Kids Fiction

These are fiction books for kids. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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Young Mozart
Augel, William
Vamplets - the Undead Pet Society : The Undead Pet Society
Middleton, Gayle/ Dwonch, Dave/ Dwonch, Dave (EDT)/ Seaton, Bryan (EDT)/ D'andria, Nicole (EDT)
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Battle for Angel Island
Flynn, Ian/ Yardley, Tracy (ILT)/ Stanley, Evan (ILT)
Ducktales 5 - Monsters and Mayhem
Behling, Steve/ Florio, Gianfranco (ILT)/ Cavalieri, Joey/ Caramagna, Joe/ Urbano, Emilio (ILT)
Akissi 2
Abouet, Marguerite/ Sapin, Mathieu (ILT)
Adventures of the X-men : Clear and Present Dangers
Macchio, Ralph/ Yomtov, Nel/ Herrera, Ben (ILT)/ Miller, Mike (ILT)/ Flores, Roberto (ILT)
Survivor girl
Teagan, Erin, author.
Storm Blown
Courage, Nick
A pinch of phoenix
Lang, Heidi, author.
Mia Mayhem breaks down walls
West, Kara, author.
Let me fix that for you
Erlbaum, Janice, 1969- author.
The Legend of Buddy Bush
Moses, Shelia P./ Pope, Richie (ILT)
A dog's porpoise
Ross, M. C., author.
A Creeper Camps Out
Mann, Greyson/ Brack, Amanda (ILT)
Ritter, William, author.
Bad Hair Day
Benton, Jim/ Benton, Jim (ILT)
Avatar the Rise of Kyoshi
Yee, F. C./ DiMartino, Michael Dante (CRT)
Addison Cooke and the ring of destiny
Stokes, Jonathan W., author.
Over the Garden Wall - Hollow Town
Mchale, Pat (CRT)/ Lowenthal, Celia/ Monlongo, Jorge (ILT)/ McHale, Patrick (CRT)
Minions Collection
Collin, Renaud/ Ah-Koon, Didier (ILT)/ Lapuss, Stephane (ILT)
Emiline : Knight in Training
Johnson, Kimberli
Betty & Veronica - Friends Forever
Archie Superstars (COR)
Wish upon a star
Furlington, Patty, author.
The Twelve
Lin, Cindy
To the future, Ben Franklin!
Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
A Tale Magnolious
Nelson, Suzanne
Take the stage
Siwa, JoJo, 2003- author.
Super sweet dreams
Furlington, Patty, author.
A Small Zombie Problem
Campbell, K. G.
Shout Out for the Fitzgerald-trouts
Spalding, Esta/ Gatlin, Lee (ILT)
Holm, Jennifer L, author.
Saving Hanno
Halahmy, Miriam, author.
The root of magic
Duble, Kathleen Benner, author.
The Rise of Winter
Lyttle, Alex
Quest for Clean Water
Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta
The posh puppy pageant
Siwa, JoJo, 2003- author.
Party time!
Furlington, Patty, author.
Adrian, Susan, author.
The Mostly True Story of Pudding Tat, Adventuring Cat
Adderson, Caroline/ Innerst, Stacy (ILT)
Moana's big leap
Francis, Suzanne, author.
The Haunting of Henry Davis
Siebel, Kathryn
The Halloweeners
Reynolds, J. H.
The giant from the Fire Sea
Himmelman, John, author.
George and the Ship of Time
Hawking, Lucy/ Parsons, Garry (ILT)
The four guardians
Laney, Matt, author.
Forever Neverland
Adrian, Susan
Flower girl power
Furlington, Patty, author.
The Echo Park Castaways
Hennessey, M. G.
The Dragon's Tale
Krulik, Nancy E./ Rodrigues, Justin (ILT)
A Daisy at the beach
Anna, Holly, author.
Cheshire Crossing
Weir, Andy/ Andersen, Sarah (ILT)
Camp Average
Battle, Craig, 1980- author.
The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
Reynolds, J. H.
Landers, Melissa
Awesome Dog 5000
Dean, Justin
America street : a multicultural anthology of stories
Mazer, Anne (EDT)/ Particelli, Brice (EDT)
Monster, Sfé R., writer.
Adventure Time - Jake
Hastings, Christopher/ Andelfinger, Nicole/ Asmus, James
Triple Treats
Katz, Danny/ Vane, Mitch (ILT)
Seaman and the Great Northern Adventure
Moss, Helen/ Saburi, Misa (ILT)
Rabbit's Bad Habits
Gough, Julian/ Field, Jim (ILT)
The Pest in the Nest
Gough, Julian/ Field, Jim (ILT)
First kiss
Richards, Dan, 1966- author.
Ada Twist and the perilous pants
Beaty, Andrea, author.
Spider-man Loves Mary Jane
McKeever, Sean/ Miyazawa, Takeshi (ILT)
Regular Show : 25 Years Later
Hastings, Christopher/ Johnstone, Anna (ILT)/ Lafuente, Joana (CON)
Rainbow Brite
Whitley, Jeremy/ Williams, Brittney (CON)
Queen of the Sea
Meconis, Dylan/ Meconis, Dylan (ILT)
Putuguq & Kublu and the Qalupalik
Akulukjuk, Roselynn/ Christopher, Danny/ Arijanto, Astrid (ILT)
Plants vs. zombies. Snow thanks
Tobin, Paul, 1965- writer.
Ms. Marvel - Metamorphosis
Wilson, G. Willow/ Waid, Mark/ Slott, Dan/ Gage, Christos/ Bondoc, Elmo (ILT)
Melowy 3 : Time to Fly
Powell, Cortney Faye/ Jampole, Ryan (ILT)
Melowy 3 : Time to Fly
Powell, Cortney Faye/ Jampole, Ryan (ILT)
The legend of Korra : ruins of the empire
DiMartino, Michael Dante, writer, creator.
Hotel Transylvania 4 : Ghost Blusters
Petrucha, Stefan/ Zazo (ILT)/ Gladfelter, Allen (ILT)
Drew Pendous and the camp color war
Lewman, David, author.
Box 1
Wirbeleit, Patrick/ Heidschotter, Uwe (ILT)
Battle With the Ultra Beast
Whitehill, Simcha
Under the hood / A 4D Book
Dahl, Michael, author.
The squeals on the bus / A 4D Book
Dahl, Michael, author.
Sky Chasers
Carroll, Emma
Dahl, Michael/ Cook, Euan (ILT)
She's the liar
Cherry, Alison, author.
The Pennypackers Go on Vacation
Doan, Lisa/ Kissi, Marta (ILT)
Out of My Shell
Goebel, Jenny
Ooze Control
Dahl, Michael/ Cook, Euan (ILT)
Night Shift
Dahl, Michael/ Cook, Euan (ILT)
Neil Armstrong and Nat Love, Space Cowboys
Sheinkin, Steve/ Swaab, Neil (ILT)
The Neighbor's Notebook
Scholastic Inc./ Phegley, Kiel
Nadya Skylung and the Masked Kidnapper
Seymour, Jeff/ Helquist, Brett (ILT)
Mr. Bambuckle : rule the school
Harris, Tim, 1979- author.
Marigold Star
Primavera, Elise/ Primavera, Elise (ILT)
Level 13
Korman, Gordon, author.
The girl who sailed the stars
Woods, Matilda, author.
Everybody is somebody
Winkler, Henry, 1945- author.
The End of Orson Eerie? : A Branches Book
Chabert, Jack/ Loveridge, Matt (ILT)
The End of Orson Eerie? : A Branches Book
Chabert, Jack/ Loveridge, Matt (ILT)
Dead end / A 4D Book
Dahl, Michael, author.
The cosmic alliance
Kraatz, Jeramey, author.
Charlie Bumpers vs. the end of the year
Harley, Bill, 1954- author.
Carnival Catastrophe
Lloyd, Natalie
The battle for Perodia / A Branches Book
Charman, Katrina, author.
The battle for Perodia / A Branches Book
Charman, Katrina, author.
Artemis Fowl : Guide to the World of Fairies
Donkin, Andrew/ Kenny, Gonzalo (ILT)
Amelia Earhart and the Flying Chariot
Sheinkin, Steve/ Swaab, Neil (ILT)
The Time Museum
Loux, Matthew
This Was Our Pact
Andrews, Ryan
Star Wars Adventures - Destroyer Down
Beatty, Scott/ Charm, Derek (ILT)/ Sommariva, Jon (ILT)
Splatoon 6
Hinodeya, Sankichi
Sea Sirens
Chu, Amy, author.
My Little Pony - Nightmare Knights
Whitley, Jeremy/ Fleecs, Tony (ILT)
Monster Allergy 1 : House of Monsters
Artibani, Francesco/ Barbucci, Alessandro (ILT)/ Canepa, Barbara (ILT)
Lunch Quest
Kuzma, Chris
Garfield - Snack Pack 2
Evanier, Mark/ Nickel, Scott/ Alfaro, Antonio (ILT)
Garfield by Jim Davis : trouble in paradise
Davis, Jim (CRT)/ Nickel, Scott/ Evanier, Mark/ Alfaro, Antonio (ILT)/ Smart, Kyle (ILT)
Archie's Superteens
Archie Superstars (COR)
Archie at Riverdale High 2
Archie Superstars (COR)
The story web
Blakemore, Megan Frazer, author.
Star Wars C-3PO Does Not Like Sand
Kennedy, Caitlin/ Kesinger, Brian (ILT)
Spider-Man Far from Home : Peter and Ned's Ultimate Travel Journal
Chhibber, Preeti/ McClements, George (ILT)/ Kardos, Sťphane (ILT)
Secret soldiers
Hutton, Keely, author.
Beatty, Melinda
Rising above Shepherdsville
Schoenbohm, Ann, author.
Piper Cooks Up a Plan
Soderberg, Erin/ Syed, Anoosha (ILT)
Nixie Ness Cooking Star
Mills, Claudia/ Zong, Grace (ILT)
The narwhal problem
Dadey, Debbie, author.
Miss Porter Is Out of Order!
Gutman, Dan/ Paillot, Jim (ILT)
Miss Porter Is Out of Order!
Gutman, Dan/ Paillot, Jim (ILT)
Midsummer's mayhem
LaRocca, Rajani, author.
The Legends of Greemulax
Schmidt, Kimmy/ Mlynowski, Sarah (CON)
Lair of the Beast
Epstein, Adam Jay
Honeybees and frenemies
Wientge, Kristi, author.
Heidi Heckelbeck Lends a Helping Hand
Coven, Wanda/ Burris, Priscilla (ILT)
A Ghost in the Castle
Quinn, Jordan/ McPhillips, Robert (ILT)
A Ghost in the Castle
Quinn, Jordan/ McPhillips, Robert (ILT)
Friday night headlights / A 4D Book
Dahl, Michael, author.
Endurance in Antarctica
Charman, Katrina, author.
Emily Out of Focus
Franklin, Miriam Spitzer
Dream within a dream
MacLachlan, Patricia, author.
Destruction zone / A 4D Book
Dahl, Michael, author.
The curse of Greg
Rylander, Chris, author.
The Boney Hand : a mystery
Kane, Karen, 1965- author.
The Castle in the Sea
McConnochie, Mardi
The Casket of Time
Magnason, Andri Snaer/ Arnad̤ttir, Bjṟg (TRN)/ Cauthery, Andrew (TRN)
Captain Rosalie
Fombelle, Timothée de, 1973- author.
Briar and Rose and Jack
Coville, Katherine, author.
Bad mermaids : on the rocks
Pounder, Sibéal, author.
Auto Body Parts : A 4d Book
Dahl, Michael/ Cook, Euan (ILT)
All of me
Baron, Chris (Christopher Leigh), author.
20,000 Robots Under the Sea
Bolts, Russ/ Cooper, Jay (ILT)
Sweetie 1
Dillon, Sean/ Petrivelli, Steven/ D'andria, Nicole (EDT)
The Secret Life of Pets
Lapuss, Stephane/ Goum (ILT)
Marvel Action - Spider-man - New Beginnings 1
Dawson, Delilah S./ Ossio, Fico (ILT)
The Last Chance Hotel
Thornton, Nicki
It's Me.
Benton, Jim/ Benton, Jim (ILT)
Ghost Hog
Weiser, Joey
Enter the Mine
PopularMMOs/ Jones, Dani (ILT)
Dc Super Hero Girls - Spaced Out
Fontana, Shea/ Garbowska, Agnes (ILT)
Avatar - the Last Airbender - Imbalance
Hicks, Faith Erin/ Wartman, Peter (ILT)/ Konietzko, Bryan/ DiMartino, Michael Dante
Archie Giant Comics Gala
Archie Superstars (COR)
Victory at Normandy
Sutter, Marcus/ Tong, Andie (ILT)
Toby's story
Cameron, W. Bruce, author.
Sam the Man & the Cell Phone Plan
Dowell, Frances O'Roark/ Bates, Amy June (ILT)
Lynn, Jenna/ Cruz, Abigail Dela (ILT)
Rhyme and the runaway twins
Higgins, Matilda, author.
Refugee 87
Fountain, Ele, author.
Poppy's Silly Seasons
Dougherty, Brandi
Metropolis Orphanage
Lynn, Jenna/ Cruz, Abigail Dela (ILT)
Maximillian Fly
Sage, Angie
Madness in the Mine
Morgan, Winter
Jane Doe and the cradle of all worlds
Lachlan, Jeremy, author.
Escape from the Isle of the Lost
De La Cruz, Melissa
A Box of Bones
Cohen, Marina
The Bolds in trouble
Clary, Julian, author.
Alexis's Half-Baked Idea
Simon, Coco/ Bishop, Tracy (ILT)
Big Problemas
Medina, Juana
Before they were authors : famous authors as kids
Haidle, Elizabeth, 1974- author.
Yo-kai Watch 11
Konishi, Noriyuki
Uncle Scrooge - My First Millions
Vitaliano, Fausto/ Mazzarello, Marco (ILT)/ Mottura, Paolo (ILT)/ Intini, Stefan (ILT)/ Soldati, Giampaolo (ILT)
Poǩmon - Sun & Moon 4
Kusaka, Hidenori/ Yamamoto, Satoshi (ILT)
Pie in the Sky
Lai, Remy, author.
Island Book
Dahm, Evan
Graley, Sarah
Champions : Because the World Still Needs Heroes
Waid, Mark/ Ramos, Humberto (ILT)
The Amazing World of Gumball - Adventures in Elmore
Sherron, Kate/ Borges, Gustavo/ Matile, Rachel
Zenobia July
Bunker, Lisa
A wolf called Wander
Parry, Rosanne, author.
The Usual Suspects
Broaddus, Maurice
Up for air
Morrison, Laurie, author.
The Unbelievable Oliver and the Four Jokers
Bosch, Pseudonymous/ Pangburn, Shane (ILT)
Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go on a Class Trip
Falatko, Julie/ Jack, Colin (ILT)
Allen, Elise, author.
Time sight
Jonell, Lynne, author.
The Startup Squad
Weisfeld, Brian/ Kear, Nicole C./ Plenzke, Maike (ILT)
Durst, Sarah Beth, author.
Solving for M
Swender, Jennifer
Shouting at the rain
Hunt, Lynda Mullaly, author.
Shifting shadows
Hunter, Erin, author.
Secrets of a Fangirl
Dionne, Erin
The Secret Room
Brody, Jessica/ Disney Storybook Art Team (COR)
Robo-Rabbit Boy, go!
Flintham, Thomas, author, illustrator.
Robo-Rabbit Boy, go!
Flintham, Thomas, author, illustrator.
The queen's secret
George, Jessica Day, 1976- author.
The Pumpkin War
Young, Cathleen
Project Me 2.0
Gangsei, Jan
Polly Diamond and the Super Stunning Spectacular School Fair
Kuipers, Alice/ Toledano, Diana (ILT)
Planet Earth Is Blue
Panteleakos, Nicole
A place to belong
Kadohata, Cynthia, author.
Other Words for Home
Warga, Jasmine
Order of the Majestic
Myklusch, Matt, author.
Odd Gods
Slavin, David/ Lane, Adam J. B. (ILT)/ Weitzman, Daniel
The multiplying mysteries of Mount Ten
Van Dolzer, Krista, author.
Mr. Lemoncello's all-star breakout game
Grabenstein, Chris, author.
A monster like me
Swore, Wendy S., author.
Mia Mayhem vs. the super bully
West, Kara, author.
Lindsay's Joyride
Hurford, Molly/ Lemay, Violet (ILT)
Kid Normal and the rogue heroes
James, Greg (Radio personality), author.
Just South of Home
Strong, Karen
Jada Sly : Artist & Spy
Winston, Sherri
Jaclyn Hyde
Bondor-Stone, Annabeth, author.
Idk What's Next
Greenwald, Lisa
The Hockey Rink Hunt
Lupica, Mike
The hockey rink hunt
Lupica, Mike, author.
Goldilocks, Go Home!
Freeman, Martha/ Sevilla, Marta (ILT)
Get a Job, Creep
Mann, Greyson/ Brack, Amanda (ILT)
Thomas, Scarlett
Freedom fire
Older, Daniel José, author.
Finding Orion
Anderson, John David
Fenway and Hattie in the wild
Coe, Victoria J, author.
Duel at Araluen
Flanagan, John
Clue by clue
Hapka, Catherine.
The Clockwork Ghost
Ruby, Laura
City of Lifestone
Huddleston, Tom (Journalist), author.
Camp Shady Crook
Malone, Lee Gjertsen, author.
The Book Case
Shelton, Dave
Batting Order
Lupica, Mike
Bad Guys Finish First
Fry, Michael
Attack of the Necron
Scott, Cavan, author.
All the Ways Home
Chapman, Elsie
The Absence of Sparrows
Kirchmeier, Kurt
Your Turn,¡Adrian
₈berg, Helena/ Lidstr̲m, Kristin (ILT)/ Apelqvist, Eva (TRN)
Under the Moon - a Catwoman Tale
Myracle, Lauren/ Goodhart, Isaac (ILT)
To Where and Back Again
Eisinger, Justin (ADP)
Takio : The Complete Collection
Bendis, Brian Michael/ Oeming, Michael Avon (ILT)
The Sticky Rice Caper
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (COR)
Star Wars - Tales from Vader's Castle
Scott, Cavan/ Charm, Derek (ILT)/ Fenoglio, Chris (ILT)/ Jones, Kelley (ILT)/ Howell, Corin (ILT)
A New World Symphony!
Radice, Teresa/ Turconi, Stefano (ILT)
Miraculous 2 : Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir: Love Compass
Zag, Jeremy/ Astruc, Thomas/ Choquet, Matthieu/ Duval, Mľanie/ Lenoir, Fred
The Loud House 6 : Loud and Proud
Loud House Creative Team (COR)
Just Jaime
Libenson, Terri/ Libenson, Terri (ILT)
Just Jaime
Libenson, Terri/ Libenson, Terri (ILT)
Gregory and the Gargoyles
Filippi, Denis-Pierre/ Camboni, Silvio (ILT)
Garfield : The Monday That Wouldn't End
Davis, Jim (CRT)/ Nickel, Scott/ Evanier, Mark/ Alfaro, Antonio (ILT)/ Moore, Lisa (CON)
Donald Duck : Duck Avenger Strikes Again!
Scarpa, Romano/ Barks, Carl
Atomic Frenchie 2
McWeeney, Tom/ Sniegoski, Tom
The red maze
Siegel, Mark, 1967- author.
When Pigmen Fly
Stevens, Cara J./ Creeden, Mitchell (ILT)
Waylon! : the most awesome of all
Pennypacker, Sara, 1951- author.
Star Wars Alien Archive
Lucasfilm Press (COR)
Spill the beans
Mlynowski, Sarah, author.
Silver Meadows Summer
Otheguy, Emma
The Show Must Go on
Sheinmel, Courtney/ Turetsky, Bianca
Sam Wu Is Not Afraid of Sharks
Tsang, Katie/ Tsang, Kevin/ Reed, Nathan (ILT)
Sanderson, Whitney/ Sanderson, Ruth (ILT)
Our Castle by the Sea
Strange, Lucy
The Lost Boy's gift
Holt, Kimberly Willis, author.
Lost at Sea
Soderberg, Erin
The Library of Ever
Alexander, Zeno
Let's Mooove!
Sheinmel, Courtney/ Turetsky, Bianca
A kind of paradise
Tan, Amy Rebecca, author.
The Keepers of the Keys
Lasky, Kathryn
Jedi Master Class
Landers, Ace
Hurricane season
Melleby, Nicole, author.
Good Dog, Mctavish
Rosoff, Meg/ Easton, Grace (ILT)
The girls of Firefly Cabin
Ellingsen, Cynthia, author.
Girl of the Southern Sea
Kadarusman, Michelle
The First
Applegate, Katherine/ Kostenko, Max (ILT)
Eye of the Earthquake Dragon : A Branches Book
West, Tracey/ Griffo, Daniel (ILT)
Eye of the Earthquake Dragon : A Branches Book
West, Tracey/ Griffo, Daniel (ILT)
Extraordinary birds
Stark-McGinnis, Sandy, author.
Extra Weird!
Do, Anh
Eight Times Up
Corr, John
The doughnut king
Janowitz, Jessie, author.
Bummer in the Summer!
Gutman, Dan/ Paillot, Jim (ILT)
Spinelli, Eileen, author.
Miles, Ellen
Aru Shah and the song of death
Chokshi, Roshani, author.
Zo Zo Zombie 3
Nagatoshi, Yasunari
Steven Universe : Camp Pining Play
Sugar, Rebecca (CRT)/ Mannino, Nicole/ Sterle, Lisa (ILT)/ Abeyratne, Nimali (CON)
Satchel Paige : Striking Out Jim Crow
Sturm, James/ Tommaso, Rich (ILT)
Pilu of the Woods
Nguyen, Mai K./ Nguyen, Mai K. (ILT)
Miller, Kayla
Miller, Kayla
Ariel and the Sea Wolf
Marsham, Liz/ Whitaker, Tara Nicole (ILT)
Through the Mirror
Berrow, G. M.
The Next Great Paulie Fink
Benjamin, Ali, author.
The Great Bake Off
Green, Poppy/ Bell, Jennifer A. (ILT)
The Great Bake Off
Green, Poppy/ Bell, Jennifer A. (ILT)
Into the wind : chasing Helicity
Zee, Ginger, author.
The Case of the Tentacle Terror
O'Donnell, Liam/ Deas, Mike (ILT)
Mysticons 2
Leth, Kate
Hotel Dare
Blas, Terry/ Aguirre, Claudia (ILT)
Alison and Her Rock Awesome Robot
Chao, Fred/ Chao, Fred (CON)
Skateboard Sibby
O'connor, Clare
Wilde, Fran, 1979- author.
The Race to Kangaroo Cliff
McCall Smith, Alexander
Orange for the sunsets
Athaide, Tina, author.
The Mozart Girl
Nickel, Barbara
The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James
Blake, Ashley Herring
Lizzie Flying Solo
Steveson, Nanci Turner
The Line Tender
Allen, Kate
A Good Night for Shooting Zombies
Jacobs, Jaco/ Geldenhuys, Kobus (TRN)/ Tierney, Jim (ILT)
Fast break
Jeter, Derek, 1974- author.
Prineas, Sarah
The Chupacabras of the R̕o Grande
Gidwitz, Adam/ Bowles, David/ Aly, Hatem (ILT)
Beach battle blowout
Grabenstein, Chris, author.