Kids Picture Books

These are picture books. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Where does the Easter Bunny live?
Dantzker, Alicia, author.
Who's the most...? : a guess who book
Bielinsky, Claudia, author.
Seed to Plant
Gibbons, Gail
Pretzel Board Book
Rey, Margret/ Rey, H. A. (ILT)
The Pout-Pout Fish and the Mad, Mad Day
Diesen, Deborah/ Hanna, Dan (ILT)
Potty Party!
Mann, Dionna L./ Duchess, Olivia (ILT)
Night Night, Ocean
Parker, Amy/ Allyn, Virginia (ILT)
Marta! Big & Small
Arena, Jen/ Dominguez, Angela (ILT)
In the Tree : A Magic Flaps Book
Millard, Will/ Qiuqi, Rachel (ILT)
How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?
Yolen, Jane/ Teague, Mark (ILT)
Explore the Ocean : Touch, Feel, and See
Pinkfong (COR)/ Aikins, Dave (ILT)
Disney Baby : Say Please, Stitch!
Disney Books (COR)/ Maruyama, Jerrod (ILT)
Daddy's little star
Treleaven, Lou, author.
Daddy and Me
Urda, Gary/ Butcher, Rosie (ILT)
Your School Is the Best!
Hutchings, Maggie/ Sala, Felicita (ILT)
You, Me, We : A Celebration of Peace and Community
Gandhi, Arun/ Hegedus, Bethany/ Landazabal, Andres (ILT)
You so black
Theresa Tha S.O.N.G.B.I.R.D., 1982- author.
Wolfgang in the Wild
Birdsong, Kelly/ Birdsong, Tim/ Kramer, Krystal (ILT)
When Mino took the bus
Ciraolo, Simona, author, illustrator.
Weather Together
Sima, Jessie
We are going to be pals!
Teague, Mark, author, illustrator.
We Are a Song
Tu, Lorian
The together tree
Saeed, Aisha, author.
This is the planet where I live
Going, K. L. (Kelly L.), author.
Ellsworth, Loretta/ Tempest, Annabel (ILT)
Spring and Summer
Slegers, Liesbet/ Slegers, Liesbet (ILT)
The Sound of Kindness
Vanderwater, Amy Ludwig/ Martinez, Teresa (ILT)
Snake's big mistake
Kurpiel, Sarah, author, illustrator.
A Smart, Smart School
Creech, Sharon/ Semirdzhyan, Anait (ILT)
Shy Robin and the First Day of School
Kim, Jaime/ Kim, Jaime (ILT)
Saddle the Sun
Holland, Trish/ Mantle, Benjamin (ILT)
Rani's Remarkable Day
Faruqi, Saadia/ Syed, Anoosha (ILT)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Johnson, Nicole/ Anderson, Kenneth (ILT)
Pirate & Penguin
Allegra, Mike/ Harney, Jenn (ILT)
Penny & Pip
Fleming, Candace/ Rohmann, Eric (ILT)
The One and Only Sparkella and the Big Lie
Tatum, Channing/ Barnes, Kim (ILT)
Once upon a Time in Persia
Doustar, Sahar/ Tieni, Daniela (ILT)
Obioma Plays Football
Unigwe, Chika/ Okoroafor, Chinyere (ILT)
My Sparkly New Boots
Goebel, Jenny/ Morley, Taia (ILT)
The Moon Remembers
Goodale, E. B./ Goodale, E. B. (ILT)
Mighty Mara
Ho, Carina, author.
Max and Moonbean
Scotton, Rob
Maribel's Year
Sterling, Michelle/ Gonzales, Sarah (ILT)
The Magic Cap
Messier, Mirelle/ Parent, Charlotte (ILT)
A Little Emotional
Eliopoulos, Christopher
La Guitarrista
Diaz, Lucky/ Player, Micah (ILT)
Garrett, Van G., author.
Jj Goes to the Potty
Gallo, Tina
Jack the Runaway Terrier
McLean, Gill/ McLean, Gill (ILT)
I can!
Newman, Leslaea, author.
I Am a Tornado
Beckmeyer, Drew
I am a great friend!
Stohler, Lauren, author, illustrator.
A human for Kingsley
Evans, Gabriel, 1991- author, illustrator.
How to get your octopus to school
Scharnhorst, Becky, author.
How Far You'll Go
McCanna, Tim/ Lee, Grace (ILT)
Henry the Snail
Macurova, Katarina/ Macurova, Katarina (ILT)
Hello, Mister Blue
Peoples, Daria, author, illustrator.
Corace, Jen, author, illustrator.
Good Night, Little Man
Bernstrom, Daniel/ Sheffield, Heidi Woodward (ILT)
Father Eagle and the hunter
Beartrack-Algeo, Alfreda, 1954- author, illustrator.
Father Eagle and the hunter
Beartrack-Algeo, Alfreda, 1954- author, illustrator.
Everything a drum
Warren, Sarah, author.
The Dreams We Made
Bentley, Lisa
Disney/Pixar Elemental a City for Everyone
Chi, Luna/ Risoldi, Francesa (ILT)
Daniel Learns to Swim
Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel/ Fruchter, Jason (ILT)
Daniel Learns to Swim
Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel/ Fruchter, Jason (ILT)
Dance With Oti : The Bird Jive
Mabuse, Oti/ Hardy, Samara (ILT)
Danbi's favorite day
Kim, Anna, author, illustrator.
Cindy and Panda
Shum, Benson/ Shum, Benson (ILT)
Cat Pack Power
Carbone, Courtney/ Petrossi, Fabrizio (ILT)
Can You Hug a Forest?
Gilbert, Frances/ Hevron, Amy (ILT)
Bunso meets a mumu
Valdez, Rex, author, illustrator.
Boy Dad
Williams, Sean/ Davis, Jay (ILT)
B Is for Bananas
Tillotson, Carrie/ Lourenco, Estrela (ILT)
And Then Comes School
Brenner, Tom/ Hill, Jen (ILT)
Amy Wu and the ribbon dance
Zhang, Kat, 1991- author.
All Kinds of Special
Sauer, Tammi/ Martin, Fernando (ILT)
All in a Day
Takeuchi, Chihiro
Adventures on Land
Mazique, Brittany
A Little Squirrel
Cottage Door Press
The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel and the Golden Acorn
Educational Insights (COR)/ Gaggiotti, Lucia (ILT)
Nita's day : more signs for babies and parents
MacMillan, Kathy, 1975- author.
The hospital : the inside story
Nwora, Christle, author.
Why we need teachers
Manning, Craig (Author), author.
When Daddy tucks me in
Cotter, Sacha, author.
What Will I Discover?
Kyi, Tanya Lloyd/ Qiuqi, Rachel (ILT)
We Might See
Mylie, Charlie
We Are One
Kramer, Jackie Az{250}a/ Figueroa, Raissa (ILT)/ Mata, Nią (ILT)
Two Green Birds
Valerio, Geraldo
Turkey's Sandtastic Beach Day
Silvano, Wendi/ Lee, Harper (ILT)
Summer Is for Cousins
Larocca, Rajani/ Alwar, Abhi (ILT)
Stitch Crashes Disney
Disney Books (COR)
The Stars
Goldstyn, Jacques/ Mixter, Helen (TRN)
Star Party
Carlson-Voiles, Polly/ Powell, Consie (ILT)
Sorry, snail
Subisak, Tracy, author, illustrator.
A song for Juneteenth
Elliott, Zetta, author.
Pop's perfect present
Finkle, Corey, author.
Peaceful Me
Feder, Sandra V./ Bell, Rahele Jomepour (ILT)
Papa's Home
Soman, David
The noisy classroom goes to the museum
Shantae, Angela, author.
My Dad Is a DJ
Erskine, Kathryn/ Brown, Keith Henry/ Brown, Keith Henry (ILT)
Bagley, Jessixa
Malaika, Carnival Queen
Hohn, Nadia L./ Luxbacher, Irene (ILT)
Let's Build a Dam!
Fehr, Daniel/ Di Giorgio, Mariachiara (ILT)
Kiki's Potty
Van Den Berg Esther
I Made These Ants Some Underpants!
Wilder, Derick/ Steele, K-Fai
I Am a Rainbow!
Kanemura, Mark/ Merritt, Richard (ILT)/ Foxe, Steve (CON)
Grandpas are the greatest
Faulks, Ben, author.
The Good Hair Day
Trimmer, Christian/ Yang, J (ILT)
Feeding the Ducks With Lily and Milo
Oud, Pauline/ Oud, Pauline (ILT)
A Day With No Words
Hammond, Tiffany/ Cosgrove, Kate (ILT)
Daddy & Me, Side by Side
Freelon, Pierce/ Fisher, Nadia (ILT)
Cinda Meets Ella
West, Wallace
How to Catch a Daddysaurus
Walstead, Alice/ Elkerton, Andy (ILT)
A Walk Through the Woods
Greig, Louise
You're Out of This World
Clarkson, Bay/ Cottle, Katie (ILT)
Pete the Cat's 100 First Words Board Book
Dean, James/ Dean, Kimberly
On the Farm
Coyle, Finn
My Alphabet
Priddy, Roger
Madeline's 123
Salerno, Steven, author, illustrator.
Little Genius Inventions
Rhatigan, Joe/ Tejido, Jomike (ILT)
Let's Play Hide-and-seek!
Le, Maria (ADP)/ Fruchter, Jason (ILT)
Lake Life With You
Jin, Cindy/ Landaz̀bal, Andres (ILT)
In the City
Coyle, Finn
I'll Be a Chicken Too
Vanderlee, Lana/ Deas, Mike (ILT)
I'm Your Ice Cream Truck
Eliot, Hannah/ Chen, Belinda (ILT)
Good Night, Jj
Le, Maria (ADP)
Fire Truck to the Rescue!
Ulyeva, Elena/ Volkova, Anastasia (ILT)
Disney Baby Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Disney Books (COR)/ Disney Storybook Art Team (COR)
Disney Baby Ariel Loves the Ocean : A First Words Book
Disney Books (COR)/ Maruyama, Jerrod (ILT)
Creature from the Woods
Alms, Megan/ Baldo, Fabrizio Di (ILT)
Cocomelon 123s
Michaels, Patty
A Brave Bear
Taylor, Sean/ Hughes, Emily (ILT)
Bee : A Peek-through Board Book
Teckentrup, Britta
You rule!
Alexander, Rilla, author, illustrator.
You Need to Chill!
Dawson, Juno/ Hughes, Laura (ILT)
The Yellow ℓo D̉i
Bui, Hanh/ Phan, Minnie (ILT)
What Happened to You?
Catchpole, James/ George, Karen (ILT)
We Belong to the Drum
Lamouche, Sandra/ Whitecalf, Azby (ILT)
The Voice of the Forest
Isern, Susanna/ Galan, Daniel Montero (ILT)
The Unwelcome Surprise
Herrera, Olga
Truck Drivers and What They Do
Slegers, Liesbet/ Slegers, Liesbet (ILT)
The train home
Kim, Dan-ah, author, illustrator.
Tell Me Your Dreams
Kloots, Amanda/ Willmore, Alex (ILT)
Stinkbird Has a Superpower
Esbaum, Jill/ Shea, Bob (ILT)
Spicy Spicy Hot!
Wen, Lenny
Sora's Seashells : A Name Is a Gift to Be Treasured
Rhee, Helena Ku/ Lim, Stella (ILT)/ Kim, Ji-hyuk (ILT)
A song of sun and sky
Cockcroft, Jason, author, illustrator.
Some of these are snails
Higgins, Carter, author, illustrator.
Rainbow Panda
Muchnik, Lisa/ Timmermans, Emilie (ILT)
Princess Pru and the Ogre on the Hill
Fergus, Maureen/ Mohiuddin, Danesh (ILT)
The Planet We Call Home
Isaac, Aimee/ Kim, Jaime (ILT)
Peng's Vase : A Chinese Folktale
Proietti, Paolo (ILT)/ Yuen-killick, Angus (RTL)/ Yuen-killick, Michael (RTL)
Our roof is blue
Echenique, Sara E., author.
Oh No, the Aunts Are Here
Rex, Adam/ Cho, Lian (ILT)
Ode to a Bad Day
Wallace, Chelsea Lin/ Yum, Hyewon (CON)
The Never-ending Sweater
Welch, Erin/ Leung, Dorothy (ILT)
My Dog Just Speaks Spanish
C̀ceres, Andrea
Mermaid and pirate
Baptiste, Tracey, author.
Lola's Nana-Bibi comes to visit
McQuinn, Anna, author.
Little Tractor and the Baby Deer
Quintart, Natalie/ Goossens, Philippe (ILT)
Little Land
Sudyka, Diana
The Last Two Crayons
Freeman-haskin, Leah/ Robinson, Shantala (ILT)
Last Flight
Giang, Kristen Mai/ Phumiruk, Dow (ILT)
A Kiss for When You Miss Me
Bishop, Poppy/ Pedler, Caroline (ILT)
Kiki Can! Go to School
Jaramillo, Susie/ Gross, Abigail (ILT)
Jungle Cat
Larsen, Andrew/ Lugo, Udayana (ILT)
It's Ok : Being Kind to Yourself When Things Feel Hard
O'Leary, Wendy/ Eide, Sandra (ILT)/ Germer, Christopher (AFT)
Isabel and the Invisible World
Lightman, Alan/ Kaulitzki, Ramona (ILT)
I, Sea : A Tale Told in Homonyms
Sutherland, Suzanne/ Barron, Ashley (ILT)
I'm sticking with you--and the chicken too!
Prasadam-Halls, Smriti, author.
I Live in a Tree Trunk
Fleming, Meg/ Scott, Brandon James (ILT)
How Dinosaurs Went Extinct : A Safety Guide
Dyckman, Ame/ Harney, Jennifer (ILT)
How Birds Sleep
Obuchowski, David/ Pedry, Sarah (ILT)
Hickory Dickory Dock
Dean, James/ Dean, Kimberly
Gretel and Hansel
Waeland, Bee
Grandad's Pride
Woodgate, Harry
A garden in my hands
Sriram, Meera, author.
Full Moon Pups
Scanlon, Liz Garton/ Groenink, Chuck (ILT)
From Here to There : A First Book of Maps
French, Vivian/ Huang, Ya-ling (ILT)
Frank and the Masked Cat
Brockenbrough, Martha/ Lau, Jon (ILT)
Forever Our Home
Simpson, Tonya/ Joseph, Carla (ILT)
A dupatta is...
Abbas, Marzieh, author.
Desert Jungle
Baker, Jeannie
Dad and Daddy's Big Big Family
Kirst, Seamus/ Bunting, Karen (ILT)
Cicada Symphony
Fliess, Sue/ Lucas, Gareth (ILT)
Camilla, super helper
Dillemuth, Julie, author.
Billie and Bean in the City
Hansson, Julia/ Woodstein, B. J. (TRN)
Being a Cat : A Tail of Curiosity
Gianferrari, Maria/ Oswald, Pete (ILT)
As Brave As a Lion
Meza, Erika/ Meza, Erika (ILT)
All Good in the Hood
Reed, Dwayne/ Jose, Gladys (ILT)
All aboard the Alaska train
Hartman, Brooke, author.
Slow down...on your doorstep : calming nature stories for little ones
Magic Cat Publishing (COR)/ Hartas, Freya (ILT)
Freight train : a lift-the-flap book
Crews, Donald, author, illustrator.
Big problems, little problems
Feller, Ben, author.
The yellow handkerchief : el pañuelo amarillo
Higuera, Donna Barba, author.
Who will U be?
Hische, Jessica, author, illustrator.
Way Past Sorry
Adelman, Hallee/ Juli, Josep Maria (ILT)
Through the Fairy Door
Van De Goor, Lars (PHT)/ Dawnay, Gabby/ Tomai, Giulia (ILT)
There's no such thing as unicorns
Rowland, Lucy (Children's author), author.
Shorty's Ark
Oldham, Will/ Damiano, Lori (ILT)/ Thompson, Mayo
The Search for the Magical Egg
Morrison, Rebecca/ Morrison, Becky/ Pamintuan, Macky (ILT)
Sasquatch and Squirrel
Monroe, Chris, author, illustrator.
Sandy Toes : A Summer Adventure a Let's Play Outside! Book
Grant, Shauntay/ Bradley, Candice (ILT)
The Red Tin Box
Burgess, Matthew/ Turk, Evan (ILT)
Pocket Full of Sads
Davidson, Brad/ Davidson, Rachel Mas (ILT)
Perfect Presents!
Kuhl, Anke/ Shaw, Melody (TRN)
Percy's Perfect Friend
Button, Lana/ Collins, Peggy (ILT)
Peppa Pig and the Day at the Farm
Candlewick Press (COR)
Our Dragon
Fox, Mem/ Davick, Linda (ILT)
The Old Man Eating Alone
Pearlstein, Howard/ Groven, Hilde (ILT)
Nila's perfect coat
Paulson, Norene, author.
Naming ceremony
Wedlick, Seina, author.
My Pocket Bathroom
Du, Yan/ Vasessa, Erin (ILT)
My Mom Is a Lioness
Haddow, Swapna/ Adeola, Dapo (ILT)
Theule, Larissa, author.
Moses and the Runaway Lamb
Jules, Jacqueline/ Howell, Eleanor Rees (ILT)
Missing Violet
Swemba, Kelly, author.
Love Makes a Garden Grow
Yoo, Taeeun/ Yoo, Taeeun (ILT)
Long Goes to Dragon School
Wu, Helen H./ Besom, Mae (ILT)
In Our Hands
Farfort, Lucy
If I Were the Moon
East, Jacqueline (ILT)/ Terry, Jesse
I Want to Be a River
Roger, Cecile Elma
I Pray You'll Be
Hall, Hannah C./ Ardeleanu, Catalin (ILT)
How to Catch a Garden Fairy : A Springtime Adventure
Walstead, Alice/ Elkerton, Andy (ILT)
Homeland : My Father Dreams of Palestine
Moushabeck, Hannah/ Madooh, Reem (ILT)
Here : I Can Be Mindful
Condie, Allyson Braithwaite/ Kim, Jaime (ILT)
Gustav is missing! : a tale of friendship and bravery
Zuill, Andrea, author, illustrator.
Grandpa's Scroll
Park, Ginger/ Park, Frances/ Hoon, Kim Dong (ILT)
Berenstain, Mike
The Glow show
Schaefer, Susi, author, illustrator.
A Family Prayer
Youngblood, Shay/ Swarner, Kristina (ILT)
The fairest in the land
Newman, Leslaea, author.
Daddy Dressed Me
Gardner, Michael/ Gardner, Ava/ Fisher, Nadia (ILT)
The Coolest Beard
Tekle, Betty/ Alexander, Nicholas (ILT)
Connor Crowe Can't Let Go
Pearlstein, Howard/ Buijsman, Stefani (ILT)
The City Tree
Boss, Shira/ Alvarez, Lorena (ILT)
Cheese Fest! : Composing Shapes
Houran, Lori Haskins/ Melmon, Deborah (ILT)
Cheese Fest! : Composing Shapes
Houran, Lori Haskins/ Melmon, Deborah (ILT)
The Care and Keeping of Grandmas
Mook-sang, Jennifer/ Kang, Yong Ling (ILT)
Can you see it?
Verde, Susan, author.
Bravo, Avocado!
Stiefel, Chana/ Suessbauer, Anna (ILT)
The blue glass heart
McDonough, Yona Zeldis, author.
Christou, Sarah
Big Kids Don't Get Butterflies
Kelley, Ceece/ Cloud, Sawyer (ILT)
Becoming Charley
Dipucchio, Kelly/ Wise, Loveis (ILT)
Be wild, little one
Hope, Olivia (Children's author), author.
The Babka Sisters
Newman, Leslea/ Bobokhidze, Tika (ILT)/ Bobokhidze, Tata (ILT)
Babajoon's treasure
Esnaashari-Charmatz, Farnaz, 1981- author.
The Artist
Vere, Ed
Anzu and the Art of Friendship
Hadley, Moni Ritchie/ Takeyama, Nathalia (ILT)
Angelina, Star of the Show
Holabird, Katharine/ Craig, Helen (ILT)
Angelina Ballerina's Ballet Tour
Holabird, Katharine/ Craig, Helen (ILT)
Always Anjali
Sheth, Sheetal/ Blank, Jessica (ILT)
ABC-Deconstructing Gender
Molesso, Ashley/ Needham, Chess (ILT)
100 Mighty Dragons All Named Broccoli
LaRochelle, David/ Cho, Lian (ILT)
10 Cats
Gravett, Emily
You Are My Sunshine
Marshall, Natalie
Where's the King?
Arrhenius, Ingela P (ILT)/ Arrhenius, Ingela P. (ILT)
Where Are the Eggs?
Lin, Grace/ Lin, Grace (ILT)
What Matters Most
Dodd, Emma
We Bee-long Together!
Marshall, Natalie
Waddle I Do Without You?
Marshall, Natalie
This is my happy face.
Scholastic Inc. (COR)
Things That Go
Bello, Jean/ Achilova, Alyona (ILT)
Things I Know How to Do
Schwartz, Amy
Swaddled With Love
Preziosi, Alessandra/ Syed, Anoosha (ILT)
Star Wars Return of the Jedi
Williamson, Al (ILT)
Slide and See First Words : Things That Go
Hughes, Helen/ Lewis, Liza (ILT)
Posner-Sanchez, Andrea/ Random House (COR)
The Rainbow Park
Green, Harold, III/ Wiley, Deann (ILT)
Puddle Song
Salas, Laura Purdie/ Felix, Monique (ILT)
Playdate! : With Bear, Too?
Michalak, Jamie/ Mazeika, Katie (ILT)
One Springy, Singy Day
Kurilla, Renee
The Numbers Store
Green, Harold, III/ Wiley, Deann (ILT)
A New Green Day
Portis, Antoinette
My Love for You
Perron, Lisa Varchol/ Murray, Sheryl (ILT)
My first how to catch the Big Bad Wolf
Walstead, Alice, author.
Mrs. Peanuckle's Earth alphabet
Peanuckle, Mrs., author.
Little Walrus
Abery, Julie/ Mason, Suzie (ILT)
Little Otter
Abery, Julie/ Mason, Suzie (ILT)
Little chicks
Gomi, Tarō, author, illustrator.
Bear and Bird try, try again. Try, Try Again
Lambert, Jonathan, author, illustrator.
In the Pond : A Magic Flaps Book
Millard, Will/ Qiuqi, Rachel (ILT)
I take care of my puppy / 15 Interactive Elements!
Slack, Michael H., 1969- author, illustrator.
I take care of my kitten
Slack, Michael H., 1969- author, illustrator.
I Love You, Little Shark
Burton, Jeffrey/ Hurley, Anna (ILT)
Hush little baby.
Scholastic Inc. (COR)
How Wide Is a Whale?
Regan, Lisa/ Wade, Sarah (ILT)
How Do You Take a Bath?
McMullan, Kate/ Hanson, Sydney (ILT)
How Do You Go to Sleep?
McMullan, Kate/ Hanson, Sydney (ILT)
How Big Is a Bear?
Wade, Sarah (ILT)/ Regan, Lisa
High Chair Chemistry
Esbaum, Jill/ Wonderlab Group (COR)
Hey, Water!
Portis, Antoinette
The Great Truck Switcheroo
Shea, Bob/ Won, Brian (ILT)
Good Night Building Site
Gamble, Adam/ Jasper, Mark/ Stevenson, Harvey (ILT)
Go Get Em, Tiger!
Hello!lucky (COR)/ Moyle, Sabrina/ Moyle, Eunice (ILT)
Get Up, Stand Up
Marley, Bob/ Marley, Cedella/ Cabuay, John Jay (ILT)
Except When They Don't
Gehl, Laura/ Heinsz, Joshua (ILT)
Underwood, Deborah, author.
Seuss, Dr.
Dinosaur Bus : A Shaped Countdown Book
Hughes, Helen/ Matthews, Mel (ILT)
Franceschelli, Christopher/ Peski Studio (COR)
Blinker, blinker little car
Katz, Susan B., 1971- author.
Bird House
Gomez, Blanca
A Beautiful House for Birds
Lin, Grace/ Lin, Grace (ILT)
Bath Time Physics
Esbaum, Jill/ Wonderlab Group (COR)
Baby, You're Magic!
Marshall, Natalie
Baby's first zodiac
Pieri, Kerry, author.
Baby Rube's Opposites
George, Jennifer/ Vogel, Vin (ILT)
Baby Animals
Bello, Jean/ Achilova, Alyona (ILT)
The baby and me
Jones, Christianne C., author.
Babies love outer space
König, Susanne (Tattoo artist), artist.
All Aboard! the Sesame Street Subway
Mara, Nichole/ Kolb, Andrew (ILT)
Abcs of Love for Mom
Hegarty, Patricia/ Macon, Summer (ILT)
Elmo's Mommy Day
Posner-Sanchez, Andrea/ Hernandez, Adua (ILT)
Elmo's Daddy Day
Posner-Sanchez, Andrea/ Hernandez, Adua (ILT)
Bluey Mum School
Penguin Young Readers Licenses (COR)
When Stars Arise
Alaraj, E. G./ Czub, Martyna (ILT)
Math Time at the Apple Orchard! : First Math Words
Harper, Mackenzie/ Lewis, Liza (ILT)
Maisy's Recycling Truck
Cousins, Lucy/ Cousins, Lucy (ILT)
Maisy's Ambulance
Cousins, Lucy/ Cousins, Lucy (ILT)
Everyone Is Special : Babies
Munro, Fiona/ Hambleton, Laura (ILT)
Every One Is Special : Dogs
Munro, Fiona/ Hambleton, Laura (ILT)
Don't Worry, Little Crab
Haughton, Chris
When You Were New
Harris, Jennifer/ Wen, Lenny (ILT)
When Things Aren't Going Right, Go Left
Colagiovanni, Marc/ Reynolds, Peter H. (ILT)
Welcome, Rain!
McFarlane, Sheryl/ Wei, Christine (ILT)
To the other side
Meza, Erika, author, illustrator.
The Storytellers Rule
Mandin, Christy
Storyteller Skye : Teachings from My Ojibway Grandfather
King, Lindsay Christina/ Frank, Carolyn (ILT)
Spring Is for Strawberries
Pryor, Katherine/ Gortman, Polina (ILT)
Soon, your hands
Stutzman, Jonathan, author.
So You Want to Be a Frog
Porter, Jane/ Clark, Neil (ILT)
Seven Good Years : A Yiddish Folktale
Smith, Shoham/ Eloa, Eitan (ILT)/ Kurshan, Ilana (TRN)
Roto and Roy to the Rescue!
Rinker, Sherri Duskey/ Tate, Don (ILT)
Ramen for Everyone
Tanumihardja, Patricia/ Pate, Shiho (ILT)
A pigeon in Paris : Petite takes flight
Howard, Paige, 1985- author.
One Day
Ho, Joanna/ Pray, Faith (ILT)
Night in the city
Downing, Julie, author, illustrator.
Nana the Great goes camping
Bergren, Lisa Tawn, author.
The Name Game
Laird, Elizabeth/ Holden, Olivia (ILT)
My Wish for the World
Lombardi, Kristine
My baba's garden
Scott, Jordan, 1978- author.
The Mermaid Princesses
Cameron-gordon, Maya/ Ortega, Mirelle (ILT)
Mary Can!
Blige, Mary J.
Lost Cat!
Rayner, Jacqueline K./ Rayner, Jacqueline K. (ILT)
Linh's rooftop garden
Brown-Wood, JaNay, author.