Kids Picture Books

These are picture books. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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You stole my name
McGregor, Dennis
You wonder all the time
Kris, Deborah Farmer, author.
The Witchling's wish
Fraser, Lu, author.
Viva's Voice
Donoso, Raquel/ Auiglera, Carlos Velez (ILT)
Tomorrow Is a Brand-new Day
Bell, Davina/ Colpoys, Allison (ILT)
To Find Treasure in the Mountains
Rockey, Francine/ Binney, Kendra (ILT)
Time to Go!
Cunill, Marta/ Ouriou, Susan (TRN)
Theo Thesaurus and the Perfect Pet
Johannes, Shelli R./ Moran, Mike (ILT)
Telling stories wrong
Rodari, Gianni, author.
Ferrada, Maria Jose/ Alcantara, Mariana (ILT)/ Maude, Kit (TRN)
Stanley the dog : the first day of school
Bones, Bobby, 1980- author.
Spidey and His Amazing Friends Construction Destruction
Disney Books (COR)/ Disney Storybook Art Team (COR)
Some daddies
Ekster, Carol Gordon, author.
So Not Ghoul
Yin, Karen/ Lui, Bonnie (ILT)
Smile out loud / 25 Happy Poems
Coelho, Joseph, author.
Sandman Won't Share!
Behling, Steve
The rhino suit
Jackson, Colter, author, illustrator.
Remixed : a new beginning
Chung, Arree, author.
Rain Forests
Kastner, Emmy/ Kastner, Emmy (ILT)
A planet like ours
Murphy, Frank, 1966- author.
Pirates don't dance
Tenney, Shawna J. C., author, illustrator.
Pink Is Not a Color
Ward, Lindsay
Peppa Pig and the Christmas Surprise
Candlewick Press (COR)
Wyatt, Edwina/ Masciullo, Lucia (ILT)
Old Friends
Aitken, Margaret/ Wen, Lenny (ILT)
Octopus Shocktopus!
Bently, Peter/ Lenton, Steven (ILT)
Not yet, Yeti
Freitas, Bethany V., author.
My Book of Monsters
De Volder, Ine/ Arys, Maarten (ILT)
Mr. Thatcher's house
Wauson, Kristin, author, illustrator.
The Mouse Who Carried a House on His Back
Stutzman, Jonathan/ Arsenault, Isabelle (ILT)
Monsters Love Cupcakes
Austin, Mike
A monster is eating this book
Kilpatrick, Karen, author.
Miss Mary's Christmas mittens
Noble, Trinka Hakes, author.
Luna's green pet
Pendreigh, Kirsten, author.
Llama rocks the cradle of chaos
Stutzman, Jonathan, author.
A little ferry tale
Otis, Chad, author, illustrator.
Kastner, Emmy/ Kastner, Emmy (ILT)
Iguana be a dragon
Frost, Maddie, author, illustrator.
If Animals Trick-or-treated
Paul, Ann Whitford/ Walker, David (ILT)
Human Town
Durant, Alan/ Doherty, Anna (ILT)
Howard the Average Gecko
Meddour, Wendy/ Saldana, Carmen (ILT)
Happy Diwali!
Scholastic Inc.
First Broom
George, Kallie/ Murray, Joelle (ILT)
Emma's First Day of School
Van Lunter, Federico
Don't ask the dragon
Sissay, Lemn, 1968- author.
Don Mclean's American Pie : A Fable
Meteor 17 Books (COR)
A Day by the Sea
Nascimbeni, Barbara
Christmas with auntie
James, Helen Foster, 1951- author.
A Cat Called Waverley
Gliori, Debi
The Can Caravan
O'Neill, Richard/ Kang, Cindy (ILT)
The Blanket Where Violet Sits
Wolf, Allan/ Tobia, Lauren (ILT)
The Best You!
Tharp, Jason
Angelina on Stage
Holabird, Katharine/ Craig, Helen (ILT)
Ally Baby Can: Be Feminist
Williams, Nyasha/ Orlando, Jade (ILT)
You Are Getting Sleepy
Alexander, Lori/ Mikai, Monica (ILT)
Whoever You Are : A Baby Book on Love & Gender
Lin, Josephine Wai/ Lopez, Sandy (ILT)
Where's the Digger?
Nosy Crow (COR)/ Arrhenius, Ingela P. (ILT)
Unicorn night
Murray, Diana, author.
Steam Stories Visiting the Orchestra
Harper, Mackenzie/ Lewis, Liza (ILT)
Steam Stories Scientists for a Day
Harper, Mackenzie/ Lewis, Liza (ILT)
Pythagorean theorem for babies
Ferrie, Chris, author.
Pig the Winner
Blabey, Aaron/ Blabey, Aaron (ILT)
One Sky
Becker, Aaron
Monster's New Undies
Berger, Samantha/ Carpenter, Tad (ILT)
Little Santa's Workshop
Watkins, Lala/ Watkins, Lala (ILT)
I Love You a Latke
Holub, Joan/ Black, Allison (ILT)
Hello, Beautiful You!
Pinkney, Andrea Davis/ Pinkney, J. Brian (ILT)
Corgi Loves
Wu, Junyi/ Wu, Junyi (ILT)
Bear Looks for Santa Claus
Nosy Crow (COR)/ Ho, Jannie (ILT)
Yossel's Journey
Lasky, Kathryn/ Yazzie, Johnson (ILT)
Will It Be Okay?
Dragonwagon, Crescent/ Love, Jessica (ILT)
Wellington's Big Day Out
Small, Steve/ Small, Steve (ILT)
Ways to Make Friends
Buitrago, Jairo/ Johnson, Ruiz (ILT)
The Roar
Mclaughlin, Eoin/ Dunbar, Polly (ILT)
Rick the Rock of Room 214
Falatko, Julie/ Chan, Ruth (ILT)
Reindeer Helper
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse/ Barrager, Brigette (ILT)
Playtime for restless rascals
Grimes, Nikki, author.
My Poet
MacLachlan, Patricia/ Hill, Jen (ILT)
My Name Is Saajin Singh
Brar, Kuljinder Kaur/ Kaur, Samrath (ILT)
The Moon from Dehradun : A Story of Partition
Shamsi, Shirin/ Lak, Tarun (ILT)
Little Book of Caring
Pirrone, Francesca
I've Never Met My Grandpa
Rekers, Mackinzie (ILT)/ Zigmund, Shannon
I Will Always Be Your Friend!
Santomero, Angela C./ Fruchter, Jason (ILT)
I Cannot Draw a Horse
Harper, Charise Mericle
Holding on
Lee, Sophia N./ Roxas, Isabel (ILT)
Goodnight, Butterfly
Burach, Ross/ Burach, Ross (ILT)
Shannon, David/ Shannon, David (ILT)
Fair Is Fair
Berenstain, Mike
Dinos Driving
Leitch, Lynn/ Ritchie, Scot (ILT)
Cole, Henry, 1955- author, illustrator.
Brown Is Warm, Black Is Bright
Thomson, Sarah L./ Mallett, Keith (ILT)
Bravo, Bucket Head!
Lester, Helen/ Munsinger, Lynn (ILT)
Angelina Ballerina 5-minute Stories
Holabird, Katharine/ Craig, Helen (ILT)
The Wills and the Won'ts
Woolfe, Angela/ Garrigue, Roland (ILT)
The Willow Pattern Story
Drummond, Allan
We'll Be Together Again
Menzies, Lucy/ Vian, Maddy (ILT)
Woodgate, Harry, author, illustrator.
They're Heroes Too : A Celebration of Community
Brisson, Pat/ Semirdzhyan, Anait (ILT)
That's Not My Name!
Syed, Anoosha/ Syed, Anoosha (ILT)
Stop and smell the cookies
Frazier, Gibson, author.
Star Trek Discovery : The Girl Who Made the Stars
Pearlman, Robb (ADP)/ Schultz, Brandon
Townes, Jess, author.
The snowman waltz
Konnerth, Karen, author.
The Secret Forest Friends
Hara, Kyoko/ Takahashi, Kazue (ILT)
Puppy Love
Hallinan, P. K./ Ranes, Tyson (ILT)
A Perfect Wonderful Day With Friends
Waechter, Philip/ Waechter, Philip (ILT)
Peppa Loves to Bake
Eone (COR)
Patch of sky
Yulo, Nic, author.
A New Friend
Menzies, Lucy/ Vian, Maddy (ILT)
My Pet Feet
Funk, Josh/ Yong, Billy (ILT)
My Football Family
Holloway, Andy/ Jang, Honee (ILT)
Mr. Coats
Posthuma, Sieb/ Colmer, David (TRN)
Mouse Calls
Pace, Anne Marie/ Kraan, Erin (ILT)
Little Good Wolf
Crummel, Susan Stevens/ Stevens, Janet (ILT)
King Kong's cousin
Teague, Mark, author, illustrator.
If Your Babysitter Is a Bruja
Siqueira, Ana/ Freitas, Irena (ILT)
If You Believe in Me
Wells, Rosemary/ Wells, Rosemary (ILT)
I Can Explain
Yoshitake, Shinsuke
Groggle's Monster Halloween
Murray, Diana/ Langley, Bats (ILT)
Even Robots Can Be Thankful!
Thomas, Jan/ Thomas, Jan (ILT)
Dadaji's Paintbrush
Sirdeshpande, Rashmi/ Mhasane, Ruchi (ILT)
The Coqu̕es Still Sing : A Story of Home, Hope, and Rebuilding
Gonz̀lez, Karina Nicole/ Quiles, Krystal (ILT)
Bear Has a Belly
Whittingham, Jane
Be a Bridge
Latham, Irene/ Waters, Charles/ Adani, Nabila (ILT)
The Baby-changing Station
Miller, Rhett/ Santat, Dan (ILT)
All the things Mom will never say
Carlain, Noae, author.
Afraid of Your Neighbor
Volk, Katherine E./ Zajac, Malgorzata (ILT)
Fingertrail 123
Ferro, Elisa
Fingertrail abc
Ferro, Elisa
Count to ten and back again
Brooks, Felicity
On the moon
Milbourne, Anna
The rainy day
Milbourne, Anna
The stormy day
Milbourne, Anna
First alphabet book
Ferro, Elisa
First words book
Ferro, Elisa
When daddy goes to work
Schofield, Paul
When mommy goes to work
Schofield, Paul
Veggie squad
Buxton, Michael
Build it
Morgan, Pau
Morgan, Pau
Morgan, Pau
Wake up
Morgan, Pau
1, 2, 3, do the dinosaur
Robinson, Michelle
1, 2, 3 do the shark
Robinson, Michelle
Big dog little dog
Rippin, Sally
The biggest story
Coyle, Sarah
Starting school
Brown, Carron
Brown, Carron
Comparisons big and small
Gifford, Clive
How big is our baby?
Halls, Smriti
Say hello to baby
Halls, Smriti
Rhyming alphabet
Brooks, Felicity
In the ocean
Clark, Neil
At the fair
Robinson, Hilary
What Dwells in the Deep
Ward-wills, Kelly
What Can You See? in Space
Ware, Kate/ Perera, Mar̕a (ILT)
The Very Hungry Caterpillar's First Fall
Carle, Eric/ Carle, Eric (ILT)
Turn & Play Words
Priddy, Roger
Turn & Play Colors
Priddy, Roger
Touch and Trace ABC
Channing, Margot/ Lundie, Isobel (ILT)
Touch and Trace 123
Channing, Margot/ Lundie, Isobel (ILT)
This little voter
Bonnie, Ann, author.
Star Trek : Baby's First Klingon Words
Insight Kids (COR)/ Vescovo, Ilaria (ILT)
So Many Feelings
Honsek, Larissa
Skin Again
Hooks, Bell/ Raschka, Christopher (ILT)
Shady Baby Feels : A First Book of Emotions
Union, Gabrielle/ Whitaker, Tara Nicole (ILT)/ Wade, Dwyane
Pop-up Peekaboo! Ocean
Claude, Jean (ILT)
Opposites : A Peep-through Book
Henson, Mike/ Henson, Mike (ILT)/ Pither, Emily (EDT)
One Good Night Til Halloween
Berrios, Frank J., III/ Rahmalia, Debby (ILT)
Numbers : A Peep-through Book
Henson, Mike/ Henson, Mike (ILT)/ Pither, Emily (EDT)
My Body
Burns, Libby (ILT)
Little Treasures : Endearments from Around the World
Ogburn, Jacqueline/ Raschka, Christopher (ILT)
Lionel Poops
Veille, eric/ Veille, eric (ILT)
Lionel Eats All by Himself
Veille, eric/ Veille, eric (ILT)
Let's Go on a Submarine
Albert, Rosalyn/ Moore, Natalia (ILT)
Let's Go on a Bus
Albert, Rosalyn/ Moore, Natalia (ILT)
It Is Not Time for Sleeping Padded Board Book
Graff, Lisa/ Castillo, Lauren (ILT)
Goodnight Train Halloween
Sobel, June/ Huliska-Beith, Laura (ILT)
Forest friends sleep
Hendricks, Amber, author.
Elmo & Tango
Random House (COR)
Cookie Kindness
Demmer, Melanie
Colors : A Peep-through Book
Henson, Mike/ Henson, Mike (ILT)/ Pither, Emily (EDT)
Candy Contest!
Demmer, Melanie
Butterflies soar
Hendricks, Amber, author.
Brush! Brush! Brush!
Florian, Douglas, author.
Boop the Snoot
Anstee, Ashlyn
At the Park
Garland, Sally Anne/ Garland, Sally Anne (ILT)
Zero Zebras
Goldstone, Bruce/ Chung, Julien (ILT)
The twelve-bug day
Harkrader, Lisa, author.
Sutton, Sally, author.
Tinysaurs Trick or Treat
Hegarty, Patricia/ Gray, Dean (ILT)
Time to Fly
Lyon, George Ella/ Coleman, Stephanie Fizer (ILT)
A Synagogue Just Like Home
Mcginty, Alice Blumenthal/ Molk, Laurel (ILT)
Stranger Things We Can Count on Eleven
Smith, Geof/ Dunn, Meg (ILT)
The Stories of God and Kiki
Connis, Dave/ Domingo, Amy (ILT)
Sometimes I Grumblesquinch
Vail, Rachel/ Yum, Hyewon (ILT)
Something About Grandma
De Regil, Tania/ De Regil, Tania (ILT)
Some bodies
Kennen, Sophie, author.
Skater Cielo
Katstaller, Rachel, author, illustrator.
Self-Care with Ted and Friends
Khorrami, Najma/ Ballarin, Maria (ILT)
Scooby-Doo! Monsters Unmasked!
Johnson, Nicole/ Random House (COR)
Ruby's Rosh Hashanah recipe
Gehl, Laura, author.
The Robber Raccoon
Kuenzler, Lou/ Woolf, Julia (ILT)
Pip and Zip
Arnold, Elana K./ Salati, Doug (ILT)
Pick me!
Amato, Max, author, illustrator.
Peppa's Pumpkin Day
Golden Books Publishing Company (COR)
A parliament of owls
Scillian, Devin, author.
Parfait, not parfait
Rothman, Scott, author.
The night wild
Poster, Zoë Tilley, author, illustrator.
The New Kid Welcome/Welcome the New Kid
Slade, Suzanne/ Miles, Nicole (ILT)
Mum, Me, and the Mulberry Tree
Rosie, Tanya/ Groenink, Chuck (ILT)
More Than Peach
Woodard, Bellen/ Liem, Fanny (ILT)
Miriam and the Sasquatch : A Rosh Hashanah Story
Kimmel, Eric/ Anegon, Tamara (ILT)
Mila and Her Friends
Koppens, Judith/ Nijs, Anouk (ILT)
Let's build a little train
Richardson, Julia Marie, 1963- author.
Leo + Lea
Wesolowska, Monica/ Pak, Kenard (ILT)
Lego Brick or Treat!
Huntley, Matt/ May, Jason (ILT)
Kalamata's Kitchen : Taste Buds in Harmony
Thomas, Sarah/ Wallace, Derek/ Edwards, Jo Kosmides (ILT)
Just Like Jesse Owens
Young, Andrew/ Shelton, Paula Young/ James, Gordon (ILT)
Juna and Appa
Park, Jane/ Hoshino, Felicia (ILT)
Is this your class pet?
Cummings, Troy, author, illustrator.
The Incredible Shrinking Lunchroom
Babay, Michal/ Cohen, Paula (ILT)
If You Find a Leaf
Sicuro, Aimee
I Want to Be Mad for a While!
Saltzberg, Barney/ Saltzberg, Barney (ILT)
I Forgive Alex : A Simple Story About Understanding
Kerascoet/ Cosset, Sebastien/ Pommepuy, Marie
Hurry, Little Tortoise, Time for School!
Finison, Carrie/ Kraan, Erub (ILT)
The Hanukkah hunt
Gehl, Laura, author.
Forever home : a dog and boy love story
Cole, Henry, 1955- author, illustrator.
Everything in Its Place : A Story of Books and Belonging
David-sax, Pauline/ Barlow, Charnelle Pinkney (ILT)
Emi isn't scared of monsters
Tysoe, Alina, author, illustrator.
Double puppy trouble
McKellar, Danica, author.
Doą Esmeralda, Who Ate Everything
De La Cruz, Melissa/ Gallanosa, Primo (ILT)
Dinos Don't Give Up!
Halls, Smriti/ Merritt, Richard (ILT)
Crayola : Follow That Line!
Brown-Wood, Janay/ Justus, Rob (ILT)
Loman, Sam
Charlie makes a splash!
Peete, Holly Robinson, 1964- author.
Buddy's New Buddy
Geist, Christina/ Bowers, Tim (ILT)
Levington, Rebecca Gardyn, author.
The Boy Who Loved Maps
Allen, Kari/ Karas, G. Brian (ILT)
Ohi, Ruth
The black hole debacle
Boyle, Keri Claiborne, author.
Berry Song
Goade, Michaela
Baby Shower
Wheeler, Lisa/ Alder, Charlie (ILT)
The Artist
Binks, Alison
All that is you
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin, 1957- author.
Alice's Wonderland Bakery Unforgettable Unbirthday
Disney Books (COR)/ Disney Storybook Art Team (COR)
Alice Nizzy Nazzy
Johnston, Tony/ dePaola, Tomie (ILT)
5 Scary Stories for a Dark Knight
Scott, Cavan/ Arroyo, Jeannette (ILT)
Finn's feather
Noble, Rachel, author.
Truck or Treat : A Spooky Book With Flaps
Eliot, Hannah/ Taylor, Jen (ILT)
Skeletina and the In-between World
Jaramillo, Susie/ Jaramillo, Susie (ILT)
Scared Puppy
Wilson, Naira/ Creighton-Pester, David (ILT)
Pumpkin Patch Halloween!
Michaels, Patty (ADP)
My First Words : Let's Get Talking
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)
My First Seasons : Let's Learn About the Year!
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)
My First Farm : Let's Get Working!
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)
The Monsters on the Broom
Guertin, Annemarie Riley/ Panczyszyn, Shauna Lynn (ILT)
Maisy's Town
Cousins, Lucy/ Cousins, Lucy (ILT)
Maisy at Work
Cousins, Lucy/ Cousins, Lucy (ILT)
Lost Puppy : A Touch-and-feel Book
Adams, Rosie/ Barnard, Lucy (ILT)
Let's Play!
Mclean, Rachael
Let's nap!
McLean, Rachael, author.
If Animals Tried to Be Kind
Paul, Ann Whitford/ Walker, David (ILT)
Head, shoulders, knees, and toes
Slater, Nicola, illustrator.
Happy Bunny
Wilson, Naira/ Creighton-Pester, David (ILT)
Halloween Is a Treat!
Moyle, Sabrina/ Moyle, Eunice (ILT)
The Ghosts Went Floating
Norman, Kim/ Fleck, Jay (ILT)
George Goes to the Potty
Gomez, David (ADP)
Chomp! Chomp! I'm a Shark!
Lodge, Jo/ Lodge, Jo (ILT)
Are you a helper?
Carpenter, Tad, author, illustrator.
ABC Roar
Urban, Chieu Anh/ Urban, Chieu Anh (ILT)
You're a helper!
Chronicle Books (COR)
The World Needs More Purple Schools
Bell, Kristen/ Hart, Benjamin
Wheels, No Wheels
McNeill, Shannon
We Adopted a Baby Chick
Smith, Lori Joy
This Is a Birthday Cake
Cangelose, Andrew/ Shipley, Josh (ILT)
Ruby and the Itsy-bitsy Icky Bug
Wortche, Allison/ Walker, Sally (ILT)
Rosa's Song
Rhee, Helena Ku/ Campion, Pascal (ILT)
Puppy Bus
Brockington, Drew
Poppy's House
Courtney, Karla/ Kloepper, Madeline (ILT)
Peppa's rainbow
Lune, Em, author.
On My Papa's Shoulders
Daly, Niki (ILT)
The Notebook Keeper : A Story of Kindness from the Border
Briseno, Stephen/ Mora, Magdalena (ILT)
The New Rooster
Alexander, Rilla/ Alexander, Rilla (ILT)
My Lala : Humanity's Secret Weapon
King, Thomas/ Chua, Charlene (ILT)
My Girls & Curls
Steele, Layla/ Young Authors Publishing (COR)
Monster Needs to Go to School
Czajak, Paul/ Grieb, Wendy (ILT)
Monkey Bedtime
English, Alex/ Gregory, Pauline (ILT)
Look Out, Wolf! There's a Beast in Your Book
Evans, Jude/ Semple, Lucy (ILT)
The Long Ride Home
Graegin, Stephanie
Little Bunny's Sleepless Night
Roth, Carol/ Gorbachev, Valeri (ILT)
Leila, the Perfect Witch
Drago, Flavia Z./ Drago, Flavia Z. (ILT)
Kindergarten : Where Kindness Matters Every Day
Ahiyya, Vera/ Chou, Joey (ILT)
The Haunted Pumpkin Patch
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse/ Barrager, Brigette (ILT)
Happy Owl-oween!
Gehl, Laura/ Nichols, Lydia (ILT)
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Bourgeois, Paulette/ Griffiths, Alex G. (ILT)
Game Over
Clay, Maxwell
Brave Every Day
Ludwig, Trudy/ Barton, Patrice (ILT)
The Boy and the Mountain
Bellini, Mario/ Coppo, Marianna (ILT)
The big slide
Kirk, Daniel, author, illustrator.
Vip : Very Important Preschooler
Jin, Cindy/ Bailey, Ella (ILT)
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eats Dinner
Carle, Eric/ Carle, Eric (ILT)
Time for School, Rosita!
Random House (COR)
There's a Witch in Your Book
Fletcher, Tom/ Abbott, Greg (ILT)
Stem Baby Math
Goldberg, Dana/ Bonaddio, Teresa (CRT)
Stem Baby Engineering
Goldberg, Dana/ Bonaddio, Teresa (CRT)
Spidey and His Amazing Friends Trick or Trace-e
Disney Books (COR)/ Disney Storybook Art Team (COR)
Soccer Baby
Adams, Diane/ Chua, Charlene (ILT)
Happy Yak (COR)/ Buurlage, Marijke (ILT)
Rumble, rumble, dinosaur
Charman, Katrina, author.
The Ocean
Seuss, Dr.
My First Colors
Priddy, Roger
Migrating Birds : A Colors Book
Goodhart, Chloe/ Lucas, Gareth (ILT)
Madeline's Abcs
Bemelmans, Ludwig
Little Pups in Big Trucks
Shea, Bob/ Won, Brian (ILT)
I'm Me : A Book About Confidence and Self-worth
Meiners, Cheri J./ Weber, Penny (ILT)
I Love My Beautiful Hair
Wentt, Elissa/ Wentt, Elissa (ILT)
Get Dressed
Ladybird (COR)
Elmo's Trick-or-treat Fun!
Posner-Sanchez, Andrea/ Mathieu, Joe (ILT)
Dinosaur, Dinosaur, Fall Is Here!
McLean, Danielle/ Rescek, Sanja (ILT)
Hepworth, Amelia/ Semple, David (ILT)
Chicken Soup for the Soul Babies Now! Barks Dog
Larocca, Rajani/ Paprocki, Greg (ILT)
The Big Scream
Call, Kirsti/ Angelov, Denis (ILT)
Backyard birds : a numbers book
Goodhart, Chloe, author.
You Are My Favorite Color
Sze, Gillian/ Mata, Nina (ILT)
Berenstain, Mike
Today I'm Strong
Hussain, Nadiya/ Bailey, Ella (ILT)
The Surprise
Smith, Zadie/ Laird, Nick/ Fox, Magenta (ILT)
Superheroes Don't Get Scared
Thompson, Kate/ Elsom, Clare (ILT)
Sunday Pancakes
Tatsukawa, Maya
Sarah's Brave Adventure : A Cosmic Kids Yoga Journey
Vitale, Brooke/ Bianda, Junissa (ILT)
Rosie and the Pre-loved Dress
Hatch, Leanne/ Hatch, Leanne (ILT)
The Rare, Tiny Flower
O'Meara, Kitty/ Torres, Quim (ILT)
My Name Is Cool
Sacre, Antonio/ Demonteverde, Sarah (ILT)
Mi Ciudad Sings
Harmony, Cynthia/ Martinez, Teresa (ILT)
A mermaid girl
Rafi, Sana, author.


Carzoo, Breanna
Look and Listen : Who's in the Garden, Meadow, Brook?
White, Dianne/ Schimler, Amy (ILT)
A Little Bit of Hush
Stewart, Paul/ Porter, Jane (ILT)
Wong-Kalu, Hinaleimoana, author.
Jigsaw : Mystery in the Mail
Graham, Bob/ Graham, Bob (ILT)
Ice cream face
Sheffield, Heidi Woodward, author, illustrator.
I'm Going to Kindergarten!
Posner-Sanchez, Andrea/ Stone, Joanie (ILT)
I Feel Safe
McPhail, David
How to Be a Pirate
Johnson, Nicole/ Lewis, Josh (ILT)
How to Be a Knight
Huntley, Matt/ Lewis, Josh (ILT)
Hattie Harmony: Worry Detective
Olsen, Elizabeth/ Arnett, Robbie/ Valdez, Marissa (ILT)
A Grand Day
Reidy, Jean/ Cotterill, Samantha (ILT)
Goodnight racism
Kendi, Ibram X., author.
Frog Vs Toad
Mantle, Ben/ Mantle, Ben (ILT)
A family looks like love
Wells, Kaitlyn, author.
Easter Days
Degennaro, Sue


Voake, Charlotte/ Voake, Charlotte (ILT)
Bea and Mr. Jones / 40th Anniversary Edition
Schwartz, Amy, author, illustrator.
Alice's Wonderland Bakery Where There's a Whisk, There's a Way
Disney Books (COR)/ Disney Storybook Art Team (COR)
To Make
Davis, Danielle/ Deroma, Mags (ILT)
Summer Fun
Bijsterbosch, Anita
The sublime Ms. Stacks
Pearlman, Robb, author.
Sometimes When I'm Bored
Serani, Deborah/ Teis, Kyra (ILT)