Kids Fiction

These are fiction books for kids. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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Run, monster, run! / Run, Monster, Run!
Bean, Brett, author, illustrator.
X-venture Xplorers 2 : Clash of the Titans
Black Ink Team (COR)/ Meng/ Slaium
Tell No Tales : Pirates of the Southern Seas
Maggs, Sam/ Wells, Kendra (ILT)
Sonic the Hedgehog 8 : Darkest Hours
Flynn, Ian/ Thomas, Adam Bryce (ILT)
Skateboard summer
Maddox, Jake, author.
Running Wild
Maddox, Jake/ Papalia, Roberta (ILT)
Pepper Page Saves the Universe
Walker, Landry Q./ Jones, Eric (ILT)
Home Plate Heist
Maddox, Jake/ Vitrano, Erika (ILT)
The Goose That Laid the Rotten Egg
Foxe, Steve/ Cano, Fern (ILT)
Lundie, Isobel (ILT)/ Pierce, Nick (RTL)
Computer mouse
Harbo, Christopher L., author.
McCulloch, Amy, 1986- author.
Twilight, say cheese!
Sunshine, Daisy, author.
Trouble Island
Dixon, Franklin W., author.
Trouble Island
Dixon, Franklin W., author.
Superman and the Big Bounty
Steele, Michael Anthony/ Castellani, Leonel (ILT)
Supergirl and the Man of Metal
Sutton, Laurie S./ Schigiel, Gregg (ILT)
Scout the school cat
Moonheart, Ella, author.
Sapphire's special power
Sunshine, Daisy, author.
Red, White, and Whole
Larocca, Rajani
Ragtag team
Nicoll, Maxwell, author.
Pearl the Proper Unicorn
Odgers, Sally/ Thomas, Adele K. (ILT)
Noah McNichol and the backstage ghost
Freeman, Martha, 1956- author.
No Ordinary Boy
Mayhew, Tracey (RTL)/ Phillips, Mike (ILT)
The nightmare thief
Lesperance, Nicole, author.
The Long-Lost Secret Diary of the World's Worst Samurai
Collins, Tim/ Lundie, Isobel (ILT)
I Am George Washington Carver
Vitale, Brooke (ADP)
Heat of the Lava Dragon : A Branches Book
West, Tracey/ Howells, Graham (ILT)
Heat of the Lava Dragon : A Branches Book
West, Tracey/ Howells, Graham (ILT)
The Enchanted Labyrinth
Stilton, Thea
Wallace, Matt
The ambassador of Nowhere, Texas
Holt, Kimberly Willis, author.
Yuzu the Pet Vet 5
Ito, Mingo
Swim Team Trouble
Maddox, Jake/ Alves, Lelo (ILT)
Steven Universe 9
Sugar, Rebecca (CRT)/ Robbin, Taylor/ Mara, S. M. (ILT)
The Sisters 7 : Lucky Brat
Cazenove, Christophe
The Sisters 7 : Lucky Brat
Cazenove, Christophe
Kleid, Neil, writer.
Rupert Bear : A Celebration of Favourite Stories
Egmont Publishing Uk (COR)/ Trotter, Stuart (ILT)
Ruff luck
Harbo, Christopher L., author.
The purr-fect getaway
Harbo, Christopher L., author.
Punk rock mouse and country mouse : a graphic novel
Terrell, Brandon, 1978- author.
Oh My Gods!
Cooke, Stephanie/ Fitzpatrick, Insha/ Moon, Juliana (ILT)
Oh My Gods!
Cooke, Stephanie/ Fitzpatrick, Insha/ Moon, Juliana (ILT)
My Little Pony Omnibus 6
Cook, Katie/ Anderson, Ted/ Whitley, Jeremy/ Price, Andy (ILT)/ Kuusisto, Toni (ILT)
Katie the Catsitter 1
Venable, Colleen A. F./ Yue, Stephanie (ILT)
Katie the Catsitter 1
Venable, Colleen A. F./ Yue, Stephanie (ILT)
Jo & Rus
Winslow, Audra
Jim Curious and the Jungle Journey
Editions 2024 (COR)/ Picard, Matthias
I Survived the Nazi Invasion, 1944 : The Graphic Novel
Tarshis, Lauren/ Sarraseca, ℓlvaro (ILT)/ Ball, Georgia
Hound Heroes 1 : Beware the Claw!
Doodler, Todd H./ Goldman, Todd/ Goldman, Todd (ILT)
Grouchy cat
Harbo, Christopher L., author.
Goldie Vance : The Hocus-pocus Hoax
Rivera, Lilliam/ Williams, Brittney (CRT)
Disney Frozen 2 : The Manga
Tanemura, Arina
Betty & Veronica Spectacular 3
Archie Superstars (COR)
Beak & Ally 1 : Unlikely Friends
Feuti, Norm/ Feuti, Norm (ILT)
Batman and the Morphing Movie Star
Steele, Michael Anthony/ Schigiel, Gregg (ILT)
Batgirl and the Queen of Green
Sutton, Laurie S./ Castellani, Leonel (ILT)
The Zombie Stone
Campbell, K. G.
The Vanished
Stone, Nic
Take Back the Block
Giles, Chrystal D.
The Stem Night Disaster
Biberdorf, Kate
The star outside my window
Raauf, Onjali Q., author.
The shocking shark showdown
Bowles, David (David O.), author.
Shaking Up the House
Mendez, Yamile Saied
The Secret of Phantom Island
Brady, Dustin/ Brady, Jesse (ILT)
The Sea in Winter
Day, Christine
Root Magic
Royce, Eden
Quiet Please!
Jacobson, Jennifer Richard
Pity Party
Lane, Kathleen
The Magical Reality of Nadia
Youssef, Bassem/ Daly, Catherine R. (ILT)/ Holgate, Douglas (ILT)
Last Block Standing!
Eliopulos, Nick
Karma Moon : Ghost Hunter
Savage, Melissa
The In-between
Ansari, Rebecca K. S.
I am Defiance : a novel of WWII
Walsh, Jenni L., author.
Ground Zero
Gratz, Alan, 1972- author.
Flood City
Older, Daniel Josae, author.
The Enginerds Strike Back
Lerner, Jarrett
Dragon Fury
McMann, Lisa
Brave in the woods
Holczer, Tracy, author.
Yo-kai Watch 16
Konishi, Noriyuki
We found a monster : a graphic novel
Scroggs, Kirk, writer, illustrator.
Star Wars Adventures 11 - Rise of the Wookies
Barber, John/ Moreci, Michael/ Charm, Derek (ILT)/ Fleecs, Tony (ILT)
Splatoon 11
Hinodeya, Sankichi
Slime for Dinner
Stilton, Geronimo/ Angleberger, Tom
Pokemon Adventures Collector's Edition 5
Kusaka, Hidenori/ Yamamoto, Satoshi (ILT)
Pokemon Adventures Collector's Edition 2
Kusaka, Hidenori/ Mato (ILT)
Pokemon Adventures Collector's Edition 1
Kusaka, Hidenori/ Mato (ILT)
Pokemon Adventures 6
Kusaka, Hidenori/ Yamamoto, Satoshi (ILT)
Pokemon Adventures 4
Kusaka, Hidenori/ Yamamoto, Satoshi (ILT)
Pokemon 9 : Sun & Moon
Kusaka, Hidenori/ Yamamoto, Satoshi (ILT)
Marvel-verse : Captain Marvel
Deconnick, Kelly Sue/ Stohl, Margaret/ Dodson, Terry (ILT)/ Takara, Marcio (ILT)/ Schoonover, Brent (ILT)
Marvel Action: Avengers: Off the Clock 5
Cook, Katie/ Mapa, Butch (ILT)
Magical History Tour 2 : The Great Wall of China
Erre, Author Fabrice/ Savoia, Sylvain (ILT)
Magical History Tour 1 : The Great Pyramid
Savoia, Sylvain (ILT)/ Erre, Fabrice
Lemonade Code
Pratt, Jarod
I Survived the Nazi Invasion, 1944 : The Graphic Novel
Tarshis, Lauren/ Sarraseca, ℓlvaro (ILT)/ Ball, Georgia
Girl Haven
Sturges, Lilah/ Carter, Meaghan (ILT)
Archie 3 : Modern Classics
Archie Superstars (COR)
The Zoo Switcheroo
Katz, Alan/ Lopez, Alex (ILT)
Willa the wisp
Auxier, Jonathan, author.
Korman, Gordon
The Trouble With Good Ideas
Panitch, Amanda
The triple play twins
Kelly, David A. (David Andrew), 1964- author.
That missing feeling
VanDerwater, Amy Ludwig, author.
Tbh, No One Can Ever Know
Greenwald, Lisa
Lewis & Clark : launch an expedition
Davies, Jacqueline, 1962- author.
Bossley, Michele Martin
Stella D̕az Dreams Big
Dominguez, Angela/ Dominguez, Angela (ILT)
Stars of the Show
Calmenson, Stephanie/ Cole, Joanna/ Burks, James (ILT)
Starla Jean
Arnold, Elana K./ Kang, A. N. (ILT)
Relax to the Max
Granted, Trish/ Lopez, Manuela (ILT)
Pug's Got Talent
May, Kyla
Pug's got talent
May, Kyla, author, illustrator.
One Jar of Magic
Haydu, Corey Ann
Ms. Jo-jo Is a Yo-yo!
Gutman, Dan/ Paillot, Jim (ILT)
Ms. Jo-jo Is a Yo-yo!
Gutman, Dan/ Paillot, Jim (ILT)
The Million Dollar Race
Smith, Matthew Ross
Midnight Train
Sage, Angie
Many Points of Me
Gertler, Caroline
Magic's Most Wanted
Whitesides, Tyler
The Magic Day
Glass, Calliope/ Mengert, Hollie (ILT)
Just Like That
Schmidt, Gary D.
Isadora Moon gets in trouble
Muncaster, Harriet, author.
The greatest superpower : a novel
Sanchez, Alex, 1957- author.
The Great Escape
Katz, Alan/ Lopez, Alex (ILT)
The Good War
Strasser, Todd
The glitter parade
Glass, Calliope, author.
Follow Your Art
Granted, Trish/ Lopez, Manuela (ILT)
The First Wish
Granted, Trish/ Lopez, Manuela (ILT)
The Fire-breathing Ferret Fiasco
Bowles, David/ Clester, Shane (ILT)
Finders Keepers
McFarlane, Melanie
Field trip fiasco
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Eva at the beach
Elliott, Rebecca, author, illustrator.
Eva at the beach
Elliott, Rebecca, author, illustrator.
Death Drop
Jackson, Melanie
Danger at the Iron Dragon
Keene, Carolyn, author.
Danger at the Iron Dragon
Keene, Carolyn, author.
The Crosswood
Prendergast, Gabrielle
Clues to the Universe
Li, Christina
Class Pet Catastrophe
Coville, Bruce/ Mullaly, Glen (ILT)
Clash of the Cackling Cougars
Bowles, David/ Clester, Shane (ILT)
Chick: Lister
Van Tol, Alex
Case File : Little Claws
Schrefer, Eliot
The Boy Who Failed Show and Tell
Sonnenblick, Jordan
Battle of the bad-breath bats
Bowles, David (David O.), author.
Amari and the night brothers
Alston, B. B., author.
Freeman, Megan E.
365 days to Alaska
Carr, Cathy (Cathleen E.), author.
Alien Nate
Whamond, Dave, author.
Cheer up
Burnell, Heather Ayris, author.
Cheer up
Burnell, Heather Ayris, author.
Tiny Titans. Beast Boy & Raven
Baltazar, Art, writer, artist.
Disney Frozen
Caramagna, Joe/ Kawaii Creative Studio (COR)/ Petrovich, Eduard (ILT)/ Di Lorenzo, Veronica (ILT)/ Giaimo, Michael (FRW)
Baby-sitters Little Sister 3 : Karen's Worst Day
Martin, Ann M./ Farina, Katy (ILT)
Baby-sitters Little Sister 3 : Karen's Worst Day
Martin, Ann M./ Farina, Katy (ILT)
Zora and me
Bond, Victoria, 1979-
The World Between Blinks
Graudin, Ryan/ Kaufman, Amie
A Whale of the Wild
Parry, Rosanne/ Moore, Lindsay (ILT)
The Watsons go to Birmingham--1963
Curtis, Christopher Paul, author.
Messenger, Shannon, author.
The undrowned
Alexander, K. R., 1986- author.
The Un-fairy
Mews, Melody/ Stubbings, Ellen (ILT)
The Un-fairy
Mews, Melody/ Stubbings, Ellen (ILT)
Toy Store Trouble
Jacobson, Jennifer Richard/ Franco, Paula (ILT)
Tinny's tiny secret
Bolts, Russ, author.
A Test of Courage
Ireland, Justina/ Antonsson, Petur (ILT)
Stick with me
Blecher, Jennifer, author.
Sofia Valdez and the vanishing vote
Beaty, Andrea, author.
Sky song
Elphinstone, Abi, author.
The six-day hero
Stein, Tammar, author.
Shelly struggles to shine
Rosewater, Kit, author.
Pullman, Philip, 1946- author.
Serena says
Davis, Tanita S., author.
School : Come In and Take a Closer Look
Teckentrup, Britta/ Tanaka, Shelley (TRN)
Scare Me
Alexander, K. R.
Rumble Movie Novelization
Steele, Michael Anthony
Red Stars
Morosinotto, Davide
Raised in a barn
Higgins, Cam, author.
Otto P. Nudd
Butler, Emily, 1968- author.
No ordinary thing
Schmidt, G. Z. (Gail Zhuang), author.
Night Howl
Read, Benjamin/ Trinder, Laura/ Trinder, Laura (ILT)
Never and Forever
Cowell, Cressida
The magic of friendship
McLeef, Tina, author.
Lucy Lopez, coding star / Coding Star
Mills, Claudia, author.
Lola Benko, treasure hunter
McMullen, Beth, 1969- author.
The Lion of Mars
Holm, Jennifer L.
The language of ghosts
Fawcett, Heather, author.
The Kids of Widney Junior High Take over the World!
Klickstein, Mathew/ Bracco, Michael S. (ILT)
Kat Wolfe on thin ice
St. John, Lauren, 1966-, author.
Iggy is better than ever
Barrows, Annie, author.
Home is where the heart is
Higgins, Cam, author.
Herd You Loud and Clear
Higgins, Cam/ Landy, Ariel (ILT)
Henry Heckelbeck and the Race Car Derby
Coven, Wanda/ Burris, Priscilla (ILT)
Henry Heckelbeck and the Race Car Derby
Coven, Wanda/ Burris, Priscilla (ILT)
Haunt me
Alexander, K. R., 1986- author.
Halfway to Harmony
O'Connor, Barbara, author.
The Greedy Gremlin
West, Tracey/ Bonet, Xavier (ILT)
The Greedy Gremlin : A Branches Book
West, Tracey/ Bonet, Xavier (ILT)
Friend me
Averbuch, Sheila M., author.
Follow Me
Alexander, K. R.
Emperor of the universe
Marciano, Johnny, author.
Duck Days
Leach, Sara/ Bender, Rebecca (ILT)
Dragon Mountain
Tsang, Katie/ Tsang, Kevin
The Dragon Ark : Join the Quest to Save the Rarest Dragon on Earth
Draconis, Curatoria/ Roberts, Emma (EDT)/ Tomic, Tomislav (ILT)
Don't judge me
Schroeder, Lisa, author.
Crossing the Black Ice Bridge
Bell, Alex/ Tomic, Tomislav (ILT)
Harkrader, Lisa, author.
Brouwer, Sigmund
The campaign
Sales, Leila, author.
Bury me
Alexander, K. R., 1986- author.
The brushmaker's daughter
Kacer, Kathy, 1954- author.
The boy, the wolf, and the stars
Plozza, Shivaun, author.
Big Move to a Tiny House
Jacobson, Jennifer Richard
Beni's War
Stein, Tammar
The bad guys in The one?!
Blabey, Aaron, author, illustrator.
Anya and the nightingale
Pasternack, Sofiya, author.
Wings of Fire Graphic Novel 4 : The Dark Secret
Sutherland, Tui/ Holmes, Mike (ILT)
Wings of Fire Graphic Novel 4 : The Dark Secret
Sutherland, Tui T./ Holmes, Mike (ILT)
Teen Titans go! roll with it!
Nuhfer, Heather, author.
Splatoon squid kids comedy show. 1
Gotō, Hideki, author, artist.
Plants Vs. Zombies the Greatest Show Unearthed 1
Tobin, Paul/ Chabot, Jacob (ILT)
Plants Vs. Zombies Rumble at Lake Gumbo 2
Tobin, Paul/ Chan, Ron (ILT)
Little witches. Magic in Concord 1, Magic in Concord
Dragoon, Leigh, 1976- author, artist.
Infinity Squad to the Rescue
Potter, William/ Vieira, Rayanne (ILT)
Batman adventures : Nightwing rising.
Bader, Hillary/ Hampton, Bo (ILT)
Arkhamaniacs 1
Baltazar, Art/ Aureliani, Franco/ Baltazar, Art (ILT)
Yara's Spring
McKay, Sharon/ Saeed, Jamal
Winter, J. H.
Wishes and Wellingtons
Berry, Julie, 1974- author.
The trials of Hairy-clees
Boyer, Crispin, author.
The Tiger's Nest
Trueit, Trudi
Zora and me : the summoner
Bond, Victoria, 1979- author.
Sam lights the dark
Simpson, Shari, author.
Ready, Set, Bake!
Simon, Coco
The Princess Rules
Gregory, Philippa/ Chatterton, Chris (ILT)
The mystery of the Birthday Basher
Kassem, Amirah, author.
Journal of a Travelling Girl
Neema, Nadine/ Beaverho, Archie (ILT)
The Hungry Place
Haas, Jessie
Hockey night in Kenya
Mutinda, Danson, author.
Goodbye, Mr. Terupt
Buyea, Rob
Fairy mermaid magic
Kinsella, Sophie, author.
The Druid and the Dragon
Butcher, Kristin
The cloud race
Mews, Melody, author.
Closer to nowhere
Hopkins, Ellen, author.
The beast and the Bethany
Meggitt-Phillips, Jack, author.
Alone in the woods
Behrens, Rebecca, author.
Stewart, Ross/ Moore, Tomm/ Sattin, Samuel (ADP)
Escape to Landis / Escape to Landis
Pearson, Ridley, writer.
Star Wars Adventures : The Clone Wars: Battle Tales
Moreci, Michael/ Charm, Derek (ILT)/ Florean, Arianna (ILT)/ Levens, Megan (ILT)/ Pinto, Valentina (ILT)
Pokemon Adventures 3
Kusaka, Hidenori/ Mato (ILT)
Oz : The Complete Collection
Shanower, Eric/ Young, Skottie (ILT)
Mega-Dogs of New Kansas
Jolley, Dan/ Khouri, Jacques (ILT)
Marvel Vault of Heroes - Iron Man
Van Lente, Fred/ Cordeiro, James (ILT)/ Cliquet, Ronan (ILT)/ Sandoval, Rafa (ILT)/ Giarrusso, Chris (ILT)
Lola's Super Club 1 - My Dad Is a Super Secret Agent
Beigel, Christine/ Foiullet, Pierre (ILT)
The Ballad of Yaya 9 : Sonata
Marty, Patrick/ Omont, Jean-Marie/ Girard, Charlotte/ Kennedy, Mike (EDT)/ Zhao, Golo (CON)
The Ballad of Yaya 8 : The Return
Marty, Patrick/ Omont, Jean-Marie/ Girard, Charlotte/ Kennedy, Mike (EDT)/ Zhao, Golo (CON)
The Ballad of Yaya 7 : The Trap
Marty, Patrick/ Omont, Jean-Marie/ Girard, Charlotte/ Kennedy, Mike (EDT)/ Zhao, Golo (CON)
Zombie, or not to be
Sullivan, Kyle, 1982- author.
White fox / Dilah and the Moon Stone
Chen, Jiatong, author.
When life gives you mangos
Getten, Kereen, author.
The way past winter
Hargrave, Kiran Millwood, 1990- author.
Vanderbeekers lost and found
Glaser, Karina Yan, author.
Unexpected super spy
Mian, Zanib, author.
Twelve Nights
Zurcher, Andrew
Turning point
Chase, Paula, author.
Trouble on the Wild West Express
Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979, author.
Trapped in Hitler's web
Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk, author.
Tom bites back
Banks, Steven, 1954- author.
The tiny mansion
Graff, Keir, 1969- author.
The Timeless One
Riley, James
They threw us away
Kraus, Daniel, 1975- author.
Sweet Dreams!
Anna, Holly/ Santos, Genevieve (ILT)
A star on TV, Lucy McGee
Amato, Mary, author.
Shotz, Jennifer Li, author.
Sprite's Secret
West, Tracey/ Bonet, Xavier (ILT)
Spindlefish and stars
Andrews, Christiane M., author.
Soul : the deluxe junior novelization
Nellson, Tenny, author.
Some pigtails
Eig, Jonathan, author.
The silver secret
Foss, Astrid, author.
Shadow in the Dark
Kolenc, Antony Barone
Secrets of the silver lion
Otheguy, Emma, author
The secret life of Sam
Ventrella, Kim, author.
Score for imagination
Eig, Jonathan, author.
School Squad
Moskowitz-Palma, Eileen
Riding sound waves
Griffith, Theanne, author.
Riding academy race
Deutsch, Stacia, author.
Revver the speedway squirrel
Rinker, Sherri Duskey, author.
Revenge of the living ted
Hutchison, Barry, author.
The Retake
Calonita, Jen
The Rembrandt Conspiracy
Hicks, Deron R.
The Reindeer Girl
Webb, Holly/ Artful Doodlers (ILT)
Red Fox Road
Greenslade, Frances
Project class president
Milano, Alyssa, author.
Premeditated Myrtle
Bunce, Elizabeth C., author.
The Popper penguin rescue
Schrefer, Eliot, 1978- author.
Peril in Paris.
Zagtoon (COR)
Peril at Owl Park
Jocelyn, Marthe, author.
Pepper's rules for secret sleuthing
McDonald, Briana, author.
Pelican in Peril
Lemon-scott, Candice/ Aska (ILT)
Of salt and shore
Schaap, Annet, author, illustrator.
The Oddlympics
Slavin, David/ Lane, Adam J. B. (ILT)
Hunter, Erin, author.
No Vacancy
Cohen, Tziporah
No place for monsters
Merritt, Kory, author.
Gennari, Jennifer, author.
The monster who wasn't
Shelley, T. C., author.
Millionaires for the month
McAnulty, Stacy, author.
Merry Fish-mas
Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta, author.
The map of stories
James, Anna (Anna Lois), author.
The lost Wonderland diaries
Savage, J. Scott (Jeffrey Scott), 1963- author.
The Lost Puppy
Harrison, Paula/ Mueller, Olivia Chin (ILT)
The Lost Princess
Glynn, Connie
Look at Rollo!
Duncan, Reed/ Frawley, Keith (ILT)
Last mirror on the left
Giles, L. R. (Lamar R.), author.
Kitty and the treetop chase
Harrison, Paula, author.
Kitty and the sky garden adventure
Harrison, Paula, author.
Kid Normal and the shadow machine
James, Greg (Radio personality), author.
Jayla jumps in
Jones, Joy, 1954- author.
Izzy in the doghouse
Adderson, Caroline, 1963- author.
Ice cream queen
Simon, Coco, author.
Hide and seeker
Hermon, Daka, author.
Heroes level up
O'Donnell, Tom, author.
The great escape
Biberdorf, Kate, author.
Golden Egg
Hay, Sam, author.
The forbidden lock
Shurtliff, Liesl, author.
The Final Gambit
Healy, Christopher
The fallen hero
Zhao, Katie, author.
Fairy tales of fearless girls
McFarlane, Susannah, author.
The explorer's code
Hymas, Allison K., author.
The exceptional Maggie Chowder
Lute, Renee Beauregard, author.
Escaping Ordinary
Reintgen, Scott
Escape from Aurora
Littler, Jamie
The Endangereds
Cousteau, Philippe, 1980- author.
Distress signal
Lambert, Mary E., 1984- author.
The Dare sisters
Rinker, Jessica M., author.