Teen Books

These are fiction and non-ficiton books for teens. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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Choi, Mary H. K., author.
Side Effects May Vary
Murphy, Julie
The Salt in Our Blood
Morgyn, Ava
The queen's secret : sequel to The queen's assassin
De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- author.
Once upon a quinceañera
Gomez-Hira, Monica, author.
Noughts & Crosses
Blackman, Malorie
List of Ten
Gomez, Halli
The Iron Raven
Kagawa, Julie
I Think I Love You
Desombre, Auriane
Hot British Boyfriend
Boyce, Kristy
Home Is Not a Country
Elhillo, Safia
Good Girl, Bad Blood
Jackson, Holly
Follow your arrow
Verdi, Jessica, author.
Finding my voice
Lee, Marie G., author.
The Castle School (for troubled girls)
Sheinmel, Alyssa B., author.
Boy Meets Ghoul
Milano, Birdie
Avatar the Last Airbender : The Art of the Animated Series
DiMartino, Michael Dante/ Konietzko, Bryan
Marvel Greatest Comics : 100 Comics That Built a Universe
Scott, Melanie/ Wiacek, Stephen/ Quesada, Joe (FRW)
The beautiful struggle
Coates, Ta-Nehisi, author.
Wings of Ebony
Elle, J.
The wide starlight
Lesperance, Nicole, author.
We free the stars
Faizal, Hafsah, author.
Warriors of wing and flame
Larson, Sara B., author.
Coon, Kelly
The Thing You're Good at
Choyce, Lesley
Teen Killers Club : novel
Sparks, Lily (Illustrator), author.
A taste for love
Yen, Jennifer, author.
Some other now
Everett, Sarah, author.
Send me their souls
Wolf, Sara, 1990- author.
Rebel daughter
Kaufmann, Lori Banov, author.
Reaper of Souls
Barron, Rena
Mangle, Bethany, author.
Playing with fire
Henry, April, author.
Paradise Island : A Sam and Colby Story
Golbach, Sam/ Brock, Colby/ Triana, Gaby (CON)
The obsession
Sutanto, Jesse Q., author.
Cavallaro, Brittany
The missing passenger
Heath, Jack, 1986- author.
Crowder, Melanie
Malcolm and me
Farmer, Robin, author.
Love is for losers
Brueggemann, Wibke, author.
Love in English
Andreu, Maria E.
Like home
Onomae, Louisa, author.
Laurel everywhere
Moynihan, Erin, 1996- author.
The Initial Insult
McGinnis, Mindy
Goblin king
Barbieri, Kara, author.
Girl on the Ferris Wheel
Halpern, Julie/ Vlahos, Len
From darkness : a novel
Hall, Kate Hazel, author.
Find me their bones
Wolf, Sara, 1990- author.
Fat Chance, Charlie Vega
Maldonado, Crystal
The Electric Kingdom
Arnold, David
Dragonfly Girl
Leimbach, Marti
Destination Anywhere
Barnard, Sara
The Defiance
Gallier, Laura
The deception
Gallier, Laura, author.
A dark and hollow star
Shuttleworth, Ashley, author.
Curse of the Divine
Smejkal, Kim
The Bodyguard
Rodman, Sean
Reintgen, Scott
Be dazzled
La Sala, Ryan, author.
McClintock, Norah, author.
The Angel of Greenwood
Pink, Randi/ Adegbonmire, Foyinsi (EDT)
Your corner dark
Hall, Desmond, author.
When You Look Like Us
Harris, Pamela
Soul of Cinder
Barton, Bree
Sasha Masha
Borinsky, Agnes, author.
Rise of the Red Hand
Chadha, Olivia
The Ravens
Morgan, Kass, author.
Pudge and Prejudice
Pittman, A. K.
A neon darkness
Shippen, Lauren, author.
The meet-cute project
Richardson, Rhiannon, author.
Bracken, Alexandra
The Life I'm in
Flake, Sharon
The Key to Fear
Cast, Kristin
Hold Back the Tide
Salisbury, Melinda
Happily Ever Afters
Bryant, Elise
Miller, G. F., 1977- author.
The glass queen
Showalter, Gena, author.
Girl on the Line
Gardner, Faith
A complicated love story set in space
Hutchinson, Shaun David, author.
Labelle, Sophie/ Homel, David (TRN)
Chlorine sky
Browne, Mahogany L., author.
The Broken Raven
Elliott, Joseph
The ballad of Ami Miles
Alley, Kristy Dallas, author.
Yesterday is history
Jackson, Kosoko, author.
Cashore, Kristin, author.
Wider than the sky
Rothschild, Katherine, 1976- author.
Kaplan, Maxine, author.
A vow so bold and deadly
Kemmerer, Brigid, author.
Blair, Katharyn
Jennings, Sharon
Tales from the Hinterland
Albert, Melissa
The Rules Have Changed
Choyce, Lesley
The project : a novel
Summers, Courtney, author.
The poetry of secrets
Gordon, Cambria, author.
Spafford-Fitz, Karen
A ph̉ơ love story
Le, Loan, author.
Charles, Tami
Mr. Universe
Slade, Arthur
Monsters Among Us
Rodden, Monica
Laure, Estelle, author.
Into the Dark
Gray, Claudia/ Baroni, Giorgio (ILT)
Get a clue
Schmidt, Tiffany, author.
Every single lie
Vincent, Rachel, author.
Don't Tell a Soul
Miller, Kirsten
Court of swans
Dickerson, Melanie, 1970- author.
City of Villains
Laure, Estelle
As far as you'll take me
Stamper, Phil, author.
Be More Chill
Vizzini, Ned/ Levithan, David/ Bertozzi, Nick (ILT)
Concrete kids
Leaon, Amyra, author.
Channel kindness : stories of kindness and community
Born This Way Foundation Reporters (COR)/ Gaga, Lady (CON)
The year Shakespeare ruined my life
Jansen, Dani, 1980- author.
What she found in the woods
Angelini, Josephine, author.
We were restless things
Nagamatsu, Cole, author.
These Vengeful Hearts
Laurin, Katherine
The silvered serpents
Chokshi, Roshani, author.
Sasuke shinden--star pupil
Esaka, Jun, author.
The rule of many
Saunders, Ashley, author.
The rule of all
Saunders, Ashley, author.
Quiet no more
Barthelmess, Nikki, author.
New World / New World
Hamazaki, Tatsuya, writer.
Nobody Knows but You
Rissi, Anica Mrose
Nemesis and the Swan
Bandy, Lindsay K.
The memory of Babel
Dabos, Christelle, 1980- author.
Magic dark and strange
Powell, Kelly, 1991- author.
Legrand, Claire, 1986- author.
Knee deep
Hoeffner, Karol Ann, author.
Just our luck
Walton, Julia, 1986- author.
Iron heart
Varela, Nina, author.
I hope you're listening
Ryan, Tom, 1977 February 26- author.
A golden fury
Cohoe, Samantha, author.
God Storm
Ma, Coco
The girl who wasn't there
Joelson, Penny, author.
Girl on the run
Johnson, Abigail, author.
Five total strangers
Richards, Natalie D., author.
Far from normal
Wallace, Becky, author.
Every other weekend
Johnson, Abigail, 1980- author.
Goodman, Sarah
The End
Strandberg, Mats
Each of us a desert
Oshiro, Mark, author.
The Dubious Gift of Dragon Blood
Freeman, J. Marshall
Charbonneau, Joelle, author.
Dangerous Secrets : The Story of Iduna and Agnarr
Mancusi, Mari/ Lee, Grace (ILT)
Wolff, Tracy, author.
Coffindaffer, Rebecca, author.
Coming Up for Air
Tyndall, Nicole B.
Cloud hopper
Kephart, Beth, author.
The Camino Club
Craig, Kevin, author.
The Brightest Night
Armentrout, Jennifer L.
Blazewrath games
Ortiz, Amparo, author.
Cawthon, Scott
Black Canary : breaking silence
Monir, Alexandra, author.
Be more chill
Vizzini, Ned, 1981-2013, author.
Wonder Women of History
Anderson, Laurie Halse
Where dreams descend
Angeles, Janella, author.
When You Were Mine
Serle, Rebecca
Twin daggers
Connolly, MarcyKate, author.
Together, Apart
Craig, Erin A./ Desombre, Auriane/ Hahn, Erin/ Konigsberg, Bill/ Lippincott, Rachael
Those Who Prey
Moffett, Jennifer
This is not the Jess show
Carey, Anna, author.
This Is Not a Ghost Story
Portes, Andrea
These violent delights
Gong, Chloe, author.
Sword and Pen
Caine, Rachel, author.
Bannen, Megan
Skeleton Knight in Another World V
Hakari, Ennki/ Keg (ILT)
Ember, Julia, author.
Restless Hearts
Scholastic Inc. (COR)/ Strohm, Stephanie Kate
Rent a Boyfriend
Chao, Gloria
Rebel Rose
Theriault, Emma
The Poison Pen
Scholastic Inc. (COR)/ Roehrig, Caleb
The other side of the sky
Kaufman, Amie, author.
Not Your #lovestory
Hartl, Sonia
Master of One
Jones, Jaida/ Bennett, Danielle
Dunn, Pintip, author.
Love & olives
Welch, Jenna Evans, author.
Lies like poison
Pitcher, Chelsea, author.
Ignite the sun
Howard, Hanna C., author.
Here the whole time
Martins, Vitor, 1991- author.
Jackson, Tiffany D., author.
Terry, Teri
Young, Adrienne, 1985- author.
The Ever Cruel Kingdom
Chupeco, Rin
Divided Fire
San Filippo, Jennifer
Dating Makes Perfect
Dunn, Pintip
Dark Blade
Feasey, Steve
Charming as a verb
Philippe, Ben, author.
Cast in firelight
Swift, Dana, author.
The Camelot betrayal
White, Kiersten, author.
Bright Shining World
Swiller, Josh
Boy Meets Hamster
Milano, Birdie
The book of Sam
Shapiro, Rob, 1982- author.
Beautiful Wild
Godbersen, Anna
All Our Worst Ideas
Skinner, Vicky
All I want for Christmas
Roberts, Christa, author.
Super Fake Love Song
Yoon, David
Parker, Natalie C., author.
A sky beyond the storm : a novel
Tahir, Sabaa, author.
The sky above us
Lund, Natalie, author.
Save Steve
Hendriks, Jenni/ Caplan, Ted
The Notorious Virtues
Hamilton, Alwyn
New Year's kiss
Matthews, Lee, author.
The Lives of Saints
Bardugo, Leigh/ Zollinger, Daniel J. (ILT)
Heiress apparently
Ma, Diana, author.
The Greats
Ellis, Deborah
The Good Girls
Bartlett, Claire Eliza
Good Devils
Lynch, Chris
Fall into Me
Gray, Mila
Early Departures
Reynolds, Justin A.
The Cousins
McManus, Karen M.
City of the Uncommon Thief
Bertrand, Lynne
The bitterwine oath
West, Hannah, author.
Winter, White and Wicked
Dittemore, Shannon
Van Tol, Alex, 1973- author.
The valley and the flood
Mahoney, Rebecca, author.
This is how we fly
Meriano, Anna, author.
McClintock, Norah, author.
Something happened to Ali Greenleaf
Krischer, Hayley, author.
McClintock, Norah, author.
The Shadow War
Smith, Lindsay
Rebel sisters
Onyebuchi, Tochi, author.
Queen of Volts
Foody, Amanda
Pretty Funny for a Girl
Elliott, Rebecca
The nemesis
Kincaid, S.J., author.
The morning flower
Hocking, Amanda, author.
Daud, Somaiya, author.
The mall
McCafferty, Megan, author.
Garber, Romina, author.
Junk boy
Abbott, Tony, 1952- author.
Into the Gray
Culbertson, Geanna
In the study with the wrench : a Clue mystery
Peterfreund, Diana, author.
How to Break an Evil Curse
Morrison, Laura
Heart sister
Stewart, Michael F., author.
Forget this ever happened
Clarke, Cassandra Rose, 1983- author.
Echo Island
Wilson, Jared C.
The Do-Over
Honeybourn, Jennifer
Court of lions : a mirage novel
Daud, Somaiya, author.
Chasing Starlight
Black, Teri Bailey
Cane Warriors
Wheatle, Alex
Cabin Girl
Butcher, Kristin
Blood & honey
Mahurin, Shelby, author.
The art of saving the world
Duyvis, Corinne, author.
Reichardt, Marisa, author.
Wolf Girl : finding myself in the wild
Markegard, Doniga, author.
Crispr : A Powerful Way to Change DNA
Ridge, Yolanda/ Boersma, Alex (ILT)
You were never here
Peacock, Kathleen, author.
You Know I'm No Good
Foley, Jessie Ann
The Woods Are Always Watching
Perkins, Stephanie
White Fox
Faring, Sara, author.
When villains rise
Schaeffer, Rebecca, author.
Vampires Never Get Old : Tales With Fresh Bite
Cordova, Zoraida/ Parker, Natalie C.
Under Shifting Stars
Latos, Alexandra
The Truth Project
Medema, Dante
Throwaway Girls
Contos, Andrea
Storm the earth
Wells, Rebecca Kim, author.
Spell starter
Chapman, Elsie, author.
The Shadow Mission
Sarif, Shamim
Scorched Earth
Wallach, Tommy
Mendoza, Paola, author.
Donnelly, Jennifer, author.
One way or another
McDowell, Kara J., author.
Never look back
Rivera, Lilliam, author.
My heart underwater
Fantauzzo, Laurel Flores, author.
Mind the Gap, Dash & Lily
Cohn, Rachel/ Levithan, David
Micah, the Good Girl
Woodfolk, Ashley
Lux, the New Girl
Woodfolk, Ashley
Last chance summer
Klare, Shannon, author.
Kingdom of the Wicked
Maniscalco, Kerri
The invention of Sophie Carter
Hastings, Samantha, author.
Into the Real
Brewer, Z
I am here now
Bottner, Barbara, author.
How It All Blew Up
Ahmadi, Arvin
The Girl of Hawthorn and Glass
Jerreat-poole, Adan
The gifted, the talented, and me
Sutcliffe, William, 1971- author.
Everything I Thought I Knew
Takaoka, Shannon
Every Body Looking
Iloh, Candice
Smith, Roland, 1951- author.
Littman, Sarah, author.
Daughters of Jubilation
Corthron, Kara Lee
Dark Curse
Rose, Danielle
A Cuban girl's guide to tea and tomorrow
Namey, Laura Taylor, author.
Broken wish
Dao, Julie C., author.
Barry Squires, Full Tilt
Smith, Heather T.
Who I was with her
Tyndall, Nita, author.
Wayward witch
Caordova, Zoraida, author.
The Way Back
Savit, Gavriel
The Taker
Cooper, Elley
The Summer of Everything
Winters, Julian
Shipley, Jocelyn
Jung, Jessica, 1989- author.
The peasant's dream
Dickerson, Melanie, 1970- author.
Night shine
Gratton, Tessa, author.
More Happy Than Not : 5th Anniversary Edition
Silvera, Adam/ Thomas, Angie (INT)
The Mirrorworld Anthology
Funke, Cornelia Caroline
Deonn, Tracy, author.
K-pop Confidential
Lee, Stephan
Leno, Katrina, author.
Hey Jude
Spider, Star
Fright Night
Stoffels, Maren, author.
For better or cursed
Williams, Kate, 1980- author.
Fence: striking distance : an original novel
Brennan, Sarah Rees, author.
Even if we break
Nijkamp, Marieke, author.
Dreaming in Color
Florence, Melanie
Double or Nothing
Carter, Brooke
Hughes, Dean, 1943- author.
The bridge
Konigsberg, Bill, author.
Niven, Jennifer
Blood Moon
Cuthew, Lucy
Beyond the ruby veil
Fitzgerald, Mara, author.
All this time
Daughtry, Mikki, author.
All Eyes on Her
Flynn, L. E.
Above all else
Levy, Dana Alison, author.
Ms. Gloria Steinem : A Life
Conkling, Winifred
The Whitsun Daughters
Mesrobian, Carrie
What Goes Up
Heppermann, Christine
Vicious spirits
Cho, Kat, author.
Star Daughter
Thakrar, Shveta
Arcos, Carrie, author.
The Secret Runners
Reilly, Matthew
Lix, Caryn
Lost roads
Maberry, Jonathan, author.
The lady alchemist
Vitale, Samantha, author.
It came from the sky
Sedoti, Chelsea, author.
Stork, Francisco X., author.
I Kissed Alice
Birch, Anna
Harrow Lake
Ellis, Kat, author.
Facing the sun
Mather, Janice Lynn, author.
Terry, Teri
Badger, Darcie Little/ Cai, Rovina (ILT)
Dark Skies
Jensen, Danielle L.
Darius the Great deserves better
Khorram, Adib, author.
Cut Off
Finlay, Adrianne
The Companion
Alender, Katie
Clown in a Cornfield
Cesare, Adam
A Cloud of Outrageous Blue
Stamper, Vesper
The Burning Kingdoms
Green, Sally
The Assignment
Wiemer, Liza
When the stars wrote back : poems
Mateer, Trista, author.