Kids Fiction

These are fiction books for kids. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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Winter's Tide
Kline, Lisa Williams
Who's Writing This Story?
Newman, Robin/ Zemke, Deborah (ILT)
When Wishes Were Horses
Voigt, Cynthia
Welcome to Wild Town
Harrold, A. F./ Conlon, Dom/ Paul, Korky (ILT)
Shermy and Shake, the Not-so-new Kid
Larson, Kirby/ Fujioka, Shinji (ILT)
The Secret Library
Magoon, Kekla
Season of Change
Kline, Lisa Williams
Quest for the Wishing Stone
Costa, Ben/ Parks, James
Ellie and the Marriage List
Seabolt, Tricia/ Rogers, Lucy (ILT)
Dragon on the Loose
Chan, Marty/ Chen, Grace (ILT)
Beach paws
Higgins, Cam, author.
Pearl of the sea
Silverston, Anthony, author.
Wires Crossed
Fantaskey, Beth/ Oneilljones (ILT)
The Unlucky Kid
Holt, Bob
Unhappy Camper
Lamotte, Lily/ Xu, Ann (ILT)/ Sunmi (ILT)
Unhappy Camper
Lamotte, Lily/ Xu, Ann (ILT)/ Sunmi (ILT)
Timid : A Graphic Novel
Todd, Jonathan
King of the world! / The King of the World!
Clanton, Ben, 1988- author, illustrator.
The haunted house / The Haunted House
Andelfinger, Nicole, author.
Surprise! the Adventures of Penguin and Panda
Maier, Brenda/ Mezes, Fanni (ILT)
Summer vamp / A Graphic Novel
Karim, Violet Chan, author.
The Stupendous Switcheroo 2 : Born to Be Bad
Heider, Mary Winn/ Sell, Chad
Student Ambassador 2 : The Silver City
Estrada, Ryan/ Eneas, Axur (CON)
Splatoon 3 1 : Splatlands
Hinodeya, Sankichi
Go, ghoul, go! / Go, Ghoul, Go!
Livingston, Liv, author.
Sonic the Hedgehog 16 : Misadventures
Flynn, Ian/ Stanley, Evan/ Rothlisberger, Thomas (ILT)/ Fonseca, Mauro (ILT)/ Thomas, Adam Bryce (ILT)
Snoopy's Beagle Scout Tales : Peanuts Graphic Novels
Schulz, Charles M./ Pope, Robert (ILT)
Snoopy Beagle Scout Adventures
Schulz, Charles M.
Howdy, partner! / Howdy, Partner!
Breen, Steve, author, illustrator.
Shiny misfits
Zayid, Maysoon, author.
Pup and Dragon : How to Catch a Unicorn
Walstead, Alice/ Gill, Paul (ILT)
Pokemon 9 : Sword & Shield
Kusaka, Hidenori/ Yamamoto, Satoshi (ILT)
Otis & Peanut Forever and Ever
Hrab, Naseem/ Collier, Kelly (ILT)
Officer Clawsome 2 : Crime Across Time
Smith, Brian Smitty/ Giarrusso, Chris (ILT)
My Little Pony : Camp Bighoof
Cooke, Stephanie/ Sherron, Kate (ILT)
The monster and the maze / The Monster and the Maze
Lam, Maple, author, illustrator.
Mini Marvels : Spidey-Sense
Not Available (COR)/ McKeever, Sean/ Sumerak, Marc/ Garrusso, Chris (ILT)
Mighty Marvel Masterworks Daredevil 3 : Unmasked
Lee, Stan/ Colan, Gene (ILT)/ Romero, Leonardo (ILT)
Meet me on Mercer Street
Vivat, Booki, author, illustrator.
Mapmakers and the flickering fortress
Chittock, Cameron, author.
Lunar Boy
Wibowo, Jes/ Wibowo, Cin
Lucky scramble
Raymundo, Peter, author, illustrator.
Lowborn High 1
Barnett, David/ Morozova, Anna (CON)
Lockjaw : Avengers Assemble
Elopoulos, Chris/ Loeb, Audrey/ Guara, Ig (ILT)/ Marvel Various (COR)/ Kerschl, Karl (ILT)
The Last Comics on Earth 2 : Too Many Villains!: from the Creators of the Last Kids on Earth
Brallier, Max/ Pruett, Joshua/ Cooper, Jay (ILT)/ Holgate, Douglas (ILT)
Kingdom Riders
Denton, Shannon Eric/ To, Marcus (ILT)/ Delgado, Luis Antonio (CON)
Pup and Dragon : how to catch a dinosaur
Walstead, Alice, author.
Fury from the Skies
Job/ Derib (CON)
Fun and Games! the Adventures of Penguin and Panda
Maier, Brenda/ Mezes, Fanni (ILT)
Fake Chinese Sounds
Tsong, Jing Jing
Fairest of All : A Graphic Novel
Mlynowski, Sarah/ Chouhan, Anu (ILT)
The eXpets
Tatulli, Mark, author.
The Egg Incident
Hanaor, Ziggy/ Wynter, Daisy (ILT)
Dragons of Ember City 2 : The Midnight Roar!
Richardson, Shane/ Marino, Sarah
Cat out of water / A Cat in the Hat Story
Baltazar, Art, author, artist.
Double Booking : The Tail of the Mummy Cat
Pangburn, Chas!/ Shearer, Kim/ Touris, Nic (ILT)
The Dark Times
Probert, Tim/ Probert, Tim (ILT)
Cartaya, Pablo/ Rivas, Miguel Diaz (ILT)
Cupcake Diaries 5 : Katie, Batter Up!
Simon, Coco/ Glass House Graphics (ILT)
Blue, Barry & Pancakes 6 : Mayhem on Wheels
Abdo, Dan/ Patterson, Jason
Blood City rollers
Anderson, V. P., author.
Betty & Veronica Decades : The 1970s
Archie Superstars (COR)
Barkham Asylum
Mercado, Yehudi/ Mercado, Yehudi (ILT)
Band Camp 1 : All Together Now!
Smith, Brian Smitty
Archie : Modern Classics Melody
Archie Superstars (COR)
Just Keep Walking
Downing, Erin Soderberg
The hunt for Scarface
Walker, Lane
The river king
Walker, Lane
The buzzer beater
Walker, Lane
The wrong way home
O'Shaughnessy, Kate, author.
World's worst time machine
Brady, Dustin, author.
The witch in the woods
Collings, Michaelbrent, author.
The witch get witcher
Miedoso, Andres, author.
The Wishkeeper's Apprentice
Khoo, Rachel Chivers/ Sanson, Rachel (ILT)
Winnie Zeng shatters the universe
Zhao, Katie, author.
Windy night with wild horses
Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
The Wildcat Behind Glass
Zei, Alki/ Emmerich, Karen (TRN)
True colors
Cooper, Abby, author.
Trouble at the Tangerine
McDunn, Gillian, author.
Tilted Sky
Emei, Yao/ Zhang, Kelly (TRN)
A thundering of monsters
Patrick, S. A., author.
The things we miss
Stecher, Leah, author.
Things that shimmer
Lakritz, Deborah, author.
Telephone of the Tree
McGhee, Alison
Teddy Vs. the Fuzzy Doom
Hallett, Braden
Swimming into trouble
Ahn, Angela, author.
Melki-Wegner, Skye, author.
Sunny Parker is here to stay
Finnegan, Margaret, 1965- author.
Sleeping spells & dragon scales
Swore, Wendy S., author, illustrator.
Sister sabotage
Oakes, Colleen, author.
Sing it like Celia
Mancillas, Maonica, author.
Safiyyah's War
Khan, Hiba Noor
The Pinchers and the Diamond Heist
Sparring, Anders/ Gustavsson, Per (ILT)/ Marshall, Julia (TRN)
The Not-so-simple Question
Matula, Christina
No Malto Left Behind!
Windham, Ryder/ Spaziante, Patrick (ILT)
The Mystery of Locked Rooms
Currie, Lindsay
My Heart Was a Tree : Poems and Stories to Celebrate Trees
Morpurgo, Michael/ Zommer, Yuval (ILT)
Mrs. Marge Is in Charge!
Gutman, Dan/ Paillot, Jim (ILT)
Mrs. Marge Is in Charge!
Gutman, Dan/ Paillot, Jim (ILT)
Williams, Alicia, 1970- author.
Mia Madison, Ceo
Holmes, Kathryn/ Hopscotch Girls (COR)
A Little Bit Super : With Small Powers Come Big Problems
Schmidt, Gary D./ Krosoczka, Jarrett J. (ILT)/ Henderson, Leah/ Cartaya, Pablo/ Grimes, Nikki
Lion of the Sky
Hemnani, Ritu
Lily Xiao Speaks Out
Chen, Nicole
Kagawa, Julie
Last Best Hope
Roux, Madeleine/ Probert, Tim (ILT)
Jerry, let me see the moon!
Ebbeler, Jeffrey, author.
Isabel in bloom
Respicio, Mae, author.
Friend or UFO
Buxbaum, Julie, author.
Fortune Tellers
Greenwald, Lisa
Fall of the robots
Bacon, Lee, author.
Emily's cupcake magic!
Simon, Coco, author.
Emily's cupcake magic!
Simon, Coco, author.
The door Is open: stories of celebration and community by 11 Desi voices
Khan, Hena (EDT)/ Hiranandani, Veera/ Kelkar, Supriya/ Pancholy, Maulik/ Singh, Simran Jeet
The Day I Fell into a Fairy Tale
Miller, Ben/ Terrazzini, Daniela Jaglenka (ILT)
Cruzita and the mariacheros
Granillo, Ashley Jean, 1987- author.
Coyote Lost and Found
Gemeinhart, Dan
Code Name Kingfisher
Kessler, Liz
Choose Your Own Adventure Forecast from Stonehenge
Phillips, Stephanie/ Bolinho, Dani (ILT)/ Gomes, P. H.
The cats of Silver Crescent
Noel, Kaela, author.
Biggest Secret Ever!
Coven, Wanda/ Abramskaya, Anna (ILT)
Beyond the Isle of the Lost
De La Cruz, Melissa
And then, boom!
Fipps, Lisa, author.
The 169-story Treehouse : Doppelganger Doom!
Griffiths, Andy/ Denton, Terry (ILT)
Winnie Nash is not your sunshine
Melleby, Nicole, author.
We built this city
Patrick, Cat, author.
Chick, Bryan
Warrior on the Mound
Headen, Sandra W.
The underdogs of Upson Downs
Silvey, Craig, 1982- author.
Salazar, Aida, author.
Tree. Table. Book.
Lowry, Lois, author.
Treasure in the White City
Brady, Dustin/ Bardin, Dave (ILT)
This Again?
Borba, Adam
The Takeover
Gonzalez, Mandy/ Thurman, Brittany J. (CON)
Summer at Squee
Wang, Andrea
Spotting Dottie
Anderson-Dargatz, Gail
South of Somewhere
Miller, Kalena
Shakespeare's Plays : A First Folio for Children
Shakespeare, William/ Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (COR)/ Sutton, Emily (ILT)
Painting the Game
MacLachlan, Patricia
Paige Not Found
Wilde, Jen
Out of the Blue
Bach-lauritsen, Rebecca/ Kjaergaard, Anna Margrethe (ILT)/ Goldman, Michael Favala (TRN)
The Other Side of Perfect
Florence, Melanie/ Scrimger, Richard
One big open sky
Cline-Ransome, Lesa, author.
On All Other Nights : A Passover Celebration in 14 Stories
Baron, Chris (EDT)/ Levy, Joshua S. (EDT)/ Milliner, Naomi (EDT)
Millington, Allie, author.
Mirabelle Wants to Win
Muncaster, Harriet
The Mighty Onion
Crilley, Mark
Keeping pace
Morrison, Laurie, author.
It Watches in the Dark
Strand, Jeff
The Ghost Forest
Dasgupta, Sayantani
A game of Noctis
Fagan, Deva, author.
The Fight for the Hidden Realm
Mcdermott, Siobhan
Fergus and Zeke and the Great Farm Field Trip
Messner, Kate/ Ross, Heather (ILT)
The equinox test
Montague, Liz, author, illustrator.
Emerald and the Sea Sprites
Muncaster, Harriet
Deep water
Sumner, Jamie, author.
The deadly daylight
Harrier, Ash, author.
Dark and Sparkling
Muncaster, Harriet
City girls
Lopez, Loretta, author.
Warriors The Rise of Scourge
Hunter, Erin/ Kurkoski, Bettina M. (ILT)/ Weires, Danielle (ILT)
Unicorn Boy
Roman, Dave
Twilight Sparkle
Cook, Katie/ Rice, Christina/ Price, Andy (ILT)/ Mebberson, Amy (ILT)/ Hickey, Brenda (ILT)
Table Titans Club
Kurtz, Scott R., author.
Strange Academy : The Deadly Field Trip
Hernandez, Carlos/ Young, Skottie/ Cabal, Juann (ILT)/ Marvel Various (COR)/ Bradshaw, Nick (ILT)
Shepherdess Warriors 2
Garnier, Jonathan/ Flechais, Amelie (CON)
Shepherdess Warriors 1
Garnier, Jonathan/ Flechais, Amelie (CON)
Next-level competition / Next-Level Competition
Podoal, Friend/ Hong, Jong-hyun (ILT)
Coding camp chaos / Coding Camp Chaos
Podoal, Friend/ Hong, Jong-hyun (ILT)
The Red Badge of Courage
Crane, Stephen/ Schrotter, Gustav (ILT)/ Del Bourgo, Maurice (ILT)
Poetry Comics
Snider, Grant
Pick and Pocket : On the Run!
Koren, Majda/ Stepancic, Damijan (ILT)/ Limon, David (TRN)
Pick and Pocket : Inspector Joe in on the Case!
Koren, Majda/ Stepancic, Damijan (ILT)/ Limon, David (TRN)
Owly 5 : Tiny Tales
Runton, Andy/ Runton, Andy (ILT)
Next Stop
Fong, Debbie
Matzah Man to the Rescue!
Kimmel, Eric/ Fowkes, Charlie (ILT)
The Loud House 20 : Totally Not a Loud
Loud House/ Casagrandes Creative Team (COR)
Hugo's Haunted Handbook
Whamond, Dave
Haru 1 : Spring
Latham, Joe
The great puptective
Tysoe, Alina, author, illustrator.
Gnome and Rat : time to party
Stohler, Lauren, author.
A for Effort
Greene, Jarad
Duck moves in! / Duck Moves In!
Reedstrom, Kirk, author, illustrator.
Bunny vs. Monkey and the human invasion
Smart, Jamie, author, artist.
Blue Stars 1 : The Vice Principal Problem
Magoon, Kekla/ Smith, Cynthia Leitich/ Murakami, Molly (ILT)
Archie 1000 Page Comics Triumph
Archie Superstars (COR)
Ant Story
Hosler, Jay/ Hosler, Jay (ILT)
Absolute Zeros 1 : Camp Launchpad
Einhorn's Epic Productions (COR)/ Smith, Greg/ Tanner, Michael/ Gomez, Gabrielle (ILT)
The Witches
Dahl, Roald/ Blake, Quentin (ILT)
Hunter, Erin
The sweet shop
Mews, Melody, author.
Stink and Webster Go to Mars
McDonald, Megan/ Madrid, Erwin (ILT)
Listen to this
Blecher, Jennifer, author.
Free Period
Terese, Ali
Cougar clues
Whaley, Kayla, author.
Cougar clues
Whaley, Kayla, author.
Cave of the Crystal dragon / A Branches Book
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
Cave of the Crystal dragon / A Branches Book
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
Willis Watson Is a Wannabe
Bogan, Carmen/ Thuesday, Cheryl (ILT)
Nielsen, Jennifer A., author.
Dee, Barbara, author.
The unicorn legacy : tangled magic
Benko, Kamilla, author.
Taming Papa
Goupil, Myl̈ne/ Tanaka, Shelley (TRN)
Shadow over Aetheria
Cube Kid (COR)
Gut reaction
Larson, Kirby, author.
Finding Normal
Faris, Stephanie
City of Secrets
Soontornvat, Christina
Bunny and Clyde
McDonald, Megan/ Nash, Scott (ILT)
Walkin' the dog
Lynch, Chris, 1962- author.
Villains Realm
Pearson, Ridley
Trim saves the day
Hopkinson, Deborah, author.
Treasures of the Maya
Stilton, Geronimo
Sona and the Golden Beasts
Larocca, Rajani
Salma Joins the Team
Ramadan, Danny/ Bron, Anna (ILT)
Penny draws a secret adventure
Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.
The Partition Project
Faruqi, Saadia
The night compass
Foody, Amanda, author.
Marsh, Katherine
Maya Plays the Part
Erb, Calyssa
Maple's theory of fun
McMillan, Kate, author.
Lucky Duck
Kurtz, Chris
Louder Than Hunger
Schu, John
In and Out the Window
Yolen, Jane/ Peterslund, Cathrin (ILT)
The First State of Being
Kelly, Erin Entrada
Finding Bear
Gold, Hannah
Falling Hard
Burkhart, Jessica
A Dramatic Disappearance : A Boxcar Children Book
Deutsch, Stacia/ Warner, Gertrude Chandler (CON)
Dominique's Thrifted Treasures
Mcbride, Margarett/ Middaugh, Ryan (ILT)
The Color of Sound
Isler, Emily Barth
Call Me Al
Shah, Wali/ Walters, Eric
Bird Brain
Levy, Joanne
Treasure Island
Noel, Jack (ILT)
Miss Cat : The Case of the Curious Canary
Jolivet, Jo︠lle/ Fromental, Jean-Luc
Marvel-verse : Mary Jane
Not Available/ Marvel Various (COR)/ Miyazawa, Takeshi (ILT)/ Romita, John (ILT)
Kitten Ninja
Venable, Colleen AF/ Colleen, Marcie/ Stubbings, Ellen (ILT)
Indestructibles : the first fracture
Pearson, Ridley, author.
Great Expectations
Noel, Jack (ILT)
Dndoggos 1 : Get the Party Started
Underhill, Scout/ Sposto, Liana (CON)
Luna and a Special Night
Milleri, Emanuela/ D'Andria, Nicole (EDT)/ Rivera, Richard (EDT)
Casagrandes 6 : Familia Feud
Loud House/ Casagrandes Creative Team (COR)
Shadow over Aetheria
Cube Kid (COR)
Rise of the green flame
Mensah, Bernard (Children's author), author.
Mayan Treasure
Stilton, Geronimo
Best Buddies 2 : Save the Duck!: an Acorn Book
Fang, Vicky/ Leal, Luisa (ILT)
Snow Day
Quigley, Dawn/ Audibert, Tara (ILT)
Northstars : Yeti Wedding
Shelley, Jim/ Shelley, Haigen/ Jones, Anna Liisa (CON)
Molang Fun and Friends
Werner, Joshua/ Zahler, Thom (ILT)
Dobble : Double Trouble
Fridolfs, Derek/ Bagnoli, Gabriele (CON)