Adult SciFi, Fantasy & Horror

These are science fiction, fantasy and horror books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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No Man of Woman Born
Mardoll, Ana
Everyone in Silico
Munroe, Jim
Daughters of Nri
Amayo, Reni K.
Slewfoot : a tale of bewitchery
Brom, 1965- author.
The Mammoth Book of Folk Horror : Evil Lives on in the Land!
Jones, Stephen (EDT)/ Smith, Michael Marshall (PHT)
Jekyll & Hyde Inc.
Green, Simon R., 1955- author.
The City of Dr Moreau
Barnes, J. S.
World breakers
Daniel, Tony (EDT)/ Ruocchio, Christopher (EDT)
True Dead
Hunter, Faith
The Splinter King
Brooks, Mike
The spirit thief
Aaron, Rachel.
Speculative fiction for dreamers : a Latinx anthology
Hernandez, Alex (EDT)/ Goodwin, Matthew David (EDT)/ Garcia, Sarah Rafael (EDT)
The Righteous
Wragg, David
The Quiet Is Loud
Garner, Samantha
Out of the Ruins : The Apocalyptic Anthology
Grassmann, Preston (EDT)/ Mandel, Emily St. John/ Mieville, China/ Barker, Clive/ Machado, Carmen Maria
Oaths of legacy
Skrutskie, Emily, 1993- author.
Pheby, Alex, author.
Invisible sun
Stross, Charles, author.
Williams, Joy
Hag : Forgotten Folktales Retold
Johnson, Daisy/ Logan, Kirsty/ Glass, Emma/ McBride, Eimear/ Carthew, Natasha
Empire of the vampire
Kristoff, Jay, author.
Dare to know
Kennedy, James, 1973- author.
Another Now
Varoufakis, Yanis
In Jerry's corner
Southard, Scott D.
Daggers in darkness.
Stirling, S. M.
Berry, Katie
Vampire Hunter D Omnibus
Kikuchi, Hideyuki
Desiree, Amanda
Lange, Richard (CON)
Monster hunter bloodlines
Correia, Larry, author.
The Hunted
Bergmoser, Gabriel
Hollywood Heroine
Kuhn, Sarah
The glassy, burning floor of hell : stories
Evenson, Brian, 1966- author.
Double threat
Wilson, F. Paul (Francis Paul), author.
Come With Me
Malfi, Ronald
Colby, Scott
The Second Rebel
Lewis, Linden A.
The Pariah
Ryan, Anthony
Patrick, Den
Fury of a Demon
Naslund, Brian
Feral Creatures
Buxton, Kira Jane
A Date With Death
Colby, Scott
The blade itself
Abercrombie, Joe, author.
Wildwood whispers
Reece, Willa, author.
We cry for blood
Madson, Devin, author.
Sword stone table : old legends, new voices
Krishna, Swapna/ Northington, Jenn
Strange Beasts of China
Yan, Ge/ Tiang, Jeremy (TRN)
The Stone Knife
Stephens, Anna
The spirit eater
Aaron, Rachel.
Redick, Robert V. S.
The Shadows of London
Jones, Nick
Shadows Have Offended
Clarke, Cassandra Rose
The serpent
Drake, David, 1945- author.
The Second Blind Son
Harmon, Amy
The Scavenger Door
Palmer, Suzanne
Saving Proxima
Taylor, Travis S., author.
Savage Bounty
Wallace, Matt
The Ruby's Curse
Kingston, Alex/ Stenlake, Joanna (EDT)
The Rookery
Hewitt, Deborah
Rogue Elements
Miller, John Jackson
Requiem of silence
Penelope, L., 1978- author.
Roux, Madeleine, 1985- author.
Prime Directive
Bunn, T. Davis
Path of Destruction
Karpyshyn, Drew
The past is red
Valente, Catherynne M., 1979- author.
Papa Lucy and the Boneman
Fischer, Jason
The Oath
Linden, A. M.
Bova, Ben, 1932- author.
Mother of All
Glass, Jenna
Monkey Around
Jang, Jadie
Midnight, water city
McKinney, Chris, 1973- author.
Master Artificer
Call, Justin T.
Map's Edge
Hair, David
The Maleficent Seven
Johnston, Cameron
Legends of Camelot
Fortune, Emil/ Isse, Asmaa (EDT)
Legacy of Light
Ward, Matthew
The justice in revenge
Van Loan, Ryan, author.
Joker moon
Martin, George R. R.
Inhibitor Phase
Reynolds, Alastair
In the Shadow of Deimos
Killick, Jane
In Beta
Harvey, Prescott
Kluger, Jeffrey
Hard Time
Taylor, Jodi
Grantville Gazette IX
Flint, Eric (EDT)/ Boyes, Walt (EDT)/ Ward, Joy (EDT)
The Godstone
Malan, Violette
The Ghost Ants of Grylladesh
Carlton, Clark Thomas
The freedom race
Roy, Lucinda, author.
First Law of Thermodynamics
Kelly, James Patrick
The family business
Kupari, Mike, author.
The Fallen
Hoffmann, Ada
The empire's ruin
Staveley, Brian, author.
The Doctor of Oz
Rayner, Jacqueline/ Isse, Asmaa (EDT)
A Desert Torn Asunder
Beaulieu, Bradley P.
Cast in Conflict
Sagara, Michelle
Capture the Crown
Estep, Jennifer
The Boundless
Newman, Peter
Black Sci-Fi Short Stories : Anthology of New & Classic Tales
Beamon, James/ Du Bois, W. E. B./ Bradford, K. Tempest/ Oh, Temi (FRW)/ Grayson, Sandra M., Dr. (INT)
Between Two Kings : A Sequel to the Three Musketeers
Dumas, Alexandre/ Ellsworth, Lawrence (TRN)
The Best of World SF
Tidhar, Lavie (EDT)
Beowulf's Children
Niven, Larry/ Pournelle, Jerry/ Barnes, Steven
Henry, Veronica G., author.
Assassin's Orbit
Appel, John
The Clockwork Crown
Cato, Beth
Wendy, Darling
Wise, A. C.
The Tangleroot palace
Liu, Marjorie M., author.
Star eater
Hall, Kerstin (Writer and editor), author.
Monstrous Heart
McKenna, Claire
Inside Man
Parker, K. J.
Godzilla vs. Kong : the official movie novelization
Keyes, J. Gregory, 1963- author.
A Girl Made of Air
Hetherington, Nydia
The Fruit
Tilahun, Na'amen Gobert
Flame Riders
Grigsby, Sean
Divine Heretic
Moyer, Jaime Lee
Dej̉ Doomed
Lerner, Edward M.
Catalyst gate
O'Keefe, Megan E., 1985- author.
The All-consuming World
Khaw, Cassandra
Let's Play White
Burke, Chesya
Wizard's First Rule
Goodkind, Terry
The First Girl Child
Harmon, Amy
And Then She Vanished
Jones, Nick
The world gives way : a novel
Levien, Marissa, author.
We shall rise
Ringo, John/ Poole, Gary (EDT)
Ducornet, Rikki, 1943- author.
Ten Low
Holborn, Stark
A Summer Beyond Your Reach
Jia, Xia/ Jia, Xia (CON)
Sinopticon : New Chinese Science Fiction
Ni, Xueting Christine (EDT)
The membranes : a novel
Ji, Dawei, 1972- author.
Catling, Brian
Weber, David, 1952- author.
Chiles, Patrick, author.
The Coward
Aryan, Stephen
Alien day
Wilber, Rick, 1948- author.
Gear, W. Michael
Walk Among Us
Khaw, Cassandra/ Gornichec, Genevieve/ Starling, Caitlin
The Damnation Game
Barker, Clive
Bottle Demon
Blackmoore, Stephen
McCormack, Una
Within Without
Noon, Jeff
We are satellites
Pinsker, Sarah, author.
Bangs, Elly
Terminal boredom : stories
Suzuki, Izumi, 1949-1986, author.
The Storm's Betrayal
Lee, Corry L.
Czerneda, Julie E.
Son of the storm
Okungbowa, Suyi Davies, author.
The Shadow of the Gods
Gwynne, John
The Shadow in the Glass
Harwood, J. J. A.
Richards & Klein
Haley, Guy
Dahlan, Sarina
The Queen of Izmoroz
Skovron, Jon, author.
The Promised Queen
Kennedy, Jeffe
Power Challenges
Bova, Ben
The Legacy of Heorot
Niven, Larry/ Pournelle, Jerry/ Barnes, Steven
Infinite Stars : Dark Frontiers
Schmidt, Brian Thomas (EDT)/ Campbell, Jack/ Card, Orson Scott/ Huff, Tanya/ Chambers, Becky
Immunity index
Burke, Sue, 1955- author.
How to Mars
Ebenbach, David
Harris, Joanne M./ Vess, Charles (ILT)
The godel operation
Cambias, James L., author.
Fortress of Magi
Bolender, Mirah
Kornher-Stace, Nicole
Eye of the Sh-t Storm
Ford, Jackson
End Game
Edwards, Hailey
The Dragon of Jin-sayeng
Villoso, K. S.
Freehold: defiance
Williamson, Michael Z. (EDT)
Cipri, Nino
Day zero : a novel
Cargill, C. Robert, 1975- author.
The Darkest Hours : A Marvel Omnibus
Butcher, Jim/ DeCandido, Keith R. A./ Bennett, Christopher L.
A Dark Queen Rises
Banker, Ashok K.
The Broken God
Hanrahan, Gareth
The Apocalypse Seven
Doucette, Gene
The Album of Dr. Moreau
Gregory, Daryl
Harris, Joanne M.
The House of Styx
Kپnsken, Derek
Folk & Fairy Tales of Azeroth
Danuser, Steve/ Garcia, Kami/ Golden, Christie/ Irons, Allison/ McKinney, L. L.
Breath by Breath
Llywelyn, Morgan
Star Wars Insider
Zahn, Timothy/ Golden, Christie/ Stover, Matthew/ Ostrander, John/ Fry, Jason
Plan for the Worst
Taylor, Jodi
Invisible Sun
Stross, Charles
Ochse, Weston
Broken Feather
Wolf, Deborah A.