CADL Mobile App

How Do I Log Out?

When you link your account information in the app, it stores your card number and password for you. You do not need to log in and log out. You may manually remove your account information by using the 'remove' button on the Link My Account screen if you do not wish to store your account information in the app.

We recommend that you use a screenlock passcode on your device.

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Can I Add More Than One Account to the App?

Not at this time. But we are working on it and hope to make this feature available soon.

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Where is MeLCat?

Currently, a MelCat search is offered when there are no matches to a search. We plan to add a button for MeLCat in the future.

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Can You Add Wish Lists to the App?

There are significant technical hurdles to incorporating the existing Wish List feature from the catalog into the app, so this will not be something we will be adding anytime soon.

To use the wish lists feature, you can access your account in a web browser. The fastest way to do that from the app is to choose My Account from the Home screen, then My Items, Holds & Fines, then the View Online button.

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How is the Scan ISBN Function Supposed to Work?

If your device has an auto-focus camera, you can scan barcodes on books you find at a store or on your friends' bookshelf to see if CADL has a copy! Super handy!

Some things to know:

  • This button is in the Find Books & More section of the app.
  • This is designed to work with ISBN numbers (typically associated with books) and UPC numbers (more common with movies and music CDs).
  • Our catalog records don't have every possible code for every work, so if you don't find something with this tool, it doesn't necessarily mean we don't have it. We may have it in a different format, for example, an ebook instead of a physical book, or a DVD instead of a Blu-ray. So, if you don't find a match, try using a few keywords from the title and/or author.
  • The scanning uses your camera. It only works with auto-focussing cameras. Point it at the "UPC" barcode (it's usually squareish, not long and skinny like the CADL barcode) and make sure you can see the whole barcode. Pause and let the camera focus. When it "sees" it, it will automatically scan the barcode, close the camera and give you a result. You don't have to press a button to take a picture. If it isn't automatically scanning or you are not offered the option of using the camera, then your device doesn't have an auto-focus camera. You can type the number instead.
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