Adult Romance

These are romance books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Castle, Jayne
Wind River Protector
McKenna, Lindsay
Truth We Bear
Rose, Danielle
Too Sweet to Be Good
Jackson, K. M.
The Texan's Secret Daughter
Navarro, Jolene
Say You Still Love Me
Tucker, K. A.
The Rogue to Ruin
Lorret, Vivienne
The Rogue King
Owen, Abigail
Redesigning Happiness
Brooks, Nita
The One Who Stays
Blake, Toni
Off Limits Lovers
Ryan, Reese
Montana Seduction
Bennett, Jules
Making Up
Hunting, Helena
Love at last : three historical novellas of love in days gone.
Camden, Elizabeth/ Dykes, Amanda/ Hunter, Kristi Ann
Lone Wolf Cowboy
Yates, Maisey
Lies We Keep
Rose, Danielle
The last true cowboy
Drake, Laura, 1954- author.
The lady in the Coppergate Tower
Allen, Nancy Campbell, 1969- author.
How to Hack a Heartbreak
Rockaway, Kristin
Home at Chestnut Creek
Drake, Laura
His Marriage Demand
St. John, Yahrah
A glitter of gold
Johnson, Liz, 1981- author.
From Riches to Redemption
Laurence, Andrea
For Now and Forever
Palmer, Diana
A Family for Gracie
Lillard, Amy
The Duke Is but a Dream
Bennett, Anna
The Cradle Conspiracy
Barritt, Christy
Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy
Crews, Caitlin
Cavanaugh's Missing Person
Ferrarella, Marie
Big Shot
Evans, Katy
The printed letter bookshop
Reay, Katherine, 1970- author.
Wolf Instinct
Tyler, Paige
The Tiger Catcher
Simons, Paullina
Their Last Second Chance
Jump, Shirley
A Soldier's Prayer
Mindel, Jenna
Schmidt, Anna
A Rainbow Above Us
Sala, Sharon
One Night With the Cowboy
Harlen, Brenda
The marriage clock : a novel
Raheem, Zara, author.
Iron Will
Daniels, B. J.
Fake Dating the Prince
Kane, Ashlyn
Cowboy Summer
Kennedy, Joanne
Cowboy in Wolf's Clothing
Ballenger, Kait
Claiming His One-night Child
Ashenden, Jackie
The brides of the big valley : 3 romances from a unique Pennsylvania Amish community
Brunstetter, Wanda E./ Brunstetter, Jean/ Brunstetter, Richelle
Beyond the Limit
Dees, Cindy
A Beggar's Kingdom
Simons, Paullina
Barefoot Beach
Mason, Debbie
A Baby Between Friends
Douglass, Kathy
Erickson, Karen, 1970- author.
The Right Swipe
Rai, Alisha
Red Hot Rancher
Child, Maureen
One Night, White Lies
Lemmon, Jessica
The Me I Used to Be
Ryan, Jennifer
Marry in Secret
Gracie, Anne
Married in Name Only
Bennett, Jules
Kickin' It
Van Dyken, Rachel
Her twins' cowboy dad
Johns, Patricia (Romance writer), author.
The Doctor's Date
Cullinan, Heidi
Devoted to love
Black, Shayla, author.
Deep Undercover
Worth, Lenora
Cross my heart
Hatcher, Robin Lee, author.
Crashing the A-list
Heacock, Summer
Colton 911 : Cowboy's Rescue
Ferrarella, Marie
The Chai Factor
Heron, Farah
A welcome at our door
Clipston, Amy, author.
Waiting for Tom Hanks
Winfrey, Kerry, author.
A Touch of Forever
Goodman, Jo
The Takeover Effect
Sharma, Nisha
Sweet Wild of Mine
Kerr, Laurel
Sweet Summer Sunset
Fossen, Delores
Sweet Heat
Day, Zuri
Spitfire in Love
Ronin, Isabelle
Smooth Moves
Harte, Marie
Shadow Warrior
Feehan, Christine
Season for Love
Force, Marie
Seal Wolf Surrender
Spear, Terry
Rogue Most Wanted
Macgregor, Janna
A rogue by night
Bowen, Kelly (Romance fiction writer), author.
A reluctant bride
Hedlund, Jody, author.
Rancher in Her Bed
Rock, Joanne
Puppy Love
Gilmore, Lucy
Project Duchess
Jeffries, Sabrina
The perfect date
Lozada, Evelyn, author.
More than words can say
Witemeyer, Karen, author.
Maybe this time
Mansell, Jill, author.
Lone Witness
McCoy, Shirlee
A Lady in Disguise
Sands, Lynsay
March, Emily
His Two Royal Secrets
Crews, Caitlin
His to Claim
Jackson, Brenda
The Highland Earl
Jarecki, Amy
Her Other Secret
Dimon, HelenKay
Healing the Cowboy's Heart
Herne, Ruth Logan
From Mistake to Millions
Laurence, Andrea
The Friend Zone
Jimenez, Abby
Fix Her Up
Bailey, Tessa
Demanding His Hidden Heir
Ashenden, Jackie
Defending Harlow
Stoker, Susan
Dearly Beloved
Putney, Mary Jo
Lynn, Cherrie
Cowboy to the Core
Yates, Maisey
Cowboy rebel
Brown, Carolyn
The Cowboy Meets His Match
Brownley, Margaret
Can't Escape Love
Cole, Alyssa
Blind Trust
Scott, Laura
Beckstrand, Jennifer
The Amish widow's rescue
Good, Rachel J., author.
Amish Outsider
Perry, Marta
Wyoming Cowboy Ranger
Helm, Nicole
Wooing Cadie McCaffrey
Turner, Bethany, 1979- author.
Rimmer, Kelly
Smitten by the Brit
Johnson, Melonie
The royal secret : a novel
Riley, Lucinda, author.
Jenkins, Beverly
Luck of the Draw
Daniels, B. J.
Low Country Dreams
McClain, Lee Tobin
Hoping for Love
Force, Marie
His Suitable Amish Wife
Kertz, Rebecca
A Fortune's Texas Reunion
Leigh, Allison
For Their Child's Sake
Bennett, Jules
The Earl Next Door
Grey, Amelia
Cliff's Edge
Tilly, Meg
The Amish Cookie Club
Price, Sarah
The Wish
Davids, Patricia
When to Call a Cowboy
Faver, June
Sweet on you
Wade, Becky, author.
The Summer House
Hale, Jenny
Sullivan's Promise
Johnston, Joan
Sniper's Pride
Crane, Megan
A second chance : an Amish romance
Byler, Linda, author.
Running Target
Goddard, Elizabeth
Road to Forever & a Love of My Own
Green, Sherelle/ Lister, Sheryl
The refuge
Gabhart, Ann H., 1947- author.
A Prince on Paper
Cole, Alyssa
Never Deny a Duke
Hunter, Madeline
Never a Bride
Frampton, Megan
Mercenary's Woman & His Secret Child
Palmer, Diana/ McClain, Lee Tobin
Marriage at Any Price
Canan, Lauren
Lone Star Standoff
Daley, Margaret
Grant, Donna
Getting Hot With the Scot
Johnson, Melonie
Forever With You & the Sweet Taste of Seduction
Alexander, Kianna/ Avery, Joy
Falling for Love
Force, Marie
Deadly Obsession
Hunt, April
A Contract Seduction
Maynard, Janice
A Colton Target
Long, Beverly
Cavanaugh Cowboy
Ferrarella, Marie
The Billionaire's Baby & the Wrong Fianč
Bryant, Niobia/ Evans, Lindsay
Act of Valor
Mentink, Dana
Where the Heart Lies
Leigh, Lora
Criminal Behavior
Stevens, Amanda
An Infamous Army
Heyer, Georgette
Highland Crown
McGoldrick, May