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Cats & dogs 3 : paws unite!
"It's been 10 years since the creation of the Great Truce, an elaborate joint-species surveillance system designed and monitored by cats and dogs to keep the peace when conflicts arise. But when a tech-savvy villain hacks into wireless networks to use fre…
Tired of being bullied, Cassandra Evans prays that her nemesis, Katie Sharp, the queen bee of social media, would know what it's like to walk a day in her shoes. Her prayer is answered in an unexpected way when they get swapped.
Upside down magic
"Find your magic! When 13-year-old Nory discovers she can flux into animals and best pal Reina can manipulate flames, they enter the Sage Academy for Magical Studies. But Nory's wonky magic and tendency for turning into a 'Dritten'--a half-kitten, half-dr…
Santa's castle
"This story follows the kidnapping of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve by a group of creatures set on sabotaging Christmas. It will take the determination of Santa's loyal magical helpers to save him and Christmas before the night is over." --container
Annie : a royal adventure!
"America's favorite orphan is back in a whirlwind adventure filled with sinister scoundrels, hilarious hijinks and nonstop fun. Oliver 'Daddy' Warbucks takes Annie and her friends Hannah and Molly to jolly old England so he can be knighted, but the evil L…
A breath too late
After committing suicide just before high school graduation, Ellie Walker haunts her home and school, reflecting on her life of domestic violence, friendship with August, and dreams of a writing career. Includes list of resources for people in crisis.
Little universes
Two sisters struggle with the secrets brought to light in the aftermath of their parents' sudden death.