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Concise yet comprehensive summaries to help professionals and students keep up with the latest information in the business world. A wide range of topics is covered including business biographies, change management, communication, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, personal growth, productivity and technology.


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Comprehensive business and demographic information valuable to assess business viability, create sales leads and marketing mailing lists, complete location analyses and business plans, analyze population trends, find potential sponsors and donors and much more.


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A key resource for academic and business school libraries.


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The latest insights on entrepreneurship and small business topics for business students and researchers. Content comes from business journals, magazines, reference books, case studies and company profiles.


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Thousands of high-quality online courses developed by recognized industry experts on the latest software, creative, and business skills. Log on and learn at your own pace. This resource can only be accessed with an individual library card account. Due to vendor restrictions, we cannot provide access to business card accounts.

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Directory information for individuals and business. (Formerly ReferenceUSA)(Use this link if you are on a library computer to save more records at one time.)

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Provides coverage from regional business publications for the U.S. and Canada. 


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Offers coverage that addresses many small business topics from consumer small business reference books, business videos, help and advice section and how to create business plans. 

Business Plans 

Start with the Michigan Small Business Development Center Start a Business page. It includes links to their Guide to Starting and Operating a Small Business and a variety of other resources that will help you at the beginning stages. Then see if there are any SBDC Writing a Business Plan workshops coming up near you.

Ebsco Small Business Reference Center has sample business plans. Use these for inspiration. To find the business plans, click on the link then click on Startup Kit and Business Plans.

The Small Business Administration has great resource articles on writing your business plan. And a Business Plan Builder.

CADL, of course, has lots of great books to help you get your business plan started. Be sure to check the catalog or your local branch. There are many books that are focused specifically on a type of business, eg. Food Truck Business.

As you work on your business plan, you’ll find that you will need to use the resources in the sections below.

Demographics & Psychographics 

Start with these business databases

Check these public websites

Company Information 

Start with the business databases

Be sure to check the company's website and look for their annual reports. Also, check

It is easier to find information about a company that is publicly traded. If you are searching for a private company, try searching the local newspaper of the area the company is located and spend some time searching business articles in the databases.

Find more company information at these public websites

Industry Information 

Start with thinking about search terms to define your industry. For example, construction, masonry, builders, landscaping, and carpentry all cover different aspects of the building and construction industries. It can be helpful to identify the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) Code for the industry.

Use the different search terms you brainstormed to search in the industries and articles sections. You can gather a lot of industry information in business articles.

Here are a few public websites with industry information: 

Check association websites. Many industries have multiple associations that concentrate on the industry. While they often charge for full industry reports, limited information will on their site and may be listed in the association's press releases.

Money Matters 

Business Finance has great resources to help you understand your financing needs and information about funding programs.

Startup Financing

Use the pages to guide you to possible government resources to access financing for your business.

Locally, Michigan Women's Foundation has a Michigan Women's Microloan Fund and you can search for Michigan locations on the SBA Microloan page.

The Hatching is a local business pitch competition. Accelerate Michigan is a statewide competition.

Investment Research

Find Historical Stock Quotes at Yahoo! Finance Historical Prices or Big Charts Historical Quotes. If you are looking for a quote from a stock that no longer exists, the microfilm collection at our Downtown Lansing branch is the place to check.

Public and Government websites


Public and Government websites

The Library also has access to Ebsco Legal Information Reference Center. Find copies of actual forms and documents to help with legal and business needs. It is important to note that not all Michigan courts may accept the legal forms in the resource. You may wish to check SCAO-Approved Court Forms and/or consult an attorney for assistance.


Check the schedule at the Michigan Small Business Development Center to see what marketing classes are scheduled.

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Public websites

Youth Resources

Local Organizations 

Classes and Consulting

Chambers, Rotaries, Business Associations

Commercial and Economic Development

Business Incubators

Other Business Organizations