
Blue flowers
Saavedra, Carola, 1973- author.
Black Sunday
Abraham, Tola Rotimi
Bird summons
Aboulela, Leila, 1964- author.
Beside myself
Salzmann, Marianna, 1985- author.
Baudelaire Fractal
Robertson, Lisa
B, Book, and me
Kim, Sa-gwa, author.
Mama Hissa's Mice
Alsanousi, Saud/ Hussain, Sawad (TRN)


Kavenna, Joanna
Wife After Wife
Hayfield, Olivia
We wish you luck : a novel
Zancan, Caroline, author.
Unmaking Grace
Boswell, Barbara
Topics of Conversation
Popkey, Miranda
To the edge of sorrow : a novel
Apelfeld, Aharon, author.
This Is Not How It Ends
Weinstein, Rochelle B.
The Sweet Indifference of the World
Stamm, Peter/ Hofmann, Michael (TRN)
The street
Petry, Ann, 1908-1997, author.
Stateway's garden : stories
Drain, Jasmon, author.
St. Francis Society for Wayward Pets
Noblin, Annie England
So Lucky
O'Porter, Dawn
Kolyma stories / Further Kolyma Stories
Shalamov, Varlam, author.
Andrews, Jessica, 1992- author.
The protective one
Gray, Shelley Shepard, author.
Not So Stories
Moore, David Thomas (EDT)/ Iskandar, Adiwijaya/ Elliott-coleman, Joseph/ Gates, Raymond/ Hutton, Zina
Night Theater
Paralkar, Vikram
My red heaven
Olsen, Lance, 1956- author.
The Majesties
Tsao, Tiffany
A long time comin'
Pearson, Robin W., author.
Life on Loan
Farley, Ashley
Curtis, Rye
Just After the Wave
Collette, Sandrine/ Anderson, Alison (TRN)
Melrose, Fiona
Imaginary museums : stories
Polek, Nicolette, author.
The housing lark
Selvon, Sam, author.
Home Truths
Seskis, Tina
Javeri, Sabyn
Here I Am!
Holdstock, Pauline
Heart of junk
Geddes, Luke, author.
The Heap
Adams, Sean
The great concert of the night
Buckley, Jonathan, 1956- author.
Forever Friends
Mackenzie, Sarah
Follow Me to Ground
Rainsford, Sue
Fish Soup
Robayo, Margarita Garc̕a/ Coombe, Charlotte (TRN)
Fabulous : Stories
Hughes-Hallett, Lucy
The end of the ocean : a novel
Lunde, Maja, author.
End Game
Dylan, Rachel
The Black cathedral
Gala, Marcial, 1963- author.
Szabó, Magda, 1917-2007, author.
A lesson before dying
Gaines, Ernest J., 1933-
Collected stories / Collected Stories
Carver, Raymond, 1938-1988.
Under Nushagak bluff : a novel
Heavener, Mia, 1978- author.
There You Are
Morais, Mathea
Seven Samurai Swept Away in a River
Jung, Young Moon/ Jung, Yewon (TRN)
Goodwin, Bobi Gentry
The old woman and the river : a novel
Ismʻl, Ismʻl Fahd, author.
The Moonshiner's Daughter
Everhart, Donna
The miracles of the Namiya General Store
Higashino, Keigo, 1958- author.
Me Dying Trial
Powell, Patricia
Love¡is a Rebellious Bird
Klasson, Elayne
Like Wings, Your Hands
Earley, Elizabeth
Invented Lives
Goldsmith, Andrea
In the Time We Lost
Fletcher, Carrie Hope
Highwire Moon
Straight, Susan
Ghost Engine : Stories
Tebordo, Christian
Crossing the Sierra De Gredos
Handke, Peter/ Winston, Krishna (TRN)
Continental Divide
Myers, Alex
The Comedown
Frumkin, Rebekah
The color of rock
Miller, Sandra Cavallo, author.
The camera never lies
Rawlings, David, 1971- author.
The bake shop
Clipston, Amy, author.
The Art of Regret
Fleming, Mary
All my cats
Hrabal, Bohumil, 1914-1997, author.
Time spent away
Mitin, Andrew
The legal limit
Clark, Martin, 1959-
This Is Pleasure : A Story
Gaitskill, Mary
This Is Happiness
Williams, Niall
The story of a goat
Perummurukaṉ, author.
Hyde, Catherine Ryan
The sacrament : a novel
Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson, author.
Meg and Jo
Kantra, Virginia, author.
The living days
Devi, Ananda, author.
Jude the Obscure
Hardy, Thomas
In the Cradle Lies
Newport, Olivia
Holding on to nothing
Shelburne, Elizabeth Chiles, author.
A Bend in the River
Naipaul, V. S./ Marnham, Patrick (INT)
Wake, siren : Ovid resung
MacLaughlin, Nina, author.
Tiny love : the complete stories of Larry Brown
Brown, Larry, 1951-2004, author.
A Storm Blew in from Paradise
Anyuru, Johannes/ Wilson-Broyles, Rachel (TRN)
Not a Thing to Comfort You
Wortman-wunder, Emily
The Negro Grandsons of Vercingetorix
Mabanckou, Alain/ Johnston, Bill (TRN)
Mac on a Hot Tin Roof
Metz, Melinda
Sönmez, Burhan, author.
Tizano, Rodrigo M̀rquez/ Bunstead, Thomas (TRN)
Holly Banks Full of Angst
Valerie, Julie
Freedom Lessons
Sanchez, Eileen Harrison
Disaster's Children
Sloley, Emma
Die, My Love
Harwicz, Ariana/ Moses, Sarah (TRN)/ Orloff, Carolina (TRN)
Big Familia
Moniz, Tomas
American grief in four stages : stories
Hoagland, Sadie, author.
The worst kind of want
Jacobs, Liska, 1983- author.
Why, Why, Why?
Monz̤, Quim/ Bush, Peter (TRN)
What burns : stories
Peck, Dale, author.
Vernon Subutex 1
Despentes, Virginie, 1969- author.
They will drown in their mothers' tears
Anyuru, Johannes, 1979- author.
Silence of the Chagos
Patel, Shenaz/ Zuckerman, Jeffrey (TRN)
Red Oblivion
Shimotakahara, Leslie
Shale, Tseruyah, author.
Nappily Married
Thomas, Trisha R.
Nappily Faithful
Thomas, Trisha R.
The mutations
Comensal, Jorge, 1987- author.
Man's 4th best hospital
Shem, Samuel, author.
The Little Blue Kite
Danielewski, Mark Z.
Life Went on Anyway : Stories
Sentsov, Oleg/ Blacker, Uilleam (TRN)
The involuntary sojourner : stories
Tenhoff, S. P., author.
The Fugitivities
Mccarthy, Jesse
Eternal Sojourners
Ponicsǹ, Darryl
The Dreamed Part
Fresǹ, Rodrigo/ Vanderhyden, Will (TRN)
A dream come true : the collected stories of Juan Carlos Onetti
Onetti, Juan Carlos, 1909-1994, author.
The dog I loved
Wilson, Susan, 1951- author.
Divide me by zero
Vapnyar, Lara, 1971- author.
The Colonel's Wife
Liksom, Rosa/ Rogers, Lola (TRN)
Beside Herself
Laban, Elizabeth
Berlin stories
Hensher, Philip (EDT)
As Long As It's Perfect
Tognola, Lisa
A Sister's Power
Rax, Cydney
The promise
Ocampo, Silvina, author.
A peculiar kind of immigrant's son
Troncoso, Sergio, 1961- author.
The lost causes of Bleak Creek : a novel
McLaughlin, Rhett, author.
The Girl at the Door
Raimo, Veronica
From hell to breakfast : a novel
Tifft, Meghan, author.
The friend of the desert : a novel
Ors, Pablo J. d', 1963- author.
Forgotten journey
Ocampo, Silvina, author.
Fire summer : a novel
Lam, Thuy Da, 1971- author.
The factory
Oyamada, Hiroko, 1983- author.
Drowning With Others
Keir, Linda
Death and the Seaside
Moore, Alison
The cheffe : a cook's novel
NDiaye, Marie, author.
The beadworkers
Piatote, Beth H., 1966- author.
All About Evie
Lamb, Cathy
Suicide Woods : Stories
Percy, Benjamin
Seven letters
Monninger, Joseph, author.
Salt Slow
Armfield, Julia
Pursuit : The Balvenie Stories Collection
Preston, Alex (EDT)/ Preston, Alex (CON)/ Williams, Eley (CON)/ Szalay, David (CON)/ Shamsie, Kamila (CON)
Metropolitan stories
Coulson, Christine, author.
It would be night in Caracas
Sainz Borgo, Karina, 1982-
Here Until August : Stories
Rowe, Josephine
Ghosts of Berlin : Stories
Herzog, Rudolph
False bingo : stories
Jemc, Jac, 1983- author.
Celestial Bodies
Alharthi, Jokha/ Booth, Marilyn (TRN)
Bezoar : and other unsettling stories
Nettel, Guadalupe, 1973- author.
All the right circles : a novel
Russell, John, 1954- author.
The Trumpet Lesson
Romain, Dianne
Houellebecq, Michel/ Whiteside, Shaun (TRN)
A Nail, a Rose
Bourdouxhe, Madeleine/ Evans, Faith (TRN)
The Best American Short Stories 2019
Doerr, Anthony (EDT)/ Pitlor, Heidi (EDT)
A Pagan Place
O'Brien, Edna