Adult SciFi, Fantasy & Horror

These are science fiction, fantasy and horror books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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The Absolved
Binder, Matthew
Mammay, Michael, author.
Blood rites
Butcher, Jim, 1971-
The wolf in the whale
Brodsky, Jordanna Max, author.
Bennett, Robert Jackson
Tides of the titans
Dyer, Thoraiya, author.
Three laws lethal
Walton, David, 1975- author.
Strife's Bane
Manieri, Evie/ Weinberg, Miriam (EDT)
Smoke and Summons
Holmberg, Charlie N.
Sisters of the fire
Wilkins, Kim, author.
Same same : a novel
Mendelsund, Peter, author.
King of Ashes
Feist, Raymond E.
Initiates of the Blood
Tan, Cecilia
The Ingenious
Hinks, Darius
House of assassins
Correia, Larry, author.
Fog Season
Sarath, Patrice
Modesitt, L. E., Jr., 1943- author.
A Discovery of Witches
Harkness, Deborah
Cast in Oblivion
Sagara, Michelle
Break the bodies, haunt the bones
Hicks, Micah Dean, author.
Always Coming Home
Le Guin, Ursula K./ Attebery, Brian (EDT)
Slender man.
HarperCollins (COR)
Think Yourself Lucky
Campbell, Ramsey
Ghost Virus
Masterton, Graham
The Becoming
Meigs, Jessica
The Way to the Stars
McCormack, Una
Wendig, Chuck
Twelve Angels Weeping
Rudden, Dave/ Snell, Alexis (ILT)
Bova, Ben
String City
Edwards, Graham
The storm
Drake, David, 1945- author.
The Smoke
Ings, Simon
Shadow Captain
Reynolds, Alastair
Swann, S. Andrew
The Lost Puzzler
Kless, Eyal
A labyrinth of scions and sorcery
Craddock, Curtis, author.
The Iron Codex / A Dark Arts Novel
Mack, David, 1969- author.
House of Rose
Thorne, T. K.
The Hod king
Bancroft, Josiah, author.
The Hanged Man
Edwards, K. D.
The Gutter Prayer
Ryder-hanrahan, Gareth
The Fall of Io
Chu, Wesley
The fall
Townsend, Tracy, 1979- author.
Suter, Martin/ Bulloch, Jamie (TRN)
Doctor Who Meets Scratchman
Baker, Tom/ Goss, James
Divided Allegiance
Moon, Elizabeth
Crimes against humanity
Matthews, Susan R, author.
Bayou Born
Edwards, Hailey
Arkad's world
Cambias, James L, author.
Alliance Rising
Cherryh, C. J./ Fancher, Jane S.
Tales from Plexis
Czerneda, Julie E. (EDT)
A Star Wheeled Sky
Torgersen, Brad R.
Star Trek Prometheus - in the Heart of Chaos
Humberg, Christian/ Perplies, Bernd
De Castell, Sebastien
Bedford, Jacey
Green Jay and Crow
Daniels, D. J.
Death of the Planet of the Apes
Gaska, Andrew E. C.
Deadly Rising
Westerson, Jeri
Combat Magicks
Cole, Steve
Lackey, Mercedes
Burning Ashes
Bennett, James
Peper, Eliot
A bad deal for the whole galaxy
White, Alex (Novelist), author.
An agent of utopia : new & selected stories
Duncan, Andy, 1964- author.
The Silence
Lebbon, Tim
The Lovecraft Squad : Dreaming
Jones, Stephen (CRT)
King of the Road
Belcher, R. S.
Shipp, Jeremy C.
The Search for Spark
Erikson, Steven
The razor
Mitchell, J. Barton, author.
Iron City
Cadigan, Pat
The Good Doctor
Dawson, Juno
The First Protectors
Godinez, Victor
White, Elle Katharine
The Dinosaur Tourist
Kiernan, Caitlin R.
City of broken magic
Bolender, Mirah, author.
Bright Light
Douglas, Ian
Gear, W. Michael
The Winter Road
Selby, Adrian
Vita Nostra
Dyachenko, Sergiy/ Shyrshova-Dyachenko, Maryna
The valley of shadows
Ringo, John, 1963- author.
Palmgren, Tristan
The Subjugate
Bridgeman, Amanda
Stealing Life
Johnston, Anthony
Static Ruin
White, Corey J.
A Rising Moon
Leigh, Stephen
Rewrite : loops in the timespace
Benford, Gregory, 1941- author.
Mark of the raven
Busse, Morgan L, author
The Little Snake
Kennedy, A. L.
Lies Sleeping
Aaronovitch, Ben
Frelih, Jasmin B./ Blake, Jason (TRN)
Hokas Pokas!
Anderson, Poul/ Dickson, Gordon R.
Empire of sand
Suri, Tasha, author.
The Crown Lord
Sirls, William
Creatures of want and ruin
Tanzer, Molly, author.
Goodwater, W. L, author.
A Black Fox Running
Carter, Brian
Black city dragon
Knaak, Richard A, author.
The Arrival of Missives
Whiteley, Aliya
Alice Payne Arrives
Heartfield, Kate
The Alehouse at the End of the World
Psaltis, Reid (ILT)/ Allred, Stevan
Wrath of Betty
Erikson, Steven
Unholy Land
Tidhar, Lavie
Texas Hold'em
Martin, George R. R. (EDT)
Restless Lightning
Baker, Richard
Lethal Protector
Tuck, James R.
Vincent, Rachel
The Dream Gatherer
Britain, Kristen
A Conspiracy of Truths
Rowland, Alexandra/ Smyth, Glyn (ILT)
Big Damn Hero
Holder, Nancy
Agent of Change
Lee, Sharon
Ghosts in the House : Tales of Terror
Benson, A. C./ Benson, R. H./ Lamb, Hugh (INT)/ Lamb, Hugh (EDT)
Deep Silence
Maberry, Jonathan
Deep Blue
O'Reilly, Jane
Echoes : the Saga anthology of ghost stories
Datlow, Ellen (EDT)/ Bailey, Dale/ Ballingrud, Nathan/ De Bodard, Aliette/ Bowes, Richard
Empires of Blood
Edginton, Ian
For the Killing of Kings
Jones, Howard Andrew
Mass Effect : Annihilation
Valente, Catherynne M.
Blood Ink
Fredsti, Dana