Adult General Fiction

These are literary fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Harrigan, Sharon, 1967- author.
Where the wild ladies are
Matsuda, Aoko, 1979- author.
West Side Story
Shulman, Irving
An Unfinished Story
Walker, Boo
The Town Crazy
Roche, Suzzy
Toward That Which Is Beautiful
Wernicke, Marian O'shea
Case, Mairead
Rescue You
Whisler, Elysia
Par̕s, Daniel Saldaą/ MacSweeney, Christina (TRN)
A lover's discourse
Guo, Xiaolu, 1973- author.
Judge's Girls
Harris, Sharina


Gaddis, William, 1922-1998, author.
Eva's Man
Jones, Gayl
Consensual hex
Harlowe, Amanda, author.
Cane field revival
Bassett, JoAnn
The unhappy medium
Brown, T.J.
The Runaways
Bhutto, Fatima
Kirino, Natsuo, 1951-
The White Coat Diaries
Sinha, Madi, author.
A Terrible Secret
Glass, Cathy
The sword and the spear
Couto, Mia, 1955- author.
Matayoshi, Naoki/ Watts, Alison (TRN)
Silence Is My Mother Tongue
Addonia, Sulaiman
She gets that from me
Wells, Robin (Robin Rouse), author.
The seventh mansion : a novel
Meijer, Maryse, 1982- author.
The seduction
Briscoe, Joanna (Novelist), author.
The secret lives of church ladies
Philyaw, Deesha, author.
The secret French recipes of Sophie Valroux
Vaerant, Samantha, author.
Ruthie fear : a novel
Loskutoff, Maxim, author.
Rules for Being Dead
Powers, Kim
Role Play
Whitaker, Tu-Shonda L.
Red pill : a novel
Kunzru, Hari, 1969- author.
A palm beach wife
Marren, Susannah, author.
One step behind
North, Lauren, author.
Satran, Pamela Redmond, author.
The Nicotine Chronicles
Child, Lee (EDT)/ Oates, Joyce Carol (CON)/ Ames, Jonathan (CON)/ Bogosian, Eric (CON)/ Obejas, Achy (CON)
Ms. Hempel Chronicles
Bynum, Sarah Shun-Lien
Madeleine Is Sleeping
Bynum, Sarah Shun-Lien
Lucky Ticket
Bui, Joey
Love sold separately
Meister, Ellen, author.
Lost souls at the Neptune Inn : a novel
Carter, Betsy, 1945- author.
The Lost Girls of Devon
O'Neal, Barbara
A little bit of karma : a novel
Billingsley, ReShonda Tate, author.
Bynum, Sarah Shun-lien, author.
The Lake Wobegon Virus
Keillor, Garrison
If the body allows it : stories
Cummins, Megan, author.
Homeland Elegies
Akhtar, Ayad
A heartfelt Christmas promise
Naigle, Nancy, author.
The great offshore grounds
Veselka, Vanessa, author.
A girl is a body of water
Makumbi, Jennifer Nansubuga, author.
The edge of belonging
Cox, Amanda, 1984- author.
Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing
Scotch, Allison Winn
Box Hill : a story of low self-esteem
Mars-Jones, Adam, 1954- author.
The Book of CarolSue
Hugo, Lynne
Bestiary : a novel
Chang, Kristin, author.
Amish Christmas twins
Gray, Shelley Shepard/ Good, Rachel J./ Lough, Loree
Against the loveless world : a novel
Abulhawa, Susan, author.
The farm stand
Clipston, Amy, author.
Zero zone : a novel
O'Connor, Scott, author.
A world between
Hashimoto, Emily, author.
Why visit America : stories
Baker, Matthew, 1985- author.
What the Heart Wants
Carlan, Audrey
The view from here : a novel
McKinnon, Hannah Roberts, author.
The tunnel
Yehoshua, Abraham B, author.
The truth hurts : a novel
Reid, Rebecca (Novelist), author.
Three Little Truths
Shortall, Eithne
Tender is the flesh : a novel
Bazterrica, Agustina Maraia, 1974- author.
Some go home : a novel
Lindsey, Odie, author.
Shelter in Place
Leavitt, David
Rules of the road
Geraghty, Ciara, author.
The river home : a novel
Richell, Hannah, author.
Polar Vortex
Mootoo, Shani
Piecing it all together
Gould, Leslie, 1962- author.
Piece by Piece
Bradford, Laura
The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories
Rubin, Jay/ Murakami, Haruki (INT)
Out of Mesopotamia
Abdoh, Salar
Other people's pets
Maizes, R. L., author.
One year of ugly : a novel
Mackenzie, Caroline, author.
One to watch : a novel
Stayman-London, Kate, author.
One bright Christmas
Spencer, Katherine, 1955- author.
No Presents Please : Mumbai Stories
Kaikini, Jayant/ Niranjana, Tejaswini (TRN)
No heaven for good boys : a novel
Bush, Keisha, author.
Nightshade : a novel
McAfee, Annalena, author.
Natural history
Fonseca, Carlos, 1987- author.
My Favorite Girlfriend Was a French Bulldog
Iglesias, Legna Rodriguez/ McDowell, Megan (TRN)
Klay, Phil, author.
The Mighty Oak
Bens, Jeff W.
A Man
Hirano, Keiichiro/ William, Eli K. P. (TRN)
The loyalties
Vigan, Delphine de, author.
Louisiana lucky : a novel
Pennell, Julie, author.
The lost shtetl
Gross, Max, author.
Let Him Go
Watson, Larry
The last interview
Nevo, Eshkol, author.
The land
Maltman, Thomas James, 1971- author.
Keeping Secrets
Byler, Linda
Jacob's Room
Woolf, Virginia
Serizawa, Asako, author.
I give it to you : a novel
Martin, Valerie, 1948- author.
Honeysuckle Season
Taylor, Mary Ellen
Heaven and earth
Giordano, Paolo, 1982- author.
A Good Family
Kim, A. H.
Golden Poppies
Ibrahim, Laila
Every bone a prayer
Blooms, Ashley, author.
The Doctor of Aleppo
Mayland, Dan
The Disaster Tourist
Ko-eun, Yun/ Buehler, Lizzie (TRN)
Death and the butterfly : a novel
Hester, Colin, 1951- author.
Dear child
Hausmann, Romy, 1981- author.
Dead Girls
Almada, Selva/ Mcdermott, Annie (TRN)
Crushing It
Parker, Lorelei
Crooked hallelujah
Ford, Kelli Jo, author.
Creative types : and other stories
Bissell, Tom, 1974- author.
Come again : a novel
Webb, Robert, 1972- author.
The Columnist
Frank, Jeffrey
The Catholic School
Albinati, Edoardo/ Shugaar, Antony (TRN)
The brightest place in the world
Mullins, David Philip, 1974- author.
A Borrowed Life
King, Kerry Anne
Bluebeard's First Wife
Ha, Seong-Nan/ Hong, Janet (TRN)
Beneficence : a novel
Hall, Meredith, 1949- author.
Dylan, Rachel
Ask me anything
Reizin, P. Z., author.
And the Earth Will Sit on the Moon : Essential Stories
Gogol, Nikolai Vasilevich/ Ready, Oliver (TRN)
All the Right Mistakes
Jamison, Laura
All the acorns on the forest floor
Hooper, Kim, author.
All Our Broken Idols
Cooper, Paul M. M.
Kingsnorth, Paul
The Wedding Thief
Simses, Mary
The brother years
Burke, Shannon, author.
The Wondrous and Tragic Life of Ivan and Ivana
Condeþ, Maryse/ Philcox, Richard (TRN)
The Wild Laughter
Hughes, Caoilinn
When these mountains burn
Joy, David, 1983- author.
Water Witches
Bohjalian, Chris
Want : a novel
Strong, Lynn Steger, 1983- author.
Via negativa
Hornsby, Daniel, author.
Until we have faces : stories
Nye, Michael, 1978- author.
True love : a novel
Gerard, Sarah, author.
The Tree and the Vine
De Jong, Dola/ Gehrman, Kristen (TRN)
This Little Light
Lansens, Lori
These nameless things
Smucker, Shawn, author.
Summer : a novel
Smith, Ali, 1962- author.
The son of good fortune : a novel
Tenorio, Lysley A., 1972- author.
Someone Else's Secret
Spiro, Julia
Side Trip
Lonsdale, Kerry
A Short Move
Hill, Katherine
The Shame
Goodman, Makenna
Seven days in summer
Willett, Marcia, author.
Sensation machines
Wilson, Adam (Adam Zachary), 1982- author.
Self care : a novel
Stein, Leigh, 1984- author.
The secret of you and me : a novel
Lenhardt, Melissa, author.
Bakopoulos, Natalie, author.
The other sister
Hill, Donna (Donna O.), author.
Caardenas, Juan Sebastiaan, 1978- author.
Ordinary hazards : a novel
Bruno, Anna, 1981- author.
Open secrets
Kohler, Sheila, author.
Nine shiny objects : a novel
Castleberry, Brian, author.
The new wilderness
Cook, Diane, 1976- author.
Must I go : a novel
Li, Yiyun, 1972- author.
Monstress : Stories
Tenorio, Lysley
Miss Iceland
Auður A. aOlafsdaottir, 1958- author.
A Man
Hirano, Keiichiro/ William, Eli K. P. (TRN)
Lucky's Beach
Noble, Shelley
Little scratch : a novel
Watson, Rebecca, 1995- author.
Last call on Decatur Street
Cohen, Iris Martin, author.
Lake life
Poissant, David James, author.
Butler, Halle, author.
It is wood, it is stone : a novel
Burnham, Gabriella, author.
The island child : a novel
Aitken, Molly, author.
Inconvenient Daughter
Sharkey, Lauren J.
If I had two wings : stories
Kenan, Randall, author.
I Live in the Slums : Stories
Xue, Can/ Gernant, Karen (TRN)/ Chen, Zeping (TRN)
A house is a body : stories
Swamy, Shruti, 1985- author.
Happily whatever after
Lewis, Stewart, author.
Fraternity : stories
Nugent, Benjamin, author.
Fragments of light
Phoenix, Michèle, author.
Fools' Gold
Hitchens, Dolores/ Swierczynski, Duane (FRW)
Florida man : a novel
Cooper, Thomas, author.
The drive
Assulin, Yair, 1986- author.
The Divine Boys
Restrepo, Laura/ De Robertis, Carolina (TRN)
Destination wedding : a novel
Basu, Diksha, author.
A Decent Family
Ventrella, Rosa/ Goldstein, Ann (TRN)
The Dazzling Truth
Cullen, Helen
The comeback
Berman, Ella, author.
Broken April
Kadare, Ismail/ Bellos, David (FRW)
The bright side of going dark
Harms, Kelly, author.
Branwell : a novel of the Brontë brother
Martin, Douglas A., author.
The boy in the field : a novel
Livesey, Margot, author.
Block Seventeen
Guthrie, Kimiko
McDaniel, Tiffany, author.
Bear necessity : a novel
Gould-Bourn, James, author.
The aunt who wouldn't die : a novel
Mukhopadhyay, Sirshendu, 1935- author.
Aubrey McKee
Pugsley, Alex
All our summers
Chamberlin, Holly, 1962- author.
Alice Knott
Butler, Blake, author.
Silver sparrow : a novel
Jones, Tayari.
The Pieces We Keep
McMorris, Kristina
The Elephant vanishes / Stories
Murakami, Haruki, 1949-
Martin, Douglas A.
What We Forgot to Bury
Montgomery, Marin
The Wedding War
Talley, Liz
We Had No Rules
Manning, Corinne
Schiller, Elise
Vanishing Monuments : A Novel
Stintzi, John Elizabeth
Unveiling the past : a novel
Sawyer, Kim Vogel, author.
The Unpassing
Lin, Chia-chia
The Town With Acacia Trees
Sebastian, Mihail/ Reigh, Gabi (TRN)/ Ioanid, Radu (AFT)
Too Far to Walk
Hersey, John
Tokyo Ueno Station
Yū, Miri, 1968- author.
Mishani, Dror A./ Cohen, Jessica (TRN)
This little family
Bayard, Inès, 1992- author.
That Summer in Maine
Wolfson, Brianna
Swan song : an odyssey : a novel
Alther, Lisa, author.
The Sun on My Head : Stories
Martins, Geovani/ Sanches, Julia (TRN)
The spinster diaries
Fattore, Gina, 1968- author.
Sansei and sensibility
Yamashita, Karen Tei, 1951- author.
Sad Janet : a novel
Britsch, Lucie, author.
Rules for Moving
Star, Nancy
Private Lies
Shehadi, Muna
The posthumous memoirs of Braas Cubas
Machado de Assis, 1839-1908, author.
Perfect happiness : a novel
Lewis, Kristyn Kusek, author.
People of the city
Ekwensi, Cyprian, author.
Strachey, Dorothy, author.
An Ocean Without a Shore
Spencer, Scott
No Call Too Small
Martens, Oscar
Lee, Joon Oluchi
My kind of people : a novel
Duffy, Lisa, 1970- author.
Mother daughter widow wife : a novel
Wasserman, Robin, author.
Doyle, Roddy, 1958- author.
Little Crew of Butchers
Pascal, Francine
The Late Hector Kipling
Thewlis, David
The last train to Key West
Cleeton, Chanel, author.
The last bathing beauty
Nathan, Amy Sue, author.
If You Must Know
Beck, Jamie
I, John Kennedy Toole
Carroll, Kent/ Blanco, Jodee
I hold a wolf by the ears : stories
Van den Berg, Laura, author.
I Don't Expect Anyone to Believe Me
Villalobos, Juan Pablo/ Hahn, Daniel (TRN)
How to bury your brother
Cook, Lindsey Rogers, author.
Hope Close
Seskis, Tina
Head over heels
Orenstein, Hannah, author.
A happy catastrophe : a novel
Dawson, Maddie, author.
The Gretchen Question
Treadway, Jessica
Friend : a novel from North Korea
Paek, Nam-nyong, author.
Neuman, Andraes, 1977- author.
The family clause
Khemiri, Jonas Hassen, 1978- author.
Ford, Kelly J.
Ampuero, Maraia Fernanda, author.
Cell #77
Demir, Aslan, author.
Cactus Jack : a novel
Smith, B. J. (Brad J.), author.
The book of second chances
Slee, Katherine, author.
Bone Black
Goldeneagle, Carol Rose
The blue sky : a novel
Galsan, Chinagiĭn, 1943- author.
The Best Friend
Mitzner, Adam
Best Behavior
Francis, Wendy
Barcelona days
Riley, Daniel, 1986- author.
The anthill : a novel
Pachico, Julianne, author.
Animal spirit : stories
Marciano, Francesca, author.
Almond : a novel
Son, Wŏn-p'yŏng, 1979- author.
Gaines, Susan M.
Your Ad Could Go Here : Stories
Zabuzhko, Oksana/ Shevchuk-murray, Nina (EDT)/ Hryn, Halyna (TRN)/ Melnyczuk, Askold (TRN)/ Shevchuk-murray, Nina (TRN)
You've Got Something Coming
Starke, Jonathan
The yield
Winch, Tara June, author.
The Weight of the Heart
Aikin, Susana
The Unseen
Jacobsen, Roy/ Shaw, Don (TRN)/ Bartlett, Don (TRN)
Two Rivers
Greenwood, T.
The Trustworthy One
Gray, Shelley Shepard
Tropic of Violence
Appanah, Nathacha
Three Apples Fell from the Sky
Abgaryan, Narine/ Hayden, Lisa C. (TRN)
The Thirty Names of Night
Joukhadar, Zeyn
They say Sarah
Delabroy-Allard, Pauline, 1988- author.
They did bad things : a thriller
Forry, Lauren A., author.
Brown, Luke
Everett, Percival L.
The Sunday Girl
Drysdale, Pip
Summer of Reckoning
Brunet, Marion/ Gregor, Katherine (TRN)
The Subtweet
Shraya, Vivek
Subduction : a novel
Millares Young, Kristen, 1981- author.
Strange hotel
McBride, Eimear, author.
The Stolen Daughter
Billingsley, Reshonda Tate
A song from faraway : stories
B©♭chard, Deni Ellis, 1974- author.
Burns, Amy Jo
The Royal Abduls
Koya, Ramiza Shamoun
Red Dress in Black and White
Ackerman, Elliot
The Radiance of a Thousand Suns
Someshwar, Manreet Sodhi
Perfectly famous
Liebert, Emily, author.
Bertino, Marie-Helene, author.
Operation Dimwit : A Penelope Lemon Novel
Majors, Inman/ Griffith, Michael (EDT)
Only the River
Raeff, Anne
A Mother's Lie
Zettel, Sarah
More Than Just Mom
Smith, Rebecca
Misconduct of the Heart
Strube, Cordelia
Abrams, Melanie
Love Letters from Montmartre
Barreau, Nicolas
Little eyes
Schweblin, Samanta, 1978- author.
Life events
Waclawiak, Karolina, 1979- author.
Leonard and Hungry Paul
Hession, Ronan
The Lehman Trilogy
Massini, Stefano/ Dixon, Richard (TRN)
Latitudes of Longing
Swarup, Shubhangi
The Last Great Road Bum
Tobar, Hčtor
Keep saying their names
Stranger, Simon, 1976- author.
Tima, Aleksandar, 1924-2003, author.
The House on Fripp Island
Kauffman, Rebecca
The Heretic
Lavino Allysha/ Lincoln, Henry (FRW)
Her perfect life
Taylor, Rebecca, 1975- author.
The Girl in the Tree
Isigپzel, Sebnem/ Wyers, Mark David (TRN)
The Girl He Left Behind
MacNeil, Beatrice
Fresh Water for Flowers
Perrin, Valérie, 1961-
Family for Beginners
Morgan, Sarah
The Fallen
ℓlvarez, Carlos Manuel
F*ckface : and other stories
Hampton, Leah, author.
Exciting times : a novel
Dolan, Naoise, 1992- author.
Even the Dogs
McGregor, Jon/ Li, Yiyun (INT)
An elegant woman : a novel
McPhee, Martha, author.
The Eighth Life
Haratischvili, Nino/ Collins, Charlotte (TRN)/ Martin, Ruth (TRN)
East Coast Girls
Kletter, Kerry
Zambreno, Kate
The Death of Jesus
Coetzee, J. M.
A country for dying
Taïa, Abdellah, 1973- author.
Clean Hands
Hoffman, Patrick
The City of Good Death
Champaneri, Priyanka
Cars on fire : stories
Ram©đn R©Ưos, M©đnica, author.
The Caretakers
Maxwell, Eliza
The Beach Quilt
Chamberlin, Holly
Alzayat, Dima
All fires the fire : and other stories
Cortázar, Julio, author.
What It Seems
Bleeker, Emily
The Summer Villa
Hill, Melissa
A Strange Country
Barbery, Muriel/ Anderson, Alison (TRN)
St. Ivo : a novel
Hershon, Joanna, author.
Shooting Down Heaven
Franco, Jorge/ Rosenberg, Andrea (TRN)
The Roxy Letters
Lowry, Mary Pauline
Williams, Ian
No signal area
Perii, Robert, 1969- author.
Man of my time
Sofer, Dalia, 1972- author.
Bosco, Henri, 1888-1976, author.
A luminous republic
Barba, Andrés, 1975- author.
Life for sale
Mishima, Yukio, 1925-1970, author.
The last summer of Ada Bloom
Murray, Martine, author.
Lake like a mirror
Fong, Ho Sok, author.
The Knockout Queen
Thorpe, Rufi
Kept Animals
Milliken, Kate
In her shadow : a novel
Miller, Kristin, 1980- author.
Imperfectly Happy
Harris, Sharina
How to Pronounce Knife
Thammavongsa, Souvankham
The Heebie-jeebie Girl
Petrone, Susan
Fifty-two Stories
Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich/ Pevear, Richard (TRN)/ Volokhonsky, Larissa (TRN)
Hope, Anna
Empire city
Gallagher, Matt, author.
The dominant animal : stories
Scanlan, Kathryn, 1980- author.
Death in her hands : a novel
Moshfegh, Ottessa, author.
Levin, Adam
Braised Pork
Yu, An
Both Sides : Stories from the Border
Iglesias, Gabino (EDT)/ Kirkman, Isaac (CON)/ Kirk, Shannon (CON)/ Segura, Alex (CON)/ Hart, Rob (CON)
The Boatman and Other Stories
O'Callaghan, Billy
Blonde : 20th Anniversary Edition
Oates, Joyce Carol/ Showalter, Elaine (INT)
Marsh, Richard, -1915, author.
The beauty of your face : a novel
Mustafah, Sahar, author.
Barker House
Moloney, David, 1984- author.
The Astonishing Thing
Ward, Sandi
The woman in the mirror
James, Rebecca, 1970- author.
The Ultimate Legacy
Stovall, Jim
Doyle, Rob
Saving Her Shadow
Lovely, Lutishia
Love, Death & Rare Books
Hellenga, Robert