Teen Graphic Novels

These teen graphic novels are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top).

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Princeless. 8, Princesses / [Jeremy] Whitley, [Jackie] Crofts, [Newt] Taber, [Takeia] Marie, [Robin] Kaplan, [Kaitlan] Jann, [Brett] Grunig.
"What type of princess are you? With all of the secrets finally out and Adrienne heading toward fulfilling her quest. It's time to find out what's really been going on. What has the Black Knight been up to and how does it involve Adrienne's sisters? And …
No Ivy League / Hazel Newlevant.
When Hazel, who has always been home schooled, gets a summer job pulling ivy in a local park, she discovers her fellow workers are more diverse--in race, ethnicity, class, and experience--than she has ever encountered before.