Kids Fiction

These are fiction books for kids. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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The Wolf in Underpants 4 : The Wolf in Underpants Breaks Free
Lupano, Wilfrid/ Itoiz, Mayana (ILT)/ Cauuet, Paul (ILT)
Mighty Marvel Masterworks - Namor, the Sub-mariner 1 : The Quest Begins
Lee, Stan/ Wood, Wally (CON)/ Colan, Gene (CON)
The Loud House 17 : Sibling Rivalry
Loud House Creative Team (COR)
Dungeons & Dragons : Dungeon Club: Roll Call
Ostertag, Molly Knox/ Bouma, Xanthe (ILT)
Cat Massage Therapy 3
Hisakawa, Haru
Cat Massage Therapy 2
Hisakawa, Haru
Cat massage therapy. 1
Hisakawa, Haru, author, artist.
Bumble Brothers 1 : Crazy for Comics
Metzger, Steve/ Schatell, Brian (ILT)
Archie Ultra Digest Pack
Archie Superstars (COR)
White Fox in the Forest
Jiatong, Chen
Tell me a story, please
Hara, Kyoko, 1956- author.
Strangeville School is definitely not cursed
Miller, Darcy, 1981- author.
Shot clock
Butler, Caron, 1980- author.
Sergeant Reckless
Berne, Emma Carlson, 1979- author.
Ruby Finley vs. the Interstellar Invasion
Bradford, K. Tempest, 1978- author.
Rain rising
Comrie, Courtne, author.
Oscar from Elsewhere
Moriarty, Jaclyn
New school skirmish
Tokushige, Zoe, author.
Monster club
Aronofsky, Darren, author.
Maya and the lord of shadows
Barron, Rena, author.
Marina and the kraken
Magaziner, Lauren, author.
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile : The Junior Novelization
Waber, Bernard/ Hapka, Catherine (ADP)
Romasco Moore, Mar, author.
A Knotty Problem
Cole, David/ O'toole, Shannon (ILT)
Jasmine Toguchi, brave explorer
Florence, Debbi Michiko, author.
Island of spies
Turnage, Sheila, author.
In Myrtle peril
Bunce, Elizabeth C., author.
I am Superman
Meltzer, Brad, author.
I am Batman
Meltzer, Brad, author.
How to be true
Johnson, Daisy May, author.
The hope of elephants
Hill, Amanda Rawson, author.
Holler of the fireflies
Moore, David Barclay, author.
Heart finds
Berry, Jaime, author.
Girl in white
Currie, Lindsay, author.
Mann, Michael, author.
Game over, Nebulon
O'Ryan, Ray, author.
The further adventures of Miss Petitfour
Michaels, Anne, 1958- author.
Find a Missing Star
Lewman, Dave/ Lewman, David
A field guide to mermaids
Martin, Emily B., author, illustrator.
The collectors
Pullman, Philip, 1946- author.
The broken mirror
De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- author.
All that glitters
Wells, Tina, 1980- author.
The wolf in underpants
Lupano, Wilfrid, 1971- author.
Splatoon 15
Hinodeya, Sankichi
Minecraft: open world - into the nether / Into the Nether
Ramirez, Stephanie, writer, illustrator.
Green Lantern : alliance
LAe, Minh, 1979- author.
The Wind Rises
De Fombelle, Timothee/ Place, Franȯis (ILT)/ James, Holly (TRN)
Willis Wilbur meets his match
Leavitt, Lindsey, author.
Whiz kid
Lyons, Kelly Starling, author.
Where there's smoke
Maendez, Yamile Saied, author.
Weird Rules to Follow
Spencer, Kim
The Trouble With Robots
Mohrweis, Michelle
Wyatt, Edwina/ Barberousse, Odette (ILT)
Dallas, Sandra, author.
Tales from the treehouse
Griffiths, Andy, 1961- author.
The stone child
Robertson, David, 1977- author.
Shell we dance?
Reef, Cora, author.
The shadows of Rookhaven
Kenny, Paadraig, author.
A seed in the sun
Salazar, Aida, author.
Secrets of stone and sea
Hymas, Allison K., author.
The Secret of the Jade Bangle
Trinh, Linda/ Nguyen, Clayton (ILT)
The Secret of the Jade Bangle
Trinh, Linda/ Nguyen, Clayton (ILT)
Ruby's fiery mishap
Clark, Samantha M., author.
A rover's story
Warga, Jasmine, author.
Revenge of Dr. Von Naysayer
Hopper, Ada, author.
The Power of the Pearl Earrings
Trinh, Linda/ Nguyen, Clayton (ILT)
The Power of the Pearl Earrings
Trinh, Linda/ Nguyen, Clayton (ILT)
Outside Nowhere
Borba, Adam
Opal's time to shine
Clark, Samantha M., author.
A million views
Starmer, Aaron, 1976- author.
The Marvelous Land of Snergs
Cossanteli, Veronica/ Castrillon, Melissa (ILT)
Ramaee, Lisa Moore, author.
Mai and the Tricky Transformation
George, Kallie/ Gomez, Lorena (ILT)
The Labyrinth of Doom
Gibbs, Stuart/ Curtis, Stacy (ILT)
King of the ice
Lyons, Kelly Starling, author.
Isaiah Dunn saves the day
Baptist, Kelly J., author.
Green Mountain Academy
Greenslade, Frances
A few bicycles more
Uss, Christina, author.
Fenris & Mott
Van Eekhout, Greg, author.
Esmae's birthday conga line
Heuer, Lourdes, author.
The Decomposition of Jack
Tubb, Kristin O'Donnell
Blood on the plains
Hunter, Erin, author.
Billy and Rose : Forever Friends
Hest, Amy/ Denton, Kady MacDonald (ILT)
Anisa's international day
Faruqi, Reem, author.
1-2-3 scream!
Ginns, R. U., author.
Hikaru no Go
Hotta, Yumi.
Dinosaur hour!
Shioya, Hitoshi, writer, artist.
Barakamon. 1
Yoshino, Satsuki, author, artist.
Pet Project (Hearts & Crafts #2)
Papademetriou, Lisa
Squad Goals (Hearts & Crafts #1)
Papademetriou, Lisa
The Wondrous Wonders
Jourdy, Camille
The Wolf Suit
Sharp, Sid
A Very Archie Christmas
Archie Superstars (COR)
Terry's Crew
Crews, Terry/ Thomas, Cory
Sweet Valley Twins 1 : Best Friends
Pascal, Francine/ Aguirre, Claudia (ILT)/ Andelfinger, Nicole (ADP)
Super Dweeb V. the Evil Doodler
Bradley, Jess/ Bradley, Jess (ILT)
Spirit Week
Marcks, Ira
Spider-ham in Hollywood May-ham
Foxe, Steve/ Amin, Shadia (ILT)
The Sisters 8 : My New Big Sister
Cazenove, Christophe
Shuna's Journey
Miyazaki, Hayao/ Wit, Alex Dudok De (TRN)
Popularmmos Presents the End of All the Things
PopularMMOs (COR)/ Jones, Danielle (ILT)
P.I. Butterfly 1 : Gone Guppy
Kilpatrick, Karen/ Blanco, German (ILT)
Happy Spark Day!
Richardson, Shane/ Marino, Sarah/ Richardson, Shane (ILT)/ Marino, Sarah (ILT)
Glam Prix Racers 3 : Fast to the Finish!
Kent, Deanna/ Hooson, Neil (ILT)
Department K Interdimensional Investigators : Interdimensional Investigators
Mcconville, Rory/ Holden, P. J. (ILT)/ Cornwell, Dan (ILT)
Dan Auta : An African Tale
Gasset, Jose Ortega Y./ Grobler, Piet (ILT)/ Amado, Elisa (TRN)/ Allodi, Federico (AFT)/ Yetbarek, Minab W. (AFT)
The Cool Code 1
Langeland, Deirdre/ Mai, Sarah (ILT)
Cat Ninja 4 : Welcome to the 'Burbs
Cody, Matthew/ Thomas, Chad (ILT)/ Wucinich, Warren (ILT)
Cardboardia 2
Campagnolo, Lucy/ Fairgray, Richard (ILT)
Billy and Buddy 8 : Fetch and Carry on
Cazenove, Christophe/ Bastide, Jean (CON)
Beano Ultimate Dennis & Gnasher Comic Collection
Beano Studios (COR)/ Daley, I. P.
Animal Rescue Friends 2 : Friends Fur-Ever
Tropper, Jana/ Kote, Genevieve (ILT)/ Lenoir, Axelle (ILT)
Pokemon Sword & Shield 5 : Sword & Shield
Kusaka, Hidenori/ Yamamoto, Satoshi (ILT)
The Nightcrawlers 1 : The Boy Who Cried, Wolf
Lopez, Marco/ Distler, Rachel (CON)
Cupcake Diaries 2 : Mia in the Mix
Simon, Coco/ Glass House Graphics (ILT)
2000 Ad Regened 4
Ramzee/ Veropoulou, Korinna (ILT)/ Johnson, Liam/ Redhead, Duane (ILT)/ Rennie, Gordon
Zara's Rules for Finding Hidden Treasure
Khan, Hena/ Haikal, Wastana (ILT)
You only live once, David Bravo
Oshiro, Mark, author.
Andrews, Christiane M.
The whispering fog
Jennings, Landra, author.
Where you've got to be
Gertler, Caroline, author.
When We Were Very Young
Milne, A. A./ Shepard, Ernest H. (ILT)
Ways to share joy
Watson, Renaee, author.
The Vanquishers
Bayron, Kalynn, author.
The Vanderbeekers on the road
Glaser, Karina Yan, author.
Vampiric vacation
White, Kiersten, author.
The Underdogs catch a cat burglar
Temple, Kate, author.
New kids and underdogs
Finnegan, Margaret, 1965- author.
My nest of silence
Faulkner, Matt, author, illustrator.
The Little Vampire
Sommer-Bodenburg, Angela
Honey and Me
Drazin, Meira
The good, the bad and the hungry
Luper, Eric, author.
The glass witch
Puckett, Lindsay, author.
Flip Turns
Arguelles, Catherine
Eva in the band
Elliott, Rebecca, author, illustrator.
Eva in the band
Elliott, Rebecca, author, illustrator.
Dogs of the deadlands
McGowan, Anthony, author.
Dad's girlfriend and other anxieties
Crocker, Kellye, author.
Crown of flames
DasGupta, Sayantani, author.
Lopez, George, 1961- author.
The Chroma's clutches
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
Cece Rios and the king of fears
Rivera, Kaela, author.
Camp chaos!
Hamilton, Richard Ashley, author.
Black bird, blue road
Pasternack, Sofiya, author.
Billion dollar girl
Shull, Megan, author.
Bhai for Now
Siddiqui, Maleeha
Ben Yokoyama and the cookie thief
Swanson, Matthew, 1974- author.
Artemis the Hero
Holub, Joan/ Williams, Suzanne
Artemis the Hero
Holub, Joan/ Williams, Suzanne
Amy and the emerald snake
Barkley, Callie, author.
Weenie Featuring Frank and Beans 1 : Mad About Meatloaf
Fergus, Maureen/ Bye, Alexandra (ILT)
Timothy Dinoman 1 : Timothy Dinoman Saves the Cat
Thueson, Steve/ Thueson, Steve (ILT)
Shazam! Thundercrack
Mercado, Yehudi/ Mercado, Yehudi (ILT)
The Minecraft inspired Misadventures of Frigiel & Fluffy 4
Derrien, Jean-christophe/ Frigiel/ Minte (CON)
Felix and Calcite 2 : Never Make a Giant Mad
Laperla, Artur/ Laperla, Artur (ILT)
Dinomighty! 3 : Law and Odor
Paleo, Doug/ Blecha, Aaron (ILT)
Cookie & Broccoli : book of secrets!
McMahon, Bob, 1956- author, illustrator.
Cookie & Broccoli : book of secrets!
McMahon, Bob, 1956- author, illustrator.
Archie Giant Comics Flash
Archie Superstars (COR)
The Gingerbread Witch
Overy, Alexandra
I Know You're Lying
Benedis-Grab, Daphne
Ghosts Come Rising
Perry, Adam
The Replacement
Duga, Lindsey
Lang, Heidi
Black Panther: Uprising
Smith, Ronald
Undercover Latina
De Leon, Aya
A troll lot of trouble
Miedoso, Andres, author.
Tangled up in nonsense
Wyatt, Merrill, author.
Rory and the Magical Mix-ups
George, Kallie/ Gomez, Lorena (ILT)
The Rat Queen
Hautman, Pete
The race across Anaconda Swamp
Estroff, Sharon, author.
Night of the Vam-Wolf-Zom
Banks, Steven, 1954- author.
The new switcheroo
Snider, Brandon T., author.
New Dragon City
Mancusi, Mari
My name is Hamburger
Jules, Jacqueline, 1956- author.
Miracle season
Hautala, Beth, author.
The mapmakers
Merchant, Tamzin, author.
A Long Way from Home
Schaefer, Laura
Lolo's Light
Scanlon, Liz Garton
Llamas, Iguanas, and My Very Best Friend
Bates, Janet Costa/ Jose, Gladys (ILT)
The Law of Cavities
Tripp, Valerie/ Liu, Millie (ILT)
The Last Hope in Hopetown
Tureaud, Maria
Heart stones
Cocca-Leffler, Maryann, 1958- author, illustrator.
The great Shine-a-Thon showcase!
Person, Halcyon, author.
The Golden Age : Ovid's Metamorphoses
Ovid/ Sender, Ana (ILT)/ Janisch, Heinz (ADP)
The Forbidden Island
Trueit, Trudi/ Plumbe, Scott (ILT)
Final Cut
Chan, Marty
Empty smiles
Arden, Katherine, author.
Disney Cautionary Tales
Pearson, Ridley/ Larson, Abigail (ILT)
Daybreak at Raven Island
Bradley, Fleur, author.
The Compsognathus Chase
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Brooklyn Mermaid
Simpson, C. E./ Utomo, Gabhor (ILT)
Walden, Mark, author.
Kadarusman, Michelle
Asha and Baz Meet Mary Sherman Morgan
Fernandez, Caroline/ Patel, Dharmali (ILT)
Simonson, Lily/ Semionov, Vladimir (ILT)/ Muddy, Iris (ILT)
Guerrero, Tanya, author.
Meet Claudie
Bennett, Brit
Wonder City
Fuste, Victor/ Cullum, Jared (CON)/ Rosenberg, Zack
Wait Till Helen Comes
Hahn, Mary Downing/ Laxton, Meredith (ILT)
Sabrina : 60 Magical Stories
Archie Superstars (COR)
Pokemon Journeys 4
Gomi, Machito
Mayor Good Boy 2 : Mayor Good Boy Goes Hollywood
Scheidt, Dave/ Harmon, Miranda
Marvel-verse Shuri
Okorafor, Nnedi/ Ayala, Vita/ Ewing, Eve/ Maberry, Jonathan/ Romero, Leonardo (CON)
Investigators 6 : Heist and Seek
Green, John Patrick
I am ogre it
Ebbeler, Jeffrey, author, illustrator.
The Hunger Heroes 2 : Snack Cabinet Sabotage
Lerner, Jarrett/ Lerner, Jarrett (ILT)
Glamorella's Daughter 1
Martin, Charles J./ Bennett, Jerry (ILT)/ Williams, Brandy (EDT)
Ghoster Heights
Lansdell, Corey/ Mellings, Kelly/ Larose, Lisa (ILT)/ Carey, Becca (EDT)
Ortega, Claribel A./ Bousamra, Rose (ILT)
An Even Playing Field
Davies, Monika
Dragon Puncher 2 : Island
Kochalka, James
The Casagrandes 4 : Friends and Family
Loud House Creative Team (COR)
Boo! hiss!
Marko, Cyndi, author, artist.
Bobo and Pup-pup 3 : The Funny Book
Madan, Vikram/ Slater, Nicola (ILT)
Bitmax & Co 2 : Super Pig
Copons, Jaume/ Fortuny, Liliana (ILT)
Besties Find Their Groove
Miller, Kayla/ Luu, Kristina (ILT)/ Canino, Jeffrey
Alcatoe and the Turnip Child
Lenkiewicz, Isaac
The Wishing Spell
Colfer, Christopher
Winter Blunderland
Patterson, James/ Sitts, Brian/ Tejido, Jomike (ILT)
The lost language of everything
Harrington, C. C., author.
What the Jaguar Told Her
Mendez, Alexandra V.
Lawrence, Lorien, author.
The U-nique Lou Fox
Carmichael, Jodi
True Creative Talents
Higgins, Carter/ Mann, Jennifer K. (ILT)
A taste of magic
Elle, J., author.
Tall tales
Riley, James, author.
Tales to keep you up at night
Poblocki, Dan, author.
The Stern Chase
Flanagan, John
Sporty Sprite
West, Tracey/ Bonet, Xavier (ILT)
Sisterhood of sleuths
Bertman, Jennifer Chambliss, author.
Roll for initiative
Formato, Jaime, author.
The Prince and the Blight
Butler, Kathryn
The paper museum
Simpson, Kate S., author.
Once There Was a Bear : Tales of Before It All Began
Riordan, Jane/ Milne, A. A./ Burgess, Mark (ILT)/ Shepard, Ernest H. (ILT)
The Odyssey
Lister, Robin
Hapka, Cathy, author.
North Wind Acres
Blake, Shaquilla, author.
North shore
Camiccia, Jennifer, author.
The lightcasters
McCurdy, Janelle, author.
The Iliad
Ambrus, Victor G. (ILT)
Haven Jacobs saves the planet
Dee, Barbara, author.
Grape, again!
Arquilevich, Gabriel, author.
The Golden Key
Stilton, Geronimo
Goblin market
Zahler, Diane, author.
Front country
St. Antoine, Sara, 1966- author.
Fire on Headless Mountain
Lawrence, Iain, 1955- author.
Elsewhere Girls
Gale, Emily/ Weetman, Nova
Eden's Everdark
Strong, Karen
The dragon and the stone
Butler, Kathryn, 1980- author.
Diamond in the Rough
Calonita, Jen
Camp Mah Tovu
Mermelstein, Yael, author.
Big Rig
Hawes, Louise
Aven Green music machine
Bowling, Dusti, author.
The Area 51 Files
Buxbaum, Julie/ Naidu, Lavanya (ILT)
Always, Clementine
Sorosiak, Carlie
Young Agatha Christie
Augel, William
You're Invited to a Creepover 2 : You Can't Come in Here!
Night, P. J./ Glass House Graphics (ILT)
You're Invited to a Creepover 1 : Truth or Dare
Night, P. J./ Glass House Graphics (ILT)
Two-headed Chicken
Angleberger, Tom
Trubble Town 2 : The Why-why's Gone Bye-bye
Pastis, Stephan/ Pastis, Stephan (ILT)
Stanley the Snowman
Janowsky, Austin
Spider-man Spider-verse
Lee, Stan/ Thompson, Robbie/ Macchio, Ralph/ Eliopoulos, Chris/ Romita, John (CON)
Spider-gwen 3 : Unmasked
Latour, Jason/ Rodriguez, Robbi (ART)
Speak Up!
Burgess, Rebecca/ Burgess, Rebecca (ILT)
Sonic the Hedgehog 12 : Trial by Fire
Stanley, Evan/ Thomas, Adam Bryce (ILT)/ Hammerstrom, Aaron (ILT)
Shark princess
Chanani, Nidhi, author, illustrator.
Plants Vs. Zombies Zomnibus 2
Tobin, Paul/ Tong, Andie (ILT)/ Chan, Ron (ILT)/ Chabot, Jacob (ILT)/ Rainwater, Matt J. (ILT)
A Place for Pauline
Mahiout, Anouk/ Perreten, Marjolaine (ILT)
Myra and the Drawing Drama
Rivera, Rosemary/ Menjivar, Mario (ILT)/ Shableski, John (EDT)
My Aunt Is a Monster
Yee, Reimena
Asna, Cedric/ Waltch, Peter (CON)
Hooky 2
Tur, M̕riam Bonastre/ Tur, M̕riam Bonastre (ILT)
Gustav and Henri 1 : Space Time Cake!
Matthews, Andy/ Thomas, Peader (ILT)
Garlic and the Witch
Paulsen, Bree
Elinor Wonders Why Forest Giants
Cham, Jorge (CRT)/ Whiteson, Daniel (CRT)
Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior 3 : Another World
Sourcil, Pirate/ Jez (ILT)/ Odone (ILT)
Cupcake Diaries 1 : Katie and the Cupcake Cure
Simon, Coco/ Glass House Graphics (ILT)
Crab and Snail 2 : The Tidal Pool of Cool
Ferry, Beth/ Chapman, Jared (ILT)
Choose Your Own Adventure Journey Under the Sea
Gaska, Andrew E. C./ Thomas, E.l./ Bolinho, Dani (ILT)
The Brothers Flick : The Impossible Doors
Haddock, Ryan/ Wyche, Nick (ILT)/ Stoll, David (ILT)/ Cogar, Whitney (EDT)/ Campbell, Jim (EDT)
Big Alien Moon Crush
Baltazar, Art
The Beast's tale / The Beast's Tale
Reaves, Mallory, author.
Mind control! / Mind Control!
Burks, James (James R.), author, illustrator.
The Yosemite Six
Random House (COR)/ Dominque, Chloe (ILT)
The underland
Charman, Katrina, author.
The underland
Charman, Katrina, author.
The Troll's Toe Cheese
Reynolds, Aaron/ Kendell, Cam (ILT)
Morrell, Christyne


Hunter, Erin, author.
Pug's road trip
May, Kyla, author, illustrator.
Pug's road trip
May, Kyla, author, illustrator.
The Poodle of Doom
Tan, Susan/ Wei, Wendy Tan Shiau (ILT)
The Poodle of Doom
Tan, Susan/ Wei, Wendy Tan Shiau (ILT)
Nowhere better than here
Guillory, Sarah, author.
Bastille vs. the Evil Librarians
Sanderson, Brandon, author.
Sonic the Hedgehog : Imposter Syndrome
Flynn, Ian/ Rothlisberger, Thomas (ILT)/ Hammerstrom, Aaron (ILT)/ Fonseca, Mauro (ILT)
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur : Place in the World
Montclare, Brandon/ Duarte, Gustavo (CON)/ Bustos, Natacha (CON)/ Height, Ray-Anthony (CON)/ Martinez, Alitha (CON)
Minions 1-4
Lapuss, Stephane
Louie and Bear bite back
Smith, Brady, 1971- author, illustrator.
I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005 : The Graphic Novel
Tarshis, Lauren/ Epps, Alvin (ART)
Bug Scouts 2 : Camp Out!
Lowery, Mike/ Lowery, Mike (ILT)
Bug Scouts 2 : Camp Out!
Lowery, Mike/ Lowery, Mike (ILT)
Super Rabbit Boy world!
Flintham, Thomas, author, illustrator.
Squirrel on stage
Vande Velde, Vivian, author.
Sparrows in the wind
Levine, Gail Carson, author.
The show must go on
Wells, Tina, 1980- author.
Serwa Boateng's guide to vampire hunting
Brown, Roseanne A., author.
Josephson, Kalyn
Party Animals
Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta/ Wu, Vivien (ILT)
Onestar's confession
Hunter, Erin, author.
Nikhil Out Loud
Pancholy, Maulik
Meet me halfway
Fajardo, Anika, author.
The lords of night : a shadow bruja novel
Cervantes, Jennifer, author.
Lil Mouse Is in the House!
Gutman, Dan/ Paillot, Jim (ILT)
Lil Mouse Is in the House!
Gutman, Dan/ Paillot, Jim (ILT)
Learning to Fall
Engelfried, Sally
Kitten Around
Eschmann, Reese
Key Player
Yang, Kelly
Iveliz explains it all
Arango, Andrea Beatriz, author.
Fearlessly Philippe
Thorpe, Kiki, author.