Adult Romance

These are romance books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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You Should Be So Lucky
Sebastian, Cat
Truly, Madly, Deeply
Bellefleur, Alexandria
The Takedown
Chu, Lily
Summer After Summer
Bailey, Lauren
Sisters in paradise
Brown, Carolyn, author.
A Run at Love
Shiloh, Toni
The roads we follow
Deese, Nicole, author.
One last shot
Cayouette, Betty, author.
Love you, mean it : a novel
Gagnon, Jilly, author.
Love on a Whim
Fisher, Suzanne Woods
The Lost Lover
Swan, Karen
Lavash at first sight
Voskuni, Taleen, author.
King of Sloth
Huang, Ana
An Inconvenient Letter
Wright, Julie
Kennedy, Raven
For a Lifetime
Meyer, Gabrielle
The Best Life Book Club
Roberts, Sheila
Just Stab Me Now
Bearup, Jill
Chase me
Award, Aidy
Tease me
Award, Aidy
Bite me
Award, Aidy
When I think of you
Ariel, Myah, author.
Wedding Issues
Evans, Elle
This could be us
Ryan, Kennedy, author.
The Stranger I Wed
St. George, Harper
The Rival
Yates, Maisey
Out of Office
Cunningham, A. H.
One Sweet Southern Summer
Maynard, Janice
Not How I Pictured It
Lefler, Robin
The Mysterious Amish Bachelor
Chapman, Vannetta
Love, unscripted
Hunter, Denise, 1968- author.
Love at First Knight
Clawson, Megan
Letters of Wisdom
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
Late bloomer : a novel
Eddings, Mazey, author.
K-9 Missing Person
Miles, Cassie
Hypnotized by Love
Wilson, Sariah
Her Duty Bound Defender
Stover, Sharee
Finders keepers
Kitt, Sandra, author.
Falling for Gage
Sheridan, Mia
Fake Flame
Buck, Adele
Enemies at the Greek Altar
Ashenden, Jackie
Earls Trip
Holiday, Jenny
Dirty Tactics
Salah, Emma
Dating an Amish Flirt
Good, Rachel J.
Cover Story
Lacey, Rachel
Courage to Love Again
Brown, Kimberly
The Cook of Castamar
Munez, Fernando J.
Colton Mountain Search
Whiddon, Karen
Cold Case Tracker
Black, Maggie K.
Archangel's Lineage
Singh, Nalini
Always a Maverick
Fossen, Delores
Wild Love
Silver, Elsie
What Is Love?
Comfort, Jen
Weekends with you : a novel
Paige, Alexandra (Writer of fiction) author.
Uncaged Summer
Abedi, Colet
Tryst Six venom
Douglas, Penelope, author.
The Temple of Persephone
Kamal, Isabella
The prospects : a novel
Hoffman, KT, author.
A promise of Peridot
Golden, Kate, author.
Only and forever
Liese, Chloe, author.
Next to you : a novel
Bonam-Young, Hannah, author.
Love in Tandem
Kinzer, Becca
The lady he lost
Delacour, Faye, author.
The Kiss Countdown
Easton, Etta
I've Got My Mind Set on Brew
Jayne, Stephanie
The Happiness Blueprint
Zetterberg, Ally
Garment of praise
Byler, Linda, author.
Flirty little secret
Lepe, Jessica, 1988- author.
Falling for Alaska
Calhoune, Belle
The elusive truth of Lily Temple : a novel
Politano, Joanna Davidson, 1982- author.
Reilly, Grace
Wilde for You
Ryan, Jennifer
A Tycoon Too Wild to Wed
Crews, Caitlin
Croucher, Lex
Tracking the Truth
Mentink, Dana
A Touch of Chaos
St. Clair, Scarlett
This Time Around
Shanee, Kay
This Could Be Us
Ryan, Kennedy
Take two, Birdie Maxwell
Scotch, Allison Winn, author.
Snowed in With a Stranger
Harlen, Brenda
Sincerely, the Duke
Grey, Amelia
Set in stone
Woodhouse, Kimberley, 1973- author.
Really Cute People
Harwood-Jones, Markus
Pucking Wild
Rath, Emily
Pride and Preston Lin
Dudley, Christina Hwang
Play Dirty
Leigh, Lora
The Phoenix bride
Siegel, Natasha, author.
One last shot
Warren, Susan May, 1966- author.
One Dangerous Night
Maxwell, Cathy
Maya's Laws of Love
Khawaja, Alina
Matzah Ball Blues
Wilck, Jennifer
Manila Takes Manhattan
De Guzman, Carla
The love remedy
Everett, Elizabeth, author.
Lonely for You Only
Murphy, Monica
Lady Charlotte always gets her man
Marsh, Violet, author.
Kilt Trip
Kiley, Alexandra
Killer Secrets
Donnelly, Kathleen
It must be true then : a novel
Adams, Luci, author.
In a not-so-perfect world : a novel
Alexander, Neely Tubati, author.
If the boot fits
Witemeyer, Karen, author.
Hunted Hotshot Hero
Childs, Lisa
How you get the girl
Kelly, Anita (Romance author), author.
Hearts on Hold
Reid, Charish
A Gentleman Never Tells
Malpas, Jodi Ellen
The Duchess
Jordan, Sophie
Counting on a Cowboy
Richardson, Sara
Cold Murder in Kolton Lake
Flowers, R. Barri
Lush, Tamara
The Boyfriend Subscription
Salvatore, Steven
Twenty-eight Dates
Lindo-Rice, Michelle
Trapped in Yosemite
Mentink, Dana
Till there was you : a novel
Hameroff, Lindsay, author.
The spy and I
Smith, Tiana, author.
The Single Dad Project
Simone, Naima
Right on cue
Ballard, Falon, author.
Remedial Magic
Marr, Melissa
The Partner Plot
Forest, Kristina
Not your crush's cauldron
Asher, April, author.
The Neighbor Wager
Kaswell, Crystal
Lethal Mountain Pursuit
Barritt, Christy
In Want of a Viscount
Heath, Lorraine
If only you
Liese, Chloe, author.
I Love You More
Finz, Stacy
Girl Abroad
Kennedy, Elle
The Friendship Study
Barrett, Ruby
Frenemy Fix-up
St. John, Yahrah
Fish out of water
Ruggle, Katie, author.
First Down
Reilly, Grace
The Fake Dating Game
Janovsky, Timothy
The Devil's Waltz
Elliott, Jessi
The Devil in Blue Jeans
Kennedy, Stacey
The Bookbinder's Guide to Love
Garbera, Katherine
At Her Service
Spalding, Amy
Weather Woman
Gardner, Sally