Adult Romance

These are romance books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Finding Joy: A Gay Romance
Herrera, Adriana
The Walnut Creek Wish
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
To write a wrong
Turano, Jen, author.
Sweet As Pie
Pace, Alicia Hunter
Sunshine season
Roberts, Nora, author.
A spot of trouble
Wilson, Teri, author.
So We Meet Again
Park, Suzanne
Secret Defender
Ferrarella, Marie
Rogue Wolf
Tyler, Paige
Perfect timing
Nicholls, Owen, author.
A Midnight Dance
Politano, Joanna Davidson
The merchant and the rogue
Eden, Sarah M., author.
The hope chest
Brown, Carolyn, 1948- author.
Grant's Blaze
Payne, Angel/ Blue, Victoria
The Duke Who Loved Me
Ashford, Jane
Burning Desire
Harte, Marie
The Amish Baby Finds a Home
Cameron, Barbara
All the Best Nights
Earnest, Hanna
The Wicked Aftermath
Foster, Melissa
A Little Bit Wicked
Foster, Melissa
Miss Delectable
Burrowes, Grace
Falling for the Delta
Stoker, Susan
The Wildest Ride
Bell, Marcella
Dailey, Janet
When You Wish upon a Duke
Michaels, Charis
Ways to Tempt the Boss
Rock, Joanne
A warrior's heart
Beller, Misty M., author.
Wait for it
McKinlay, Jenn, author.
Undercover Protection
Black, Maggie K.
Anders, Adriana
True Love Cowboy
Ryan, Jennifer
Tracing a Kidnapper
Rushdan, Juno
A Thin Disguise
Bybee, Catherine
Taken in the Night
Goddard, Elizabeth
Secrets in the Sand
Brown, Carolyn
The Rebound Surprise
Cremant, Laurel
The Paris Connection
Brown, Lorraine
Missing at Christmas
Richards, K. D.
Miss Lattimore's letter
Allain, Suzanne, author.
Make you feel my love
Hatcher, Robin Lee, author.
Lost and Found Faith
Blount, Laurel
Last-chance Marriage Rescue
Mann, Catherine
It Takes Heart
Marcelo, Tif
How sweet it is
Newton, Dylan, author.
The Hookup Dilemma
Gillam, Constance
Hollywood Ending
Skilton, Tash
Have We Met?
Baker, Camille
The Gentleman's Daughter
Schwarz, Bianca M.
Foolish Hearts
Williams, Synithia
Ivy, Alexandra
Evidence of Innocence
McCoy, Shirlee
Custom Love
Fernando, Chantal
Crossed lines
Delamere, Jennifer, author.
The Cowboy's Amish Haven
Wright, Pamela Desmond
Country Music Cowboy
Summers, Sasha
Colton K-9 Target
Davis, Justine
Christmas Comes to Morning Star
Hubbard, Charlotte
The Cafe Between Pumpkin and Pie
Adair, Marina/ Angell, Kate/ Finz, Stacy
Battle Royal
Parker, Lucy
Aspen Crossroads
Rosche, Janine
The Wrong Marquess
Lorret, Vivienne
When I Found You
Novak, Brenda
What if you & me
Loren, Roni, author.
What Happens in Miami...
Gonzalez, Nadine
West End Earl
Bennett, Bethany
The view was exhausting
Clements, Mikaella, author.
The Trap
Ericson, Carol
Too good to be real
Johnson, Melonie, author.
This time around / Three Sweet Romances
Hunter, Denise/ Ferguson, Melissa/ Fuller, Kathleen
Sweet Tea
Huguley, Piper
A Scot to the Heart
Linden, Caroline
Santa's Sweetheart
Dailey, Janet
The Runaway Heiress
Tilly, Meg
Ruff and Tumble
Gilmore, Lucy
Rescued by the Colton Cowboy
Mello, Deborah Fletcher
The Rancher's Summer Secret
Rimmer, Christine
Pug Actually
Dunn, Matt
Laureano, Carla, author.
Promises from a Playboy
Laurence, Andrea
The Princess Stakes
Howard, Amalie
Plot twist
Turner, Bethany, 1979- author.
Paws and Prejudice
Martin, Alanna
Out of character
Albert, Annabeth, author.
Open Your Heart
Hodges, Cheris
One Week to Claim It All
Herrera, Adriana
One More Second Chance
Night, Nicki
Nine Months to Claim Her
Anderson, Natalie
The Mixtape
Cherry, Brittainy
Missing in the Desert
Mentink, Dana
The Mismatch
Jafari, Sara
Men Are Frogs
Dewylde, Saranna
The Mastermind
Lane, Amy
The Marine's Mission
Kastner, Deb
A man with a past
Connealy, Mary, author.
The man ban
Marsh, Nicola, author.
Love Blooms
McNally, Jo
Love and the silver lining
Gray, Tammy L., author.
Lost and Found Family
Ryan, Jennifer
K-9 Hideout
Heiter, Elizabeth
It's Raining Men
Hammerle, Julie
I kissed a girl
Alexander, Jennet, author.
Hot under his collar
Christopher, Andie J., author.
Hope on the Range
Madsen, Cindi
Hope Between the Pages
Basham, Pepper
Levy, Marc/ Dickens-doyle, Hannah (TRN)
His Improper Lady
Camp, Candace
Her Path to Redemption
Lewis, Patrice
Showalter, Gena
Heartbreak for hire
Hartl, Sonia, author.
Good Twin Gone Country
Lemmon, Jessica
For His Daughter's Sake
Bagwell, Stella
Finding Hope
Johnson, Janice Kay
Far Harbor
Ross, JoAnn
An Extraordinary Lord
Harrington, Anna
Exposing a Killer
Eakes, Laurie Alice
The Duke Goes Down
Jordan, Sophie
The Devil and the Heiress
St. George, Harper
Daughters of Cornwall
Britton, Fern
The dating dare : a novel
Lee, Jayci, author.
Corner Office Secrets
McKenna, Shannon
Cold Case Manhunt
Night, Jenna
The Chef's Surprise Baby
Harlen, Brenda
Buried Evidence
Vanhorn, Kellie
Bridge of Gold
Woodhouse, Kimberley
A Brambleberry Summer
Thayne, RaeAnne
Beyond the tides
Johnson, Liz, 1981- author.
Bayou Beauty
Blake, Lexi
The Aviatrix
Marsh, Violet
Amish Country Threats
Lynn, Dana R.
You've Got Plaid
Knight, Eliza
Very sincerely yours
Winfrey, Kerry, author.
Undercover wolf
Tyler, Paige, author.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Stetz-Waters, Karelia, author.
A rancher's kiss
Palmer, Diana, author.
Once upon a puppy
Shane, Lizzie, author.
No journey too far
Turansky, Carrie, author.
Maybe we will
Foster, Melissa, author.
Make me burn
Harte, Marie, author.
Love Scenes
Morrissey, Bridget
The layover
Waldon, Lacie, author.
The Last Goodbye
Lucas, Fiona
An invincible summer
Stewart, Mariah, author.
Heartbreak Incorporated
De Campi, Alex
Dream spinner
Ashley, Kristen, author.
Cowboy fire
Redford, Kim, author.
The Checklist
Woolridge, Addie
A Wolf in Duke's Clothing
Allen, Susanna
Wilderness Defender
Black, Maggie K.
Wild Love
Accardo, Lauren
Wife on His Doorstep
Johns, Patricia
Trouble in Big Timber
Daniels, B. J.
Traces of Murder
Lee, Rachel
Talk Bookish to Me
Bromley, Kate
Summer in the City
Wilde, Lori/ Oliveras, Priscilla/ Skilton, Sarah
Spring at Saddle Run
Fossen, Delores
Shelter in the Storm
Blount, Laurel
Second Chance Love Song
Lemmon, Jessica
Samuel's Return
Simpson, Susan Lantz
Redemption on Rivers Ranch
Douglass, Kathy
The Rebel Heir
Bryant, Niobia
Prize Money
Castro, Celeste
The Preacher's Daughter
Johns, Patricia
Playing the palace
Rudnick, Paul, author.
Must Love Cowboys
Bloom, Carly
Match Made in Paradise
Dunlop, Barbara
Loving Mrs. Bontrager
Lough, Loree
Loving Her Amish Neighbor
Kertz, Rebecca
Love in Lockdown
James, Chloe
Lone Wolf
Palmer, Diana/ Zanetti, Rebecca/ Pearce, Kate
Like cats and dogs
McMurray, Kate, 1980- author.
Let It Be Me
Wade, Becky
The Last One Home
Rimmer, Christine
How to Survive a Scandal
Parish, Samara
Home to the Harbor
McClain, Lee Tobin
Hiding Her Amish Secret
Lighte, Carrie
Her Small Town Secret
Minton, Brenda
Heiress in Red Silk
Hunter, Madeline
The Hate Project
Ripper, Kris
Hard Sell
Lin, Hudson
Follow Your Heart
Jackson, Brenda
Evidence of Innocence
McCoy, Shirlee
Deadly Double-cross
Diaz, Lena
David and Ameena
Rao, Ami
Crazy About a Cowboy
Crush, Dylann
A Cowboy of Legend
Broday, Linda
A Cowboy Kind of Love
Grant, Donna
Cowboy in Disguise
Leigh, Allison
Cow Girl
Eyre, Kirsty
Cold Case Trail
Stover, Sharee
Bookshop by the sea
Hunter, Denise, 1968- author.
Byler, Linda
The Baby That Binds Them
Bagwell, Stella
At Lighthouse Point
Fisher, Suzanne Woods
Anchored Hearts
Oliveras, Priscilla
An Amish surprise
Gray, Shelley Shepard, author.
Amish Country Cover-up
Stone, Alison
Beckstrand, Jennifer, author.
Her Texas renegade
Rock, Joanne, author.
Scandalous Engagement
Bennett, Jules