Teen Books

These are fiction and non-ficiton books for teens. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them. 

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You can't kill Snow White
Alemagna, Beatrice, author, illustrator.
Miller, Michael R.
Of cages and crowns
Crump, Brianna Joy, author.
The iron sword
Kagawa, Julie, author.
Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter 1
Reia/ Futaba, Hazuki (ILT)
Hardinge, Frances, author.
This time it's real
Liang, Ann (Young adult author), author.
These Infinite Threads
Mafi, Tahereh
Sun Keep Rising
Lee, Kristen R.
The Stranded
Daniels, Sarah
Stardust in Their Veins
Sebastian, Laura
Seven Faceless Saints
Lobb, M. K.
A ruinous fate
Smith, Kaylie, author.
The roof over our heads
Kronzer, Nicole, author.
Arnett, Mindee, author.
Smith, Lyssa Mia
Rebel, brave and brutal
Dittemore, Shannon, author.
Rebel of Fire and Flight
Marufu, Aneesa
Promise boys
Brooks, Nick, 1989- author.
The pledge
Dietrich, Cale, author.
Planning perfect
Neil, Haley, author.
Out of character
Miller, Jenna, author.
One girl in all the world
Blake, Kendare, author.
Emrich, Alisha, author.
The red oni won't weep
Yoshi, Anri, author.
My Flawless Life
Woon, Yvonne
The Minus-one Club
Magoon, Kekla
Cavallaro, Brittany, author.
Shipley, Jocelyn
Hex you
Cast, P. C., author.
French Kissing in New York
Jouhanneau, Anne-sophie
Fall of the Iron Gods
Chadha, Olivia
Dream to me
Paasch, Megan, author.
City of nightmares
Schaeffer, Rebecca, author.
The cartographers
Zhang, Amy, 1996- author.
The buried and the bound
Hassan, Rochelle, author.
Brighter than the moon
Valdes Greenwood, David, author.
Breakup from Hell
Cardinal, Ann D̀vila
The beauty trials : a Belles novel
Clayton, Dhonielle, author.
And other mistakes
Turner, Erika, author.
Stamper, Phil, author.
Dealing with stress : insights and tips for teenagers
Cognevich, Christie, 1984- author.
The Poison Season
Rutherford, Mara
Never ever getting back together : a novel
Gonzales, Sophie, 1992- author.
Fortress of snow
Dickerson, Melanie, author.
Curse of Shadows
Wilder, A. K.
Veil of winter : a Dericott tale
Dickerson, Melanie, author.
Bones and All
DeAngelis, Camille
The Last Field Party
Glines, Abbi
Gender Swapped : Greek Myths
Fransman, Karrie/ Plackett, Jonathan
Beneath the Burning Wave
Danns, Jennifer Hayashi
Sky Court
Mosley, Faith
Only the pretty lies
Crane, Rebekah, author.
Womack, Philip
Right on Cue
Bradley, Sabine
Grant, Michael, 1954- author.
Alguien para ti
Arcones, Juan
Lure of the dead
Delaney, Joseph, 1945- author.
The Vermilion Emporium
Pacton, Jamie
Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions
Grate, Anthony D./ Rapino, Anthony J.
To Be Maya
Seldeen, Claudia Recinos
Some kind of hate
Littman, Sarah, author.
The shattered city
Maxwell, Lisa, 1979- author.
The Secrets We Keep
Gustafson, Cassie
The q
Tintera, Amy, author.
Other Side of the Tracks
Alyse, Charity
Not good for maidens
Bovalino, Tori, author.
No Escape from the Alhambra
Boie, Kirsten/ Wilson, David Henry (TRN)
Mattie and the Machine
Quezon, Lynn Ng
Lucky girl
Pacton, Jamie, author.
The lies we tell
Zhao, Katie, author.
The do-over
Painter, Lynn, author.
The Darker the Skies
Prosek, Bryan
A consuming fire
Weymouth, Laura E., author.
The 9:09 project
Parsons, Mark H., author.
Socrates : a life worth living
Lehmann, Devra, author.
Salt & Honey : Jewish Teens on Feminism, Creativity, & Tradition
Mandel, Elizabeth (EDT)/ Sippy, Emanuelle (EDT)/ Miller, Maya Savin (EDT)/ Hirsch, Michele Lent (EDT)
Inuunira : My Story of Survival
Koonoo, Brian/ Shannon, Ben (ILT)
Black Internet Effect
Charles, Shavone/ Lukashevsky, Ashley (ILT)
The truth about everything
Farr, Bridget, author.
Things That Burn
Rogers, A. M.
Sally Jones and the False Rose
Wegelius, Jakob/ Graves, Peter (TRN)
Kiki in the Middle
Malaspina, Ann
If Not Us
Smith, Mark
Dandelion Travels
Barber, Angel
We are all we have
Budhos, Marina Tamar, author.
A Thousand Heartbeats
Cass, Kiera
They Both Die at the End
Silvera, Adam
So, This Is Love
Andreen, Tracy
Sanctuary Highway
Hopkins, Ellen
Reader, I Murdered Him
Cornwell, Betsy
The awakening
Epps, Omar, author.
Nine Liars
Johnson, Maureen
Kennedy, Elle
A million to one
Jaigirdar, Adiba, author.
Margot Mertz for the Win
Mccrossen, Carrie/ Mcwethy, Ian
Landers, Melissa
A House Unsettled
Delaney, Trynne
Henry Hamlet's heart
Wilde, Rhiannon, author.
Heartbreak Boys
Green, Simon James
Belittled Women
Sellet, Amanda
Acting the Part
Ellor, Z. R.
The Wicked Remain
Pohl, Laura
Miller-Lachmann, Lyn, 1956- author.
This is our place
Martins, Vitor, 1991- author.
Sugaring off
French, Gillian, author.
She's Gone
Bell, David
Salt and Sugar
Carvalho, Rebecca
Saint : a novel
Young, Adrienne, 1985- author.
Running Through It
Scarfarotti, Lorie
The ones we burn
Mix, Rebecca, author.
The Last Huntress
Borja, Lenore
Jasmine Zumideh needs a win
Boyer, Susan Azim, author.
Cruel illusions
Fuston, Margie, author.
Blood in the Water
Roehrig, Caleb
This Cursed Crown (Original)
Overy, Alexandra
A Wilderness of Stars
Ernshaw, Shea
We deserve monuments
Hammonds, Jas, author.
Strike the zither
He, Joan, author.
No Accident
Bates, Laura
Morrighan : the beginnings of the Remnant universe
Pearson, Mary., (Mary E.) author.
In the city of time
Clare, Gwendolyn, author.
The hunger between us
Scott, Marina, author.
House of yesterday
Zargarpur, Deeba, author.
Meyer, Marissa
Children of Ragnarok
Chima, Cinda Williams, author.
Briarcliff Prep
Peppins, Brianna, author.
Love times infinity
Clarke, Lane, author.
Big Lies : From Socrates to Social Media
Kurlansky, Mark/ Zelz, Eric
Wait for me
Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.
Silver in the Mist
Victoria, Emily
Cashore, Kristin, author.
My Good Man
Gansworth, Eric
Moira's Pen : A Queen's Thief Collection
Turner, Megan Whalen/ So'oteh, Deena (ILT)
Friends like these
Alvarez, Jennifer Lynn, author.
The Maze Cutter
Dashner, James
Stamper, Vesper
Vivy Prototype
Nagatsuki, Tappei/ Umehara, Eiji/ Loundraw (ILT)
Burton, Jessie, 1982- author.
Anonymous noise. 9
Fukuyama, Ryōko, author, artist.
Anonymous noise. 8
Fukuyama, Ryōko, author, artist.
Anonymous noise. 7
Fukuyama, Ryōko, author, artist.
Dragon Ball Z : Vizbig edition. Volume 9
Toriyama, Akira, 1955- author, illustrator.