Purchase Suggestions

Before Sending Your Suggestion

  • All suggestions will be considered. Please keep in mind, all items must meet the Materials Selection policy and not all items are available for the library to purchase.
  • A CADL library card is required to send a suggestion.
  • Check our catalog or contact a CADL staff member to make sure we do not already have the item.

Suggestion Limits

  • We accept only one title suggestion per day per patron.
  • It may take up to a month for orders to be placed and your hold to appear.
  • We apologize, but we are unable to respond personally to your suggestion.

We Cannot Accept Suggestions for:

  • Items that will be released more than one month in the future, or movies currently in the theater.

Library of Things

  • Suggestions for the Library of Things are welcomed and appreciated. Purchasing is more limited and may take longer than other materials due to the unique nature of the collection. You may be contacted for further information and to help us understand your request.


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