Digital Downloads

I Am Receiving the Error Message, "Our Daily Lending Limit Has Been Reached. Please Continue to Browse, Add to Favorites, And Come Back Tomorrow." What Does That Mean?

Capital Area District Libraries has placed daily usage caps on the hoopla service to moderate our allotted monthly allowance for hoopla use. Once the daily limit has been reached, patrons will not be able to check anything else out until the daily cap resets at midnight. This does not mean that you've lost your checkouts for the month. Please try to check-out the title again tomorrow.

How Do I Place a Hold on an Item From Hoopla?

You do not have to place a hold on an item from hoopla. Hoopla allows for simultaneous use, so every item is always available to you.

Does Returning a Title Early Affect My Play Credits for the Month?

No, returning an item does not impact your number of checkouts for the month.

Can I Borrow a TV Show's Entire Season?

TV shows are downloaded by episode rather than by season. You can download an entire season, but it would have to be done one episode at a time. You may go through your allotted downloads for a month if you are trying to go through a TV season.

Can I Borrow an Entire Music Album?

Music albums are downloaded by the album rather than by the song. You download an entire album at a time.

How Do I Report a Problem on a Title From Hoopla That's Not Working?

When you are using hoopla on a computer: there is a button that says “Problem?” under the play options (click the arrow to the right of the cover image to toggle the full options menu if it’s hidden). Click this to report an issue.

When you have a title open in the hoopla app: scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link that says “Having problems with this title? Let us know!” to launch a contact form to report the issue.