Community Outreach

We are a team of library specialists who collaborate with, empower, and inform the public in our areas of expertise. We work with the community, in the community, through instructional sessions, outreach events and services, individual and group consultation, and more.


Jim MacLean, Head of Community Outreach

Kevin Post, Mobile Library Librarian

Denelle Hobbs, Mobile Library Clerk

Levi LaBruzzy, Mobile Library Assistant

Heidi Butler, Local History Specialist

Ben Ackley, Local History Outreach Librarian

Jessica Goodrich, Library of Things and Business Outreach Specialist

Celeste Rubino, Library of Things Clerk

Jill Abood, Community Engagement Specialist and Books by Mail

Courtney Tang, Digital Services Specialist


Mobile Library

This colorful, state-of-the-art vehicle offers a great assortment of books, movies, music, and magazines. If they don’t have it, they can get it. More importantly, it has knowledgeable CADL staff to assist you.

For contact information, schedule, hours, and closings, check out our webpage at    


Books by Mail

Books by Mail is a free service that puts library items into the hands of residents who are unable to use traditional library services. Please visit for more information or for the application. 


Book Nooks

Book Nooks are a collection of mainly large print and audio materials temporarily deposited at locations outside the library. The size of the collection and subject matter included will vary based on the needs of the people at each location and the available space.

Book Nooks are designed for residents who may have difficulty coming to the library. They are located in senior living communities, assisted living communities, community centers, and similar locations.

For more information about Book Nooks, please call Jim MacLean.


Local History

CADL’s Forest Parke Library and Archives (Local History) supports and encourages community archiving activities such as scanning photos, recording interviews, and conservation of historical material. Local History provides a home to donated collections on most aspects of everyday life in greater Lansing and Ingham County, and is always seeking to add more. We can help you research a home, family, or business using our collections in the library and via Local History Online.

Learn more at


Citizenship and English Language Acquisition

The library is a great place for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) learners and people interested in obtaining United States citizenship.  We have a variety of ESOL classes and reading groups, citizenship test preparation in our branches, and free online resources for those wishing to learn remotely.  More information can be found at:  


Digital Literacy

From code classes over lunch at elementary schools to smartphone basics workshops at senior living communities, our aim is to address skill gaps in our community and to help our residents acquire the knowledge they need to navigate our increasingly digital world.


Small Business Education

Need help with demographics or industry research? CADL’s business collection and staff are happy to help. Many classes are offered at the local Small Business Development Center, as well as some local business organization’s meetings. View the business resources at