Adult Urban Fiction

These are urban fiction books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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Ethic 4
Antoinette, Ashley
Ethic 5
Antoinette, Ashley
Burgess, Ben, Jr.
The Therapist
Chandler, Latoya
The Protǧ̌
Davis, Brandie
Every Thug Needs a Lady
Clark, Wahida
Ethic 3
Antoinette, Ashley
Loving a Borrego Brother
Sherri, Johnni
The Infamous
K'Wan/ Slmn
The Final Play
Ellis, Shelly
Dǰ̉ Vu
Jay, Sa'ja
The Case Manager
Chandler, Latoya
Hernandez, Treasure
Where the Heart Is
Hawk, H. G.
Swirl Secrets
Honey (COR)
Full Figured 14
Hunt, La Jill/ Chandler, Latoya
3some / Love Sisters Series
McCall, Amaleka G, author.
Eureka, author.