Adult General Fiction

These are literary fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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When She Returned
Berry, Lucinda
The Z word
King-Miller, Lindsay, author.
Within Arm's Reach
Napolitano, Ann
The Wisdom of the Willow
Chadwick, Nancy
When Cicadas Cry
Cleveland, Caroline
The Temple of Air
Mcnair, Patricia Ann
See: loss. see also: love : a novel
Tominaga, Yukiko, author.
A Question of Belonging : Stories
Uhart, Hebe/ Vilner, Anna (TRN)/ Enriquez, Mariana (INT)
A professional Lola : and other stories
Tuazon, E. P., 1986- author.
Peacocks of Instagram
Rajagopalan, Deepa
Pages of Mourning
Morrison, Diego Gerard
The Obscene Bird of Night
Donoso, Jose/ Mades, Leonard (TRN)/ McDowell, Megan (TRN)/ St. Martin, Hardie (TRN)
Not a River
Almada, Selva
Mr. Potter
Kincaid, Jamaica
The Mother of All Things
Landau, Alexis
The Mother Act
Reimer, Heidi
Morning Pages
Feiffer, Kate
Liquid, Fragile, Perishable
Kuebler, Carolyn
Leaning on Air
Bostrom, Cheryl Grey
The lady waiting
Zyzak, Magdalena, author.
In Universes
North, Emet
I'm F-cking Amazing
Warden, Anoushka
How to Read a Book
Wood, Monica
How It Works Out
Lacroix, Myriam
The Goldie Standard
Monheit, Simi
Go lightly : a novel
Lee-Kennedy, Brydie, author.
Aguda, Pemi
The Five Year Lie
Bowen, Sarina
Early sobrieties : a novel
Deagler, Michael, author.
Dear Edna Sloane : a novel
Shearn, Amy, author.
The Burning
Liljestrand, Jens
Bomb Island : a novel
Hundley, Stephen, 1991- author.
The body farm : stories
Geni, Abby, author.
Bird Suit
Hegele, Sydney
Amaerica del Norte
Mora, Nicolaas Medina, author.
Mario of my life
Campbell-Mason, Jill
Welcome home, Caroline Kline : a novel
Preiss, Courtney, author.
Weird Black Girls
Cotman, Elwin
An Unthinkable Thing
Lundrigan, Nicole
The Understory
Sangsuk, Saneh/ Poopoksakul, Mui (TRN)
Under a Neon Sun
Gale, Kate
Tiny Blessings
Michaels, Fern/ Brown, Carolyn/ Finz, Stacy
Thorn tree
Ludington, Max, author.
This Animal Body
Walters, Meredith
Fitzek, Sebastian
Buckley, Jonathan, 1956- author.
A strange and sublime address
Chaudhuri, Amit, 1962- author.
The Spoiled Heart
Sahota, Sunjeev
A small apocalypse : stories
Chow Reeve, Laura, author.
The Sky Was Ours
Fassler, Joe
Season of Eclipse
Wolverton, Terry
Reuniting With Strangers
Austria-bonifacio, Jennilee
Reboot : a novel
Taylor, Justin, 1982- author.
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit
Sander-green, Nadine
The Prophet and the Idiot
Jonasson, Jonas/ Willson-Broyles, Rachel (TRN)
Nothing but the bones
Panowich, Brian, author.
Negative Space
Linden, Gillian
The Mother Next Door
Laskowski, Tara
Midnight Harbor
Bunn, Davis
The memory of lavender and sage
Runyan, Aimie K., author.
Land Marks
Lesert, Maryann
Inside the Mirror
Kapur, Parul
The Illuminated
Ghose, Anindita
I Never Do This
Miller, Anesa
Lodato, Victor
The Hive
Brade, Scarlett
The Hebrew Teacher
Arad, Maya/ Cohen, Jessica (TRN)
Grey Dog
Gish, Elliott
The Garden Girls
Patch, Jessica R.
Days of wonder : a novel
Leavitt, Caroline, author.
Crooked seeds
Jennings, Karen, 1982- author.
Bitter Water Opera
Polek, Nicolette
Better by far : a novel
Hayes, Hazel, 1985- author.
Bad Habit
Portero, Alana S./ Lethem, Mara Faye (TRN)
All of Us Strangers
Yamada, Taichi
Roemer, Astrid, author.
Women! In! Peril!
Marshall, Jessie Ren
Wild houses
Barrett, Colin, 1982- author.
Which Brings Me to You
Almond, Steve/ Baggott, Julianna
The Visitors
Stevens, Jessi Jezewska
The Vacancy in Room 10
Glass, Seraphina Nova
Spring on the peninsula : a novel
Shin, Ery, 1986- author.
Someone Birthed Them Broken
Diaka, AMA Asantewa
A Season in Chezgh'un
Mcleod, Darrel J.
A revolver to carry at night
Zgustovaa, Monika, author.
Relative Strangers
Kim, A. H.
No More Empty Spaces
Green, D. J.
The Night in Question
Fletcher, Susan
Last Days in Plaka
Lazaridis, Henriette
Klara's Truth
Friedman, Susan Weissbach
Henry Henry
Bratton, Allen
Sundar, Sheila
Guardian of Surfaces
Al-essa, Bothayna/ Hussain, Sawad (TRN)/ Abdelrahman, Ranya (TRN)
A Good Happy Girl
Higgins, Marissa
Five Great Novellas
Ondaatje, Michael (EDT)
The father she went to find : a novel
Wilson, Carter (Novelist), author.
An enchanting case of spirits
Holtz, Melissa, author.
A Different Sound : Stories by Mid-century Women Writers
Bowen, Elizabeth/ Du Maurier, Daphne/ Taylor, Elizabeth/ Scholes, Lucy (EDT)
The devil's grip : a novel
Wolff, Lina, 1973- author.
The Deepfake
Cohen, Joan
Daughter of a Promise
Blasberg, Jeanne Mcwilliams
The Corona Verses
O'Leary, Tim
Owens, Zibby
Begin Again
Acton, Helly
Beautiful Beautiful
Reid, Brandon
The audacity
Chapman, Ryan, author.
Tanner, Alexandra
Wolf at the Table
Rapp, Adam
Way far away
Rosero, Evelio, 1958- author.
Everett, Percival L./ Alexie, Sherman (INT)
Boryga, Andrew
Up Island Harbor
Stone, Jean
The Tree Doctor
Mockett, Marie Mutsuki
Thirst : a novel
Yuszczuk, Marina, 1978- author.
Thieving Sun
Datta, Monica
These Letters End in Tears
Xaviere, Musih Tedji
Sylvia's second act : a novel
Yablon, Hillary, author.
Such a Lovely Family
Thompson, Aggie Blum
Some Strange Music Draws Me In
Hansbury, Griffin
Sisters With a Side of Greens
Stimpson, Michelle
Calderon, Rodrigo Blanco/ Hernandez Gonzalez, Noel (TRN)/ Hahn, Daniel (TRN)
The School Run
Lowe, Ali
Rainbow black : a novel
Thrash, Maggie, author.
One Moment
Hunter, Becky
One in the chamber
Peguero, Robin, author.
On Her Own
Lapid, Lihi/ Silverston, Sondra (TRN)
The old man who read love stories : a novel
Sepaulveda, Luis, 1949-2020, author.
Nothing but It All
Locke, Adriana
Never been better : a novel
Toshiko Simpson, Leanne, author.
My Heavenly Favorite
Rijneveld, Lucas/ Hutchison, Michele (TRN)
Mother Doll
Apekina, Katya
Monsters We Have Made
Starck, Lindsay
Little Crosses
Reeves, Sabrina
Knight's gambit : six mystery stories
Faulkner, William, 1897-1962, author.
James : a novel
Everett, Percival, author.
The Inheritance
Goodman, Joanna
The Hearing Test
Callahan, Eliza Barry
Harlequin Butterfly
Enjoe, Toh/ Boyd, David (TRN)
Green frog / Stories
Chung, Gina, 1989- author.
Glorious exploits : a novel
Lennon, Ferdia, author.
Ghost Pains
Stevens, Jessi Jezewska
Lloyd, Toby
Lawrence, Vanessa
Dominoes : a novel
McIntosh, Phoebe, author.
Deliver me
Persson Giolito, Malin, 1969- author.
The Day Tripper
Goodhand, James
Change : a novel
Louis, aEdouard, author.
But the Girl
Yu, Jessica Zhan Mei
Between you and us : a novel
Broekhuis, Kendra, author.
American spirits
Banks, Russell, 1940-2023, author.
Where They Lie
Coughlan, Claire
Welcome to the Hyunam-dong Bookshop
Bo-reum, Hwang/ Tan, Shanna (TRN)
The variations
Langley, Patrick, author.
The Still Point
Greenwood, Tammy
Sons, daughters : a novel
Simiac Bodroeziac, Ivana, 1982- author.
Guild, Scott, author.
The Other Profile
Graziosi, Irene/ Rand, Lucy (TRN)
Nothing Without Me
Takhar, Helen Monks
Neighbors and other stories
Oliver, Diane, 1943-1966, author.
My documents
Zambra, Alejandro, 1975- author.
The moorings of Mackerel Sky
MZ (Choreographer), author.
The Maroons
Houat, Louis Timag╠łne/ Gopee, Aqiil M. (TRN)/ Diteman, Jeffrey (TRN)/ Patel, Shenaz (INT)/ Ducasse, Lisa (CON)
The Loyal Wife
Love, B.
Green dot : a novel
Gray, Madeleine, 1994- author.
For Now, It Is Night
Kaul, Hari Krishna/ Raina, Kalpana (TRN)/ Ajsi, Tanveer (TRN)/ Fazili, Gowhar (TRN)/ Yaquoob, Gowhar (TRN)
Chasing endless summer
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.), author.
Brown, Tracy, 1974- author.
The best that you can do : stories
Gautier, Amina, 1977- author.
Batshit Seven
To the Lighthouse
Woolf, Virginia/ Editions, Mint (CON)
Perfectly Normal
Steele, Zachary