Teen Books

These are fiction and non-ficiton books for teens. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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Genomics : A Revolution in Health and Disease Discovery
Stewart, Whitney/ Andersson, Hans C.
Fierce Heroines : Inspiring Female Characters in Pop Culture
Knight, Rosie/ Jovellanos, Arielle (ILT)
The Scapegracers
Clarke, Hannah Abigail
Winter, White and Wicked
Dittemore, Shannon
Van Tol, Alex, 1973- author.
The valley and the flood
Mahoney, Rebecca, author.
This is how we fly
Meriano, Anna, author.
McClintock, Norah, author.
Something happened to Ali Greenleaf
Krischer, Hayley, author.
McClintock, Norah, author.
The Shadow War
Smith, Lindsay
Rebel sisters
Onyebuchi, Tochi, author.
Queen of Volts
Foody, Amanda
Punching the Air
Zoboi, Ibi/ Salaam, Yusef (CON)/ Pasha, Omar T. (ILT)
Pretty Funny for a Girl
Elliott, Rebecca
The nemesis
Kincaid, S.J., author.
The morning flower
Hocking, Amanda, author.
Daud, Somaiya, author.
The mall
McCafferty, Megan, author.
Garber, Romina, author.
Junk boy
Abbott, Tony, 1952- author.
Into the Gray
Culbertson, Geanna
The inheritance games
Barnes, Jennifer (Jennifer Lynn), author.
In the study with the wrench : a Clue mystery
Peterfreund, Diana, author.
How to Break an Evil Curse
Morrison, Laura
Heart sister
Stewart, Michael F., author.
Forget this ever happened
Clarke, Cassandra Rose, 1983- author.
Echo Island
Wilson, Jared C.
The Do-Over
Honeybourn, Jennifer
Court of lions : a mirage novel
Daud, Somaiya, author.
Chasing Starlight
Black, Teri Bailey
Cane Warriors
Wheatle, Alex
Cabin Girl
Butcher, Kristin
Blood & honey
Mahurin, Shelby, author.
The art of saving the world
Duyvis, Corinne, author.
Reichardt, Marisa, author.
Find Layla : A Novel
Elison, Meg
Kingdom's quest
Black, Chuck.
Kingdom's call
Black, Chuck.
Wolf Girl : finding myself in the wild
Markegard, Doniga, author.
Crispr : A Powerful Way to Change DNA
Ridge, Yolanda/ Boersma, Alex (ILT)
You were never here
Peacock, Kathleen, author.
You Know I'm No Good
Foley, Jessie Ann
The Woods Are Always Watching
Perkins, Stephanie
White Fox
Faring, Sara, author.
When villains rise
Schaeffer, Rebecca, author.
Vampires Never Get Old : Tales With Fresh Bite
Cordova, Zoraida/ Parker, Natalie C.
Under Shifting Stars
Latos, Alexandra
The Truth Project
Medema, Dante
Throwaway Girls
Contos, Andrea
Storm the earth
Wells, Rebecca Kim, author.
Spell starter
Chapman, Elsie, author.
Sources say
Goldstein, Lori (Lori A.), author.
The Shadow Mission
Sarif, Shamim
Scorched Earth
Wallach, Tommy
Mendoza, Paola, author.
Donnelly, Jennifer, author.
One way or another
McDowell, Kara J., author.
Never look back
Rivera, Lilliam, author.
My heart underwater
Fantauzzo, Laurel Flores, author.
Mind the Gap, Dash & Lily
Cohn, Rachel/ Levithan, David
Micah, the Good Girl
Woodfolk, Ashley
Starmer, Aaron
Lux, the New Girl
Woodfolk, Ashley
Last chance summer
Klare, Shannon, author.
Kingdom of the Wicked
Maniscalco, Kerri
The invention of Sophie Carter
Hastings, Samantha, author.
Into the Real
Brewer, Z
I am here now
Bottner, Barbara, author.
How It All Blew Up
Ahmadi, Arvin
Gold wings rising
London, Alex, author.
The Girl of Hawthorn and Glass
Jerreat-poole, Adan
The gifted, the talented, and me
Sutcliffe, William, 1971- author.
Maendez, Yamile Saied, author.
Everything I Thought I Knew
Takaoka, Shannon
Every Body Looking
Iloh, Candice
Smith, Roland, 1951- author.
Littman, Sarah, author.
Daughters of Jubilation
Corthron, Kara Lee
Dark Curse
Rose, Danielle
A Cuban girl's guide to tea and tomorrow
Namey, Laura Taylor, author.
Broken wish
Dao, Julie C., author.
Barry Squires, Full Tilt
Smith, Heather T.
As the shadow rises
Pool, Katy Rose, author.
My life next door
Fitzpatrick, Huntley.
Dead is the new black
Perez, Marlene.
Who I was with her
Tyndall, Nita, author.
Where we are
McGhee, Alison, 1960- author.
Wayward witch
Caordova, Zoraida, author.
The Way Back
Savit, Gavriel
Braswell, Liz, author.
The Taker
Cooper, Elley
The Summer of Everything
Winters, Julian
Shipley, Jocelyn
Step closer
Cawthon, Scott, 1971- author.
Smash It!
Simone, Francina
Lu, Marie
Silent as the grave
Aarsen, Zoe, author.
Jung, Jessica, 1989- author.
Recommended for You
Silverman, Laura
The peasant's dream
Dickerson, Melanie, 1970- author.
None Shall Sleep
Marney, Ellie
Night shine
Gratton, Tessa, author.
More than maybe
Hahn, Erin, author.
More Happy Than Not : 5th Anniversary Edition
Silvera, Adam/ Thomas, Angie (INT)
Miss Meteor
Mejia, Tehlor Kay/ McLemore, Anna-Marie
The Mirrorworld Anthology
Funke, Cornelia Caroline
The lost city
Hocking, Amanda, author.
The lost Book of the White
Clare, Cassandra, author.
Like Spilled Water
Liu, Jennie
Deonn, Tracy, author.
K-pop Confidential
Lee, Stephan
Leno, Katrina, author.
Hey Jude
Spider, Star
Geese are never swans
Clark, Eva, author.
Fright Night
Stoffels, Maren, author.
Forest of Souls
Lee, Lori M.
For better or cursed
Williams, Kate, 1980- author.
Fence: striking distance : an original novel
Brennan, Sarah Rees, author.
The extraordinaries
Klune, TJ, author.
Even if we break
Nijkamp, Marieke, author.
Dreaming in Color
Florence, Melanie
Double or Nothing
Carter, Brooke
Hughes, Dean, 1943- author.
Dear Justyce
Stone, Nic, author.
Bunny Call
Cawthon, Scott
The bridge
Konigsberg, Bill, author.
Niven, Jennifer
Breaking Bailey
Blood Moon
Cuthew, Lucy
The black kids
Hammonds Reed, Christina, author.
Beyond the ruby veil
Fitzgerald, Mara, author.
All this time
Daughtry, Mikki, author.
All Eyes on Her
Flynn, L. E.
Above all else
Levy, Dana Alison, author.
1:35 A.M.
Cawthon, Scott, 1971- author.
McNeil, Gretchen, author.
Ms. Gloria Steinem : A Life
Conkling, Winifred
The Whitsun Daughters
Mesrobian, Carrie
What Makes You Beautiful
Liang, Bridget
What Goes Up
Heppermann, Christine
We Three
Harwood-Jones, Markus
Vicious spirits
Cho, Kat, author.
Star Daughter
Thakrar, Shveta
Some kind of animal
Moore, Maria Romasco, author.
Arcos, Carrie, author.
The Shadow Wand
Forest, Laurie
Set Fire to the Gods
Raasch, Sara/ Simmons, Kristen
The Secret Runners
Reilly, Matthew
Lix, Caryn
Rage and Ruin
Armentrout, Jennifer L.
Prom Kings
Correia, Tony
Prelude for lost souls
Dunbar, Helene, 1965- author.
More than just a pretty face
Masood, Syed M., author.
Lost roads
Maberry, Jonathan, author.
The last lie
Forde, Patricia, author.
The lady alchemist
Vitale, Samantha, author.
It came from the sky
Sedoti, Chelsea, author.
McGuire, C. M., author.
Stork, Francisco X., author.
I Kissed Alice
Birch, Anna
The hero of Numbani
Drayden, Nicky, author.
Harrow Lake
Ellis, Kat, author.
The good for nothings
Banas, Danielle, author.
Girl, serpent, thorn
Bashardoust, Melissa, author.
The game
Miller, Linsey, author.
Facing the sun
Mather, Janice Lynn, author.
Terry, Teri
Badger, Darcie Little/ Cai, Rovina (ILT)
Death of a Cheerleader
Ostow, Micol
Dark Skies
Jensen, Danielle L.
Darius the Great deserves better
Khorram, Adib, author.
Cut Off
Finlay, Adrianne
The con code
Silver, Shana, author.
The Companion
Alender, Katie
Clown in a Cornfield
Cesare, Adam
A Cloud of Outrageous Blue
Stamper, Vesper
The Burning Kingdoms
Green, Sally
Bright Raven Skies
Perez, Kristina
The Bone Thief
Shields, Breeana
Bleach : can't fear your own world. I
Narita, Ryōgo, 1980- author.
The Assignment
Wiemer, Liza
Ace of Hearts
Augustine, Myriad
When the stars wrote back : poems
Mateer, Trista, author.
Speak up! : speeches by young people to empower & inspire
Svitak, Adora/ Pinheiro, Camila (ILT)
The Puffin Plan : Restoring Seabirds to Egg Rock and Beyond
Jackson, Derrick Z./ Kress, Stephen W.
Psychology : Why We Smile, Strive, and Sing
Rubini, Julie/ Casteel, Tom (ILT)
Politics is...
Adams, Simon, 1955- author.
The new queer conscience
Eli, Adam, author.
Key Voting Laws
Acks, Alex
In search of safety : voices of refugees
Kuklin, Susan, author, illustrator.
Imaginary borders
Martinez, Xiuhtezcatl, author.
How STEM Built the Mayan Empire
Leavitt, Amie Jane
Heads up : changing minds on mental health
Siebert, Melanie, author.
Cool Math : 50 Fantastic Facts for Kids of All Ages
Pavilion Childrens Book (COR)/ Hewett, Katie
Beyond the gender binary
Vaid-Menon, Alok, author.
Anxiety : the ultimate teen guide
Cik, Kate Frommer, 1984- author.
All boys aren't blue : a memoir-manifesto
Johnson, George M. (George Matthew), 1985-
1789 : Twelve Authors Explore a Year of Rebellion, Revolution, and Change
Aronson, Marc (EDT)/ Bartoletti, Susan Campbell (EDT)
A wicked magic
Laurens, Sasha, author.
What I like about me
Guillaume, Jenna, author.
The voting booth
Colbert, Brandy, author.
The unleashed
Vega, Danielle, author.
This Is My America
Johnson, Kim
The Stepping Off Place
Rosenblum, Cameron Kelly
Splinters of scarlet
Murphy, Emily Bain, author.
The Sky Is Mine
Beashel, Amy
Six months later
Richards, Natalie D., author.
Flanders, KayLynn, author.
The shadow of Kyoshi
Yee, F. C., author.
River of Dreams
Nash, Jan
A peculiar peril
VanderMeer, Jeff, author.
Path of night
Brennan, Sarah Rees, author.
Out Now : Queer We Go Again!
Mitchell, Saundra (EDT)/ Montgomery, Candice (CON)/ Roehrig, Caleb (CON)/ Schrefer, Eliot (CON)/ Lee, C. B. (CON)
One was lost
Richards, Natalie D, author.
Now & when
Bennett Wealer, Sara, author.
Not Another Love Song
Wildenstein, Olivia
Meet Me at Midnight
Pennington, Jessica
Love, Jacaranda
Flinn, Alex
The kinder poison
Mae, Natalie, author.
Jack Kerouac is dead to me
Polisner, Gae, author.
It sounded better in my head
Kenwood, Nina, author.
He must like you
Younge-Ullman, Danielle, author.
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Gone too far
Richards, Natalie D., author.
Goddess in the machine
Johnson, Lora Beth, author.
The Glare
Harrison, Margot
The girl in the white van
Henry, April, author.
Girl from nowhere
Rosenhan, Tiffany, author.
Gimme Everything You Got
Palmer, Iva-Marie
Ghost Wood Song
Waters, Erica
Cast, P. C./ Cast, Kristin
The Fell of Dark
Roehrig, Caleb
The Faithless Hawk
Owen, Margaret
Faith : Taking Flight
Murphy, Julie
Ever cursed
Haydu, Corey Ann, author.
Escape room
Stoffels, Maren, author.
The damned
Ahdieh, Renaee, author.
Burn our bodies down
Power, Rory, author.
Breath like water
Jarzab, Anna, author.
Beyond the break
Buchta, Heather, author.
Being Toffee
Crossan, Sarah, author.
The Beast Warrior
Uehashi, Nahoko/ Hirano, Cathy (TRN)
McKenzie, Paige, author.
All These Monsters
Tintera, Amy
Richards, Alex, 1979- author.
90 Days of Different
Walters, Eric
You're next
Schachte, Kylie, author.
You Say It First
Cotugno, Katie
We Are Not from Here
Sanchez, Jenny Torres
We are not free
Chee, Traci, author.
Today Tonight Tomorrow
Solomon, Rachel Lynn
This Is All Your Fault
Safi, Aminah Mae
McGoran, Jon, author.
Sisters of sword & song
Ross, Rebecca (Rebecca J.), author.
Naruto's Story : Family Day
Miyamoto, Mirei/ Kishimoto, Masashi (CRT)
My eyes are up here
Zimmermann, Laura, 1970- author.
Little creeping things
Ichaso, Chelsea, author.
Kissing lessons
Jordan, Sophie, author.
Keep my heart in San Francisco
Coombs, Amelia Diane, author.
Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.
Igniting darkness
LaFevers, Robin, author.
I'll Be the One
Lee, Lyla
Smith, Crystal, (Crystal Campbell), author.
Dark tide
Jasinska, Alicia, author.
Court of miracles
Grant, Kester, 1984- author.
The Circus Rose
Cornwell, Betsy, author.
Bookish and the beast : a novel
Poston, Ashley, author.
Cawthon, Scott, 1971- author.
You don't live here
Schneider, Robyn, author.
The Wild
Laukkanen, Owen
Where We Go from Here
Rocha, Lucas/ Helena, Larissa (TRN)
The State of Us
Hutchinson, Shaun David
A Song of Wraiths and Ruin
Brown, Roseanne A.
Six Angry Girls
Kisner, Adrienne
One Piece - Ace's Story
Hinata, Sho/ Oda, Eiichiro (CRT)/ Paul, Stephen (TRN)
Now That I've Found You
Forest, Kristina
My Calamity Jane
Hand, Cynthia/ Ashton, Brodi/ Meadows, Jodi
Myers, Walter Dean
Jo & Laurie
Stohl, Margaret, author.
The Jewel Thief
Mobley, Jeannie
I Killed Zoe Spanos
Frick, Kit
How to live on the edge
Scheerger, Sarah Lynn, 1975- author.
The Challenger
Matharu, Taran
Rosen, L. C.
Ness, Patrick
The Sullivan Sisters
Ormsbee, Kathryn
Stay gold
McSmith, Tobly, author.
Yang, Kelly
The Paper Girl of Paris
Taylor, Jordyn
An Outcast and an Ally
Lochner, Caitlin
Nowhere on Earth
Lake, Nick
Home Home
Allen-agostini, Lisa
The Gilded Ones
Forna, Namina
The Friend Scheme
Dietrich, Cale
The Enigma game
Wein, Elizabeth, author.
The Archer at Dawn
Teerdhala, Swati
Out! : how to be your authentic self
McKenna, Miles, author.
The Art of Dumpster Diving
Moses, Jennifer Anne
When You Get the Chance
Ryan, Tom/ Stevenson, Robin
Say Yes Summer
Culli, Lindsey Roth
Sylvester, Natalia, author.
Private Lessons
Salaysay, Cynthia
Hunting November
Mather, Adriana
House of dragons
Cluess, Jessica, author.
The Henna Wars
Jaigirdar, Adiba
Felix ever after
Callender, Kacen, author.
The Fascinators
Eliopulos, Andrew
Don't Ask Me Where I'm from
De Leon, Jennifer/ Garnu, Elena (ILT)
Dear Universe
Gonsalves, Florence
Date Me, Bryson Keller
Van Whye, Kevin
Chasing Lucky
Bennett, Jenn
By the Book
Sellet, Amanda
The Boy in the Red Dress
Lambert, Kristin
The Black Flamingo
Atta, Dean
Aurora Burning
Kaufman, Amie/ Kristoff, Jay
Artemis Fowl
Colfer, Eoin
War and speech
Zolidis, Don, author.
Seven Endless Forests
Tucholke, April Genevieve
Palace of Silver
West, Hannah
Cordova, Zoraida
Hard wired
Vlahos, Len, author.
Four days of you and me
Kenneally, Miranda, author.
Don't Call the Wolf
Ross, Aleksandra
Clique Bait
Valett, Ann
A breath too late
Callen, Rocky, author.
Buxbaum, Julie, author.
Taming of the clueless
Doescher, Ian, author.
Verona Comics
Dugan, Jennifer
Kronzer, Nicole, author.
Time of Our Lives
Wibberley, Emily/ Siegemund-Broka, Austin
Tigers, not daughters
Mabry, Samantha, author.
The silence of bones
Hur, June, author.
Mad, bad & dangerous to know
Ahmed, Samira, author.
The Lucky Ones
Lawson, Liz
Little universes
Demetrios, Heather, author.
The Lightness of Hands
Garvin, Jeff
Late to the Party
Quindlen, Kelly
Kent State
Wiles, Deborah, author.
Golden Arm
Deuker, Carl
Girls save the world in this one
Parsons, Ash, author.