Adult General Fiction

These are literary fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Purple Hearts
Wakefield, Tess
Double Bird
Smith, Bud
Good at drugs
Witch piss
Pink, Sam
The Goodbye
Demaio, Joanne
Buffalo Dope
Sigurdson, Joseph
The summer house party
Fraser, Caro
The Yellow Wallpaper & Herland
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
Weasels in the attic
Oyamada, Hiroko, 1983- author.
Toño the infallible
Rosero, Evelio, 1958- author.
Seven empty houses / Stories
Schweblin, Samanta, 1978- author.
Salt Crystals
Bendek, Cristina/ Myers, Robin (TRN)
Nine Stories
Chopin, Kate
Never Meant to Meet You
Frank, Alli/ Youmans, Asha
Is mother dead : a novel
Hjorth, Vigdis, author.
The Hike
Holliday, Susi
The Goddess Effect
Marikar, Sheila Yasmin
Ghost Town
Chen, Kevin/ Sterk, Darryl (TRN)
The Fatal Dance
Sellheim, Berndt
Eden's Children
Andrews, V. C.
The Consequences
Mu̜oz, Manuel
Yueran, Zhang/ Tiang, Jeremy (TRN)
The call-out : a novel
Fitzpatrick, Cat, author.
Behind Her Lives
Cole, Briana
A ballet of lepers : a novel and stories
Cohen, Leonard, 1934-2016, author.
You'll Like It Here
Politanoff, Ashton
Women of the Harlem Renaissance
Constantinou, Marissa (EDT)/ Dossett, Kate (INT)
Who's Lying Now?
Lewis, Susan
Which Side Are You On
Wong, Ryan Lee
Where Wild Peaches Grow
Bentley, Cade
When We Were Friends
Bourne, Holly
Visible : text + image.
Coolidge, Sarah (EDT)/ Ndiaye, Marie/ Baena, Victoria (TRN)/ Bicecci, Veronica Gerber/ MacSweeney, Christina (TRN)
A very typical family
Godfrey, Sierra, author.
Two nurses, smoking : stories
Means, David, 1961- author.
Tell Me I'm An Artist
Martin, Chelsea
Something from Tiffany's
Hill, Melissa
Some of them will carry me
Scodellaro, Giada, 1988- author.
Chaudhuri, Amit, 1962- author.
The Slowworm's Song
Miller, Andrew
The ski jumpers : a novel
Geye, Peter, author.
Sinking Bell
Louis, Bojan
Sacrifices / Stories
Blanco Calderaon, Rodrigo, 1981- author.
Rudolfo Anaya : Bless Me, Ultima, Tortuga, Alburquerque
Anaya, Rudolfo A./ Urrea, Luis (EDT)
The Revivalists
Hood, Christopher M.
The Real Mrs. Tobias
Koslow, Sally
The people immortal
Grossman, Vasiliĭ, author.
Paper Cup
Campbell, Karen
Molinard, Barbara/ Ramadan, Emma (TRN)/ Duras, Marguerite (FRW)
Painting beyond walls : a novel
Rhodes, David, 1946- author.
Other People's Secrets
Hambrock, Meredith
Oscar Hijuelos : Our House in the Last World / the Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love / Mr. Ives Christmas
Hijuelos, Oscar/ Carlson-hijuelos, Lori (EDT)/ Alonso-gallo, Laura P. (EDT)
O Caledonia : a novel
Barker, Elspeth, author.
The Nurse
Allan, Claire
Next of Kin
Abdullah, Kia
Mystic Wind
Barretto, James
My phantoms
Riley, Gwendoline, 1979- author.
My Brother
Smirnoff, Karin/ Paterson, Anna (TRN)
Mr. Wilder and Me
Coe, Jonathan
A minor chorus : a novel
Belcourt, Billy-Ray, author.
The means
Fusselman, Amy, author.
Marigold and rose
Glück, Louise, 1943- author.
Make Yourself at Home
Geraghty, Ciara
The Magnificent Sons
Myers, Justin
Gilliss, Meghan
Loving the Dead and Gone
Turner-Yamamoto, Judith
Life Is Everywhere
Ives, Lucy
Leaving Eastern Parkway
Daub, Matthew
Last Night in Brighton
Hayoun, Massoud
Mukasonga, Scholastique/ Polizzotti, Mark (TRN)
In the shadow garden
Parker, Liz, 1988- author.
The impatients : a novel
Amadou Amal, Djaïli, author.
How High? : That High
Williams, Diane
Quinn, Alyssa
The guest house
Morgan-Bentley, Robin, author.
First love
Riley, Gwendoline, 1979- author.
The family Izquierdo : stories
Degollado, Rubaen, author.
Entry Level
Wimmer, Wendy
The English understand wool
DeWitt, Helen, 1957- author.
Duffy and Son
Owens, Damien
The Deceptions
Bialosky, Jill
Days Come and Go
Boum, Hemley/ Njamnsi, Nchanji (TRN)
Concerning My Daughter
Hye-jin, Kim/ Chang, Jamie (TRN)
The complicities : : a novel
D'Erasmo, Stacey, author.
A Cigarette Lit Backwards
Hacic-vlahovic, Tea
Christmas in Blue Dog Valley
Noblin, Annie England
Cairo Circles
Mahmoud, Doma
Broken Summer
Lee, J. M./ Jae, an Seon (TRN)
Boy in the Blue Hammock
Groth, Darren
Black Voices on Britain
Adi, Hakim (EDT)
Billie Starr's book of sorries
Kennedy, Deborah E., author.
The Betrayed
Melvin, Reine Arcache
The Best Short Stories 2022 : The O. Henry Prize Winners
Luiselli, Valeria (EDT)/ Minton Quigley, Jenny (EDT)
Best Debut Short Stories 2022 : The Pen America Dau Prize
Igarashi, Yuka (EDT)/ Rogers, Sarah Lyn (EDT)
Before I Go
Charles, Brian
Barefoot Doctor
Xue, Can/ Gernant, Karen (TRN)/ Chen, Zeping (TRN)
Bambi : or, life in the forest
Salten, Felix, 1869-1945, author.
Among Wolves
Blaque, Erica
After the Fireworks : Three Novellas
Huxley, Aldous/ Giddins, Gary
Let the Games Begin
Ammaniti, Niccoḷ/ Doust, Kylee (TRN)
Happy Are the Happy
Reza, Yasmina/ Cullen, John (TRN)
License P
Satis, Ratana
The Minister Primarily
Killens, John Oliver/ Reed, Ishmael (INT)
Seeing Strangers
Plata, Sebastian J.
Find Him
Hinkson, Jake
Orgueil Et Prejuges
Austen, Jane
Life Among the Aryans
Reed, Ishmael
Fifty in Reverse
Flanagan, Bill