Adult Romance

These are romance books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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The Meriwell Legacy
Laurens, Stephanie
You Belong With Me
McFarlane, Mhairi
Wreck my plans : a novel
Meadows, Jillian, author.
Worst in show
Collins, Anna E., author.
The worst duke in London
Howard, Amalie, author.
Whenever you're ready
Runya Katz, Rachel, author.
What Lies Below
Ericson, Carol
The Wedding Wish
Sterling, Erin
The wedding engagement
Allison, Zoe, author.
Vow of Revenge
Rayne, P.
Uncovering Her Amish Past
Lewis, Patrice
Twisted knight
Bromberg, K., author.
Tracing a Killer
Dunn, Sharon
A Token of Love
Turansky, Carrie
That Maverick of Mine
Douglass, Kathy
Tattered stars
Cowles, Catherine, author.
Targeted With a Colton
Cornelison, Beth
Sunshine and spice
Palit, Aurora, author.
The Spare
Rani, Ava
Snowy mountain Christmas
Sala, Sharon, author.
The slowest burn : a novel
Chamberlain, Sarah, 1987- author.
The silent waters
Cherry, Brittainy C., author.
Shoestring Theory
Costa, Mariana
Second Acts
Beguelin, Chad
The royals upstairs
Halle, Karina, author.
A reign of rose
Golden, Kate, author.
Rancher's Return
Yates, Maisey
Pucking Sweet
Rath, Emily
The Protector
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
Promises and Pomegranates
Miller, Sav R.
Prime time romance : a novel
Robb, Kate, author.
Perfectly Wicked
Lovise, Lindsay
Party Favors
Wilson, Sariah
One on one : a novel
Harrow, Jamie, author.
One Last Stand
Warren, Susan May
Patel, Esha
Of Gold and Shadows
Griep, Michelle
A Novel Christmas
Shane, Charity
No one does it like you
Shepard, Katie, author.
Never Keep
Peckham, Caroline/ Valenti, Susanne
My vampire plus-one
Levine, Jenna, author.
My Kind of Trouble
Schwartz, L. A.
Lark, Sophie
The Merry Matchmaker
Roberts, Sheila
The merriest misters
Janovsky, Timothy, author.
Make the season bright
Blake, Ashley Herring, author.
Make Me a Mixtape
Whiteford, Jennifer
The lovers
Faubion, Rebekah, author.
Love you a latke
Elliot, Amanda, author.
Love Story
Kelk, Lindsey
Kiss me at Christmas
Bayliss, Jenny, author.
K-9 Ranch Protection
Turner, Darlene L.
K-9 Defender
Miller, Julie
A Jingle Bell Mingle
Murphy, Julie/ Simone, Sierra
Italian Baby Shock
Ashenden, Jackie
I'll have what he's having
Khorram, Adib, author.
I'll Be Gone for Christmas
Boone, Georgia K.
I did something bad
Pyae Moe Thet War, author.
How to hide in plain sight
Noyes, Emma (Emma Virginia Rideout) author.
How to help a hungry werewolf
Stein, Charlotte, author.
Hot earl summer
Ridley, Erica, author.
A Hope Unburied
Woodhouse, Kimberley
Hometown Advantage
Grischow, Becca
The Holiday Cottage
Morgan, Sarah
The Highlander's Return
Sands, Lynsay
Hers for the weekend
Greer, Helena, author.
Here Comes Cowboy Claus
Palmer, Diana/ Fossen, Delores/ Pearce, Kate
Haunt Your Heart Out
Roberts, Amber
Lark, Sophie
Good Duke Gone Wild
Bennett, Bethany
Kennedy, Raven
Fangs so bright & deadly
Drake, Piper J., 1976- author.
Fang fiction : a novel
Stayman-London, Kate, author.
Fall into temptation
Score, Lucy, author.
Fall for him : a novel
Burke, Andie, author.
Errands & Espionage
Tschida, Sam
Educating Caroline
Cabot, Meg
Double apex
Juniper, Josie, author.
Dirty Lying Wolves
Blackburry, Sabrina
Coming home to paradise
Brown, Carolyn, 1948- author.
Club 22
James, Tate
The Cloverton charade
Ladd, Sarah E., author.
The Christmas you found me
Morgenthaler, Sarah, author.
The Christmas Inn : a novel
Kelley, Pamela M., author.
Christmas in Chestnut Ridge
Naigle, Nancy, author.
Christmas in Aspen : a novel
Hughes, Anita, 1963- author.
Christmas Eve love story
Baird, Ginny, author.
The Christmas Crush
Douglas, Noelle
Christmas at Sugar Plum Manor
White, Roseanna M.
Casket Case
Evans, Lauren
Can't help falling in love : a novel
Sullivan, Sophie, 1976- author.
Best Hex Ever
El-fassi, Nadia
Before we were us
Hunter, Denise, 1968- author.
James, Tate
All Signs Point to Malibu
Snow, Jennifer
All I want is you : a novel
Ballard, Falon, author.
If You Hate Me
Hunting, Helena
The winged tiara : a novel
Ciesielski, J'nell, author.
Just the way you are
Moher, Laura, author.
Vampires never say die
Duke, Gloria, author.
Tying the Knot
Novak, Brenda
Truly Madly Magically
Beck, Hazel
Trail of Threats
Patch, Jessica R.
Til Heist Do Us Part
Desai, Sara
Sorority Cold Case
Thomas, Jacquelin
A Scandal at Stonecliffe
Camp, Candace
Rise and divine
Harper, Lana, author.
Queen of Dreams
Rocha, Kit
Morbidly yours
Fairbanks, Ivy, author.
Missing Her Amish Boyfriend
Good, Rachel J.
Marriage & Masti
Sharma, Nisha
Magical Meet Cute
Meltzer, Jean
Love and other conspiracies
Marlowe, Mallory, author.
Lark, Sophie
How to Charm a Nerd
Garbera, Katherine
Her Surprise Amish Match
Wright, Pamela Desmond
Her Loyal Companion
Main, Heidi
Heavy hitter : a novel
Cotugno, Katie, author.
Golden Lord
Putney, Mary Jo
Going Toe to Toe
St. John, Yahrah
Given our history
Miller, Kristyn J., author.
Fugitive Search
Mentink, Dana
Cross My Heart
Sloane, Roxy
The crimson crown
Walter, Heather, 1987- author.
The Cottage on Pelican Bay
Jackson, Brenda
Confounding oaths
Hall, Alexis J., author.
Canine Protection
Johnston, Linda O.
Beyond ivy walls
Fordham, Rachel, 1984- author.
Betrayal Road
Feehan, Christine
7th Circle
James, Tate
You Had Me at Happy Hour
Janovsky, Timothy
Wicked Serve
Reilly, Grace
Who Is Mary?
Byler, Linda
What's in a kiss?
Kate, Lauren, author.
What did you do?
O'Riley, Jeneane, author.
Viscount in Love
James, Eloisa
Under Your Spell
Wood, Laura
Tough Crowd
Osho, Andi
That prince is mine : a novel
Lee, Jayci, author.
Suspicious Homicide
Goddard, Elizabeth
The Summer of Perfect Mistakes
St. Aubin, Cynthia
Spanish Marriage Solution
Ashenden, Jackie
Someone I used to know
Toon, Paige, 1975- author.
Second Tide's the Charm
Blumberg, Chandra
The scenic route
Ruggle, Katie, author.
Saved by the Matchmaker
Hedlund, Jody
Runaway Love
Harlow, Melanie
Rules for second chances
North, Maggie, author.
Romancing Miss Stone
Vaughan, M. C.
Road Trip to Miracles
Pugh, Sueann
River Justice
Daniels, B. J.
Rancher's Law
Palmer, Diana
Primal mirror
Singh, Nalini, 1977- author.
Pregnant Princess Bride
Crews, Caitlin
A perfect story
Benavent, Elaisabet, 1984- author.
Pen Pal : Standard Edition
Geissinger, J. T.
Pardon my Frenchie
Rochon, Farrah, author.
One year ago in Spain
Skye, Evelyn, author.
One Last Promise
Warren, Susan May
Not another love song
Soto, Julie, 1988- author.
No more secrets
Score, Lucy, author.
The Next Best Fling
Gamez, Gabriella
Never Date a Roommate
Ottoni, Paula
Ne'er duke well
Vasti, Alexandra, author.
Name your price : a novel
James, Holly (Novelist) author.
A Murderer Among Us
Graham, Heather/ Rushdan, Juno
Montana Abduction Rescue
Bailey, Jodie
Meeting Her Match
Turano, Jen
Meet Me at the Starlight
Hauck, Rachel
Making It
Kay, Laura
Love Lessons
Halston, Sidney
Let the games begin
Mazarura, Rufaro Faith, author.
Lady Scandal
Guhrke, Laura Lee
Just Playing House
Heron, Farah
Jewel Me Twice
Reid, Charish
A Is for Amish
Gray, Shelley Shepard
Hot summer : a novel
Everhart, Elle, author.
Her Pretend Amish Beau
Johns, Patricia
Healed by the Amish Nanny
Wise, Virginia
Haunted ever after
DeLuca, Jen, author.
Hate to fake it to you
Sellet, Amanda, author.
Guardian Defender
Thomas, Jacquelin
Good Boy
Kennedy, Elle/ Bowen, Sarina
Kennedy, Raven
Frequent Fliers
Kirwan, Noue
Four weekends and a funeral : a novel
Palmer, Ellie, 1989- author.
Finding you
Clipston, Amy, author.
Finding Mr. Write
Armstrong, Kelley, author.
Escape the Everglades
Pineiro, Caridad
Enemies to Lovers
Williams, Laura Jane
Do Me a Favor
Yardley, Cathy
The design of us
Patel, Sajni, 1981- author.
Dark restraint
Robert, Katee, author.
Cross the Line
Soltani, Simone
Crime Scene Secrets
Black, Maggie K.
A Companion for His Son
McClain, Lee Tobin
Cash Delgado is living the dream : a novel
Mejia, Tehlor Kay, author.
Calder Country
Dailey, Janet
Business casual
Borison, B. K., author.
The break-up pact : a novel
Lord, Emma, author.
Big Witch Energy
Harper, Molly
A Beauty in the Beast
Lindo-Rice, Michelle
Beautiful villain
Kenney, Rebecca, author.
A Beach House Beginning
Thayne, RaeAnne
The Backtrack
La Rosa, Erin
The Bachelor's Matchmaker
Ferrarella, Marie
Apples Dipped in Gold
St. Clair, Scarlett
One and Done
Smith, Frederick
Right where we left us : a novel
Devon, Jen, 1978- author.
Wake Me Most Wickedly
Grossman, Felicia
The Lady Takes on London
Hunter, Madeline
One last shot
Cayouette, Betty, author.
K-9 Missing Person
Miles, Cassie