Adult General Fiction

These are literary fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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The Razor's Edge
Maugham, W. Somerset
Safari ya Matumaini
Wanyonyi, John W.
Kirusi Kipya
Sudy, Halfani
Kilio cha Mwanamke
Abdalla, Idrissa Haji
The Human Stain
Roth, Philip
Coelho, Paulo
Kidato, Mbwana
Bweni la Wasichana
Lubango, Lucas
Wondrous Journeys in Strange Lands
Nimir, Sonia/ Qualey, Marcia Lynx (TRN)
The Witches of El Paso
Jaramillo, Luis
Will End in Fire
Bokat, Nicole
What Was Lost
Connelly, Melissa
What I Know About You
Chacour, ⁹ric/ Strauss, Pablo (TRN)
To the Kennels : And Other Stories
Pyun, Hye-young/ Kim-Russell, Sora (TRN)/ Fenkl, Heinz Insu (TRN)
The third realm
Knausgård, Karl Ove, 1968- author.
Tasmania : a novel
Giordano, Paolo, 1982- author.
Specters in the Glass House
Wright, Jaime Jo
See Now Then
Kincaid, Jamaica
Season of the swamp : a novel
Herrera, Yuri, 1970- author.
The Rest of You
Blue, Maame
The registry of forgotten objects : stories
Harvey, Miles, 1960- author.
The Only Sound Is the Wind
Sotolongo, Pascha
Love Is for the Birds
Prettyman, Diane Owens
Love can't feed you : a novel
Sy, Cherry Lou, author.
Los Muertos : Day of the Dead Fiction
Benavides, Yvette D. (EDT)/ Mendiola, Jim (EDT)/ Pineda Franco, Adela (EDT)
The living statue : a legend
Grass, Günter, 1927-2015, author.
I Am Alien to Life : Selected Stories
Barnes, Djuna/ Emre, Merve (FRW)
A Healing Touch
Fisher, Suzanne Woods
Hate Follow
Quinn-kong, Erin
The Goodbye Process
Jones, Mary
Plante, David
The Color of Home
Tosello, Kit
Christmas at Glitter Peak Lodge : a novel
Johnsen, Kjersti Herland, author.
The Children's Bach
Garner, Helen/ Alam, Rumaan (INT)
Childish literature
Zambra, Alejandro, 1975- author.
The book of George : a novel
Greathead, Kate, author.
The bog wife : a novel
Chronister, Kay, author.
Blindspot in America : a novel
Akoto, Elom K., 1979- author.
At the Bottom of the River
Kincaid, Jamaica
Annihilation : a novel
Houellebecq, Michel, author.
Annie John
Kincaid, Jamaica
And He Shall Appear
Van Der Borgh, Kate
Yr Dead
Sax, Sam/ Bullwinkel, Rita (EDT)
Yoruba Boy Running
Bandele, Biyi
Wings of Dust
Mahjoub, Jamal
The Wild Road Home
Payne, Melissa
We'll prescribe you a cat
Syou, Ishida, 1975- author.
We need no wings : a novel
Cardinal, Ann Dávila, author.
A Walk in the Night
LA Guma, Alex
Waiting for the Rain
Mungoshi, Charles
Waiting for the fear
Atay, Oğuz, author.
Vivienne : a novel
Russo, Emmalea, 1986- author.
Us Fools
Lange, Nora
Under the eye of the big bird : a novel
Kawakami, Hiromi, 1958- author.
Under her spell : a novel
Cerra, K. L., author.
Two-step devil
Quatro, Jamie, author.
Trust me
Nadelson, Scott, author.
The Trunk
Ryeo-ryeong, Kim
The Trial of Anna Thalberg
Sangarc̕a, Eduardo/ Bryer, Elizabeth (TRN)
Still Life
Burke, Katherine Packert
A Spring That Did Not Blossom : Palestinian Short Stories
Habib, Nejmeh Khalil/ Habib, Samar (TRN)
Songs for the brokenhearted : a novel
Tsabari, Ayelet, 1973- author.
Snake Oil
Dimberg, Kelsey Rae
Small rain : a novel
Greenwell, Garth, author.
Sensitive Anatomy
Neuman, Andrš/ Caistor, Nick (TRN)/ Garcia, Lorenza (TRN)
Elkin, Lauren, author.
The Sawmill Book Club
Brown, Carolyn
The return
Bolaño, Roberto, 1953-2003, author.
The Repeat Room
Ball, Jesse
Tulathimutte, Tony
A reason to see you again : a novel
Attenberg, Jami, author.
Larsen, Nella
Rege, Devika
McLachlin, Beverley
The Pornographer
McGahern, John/ Enright, Anne (INT)
Personal velocity
Miller, Rebecca, 1962- author.
Koch, Ariane, 1988- author.
Once More from the Top
Layden, Emily
Olive days : a novel
Emerson, Jessica Elisheva, author.
Not What She Seems
Angoe, Yasmin
Nightmare of a trip : a novel
Kilmer, Maureen, author.
Next Stop
Resnick, Benjamin
Mystery lights : stories
Valencia, Lena, 1986- author.
Motherless Brooklyn the Fortress of Solitude
Lethem, Jonathan/ Yu, Charles (INT)
The Midnight Club
Harrison, Margot
Men of maize
Asturias, Miguel Angel, author.
Memories of the Lost
O'Neal, Barbara
Lowcountry Lost
Lowe, T. I.
Lola in the Mirror
Dalton, Trent
Let Me Liberate You
Davis, Andie
The Last Dream
Almod̤var, Pedro/ Wynne, Frank (TRN)
Kinnporsche Vol. 1
Daemi (COR)/ Tamtam (COR)
A kid from Marlboro Road : a novel
Burns, Edward, 1968- author.
Koslowski, Chris
In this sign
Greenberg, Joanne, author, writer of afterword.
In every life : a novel
Frey, Rea author, author.
Imaginary Strangers
Kent, Minka
If only
Hjorth, Vigdis, author.
If I Were You
Major, Cesca
The Hidden Girl
Riley, Lucinda
Graveyard shift : a novella
Rio, M. L., author.
The Goodbye Process
Jones, Mary
A Good Indian Girl
Shah, Mansi
Fathers and Fugitives
Nauď, S. J./ Heyns, Michiel (TRN)
The Empress of Cooke County : a novel
Parman, Elizabeth Bass, 1961- author.
Elaine : a novel
Self, Will, author.
Double Exposure : A Novel
Sloan, Elissa R.
Date week : a novel
Fox, Ted, 1979- author.
The Christmas Gathering
Gray, Shelley Shepard/ Good, Rachel J./ Worth, Lenora
The Christmas Cottage
Bunn, Davis
Karakaš, Damir, author.
Bright I Burn
Aitken, Molly
Boss Lady
Frank, Alli/ Youmans, Asha
The Body Harvest
Seidlinger, Michael J.
Blood on the brain : a novel
Bediako, Esinam, 1983- author.
Black Sunlight
Marechera, Dambudzo
Between Lies and Revenge
Sharpe, Hannah D.
The Best Short Stories 2024 : The O. Henry Prize Winners
Towles, Amor (EDT)/ Quigley, Jenny Minton (EDT)
Below Luck Level
Erasmus, Barbara
Becoming Marlow Fin
Steil, Ellen Won
Bolaño, Roberto, 1953-2003, author.
Anagram Destiny
Shah, Grishma
The Amendments
Mulvey, Niamh
Again and Again Back to You
Ezerins, Andrea
Howarth, Chloe Michelle
The God of Small Things
Roy, Arundhati
Wild failure : stories
Whittall, Zoe, author.
Villa E
Alison, Jane
Unspeakable Home
Prcic, Ismet
The unraveling
Hamrick, Melanie, author.
The trials of Lila Dalton
Shepherd, L. J., author.
Ten : stories
Emar, Juan, 1893-1964, author.
Storybook ending : a novel
Alexander, Poppy, author.
The son of man
Del Amo, Jean-Baptiste, author.
Someone in the attic
Mara, Andrea, author.
The snap : a novel
Staple, Elizabeth, 1984- author.
Smothermoss : a novel
Alering, Alisa, author.
Silken Gazelles
Alharthi, Jokha/ Booth, Marilyn (TRN)
A season of perfect happiness : a novel
Fischer, Maribeth, author.
Henkel, Calla
Rules for ghosting : a novel
Shore, Shelly Jay, author.
Rip Tide
Mckeegan, Colleen
The promise of tomorrow
Taylor, Mary Ellen, 1961- author.
The Princess of 72nd Street
Kraf, Elaine/ Broder, Melissa (INT)
The Plus One
Lalli, S. C.
Peggy : a novel
Godfrey, Rebecca, author.
Hughes, Siń
Paul Celan and the trans-Tibetan angel
Tawada, Yōko, 1960- author.
The Paris Cooking School
Beaumont, Sophie
The Out-of-town Lawyer
Rotstein, Robert
One Hundred Shadows
Jungeun, Hwang/ Yewon, Jung (TRN)
Of Human Bondage
Maugham, W. Somerset/ Verghese, Abraham (INT)
The Novices of Lerna
Bonomini, ℓngel/ Landsman, Jordan (TRN)
Napalm in the Heart
Guasch, Pol/ Lethem, Mara Faye (TRN)
Miranda in retrograde
Layne, Lauren, author.
Mirage : a novel
Rachlin, Nahid, author.
Memento mori
Hong, Eunice, 1989- author.
Medusa of the roses : a novel
Sinaki, Navid, author.
Jimi Hendrix Live in Lviv
Kurkov, Andrey/ Woolley, Reuben (TRN)
Jellyfish Have No Ears
Rosenfeld, Ad̈le/ Zuckerman, Jeffrey (TRN)
The Italy Letters
Nao, VI Khi
Interpretations of love
Campbell, Jane, 1942- author.
The hypocrite
Hamya, Jo, 1997- author.
The Hunting Gun
Inoue, Yasushi/ Emmerich, Michael (TRN)
How to Leave the House
Newman, Nathan
The Group Trip
Ingram, Audrey
Ghost mother
Dwyer, Kelly, author.
A friend indeed
Ray, Elka, author.
Freedom Is a Feast
Puyana, Alejandro
The Four
Keel, Ellie
The fertile earth
Rao, Ruthvika, author.
Everything we never knew
Hough, Julianne, 1988- author.
Elizabeth of East Hampton : a novel
Bellezza, Audrey, author.
The divorce : a novel
Herngren, Moa, 1969- author.
The Curse of the Flores Women
Lopes, Angľica/ Perry, Zoe· (TRN)
Clickbait : a novel
Baxter, Holly, 1989- author.
The Cheesemaker's Daughter
Vukovic, Kristin
By Evening's Light
Gould, Leslie
Black butterflies
Morris, Priscilla (College teacher), author.
Bitter and sweet
McKnight, Rhonda, author.
Between the sound and sea : a novel
Cox, Amanda, 1984- author.
Beautiful dreamers
Gwin, Minrose, author.
All the Sad Young Men
Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Perfectly Normal
Steele, Zachary
We Burn Daylight
Johnston, Bret Anthony
They Dream in Gold
Sennaar, Mai
The Summer Club
McKinnon, Hannah
Perry, Joshua
Pink Glass Houses
Elias, Asha
People will talk
Scott, Kieran, 1974- author.
Off the books : a novel
Frazier, Soma Mei Sheng, author.
The nude
Lindley, C. Michelle, author.
My Favorite Mistake
Keyes, Marian
The Most
Anthony, Jessica
Matters of the heart
Irvin, Kelly, author.
In the Lonely Hours
Morgan, Shannon
Glory Days
Rich, Simon
The faculty lounge : a novel
Mathieu, Jennifer, author.
A certain kind of starlight
Webber, Heather S., author.
Between Friends & Lovers
Obuobi, Shirlene
Beggar's Bedlam
Bhattacharya, Nabarun/ Das, Rijula (TRN)
Another Person
Hwagil, Kang/ Richards, Clare (TRN)
Whoever you are, honey : a novel
Gatwood, Olivia, author.
Where are you, Echo Blue? : a novel
Krischer, Hayley, author.
The Tyranny of Flies
Madruga, Elaine Vilar/ Dunn, Kevin Gerry (TRN)/ Morales, Cristina (FRW)
Three keys : a novel
Pritchett, Laura, 1971- author.
A thousand times before : a novel
Thanki, Asha, author.
This Used to Be Us
Carlino, Renee
There Is Happiness : New and Selected Stories
Watson, Brad/ Williams, Joy (INT)
Summer Heat
Suman, Defne
Stories from the Attic
Gay, William
State of paradise : a novel
Van den Berg, Laura, author.
Slow Boat
Furukawa, Hideo/ Boyd, David (TRN)
The sirens of Soleil City : a novel
Johns, Sarah (Sarah C.), author.
Quincas Borba
De Assis, Joaquim Maria MacHado/ Costa, Margaret Jull (TRN)/ Patterson, Robin (TRN)
Brown, Rosalind, 1987- author.
The perfect sister : a novel
DeCarolis, Stephanie, author.
The Penguin Book of Spanish Short Stories
Costa, Margaret Jull (EDT)/ Bunstead, Thomas (TRN)/ Costa, Margaret Jull (INT)/ Bush, Peter (TRN)/ Phillips-Miles, Kathryn (TRN)
Out of the rain : a novel
Garcia, J. Malcolm, 1957- author.
Our Long Marvelous Dying
Deforest, Anna
Our Kind of Game
Copeland, Johanna
Only One Survives
McKinnon, Hannah Mary
My parents' marriage : a novel
Brew-Hammond, Nana Ekua, author.
Mourning a breast
Xi, Xi, author.
More Days at the Morisaki Bookshop
Yagisawa, Satoshi/ Ozawa, Eric (TRN)
Moral injuries : a novel
Watson, Christie, author.
Newbound, Madison
Lo fi
Riggs, Liz, author.
The Liquid Eye of a Moon
Awoke, Uchenna
The Lions' Den
Mwanza, Iris Chiseche
The last sane woman : a novel
Regel, Hannah, author.
Last Place Called Home
Hartmann, Betsy
Just one taste
Dent, Lizzy, author.
Banta, Isabel, author.
The Heart in Winter
Barry, Kevin
Goodnight Tokyo
Yoshida, Atsuhiro/ Trowell, Haydn (TRN)
The Family Experiment
Marrs, John
The Entire Sky
Wilkins, Joe
The day he never came home : a novel
DeYoung, Andrew, author.
The Coin
Zaher, Yasmin
Body Friend
Brabon, Katherine
Best, First, and Last
Matthews, Amy T.
Beep : a novel
Roorbach, Bill, author.
The Beast of Bradhurst Avenue and Other Stories
Schuyler, George S./ Editions, Mint (CON)
Banal Nightmare
Butler, Halle
The Art of Pretend
Kuhl, Lauren
The Anthropologists
Savas, Aysegپl
Still Needs Work
Barker, Ellen
Fog at Noon
Gonzalez, Tomas/ Rosenberg, Andrea (TRN)
All friends are necessary : a novel
Moniz, Tomas, author.
Five Great Novellas
Ondaatje, Michael (EDT)
To the Lighthouse
Woolf, Virginia/ Editions, Mint (CON)