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Invent-a-pet / by Vicky Fang ; illustrated by Tidawan Thaipinnarong.
"Katie is an ordinary girl who longs for an extraordinary pet—something more spectacular than a simple goldfish. Then one day Katie comes home to find a gift from her mother: a mysterious machine designed to help her create that one-of-a-kind creature. Ea…
Baby builders / by Elissa Haden Guest ; illustrated by Hiroe Nakata.
"Wearing their hard hats, safety goggles, and work boots, a team of toddlers are busy building away. Using excavators, shovels, and bulldozers, they are hard at work making their perfect playhouse blueprint come to life." --publisher's website
Llama Llama family vacation / based on the bestselling children's book series by Anna Dewdney.
Llama Llama is going on his first big trip! He's going to visit his cousins on Sandy Island with Mama Llama and Grandma Llama. But it's a lot of firsts for Llama, and he's feeling nervous. Luckily he's brought along Nelly Gnu's camera and is going to t…
Lost beast, found friend / Nick Kennedy and Josh Trujillo.
"Keelee is a brave, young girl who discovers a purple, fuzzy, funny beast! Together, the two must make their way across this fantastic land to return Beast to his home. This is a touching tale of friendship and fun." --publisher's website
Machines go to work in the city / William Low.
"The train slows down. Is something wrong on the tracks? Lift the flap to see!...The building frame has grown as tall as the crane. Can the crane operator still work? Lift the flap to find out." --book jacket
A story about Afiya / [written by] James Berry ; [illustrated by] Anna Cunha.
Some people have dresses for every occasion but Afiya needs only one. Her dress records the memories of her childhood, from roses in bloom to pigeons in flight, from tigers at the zoo to October leaves falling. A joyful celebration of a young girl's child…
Leap frog / Jane Clarke ; illustrated by Britta Teckentrup.
"What’s that noise? The jungle can be a scary place for a tiny tree frog like Felix, and all the strange noises are making him a little bit jumpy. Help Felix find a safe place--and perhaps a special someone--so he can nod off for a peaceful sleep"--Provid…
Rover throws a party : inspired by NASA's curiosity on Mars / by Kristin L. Gray ; pictures by Scott Magoon.
"It's Rover's anniversary on Mars! Time to celebrate by throwing the best party this planet has ever seen. Rover hands out invitations all over town, but it seems like he's the only one around. Will anyone come to the party, or will Rover be all alone on …
Clem and Crab / Fiona Lumbers.
A girl helps a crab with plastic wound around its claw while she is cleaning up a beach, and ends up inspiring others to take care of the beach as well.
ABCs at the beach / by Jennifer Marino Walters ; illustrated by Nathan Y. Jarvis.
"A fun and colorful day at the beach. Check the lively illustrations for things that start with each letter of the alphabet. How many can you see?"--Provided by publisher.
RoboBaby / David Wiesner.
Excited by the arrival of a new baby, a family of robots is nearly undone by technical difficulties until big sister steps in and repairs the situation.
Pete the cat : crayons rock! / Kimberly & James Dean.
When his friends are less than impressed by the crayon portraits he draws of them, Pete the cat begins doubting his artistic abilities before reconnecting with his unfailingly creative, groovy spirit and the realization that there are no mistakes in art.
Falling for autumn / by Kimberly & James Dean.
Realizing how much he appreciates everything the autumn season has to offer, an ever-groovy Pete the Cat participates in corn mazes, hay rides and apple picking.
This is a dog / Ross Collins.
Uh-oh! An excitable (but very lovable) dog has found his way into this First Animals book and he will not let any of the other animals take their turn. Dogs are far more important, after all! And when the other animals get angry, this dog comes up with a …
Ready, race, rescue! / adapted by Hollis James ; based on the teleplay by Andy Guerdat and Steve Sullivan ; illustrated by MJ Illustrations.
"Chase, Marshall, Skye, and the rest of Nickelodeon's PAW Patrol are all revved up for the Adventure Bay 500! Can these pit-crew pups keep the cars on the track while stopping a plot to ruin the race?" --publisher's website
You be mommy / written by Karla Clark ; illustrated by Zoe Persico.
"Mommy's too tired to be Mommy tonight. Can you be Mommy and hold me tight? In this clever, rhyming picture book, a mother tells her child that she's simply too tired to be Mommy tonight and asks her daughter to take over for her." --book jacket
The seedling that didn't want to grow / Britta Teckentrup.
It's early spring and below the earth's surface seeds are just starting to sprout. One by one they stretch through the dirt and towards the sun, extending their shoots and leaves and growing tall. All except for one seedling, who isn't quite ready. Each p…
Mommy, carry me please! / Jane Cabrera.
Various baby animals ask their mothers to carry them on their backs, in their mouths, or even on their heads.
Rosie : stronger than steel / by Lindsay Ward.
A brave tractor farms for freedom in a story inspired by women who acted with courage and strength in American factories and on British farms during World War II.
Welcome to camp coral! / David Lewman ; based on the screenplay by Tim Hill ; illustrated by Heather Martinez.
"Part origin story, part rescue mission, and part buddy road trip, the all new feature-length movie follows SpongeBob, Patrick, and the entire Bikini Bottom crew as they embark on a journey that spans from childhood to an adventure to save their friend, G…
The great Gary rescue! / adapted by David Lewman ; based on the screenplay by Tim Hill ; illustrated by Dave Aikins.
"Part origin story, part rescue mission, and part buddy road trip, the all new feature-length movie follows SpongeBob, Patrick, and the entire Bikini Bottom crew as they embark on a journey that spans from childhood to an adventure to save their friend, G…
I am brown /  written by Ashok Banker ; illustrated by Sandhya Prabhat.
"I am brown. I am beautiful. I am perfect. I designed this computer. I ran this race. I won this prize. I wrote this book. A joyful celebration of the skin you're in--of being brown, of being amazing, of being you"
When my brother gets home / Tom Lichtenheld.
A boy imagines amazing adventures he will have when his brother arrives home.
I'm sorry! / by Barry Timms ; illustrated by Sean Julian.
"Scribble and Swoop are the best of friends - until the day they have a TERRIBLE ARGUMENT! Which friend will be the first to say, "I'm Sorry"? And can an apology fix their precious friendship?"
Boundless sky / Amanda Addison, Manuela Adreani.
"Nobody knew, nobody dreamed, nobody even considered the possibility that a bird that fits in your hand might fly halfway around the world looking for a place to nest . . . or that a young girl from northern Africa might flee halfway around the world ..."…
It's my sausage / Alex Willmore.
Five hungry cats argue over who gets the yummy, scrummy sausage.
The bug collector / Alex G. Griffiths.
"George loves bugs. Big ones, leggy ones, ones that glow. So he decides to become the world's best collector. But fabulous creatures aren't meant for a life in a bottle." --book jacket
Welcome to your world / Smriti Prasadam-Halls ; illustrated by Jaime Kim.
" With lyrical language and stunning illustrations, Welcome to Your World takes readers from ice-capped mountains to the depths of the sea. Tender scenes between animals and their babies encourage families to join in the loving bond that connects them to …
The little wolves / Svenja Herrmann ; Józef Wilkoń ; translated by David Henry Wilson.
"While mother wolf is on the hunt, her four little wolves venture out of their cave for the first time to find a night filled with new scents and promises. After befriending a hedgehog, discovering their own reflections, and escaping from a hunter, they a…
Let's dance! / written by Valerie Bolling ; illustrated by Maine Diaz.
"Tap, twirl, twist, spin! Different kinds of dances have different kinds of moves, and you can do all of them--from break dance to ballet!" --book jacket
Frankenstein doesn't wear earmuffs! / John Loren.
A young trick-or-treater has the best Frankenstein costume ever...if he can make it out the front door! Every time he tries to set foot into the dark and stormy night, his parents interrupt with yet another warm and cozy addition to his costume. But Frank…
A teacher is the greatest gift / by E. B. Cobbler, illustrated by Sarah Jennings.
"What does your teacher mean to you? They can be a compass that points the way, an umbrella in a windy storm, an encyclopedia of knowledge--a teacher can be all these things and more. When we remember all the different things our teachers have taught us, …
Summer song / by Kevin Henkes ; illustrated by Laura Dronzek.
Illustrations and easy-to-read text introduce the colors, songs, and activities of summer.
Pete the Cat 5-minute bedtime stories / by Kimberly & James Dean.
Collects twelve stories featuring Pete the Cat doing such things as visiting the library, planning a bake sale, and finding a treasure map.
Pete the Cat's groovy guide to kindness : tips from a cool cat on how to be kind / by Kimberly & James Dean.
A collection of quotes by famous notables, including Henry James, Booker T. Washington, and Judy Blume, echoes Pete the Cat's thoughts on kindness.
Lift / words by Minh Lê ; art by Dan Santat.
Iris, who has always been the one to push the elevator button, is displeased when her little brother starts to do it before she gets chance, so she uses a discarded button to take her someplace else--anyplace else.
Danbi leads the school parade / by Anna Kim.
Thrilled to start at her new school in America before she renders her diverse class silent as the first Asian student most of them have ever seen, little Danbi uses the power of her imagination to make friends, learn the rules and lead everyone during a f…
Together we grow / written by Susan Vaught ; illustrated by Kelly Murphy.
When a bad storm drives all of the farm animals into the barn, can they set aside their fears and welcome wild animals, too?
Sloth went / Adam Lehrhaupt ; illustrated by Benson Shum.
"Today is Sloth's big day. He's excited. But he's also nervous. What if something happens? What if nothing happens? Sloth Went is a book about poop. It's also an adventure in facing your fears, gaining independence, and learning to do what you have …
Mars' first friends : come on over, rovers / Susanna Leonard Hill and Elisa Paganelli.
"In a solar system full of planets, Mars feels all alone. No one has time to play with him. Will he ever get a playmate? Mars' First Friends is a universal story about man's—and Mars'—best friends—our beloved pets. In this sweet solar system book, Mars i…
When the storm comes / written by Linda Ashman ; illustrated by Taeeun Yoo.
"When stormy skies threaten, people stock up on supplies, bring in their outside toys, and check the news for updates. And during the storm, if the power goes out, they can play games and tell stories by candlelight. But what do animals do? They watch and…
Piglette / by Katelyn Aronson ; pictures by Eva Byrne.
"Piglette can be a bit particular by her siblings’ standards. She always wants everything to be perfect. While her many brothers and sisters like rolling in the mud, Piglette prefers pampering in a mud bath. While her siblings eat slop, Piglette prefers p…
It's not my fault! / words by Jory John ; art by Jared Chapman.
"A boy steadfastly refuses to take responsibility for any of his mistakes. He just blames everything on his pen, his backpack, his comb, his pillow--whatever happens to be at hand. For a while, this approach works at home and at school. He’s positively co…
Library books are not for eating! / by Todd Tarpley ; illustrated by Tom Booth.
"Ms. Bronte loves being a teacher, but she has one small problem--she also really loves eating books!" --back cover
I love me! / by LaRonda Gardner Middlemiss ; illustrated by Beth Hughes.
"This affirming picture book features a diversity of races and ethnicities, physical features, body types, abilities and disabilities. I Love Me teaches all kids they have many, many reasons to love themselves." --back cover
When the Earth shook / words by Lisa Lucas ; pictures by Laurie Stein.
"Alya and Atik are stars. Their job is to twinkle in the night sky over Earth, and for billions of years they do it well. Plants stretch toward them. Animals look up at them. And, eventually, humans gaze up at them and marvel. But then humans invent power…
Brick by brick / Heidi Woodward Sheffield.
"Papi is a bricklayer, and he works hard every day to help build the city, brick by brick. His son, Luis, works hard too–in school, book by book. Papi climbs scaffolds, makes mortar, and shovels sand. Luis climbs on the playground and molds clay into tiny…
Desert girl, monsoon boy / written by Tara Dairman ; illustrated by Archana Sreenivasan.
"One girl. One boy. Their lives couldn’t be more different. While she turns her shoulder to sandstorms and blistering winds, he cuffs his pants when heavy rains begin to fall. As the weather becomes more severe, their families and animals must flee to s…
Moonbear / Frank Asch.
"The very first time bear saw the moon, it was love at first sight. Bear admired the moon night after night, but he soon realized it was growning smaller. How can Beear keep the moon from disappearing forever? Meet the original Moonbear." --book jacket
Foodie faces / Bill and Claire Wurtzel.
"No matter how you’re feeling—silly, grumpy, happy, or shy—now you can see your face mirrored back on your dinner plate! Find twenty-two different emotions inside the pages of this book, made out of everything from strawberries to pita bread to carrots (a…
Only the cat saw / Ashley Wolff.
"When night falls, a family eases into supper, bath, and bedtime. But while their day is ending, their farm cat’s adventures have just begun! Only the cat sees the sun set over a flock of sheep, an owl stalking a mouse, a shooting star and much, much more…
Wishes for little one : a heartfelt gift filled with special wishes for baby / by Sandra Magsamen.
"Our wishes are a gift to inspire you. As you read these wishes written just for you, always remember that wishes really do come true." --book jacket
A is for another rabbit / Hannah Batsel.
Over the protests of Owl, a narrator introduces an alphabet consisting entirely of rabbits.
Me and my sister / Rose Robbins.
A boy relates how he and his autistic sister are alike and different, and some of the ways in which they show their love for each other.
Roy digs dirt / David Shannon.
Roy is a West Highland terrier who loves to dig in the dirt and mud; sometimes he buries things, and sometimes he finds things, but mostly he just likes to dig--even though he does not like the bath that may follow the digging.
Grandma's girl : all the things I wish for you! / words by Susanna Leonard Hill ; pictures by Laura Bobbiesi.
"With all of my heart, I wish for you. There are so many marvelous things a girl will experience and become in her life, and Grandma understands it all--because she's been there once too. This little book of love brings the generations together and cele…
What is family on Sesame Street? / words by Craig Manning ; pictures by Ernie Kwiat.
Illustrations of Sesame Street characters and simple, rhyming text explore the many different forms a family can take, all of which revolve around love.
One little bag : an amazing journey / Henry Cole.
"From a tall tree growing in the forest--to the checkout counter at the grocery store--one little bag finds its way into the hands of a young boy on the eve of his first day at school And so begins an incredible journey of a paper bag that is used and re…
What could that be? / by Reza Dalvand.
"One day, the forest gleamed in colors as beautiful as never before and there in the clearing between the trees the glittered green and red, lay something small and mysterious. What on earth could it be?...Reza Dalvand tells a story that is simple and im…
That's life! / written by Ame Dyckman ; illustrated by Cori Doerrfeld.
"Whose knocking? Oh! That's Life! Just hand on 'til Life settles down! (Eventually.) Read on for a pupular-expression packed, fun-filled journey of just about everything Life has to offer--adventures, surprises, messes, lessons, and beautiful things …
Cave dada / Brandon Reese.
"Even after a long day of hunting and gathering, dada will do anything for baba. But baba wants a book. No a big book. No, the biggest book. Poor dada! In a tale as aold as time, or at least as old as the Stone Age, author-illustrator Brandon Reese c…
The elephants' guide to hide-and-seek / words by Kjersten Hayes ; pictures by Gladys Jose.
The Elephant Hobby and Sport League provides tips for elephants who love their human friends but are tired and frustrated by their own inability to hide and not be found.
All aboard the Moonlight Train / by Kristyn Crow ; illustrated by Annie Won.
"Not sleepy yet? Then grab your ticket and climb aboard the Moonlight Train! You can read books with a lion in a cozy story nook, eat pancakes with warthogs, and climb the long neck of a giraffe for the best view ever. Now each bedtime will be an unfor…
Can I play too? / by Samantha Cotterill.
"Click! Clack! Snap! Two friends are building a train track! But one of the boys has a vision of exactly how the train should look, and isn't flexible when his friend joins in. It seems like a disaster for both the train and the friendship, until a k…
The little duckling who wouldn't get wet / Gek Tessaro ; translated from the Italian by Grace Maccarone.
"The big duck, the cat, the dog, and the turkey try to push the duckling into the water. But the duckling refused to get wet. At least, not yet!" --book jacket
Imagine that! / by Tom Burlison ; illustrated by Sara Sanchez.
Elliot becomes friends with Ruby, who shows him all the adventures thay can have using their imagination.
Daddy loves you! / written by Helen Foster James ; illustrated by Petra Brown.
In this rhyming story featuring rabbit characters, a father conveys his love for his newborn baby and hope for the future.
Where'd my Jo go? / written by Jill Esbaum and illustrated by Scott Brundage.
When Big Al the little dog gets separated from his trucker friend, Jo, at a roadside rest area, he patiently waits, resisting the attention of other drivers, knowing that Jo will return and find him.
To the moon and back for you / words by Emilia Bechrakis Serhant ; art by EG Keller.
Celebrates the longing that mothers feel in their quest to have children and the unconditional love they have for them when they are born.
Bad brows / by Jason Carter Eaton ; illustrated by Mike Petrik.
Bernard is mystified as to why everyone he encounters reacts strangely towards him, but he soon realizes that his facial expressions, more specifically his eyebrows, are conveying emotions he does not feel, leaving Bernard to wonder if he is doomed to liv…
The bear's garden / Marcie Colleen ; illustrated by Alison Oliver.
A little girl's creativity, dedication, and imagination turn a vacant city lot into a beautiful community garden.
When the babies came to stay / by Christine McDonnell ; pictures by Jeanette Bradley.
When four babies arrival on an island with notes saying, "Please keep this baby safe," the islanders come together and help raise them.
Things that go away / Beatrice Alemagna.
A young girl shares things that go away, from sleep and small wounds to bubbles and music, in a text with tracing paper between pages to transform the images.
Like best friends / words by Bob Raczka ; illustrations by Merrilee Liddiard.
Follows a boy who heads for the playground, where he finds a girl on a swing who beckons him to join her--and soon they are giggling like best friends.
Frog boots / by Jill Esbaum ; illustrated by Joshua Heinsz.
After picking out a pair of shimmery purple boots with poison-dart frogs on them while school shopping, young Dylan proudly wears them to school until a classmate laughingly informs him that they are girls boots.
When Grandpa gives you a toolbox / written by Jamie L.B. Deenihan ; illustrated by Lorraine Rocha.
A boy is disappointed when his grandfather gives him a toolbox as a gift, until he learns he can use it to build exactly what he wants with his own two hands.
Window / Marion Arbona.
While on her walk home from school, a young girl passes by many different windows and imagines what is happening inside.
5-minute girl power stories / all illustrations by the Disney Storybook Art Team.
Collects twelve tales featuring Disney characters, in stories that take less than five minutes to read.
Malo and the merry-go-round / Maria Dek.
"It's a beautiful day and Malo has promised to help his best friend Poto make pickles. But when Malo hears there's a new merry-go-round in the forest, all bets are off. Abandoning Poto, he rushes through the forest, ignoring a boar in need of help, snappi…
Mabel : a mermaid fable / Rowboat Watkins.
"A lovely and laugh-out-loud picture book from the award-winning author of Rude Cakes and Most Marshmallows. A silly read-aloud tale for kids about being yourself! Mabel isn't like the other mermaids. Lucky isn't like the other octopuses. But when they f…
The sky is the limit : a celebration of all the things you can do / Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar.
"A world full of wonder is waiting for you . . . the sky is the limit of what you can do! The only thing needed to begin this marvelous adventure? YOU! From far-reaching endeavors to the quieter milestones that have a magic all of their own, this gift-y …
The nest that wren built / Randi Sonenshine ; illustrated by Anne Hunter.
T"In the rhyming style of “The House That Jack Built,” this poem about the care and specificity that Carolina wrens put into building a nest is at once tender and true to life. Papa and Mama Wren gather treasures of the forest, from soft moss for a lining…
Kaia and the bees / Maribeth Boelts ; illustrated by Angela Dominguez.
K"Kaia is the brave type. Like hottest-hot-pepper brave. But there is one thing that scares her: BEES! And right now, thousands of bees live on her roof because Kaia’s dad is a beekeeper. Her dad says that the world needs bees and that’s why they are beek…
Only a tree knows how to be a tree / Mary Murphy.
"Trees have leaves that turn sunshine into food. Amazing! Birds build nests, sing songs, hatch eggs, and fly. Dogs are our friends and can move their ears to tell us how they feel, while fish live in water, flashing like jewels. As for people, every perso…
Counting our blessings / Emma Dodd.
"In this affirming story, beloved children’s book creator Emma Dodd combines a counting element with a celebration of all that is important in life. From a home full of love to the blue sky above, little ones will be reassured by the reminder of everythin…
What matters most / Emma Dodd.
A small horse and a large horse discover that love connects them, whatever their differences."A small horse and a large horse celebrate their unconditional love in a sweet story full of gentle rhymes and foil-embellished illustrations. Beloved children’s …
Llama Llama mother's day present / based on the bestselling children's books series by Anna Dewdney.
"Llama Llama is determined to make Mother’s Day as special as possible for his mama. Your little llamas will love relating to their favorite picture book character as he faces new and challenging situations."--publisher's website
Goodnight, veggies / Diana Murray and Zachariah OHora.
"Every veggie needs their shut-eye in this bedtime book that celebrates community, the joys of a small garden, and the importance of taking care of ourselves...As the sun begins to set, the tomatoes are tuckered out, the cucumbers are calm, and the beets …
The Berenstain Bears : honesty counts / by Mike Berenstain.
"In The Berenstain Bears Honesty Counts the Bear family is headed out for the annual cub campout and are especially excited about the canoe race down Rapid River. Who will win the big race and ribbons? The competition between Brother and Sister’s team and…
Bonaparte plays ball / by Margery Cuyler ; illustrated by Will Terry.
"It’s the Weird Series and Bonaparte’s team, the Little Monsters, are gearing up to play against the Mighty Aliens for the championship title. The competition is fierce and Bonaparte, of course, is a jumble of bones. What if he loses his backbone while a…
World so wide / Alison McGhee ; with illustrations by Kate Alizadeh.
This "picture book celebrates the wonder of a child's first experiences and the boundless love between parents and children." --book jacket
One earth / written by Eileen Spinelli ; illustrated by Rogério Coelho.
An illustrated counting rhyme that celebrates the beauty of nature and recommends ways to protect our one and only world, including recycling, conserving energy, and repairing broken items.
Long-haired cat-boy cub / Etgar Keret ; illustrated by Aviel Basil ; translated by Sondra Silverston.
"What happens when a tired boy with a fertile imagination is left to fend for himself at the zoo? Well, if his father is too busy to play and must talk business on his phone, and it's close to naptime, then, a lot." --back cover
Fire truck vs. dragon / by Chris Barton ; art by Shanda McCloskey.
Friends Fire Truck and Dragon demonstrate what a good team they make at campfires, cookouts, birthday parties, and more, but in unexpected and unimpressive ways.
Under the lilacs / E.B. Goodale.
Jenny runs away from home because her mother and sister are too busy for her, but being independent is only fun for a little while.