Teen Books

These are fiction and non-ficiton books for teens. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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Yamnitz, Candice Pedraza
You should have seen this coming
Michelle, Shani, author.
Year on Fire
Buxbaum, Julie
The Words We Keep
Stewart, Erin
What we harvest
Fraistat, Ann, author.
Waking Romeo
Barker, Kathryn, author.
Very bad people
Frick, Kit, author.
This Rebel Heart
Locke, Katherine
These deadly games
Urban, Diana, author.
Sofi and the Bone Song
Tooley, Adrienne
The silent unseen / A Novel of World War II
McCrina, Amanda, 1990- author.
Sense and second-degree murder
Price, Tirzah, author.
Scout's Honor
Anderson, Lily
Queen of the tiles
Hanna Alkaf, author.
Practical demonology
Rees, Clare, author.
Omens bite
Cast, P. C., author.
A Night to Die for
Schroeder, Lisa
My sister's big fat Indian wedding
Patel, Sajni, 1981- author.
Mountain Runaways
Withers, Pam
Love from Scratch
Hill, Kaitlyn
K-pop Revolution
Lee, Stephan
I am the ghost in your house
Romasco Moore, Mar, author.
High Spirits
Gomera-tavarez, Camille
Her rebel highness
Ma, Diana, author.
Heartbreak Symphony
Kemp, Laekan Zea
Great or Nothing
McCullough, Joy/ Richmond, Caroline Tung/ Sharpe, Tess/ Spotswood, Jessica
Gold Mountain
Yee, Betty G.
The genesis wars
Bowman, Akemi Dawn, author.
The Gaps
Hall, Leanne
Marchant, Kate
The fear
Preston, Natasha, author.
Smith, Crystal
The Drowning Summer
Herman, Christine Lynn
Does My Body Offend You?
Cuevas, Mayra/ Marquardt, Marie
Crimson reign
Zhao, Amaelie Wen, author.
Blaine for the win
Couch, Robbie, author.
An Arrow to the Moon
Pan, Emily X. R.
Anatomy : a love story
Schwartz, Dana, author.
Alone Out Here
Redgate, Riley
Fullmetal Alchemist 1 : The Land of Sand
Inoue, Makoto/ Arakawa, Hiromu (CRT)/ Smith, Alexander O. (TRN)/ Amtower, Rich (CON)
The Charlatan's Boy
Rogers, Jonathan
Looking for JJ
Cassidy, Anne
Henson, Heather, author.
Wrath & Mercy
Rubinkowski, Jessica
The Wolves Are Waiting
Friend, Natasha
Whisper to the Sky
Sigafus, Kim
Griffin, N., author.
Survive the Dome
Jackson, Kosoko, author.
So this is ever after
Lukens, F. T., author.
Shoot the Storm
Taylor, Annette Daniels
Right Where I Left You
Winters, Julian
Remember Me Gone
Stokes, Stacy
Cawthon, Scott, 1971- author.
The Moth Girl
Kamins, Heather
Message not found
Medema, Dante, author.
A magic steeped in poison
Lin, Judy I., author.
Love, decoded
Yen, Jennifer, author.
Live, laugh, kidnap
Noone, Gabby, author.
The Last Laugh
McGinnis, Mindy
Kiss & tell
Khorram, Adib, author.
Halley's Comet
Barnard, Hannes
Fight Like a Girl
Kamal, Sheena
Dig Two Graves
McNeil, Gretchen
Diamond Park
Diederich, Phillippe, 1964- author.
Boys of the beast
Zepeda, Monica, author.
Being Mary Bennet
Peterson, J. C.
Anything but Fine
Madden, Tobias
Always Jane
Bennett, Jenn, author.
All my rage
Tahir, Sabaa, author.
Activate! / Activate!
Russell, Mark, 1971- writer.
Blue flag. 5
Kaito (Manga artist), author, illustrator.
Blue flag. 4
Kaito, author, artist.
Blue flag. 3
Kaito, author, artist.
Blue flag. 2
Kaito, author, artist.
Respect the Mic : Celebrating 20 Years of Poetry from a Chicagoland High School
Kahn, Peter (EDT)/ Abdurraqib, Hanif (EDT)/ Sullivan, Dan (EDT)/ Choi, Franny (EDT)/ Jess, Tyehimba (FRW)
Freedom! : The Story of the Black Panther Party
Martin, Jetta Grace/ Bloom, Joshua/ Martin, Waldo E., Jr.
Food-related stories
Melian, Gaby, author.
Become an App Inventor : The Official Guide from Mit App Inventor: Your Guide to Designing, Building, and Sharing Apps
Lang, Karen/ Mit App Inventor Project (COR)/ Mit Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (COR)
Augusta Savage : the shape of a sculptor's life
Nelson, Marilyn, 1946- author.
And we rise : the Civil Rights Movement in poems
Martin, Erica (Halcyenda Erica), author.
Westerfeld, Scott
The Turning Pointe
Torres, Vanessa L.
The Truth About White Lies
Cole, Olivia A.
Brouwer, Sigmund
This Might Get Awkward
Mcdowell, Kara
One Last Job
Rodman, Sean
One for all
Lainoff, Lillie, author.
No filter and other lies
Maldonado, Crystal, author.
The lost Dreamer
Huerta, Lizz, author.
League of liars
Scholte, Astrid, author.
McLemore, Anna-Marie
In the Serpent's Wake
Hartman, Rachel
Heart of the impaler
Delacroix, Alexander, author.
Grave Message
Payne, Mary Jennifer
Finding her edge
Iacopelli, Jennifer, author.
Face the Music
Choyce, Lesley
Depth of Field
Deen, Natasha
The Demon Tide
Forest, Laurie
The Deep Blue Between
Attah, Ayesha Harruna
Debating Darcy
Dasgupta, Sayantani
Castles in Their Bones
Sebastian, Laura
Blood Scion
Falaye, Deborah
Emezi, Akwaeke
And they lived . . .
Salvatore, Steven, author.
When you get the chance
Lord, Emma, author.
Smith, Joy L.
Salaam, with love
Beg, Sara Sharaf, author.
The rumor game
Clayton, Dhonielle, author.
Lock the doors
Ralph, Vincent, author.
If this gets out
Gonzales, S., 1992- author.
Schwab, Victoria, author.
Tamaki, Mariko, author.
Cinder & Glass
De La Cruz, Melissa
The Book of Living Secrets
Roux, Madeleine
Card, Orson Scott, author.
Ophelia after all
Marie, Racquel, author.
Only a Monster
Len, Vanessa
Once more with chutzpah
Neil, Haley, author.
Loveboat reunion
Wen, Abigail Hing, author.
Ironhead, or, Once a young lady / Or, Once a Young Lady
Rijckeghem, Jean-Claude van, 1963- author.
Hutchinson, Shaun David
How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom
Dojyomaru/ Fuyuyuki (ILT)
How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom
Dojyomaru/ Fuyuyuki (ILT)
How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom
Dojyomaru/ Fuyuyuki (ILT)
Golden boys
Stamper, Phil, author.
Legrand, Claire, 1986- author.
Everything It Takes
Van, Sandi
Daughters of a dead empire
O'Neil, Carolyn Tara, author.
The Chandler Legacies
Nazemian, Abdi
Camp So-and-so
McCoy, Mary
All the right reasons
Mangle, Bethany, author.
Of Fire and Ash
Adams, Gillian Bronte
Why would I lie?
Rule, Adi, author.
This Woven Kingdom
Mafi, Tahereh
Sunny G's Series of Rash Decisions
Dhillon, Navdeep Singh
Ready When You Are
Lonesborough, Gary
Outer Banks : lights out
Sheinmel, Alyssa B., author.
Meadows, Jodi, author.
The New Girl
Sutanto, Jesse Q.
Mirror Girls
McWilliams, Kelly
Midnight Horizon
Older, Daniel
Loner Life in Another World
Goji, Shoji/ Booota (ILT)
The Legend
Mills, Jean
Horror hotel
Fulton, Victoria, author.
The girl who knew too much
Brooks, Tiffany, author.
From dust, a flame
Podos, Rebecca, author.
Fire Becomes Her
Thor, Rosiee
At the end of everything
Nijkamp, Marieke, author.
How It Happens
Elster, Jean Alicia
Vinyl moon
Browne, Mahogany L., author.
The storyteller
Williams, Kathryn, 1981- author.
Serendipity : Ten Romantic Tropes, Transformed
Meyer, Marissa (EDT)/ Bryant, Elise/ Eulberg, Elizabeth/ Johnson, Leah/ McLemore, Anna-Marie
The red palace
Hur, June, author.
One True Loves
Bryant, Elise
My Fine Fellow
Cohen, Jennieke
The Monarchs
Morgan, Kass/ Paige, Danielle
Burton, Jessie, 1982- author.
McGee, Katharine
Love somebody
Roasek, Rachel, author.
The Love Code
Bach, Mette
Lawless spaces
Haydu, Corey Ann, author.
The Kindred
Dow, Alechia
The Ivory Key
Raman, Akshaya
It will end like this
Leigh, Kyra, author.
In Every Generation
Blake, Kendare
In a Heartbeat
Harwood-Jones, Markus
Graziadei, A. L., author.
Norton, Preston
Echoes and empires
Rhodes, Morgan, author.
The Burning Swift
Elliott, Joseph
Bound by Firelight
Swift, Dana
The Bone Spindle
Vedder, Leslie
Beyond the End of the World
Kaufman, Amie/ Spooner, Meagan
Ashes of Gold
Elle, J.
Akata Woman
Okorafor, Nnedi
African Town
Latham, Irene, author.
Listen, Layla
Abdel-Magied, Yassmin
Chronicles of a Luchador
Villareal, Ray
The last little blue envelope
Johnson, Maureen, 1973- author.
Every Line of You
Gibson, Naomi
The Diamond Keeper
Mobley, Jeannie
O'Gorman, Cookie
Las fuentes del silencio : una novela
Sepetys, Ruta, author.
Alguien estaa mitiendo
McManus, Karen M., author.
Evelyn Hooker and the fairy project
Pitman, Gayle E., author.
Story, Kate
The Splendor
Shields, Breeana, author.
Some faraway place
Shippen, Lauren, author.
Sick Girl Secrets
Russell, Anna
The rot
Pettersen, Siri, 1971- author.
Lies my memory told me
Wunsch, Sacha, author.
Lessons in Fusion
Knazan, Primrose Madayag
Sullivan, Mary
Gender Swapped Fairy Tales
Fransman, Karrie/ Plackett, Jonathan
Game changer
Glines, Abbi, author.
Dragonblood ring
Ortiz, Amparo, author.
The city beautiful
Polydoros, Aden, author.
Chances in Disguise
Noble, Diana L.
Believe Me
Mafi, Tahereh
Wolf Soldier
Hannibal, James R.
Tahira in Bloom
Heron, Farah
Pretty Rude for a Girl
Elliott, Rebecca
How Not to Fall in Love
Firkins, Jacqueline
City of shattered light
Winn, Claire, author.
Two Winters
Whalen, Lauren Emily
Tink and Wendy
Jacobson, Kelly Ann
Seven dirty secrets
Richards, Natalie D., author.
The Righteous
Ahdieh, Renee
One of Us Is Lying
McManus, Karen M.
Margot Mertz Takes It Down
Mccrossen, Carrie/ Mcwethy, Ian
Killer content
Roache, Kiley, author.
Good girls die first
Foxfield, Kathryn, author.
The Excalibur Curse
White, Kiersten
The coldest touch
Sterling, Isabel, author.
Catch the Light
Sweeney, Kate
Black was the ink
Coles, Michelle, author.
The Big Reveal
Larsen, Jen
Adachi and Shimamura
Iruma, Hitoma/ Non (ILT)
Zero O Clock
Farley, C. J.
The Upper World
Fadugba, Femi
The midnight girls
Jasinska, Alicia, author.
I'm the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire!
Mishima, Yomu/ Nadare, Takamine (ILT)
City of the Dead
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Ciel in All Directions
Labelle, Sophie/ Zanin, Andrea (TRN)
Aurora's End
Kaufman, Amie/ Kristoff, Jay
Rise up! : how you can join the fight against racism
Fleming, Crystal Marie, 1981- author.
Berserk of Gluttony
Ichika, Isshiki/ Fame (ILT)
Year of the Reaper
Lucier, Makiia
Where I Belong
Mickelson, Marcia Argueta
Where echoes lie
Schuren, Shannon, author.
Under a Starlit Sky
Castellan, E. M.
Strychacz, Isabel, author.
Shusterman, Neal, author.
Queen's Hope
Johnston, E. K.
Oseman, Alice, author.
Into the bloodred woods
Brockenbrough, Martha, author.
The forgotten memories of Vera Glass
Priemaza, Anna, author.
Feather and Flame
Blackburne, Livia
The Bone Wars
Evan, Erin S.
Chasing the Truth : A Young Journalist's Guide to Investigative Reporting
Kantor, Jodi/ Twohey, Megan/ Shamir, Ruby (ADP)
We light up the sky
Rivera, Lilliam, author.
Terciel & Elinor
Nix, Garth
Sway with me
Masood, Syed, author.
Spin me right round
Valdes Greenwood, David, author.
A rush of wings
Weymouth, Laura E., author.
A Psalm of Storms and Silence
Brown, Roseanne A.
Little Thieves
Owen, Margaret
In the ballroom with the candlestick
Peterfreund, Diana, author.
Girls of Fate and Fury
Ngan, Natasha
Freedom Swimmer
Chim, Wai
Fools in Love : Fresh Twists on Romantic Tales
Blake, Ashley Herring (EDT)/ Podos, Rebecca (EDT)/ Barrow, Rebecca/ Chao, Gloria/ Deaver, Mason
Fat Angie Homecoming
Charlton-Trujillo, E. E.
Faith : Greater Heights
Murphy, Julie
Dreams Lie Beneath
Ross, Rebecca
Briar Girls
Wells, Rebecca Kim
When We Were Them
Namey, Laura Taylor
Thirty talks weird love
Narvaaez-Varela, Alessandra, author.
A Tale of the Secret Saint
Touya/ Chibi (ILT)
Out of the Fire
Contos, Andrea
Just Ash
Santana, Sol
Jade Fire Gold
Tan, June C. L.
Hunting by stars
Dimaline, Cherie, 1975- author.
The Color of Dragons
Salvatore, R. A./ Lewis, Erika
Any sign of life
Carson, Rae, author.
Our Way Back to Always
Moreno, Nina
Shattered midnight
Clayton, Dhonielle, author.
The Gilded Cage
Noni, Lynette
Dragon Ball Z : Vizbig edition. Volume 9
Toriyama, Akira, 1955- author, illustrator.