Adult SciFi, Fantasy & Horror

These are science fiction, fantasy and horror books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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Shattered Bonds
Hunter, Faith
Salvation lost
Hamilton, Peter F, author.
Of Wars, and Memories, and Starlight
Bodard, Aliette De/ Manzieri, Maurizio (ILT)
Laughter at the Academy
McGuire, Seanan/ McNeil, Carla (ILT)
Burke, Sue
Conflict of Honors
Lee, Sharon/ Miller, Steve
The Blue Eye
Khan, Ausma Zehanat
Bone Driven
Edwards, Hailey
Murphy, Lois
The Remaking
Chapman, Clay
A Lush and Seething Hell
Jacobs, John Hornor/ Wendig, Chuck (INT)
Forever and a Doomsday
Macnaughton, Laurence
Dead Girls
Tarttelin, Abigail
Dark Ink
Kemble, Gary
The True Bastards
French, Jonathan
Sun and Serpent
Sprunk, Jon
The Rosewater Redemption
Thompson, Tade
The Quantum Garden
Kunsken, Derek
Barlow, L. C.
Merlin Redux
Duncan, Dave
Homesick : stories
Cipri, Nino, author.
Lebbon, Tim
Escaping Exodus
Drayden, Nicky
Broken shadow
Fenn, Jaine, author.
The Twisted Ones
Kingfisher, T.
Spjut, Stefan/ Broome, Agnes (TRN)
Three Stories About Ghosts
Hall, Martin/ Marchitto, Matthew/ Nouraei, Ali
The Monster of Elendhaven
Giesbrecht, Jennifer
Hex Life : Wicked New Tales of Witchery
Autumn Deering, Rachel (EDT)/ Golden, Christopher (EDT)/ Armstrong, Kelley/ Caine, Rachael/ Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Whispers of shadow & flame
Penelope, L., 1978- author.
The Warrior Moon
Rivera, K. Arsenault
Three laws lethal
Walton, David, 1975- author.
Straight outta Deadwood
Boop, David (EDT)
Steel crow saga
Krueger, Paul, 1989- author.
A Spell for Chameleon
Anthony, Piers
The Orchid Throne
Kennedy, Jeffe
Houses Under the Sea
Kiernan, Caitlin R.
Oblivion : a master chief story
Denning, Troy, author.
Half way home
Howey, Hugh, author.
Grave importance
Shaw, Vivian, author.
Future Tense Fiction : Stories of Tomorrow
Future Tense (EDT)/ Anders, Charlie Jane/ Ashby, Madeline/ Bacigalupi, Paolo/ Elison, Meg
Jacka, Benedict
The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2019
Adams, John Joseph (EDT)/ Machado, Carmen Maria (EDT)
Aurora Blazing
Mihalik, Jessie
McCarthy, Wil, author.
Age of legend
Sullivan, Michael J., 1961- author.
Visions : a Cainsville novel
Armstrong, Kelley, author.
Tinfoil butterfly
Moulton, Rachel Eve, 1975- author.
The Hungry Ghost
Storm, Dalena
Wonderland : An Anthology
O'regan, Marie/ Kane, Paul/ Slatter, Angela/ Lovegrove, James/ Littlewood, Alison
System failure
Zieja, Joseph, author.
To Be Taught, If Fortunate
Chambers, Becky
System failure
Zieja, Joseph, author.
Supercute Futures
Millar, Martin
Mammay, Michael
A song for a new day
Pinsker, Sarah, author.
The Silver Wind
Allan, Nina
Shrouded Loyalties
Hogan, Reese
The Sex Sphere
Rucker, Rudy/ Newitz, Annalee (INT)
The Seared Lands
Wolf, Deborah A.
The Resurrectionist of Caligo
Trimboli, Wendy/ Zaloga, Alicia
Pursuits Unknown
Clary, Ellen
Pale Kings
Yongo, Micah
Our war
DiLouie, Craig, 1967- author.
The Nightjar
Hewitt, Deborah
Native Tongue
Elgin, Suzette Haden/ Zumas, Leni (FRW)
The mythic dream
Parisien, Dominik (EDT)/ Wolfe, Navah (EDT)/ Chu, John/ Cypess, Leah/ Das, Indrapramit
The mage-fire war
Modesitt, L. E., Jr., 1943- author.
Lies of Descent
Bucher, Troy Carrol
Knaves over queens
Martin, George R. R. (EDT)/ Wild Cards Trust (COR)
Ivory Apples
Goldstein, Lisa
Inch by inch
Llywelyn, Morgan, author.
The House of Sacrifice
Smith Spark, Anna
The harp of kings
Marillier, Juliet, author.
The Hanged Man
Edwards, K. D.
Good company
Lucas, Dale, author.
The Flowers of Vashnoi
Bujold, Lois McMaster
The fall
Townsend, Tracy, 1979- author.
The Echo Chamber
Evans, Rhett J.
Dark Forge
Cameron, Miles
Dahlia Black
Thomas, Keith
The cruel stars : a novel
Birmingham, John, 1964- author.
A Choir of Lies
Rowland, Alexandra/ Willis, Drew (ILT)
Chilling Effect
Valdes, Valerie
Broken Feather
Wolf, Deborah A.
Ash kickers
Grigsby, Sean, author.
Agent to the Stars
Scalzi, John
Web of Dreams
Andrews, V. C.
Monster hunter guardian
Correia, Larry, author.
Gates of Paradise
Andrews, V. C.
Death Goddess Dance
Black, Levi
Brave the Tempest
Chance, Karen
Witchy kingdom
Butler, D. J. (David John), 1973- author.
Anderson, Kevin J./ Hoyt, Sarah A.
Caldecott, Andrew
Raging Storm
Heitz, Markus
The Gossamer Mage
Czerneda, Julie E.
First Cosmic Velocity
Powers, Zach
The Enterprise War
Miller, John Jackson
Cry pilot
Dane, Joel, author.
Blood of an exile
Naslund, Brian, author.
The Ascent to Godhood
Yang, J. Y.
The wolf's call
Ryan, Anthony, author.
Unforeseen : Stories
Gloss, Molly
The Spider Dance
Setchfield, Nick
The Philosopher's War
Miller, Tom
Medusa in the graveyard
Devenport, Emily, author.
The last astronaut
Wellington, David, author.
Jade war
Lee, Fonda, author.
Howling Dark
Ruocchio, Christopher
Bova, Ben, 1932- author.
Desdemona and the Deep
Cooney, C. S. E.
The Border Keeper
Hall, Kerstin
Sweet Dreams
Sullivan, Tricia
Salvation day
Wallace, Kali, author.
Neon Empire
Minh, Drew
Mission Critical
Strahan, Jonathan (EDT)
Kingdom of Exiles
Martineau, Maxym M.
Hamilton, Duncan M., author.
David Mogo, Godhunter
Okungbowa, Suyi Davies
The Currency of War
Snodgrass, Melinda
The Edge
Lebbon, Tim
Aliens Like Us
Koch, Gini
Lady Hotspur
Gratton, Tessa
The Spider
Carew, Leo