Kids Fiction

These are fiction books for kids. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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The Islands of Iros
Bracklow, L. M.
W.i.t.c.h. 30 : Ladies Vs. W.i.t.c.h.
Ghio, Linda (TRN)/ Blakeslee, Katie (CON)
Pokemon Sword & Shield 6
Kusaka, Hidenori/ Yamamoto, Satoshi (ILT)
Pebble and Wren
Hallbeck, Chris
Pandora Perfect
Langridge, Roger/ Parson, Brett (ILT)
P.i. Butterfly 2 : The Birthday Bandit
Kilpatrick, Karen/ Blanco, German (ILT)
Otis & Peanut 1
Hrab, Naseem/ Collier, Kelly (ILT)
Loeb, Jeph/ Wells, Zeb/ McGuinness, Ed (ILT)/ De Latorre, Rafael (ILT)
Mighty Marvel Masterworks the Mighty Thor 3 : The Trial of the Gods
Lee, Stan/ Kirby, Jack (ILT)/ Romero, Leonardo (ILT)
The Mighty Bite
Hale, Nathan
Marvel-verse : Guardians of the Galaxy
Bendis, Brian Michael/ Adams, Arthur (ILT)/ Ross, Alex (ILT)
Marvel-verse : Rocket & Groot
Young, Skottie/ Loveness, Jeff/ Young, Skottie (ILT)/ Marvel Various (COR)
Marshmallow Martians 1 : Show and Smell
Kent, Deanna/ Hooson, Neil (ILT)
The Mare
Martel, Seth Christian
The Loud House 18 : Sister Resister
Loud House Creative Team (COR)
The Last Comics on Earth 1
Brallier, Max/ Pruett, Joshua/ Cooper, Jay (ILT)/ Holgate, Douglas (ILT)
Gunhild 1 : The New God?
Tornager, Fred/ Saturday Am (COR)
The Naysayers / The Naysayers
Black, Roan, author.
Go camping
Frost, Maddie, author.
Global : One Fragile World. an Epic Fight for Survival.
Colfer, Eoin/ Donkin, Andrew/ Rigano, Giovanni (ILT)
Fox Point's own Gemma Hopper
Spangler, Brie, author, illustrator.
Doodles from the Boogie Down
Rodriguez, Stephanie
Crab and Snail 3 : The Evil Eel
Ferry, Beth/ Chapman, Jared (ILT)
Crab and Snail 3 : The Evil Eel
Ferry, Beth/ Chapman, Jared (ILT)
Cosmic Cadets 1 : Contact!
Crane, Ben/ Alves, Mimi (ILT)
Archie Decades : The 1960s
Archie Superstars (COR)
Adventure Kingdom 2 : A Knight of the Realm
Foxe, Steve/ Rodriguez, Pedro (ILT)/ Amin, Shadia (ILT)
39 Clues 1 : The Maze of Bones
Riordan, Rick/ Young, Ethan/ Young, Ethan (ILT)
Wild bird
Zahler, Diane, author.
What Stays Buried
Young, Suzanne
Whale done : a FunJungle novel
Gibbs, Stuart, 1969- author.
Turtles of the midnight moon
Fitzgerald, Maraia Josae, author.
The treehouse library
James, Anna (Anna Lois), author.
The treasure test
Jagger, T. P., author.
The town with no mirrors
Collins, Christina, 1987- author.
Too Small Tola Gets Tough
Atinuke/ Iwu, Onyinwe (ILT)
Together for never
Kaye, Marilyn, author.
The tapestry of tales
O'Neill, Cathy, author.
A spoonful of time
Ahn, Flora, author.
Shawl, Nisi
Holyoke, Polly, author.
The sister switch
Mlynowski, Sarah, author.
The Sister Split
Desombre, Auriane
The Show Must Demon!
Miedoso, Andres/ Rivas, Victor (ILT)
Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Crown Jewels
Collins, Tim/ Bigwood, John (ILT)
Hunter, Erin, author.
Secrets and spies
Wells, Tina, 1980- author.
The scroll of chaos
Chapman, Elsie, author.
The rhythm of time
Questlove, author.
Pug's new puppy
May, Kyla, author, illustrator.
The princess and the pup
Hay, Sam, author.
Opportunity knocks
Farizan, Sara, 1984- author.
Lasagna means I love you
O'Shaughnessy, Kate, author.
Land of Dragons
McMullen, Beth
Nielsen, Jennifer A., author.
Glimpse the Future
Graves, Luna
Finn and the feline frenemy
Velasquez, Crystal, author.
Elf Dog and Owl Head
Anderson, M. T./ Wu, Junyi (ILT)
Eb & Flow
Baptist, Kelly J.
Dragon dreams
Reef, Cora, author.
The doomfire secret
Avery, Annaliese, author.
Dazzle Makes a Wish
Lord, Cynthia/ Graegin, Stephanie (ILT)
Come see the fair
Savit, Gavriel, author.
The code-breaking mystery
Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979, author.
The code-breaking mystery
Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979, author.
City of Secrets
London, Alex
Melleby, Nicole, author.
Calling the Moon : 16 Period Stories from Bipoc Authors
Salazar, Aida (EDT)/ Mendez, Yamile Saied (EDT)
A Bit of Earth
Riazi, Karuna
Aniana Del Mar Jumps in
Mendez, Jasminne
The 13-story Treehouse : Monkey Mayhem!
Griffiths, Andy/ Denton, Terry (ILT)
Blood Brothers
Sanders, Rob
Wizkit  / An Adventure Overdue
Scott, Tanya J, author.
Spy Camp
Gibbs, Stuart/ Sarkar, Anjan (ILT)
Serafina : Serafina and the Black Cloak: the Graphic Novel
Beatty, Robert/ Sherrell, Braeden (ILT)/ Moreci, Michael (ADP)
Parachute kids
Tang, Betty C., author.
Torseter, Oyvind/ Dickson, Kari (TRN)
Meesh the Bad Demon 1
Lam, Michelle
Grace needs space!
Wilgus, Alison, author.
Diary of an 8-bit Warrior Graphic Novel : Battle for the Dragon
Sourcil, Pirate/ Jez (ILT)/ Odone (ILT)
The Bright Family 2 : Family Vacation
Soria, Gabe/ Rafa, Ribs (ILT)
Ramm, Meggie
Astroneer Countdown 1
Dwonch, Dave/ Pamfil, Xenia (ILT)
Archie 1000 Page Comics Wonder
Archie Superstars (COR)
Virtually me
Morris, Chad, author.
A sky full of song
Meyer, Susan, 1960- author.
The Palace of Dreams
Anderson, Jodi Lynn
Once There Was
Monsef, Kiyash
Not an Easy Win
Giles, Chrystal D.
It happened on Saturday
Dunlap, Sydney, author.
The human kaboom
Rubin, Adam, 1983- author.
Home away from home
Lord, Cynthia, author.
Gnat Vs. Spyder : Gnat Vs. Spyder
Towers, Andrea/ Jauregui, Alexis (ILT)
The Girl Who Built a Spider
Brewington, George
City of the dead
Ponti, James, author.
Carag's Transformation
Brandis, Katja/ Ward, Rachel (TRN)
The big sting
Delaney, Rachelle, author.
Being Baxters
Kingsbury, Karen, author.
Escape Undersea
Prager, Ellen
Cinder Toot
Mashni, John
Splatoon 16
Hinodeya, Sankichi
The Snowcat Prince
Norlund, Dina
My Little Pony 1
Bronfman, Celeste/ Easter, Robin/ Kenney, Mary/ Mebberson, Amy (ILT)/ Forstner, Trish (ILT)
Heroes by a Hair
Pumphrey, Jarrett/ Pumphrey, Jerome
The Green Girls
Nicoloff, Loic/ Losty, Antoine (ILT)/ Zanon, Alberto (ILT)/ Pierpaoli, Roberta (ILT)
Felix and Calcite 3 : The Search for the Slimy Stone
Laperla, Artur/ Laperla, Artur (ILT)
The Cryptid Club 2 : A Nessie Situation
Brumm, Michael/ Mack, Jeff (ILT)
Bug Bites
Roberts, Corinne
Bruce Wayne : not super
Gibbs, Stuart, 1969- author.
Stink Superhero Superfan
McDonald, Megan/ Reynolds, Peter H. (ILT)
Stella Daiaz leaps to the future
Dominguez, Angela, author.
The searchers
Lasky, Kathryn, author.
The raptor rescue
Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979, author.
Julia and the Shark
Hargrave, Kiran Millwood/ de Freston, Tom (ILT)
Jasmine Toguchi, Peace-maker
Florence, Debbi Michiko/ Vukovic, Elizabet (ILT)
Izzy Azumi, F.d.o. Future Dog Owner
McDonald, Megan/ Madrid, Erwin (ILT)
Izzy Azumi, F.d.o. (Future Dog Owner)
McDonald, Megan/ Madrid, Erwin (ILT)
Dragon Pet
Avatar, Ari
Doggo and Pupper search for cozy
Applegate, Katherine, author.
A Case With a Bang
Nilsson, Ulf/ Spee, Gitte (ILT)
Carnival Quest
Mull, Brandon
This is how I roll
Florence, Debbi Michiko, author.
Run for Your Life
Mitchell, Jane
Future hero : race to Fire Mountain
Blackwood, Remi, author.
Monster escape
Avatar, Ari, author.
Mission to Shadow Sea
Blackwood, Remi, author.
Crawford, Terrance, author.
Captain America : the ghost army
Gratz, Alan, 1972- author.
Krovatin, Christopher, author.
Boogie Bass, sign language star
Mills, Claudia, author.
Waking Beauty : Or Eleven Times upon a Time
Solnit, Rebecca/ Rackham, Arthur (ILT)
Spirits 1 : The Soul Collector
Lawler, Colin/ Grabowski, Joseph
Sonic the Hedgehog 13 : Battle for the Empire
Flynn, Ian/ Thomas, Adam Bryce (ILT)
Song of the Sea
Moore, Tomm (CRT)/ Sattin, Samuel (ADP)
Shut Off Your Light!
Morrison Emily/ Bennett Aileen (ILT)
The Ojja-wojja
Visaggio, Magdalene/ St. Onge, Jenn (ILT)
The Mythics 5 : Sins of Youth
Lyfoung, Patricia/ Sobral, Patrick/ Ogaki, Philippe
The moth-keeper
O'Neill, Kay (Cartoonist), author, illustrator.
Mighty Marvel Masterworks Daredevil 2 : Alone Against the Underworld
Lee, Stan/ O'Neil, Dennis/ Romita, John (CON)/ Kirby, Jack (CON)/ Colan, Gene (CON)
Gustav & Henri Tiny Aunt Island 2
Matthews, Andy/ Thomas, Peader (ILT)
Leeva at Last
Pennypacker, Sara/ Cordell, Matthew (ILT)
Jacky Ha-ha Gets the Last Laugh
Patterson, James/ Grabenstein, Chris
Have a slice day
Krulik, Nancy E., author.
Curse of the shadow dragon
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
Curse of the shadow dragon / A Branches Book
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
Baby Badger
Shaw, Hannah Renae, 1987- author.
Super Spinach
Shaw, Hannah Renae, 1987- author.
Super Potato 10 : Super Potato's Middle Ages Adventure
Laperla, Artur/ Laperla, Artur (ILT)
Super Pancake 1
Lloyd, Megan Wagner/ Alwar, Abhi (ILT)
Stick and Stone on the Go
Ferry, Beth/ Cella, Kristen (ILT)
The Sea in You
Sheron, Jessi
Pepper & Boo 3 : Paws Up for Joy!
Harper, Charise Mericle
Paige Proves It 2 : The Spooky Story
Stadelmann, Amy Marie/ Stadelmann, Amy Marie (ILT)
Nayra and the Djinn
Ata, Iasmin Omar/ Ata, Iasmin Omar (ILT)
Nat Enough 4 : Nat for Nothing
Scrivan, Maria/ Scrivan, Maria (ILT)
Mimi 2 : Mimi and the Boo-hoo Blahs
Grant, Shauna J./ Grant, Shauna J. (ILT)
Mighty Marvel Masterworks Captain Marvel 1 : The Coming of Captain Marvel
Thomas, Roy/ Drake, Arnold/ Lee, Stan/ Colan, Gene (CON)/ Heck, Don (CON)
The Loud House Super Special
Loud House Creative Team (COR)
Investigators Agents of S.u.i.t. 1
Green, John Patrick/ Hastings, Christopher/ Lewis, Pat (ILT)/ Dzioba, Wes (CON)
Indestructibles : the first fracture
Pearson, Ridley, author.
Hilda's Book of Beasts and Spirits
Hibbs, Emily/ Chan, Jason (ILT)
Heroes in Training 4 : Hyperion and the Great Balls of Fire
Holub, Joan (CRT)/ Williams, Suzanne (CRT)/ Campiti, David (ADP)
Goddess Girls 4 : Artemis the Brave Graphic Novel
Holub, Joan/ Williams, Suzanne/ Campiti, David (ADP)
Fetch : The Journey
Sizemore, Mike/ King, Sandy (EDT)/ Kennedy, Dave (CON)/ Kennedy, Pete (CON)
Fae and the Moon
Aureliani, Franco/ Satrun, Catherine (ILT)/ Satrun, Sarah (ILT)
Bigfoot and Nessie : the art of getting noticed
Campbell, Chelsea M., author.
Bea Wolf
Boulet, John (ILT)/ Weinersmith, Zach
The Archies in India
Archie Superstars (COR)
Dragon Flames / Dragon Flames
Bitt, Nate, author.
The Accursed Vampire 2 : The Curse at Witch Camp
Mcgrane, Madeline/ Mcgrane, Madeline (ILT)
The worlds we leave behind
Harrold, A. F., 1975- author.
World Made of Glass
Polonsky, Ami
The Win-over
Torres, Jennifer
Willow Moss & the Magic Thief
Valente, Dominique
Where the black flowers bloom
Smith, Ronald L. (Ronald Lenard), 1959- author.
When sea becomes sky
McDunn, Gillian, author.
What happened to Rachel Riley?
Swinarski, Claire, author.
Unspoken Magic
Lloyd-Jones, Emily
Freeman, Martha
To bee, or not to bee!
Eliopulos, Nick, author.
They set the fire
Kraus, Daniel, author.
Team Meena
Manternach, Karla, author.
The Talent Thief
Thayer, Mike
A Snow Day for Plum!
Phelan, Matt/ Phelan, Matt (ILT)
Simon sort of says
Bow, Erin, author.
Smith, Mac/ Smith, Mac (CON)
Saving Cody
Wallace, Brandon, author.
Return to Atlantis
O'Hearn, Kate, author.
Rare birds
Miller, Jeff R., author.
The race to erase
Doyle, Bill H., 1968- author.
The Puttermans are in the house
Feldman, Jacquetta Nammar, author.
Princess of the wild sea
Blakemore, Megan Frazer, author.
Pilar Ramirez and the curse of San Zenon
Randall, Julian, author.
On air with Zoe Washington
Marks, Janae, author.
No matter the distance
Baldwin, Cindy, author.
The Many Fortunes of Maya
Collier, Nicole D.
The Lost Galumpus
Helgerson, Joseph/ Lugo, Udayana (ILT)
Keeper of the gems
Quinn, Jordan, author.
Jiu-Jitsu girl
Dutton, Jennifer, author.
The infinite questions of Dottie Bing
Burnham, Molly B., author.
The house that whispers
Thompson, Lin, author.
The House Swap
Clark, Yvette
Haven's legacy
Benoist, Melissa, author.
Harriet spies
Arnold, Elana K., author.
Harmony and heartbreak
Kann, Claire, author.
Maldonado, Torrey, author.
The grip
Stroman, Marcus, 1991- author.
The Grace of Wild Things
Fawcett, Heather
The enchanted bridge
Elliott, Zetta, author.
Danger at Dead Man's Pass
Leonard, M. G./ Sedgman, Sam/ Paganelli, Elisa (ILT)
Cookie Monsters
Kendrick, Erika J.
The Carrefour curse
Salerni, Dianne K., author.
Cameron Battle and the escape trials
Perry, Jamar J., author.
The Book That No One Wanted to Read
Ayoade, Richard/ Freeman, Tor (ILT)
The Legend of Korra : Turf Wars Omnibus
Konietzko, Bryan/ DiMartino, Michael Dante/ Koh, Irene (ILT)/ Ng, Killian (ILT)
A spoonful of murder
Stevens, Robin, 1988- author.
Yo-kai Watch 20
Konishi, Noriyuki
Faulty fables / Faulty Fables
Tobin, Paul, 1965- author.
Tales of Whimsy, Verses of Woe
Deroche, Tim/ Gonz̀lez, Daniel (ILT)
The superteacher project
Korman, Gordon, author.
The smuggler's legacy
Dixon, Franklin W., author.
Sincerely Sicily
Burgess, Tamika, author.
Rhinos at Recess
Osborne, Mary Pope/ Ford, A. G. (ILT)
The Raven's revenge
Sands, Kevin, author.
The pearl hunter
Beck, Miya T., author.
Mystery at Mermaid Cove
Mews, Melody, author.
Mystery at Mermaid Cove
Mews, Melody, author.
Miss Banks Pulls Lots of Pranks!
Gutman, Dan/ Paillot, Jim (ILT)
Miss Banks Pulls Lots of Pranks!
Gutman, Dan/ Paillot, Jim (ILT)
The Magician's Elephant
DiCamillo, Kate/ Tanaka, Yoko (ILT)
Like a Hurricane
Becotte, Jonathan/ Kaplansky, Jonathan (TRN)
The hidden dragon
Marr, Melissa, author.
Heidi Heckelbeck sunshine magic
Coven, Wanda, author.
Harvey Milk : no to homophobia
Amor, Safia, author.
Figure it out, Henri Weldon
Davis, Tanita S., author.
The ever storms
Foody, Amanda, author.
Elliot Jelly-Legs and the Bobblehead Miracle
Ridge, Yolanda/ Barnes, Sydney (ILT)
Reyes, Megan, author.
Don't go near the water!
Deen, Natasha, author.
Captain Stone's revenge
Keene, Carolyn, author.
Captain Stone's revenge
Keene, Carolyn, author.
Camp Creepy
White, Kiersten
Boldly Go
Walters, Eric
Miles, Ellen
Awesome orange birthday
Ruths, Mitali Banerjee, author.
Awesome orange birthday
Ruths, Mitali Banerjee, author.
All you need is mud
Higgins, Cam, author.
Weenie Featuring Frank and Beans 2 : The Pancake Problem
Fergus, Maureen/ Bye, Alexandra (ILT)
Trust on thin ice
Maddox, Jake, author.
Super Dweeb and the Time Trumpet
Bradley, Jess/ Bradley, Jess (ILT)
Snoopy Soars to Space
Schulz, Charles M.
Sixth Man Surprise
Maddox, Jake/ Muniz, Berenice (ILT)/ Juan, Mel Joy San (ILT)
The Power of Toph
Random House (COR)
Pokemon Adventures Xy 4
Kusaka, Hidenori/ Yamamoto, Satoshi (ILT)
Rock out! / Rock Out!
Shaskan, Stephen, author.
Otter-ly ridiculous
Treml, Renaee, author, illustrator.
Otter-ly ridiculous
Treml, Renaee, author, illustrator.
Officer Clawsome 1 : Lobster Cop
Smith, Brian Smitty/ Giarrusso, Chris (ILT)
The silken eagle feathers / The Silken Eagle Feathers
Carboneill, Benedicte, 1973- author.
In search of the past / In Search of the Past
Carboneill, Benedicte, 1973- author.
Cyprian's secret / Cyprian's Secret
Carboneill, Benedicte, 1973- author.
Welcome to Pandorient / Welcome to Pandorient
Carboneill, Benedicte, 1973- author.
Miles Morales the Avenging Avenger!
Bendis, Brian Michael/ Latour, Jason/ Pichelli, Sara (CON)/ Kudranski, Szymon (CON)/ Bazaldua, Jan (CON)
Marvel-Verse : Kraven the Hunter
Burnham, Erik/ McKeever, Sean/ Tobin, Paul/ Thompson, Robbie/ Jones, Christopher (CON)
Lost Legends of Nothing
Green, Alejandra/ Rodriguez, Fanny
The Librarian of Auschwitz
Rubio, Salva (ADP)/ Iturbe, Antonio/ Aroca, Loreto (ILT)
The Librarian of Auschwitz
Rubio, Salva (ADP)/ Iturbe, Antonio/ Aroca, Loreto (ILT)
Keeping football in the family
Maddox, Jake, author.
The hyena and the fox : a Somali graphic folktale
Mohamed, Mariam, author, illustrator.
How Music Came to the World
Lujan, Jarred/ Diaz, Roman (ILT)
Lost and found / Lost and Found
Dickerson, Mason, author, illustrator.
Hot shot hockey
Maddox, Jake, author.
An Extra-Large Pizza Problem : Gluten-Free Fraud
Burns, Jason M./ Evans, Dustin (ILT)
Empty Halls : Class in Session
Burns, Jason M./ Evans, Dustin (ILT)
Double Trouble : A Principal Possessed
Burns, Jason M./ Evans, Dustin (ILT)
The Dangerous Diorama : May Song Manor
Burns, Jason M./ Evans, Dustin (ILT)
Cupcake Diaries 3 : Emma on Thin Icing
Simon, Coco/ Glass House Graphics (ILT)
The Creeping Librarian : Dead Silence
Burns, Jason M./ Evans, Dustin (ILT)
The Center of Detention : Spirits Suspended
Burns, Jason M./ Evans, Dustin (ILT)
Cat and Cat 5 : Kitty Farm
Cazenove, Christophe/ Ramon, Yrgane (ILT)/ Richez, Herve
Bunny ideas
Treml, Renaee, author, illustrator.
The Brothers
Yang, Sheelue/ Vu, Le Nhat (ILT)
Bobo and Pup-pup 4 : Hatch an Egg
Madan, Vikram/ Slater, Nicola (ILT)
Blue, Barry & Pancakes 5 : Big Time Trouble
Jason, Dan/ Abdo, Dan/ Patterson, Jason
Beano Dennis & Gnasher : Battle for Bash Street School
Beano Studios (COR)/ Daley, I. P.
Beano Dennis & Gnasher : The Abominable Snowmenace
Beano Studios (COR)/ Daley, I. P.
Beaky Barnes : egg on the loose
Stein, David Ezra, writer, illustrator.
Archie's Laugh Comics
Archie Superstars (COR)
All Is Science Fair in Love and War : Sparks Ignite
Burns, Jason M./ Evans, Dustin (ILT)
The Famously Funny Parrott : Four Tales from the Bird Himself
Weiner, Eric Daniel/ Biggs, Brian (ILT)
Welcome to the Island
Costa, Dela/ Sebastian, Ana (ILT)
The secret cabana
Costa, Dela, author.
Mouse Vs Wild
Stilton, Geronimo
The Book of Secrets
Dunne, Alex/ Macdonald, Shona Shirley (ILT)
Lloyd, Megan Wagner
Touch and go
Amato, Mary, author.
Topaz's spooky night
Clark, Samantha M., author.
Some Sunny Day
Baron, Adam
Shipwreck Island
Murray, Struan
Ode to a nobody
DuBois, Caroline Brooks, author.
Emerald's blooming secret
Clark, Samantha M., author.