Kids Picture Books

These are picture books. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Upsy Daisy, Baby!
Hughes, Susan/ Barron, Ashley (ILT)
Time for School, Little Blue Truck
Schertle, Alice/ McElmurry, Jill (ILT)
Something stinks!
Fenske, Jonathan, author.
Scaredy Squirrel goes camping
Watt, Maelanie, 1975- author, illustrator.
River Otter's Adventure
Stanek, Linda/ Bersani, Shennen (ILT)
On the Trapline
Robertson, David A./ Flett, Julie (ILT)
All we need
Wolff, Kathy, author.
Early Bird
Yuly, Toni, author, illustrator.
What's in Unicorn's Backpack?
Holub, Joan/ Nassner, Alyssa (ILT)
What's in Dragon's Backpack?
Holub, Joan/ Lee, Christopher (ILT)
Up, Up, Up, Down!
Gee, Kimberly
Spencer loves you
Romo, Michelle, author.
Rock-a-bye Baby
Cabrera, Jane
The Pout-pout Fish Cleans Up the Ocean
Diesen, Deborah/ Hanna, Dan (ILT)
Peter's School Day
Potter, Beatrix
Over in the Forest : A Woodland Baby Animal Counting Book
Berkes, Marianne/ Dubin, Jill (ILT)
Oakley the squirrel : the search for Z: a nutty alphabet book
Rose, Nancy (Nancy Patricia), 1954- author.
My Terrific Dinosaur Book
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)
Llama Llama Seasons of Fun!
Dewdney, Anna/ Morrow, J. T. (ILT)
Let's Say Hello
Ang, Giselle/ Sirotich, Erica (ILT)
I Like to Share!
Krensky, Stephen/ Gillingham, Sara (ILT)
Good night, Spencer
Romo, Michelle, author.
Seuss, Dr.
Your Life Matters
Singleton, Chris/ Barron, Taylor (ILT)
You Hold Me Up/ Gimanaadenim
Smith, Monique Gray/ Daniel, Danielle/ Mesic, Angela (TRN)/ Noodin, Margaret (TRN)
When my cousins come to town
Shantae, Angela, author.
What is God like
Evans, Rachel Held, 1981-2019, author.
Vrooom, vrooom!
Ray, Mary Lyn, author.
Too much stuff!
Gravett, Emily, author, illustrator.
Those Are Not My Underpants!
Martin, Melissa/ Cummings, Troy (ILT)
They call me River
Albrecht, Maciek, author, illustrator.
There's a Rang-tan in My Bedroom
Sellick, James (NA)/ Thompson, Emma
Tea time
Ferry, Beth, author.
Summer Camp Critter Jitters
John, Jory/ Climo, Liz (ILT)
Sister Wish
Potter, Giselle
Ship in a bottle
Prahin, Andrew, author, illustrator.
Scribbly : A Real Imaginary Friend Tale
Adamson, Ged/ Adamson, Ged (ILT)
Princesses Can Fix It!
Marchini, Tracy/ Christians, Julia (ILT)
The Pout-pout Fish and the Mad, Mad Day
Diesen, Deborah/ Hanna, Dan (ILT)
The One and Only Sparkella
Tatum, Channing/ Barnes, Kim (ILT)
On the Way Home
Benjamin, A. H./ Vasko, Anne (ILT)
Desierto, Derek
The Mole and the Hole
Kowalczuk, Brayden
Lucy's blooms
Prochovnic, Dawn Babb, author.
Little Lunch Truck
Beyl, Charles
It's a Mitig!
George, Bridget
It's Raining Tacos!
Gripp, Parry/ Emmerich, Peter (ILT)
If I were a tree
Zimmerman, Andrea Griffing, author.
I Am Loved
Qamaniq-mason, Kevin/ Qamaniq-mason, Mary/ Lim, Hwei (ILT)
How to Wear a Sari
Khiani, Darshana/ Lew-Vriethoff, Joanne (ILT)
The Foodie Flamingo
Howl, Vanessa/ Pino, Pablo (ILT)
Dogs at Work : Good Dogs. Real Jobs.
Cardillo, Margaret/ Ohora, Zachariah (ILT)
The Cot in the Living Room
Burgos, Hilda Eunice/ D'alessandro, Gaby (ILT)
A boy named Isamu : a story of Isamu Noguchi
Yang, James, 1960- author, illustrator.
Blue Ridge Babies 1, 2, 3 : A Counting Book
Gardner, Laura Sperry/ Coleman, Stephanie Fizer (ILT)
The big hug
Walker, Megan, 1990- author.
Finding beauty
Shipman, Talitha, author, illustrator.
The Case of the Singing Ocean
Hogan, Eric/ Hungerford, Tara
I Can Yell Louder
Gaither, Jennifer
Who Has Wiggle-Waggle Toes?
Shiefman, Vicky/ Chessa, Francesca (ILT)
Unicorn's birthday
Golden, Lucy, author.
Strong Puppy
Strickland, Tessa/ Meza, Estel̕ (ILT)
Sloth & smell the roses
Moyle, Eunice, author.
Richard Scarry's good morning, Busytown!
Scarry, Richard, author, illustrator.
Richard Scarry's busy, busy people.
Scarry, Richard, author, illustrator.
Red house, brown mouse
Godwin, Jane, 1964- author.
Pugtato, Let's Be Best Spuddies
Corrigan, Sophie (ILT)/ Zondervan
Pigs at a Party
Salcedo, Erica (ILT)
My Purrfect Kittycorn
McLean, Danielle/ Le Tande, Prisca (ILT)
Love you, little peanut
Bourland, Annette, author.
Little worry
Brun-Cosme, Nadine, author.
Little mad
Brun-Cosme, Nadine, author.
I want to be ... an astronaut
Davies, Becky, author.
I want to be ... a firefighter
Davies, Becky, author.
I Feel Lonely
Dk (COR)
I Feel Brave
Dk (COR)
Hello, World! Music
McDonald, Jill
Healthy healthy, love love love
Lemay, Violet, author, illustrator.
Find My Favorite Things
Sirett, Dawn (ACT)/ Lundie, Isobel (ILT)
The Cutest Thing Ever
Ignatow, Amy/ Pan, Hsinping (ILT)
Caution! : road signs ahead
Buzzeo, Toni, author.
Can You See My Mommy?
Davies, Becky/ Armstrong, Mel (ILT)
Can You See My Daddy?
Davies, Becky/ Armstrong, Mel (ILT)
Calm Bunny
Strickland, Tessa/ Meza, Estel̕ (ILT)
A busy year
Lionni, Leo, 1910-1999, author, illustrator.
Baseball Baby
Gehl, Laura/ Brown, Reggie (ILT)
Are you a scientist?
Carpenter, Tad, author, illustrator.
100 First Words for Little Gym Rats
Veenker, Andi/ Gray, Patrick (ILT)
Cameron, Dave/ Huyck, David (ILT)
Welcome Home, Whales
Booth, Christina
We Want a Dog
Cole, Lo
This Is a Dog Book!
Henderson, Judith/ Chung, Julien (ILT)
Spin a Scarf of Sunshine
Casey, Dawn/ Lim, Stila (ILT)
Rainbow Hat
Hai, Hong/ Hai, Hong (ILT)
Race Cars
Devenny, Jenny/ Gordon, Charnaie (EDT)
Pool Safety Pups
Stevens, Cara/ Random House (COR)
Poem in My Pocket
Tougas, Chris/ Bisaillon, Josee (ILT)
Once upon another time
Ghigna, Charles, author.
On the Road
Moody, Vanessa (ADP)/ Eone (COR)
Old Pearl
Wahman, Wendy/ Wahman, Wendy (ILT)
Noah's Seal
Marlow, Layn/ Marlow, Layn (ILT)
The Night Walk
Dorleans, Marie
The new kid has fleas
Dyckman, Ame, author.
The More the Merrier
Martin, David/ Figueroa, Raissa (ILT)
Maddie and Liam at the Museum
Shankman, Ed/ O'neill, Dave (ILT)
Llama Glamarama
Green, Simon James/ Parsons, Garry (ILT)
The last tree
Haworth-Booth, Emily, author, illustrator.
Kindness Is a Kite String : The Uplifting Power of Empathy
Schaub, Michelle/ Laforte, Claire (ILT)
Hugga Loula
Dearborn, Nancy/ Junyan, Huang (ILT)
Hare B&b
Richardson, Bill/ Pechet, Bill (ILT)
Goodnight, Little Panda
Wood, Amanda/ Chu, Vikki (ILT)/ Winnel, Bec (PHT)
The FurFins and the mermaid wedding
Ritchie, Alison, author.
Edmund the Elephant Who Forgot
Dalgleish, Kate/ Lundie, Isobel (ILT)
Ciao, Sandro!
Varni, Steven/ Lozano, Luciano (ILT)
A Cat With No Name : A Story About Sadness
KOCHKA/ Leghima, Marie (ILT)
The Cat Wants Cuddles
Crumble, P./ Gifford, Lucinda (ILT)
The Bear in the Boat
Hart, Owen/ Pedler, Caroline (ILT)
America the Beautiful
Dare, Cholena Rose/ Melrose, Katie (ILT)
Falls, Barry
It's Okay
Tsai, Shiow-Miin
What Is Mommy Going to Do?
Madden, Carly/ Perdomo, Juliana (ILT)
What Is Daddy Going to Do?
Madden, Carly/ Perdomo, Juliana (ILT)
Three Grumpy Trucks
Tarpley, Todd/ Parker-Rees, Guy (ILT)
This Is Still Not a Book
Jullien, Jean (CON)
Over in the Ocean : A Coral Reef Baby Animal Counting Book
Berkes, Marianne/ Canyon, Jeanette (ILT)
Discovering the World of Nature Along the Riverbank
Bartikova, Petra/ Kralik, Marcel (ILT)
Discovering the Secret World of Nature Underground
Bartikova, Petra/ Kralik, Marcel
Courage Is
Kander, Jason
Coat, Janik
Welcome to Shape School! / Beginning Baby
Slater, Nicola, illustrator.
A Beast C : The Alphabet from Alien to Zombie
Turner, Katie/ Ermos, George (ILT)
Bear's Potty Time
Clever Publishing (COR)
ABC Let's Celebrate You & Me
Sugar Snap Studio (COR)
Zuri Ray Tries Ballet
Charles, Tami/ Sordo, Sharon (ILT)
Your future is bright
Finkle, Corey, author.
You Be Daddy
Clark, Karla/ Lew, Steph (ILT)
Wonderful You
Neal, Kate Jane
Where Is the Dragon?
Timmers, Leo/ Brown, James (TRN)
When things are hard, remember
Rowland, Joanna, author.
When Mom's Away
Ahmad, Layla/ Zaman, Farida (ILT)
What If, Pig?
Hunter, Linzie/ Hunter, Linzie (ILT)
Vanilla Bean
Turner, Katie/ Cottage Door Press (COR)
Heos, Bridget, author.
Tell Tail
Smouha, C. K./ Brosnan, Katie (ILT)
Tale of the Shadow King
Haack, Daniel, author.
Super Milly and the Super School Day
Clarkson, Stephanie/ Millward, Gwen (ILT)
Strange Planet : The Sneaking, Hiding, Vibrating Creature
Pyle, Nathan W./ Pyle, Nathan W. (ILT)
The Story of Baldomera
Arias, Ismael F./ Ballesteros, Enrique G./ Rubio, Ayesha (ILT)
Stories to Share With Papa Bear
Berenstain, Stan/ Berenstain, Jan
Stories to Share With Mama Bear
Berenstain, Stan/ Berenstain, Jan
Sharky Mcshark
Murray, Alison
The Share-y Godmother
Berger, Samantha, author.
Sam Can't Sleep
Cali, Davide/ Catal̉, Anna Aparicio (ILT)
The Runaway Pea
Poskitt, Kjartan/ Willmore, Alex (ILT)
The Rescuer of Tiny Creatures
Manley, Curtis/ Cummins, Lucy Ruth (ILT)
Rainbow Fish
Pfister, Marcus
Rainbow Fish
Pfister, Marcus
Rainbow Fish
Pfister, Marcus
Rainbow Fish
Pfister, Marcus
Q and U Call It Quits
Wade, Stef/ Martin, Jorge (ILT)
The Pocket Chaotic
Hanaor, Ziggy/ Gray-barnett, Daniel (ILT)
Pillow Places
Kuefler, Joseph/ Kuefler, Joseph (ILT)
Ordoęz, Rafael/ Morea, Marisa (ILT)
Paletero Man
Diaz, Lucky/ Player, Micah (ILT)
On the Day the Horse Got Out
Weber, Audrey Helen
Mole in a black & white hole
Sediva, Tereza, author, illustrator.
Little Ghoul Goes to School
Czekaj, Jef/ Czekaj, Jef (ILT)
Lilliana and the Frogs
Ritchie, Scot
Let's Brush Our Teeth!
Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel (ADP)/ Fruchter, Jason (ILT)
Kimmy and Mike
Paddon, Dave/ Snowden-Fine, Lily (ILT)
Just Be Jelly
Frost, Maddie
Jenny Mei Is Sad
Subisak, Tracy
Atinuke/ Sif, Birgitta (ILT)
Hiding Baby Moses
Roth, Judith L./ Cataldo, Melanie (ILT)
Hidden Treasure
MacKay, Elly
Fernǹdez, Silvia/ Fernǹdez, David/ Lopez, Merce (ILT)
Grandfather Bowhead, Tell Me a Story
Johnston, Aviaq/ Campeau, Tamara (ILT)
Grandad's camper
Woodgate, Harry, author, illustrator.
Free to Be Elephant Me
Andreae, Giles/ Parker-Rees, Guy (ILT)
Forest Joy : Mindfulness in Nature
Neimark, Jill/ Wong, Nicole (ILT)
Follow that food!
Webster, Christy, author.
Faraway Things
Eggers, Dave/ Murphy, Kelly (ILT)
Darling Baby
Kalman, Maira
Breathe Deep, Little Sheep : A Calm-down Book for Kids
Lee, Jessica/ Wilkinson, Lucia (ILT)
Book of Questions
Neruda, Pablo/ Valdivia, Paloma (ILT)/ Paulson, Lissa Sara (TRN)
Big and Little
Hang, Yang/ Xinyi, Li (ILT)
As Strong as the River
Noble, Sarah
Are You a Cheeseburger?
Arnaldo, Monica
And Off You Go to Change the World
Evans, Ashten/ Purnomo, Sabdo (ILT)
All kinds of awesome
Hitchman, Jess, author.
The crippled lamb
Lucado, Max.
Paronuzzi, Fred
You're My Little Lucky Charm
Marshall, Natalie (ILT)
You Are My Sparkly Mermaid
Wan, Joyce/ Wan, Joyce (ILT)
You are my happy
Kotb, Hoda, 1964- author.
Where's the Queen?
Arrhenius, Ingela P. (ILT)
Where's the Puffin?
Arrhenius, Ingela P. (ILT)
Where are you koala?
Hare, Rachael, artist.
The Wheels on the Bus Sound Book
Dean, James/ Dean, Kimberly
What Are Unicorns Made Of?
Hepworth, Amelia/ Anglicas, Louise (ILT)
A twin is to hug
Ashburn, Boni, author.
Things That Go
Barker, Scott (ILT)
Tad and Dad
Stein, David Ezra, author, illustrator.
Sweet dreams little one : (a bedtime lullaby for you)
Magsamen, Sandra, author, illustrator.
Spot's Easter basket
Hill, Eric, 1927-2014, author, illustrator.
Soccer Baby
Gehl, Laura/ Brown, Reggie (ILT)
Le Haenand, Alice, author.
Rome : a book of days
Evanson, Ashley, author.
Road Trip : A Touch-and-Trace Adventure
Penguin Young Readers Licenses (COR)
On the Farm
Meredith, Samantha (ILT)
Ollie Feels Fine
Yuly, Toni
The Night Is Deep and Wide
Sze, Gillian/ Todd, Sue (ILT)
New house
Wheeler, Dave, 1972- author, illustrator.
My mom is a superhero!
Chlebowski, Rachel, author.
My first book of numbers
White Star (COR)
My first book of feelings
White Star (COR)/ Baruzzi, Agnese (ILT)
My dad is a superhero!
Shealy, Dennis R., 1969- author.
Maisy's moon mission / Push, Slide, and Play!
Cousins, Lucy, author, illustrator.
Little Faces : Slow Down, Tiny Unicorn!
Findlay, Rhiannon/ Clulow, Hanako (ILT)
The lion, the witch and the wardrobe
Lewis, C. S./ Chou, Joey (ILT)
Let's say I love you : learn 12 different languages!
HarperCollins Publishers (COR)/ Sirotich, Erica (ILT)
Let's Go on a Train
Albert, Rosalyn/ Moore, Natalia (ILT)
Let's Go on a Plane
Albert, Rosalyn/ Moore, Natalia (ILT)
Let's Go on a Digger
Albert, Rosalyn/ Moore, Natalia (ILT)
How Do You Feel?
Rockwell, Lizzy
Cars and trucks
McDonald, Jill (Jill McDonald-Gomez), author, illustrator.
Hello, Hometown Heroes
Armier, Tony/ Jones, Anna (ILT)
Happy Easter, Corduroy!
Freeman, Don (CRT)
Happiness is a rainbow
Hegarty, Patricia, author.
Newman, Ben
Families Can
Saks, Dan/ Smart, Brooke (ILT)
Chameleon's Colors
Evans, Harriet/ Rooks, Jo (ILT)
Bubbles : a Narwhal and Jelly board book
Clanton, Ben, 1988- author, illustrator.
Brilliant Baby Plays Music
Gehl, Laura/ Claude, Jean (ILT)
Brilliant Baby Does Math
Gehl, Laura/ Claude, Jean (ILT)
Blankie : a Narwhal and Jelly board book
Clanton, Ben, 1988- author, illustrator.
Be Careful, Dragon!
Madden, Carly/ Clulow, Hanako (ILT)
Baby young, gifted, and black / With a Mirror!
Wilson, Jamia, 1980- author.
Baby Babbles B
Flinchbaugh, C. Hope/ Miles, David (ILT)
Phoebe Dupree Is Coming to Tea!
Ashman, Linda/ Marley, Alea (ILT)
Nia and the new free library
Lendler, Ian, author.
My America
Katz, Karen/ Katz, Karen (ILT)
Illumination's Sing Little Golden Book
Kaplan, Arie/ Chang, Elsa (ILT)
I believe in you
Miyanishi, Tatsuya, 1956- author, illustrator.
Bindiya in India
Chheda, Monique Kamaria, M.d./ Dasgupta, Debasmita (ILT)
Whose Big Rig?
Buzzeo, Toni/ Olivera, Ramon (ILT)
People Shapes
Stemple, Heidi E. Y./ Bellon, Teresa (ILT)
What Are Your Words? : A Book About Pronouns
Locke, Katherine/ Passchier, Anne (ILT)
Time for School!
Pinkfong (COR)
Show Us Where You Live, Humpback
Young, Beryl/ Kikuchi, Sakika (ILT)
School Day!
Clauss, Lauren/ Flowers, Luke (ILT)
Sato the Rabbit
Ainoya, Yuki (CRT)/ Blaskowsky, Michael (TRN)
Piglette's Perfect Surprise
Aronson, Katelyn/ Byrne, Eva (ILT)
My Story Friend
Dakos, Kalli/ Chen, Dream (ILT)
Mr. Dna's Book of Dinosaurs
Kaplan, Arie/ Daviz, Paul (ILT)
Moon Camp
Gott, Barry
Jungle Cruise
Vitale, Brooke/ Disney Storybook Art Team (ILT)
It Began With Lemonade
Sterer, Gideon/ Cho, Lian (ILT)
How Can I Wait When There's a Treat on My Plate?
Graham, Dan/ Martinez, Teresa (ILT)
Hello, Moon
Downing, Julie
Dessert island
Zhu, Ben, 1980- author, illustrator.
Best Day Ever!
Singer, Marilyn/ Nixon, Leah (ILT)
Bender, Rebecca/ Bender, Rebecca (ILT)
Try-again Time
Verdick, Elizabeth/ Heinlen, Marieka (ILT)
Minnie Minnie's Fixer-upper
Disney Books (COR)
Can You Guess?
Carle, Eric/ Carle, Eric (ILT)
You Can Be a Farmer, Too!
Davies, Becky/ Bruijn, Charlotte (ILT)
Wild Is the Wind
Baker-Smith, Grahame/ Baker-Smith, Grahame (ILT)
When Lola Visits
Sterling, Michelle/ Asis, Aaron (ILT)
Welcome to the party
Union, Gabrielle, author.
Wanda's Words Got Stuck
Rowland, Lucy/ Bowles, Paula (ILT)
Uma Wimple Charts Her House
Larsen, Reif/ Gibson, Ben (ILT)
Turtle in a Tree
Hudson, Neesha
Tuesday is Daddy's day
Kreloff, Elliot, author, illustrator.
Tow Truck Joe Makes a Splash
Sobel, June/ Corrigan, Patrick (ILT)
Thoughts Are Air
Arndt, Michael/ Freitas, Irena (ILT)
Theo Thesaurus : The Dinosaur Who Loved Big Words
Johannes, Shelli R./ Moran, Mike (ILT)
Shady Baby
Union, Gabrielle/ Whitaker, Tara Nicole (ILT)/ Wade, Dwyane
Ruby's Reunion Day Dinner
Dalton, Angela/ Southerland, Jestenia (ILT)
Pride Puppy!
Stevenson, Robin/ McLaughlin, Julie (ILT)
Peppa Loves Yoga
Holowaty, Lauren (ADP)/ Eone (ILT)
Peace Train
Stevens, Cat/ Reynolds, Peter H. (ILT)
Oscar's Tower of Flowers
Tobia, Lauren/ Tobia, Lauren (ILT)
The Olphabet : O No! an Alphabet Revolt
Brallier, Jess M./ Cowdery, Nichola (ILT)
The octopus escapes
Meloy, Maile, author.
Not Yeti
Dipucchio, Kelly/ Keane, Claire (ILT)
No More Plastic
Fullerton, Alma/ Fullerton, Alma (ILT)
Root, Andrew, author.
Mine, Mine, Mine, Yours!
Gee, Kimberly
Memory jars
Brosgol, Vera, author, illustrator.
Maisy at the Farm
Cousins, Lucy/ Cousins, Lucy (ILT)
Lulu & Rocky in Rocky Mountain National Park
Joosse, Barbara M., author.
Little You / Gidagaashiinh
Van Camp, Richard/ Flett, Julie (ILT)/ Mesic, Angela (TRN)/ Noodin, Margaret (TRN)
Like a Dandelion
Lee, Huy Voun
Let's Play! : A Book About Making Friends
McCardie, Amanda/ Larmour, Colleen (ILT)
If Only...
Van Hout, Mies
I'm Getting a Shark
Smith, Brady/ Smith, Brady (ILT)
I Wish You Knew
Kramer, Jackie Az{250}a/ Mora, Magdalena (ILT)
House mouse
Hall, Michael, 1954- author, illustrator.
Fiona helps a friend
Cowdrey, Richard, illustrator.
The Circles All Around Us
Montague, Brad/ Montague, Kristi (ILT)
Charlie Chooses
Peacock, Lou/ Slater, Nicola (ILT)
Bedtime for Bad Kitty
Bruel, Nick
Annie Lumsden, the Girl from the Sea
Almond, David/ Lemagna, Beatrice (ILT)
All of Us
Erskine, Kathryn/ Boiger, Alexandra (ILT)
Sophie's Seashell Scramble
Gaggiotti, Lucia (ILT)
Gibbons, Gail
Little Big Nate : no nap!
Peirce, Lincoln, author, illustrator.
Lil' Marine
Engler, Lisa (ILT)
Lil' Air Force Pilot
Engler, Lisa (ILT)
Let's Pretend Fire Station
Edwards, Nicola/ Elliott, Thomas (ILT)
Let's Pretend Animal Hospital
Edwards, Nicola/ Elliott, Thomas (ILT)
Let's Move
Honsek, Larissa
Hello Preschool!
Burris, Priscilla
F Is for Farm
Mireles, Ashley Marie/ Kaliaha, Volha (ILT)
The Crayons' Book of Feelings
Daywalt, Drew/ Jeffers, Oliver (ILT)
City Baby
Elmquist, Laurie/ Barron, Ashley (ILT)
C Is for City
Mireles, Ashley Marie/ Kaliaha, Volha (ILT)
Because Your Daddy Loves You
Clements, Andrew/ Alley, R. W. (ILT)
Baby Touch and Feel Llama
Dorling Kindersley (COR)
All About Bluey
Penguin Young Readers Licenses (COR)
The Worm Family Has Its Picture Taken
Frank, Jennifer/ Stein, David Ezra (ILT)
The Wind and the Trees
Stewart, Todd
What the Kite Saw
Carter, Anne Laurel/ Duzakin, Akin (ILT)
What Happened to You?
Catchpole, James/ George, Karen (ILT)
Too crowded
Podesta, Lena, author, illustrator.
Hwang, Sarah
This House Is Home
Kerbel, Deborah/ Kang, Yong Ling (ILT)
Sunny Days
Kerbel, Deborah/ Sato, Miki (ILT)
Summer With Lily and Milo
Oud, Pauline/ Oud, Pauline (ILT)
The Sorry Life of Timothy Shmoe
McLellan, Stephanie Simpson/ Si, Zoe (ILT)
Sonata for Fish and Boy
Pavlovic, Milan
Chen, Michael
Secret, Secret Agent Guy
Bigwood, Kira/ Krampien, Celia (ILT)
Sarah's Solo
Brown, Tracy/ Wegman, Paula (ILT)
Pj Masks Save the Earth!
Nakamura, May
Percy's Museum
O'leary, Sara/ Mok, Carmen (ILT)
On the Other Side of the Forest
Robert, Nadine/ Dubois, Gerard (ILT)
Oliver's Lollipop
Wortche, Allison/ Landazabal, Andres (ILT)
Ocean Lullaby
Kvasnosky, Laura McGee/ Harvey Mcgee, Kate (ILT)
Not So Fast, Max : A Rosh Hashanah Visit With Grandma
Schottenfeld, Annette/ Kirkham, Jennifer (ILT)
My tree
Lim, Hope, author.
My Monsterpiece
Hoffman, Amalia
The Museum of Everything
Perkins, Lynne Rae, author.
More Than Sunny
Johannes, Shelley
Mila Misses Mommy
Koppens, Judith/ Nijs Anouk (ILT)
Malaika's Surprise
Hohn, Nadia L./ Luxbacher, Irene (ILT)
Madam Hortensia
Gil, Carmen/ Cerro, Miguel (ILT)/ Brokenbrow, Jon (TRN)
Macie's mirror
Ciccio, Adam, author.
Lobstah gahden
Brydon, Alli, author.
Line and Scribble
Vogrig, Debora, author.
Isol/ Amado, Elisa (TRN)
If Kids Could Drive
Kollmeier, Marisa/ Riaz, Teepoo/ Dorman, Brandon (ILT)
I Am a Peaceful Goldfish
Chaim, Shoshana/ Smith, Lori Joy (ILT)
Humble and Kind : A Children's Picture Book
McKenna, Lori/ Blackmore, Katherine (ILT)
Gwendolyn's Pet Garden
Renaud, Anne/ Kheiriyeh, Rashin (ILT)
A Great Big Night
Inglis, Kate/ Bisaillon, Josee (ILT)
Ukhova, Tatiana (ILT)
Graduation groove
Heling, Kathryn, author.
Goodnight Great Outdoors
Alberg, Lucas/ Myers, Megan Marie (ILT)
Good Night, Fruit Bat
Penguin Young Readers Licenses (COR)
Good Night Earth
Bondestam, Linda/ Hasan-Rokem, Galit (TRN)