Teen Books

These are fiction and non-ficiton books for teens. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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The Undoing of Thistle Tate
Detweiler, Katelyn
Stranger Things Runaway Max
Yovanoff, Brenna
Soul of Stars
Poston, Ashley
Please send help
Dunn, Gaby, author.
My ideal boyfriend is a croissant
Dockrill, Laura, author.
Just My Luck
Honeybourn, Jennifer
How We Became Wicked
Yates, Alexander
The day Tajon got shot
Writers, Beacon House
Parents' day / Parent's Day
Horikoshi, Khei, 1986- author, artist.
Cronn-mills, Kirstin
The witch's tower
Grantham, Tamara, author.
Wilder Girls
Power, Rory
When summer ends
Pennington, Jessica.
Waiting for Fitz
Hyde, Spencer, author.
Tin heart
Plozza, Shivaun, author.
They Saw Too Much
Gibbons, Alan
The Tesla legacy
Pérez, Kristina, 1980- author
The storm crow
Josephson, Kalyn.
Spin the Dawn
Lim, Elizabeth
Season of the Witch
Brennan, Sarah Rees
Sanctuary Somewhere
Dimmig, Brenna
The rule of one
Saunders, Ashley, author.
Rebels like us
Reinhardt, Liz, author.
The quiet you carry
Barthelmess, Nikki, author.
Past perfect life
Eulberg, Elizabeth, author.
Me Myself & Him
Tebbetts, Chris
Maybe this time
West, Kasie, author.
Devos, Megan
Love & other curses
Ford, Michael Thomas, author.
The last word
Hastings, Samantha, author.
Differently normal
Robinson, Tammy, author.
Deep Girls
Weber, Lori
The dating game
Roache, Kiley, author.
Terry, Teri
Devos, Megan
You and Your Gender Identity : A Guide to Discovery
Hoffman-fox, Dara/ Jones, Zinnia (FRW)/ Finch, Sam Dylan (FRW)/ Keig, Zander (INT)
I Don't Want to Be Crazy
Schutz, Samantha
The Freddy Files
Cawthon, Scott (CRT)/ Cawthon, Scott
We walked the sky
Fiedler, Lisa, author.
Summer of '69
Strasser, Todd
Queen of Ruin
Banghart, Tracy
Pan's Labyrinth : The Labyrinth of the Faun
Toro, Guillermo del/ Funke, Cornelia Caroline
The Odd Sisters
Valentino, Serena
Notes from a former virgin : junior year
Chastain, Emma, 1979- author.
King of Fools
Foody, Amanda
Impossible music
Williams, Sean, 1967- author.
Bowman, Erin, author.
Girl Upside Down
Williams, Nicole
Eve of Man
Fletcher, Giovanna/ Fletcher, Tom
Destroy All Monsters
Miller, Sam J.
Silverstein, Karol Ruth
Bloody Seoul
Patel, Sonia
The Best Lies
Lyu, Sarah
The Beckoning Shadow
Blair, Katharyn
Alien Echo
Grant, Mira
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX / Welcome to Duel Academy
Kageyama, Naoyuki, 1969-
Wicked saints
Duncan, Emily A., author.
Wicked fox
Cho, Kat.
We told six lies
Scott, Victoria, author.
The virtue of sin
Schuren, Shannon.
Technically, you started it
Johnson, Lana Wood, author.
The Sound of Drowning
Fleet, Katherine
Smoke and Key
Sutton, Kelsey, author.
The Sisterhood
Grainger, A. J. (Annalie J.), author.
Return to zero
Lore, Pittacus, author.
The red scrolls of magic
Clare, Cassandra, author.
Out of Salem
Schrieve, Hal, author.
Murder at the St. Alice
Citra, Becky, author.
Watson, Kate (Katherine), author.
Little Pills
Dodds, Melody
In the neighborhood of true
Carlton, Susan Kaplan, author.
In another life
Hunter, C. C, author.
If I'd Known/Knowing You
Donovan, Rebecca
Every Little Bad Idea
Mckay, Caitie
The Demon World
Green, Sally
Turrisi, Kim (ADP)/ Shaftesbury Sales Company (COR)
Call it what you want
Kemmerer, Brigid, author.
Blood heir
Zhao, Amélie Wen, author.
Analiese rising
Drake, Brenda, author.
All of us with wings
Keil, Michelle Ruiz, author.
Teen Guide to Student Activism
Kallen, Stuart A.
Polar Explorer
Hameister, Jade
The Acid King
Pollack, Jesse P.
Wild and crooked
Thomas, Leah, 1989- author.
Where I end and you begin
Norton, Preston, 1985- author.
War of the bastards
Shvarts, Andrew, author.
Virtually yours
Tash, Sarvenaz, author.
This Might Hurt a Bit
Horner, Doogie
This is not a love scene
Megale, S. C., author.
That night
Balog, Cyn, author.
Tell Me How You Really Feel
Safi, Aminah Mae
Teeth in the Mist
Kurtagich, Dawn
Sorry for Your Loss
Foley, Jessie Ann
Sorcery of Thorns
Rogerson, Margaret
Something Like Gravity
Smith, Amber
The Silver Yarn
Yamazaki, Kore
Shadow & Flame
Arnett, Mindee
Screen queens
Goldstein, Lori (Lori A.), author.
Rules we're meant to break
Williamson, Natalie, author.
Goodlett, Ellen, author.
Patron saints of nothing
Ribay, Randy, author.
Other words for smoke
Griffin, Sarah Maria, author.
Ordinary Girls
Thornburgh, Blair
On thin ice
Cross, Julie, author.
Never-contented things
Porter, Sarah, 1969- author.
Like a Love Story
Nazemian, Abdi
Last Bus to Everland
Cameron, Sophie
If It Makes You Happy
Kann, Claire
I'll Never Tell
Haas, Abigail
I Wanna Be Where You Are
Forest, Kristina
Hungry hearts : 13 tales of food & love
Chapman, Elsie (EDT)/ Richmond, Caroline Tung (EDT)/ Chapman, Elsie/ Richmond, Caroline Tung/ Menon, Sandhya
The haunted
Vega, Danielle, author.
The Grief Keeper
Villasante, Alexandra
Girls of July
Flinn, Alex
Ghosts of the shadow market
Clare, Cassandra, author.
The geek's guide to unrequited love
Tash, Sarvenaz, author.
Hurley, Tonya
Castle of lies
Burkhart, Kiersi, author.
The Beholder
Bright, Anna
All the walls of Belfast : a novel
Carlson, Sarah J., author.
All Eyes on Us
Frick, Kit
Mist, metal, and ash
Clare, Gwendolyn.
Trans mission : my quest to a beard
Bertie, Alex, 1995- author.
Marvel Encyclopedia
Lee, Stan/ Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Living with panic disorder
Connor-Smith, Jennifer, 1972- author.
Brave face : a memoir
Hutchinson, Shaun David, author.
The wise and the wicked
Podos, Rebecca, author.
When We Were Lost
Wignall, Kevin/ Patterson, James (FRW)
We Are the Perfect Girl
Kaplan, Ariel
These witches don't burn
Sterling, Isabel, author.
Symptoms of a Heartbreak
Charaipotra, Sona
Road Tripped
Hautman, Pete
The pursuit of Miss Heartbreak Hotel
Bonneau, Monique (Designer), author.
Out of the Shadows
Lore, Pittacus
Missing, presumed dead
Berquist, Emma, author.
The Missing Season
French, Gillian
The Lost Coast
Capetta, Amy Rose
Let Me Hear a Rhyme
Jackson, Tiffany D.
Legrand, Claire, author.
The Kingdom
Rothenberg, Jess, author.
I Love You So Mochi
Kuhn, Sarah
Hold my hand
Barakiva, Michael, author.
Going Off Script
Wilde, Jen
Girl Gone Viral
Ahmadi, Arvin
Fake It Till You Break It
Nguyen, Jenn P.
Don't Date Rosa Santos
Nina Moreno (COR)
Dev1at3 - Deviate
Kristoff, Jay
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1
Whedon, Joss (CRT)/ Bellaire, Jordie/ Mora, Dan (ILT)
Bright burning stars
Small, A. K, author.
Amelia Westlake was never here
Gough, Erin, author.
We hunt the flame
Faizal, Hafsah, author.
We contain multitudes
Henstra, Sarah, author.
Tomb of Ancients
Roux, Madeleine
Through the White Wood
Leake, Jessica
This book is not yet rated
Bognanni, Peter, author.
The Things She's Seen
Kwaymullina, Ambelin/ Kwaymullina, Ezekiel
Testimony from Your Perfect Girl
Hemmings, Kaui Hart
Donnelly, Jennifer, author.
Second in command
Van, Sandi, author.
On a Scale of 1 to 10
Scott, Ceylan
I Wish You All the Best
Deaver, Mason
Happy messy scary love
Konen, Leah, author.
Girls on the verge
Waller, Sharon Biggs, 1966- author.
Dreaming Darkly
Kittredge, Caitlin
The candle and the flame
Azad, Nafiza, author.
You Must Not Miss
Leno, Katrina
With the Fire on High
Acevedo, Elizabeth
When I Was Summer
Howard, J. B.
The truth about leaving
Blitt, Natalie, author.
The Tiger at Midnight
Teerdhala, Swati
MacCarthy, Mariah, author.
Somewhere only we know
Goo, Maurene, author.
Motayne, Maya
The Missing of Clairdelune
Dabos, Christelle/ Serle, Hildegarde (TRN)
The Lovely and the Lost
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
Love from A to Z
Ali, S. K., author.
Last things
West, Jacqueline, 1979- author.
Just for clicks
McDowell, Kara J., author.
Downes, Patrick
If I'm Being Honest
Wibberley, Emily/ Siegemund-Broka, Austin
How to Be Luminous
Hapgood, Harriet Reuter/ Peppermint Frog Limited (COR)
How it feels to float
Fox, Helena, author.
Hot Dog Girl
Dugan, Jennifer
Hope and other punchlines
Buxbaum, Julie, author.
Her royal highness
Hawkins, Rachel, 1979- author.
Going places
Berla, Kathryn, 1952- author.
The First True Thing
Needell, Claire
Everything Grows
Herman, Aimee
The Chosen
Matharu, Taran
Aurora rising
Kaufman, Amie, author.
All we could have been
Carter, T. E. (Young adult author), author.
All Our Broken Pieces
Crichton, L. D.
Coulthurst, Audrey/ Garner, Paula
Serious moonlight
Bennett, Jenn, author.
The raven's tale
Winters, Cat, author.
Nyxia uprising
Reintgen, Scott, author.
The Meaning of Birds
Brown, Jaye Robin
Slade, Arthur
The Hummingbird Dagger
Anstey, Cindy
Earth to Charlie
Olson, Justin
Sim, Tara, author.
An Anatomy of Beasts
Cole, Olivia A.
Race Relations : The Struggle for Equality in America
Diggs, Barbara/ Chapmen Richard (ILT)
You'd be mine : a novel
Hahn, Erin, author.
We rule the night
Bartlett, Claire Eliza, author.
Amado, Elisa/ Urias, Abraham (ILT)
Ahmed, Samira
In the Key of Nira Ghani
Deen, Natasha
Defy the fates
Gray, Claudia, author.
All for one
De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- author.
White Rose
Wilson, Kip, author.
Since We Last Spoke
Rufener, Brenda
A place for wolves
Jackson, Kosoko, author.
The lost
Preston, Natasha, author.
The last voyage of Poe Blythe
Condie, Allyson Braithwaite, author.
Forward Me Back to You
Perkins, Mitali, author.
Descendant of the crane
He, Joan, author.


Brown, Scott, author.
Winter War Awakening
Eves, Rosalyn
Voices / The Final Hours of Joan of Arc
Elliott, David, 1947- author.
The Universal Laws of Marco
Rodrigues, Carmen
Falls, Kat
Trail of Crumbs
Lawrence, Lisa J.
Sky without stars
Brody, Jessica, author.
Spooner, Meagan
Quarantine : A Love Story
Cicatelli-kuc, Katie
Night music
Thorne, Jenn Marie, author.
Meet me in outer space
Grace, Melinda, author.
Killing November
Mather, Adriana
Girls with sharp sticks
Young, Suzanne, author.
Fear of missing out
McGovern, Kate, author.
Fake Plastic Girl
Lisbon, Zara


King, A. S.
Connelly, Neil O, author.
Between the water & the woods
Snaith, Simone, author.
The Beast Player
Uehashi, Nahoko/ Hirano, Cathy (TRN)
When the sky fell on Splendor
Henry, Emily, author.
The waking forest
Wees, Alyssa, author.
Small Town Hearts
Vale, Lillie
Pon, Cindy, 1973- author.
Return of the Thief
Turner, Megan Whalen
McGinnis, Mindy
Cold day in the sun
Biren, Sara L., 1973- author.
Smith, Crystal
Beware the Night
Fleck, Jessika
Rebel Girl Revolution
Charlton-Trujillo, E. E.
The Pioneer
Tyler, Bridget
Opposite of Always
Reynolds, Justin A.
One too many lies
Bowen, L. A., author.
Field notes on love
Smith, Jennifer E., 1980- author.
Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks
Burgoine, 'nathan
It's only the end of the world
Henderson, J. A., author.
Honor Bound
Caine, Rachel/ Aguirre, Ann
Think before you ink : getting tattoos
Faulkner, Nicholas, author.
Scarrow, Alex