Kids Picture Books

These are picture books. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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James, Nancy Johnson, author.
Would you come too?
Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton, author.
The wonder of color
Stier, Catherine, author.
The Wishing Balloons
Voss, Jonathan D./ Voss, Jonathan D. (ILT)
Wild Beings
Brouwers, Dorien
When the Sakura Bloom
Togo, Narisa
Way past lonely
Adelman, Hallee, author.
Way past afraid
Adelman, Hallee, author.
Take a Breath
Rim, Sujean/ Rim, Sujean (ILT)
The Superpower Sisterhood
Bush Hager, Jenna/ Bush, Barbara Pierce/ Wojciechowski, Cyndi (ILT)
The Star Jumped over the Moon
Schlimm, John/ Covelli, Susanna (ILT)
Spring parade
Kay, Camelia, author.
Somewhere, right now
Docherty, Kerry, author.
Show Me the Bunny
Meyer, Gabrielle
Secrets of the snow globe
Stier, Catherine, author.
The Rainbow Hunters
Farotto, Andrea/ Tonello, Martina (ILT)
Pool party
DuchAene, Amy, author.
Pixar Storybook Collection
Disney Books (COR)
A Penny's Worth
Wilson, Kimberly/ Hoffmann, Mark (ILT)
Peanut gets fed up
Wulfekotte, Dana, author.
Our Sacred Land of P?eخ{250}ta
Perron, Tara/ Myles, Marlena (ILT)
My friend Ben and the big race
Beyl, Charles, author, illustrator.
Bailey, Annie, author.
Miguel's Community Garden
Brown-Wood, Janay/ Hardy, Samara (ILT)
Little Pea's Drawing School
Cali, Davide/ Mourrain, Sebastien (ILT)
The leaping laddoo
Jerath, Harshita, author.
Garrett, Van G./ Brown, Reggie (ILT)
In the Clouds
MacKay, Elly
Ylvisaker, Anne, author.
I love you, Blue
Barroux, author, illustrator.
I Like This, You Like That
Ashman, Linda/ Coy, Eve (ILT)
I am you : a book about ubuntu
Moahloli, Refiloe, author.
Hundred Years of Happiness
Lai, Thanhha/ Quang, Nguyen (ILT)/ Lien, Kim (ILT)
How to Have Friends
MacDonald, Maryann/ Wojciechowski, Cyndi (ILT)
Hotel for Bugs
Senior, Suzy/ Martin, Leire (ILT)
Goodnight, Little Sloth
Wood, Amanda/ Chu, Vikki (ILT)/ Winnel, Bec (PHT)
A Good Thing Happened Today
Figueroa, Michelle/ Kaulitzki, Ramona (ILT)
Giant Giant
Hewitt, Dylan
Frank and the Bad Surprise
Brockenbrough, Martha/ Lau, Jon (ILT)
The Fantastic Flying Competition
Veldkamp, Tjibbe/ Van Doninck, Sebastiaan (ILT)
Dress-up Day
Gomez, Blanca
The crab ballet
LaTulippe, Renaee, author.
Bubblecat vs. Dragonbear
Charmatz, Sean, author, illustrator.
Blue Badger
Lewis-Jones, Huw/ Sanders, Ben (ILT)
Black : the many wonders of my world
James, Nancy Johnson, author.
Biking With Grandma : A Wish You Were Here Adventure
Santella, Chris/ To, Vivienne (ILT)
Big and Small and In-between
Higgins, Carter/ Miyares, Daniel (ILT)
Beyond the Burrow
Meserve, Jessica/ Meserve, Jessica (ILT)
Being a Dog : A Tail of Mindfulness
Gianferrari, Maria/ Oswald, Pete (ILT)
Before the World Wakes
Laure, Estelle/ Zakimi, Paola (ILT)
All from a Walnut
Paquette, Ammi-Joan/ Sala, Felicita (ILT)
Meerkat mail
Gravett, Emily.
You're loved
Climo, Liz, author, illustrator.
You See a Zoo, I See
Downs, Michael/ O'Brien, Maureen (ILT)
Wonderful You : With the Grouchy Ladybug
Carle, Eric/ Carle, Eric (ILT)
The Velveteen Rabbit
Williams, Margery (ILT)/ Stead, Erin (ILT)
The Upside Down Hat
Barr, Stephen/ Zhang, Gracey (ILT)
Today is different
Moua, Doua, 1987- author.
Tilda tries again
Percival, Tom, 1977- author, illustrator.
Through the Forest
Li, Yijing
This Farm Is a Family
Mckernan, Dan/ Hughes, Denise (ILT)
There Was an Old Scientist Who Swallowed a Dinosaur!
Colandro, Lucille/ Lee, Jared D. (ILT)
Thank you, Mama
Meeker, Linda, 1984- author.
Tasha's Voice
Bogan, Carmen/ Cooper, Floyd (ILT)
The Tale of the Tiny Man
Lindgren, Barbro/ Eriksson, Eva (ILT)
Some Questions About Trees
Yuly, Toni/ Yuly, Toni (ILT)
Smitten With Kittens
Minor, Florence/ Minor, Wendell (ILT)
Reach for the Stars
Calandrelli, Emily/ Jang, Honee (ILT)/ Godwin, Laura (EDT)
Perfectly pegasus
Sima, Jessie, author, illustrator.
A perfect spot
Simler, Isabelle, author, illustrator.
People Are Wild
Meganck, Margaux
Never Mess With a Pirate Princess!
Ryan, Holly/ Roberts, Sian (ILT)
My Bindi
Varadarajan, Gita/ Sreenivasan, Archana (ILT)
Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan
Shammas, Nadia
Moving words about a flower
Hayes, K. C. (George K. C.), author.
Mission Possible
Tebow, Tim/ Gregory, A. J./ Chapman, Jane (ILT)
Leo and the Gorgon's Curse
Todd-Stanton, Joe
Sobral, Catarina
I'm Terrified of Bath Time
Rich, Simon/ Toro, Tom (ILT)
I'll be your dog
Crumble, P. (Paul), author.
I love you to pieces
Johnson, Nicole, author.
I Can Fix It!
Munsch, Robert/ Martchenko, Michael (ILT)
I Am Quiet : A Story for the Introvert in All of Us
Powers, Andie/ Petersen, Betsy (ILT)


Willis, Jeanne/ Donnelly, Paddy (ILT)
Grandpa and Jake
Fortenberry, Julie/ Fortenberry, Julie (ILT)
A Grandma's Magic
Offsay, Charlotte/ Gilland, Asa (ILT)
A Good Place
Cousins, Lucy/ Cousins, Lucy (ILT)
Girl Dad
Williams, Sean/ Davis, Jay (ILT)
Garfield : The Cat Show
Simone, Norma/ Davis, Jim (CRT)/ Fentz, Mike (ILT)
Extra Ezra Makes an Extra-special Friend
Lareau, Kara/ Kirsch, Vincent X. (ILT)
Emile and the Field
Young, Kevin/ Ebinama, Chioma (ILT)
E Is for Environment : The Abcs of Conservation
Curran, Lucy/ Rosa, Francesca (ILT)
Dc League of Super-pets
Chlebowski, Rachel/ Random House (COR)
Red Nose Studio (COR)
Amira's Suitcase
Conley, Vikki/ Johnston, Nicky (ILT)
Alone Like Me
Evans, Rebecca
Alan and His Perfectly Pointy Impossibly Perpendicular Pinky
Page, Alan/ Page, Kamie/ Geister, David (ILT)
After the Buzz Comes the Bee
Rogge, Robie/ Isadora, Rachel (ILT)
ABC That Could Be Me
Coleman, Little/ Scott, Lindsay (ILT)
Yum! Yuck! : A Book of People Sounds
Park, Linda Sue/ Durango, Julia/ Rama, Sue (ILT)
Yes! No! : A First Conversation About Consent
Madison, Megan/ Ralli, Jessica/ Roxas, Isabel (ILT)
Who was Bruce Lee?
Kaiser, Lisbeth, author.
Who Dug This Hole?
Gehl, Laura/ Lora, Loris (ILT)
What is spring?
Fry, Sonali, author.
To the Moon and Back for You
Serhant, Emilia Bechrakis
Ten Little Fireflies
Gruelle, Deb/ Murphy, Gabi (ILT)
Super Mom
Jin, Cindy/ Mohammed, Jenin (ILT)
Spot's Lucky Day
Hill, Eric
Townsend, John/ Lundie, Isobel (ILT)
Seed Work
George, Bobby/ Nassner, Alyssa (ILT)
Puppy Birthday to You!
Huntley, Tex
The Pronoun Book
Ayala-Kronos, Chris/ Tirado, Melita (ILT)
Potty Time With Pete the Kitty
Dean, James/ Dean, Kimberly
Plant the Tiny Seed
Matheson, Christie
Night Train, Night Train
Burleight, Robert/ Minor, Wendell (ILT)
Night Night, Sleepy Farm : Lift the Flaps to Get Ready for Bed!
McLean, Danielle/ Williams, Gareth (ILT)
Night Night, Little Digger
Edwards, Nicola/ Lukezic, Mateja (ILT)
Teckentrup, Britta
Llama Llama ABC
Dewdney, Anna/ Morrow, J. T. (ILT)
Little Hen, Little Hen, What Can You See?
Hepworth, Amelia/ Pintachan (ILT)
Little Fish's Ocean
Cousins, Lucy/ Cousins, Lucy (ILT)
Little Buckaroo and Lou
Sattler, Jennifer
Ladybug, Ladybug, What Can You See?
Hepworth, Amelia/ Pintachan (ILT)
Kiki Can! : Bilingual Firsts
Jaramillo, Susie
Hide & Slide : My Little Puppy
McCann, Jackie/ Borsboom, Tjarda (ILT)
Hide & Slide : My Little Kitten
McCann, Jackie/ Borsboom, Tjarda (ILT)
Hello, Frog : Touch, Feel, and Reveal
Otter, Isabel/ Ledesma, Sophie (ILT)
Hello, Bee : Touch, Feel, and Reveal
Otter, Isabel/ Ledesma, Sophie (ILT)
Hello World!
Hepworth, Amelia/ Chen, Cani (ILT)
Hello Farm!
Hepworth, Amelia/ Chen, Cani (ILT)
Grumpy Monkey Says No!
Lang, Suzanne/ Lang, Max (ILT)
Grumpy Monkey Are We There Yet?
Lang, Suzanne/ Lang, Max (ILT)
The Farm
Seuss, Dr.
Egg-cellent Egg-venture
Random House (COR)
Dear Baby, Board Book : A Love Letter to Little Ones
Rosenthal, Paris/ Hatam, Holly (ILT)
D Is for Desert : An ABC Desert Primer
Mireles, Ashley Marie/ Kaliaha, Volha (ILT)
The Button Book
Nicholls, Sally/ Woollvin, Bethan (ILT)
Brown Baby Lullaby
Brown, Tameka Fryer/ Ford, A. G. (ILT)
B Is for Brownies : An ABC Baking Book
Wright, Caroline/ Oliver, Alison (ILT)
All Around Bustletown : Nighttime
Berner, Rotraut Susanne
The Magic Flute
Flint, Katy/ Courtney-Tickle, Jessica (ILT)
Once I Was Very Very Scared
Ippen, Chandra Ghosh
En Lin, Lien
Zoobilations! : Animal Poems and Paintings
Florian, Douglas/ Florian, Douglas (ILT)
Why Not You?
Ciara/ Wilson, Russell/ Brown-Wood, Janay (CON)/ Gibson, Jessica (ILT)
Who Is It, Whoodini?
Yasiejko, Roman/ Ramos, Gustavo (ILT)
What will I do with my love today?
Chenoweth, Kristin, author.
Waiting for Mama
Marino, Gianna/ Marino, Gianna (ILT)
This Is a School
Schu, John/ Jamison, Veronica Miller (ILT)
This book is not for you!
Hale, Shannon, author.
There's a rock concert in my bedroom
Jonas, Kevin, 1987- author.
Seeking best friend
Marcotte, Alison, author.
Rock and Roll
Terry, Hazel
On a Rainy Day
Perkins, Sarah Luann/ Perkins, Sarah Luann (ILT)
Nana Loves You More
Fallon, Jimmy/ Ordoęz, Miguel (ILT)
My Very First 100 Words
Wells, Rosemary/ Wells, Rosemary (ILT)
My Mum Is the Best by Bluey and Bingo
Penguin Young Readers Licenses (COR)
My Dragon Boat Festival
Ge, Bing/ Li, Li (ILT)
My Dad Is Awesome by Bluey and Bingo
Penguin Young Readers Licenses (COR)
Mr. Gray and Frida Frolic
Schroeder, Binette
Mama and Mommy and Me in the Middle
Lacour, Nina/ Juanita, Kaylani (ILT)
The Maine Christmas Song
Fullam, Con/ Baker, Cynthia (ILT)
Loujain Dreams of Sunflowers
Mishra-newbery, Uma/ Al-hathloul, Lina/ Green, Rebecca (ILT)
Little Wonder
Keane, Claire (ILT)
The library fish
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin, 1957- author.
Just Try One Bite
Mansbach, Adam/ Mcconaughey, Camila Alves/ Boldt, Mike (ILT)
In the Garden With Flori
Danowski, Sonja
In Our Garden
Miller, Pat Zietlow/ Crowton, Melissa (ILT)
I'm not small
Crews, Nina, author, illustrator.
I'm Not Scared, You're Scared
Meyers, Seth/ Sayegh, Rob (ILT)
I'll say goodbye
Zollman, Pam, author.
I'll Go and Come Back
Larocca, Rajani/ Palacios, Sara (ILT)
I Love You, Mouse
Graham, John/ de Paola, Tomie (ILT)
Grandmas Are Lovely
Costain, Meredith/ Hegyes, Nicolette (ILT)
Eyebrows of Doom
Smallman, Steve/ Ordoęz, Miguel (ILT)
Dog Says, Cat Says
Singer, Marilyn/ Sanchez, Sonia (ILT)
A Blue Kind of Day
Tomlinson, Rachel/ Mordey, Tori-jay (ILT)
Big ship rescue!
Gall, Chris, author, illustrator
Bharatanatyam in Ballet Shoes
Jain, Mahak/ Chouhan, Anu (ILT)
Baking Up a Storm
Parham, Jessica/ Bassani, Srimalie (ILT)
Abdul's Story
Thompkins-Bigelow, Jamilah/ Rose, Tiffany (ILT)
Your Birthday Was the Best!
Hutchings, Maggie/ Sala, Felicita (ILT)
The writer
Calì, Davide, 1972- author.
With Lots of Love
Sanchez, Jenny Torres/ Ceolin, Andre (ILT)
Too many pigs in the pool
Lanier, Wendy Hinote, author.
There's a lion in the forest!
Carnesi, Mônica, author, illustrator.
There was a hole
Lehrhaupt, Adam, author.
Kolomycka, Berenika
Summer's call : a Michigan day
Hellewell, Amber Lynn, author.
The Song of the Nightingale
Landman, Tanya/ Carlin, Laura (ILT)
Snail's ark
Latham, Irene, author.
The runaway pea washed away
Poskitt, Kjartan, author.
Rodney Was a Tortoise
Forler, Nan/ Kang, Yong Ling (ILT)
Powwow Day
Sorell, Traci/ Goodnight, Madelyn (ILT)
The Peach Pit Parade / A World War I Story
Keller, Shana, 1977- author.
The Pack
Cley, Amanda/ Ferri, Cecilia (ILT)
Out of a Jar
Marcero, Deborah
Once upon a Forest
Fong, Pam
Nour's Secret Library
Tarnowska, Wafa'/ Mintzi, Vali (ILT)
Minions 5-minute Stories
Illumination Entertainment (COR)
Meet the Hamantaschen
Silberberg, Alan/ Silberberg, Alan (ILT)
The little one
Tanaka, Kiyo, 1972- author, illustrator.
The Last Tiger : A Story of Hope
Davies, Becky/ Poh, Jennie (ILT)
Kunoichi Bunny
Cassidy, Sara/ Sato, Brayden (ILT)
Knight Owl
Denise, Christopher
Jordan-glum, Rebecca/ Jordan-glum, Rebecca (ILT)
It's Me, Henry!
Deslauriers, Stephanie/ Despres, Genevieve (ILT)/ Simard, Charles (TRN)
I Don't Have a Dog
Hileman, Contessa/ Conahan, Carolyn (ILT)
I Don't Have a Cat
Hileman, Contessa/ Conahan, Carolyn (ILT)
I am thinking my life
Atwater, Allysun, author.
Hustle Bustle Bugs
Bailey, Catherine/ Eldridge, Lauren (ILT)
Here We Come!
Matthies, Janna/ Davenier, Christine (ILT)
Hello, baby! I'm your mom
Bunting, Eve, 1928- author.
A Gift for Nana
Smith, Lane
The Garden We Share
Tucker, Zoe/ Julianna, Swaney (ILT)
The Donutty Day
May, Tallulah
Disney/Pixar Turning Red
Golden Books (COR)
Dear reader : a love letter to libraries
Rose, Tiffany, author, illustrator.
Darryl's Dream
McDaniels, Darryl/ Tait, Tristan (ILT)/ Shawnee (CON)/ Warfield, Johnny (CON)/ Padilla, Adam (CON)
Dancing Devi
Parikh, Priya/ Dejeshwini, N. (ILT)/ Parikh, Ma, Priya/ Soni, Tejas
Crocodile Hungry
Sumner, Eija/ Martz, John (ILT)
Courage Hats
Hoefler, Kate/ Bagley, Jessixa (ILT)
Cleanup Crew
Cena, John/ Aikins, Dave (ILT)
Chester Van Chime Who Forgot How to Rhyme
Monsen, Avery/ Hanlon, Abby (ILT)
Camilla and the Big Change
Dillemuth, Julie/ Wood, Laura (ILT)
Bug on the rug
Gholz, Sophia M., author.
Bobcat Prowling
Gianferrari, Maria/ Ibatoulline, Bagram (ILT)
At the Pond
Elliott, David/ Schimler-Safford, Amy (ILT)
Apple and Magnolia
Gehl, Laura/ Metola, Patricia (ILT)
Acorn Was a Little Wild
Arena, Jen/ Gibson, Jessica (ILT)
You Make My Heart Saur
Fischer, Maggie/ Lauzon, Todd (ILT)
Welcome to Your World
Prasadam-Halls, Smriti/ Kim, Jaime (ILT)
Wake Up, Freight Train!
Smith, Danna/ Andersen, Jon (ILT)
A Tickle on the Tummy!
Aggett, Sophie/ Saunders, Katie (ILT)
Tarot for Baby
Samoun, Abigail
Strong As a Mountain
Armier, Toni
Shapes : My First Pop-up!
Reinhart, Matthew/ Trukhan, Ekaterina (ILT)
Playtime on the Farm
Hepworth, Amelia/ Doherty, Anna (ILT)
Parade Day Fun
Knudson, Tara/ Meyer, Debbie (ILT)
Ollie's Hug
Dunrea, Olivier
My Grandpa Is Grand!
Moyle, Sabrina/ Moyle, Eunice (ILT)
My Grandma Is Great!
Moyle, Sabrina/ Moyle, Eunice (ILT)
Lichtenheld, Tom/ Rowan-zoch, Julie (ILT)
Looking for Mommy
Davies, Becky/ Doherty, Anna (ILT)
I, too, sing America
Hughes, Langston, 1902-1967, author.
I'm the Boss!
Gravel, Elise/ Simard, Charles (TRN)
I Want to Beі a Ballerina
Davies, Becky/ Merritt, Richard (ILT)
I Am Love : A Book of Compassion
Verde, Susan/ Reynolds, Peter H. (ILT)
How to Dress a Dinosaur
Pace, Alycia (ILT)/ Currie, Robin
Grumble, Yawn
Kerbel, Deborah/ Lee, Jacqui (ILT)
Five Easter Friends
McLean, Danielle/ Maroney, Rosalind (ILT)
Seuss, Dr.
Clucky Day!
Golden Books (COR)
Cleo's Adventure
Blackstone, Stella/ Mockford, Caroline (ILT)/ Knight, Xanthe Gresham (NRT)
Cleo the Cat
Blackstone, Stella/ Mockford, Caroline (ILT)/ Knight, Xanthe Gresham (NRT)
Cleo Finds a Friend
Blackstone, Stella/ Mockford, Caroline (ILT)/ Knight, Xanthe Gresham (NRT)
Cat's First Baby
Nelson, Natalie
Black History
Silver Dolphin Books (COR)
Musgrave, Ruth
Bedtime for Duckling
Hepworth, Amelia/ Doherty, Anna (ILT)
Bedtime Bonnet
Redd, Nancy
Baby's First Holi
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)
Baby Can
Dol, Thalita (ILT)
Axolotls : Day to Zzz
Campisi, Stephanie/ Covelli, Susanna (ILT)
100 Days of Kindness
Jin, Cindy/ Habib, Grace (ILT)
10 Little Excavators
Bailey, Annie/ Harter, Jeff (ILT)
This Raindrop : Has a Billion Stories to Tell
Ragsdale, Linda/ Bassani, Srimalie (ILT)
Zahra's blessing : a Ramadan story
Shamsi, Shirin, author.
You Have a Voice
Ahiyya, Vera/ Faiallo, Fabiana (ILT)
Wolf Girl
Loring-Fisher, Jo
When I'm With You
Miller, Pat Zietlow/ Wheeler, Eliza (ILT)
The Tinysaurs Send Love
Hegarty, Patricia/ Gray, Dean (ILT)
There's No Such Thing
McKinnon, Heidi
Stella Keeps the Sun Up
Ewing, Clothilde/ Gaines, Lynn (ILT)
The Star
Ragsdale, Linda/ Filippi, Mirko (ILT)
The Stack
Roeder, Vanessa
The Spring Rabbit : An Easter Tale
McAllister, Angela/ Corr, Christopher (ILT)
Skip to My Moo : A Rollicking Barnyard Story
Trapani, Iza/ Frost, Maddie (ILT)
Skater baby
Noel, Jack, 1984- author, illustrator.
Rock Star Recess
Baggatta, Patrick/ Mullock, Emily (ILT)
Pretty Perfect Kitty-corn
Hale, Shannon/ Pham, Leuyen (ILT)
One Sun and Countless Stars : A Muslim Book of Numbers
Khan, Hena/ Amini, Mehrdokht (ILT)
My Moms Love Me
Membrino, Anna/ Ruiz, Joy Hwang (ILT)
Love from Madeline
Bemelmans, Ludwig/ Salerno, Steven (ILT)
In My Neighborhood
Loubriel, Oscar/ Coelho, Rogerio (ILT)
I wish, wish, wish for you
Magsamen, Sandra, author.
The Hiking Viking
Gehl, Laura/ Banks, Timothy (ILT)
Vo, Young, author, illustrator.
First notes of spring
Kulekjian, Jessica, author.
A Family Isі
Thiesing, Lisa/ Thiesing, Lisa (ILT)
Family 13
Will Robertson/ Marreiro, Mara (ILT)
Daniel and Max play together
Rosenfeld-Kass, Amy, author.
Can Sophie Change the World?
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth/ Lewis, Aura (ILT)
Brave Enough
Justus, Rob
A Brave Cat
Coppo, Marianna
Big Dreams, Small Fish
Cohen, Paula
Bake Infinite Pie With X + Y
Cheng, Eugenia/ Ren, Amber (ILT)
Away With Words! : Wise and Witty Poems for Language Lovers
Hoberman, Mary Ann/ Hoberman, Perry (ILT)
Yoga Bunny Board Book
Russo, Brian
Tow Truck Driver
Davies, Benji (ILT)
Hepworth, Amelia/ Martin, Jorge (ILT)
Super You!
Brady, Anne Kennedy/ Smietanka, Ela (ILT)
Remarkable Robots
Mitton, Tony/ Parker, Ant (ILT)
Peekaboo House
Reid, Camilla/ Arrhenius, Ingela P. (ILT)
Peekaboo Chick
Reid, Camilla/ Arrhenius, Ingela P. (ILT)
My Garden
Buurlage, Marijke (ILT)/ Words & Pictures (COR)
My First Book of Nature
Pearlman, Robb/ Ross, Bob (ILT)
My First Bilingual Tractor Los Tractores
Dorling Kindersley (COR)
My First Bilingual Pets / Los Mascotas
Dorling Kindersley (COR)
A Kit Story
Farrell, Alison/ Tracy, Kristen
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Huang, Yu-Hsuan (ILT)
The Hair Book
Yvette, LaTonya/ Jones, Amanda Jane (ILT)
Grandma and me
Weatherford, Carole Boston, 1956- author.
Colossal Cranes
Mitton, Tony/ Parker, Ant (ILT)
Roberts, Jillian
We Sang You Home
Van Camp, Richard/ Flett, Julie (ILT)
We belong
Salas, Laura Purdie, author.
The Topsy-turvy Bus
Pazner, Anita Fitch/ Far̕as, Carolina (ILT)
This Is (Not) Enough
Kang, Anna/ Weyant, Christopher (ILT)
Spring Sings for the Grouchy Ladybug
Carle, Eric/ Carle, Eric (ILT)
Ready, Set, Go!
Munsch, Robert N./ Martchenko, Michael (ILT)
Olivia Wrapped in Vines
Nepveu-villeneuve, Maude/ Dumais, Sandra (ILT)/ Simard, Charles (TRN)
No nibbling!
Ferry, Beth, author.
My Old Friend, Then
Davis-gibbon, Katherine/ Daigle, Allie (ILT)
My Must-have Mom
Smith, Maudie/ Khatun, Jen (ILT)
Me and Ms. Too
Ruby, Laura/ Ho, Dung (ILT)
Little one, we knew you'd come
Lloyd-Jones, Sally, 1960- author.
Let's do everything and nothing
Kuo, Julia, author, illustrator.
It's So Difficult
Guridi, Ra{250}l Nieto/ Schimel, Lawrence (TRN)
The Invisible You
Page, Alan/ Page, Kamie/ Geister, David (ILT)
How high is heaven?
Davis, Linsey, author.
Lippert, Tonya/ Stegmaier, Andrea (ILT)
Happy Times
Foreman, Michael
The Gift
Dzotap, Alain Serge/ Renon, Delphine (ILT)
Firsts and Lasts : The Changing Seasons
Schubert, Leda/ Robin, Clover (ILT)
Everything Will Be Ok
Dewdney, Anna/ Schachner, Judy (ILT)
Elephant Island
Timmers, Leo
Dearest One
Dance, Arielle/ Duke, Jenny (ILT)
Murphy, Mary/ Murphy, Mary (ILT)
A Cat Called Waverley
Gliori, Debi
Booma Booma Boom
Silver, Gail/ Fields, Lisa (ILT)
Beware the Creeper!
Webster, Christy
Bears Don't Wear Shoes
Davey, Sharon
You Have Feelings All the Time
Kris, Deborah Farmer/ Zivoin, Jennifer (ILT)
We ask permission
Bowers, Lydia, author.
That egg is mine! : a silly story about manners for kids
Dubois, Liz Goulet, author, illustrator.
Still Mine
Pillemer, Jayne/ Murray, Sheryl (ILT)
Star Fishing
Kim, Sang-Keun
The Spring Book
Parr, Todd
A Spoonful of Faith
Holliday, Jena