Adult General Fiction

These are literary fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Where dogs bark with their tails : a novel
Bulle, Estelle-Sarah, 1974- author.
When We Let Go
Weinstein, Rochelle B.
What Jonah Knew
Graham, Barbara
Ways the world could end : a novel
Hooper, Kim, author.
Walking in Tall Weeds
Pearson, Robin W.


Sem-sandberg, Steve/ Vogel, Saskia (TRN)
Venomous lumpsucker
Beauman, Ned, author.
To Walk Alone in the Crowd
Molina, Antonio Munoz/ Bleichmar, Guillermo (TRN)
Yuknavitch, Lidia, author.
This World Does Not Belong to Us
Freire, Natalia Garc̕a/ Meadowcroft, Victor (TRN)
The T Room
Lilienthal, Victoria
A Summer Love Affair
Chamberlin, Holly
Some Maintenance Required
Lavoie, Marie-renee/ Aaronson, Arielle (TRN)
Sirens & Muses
Angress, Antonia
Shmutz : a novel
Berliner, Felicia, author.
Self-portrait with ghost : short stories
Jin, Meng, 1989- author.
Sandman : A Golf Tale
Berner, David W.
The Reservoir
Duchovny, David
Clair, Maxine
The pink hotel
Jacobs, Liska, 1983- author.
Other names for love
Soomro, Taymour, author.
Now Lila Knows
Nunez, Elizabeth
Now in November
Johnson, Josephine
Nothing but the Truth
James, Holly
No more lies : a novel
Lonsdale, Kerry, author.
No funny business
Aksel, Amanda, author.
The Mermaid of Black Conch
Roffey, Monique
Love's dwelling
Irvin, Kelly, author.
Lioness : a novel
Powell, Mark, 1976- author.
Like Animals
Lemieux, Eve/ Rock, Cayman (TRN)
Letters to Singapore
Kaur, Kelly
Ice Out
Speranza, Susan
I only cry with emoticons : novel
Zalkow, Yuvi, author.
House of hearts
Block, Francesca Lia, author.
Here Be Icebergs
Adaui, Katya/ Harvey, Rosalind (TRN)
The haunting of Hajji Hotak : and other stories
Kochai, Jamil Jan, 1992- author.
Harry Sylvester Bird
Okparanta, Chinelo
Happy Is on Hiatus
Arthur, A. C.
Priscus, Sarah
The Great Man Theory
Wayne, Teddy
A Gracious Neighbor
Cander, Chris
Gods of Want : Stories
Chang, K. Ming
The floating girls : a novel
Patrick, Lo, author.
Five-part Invention
Buchanan, Andrea J.
First Victim
Babitt, Debbie
The empire of dirt : a novel
Manfredi, Francesca, 1988- author.
The Earthspinner
Roy, Anuradha
Diary of a Film
Govinden, Niven
Dead Souls
Riviere, Sam
Community Klepto
Hitchcock, Kelly I.
Coffee, shopping, murder, love : a novel
Allende, Carlos, 1974- author.
A catalog of such stuff as dreams are made on
Dong, Qizhang, 1967- author.
Brisbane : a novel
Vodolazkin, E. G., author.
Briefly, a delicious life : a novel
Stevens, Nell, 1985- author.
The Boys
Hafner, Katie
Blithedale Canyon
Bourne, Michael
Beyond the Moonlit Sea
MacLean, Julianne
Bad thoughts : stories
Alic, Nada, author.
Lewis, Sinclair
All the dirty secrets
Thompson, Aggie Blum, author.
After we were stolen : a novel
Beyfuss, Brooke, author.
Another Life
Pascal, Callie
Mitchell, David
Little Birds
Rat, Ira
Weaver, Troy James
Shore Road
Demaio, Joanne
Yerba Buena
LaCour, Nina, author.
Who you might be : a novel
Gallagher, Leigh N., author.
Virgins in Their Beds
Parker, Amy
A trail of crab tracks : a novel
Nganang, Alain Patrice, author.
Perrin, Valerie/ Serle, Hildegarde (TRN)
This Place That Place
Dinesh, Nandita
Sweet, Sweet Revenge Ltd
Jonasson, Jonas
The Summer Daughter
French, Colleen
So Happy for You
Laskey, Celia
The setup
Dent, Lizzy, author.
Same time, same place : a novel
Barnett, David, 1970 January 11- author.
Saint Sebastian's abyss
Haber, Mark, 1972- author.
The Ravaged
Reedus, Norman/ Bill, Frank (CON)
Rainbow Rainbow : Stories
Conklin, Lydia
Baker, Peter C.
One's company : a novel
Hutson, Ashley, author.
The novelist : a novel
Castro, Jordan, author.
The Mutual Friend
Bays, Carter
Mother ocean father nation : a novel
Batsha, Nishant, author.
The Minister Primarily
Killens, John Oliver/ Reed, Ishmael (INT)
The Men
Newman, Sandra
Meant to Be Mine
Orenstein, Hannah
Edwards, Rachel
The lovers : a novel
Cognetti, Paolo, 1978- author.
The long answer
Hogeland, Anna, author.
The Lifestyle
Hahn, Taylor
The last island : a novel
Livaneli, Zülfü, 1946- author.
The kingdom of sand : a novel
Holleran, Andrew, author.
Just by looking at him : a novel
O'Connell, Ryan, 1986- author.
Infinite Dimensions : Stories
Treadway, Jessica
How to Be Eaten
Adelmann, Maria
The Hop
Clarke, Diana
Homesickness : stories
Barrett, Colin, 1982- author.
Grand Hotel Europa : a novel
Pfeijffer, Ilja Leonard, 1968- author.
The Golden Season
Sneed, Madeline Kay
Girls they write songs about
Bauer, Carlene, author.
The girls in Queens : a novel
Kandic Torres, Christine, author.
Full Catastrophe
Cook, Meira
Fruiting bodies : stories
Harlan, Kathryn, author.
Four ways to wear a dress
Libby, Gillian, author.
The Flanders Road
Simon, Claude/ Howard, Richard (TRN)/ Carlson, Jerry W. (INT)
Family album : stories
Alemaan Salvador, Maraia Gabriela, 1968- author.
Dorn, Anna
Captain Ni'mat's last battle
Leftah, Mohamed, author.
Body grammar
Ohman, Jules, author.
A Blind Corner
Macy, Caitlin
The Billionaire and the Monk
Singh, Vibhor Kumar
The beach trap
Brady, Ali, author.
The Bar at Twilight
Tuten, Frederic
Are We Ever Our Own
Fuentes, Gabrielle Lucille
After the lights go out
Vercher, John, author.
With prejudice
Peguero, Robin, author.
We Measure the Earth With Our Bodies
Lama, Tsering Yangzom
Six days in Rome : a novel
Giacco, Francesca, author.
She Is Haunted
Clark, Paige
The Perfect Golden Circle
Myers, Benjamin
Never Coming Home
McKinnon, Hannah Mary
Mirror Made of Rain
Patel, Naheed Phiroze
Mid-air : two novellas
Shorr, Victoria, author.
The Long Corner
Maksik, Alexander
Holding her breath : a novel
Ryan, Eimear, author.
Greetings from Asbury Park
Turtel, Daniel H.
The forgotten life of Eva Gordon
MacKillop, Linda, author.
The cherry robbers
Walker, Sarai, author.
Zink, Nell
Valleyesque : stories
Flores, Fernando A., 1982- author.
Summer Island
Noble, Shelley
Seven Steeples
Baume, Sara
Seeing Strangers
Plata, Sebastian J.
The Patient
Shemilt, Jane
Patience is a subtle thief : a novel
Ishola-Ayodeji, Abi, author.
The Partition
Lee, Don
One of Us Is Dead
Rose, Jeneva
No Stars in the Sky
Batiz, Martha
Mother Country
Townsend, Jacinda
Little Rabbit
Songsiridej, Alyssa, author.
Here Goes Nothing
Toltz, Steve
The Garden of Broken Things
Momplaisir, Francesca
Companion piece
Smith, Ali, 1962- Ali, author.
Laskar, Devi S.
Bad girls
Sosa Villada, Camila, author.
Avenue of Champions
Kerr, Conor
All the Lovers in the Night
Kawakami, Mieko/ Bett, Sam (TRN)/ Boyd, David (TRN)
All that fills us : a novel
Lytle, Autumn, author.
2 a.m. in Little America : a novel
Kalfus, Ken, author.
The Years
Woolf, Virginia
Stay Gone Days
Yarbrough, Steve
Rock, Peter
The Odyssey
Williams, Lara
Find Him
Hinkson, Jake
Dark Circles
Dolan-Leach, Caite
The crocodile bride
Pedersen, Ashleigh Bell, author.
Country of Origin
Azim, Dalia
Chaeri : and, The end of Chaeri
Colette, 1873-1954, author.
Melchor, Fernanda, 1982- author.
Orgueil Et Prejuges
Austen, Jane
Life Among the Aryans
Reed, Ishmael
Fifty in Reverse
Flanagan, Bill
Gravity's rainbow
Pynchon, Thomas.
Barefoot : a novel
Hilderbrand, Elin.