Adult SciFi, Fantasy & Horror

These are science fiction, fantasy and horror books for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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Marche Ou Creve
King, Stephen
La llamada de Cthulhu / The Thing in the Doorstep
Lovecraft, H. P./ Coulthart, John (ILT)
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
El resplandor : una novela
King, Stephen, 1947- author.
The Salvage Crew
Wijeratne, Yudhanjaya
After the Dragons
Zhang, Cynthia
Anipare, Sifton Tracey
Avengers : the complete works
Doescher, Ian, author.
Untitled Dw
Denning, Troy
Truth of the divine : a novel
Ellis, Lindsay, 1984- author.
Bara, Dave, author.
Trailer Park Trickster
Slayton, David R.
To End in Fire
Weber, David/ Flint, Eric
Stolen Earth
Nicholas, J. T.
Star Wars Insider : Fiction Collection
Zahn, Timothy/ Fry, Jason/ Miller, John Jackson/ S. a Corey, James/ S. Kemp, Paul
The spacetime war
Johnson, Les (Charles Les), author.
A song of flight
Marillier, Juliet, author.
Holland, Lucy
Shadows of Eternity
Benford, Gregory
Shackled Fates
Holdt, Thilde Kold
The Quicksilver Court
Caruso, Melissa
The Quantum War
KŮžnsken, Derek
Perhaps the stars
Palmer, Ada, author.
The Peculiarities
Liss, David
Barlow, L. C.
The Original Glitch
Moyer, Melanie
Vox machina : kith & kin
Nijkamp, Marieke, author.
Modesitt, L. E., Jr., 1943- author.
Gutter Mage
Kelley, J. S.
Kellogg, Marjorie B
The free bastards
French, Jonathan (Jonathan P.), author.
Ex Marks the Spot
Norris, Gregory L.
Every Star a Song
Posey, Jay
The Escapement
Tidhar, Lavie
Comfort Me With Apples
Valente, Catherynne M.
The Bone Ship's Wake
Barker, R. J.
Blood of the chosen
Wexler, Django, author.
The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2021
Adams, John Joseph (EDT)/ Roth, Veronica (EDT)
The Ashes of Tomorrow
Swallow, James
Activation Degradation
Lostetter, Marina J.
When Things Get Dark
Datlow, Ellen/ Oates, Joyce Carol/ Heuler, Karen/ Hand, Elizabeth/ Percy, Benjamin
The seven visitations of Sydney Burgess
Marino, Andy, 1980- author.
The lighthouse witches
Jess-Cooke, Carolyn, 1978- author.
The Liar of Red Valley
Goodwater, Walter
A Hole in the World
Ochse, Weston
Help the Witch
Cox, Tom
The Haunting Season : Eight Ghostly Tales for Long Winter Nights
Collins, Bridget/ Gowar, Imogen Hermes/ Hargrave, Kiran Millwood/ Hurley, Andrew Michael/ Kidd, Jess
Ghosts : stories
Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937 author.
Ghost stories of an antiquary
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes), 1862-1936, author.
Butler, Octavia E./ Shawl, Nisi (INT)
The Beast in Aisle 34
Doyle, Darrin
The Mammoth Book of Folk Horror : Evil Lives on in the Land!
Jones, Stephen (EDT)/ Smith, Michael Marshall (PHT)
Jekyll & Hyde Inc.
Green, Simon R., 1955- author.
The City of Dr Moreau
Barnes, J. S.
True Dead
Hunter, Faith
The Splinter King
Brooks, Mike
The spirit thief
Aaron, Rachel.
Speculative fiction for dreamers : a Latinx anthology
Hernandez, Alex (EDT)/ Goodwin, Matthew David (EDT)/ Garcia, Sarah Rafael (EDT)
The Righteous
Wragg, David
The Quiet Is Loud
Garner, Samantha
Out of the Ruins : The Apocalyptic Anthology
Grassmann, Preston (EDT)/ Mandel, Emily St. John/ Mieville, China/ Barker, Clive/ Machado, Carmen Maria
Oaths of legacy
Skrutskie, Emily, 1993- author.
Pheby, Alex, author.
Invisible sun
Stross, Charles, author.
Williams, Joy
Hag : Forgotten Folktales Retold
Johnson, Daisy/ Logan, Kirsty/ Glass, Emma/ McBride, Eimear/ Carthew, Natasha
Empire of the vampire
Kristoff, Jay, author.
Dare to know
Kennedy, James, 1973- author.
Another Now
Varoufakis, Yanis
Vampire Hunter D Omnibus
Kikuchi, Hideyuki
Lange, Richard (CON)
The Hunted
Bergmoser, Gabriel
Hollywood Heroine
Kuhn, Sarah
The Second Rebel
Lewis, Linden A.
The Pariah
Ryan, Anthony
Patrick, Den
Fury of a Demon
Naslund, Brian
Feral Creatures
Buxton, Kira Jane
Wildwood whispers
Reece, Willa, author.
We cry for blood
Madson, Devin, author.
Strange Beasts of China
Yan, Ge/ Tiang, Jeremy (TRN)
The spirit eater
Aaron, Rachel.
The serpent
Drake, David, 1945- author.
The Scavenger Door
Palmer, Suzanne
The Ruby's Curse
Kingston, Alex/ Stenlake, Joanna (EDT)
The Rookery
Hewitt, Deborah
Rogue Elements
Miller, John Jackson
Requiem of silence
Penelope, L., 1978- author.
Roux, Madeleine, 1985- author.
Prime Directive
Bunn, T. Davis
Bova, Ben, 1932- author.
Midnight, water city
McKinney, Chris, 1973- author.
Map's Edge
Hair, David
The Maleficent Seven
Johnston, Cameron
Legends of Camelot
Fortune, Emil/ Isse, Asmaa (EDT)
Legacy of Light
Ward, Matthew
Inhibitor Phase
Reynolds, Alastair
In the Shadow of Deimos
Killick, Jane
Hard Time
Taylor, Jodi
Grantville Gazette IX
Flint, Eric (EDT)/ Boyes, Walt (EDT)/ Ward, Joy (EDT)
First Law of Thermodynamics
Kelly, James Patrick
The Fallen
Hoffmann, Ada
The Doctor of Oz
Rayner, Jacqueline/ Isse, Asmaa (EDT)
A Desert Torn Asunder
Beaulieu, Bradley P.
The Boundless
Newman, Peter
Beowulf's Children
Niven, Larry/ Pournelle, Jerry/ Barnes, Steven
The Fruit
Tilahun, Na'amen Gobert
The All-consuming World
Khaw, Cassandra
We shall rise
Ringo, John/ Poole, Gary (EDT)
A Summer Beyond Your Reach
Jia, Xia/ Jia, Xia (CON)
Sinopticon : New Chinese Science Fiction
Ni, Xueting Christine (EDT)