Kids Picture Books

These are picture books. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Waiting Is Not Forever
Verdick, Elizabeth/ Heinlen, Marieka (ILT)
A Potato on a Bike
Gravel, Elise
I Help : A Book About Empathy and Kindness
Meiners, Cheri J./ Weber, Penny (ILT)
Before you were born
Carlstrom, Nancy White, author.
Alphabet Street
Emmett, Jonathan/ Arrhenius, Ingela P. (ILT)
100 First Dinosaur Words
Sirett, Dawn/ Hare, Rachael (ILT)
Tallulah Plays the Tuba
Stone, Tiffany/ Nichols, Sandy (ILT)
The Star in the Forest
Kellock, Helen
The Space Train
Powell-Tuck, Maudie/ Mountford, Karl James (ILT)
Sneaky Beak
Corderoy, Tracey, author.
A Sky Without Lines
Basil, Krystia/ Borr̉s, Laura (ILT)
A Promise Is a Promise
Kusugak, Michael/ Munsch, Robert N./ Krykorka, Vladyana (ILT)
My Head in the Clouds
Chaperon, Danielle/ Bisaillon, Josě (ILT)
Mello, Eugenia
Merry Christmas, Nighty Night
Smith, Michael W./ Nawrocki, Mike/ Carter, Tod (ILT)
Merry Christmas, Dumpster Dog!
Gutman, Colas/ Boutavant, Marc (ILT)/ Charette, Allison M. (TRN)/ Bedrick, Claudia Zoe (TRN)
Mel and Mo's Marvelous Balancing Act
Winstanley, Nicola/ Ferrer, Marianne (ILT)
Matchy Matchy
McGill, Erin
Maisyѫs Christmas Party
Cousins, Lucy
M is for movement
Nagara, Innosanto, author, illustrator.
Lost and found
Paek, Chi-wn (Illustrator), author, illustrator.
The little snowplow wishes for snow
Koehler, Lora, author.
The Last Leopard
Cao, Wenxuan/ Li, Rong (ILT)
Herring Hotel
Ľvy, Didier/ Bloch, Serge (ILT)
Happy Right Now
Berry, Julie/ Hatam, Holly (ILT)
Good night, world
Edwards, Nicola, author.
The favorite book
Murguia, Bethanie Deeney, author,
Drawing God
Kiefer, Karen/ Dewit, Kathy (ILT)
Where's Waldo? : double trouble at the museum
Handford, Martin, author, illustrator.
The dinkey donkey
Smith, Craig, 1972- author, composer.
Dare to Dream Big
Gutierrez, Lorna/ Noakes, Polly (ILT)
Camilla, Cartographer
Dillemuth, Julie, Ph.d./ Wood, Laura (ILT)
Ariba : an old tale about new shoes
Manapov, Masha, author, illustrator.
Thank You, Mr. Panda
Antony, Steve/ Antony, Steve (ILT)
Singing De colores = Cantando De colores
Rodriguez, Patty (TRN)/ Stein, Ariana (TRN)/ Reyes, Citlali (ILT)
Little Heroes of Color : 50 Who Made a Big Difference
Heredia, David/ Heredia, David (ILT)
Disney Muppet Babies Fly South
Fischer, Maggie/ Jackson, Mike (ILT)
Dear Little Taurus
Marj, Roxy
Dear Little Pisces
Marj, Roxy
Dear Little Aries
Marj, Roxy
Creak! Squeak! Halloween : the best Halloween book ever!
Lloyd, Clare (Children's book author), author.
Bible Stories for Little Hearts
Magsamen, Sandra/ Magsamen, Sandra (ILT)
ABCs of Art
Hahn, Sabrina
The Way Home for Wolf
Bright, Rachel/ Field, Jim (ILT)
Thank you!
Pita, Charo, author.
Sophie's shell
Rooks, Jo, author, illustrator.
The return of Thelma the unicorn
Blabey, Aaron, author, illustrator.
Peppa's Magical Unicorn
Spinner, Cala (ADP)/ Eone (ILT)
Peppa Is Kind
Lizzio, Samantha
Lucy's light
Rooks, Jo, author, illustrator.
Looking for yesterday
Jay, Alison, author, illustrator.
Lola Dutch I love you so much
Wright, Kenneth, author.
If Pluto was a pea
Prendergast, Gabrielle, author.
I Love You, Fred
Inkpen, Mick/ Inkpen, Chloe (ILT)
A fist for Joe Louis and me
Noble, Trinka Hakes, author.
Welcome, Baby!
Katz, Karen/ Katz, Karen (ILT)
Vehicles ABC
Nosy Crow (COR)/ Ho, Jannie (ILT)
A Valentine for Uni the Unicorn
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse
Santa's Gifts
Priddy, Roger
Rock-a-bye, Dino
Eliot, Hannah/ Boyd, Chie (ILT)
Oh, So Many Kisses
Finn, Maura/ Cooper, Jenny (ILT)
Marvel Flying Super Heroes
Little, Sally/ Brizuela, Dario (ILT)
I Yoga You
Santos, Genevieve/ Santos, Genevieve (ILT)
I Love You
Rey, H. A.
I Love Engines!
Random House (COR)/ Marshmallow Creative (COR)
Hap-pea All Year
Baker, Keith/ Baker, Keith (ILT)
Gritty Kitty
Hutton, John, Dr./ Brown, Christina (ILT)
Go, go, pirate boat
Charman, Katrina, author.
Disney Frozen 2 Touch and Feel
Little, Sally/ Bove, Lorelay (ILT)
Best Furry Friends
Random House (COR)
Chapman, Aimee/ Bermingham, Alice-may/ Hamley, Kylie
All the Love in the World
Salzano, Tammi/ Fleming, Lucy (ILT)
Abcs of Kindness
Hegarty, Patricia/ Macon, Summer (ILT)
The Yeti and the Jolly Lama : A Tale of Friendship
Das, Surya/ Mineker, Vivian (ILT)
The worst Christmas ever
Bostrom, Kathleen Long, author.
With a Little Help from My Friends
Lennon, John/ McCartney, Paul/ Cole, Henry (ILT)
Tooth Fairy in Training
Robinson, Michelle/ Smith, Briony May (ILT)
Three Lost Seeds : Stories of Becoming
Morton, Stephie/ Wong, Nicole (ILT)
This Cowgirl Ain't Kiddin' About Potty
Fortson, Sarah Glenn/ Cox, Russ (ILT)
Sir Tim Is a Little Jealous
Koppens, Judith/ Van Lindenhuizen, Eline (ILT)
Peanut Butter & Santa Claus : A Zombie Culinary Tale
McGee, Joe/ Santoso, Charles (ILT)
One Hug
Moore, Katrina/ Woolf, Julia (ILT)
Odd Dog Out
Biddulph, Rob/ Biddulph, Rob (ILT)
No More Bedtime!
Richards, Chuck
Ninja Boy's Secret
Schneider, Tina
The most wonderful gift in the world
Sperring, Mark, author.
May all people and pigs be happy
Pavlicek, Micki Fine, author.
Love from the Little Engine That Could
Piper, Watty/ Howarth, Jill (ILT)
Love from the Crayons
Daywalt, Drew/ Jeffers, Oliver (ILT)
In Every House on Every Street
Hitchman, Jess/ La Baleine, Lili (ILT)
Iced Out
Bunnell, Isabella (ILT)/ Smouha, C. K.
I'm a Dragon
Loehr, Mallory/ Chou, Joey (ILT)
The Galaxy Needs You
Kennedy, Caitlin/ Kaban, Eda (ILT)
The Friendship Book
Ray, Mary Lyn/ Graegin, Stephanie (ILT)
The dinosaur that pooped Christmas!
Fletcher, Tom, 1985- author.
Dear Zoo
Campbell, Rod/ Campbell, Rod (ILT)
A Christmas sweater for Nina
Heikkilä, Cecilia, author.
A Children's Book of Demons
Leighton, Aaron
Button & Popper
Tanninen, Oili
A book of love
Randall, Emma, 1989- author.
The Big Booger Battle
Acosta, Alicia/ Carretero, M̤nica (ILT)
Apple Cake : A Gratitude
Casey, Dawn/ Godbout, Genevieve (ILT)
Angela's Christmas
McCourt, Frank, author.
National Geographic Kids (COR)
Max's Rainforest Adventure
Jardine, Hannah/ Waring, Zoe (ILT)/ Clever Publishing (COR)
Little Pumpkin's Halloween
Hall, Algy Craig
I Heart You
Fleming, Meg/ Wright, Sarah Jane (ILT)
Huggy Kissy
Patricelli, Leslie/ Patricelli, Leslie (ILT)
Happy Heart
Eliot, Hannah/ Hammer, Susie (ILT)
Daisy's Big Adventure
Jardine, Hannah/ Waring, Zoe (ILT)/ Clever Publishing (COR)
Alphabit : an ABC quest in 8-bit
Solon, Juan Carlos, author, illustrator.
You Are Home With Me
Asper-Smith, Sarah/ Watley, Mitchell (ILT)
The Wooden Fish
Cao, Wenxuan/ Gong, Yanling (ILT)
Thukpa for All
Ram, Praba/ Preuitt, Sheela/ Ranade, Shilpa (ILT)
There's a Dragon in My Dinner
Nicoll, Tom/ Horne, Sarah (ILT)
A Tale of Two Cats
Hillel, Ayin/ Elkanati, Shimrit (ILT)
Santa's Prayer
Roberts, Tom/ Moss, Doug (ILT)
The reader
Luca, Luciana de, 1978- author.
The Pear Tree
Gray, Luli (RTL)/ Goodnight, Madelyn (ILT)
One More Hug
Alexander, Megan/ Nakata, Hiroe (ILT)
Old MacDonald had a baby
Snape, Emily, author.
Nothing Wee About Me! : A Magical Adventure
Chaffee, Kim/ Bobbiesi, Laura (ILT)
My Hair
Lee, Hannah/ Fatimaharan, Allen (ILT)
My First 101 Things That Go
Sky Pony Press (COR)
My First 101 Animals
Sky Pony Press (COR)
My Big Bear, My Little Bear and Me
Del Mazo, Margarita/ Bonilla, Rocio (ILT)
Mama Bird Lost an Egg
Fournier, Evelyne/ Chloloula (ILT)/ Penn, Nathaniel (TRN)
The lizard
Saramago, José, author.
Little Mole's Wish
Kim, Sang-Keun
Life as a mini hero
Tallec, Olivier, author, illustrator.
Just so Willow
Shacter, Sara, author.
Jimena Přez Puede Volar/ Jimena Přez Can Fly
Argueta, Jorge/ Bell, Elizabeth (TRN)
In the Sky at Nighttime
Deal, Laura/ Campeau, Tamara (ILT)
I'm not Millie!
Pett, Mark, author.
I Promise
Hernandez, Catherine/ Ware, Syrus Marcus (ILT)
I Do Not Like That Name
McGill, Erin/ McGill, Erin (ILT)
I Am Perfectly Designed
Brown, Karamo/ Brown, Jason/ Syed, Anoosha (ILT)
The hike
Farrell, Alison, 1979- author, illustrator.
Gus and the greatest catch of all
Cossack, Victoria, author, illustrator.
Goodnight Songs Treasury : A Collection of Bedtime Poems
Brown, Margaret Wise/ 24 Award Winning Artists (ART)
Fry Bread : A Native American Family Story
Maillard, Kevin Noble/ Martinez-Neal, Juana (ILT)
Fix That Clock
Cyrus, Kurt
Aliaga, Roberto/ D̕ez, Miguel ℓngel (ILT)/ Brokenbrow, Jon (TRN)
Fiddle Dee Dee!
Hofmeyr, Dianne/ Grobler, Piet (ILT)
Everybody Says Meow
Lombardo, Constance/ Lombardo, Constance (ILT)
Driftwood days
Miniver, William, author.
Bodega cat
Chin, Louie, author, illustrator.
A Baby Like You
Thimmesh, Catherine
Ava the Monster Slayer : Cousin Power
Maggiore, Lisa/ Felten, Ross (ILT)
August the tiger
Van Ditshuizen, Marieke, author.
Woodstock's Sunny Day
Schulz, Charles M./ Michaels, Patty (ADP)/ Scott, Vicki (ILT)
Wild Animal Sounds
National Geographic Kids (COR)
This Little Artist : An Art History Primer
Holub, Joan/ Roode, Daniel (ILT)
Noni the Pony
Lester, Alison/ Lester, Alison (ILT)
Meet Baby Shark
May We Have Enough to Share
Van Camp, Richard
Love, Mama
Bradley, Jeanette/ Bradley, Jeanette (ILT)
Lift-the-flap Baby Animals
Prasadam-Halls, Smriti/ Costamagna, Beatrice (ILT)
Dr. Seuss's Lovey Things
Seuss, Dr./ Brannon, Tom (ILT)
Daniel's Bath Time
Cassel Schwartz, Alexandra (ADP)/ Fruchter, Jason (ILT)
Baby's Blessings
Newman, Leslǎ/ Nakata, Hiroe (ILT)
Angelina Loves
Holabird, Katharine/ Craig, Helen (ILT)
ABC Michigan
Lewis, Anne Margaret/ Halvorsen, Kirsten (ILT)
Łhurra, Pececito!
Cousins, Lucy/ Cousins, Lucy (ILT)
You're Strong With Me
Soundar, Chitra/ Mistry, Poonam (ILT)
You make me happy
Prasadam-Halls, Smriti, author.
The Wolf Will Not Come
Ouyessad, Myriam/ Badel, Ronan (ILT)
Willy's World of Wonders
Puchner, Willy
Whose Tail?
Tarsky, Sue/ Garton, Michael (ILT)
Whose Nose?
Tarsky, Sue/ Garton, Michael (ILT)
Who am I?
De Anda, Diane, author.
Where Does a Cowgirl Go Potty?
Prochovnic, Dawn Babb/ Souva, Jacob (ILT)
Durham, Ali
A Very Fiona Christmas
Cowdrey, Richard (ILT)
Trucks Zooming by
Jane, Pamela/ Gott, Barry (ILT)
Super Sloth
Starling, Robert/ Starling, Robert (ILT)
The Star Child
Watts, Bernadette
Something for you
Mylie, Charlie, author, illustrator.
Snowy Race
Prince, April Jones/ Davenier, Christine (ILT)
Snow Much Fun!
Siscoe, Nancy/ Gibson, Sabina (ILT)
Snow for Everyone!
Schneider, Antonie/ Chang, Pei Yu (ILT)
Snitchy Witch
Sileo, Frank J., Ph.D./ Haley, Mackenzie (ILT)
Shubh Diwali!
Chitra Soundar, author.
Christopher, Lucy/ Suvorova, Anastasia (ILT)
The Return
Chernysheva, Natalia
Rain Makes Applesauce : Restored
Scheer, Julian/ Bileck, Marvin (ILT)/ Pinkney, Jerry (FRW)
Polar Bear's story
Blackford, Harriet, author.
A Place to Stay : A Shelter Story
Gunti, Erin/ Meza, Esteli (ILT)
Pigeon Math
Citro, Asia/ Watson, Richard (ILT)
Panthera Tigris
Alzial, Sylvain/ Rajcak, Hľ̈ne (ILT)
The Owl and the Two Rabbits
Sammurtok, Nadia/ Cutler, Marcus (ILT)
One Is a Lot Except When It's Not
Van, Muon Thi/ Pratt, Pierre (ILT)
Oak Leaf
Sandford, John
Not Yet a Yeti
Treleaven, Lou/ Neal, Tony (ILT)
Noni the pony
Lester, Alison.
No Room for a Pup!
Suneby, Elizabeth/ Molk, Laurel/ Molk, Laurel (ILT)
Mr. Tempkin Climbs a Tree
Fagan, Cary/ Arbat, Carles (ILT)
Mr. Tempkin Climbs a Tree
Fagan, Cary/ Arbat, Carles (ILT)
Moth : an evolution story
Thomas, Isabel, 1979- author.
A Map into the World
Yang, Kao Kalia/ Kim, Seo (ILT)
Look, it's raining
Pierloot, Mathieu, 1980- author.
Light a Candle
Nkongolo, Godfrey/ Walters, Eric/ Campbell, Eva (ILT)
In the Jerusalem Forest
Busheri, Devora/ Kelner, Noa (ILT)
I knew you could do it!
Tillman, Nancy, author, illustrator.
I can write the world
Sanders, Joshunda, author.
How the crayons saved the unicorn
Sweeney, Monica, author.
How About a Night Out?
Williams, Sam/ Hunt, Matt (ILT)
Hobgoblin and the Seven Stinkers of Rancidia
Sullivan, Kyle, 1982- author.
Ikegami, Aiko, author, illustrator.
Watkins, Caroline/ Tuchman, Mark (ILT)/ Basham, Keith (CRT)/ Qualiana, Cris (CRT)
Froggy Day
Pindar, Heather/ Bakos, Barbara (ILT)
Freedom Soup
Charles, Tami/ Alcǹtara, Jacqueline (ILT)
Franklin and Luna and the Book of Fairy Tales
Campbell, Jen/ Harnett, Katie (ILT)
Fly Flies
Hanaor, Ziggy/ Bowsher, Alice (ILT)
Five little mermaids
Scribens, Sunny, author.
The Day of Your Arrival
Brown, Dolores/ Dalvand, Reza (ILT)
The Cool Bean
John, Jory/ Oswald, Pete (ILT)
Blue Cat
Ryan, Charlie Eve/ Ryan, Charlie Eve (ILT)
The Beginner's Bible All Aboard Noah's Ark : A Lift-and-Learn Discovery Book
Zondervan Publishing House (COR)/ Alonso, Denis (ILT)
Anxious Charlie to the Rescue
Milne, Terry/ Milne, Terry (ILT)
Red Sled
Judge, Lita/ Judge, Lita (ILT)
My first bilingual ABC : English-Spanish
Davis, Sarah (Writer of children's books), author.
Love the World
Parr, Todd
Little Hugs from Little Loves
Sperring, Mark/ Frost, Maddie (ILT)
Little Eva Loves
Elliott, Rebecca/ Elliott, Rebecca (ILT)
It's a Mitzvah!
Merberg, Julie
I Love You, Elephant!
Ballesteros, Carles
I Look Up To...Oprah Winfrey
Membrino, Anna/ Burke, Fatti (ILT)
I Look Up To...Misty Copeland
Membrino, Anna/ Burke, Fatti (ILT)
Friendship Saves the Day!
Hastings, Ximena
Disney Princess the Little Book of Big Ideas
Disney Book Group (COR)/ Disney Storybook Art Team (COR)
My first bilingual colors = Los colores : English-Spanish
Davis, Sarah (Writer of children's books), author.
Cinderella Rex
Webster, Christy/ Hatam, Holly (ILT)
Bathtime Mathtime - Shapes
McKellar, Danica/ Padr̤n, Alicia (ILT)
The Bad Mood
Petz, Moritz/ Jackowski, Amľie (ILT)
You Loves Ewe!
Bell, Cece
Wild Honey from the Moon
Kraegel, Kenneth/ Kraegel, Kenneth (ILT)
Why the evergreens keep their leaves
Guertin, Annemarie Riley, author.
When Julia danced bomba
Ortiz, Raquel M, author.
What's Next?
Knapman, Timothy/ Mcguinness, Jane (ILT)
This is a sea cow
Federman, Cassandra, author, illustrator.
There's Room for Everyone
Teymorian, Anahita/ Teymorian, Anahita (ILT)/ Ghanimifard, Delaram (EDT)
Taxi Ride With Victor
Trofa, Sara/ Klever, Elsa (ILT)
Sus Yoo / the Bear's Medicine
Gauthier, Clayton (CON)
Sunny Day : A Celebration of Sesame Street
Raposo, Joe/ Various (COR)
Aurora, Ian/ Moore, Natalia (ILT)
The space walk
Biggs, Brian, author, illustrator.
Mora, Oge, author, illustrator.
Positively purple
Ragsdale, Linda, author.
My footprints
Phi, Bao, 1975- author.
Marlon Bundo's Best Christmas Ever
Pence, Charlotte/ Pence, Karen (ILT)
Manny Loses His Fangs
Ferri, Giuliano
The Lost Homework
O'Neill, Richard/ Beautyman, Kirsti (ILT)
Little Tigers
Weaver, Jo/ Weaver, Jo (ILT)
Kai and the Monkey King
Stanton, Joe Todd
Juniper Kai : Super Spy
Gehl, Laura/ Neonakis, Alexandria (ILT)
It's Not All Rainbows
Von Innerebner, Jessika/ Von Innerebner, Jessika (ILT)
How to speak cow
Irwin, Jonathan (Journalist), author.
The Haircut
Heras, Theo/ Benoit, Renneþ (ILT)
Laird, Elizabeth/ Lucander, Jenny (ILT)
Good Night, Oliver Wizard
Dotlich, Rebecca Kai/ Masse, Josee (ILT)
Good Night, Little Blue Truck
Schertle, Alice/ McElmurry, Jill (ILT)
A good day
Nesquens, Daniel, author.
Glacier on the Move
Rusch, Elizabeth/ Brereton, Alice (ILT)
Get Off That Camel!
Benjamin A. H./ Shenoi Krishna Bala (ILT)
Fuego, Fuegito/ Fire, Little Fire
Argueta, Jorge/ Alcantara, Felipe Ugalde (ILT)
Frankie's Favorite Food
Garrity-Riley, Kelsey
Finding Lucy
Fernandes, Eugenie/ Fernandes, Eugenie (ILT)
Finding Kindness
Underwood, Deborah/ Chan, Irene (ILT)
Evan and the Skygoats
Vassar, Vanessa/ Cornet, Ophelia (ILT)
Double Bass Blues
Loney, Andrea/ Gutierrez, Rudy (ILT)
Doodle Cat Wears a Cape
Patrick, Kat/ Farrell, Lauren (ILT)
A Day So Gray
Lamba, Marie/ Marley, Alea (ILT)
The day punctuation came to town
Gard, Kimberlee, author.
A Day for Skating
Sullivan, Sarah/ Valentine, Madeline (ILT)
The Couch Potato
Sparrow, Kerry Lyn/ Huang, Yinfan (ILT)
Come Next Season
Norman, Kim/ Miyares, Daniel (ILT)
The Clever Tailor
Venkat, Srividhya/ Surendranath, Nayantara (ILT)
Aurora, Ian, author.
Chicken break! : a counting book
Berry, Cate, author.
Chapter Two Is Missing
Lieb, Josh/ Cornell, Kevin (ILT)
Can You See Me?
Lantz-simmons, Mikhala/ Rasoulipour, Mohammad
By the Light of the Moon
Preston-Gannon, Frann/ Preston-Gannon, Frann (ILT)
Blue Spot
Sastrawinata, Griselda/ Sastrawinata, Griselda (ILT)
Bird count
Richmond, Susan Edwards, author.
Betty Builds It
Hampton, Julie
When the Snow Is Deeper Than My Boots Are Tall
Reidy, Jean/ Chou, Joey (ILT)
A Trapezoid Is Not a Dinosaur!
Morris, Suzanne/ Morris, Suzanne (ILT)
Tiny Feet Between the Mountains
Cha, Hanna/ Cha, Hanna (ILT)
The Things
Dostalova, Petronela
Some Snow Is
Yeomans, Ellen/ Offermann, Andrea (ILT)
Snowy farm
Shaw, Calvin, author.
Sisters first
Hager, Jenna Bush, 1981- author.
Pluto Gets the Call
Rex, Adam/ Keller, Laurie (ILT)
The Perfect Seat
L̊, Minh/ Gordon, Gus (ILT)
P Is for Poppadoms : An Indian Alphabet Book
Sehgal, Kabir/ Sehgal, Surishtha/ Ito, Hazel (ILT)
One snowy morning
Tseng, Kevin, 1973- author.
Kiki & Jax : The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship
Kondo, Marie/ Yoon, Salina/ Yoon, Salina (ILT)
I See, I See.
Henderson, Robert
How to catch a dragon
Wallace, Adam, author.
How I met my monster
Noll, Amanda, author.
Hello, Sun! : A Yoga Sun Salutation to Start Your Day
Hinder, Sarah Jane/ Hinder, Sarah Jane (ILT)
Go, girls, go!
Gilbert, Frances, 1969- author.
Gerald the Lion
Souhami, Jessica
Flash, the Little Fire Engine
Calvert, Pam/ Taylor, Jen (ILT)
Dream : With Sesame Street
Sesame Workshop (COR)/ Hill, Susanna Leonard/ Nelson, Marybeth (ILT)
Donѫt Cave in
Cyber Group Studios/ Cyber Group Studios (ILT)
Don't Hug the Pug
Hodson, Matthew (ILT)/ Jacobs, Robin
The day Abuelo got lost
De Anda, Diane, author.
The Cloud Lasso
Schlaifer, Stephanie/ Stacey, Melodie (ILT)
The Climbing Tree
Stith, John/ Pieletskaya, Yuliya (ILT)
The Boy and the Bear
Massini, Sarah/ Massini, Sarah (ILT)
Bon Voyage, Mister Rodriguez
Duchesne, Christiane/ Thisdale, Franȯis (ILT)
Blueberry Patch / Meennunyakaa
Leason, Jennifer/ Chartrand, Norman (TRN)
The Bizzies
Merlǹ, Paula/ Millǹ, Blanca (ILT)/ Brokenbrow, Jon (TRN)
The Best Kind of Bear
Gormley, Greg/ Barrow, David (ILT)
Bear is awake! / An Alphabet Story
Harrison, Hannah E, author
Bad Dog
Boldt, Mike
Astrid and the Sky Calf
Faragher, Rosie/ Faragher, Rosie (ILT)
The Ants' Secret
Magro, Baltasar/ Padr̤n, Dani (ILT)/ Brokenbrow, Jon (TRN)
Along the Tapaj̤s
Vilela, Fernando/ Vilela, Fernando (ILT)/ Hahn, Daniel (TRN)
Where Is My Pink Sweater?
Slater, Nicola
The Snowman
Briggs, Raymond
Snow Still
Surplice, Holly/ Surplice, Holly (ILT)
The Nutcracker
Hoffmann, E. T. A./ Gledhill, Carly (ILT)
My Magical Dragon
Shin, Yujin
Listen Like an Elephant
Willey, Kira/ Betts, Anni (ILT)
Into the Unknown
Walliman, Dominic/ Newman, Ben (ILT)
Hello, World! Pets
McDonald, Jill
Hanukkah Baby
Trukhan, Ekaterina (ILT)/ Pixton, Amy (CRT)
Grover's Hanukkah Party
Sussman, Joni Kibort/ Leigh, Tom (ILT)
Goodnight, Starry Night : Peek-a-boo Art
Guglielmo, Amy/ Appel, Julie
Everybody Needs a Buddy
Jackson, Ellen/ Frost, Maddie (ILT)
Elbow Grease
Cena, John/ McWilliam, Howard (ILT)
Disney - Frozen 2
RH Disney (COR)/ Disney Storybook Art Team (ILT)
Cosmic Machines
Walliman, Dominic/ Newman, Ben (ILT)
The Colors of Christmas
Howarth, Jill (ILT)
Takeuchi, Chihiro/ Takeuchi, Chihiro (ILT)
Classic Munsch Moods
Munsch, Robert N./ Martchenko, Michael (ILT)
Christmas Is Awesome!
Hello!lucky (COR)
Car Goes Far
Garland, Michael
Breathe Like a Bear
Willey, Kira/ Betts, Anni (ILT)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Carroll, Lewis/ Gledhill, Carly (ILT)
World of Dance : A Barefoot Collection
Stemple, Heidi E. Y./ Cann, Helen (ILT)
The Upper Case : Trouble in Capital City
Lazar, Tara/ MacDonald, Ross (ILT)
One fox : a counting book thriller
Read, Kate, 1978- author, illustrator.
Nutcracker Night
Messier, Mireille/ Grimard, Gabrielle (ILT)
My singing Nana
Mora, Pat, author.
Max and Marla Are Flying Together
Boiger, Alexandra/ Boiger, Alexandra (ILT)
Love and the Rocking Chair
Dillon, Diane/ Dillon, Leo/ Dillon, Diane (ILT)/ Dillon, Leo (ILT)
Henry and Bea
Bagley, Jessixa
Hello, Ninja
Wilson, N. D./ Dickison, Forrest (ILT)
Grumpy Monkey Party Time!
Lang, Suzanne/ Lang, Max (ILT)
Goodnight Bubbala
Haft, Sheryl/ Weber, Jill (ILT)
Ghastly ghosts
Bateman, Teresa, author.
A Fox Found a Box
Adamson, Ged
Flip Flap Dinosaurs
Nosy Crow (COR)/ Scheffler, Axel (ILT)