Adult General Fiction

These are literary fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Namou, Weam
Where There's Smoke
Caplin, Sarahbeth
The Morning After
Carpenter, Raelee May
My education
Choi, Susan, 1969- author.
Back to the Beach Cottage
Demaio, Joanne
The wedding night : a novel
Walker, Harriet, 1985- author.
We two alone : stories
Wang, Jack, 1972- author.
Transmutation / Stories
DiFrancesco, Alex, author.
This life
KunQuest, Quntos, 1976- author.
The Snake Pit
Ward, Mary Jane
Khayr, Muḥammad, 1978- author.
Shoko's smile : stories
Ch'oe, Ŭn-yŏng, 1984- author.
River, Sing Out
Wade, James
Power Play
Dylan, Rachel
The Portrait of a Mirror
Joukovsky, A. Natasha
Learning to Talk to Plants
Orriols, Marta/ Lethem, Mara Faye (TRN)
Learning to Speak Southern
Cook, Lindsey Rogers
Las Biuty Queens : Stories
Ojeda, Ivǹ Monalisa/ Almodovar, Pedro (INT)/ Kauders, Hannah (TRN)
I don't forgive you
Thompson, Aggie Blum, author.
How to Kidnap the Rich
Raina, Rahul
Haymaker in Heaven
Hoem, Edvard/ Chace, Tara (TRN)
Future feeling : a novel
Lake, Joss, author.


Manchester, Steven
Bonnie Jack
Hamilton, Ian
Tucker, Karen
The Best Stories of Ars̈ne Lupin
Leblanc, Maurice/ Salyer, Matthew Carey (FRW)
Barcelona dreaming : a novel
Thomson, Rupert, author.
Lynch, Marc Herman
You Will Remember Me
McKinnon, Hannah Mary
The Women of Brewster Place
Naylor, Gloria/ Jones, Tayari (FRW)
Winter in Sokcho
Shua Dusapin, Elisa/ Higgins, Aneesa Abbas (TRN)
When in Vanuatu
Chen, Nicki
The Walls of Jericho
Fisher, Rudolph
The Violence Almanac
Jeffra, Miah
The Vanishing Point
Brundage, Elizabeth
Until I Find You
Frey, Rea
Under the Southern Sky
Harvey, Kristy Woodson
Under the magnolias
Lowe, T. I. (Tonya), author.
Tragic Magic : Of the Diaspora - North America
Brown, Wesley/ Vital-lazare, Erica (EDT)/ Morrison, Toni (EDT)/ Laymon, Kiese (INT)
Things we lost to the water : a novel
Nguyen, Eric, 1988- author.
A theater for dreamers
Samson, Polly, author.
The Happiness Thief
Bokat, Nicole
Sunset Song
Gibbon, Lewis Grassic/ Sturgeon, Nicola (INT)
A summer to remember
Montgomery, Erika, author.
The Summer I Found Myself
French, Colleen
Strange children : a novel
Hoagland, Sadie, author.
The speed of light : a novel
Dickey, Elissa Grossell, author.
The Sound Between the Notes
Probst, Barbara Linn
A Song for the Road
Basi, Kathleen
The shell collector
Naigle, Nancy, author.
She Never Told Me About the Ocean
Mcketta, Elisabeth Sharp
Seven Perfect Things
Hyde, Catherine Ryan
Secrets of Happiness
Silber, Joan
The secret talker : a novel
Yan, Geling, author.
Second place
Cusk, Rachel, 1967- author.
Ruby Falls
Royce, Deborah Goodrich
The Rooftop Party
Meister, Ellen
The rock eaters : stories
Peynado, Brenda, 1985- author.
Promises to Keep
Rossiter, Nan
A Perfect Cemetery
Falco, Federico/ Croft, Jennifer (TRN)
Painting time : a novel
Kerangal, Maylis de, author.
Paint and Nectar
Clark, Ashley
Oslo, Maine
Butler, Marcia
Nervous System
Meruane, Lina/ McDowell, Megan (TRN)
The Mysteries
Silver, Marisa
Mrs. Spring Fragrance : And Other Writings
Far, Sui Sin/ Zhang, C Pam (INT)
Motley Stones
Stifter, Adalbert/ Cole, Isabel Fargo (TRN)
The Mothers
Gannon, Genevieve
Miss Mole
Young, E. H.
Margreete's Harbor : a novel
Morse, Eleanor Lincoln, author.
Maggie finds her muse
Ernst, Dee, author.
A lonely man : a novel
Power, Chris, 1974- author.
Little Bones
Peacock, N. V.
Little Bandaged Days
Wilder, Kyra
Ellison, Ralph/ Johnson, Charles (FRW)
Jacobo's Rainbow
Hirshberg, David
It Had to Be You
Clark, Georgia
Imagine Summer
Noble, Shelley
An I-novel
Mizumura, Minae, author.
How Not to Drown
Wriston, Jamiee
Hot stew : a novel
Mozley, Fiona, author.
Highway Blue
Mcfarlane, Ailsa
Hemingway's Cats
Hooper, Lindsey
Kawakami, Mieko/ Bett, Sam (TRN)/ Boyd, David (TRN)
The Heart Remembers
Sendker, Jan-Philipp/ Wiliarty, Kevin (TRN)
The Guardian of Amsterdam Street
Schmucler, Sergio/ Sayer, Jessica Mendez (TRN)
Good behaviour
Keane, Molly, 1904-1996, author.
The Ghost Factory
McCartney, Jenny
Friends & Dark Shapes
Bedford, Kavita
Fantastic Creatures of the Mountains and Seas : A Chinese Classic
Goldblatt, Howard (TRN)/ Chen, Siyu (ILT)/ Sun, Jiankun
The Enchanted Night : Selected Tales
Bǹffy, Miklos/ Rix, Len (TRN)
Eat the mouth that feeds you
Fragoza, Carribean, author.
A Door Behind a Door
Moskovich, Yelena
Dog days
Waller, Ericka, author.
Diamond Hill
Fan, Kit
The dead husband
Wilson, Carter (Novelist), author.
Closer to Fine
Rosenfeld, Jodi S.
Cheat Day
Stratman, Liv
The cave dwellers : a novel
McDowell, Christina, author.
Burn It All Down
Didomizio, Nicolas
The Book of Not
Dangarembga, Tsitsi
Blind Ambition
Lovely, Lutishia
Big Bad
Collins, Whitney
Before I Saw You
Houghton, Emily
The baddest girl on the planet
Frese, Heather, 1974- author.
Attrib. and Other Stories
Williams, Eley
The Atmospherians
Mcelroy, Alex
At the End of the Matinee
Hirano, Keiichiro/ Carpenter, Juliet Winters (TRN)
Are you enjoying? / Stories
Sethi, Mira, 1986- author.
Bayamack-Tam, Emmanuelle, author.
Smith, Sammy H. K.
Angel & Hannah : a novel in verse
Park, Ishle Yi, author.
Alien stories
Osondu, E. C., author.
After Francesco
Malloy, Brian
59 Memory Lane
Anderson, Celia
Nuestra parte de noche
Enriquez, Mariana, author.
La ciudad de vapor : todos los cuentos
Ruiz Zafaon, Carlos, 1964-2020, author.
Reyes, Dolores, 1978- author.
Skinny Vanilla Crisis
Alles, Colleen
A Man Who Is Not a Man
Mgqolozana, Thando
You Made Me Love You : Selected Stories, 1981-2018
Wideman, John Edgar/ Muyumba, Walton (FRW)
White Shadow
Jacobsen, Roy/ Bartlett, Don (TRN)/ Shaw, Don (TRN)
The Twilight Zone
Fernandez, Nona/ Wimmer, Natasha (TRN)
Touring the Land of the Dead : And Ninety-nine Kisses
Kashimada, Maki/ Trowell, Haydn (TRN)
To Catch a Dream
Carlan, Audrey
Three o'clock in the morning
Carofiglio, Gianrico, 1961- author.
Nothomb, Amelie/ Anderson, Alison (TRN)
Lennon, J. Robert
Something Unbelievable
Kuznetsova, Maria
Cohen, Sam
The recent east
Grattan, Thomas, 1974- author.
A piece of the moon
Fabry, Chris, 1961- author.
The Perfect Marriage
Mitzner, Adam
A Past That Breathes
Obiora, Noel
Paradise, Nevada
Diofebi, Dario
The Orphanage
Zhadan, Serhiy/ Costigan-humes, Reilly (TRN)/ Wheeler, Isaac Stackhouse (TRN)
An Orphan World
Caputo, Giuseppe/ Hughes, Sophie (TRN)/ Adcock, Juana (TRN)
Cole, Dustin
Never Come Morning
Algren, Nelson/ Vonnegut, Kurt (INT)/ Wright, Richard (INT)/ Simon, Daniel (AFT)/ Donahue, H. E. F. (CON)
My old home : a novel of exile
Schell, Orville, author.
My Name Is Monster
Hale, Katie
My heart : a novel
Mehmedinoviac, Semezdin, 1960- author.
Murder in the Age of Enlightenment
Akutagawa, Ryunosuke/ Karetnyk, Brian (TRN)
Magpie Lane
Atkins, Lucy
Stapley, Marissa
Love Like That
Duffy-comparone, Emma
Love in case of emergency : a novel
Krien, Daniela, 1975- author.
Love and Youth : Essential Stories
Turgenev, Ivan/ Slater, Nicolas (TRN)
Lost in Paris
Thompson, Elizabeth
Little Pieces of Me
Hammer, Alison
Let Me Think : Stories
Lennon, J. Robert
Jean Stafford : Complete Stories & Other Writings
Stafford, Jean/ Davis, Kathryn (EDT)
In memory of memory : a romance
Stepanova, Marii︠a︡, author.
The Imposter
Montgomery, Marin
Her here
Dennis, Amanda, author.
Goodbye, Lark Lovejoy
Clink, Kris
Getting it in the head : stories
McCormack, Mike, 1965- author.
Friends like us
Mackenzie, Sarah (Author of the Cranberry Cove series), author.
Farthest south and other stories
Rutherford, Ethan, author.
Family and borghesia : two novellas
Ginzburg, Natalia, author.
The Family
Jensen, Louise
Eleven Sooty Dreams
Draeger, Manuela/ Mahany, J. T. (TRN)
Edie Richter is not alone : a novel
Handler, Rebecca, 1973- author.
The day of Ezekiel's hope
VanLiere, Donna, 1966- author.
Cosmogony : Stories
Ives, Lucy
Big time : stories
Spyra, Jen, author.
McNamer, Deirdre, author.
Astrid sees all : a novel
Standiford, Natalie, author.
The art of wearing a trench coat : stories
Pàmies, Sergi, 1960- author.
Arriving in a Thick Fog
Jung, Young Moon/ Mah, Eunji (TRN)/ Karvonen, Jeffrey (TRN)
Aquarium : a novel
Sheḥori, Yaʻarah, author.
Anywhere for You
Greaves, Abbie
Ozick, Cynthia
All I Ask
Crocker, Eva
Tuscan Holiday
Chamberlin, Holly
The Three Mrs. Greys
Ellis, Shelly
Pine Creek Courtship
Hope, Amity
A patchwork past
Gould, Leslie, 1962- author.
One step to you
Moccia, Federico, 1963- author.
My friend Natalia : a novel
Lindstedt, Laura, 1976- author.
Miracle on Cherry Hill
Hwang, Sun-mi/ Kim, Chi-Young (TRN)/ Nomoco (ILT)
Lost, found, and forever
Schade, Victoria, author.
Justine : a novel
Harmon, Forsyth, 1979- author, illustrator.
The High-rise Diver
Von Lucadou, Julia/ Cohen, Sharmila (TRN)
Hello Friend We Missed You
Roberts, Richard Owain
Everything Is Mine
Lillegraven, Ruth/ Oatley, Diane (TRN)
The Dog Share
Gibson, Fiona
Call It Horses
Van Eerden, Jessie
Bracher, Beatriz, author.
Amish midwives / Three Stories
Clipston, Amy/ Gray, Shelley Shepard/ Long, Kelly
Strange Weather in Tokyo
Kawakami, Hiromi/ Powell, Allison Markin (TRN)
Zabor, or the psalms : a novel
Daoud, Kamel, author.
Why Mummy's Sloshed
Sims, Gill
Würger, Takis, 1985- author.
Speak, Silence
Echlin, Kim
The Slaughterman's Daughter
Iczkovits, Yaniv
The northern reach
Winslow, W. S., author.
My Grandmother's Braid
Bronsky, Alina/ Mohr, Tim (TRN)
Mirror Lake
Michaud, Andree A./ Sutcliffe, J. C. (TRN)
Large and in Charge
Hunt, La Jill
The Keepsake Sisters
Wilde, Lori
Insatiable Love
Chandler, Latoya
In the company of men
Tadjo, Vaeronique, 1955- author.
If you kept a record of sins
Bajani, Andrea, 1975- author.
How to order the universe : a novel
Ferrada, Maraia Josae, 1977- author.
How I learned to hate in Ohio : a novel
MacLean, David, 1974- author.
Facing the dawn
Ruchti, Cynthia, 1952- author.
Blood on the table
Spence, Gerry, author.
The Ardent Swarm
Manai, Yamen/ Vergnaud, Lara (TRN)
The Weak Spot
Elven, Lucie
We Play Ourselves
Silverman, Jen
The Theory of Flight
Ndlovu, Siphiwe Gloria
The Swimmers
Womack, Marian
Serena Singh flips the script
Lalli, Sonya, author.
The rain heron
Arnott, Robbie, 1989- author.
Rabbit island
Navarro, Elvira, 1978- author.
Noopiming : the cure for white ladies
Simpson, Leanne Betasamosake, 1971- author.
Monkey King / Journey to the West
Wu, Cheng'en, approximately 1500-approximately 1582, author.
The Mission House
Davies, Carys
The Love Proof
Henry, Madeleine
Girls of a Certain Age
Adelmann, Maria
Exquisite cadavers
Kandasamy, Meena, author.
The delivery
Mendelsund, Peter, 1968- author.
Come on up
Nopca, Jordi, 1983- author.
The Collected Stories of Stefan Zweig
Zweig, Stefan/ Bell, Anthea (TRN)
Bride of the sea : a novel
Quotah, Eman, author.
Winter in the blood
Welch, James, 1940-2003, author.
From the Moon I Watched Her
Medley, Emily English
Forgive Me
Lewis, Susan
Lyon, Annabel


Sartori, Giacomo/ Randall, Frederika (TRN)
The Alibi Girl
Skuse, C. J.
Crosskey, N. J.
Shine Until Tomorrow
Malden, Carla
Red Dog
Anker, Willem/ Heyns, Michiel (TRN)
Khalil : a novel
Khadra, Yasmina, author.
West Side Story
Shulman, Irving
Dylan, Rachel
And the Earth Will Sit on the Moon : Essential Stories
Gogol, Nikolai Vasilevich/ Ready, Oliver (TRN)
Tima, Aleksandar, 1924-2003, author.