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The roll-away pumpkin / Junia Wonders ; [illustrated by] Daniela Volpari.
"One a windy autumn day, Marla Little comes running down the hill, yelling, 'Help! My giant pumpkin is rolling away! Onward it goes, rolling and turnign, with no sign of stopping! Diddle-dee-doo! Oh, what shall I do?'" --back cover
Comfy princess capers / by Suzanne Francis ; illustrated by Denise Shimabukuro and the Disney storybook art team.
"In the Internet, the avatars of the Disney princesses and Frozen‘s Anna and Elsa are rulers of, leading sing-alongs and participating in quizzes and games. But all that changed when Vanellope von Schweetz rushed into their dressing room! N…
Tractors / written by Amy Johnson ; illustrated by Ela Smietanka.
Introduces young readers to different types of farm equipment.
Trucks / written by Amy Johnson ; illustrated by Craig Shuttlewood.
"Trucks are a common sight on the road, and there are many different kinds of trucks to learn about"--
Little Zebra / Julie Abery ; art by Suzie Mason.
Little Zebra wants to have fun and meet new friends, but when she gets separated from her herd on the African plains, Mama guides her to the trail.
Baby's blanket / [text by Georgiana Deutsch ; illustrated by Dubravka Kolanovic]
"Join a group of cozy animal friends who love their bright, soft, snuggly blankets! With a colorful felt flap to lift in every scene, little ones will enjoy playing peek-a-boo to see what's hidden under everyone's special blanket!"--Back cover
Inside Cat / Brendan Wenzel.
"Inside Cat is just that: an inside cat. But while the cat's life is bound by the walls of an unusual house, it's far from dull. As the cat wanders, wonders, stares, and snacks, roaming from room to room and place to place, both cat and reader discover wo…
Construction site : road crew, coming through! / Sherri Duskey Rinker and AG Ford.
Told in rhyming text, seven new road-building machines set out on a job--building, rolling, paving, and painting a brand new road.
Chez Bob / by Bob Shea.
"Welcome to Chez Bob, which seems like a real restaurant…until you realize…it’s on an alligator’s NOSE! Bob’s got a hidden plan for his customers: 'Birds will come to eat, but I will eat the birds!' As they fly in from all over the world to dine on Bob’s …
Next stop : kindergarten! : a preschool graduation affirmation / Brooke Jorden ; illustrated by Julia Back.
The perfect kindergarten prep book that both celebrates preschool grads and helps them review what they learned!
Once upon a time... there was a greedy king : a tale about love / writer, Kathryn Jewitt ; illustrated by Maja Andersen.
"Greedy King Midas is granted a wish--everything he touches will turn to gold! But he soon finds out that there are some things that are more important than being rich." --back cover
Guess what!? / by Mo Willems.
"Zoom Squirrel is excited to go to the beach. But what will happen when Zoomy and pals finally get there? Do you know more about going to the beach than Squirrels do? You will by the end of the book!" --back cover
A house / Kevin Henkes.
"What makes a house a house? A roof? A door? A window? A floor? What makes a house a home? A cat? A dog? Someone to love? You?" --book jacket
ABC : let's celebrate you & me : a celebration of all the things that make us unique and special, from A to Z! / Jessie Ford.
"ABC Let’s Celebrate You & Me presents a whole alphabet full of positive attributes kids can celebrate, including their bodies, skin, eyes, and hair, on the outside, as well as inner qualities, such as their interests, kindness, and personalities. ABC Le…
Home alone / Barbara Nascimbeni.
"How much trouble can a cute, little dog get into when she’s left alone at home all day? With the human out to work, this pup knows how to live! She rides scooters, makes delicious sandwiches, and plays dress-up in fabulous out ts. It turns out the most i…
The pepperstorm / Rafael Ordóñez ; Marisa Morea ; translation: Laura Victoria Fielden.
"Did you know that elephants are scared of mice? A long time ago, it was the other way around, and it was mice who were afraid of elephants. But one day everything changed...that was the day of the pepperstorm!" --back cover
An Elephant & Piggie biggie! Volume 4 / by Mo Willems.
Collects five humorous adventures featuring Elephant Gerald and Piggie.
How do dinosaurs say goodbye? / Jane Yolen ; illustrated by Mark Teague.
Saying goodbye can be hard even for dinosaurs. When they have to part from a loved one, they might cry, or hide in their bedrooms, or even write DON'T GO! on the wall. But with a little courage, they can face their fears. They cantell grown-ups how the…
Change sings : a children's anthem / Amanda Gorman ; Loren Long.
"In this stirring, much-anticipated picture book by presidential inaugural poet and activist Amanda Gorman, anything is possible when our voices join together. As a young girl leads a cast of characters on a musical journey, they learn that they have the …
rAinbowZ / Michael Arndt.
"Learn your ABCs and your ROYGBVs in this colorful book of rainbows" --back cover
The Chickentown mystery / text and illustrations: Albert Arrayás ; translation: Carine Laforest.
"The hens of Chickentown are mysteriously vanishing! Miss Henrietta the wise witch, wants to know why. Are the disappearances conneted to the Golden Feather competition, just days away? To solve this case, you'll need to keep your wits about you! Beca…
Big and little / written by Yang Hang ; illustrated by Lia.
"Big Raccoon and Little Raccoon are best friends. They like doing fun things together and love each other very much. One day, when they're on their way to their favorite picnic spot, the two raccoons meet a snail who tries to climb a rock. Little Racco…
I am courage : a book of resilience / by Susan Verde ; art by Peter H. Reynolds.
"When we picture someone brave, we might think they’re fearless; but real courage comes from feeling scared and facing what challenges us anyway. When our minds tell us 'I can’t,' we can look inside ourselves and find the strength to say, 'Yes, I CAN!'...…
My two border towns / by David Bowles ; illustrated by Erika Meza.
"Early one Saturday morning, a boy prepares for a trip to The Other Side/El Otro Lado. It’s close–just down the street from his school–and it’s a twin of where he lives. To get there, his father drives their truck along the Rio Grande and over a bridge, w…
The happy pumpkin / illustrated by MacKenzie Haley.
A happy little pumpkin longs to find the perfect family in time for Halloween, in this heartwarming board book about not judging others based on how they look.
Be strong / Pat Zietlow Miller ; illustrated by Jen Hill.
"When her gym class must face the school rock-climbing wall, Tanisha is discouraged. Her muscles are weak, and she knows she'll never reach the top like Cayla. But maybe strength is about more than just muscles. With help from her family, Tanisha learns…
What is fall? / cover art and interior illustrations by Genie Espinosa.
"Celebrate fall with this book that's filled with pumpkins, acorns, candy apples, and more!" --back cover.
Spookytale / by Christopher Franceschelli ; art by Allison Black.
Follows two children through a dark wood across a swamp, past rusted gates, and into a haunted house. Includes die-cut holes and fold-out pages.
Hardly haunted / Jessie Sima.
"House has a problem. She’s a little spooky. She’s a little cobwebby. Oh, no! What if she’s haunted? She’s not sure, but…her hinges creak. Her pipes bang. And on windy days, the branches scritch-scratch at her windows. She tries to hold her breath and b…
There's a witch in your book / written by Tom Fletcher ; illustrated by Greg Abbott.
"Hocus Pocus! There's a witch in your book, and she's making a terrible mess. Can you use your own magic to show Witch who's boss and help her keep your book tidy?" --book jacket
PAW Patrol : the movie / adapted by Mary Man-Kong ; illustrated by Emi Ordás.
"Chase, Skye, Rubble, and the rest of the pups are come to the big screen in PAW Patrol: The Movie, an all-new theatrical event. Can Ryder and his heroic team save Adventure City from the meddling Mayor Humdinger in their greatest rescue ever?" --publishe…
Be brave, little pup / by Elle Stephens ; illustrated by Fabrizio Petrossi.
Chase, the police dog member of the PAW Patrol, introduces himself, recounts how he began as a frightened, homeless puppy on the streets of Adventure City, and tells how afraid he was when he went back with the PAW Patrol to help in the struggle against i…
Big city adventures / by Nicole Johnson ; illustrated by Wedoo Studio.
"Can Ryder and his heroic team save Adventure City from the meddling Mayor Humdinger in their greatest rescue ever?" --publisher's website
Dumplings for Lili / Melissa Iwai.
"Lili loves to cook baos, and Nai Nai has taught her all the secrets to making them, from kneading the dough lovingly and firmly to being thankful for the strong and healthy ingredients in the filling. But when Nai Nai realizes that they are out of cabbag…
Corn & Peg. Galloping ghost! / illustrated by Erik Doescher.
"Corn and Peg, a unicorn and a pegasus who practice doing good and spreading kindness, have to stop a ghost from haunting their friend, Ferris!" --publisher's website
The perfect plan / Leah Gilbert.
"Maya dreams of building a fort-a special, comfy, cozy place to hide out and read, to dream and play. So she goes to work drafting plans and gathering all her supplies. But when she gets to the forest, she realizes she needs help. Thankfully, some new fri…
Norman's first day at dino day care / written and illustrated by Sean Julian.
"It's Norman's first day at Dino Day Care. Surely that's enough reason to feel shy? So, Norman does what he does best: he makes himself invisible. But eventually he manages to find his courage--with a little help from a new friend and just a hint of magic…
It could be worse / Einat Tsarfati ; translated by Annette Appel.
"As a pair of shipwrecked sailors float on what’s left of their ship, Albertini is none too happy. The rain, he observes, is unfair enough. Then the flying fish appear overhead—the ones with the sick stomachs. And the singing mermaids, leaving infernal ea…
My voice is a trumpet / written by platinum-selling country music artist Jimmie Allen ; illustrated by Cathy Ann Johnson.
"Standing up for what you believe in isn't always easy. Maybe you think that your voice is too small, or that you're too young to show the world what you believe in. But actually, all voices can make change happen. From a voice as tall as a tree to a v…
Up, up, up, down / Kimberly Gee.
"A toddler's day is full of opposites. From up to dwon, no to yes, yuck to yum, and more, this busy day will entertain little (and big) members of the family." --back cover
Vivo. Jam sesh! / adapted by May Nakamura ; illustrated by Alex Cho.
"When Gabi finds Vivo, a kinkajou from Havana in her drum case, she decides to help him on his journey to Miami. But first, the two new friends are going to have an epic jam sesh." --back cover
Vivo. Encore! / adapted by Cala Spinner ; illustrated by Alex Cho.
"Vivo and Andrés are best firend. They sing, dance, and play beautiful music together. Then one day Vivo finds himself on a new adventure with a tween tornado named Gabi. Vivo and Gabi set off on a journey of a lifetime and celebrate the power of music…
Three little engines / written by Bob McKinnon ; illustrated by Lou Fancher and Steve Johnson.
This book shares "timely message that everyone’s journey is different, and that sometimes, success comes from a helping hand. Graduation day is finally here! The Little Blue Engine, the Yellow Passenger Engine, and the Red Freight Engine are excited to ta…
Donut give up! / words by Rose Rossner ; pictures by Vanessa Matte.
Using puns and word play, adult food items encourage their young ones to keep trying new things.
How it works. Tractor / by Amelia Hepworth ; illustrated by David Semple.
"Tractors are big, busy machines. Take a look under the hood and find out how they work! Layered die cuts and simple text make this the perfect book for little ones to learn all about tractors." --back cover
How it works. Rocket / Amelia Hepworth.
"Rockets are amazing machines. Take a look inside to find out how they work! Layered die cuts and simple text make this the perfect book for little ones to learn all about rockets and space travel." --back cover
Twinkle, twinkle little star : a nursery rhyme adventure / Joe Rhatigan ; illustrated by Carolina Farías.
"When four kittens wish to be closer to Twinkle, they devise different contraptions to launch them up, up, up in the sky! When their ideas don’t work, the kittens and Twinkle learn a valuable lesson about what it means to be a friend." --
Isobel adds it up / by Kristy Everington ; illustrated by AG Ford.
"Isobel is a problem solver . . . addition, subtraction, multiplication, division! But trying to figure out who is causing all the noise next door is one problem she can’t quite work out. Is it a marching band? A basketball team in the middle of a practic…
Different : a great thing to be! / Heather Avis ; Sarah Mensinga.
"Macy is a girl who’s a lot like you and me, but she’s also quite different, which is a great thing to be. With kindness, grace, and bravery, Macy finds her place in the world, bringing beauty and laughter wherever she goes and leading others to find deli…
Dr. Seuss discovers bugs / by Courtney Carbone ; illustrated by Ron Cohee.
"Starring the Cat in the Hat, this rhymed nonfiction board book about backyard bugs is perfect for nurturing a love of nature in babies and toddlers too young for the Cat in the Hat's Learning Library series!"--Provided by publisher.
Vrooom, vrooom! / Mary Lyn Ray ; Julien Chung.
"Green means go as readers set off on an exuberant celebration of automobiles. Colorful, graphic illustrations explore the winding roads, tollbooth, fix-it garage, and bridges with vehicles zipping across." --publisher's website
Lala's words / by Gracey Zhang.
"Lala wants to run, jump, and play, though her mother would prefer her to 'Be still and quiet!' Most of all, Lala likes to visit her secret hideaway, where tiny plants sprout in a patch of dirt and concrete. Every day, Lala carries a pot of water to her p…
The caiman / by María Eugenia Manrique ; illustrated by Ramón París ; translated by Amy Brill.
"When Faoro the clockmaker adopts a baby alligator, he has no idea that someday their story will travel far and wide. But the town of San Fernando de Apure would never forget this kind young man and his adoring alligator, who played with the neighborhood …
Darcy's first sleepover / Julie Fortenberry.
When Darcy spends her first night away from home she is a little apprehensive, but when the sun comes up and breakfast is on the table she realizes sleepovers can be a lot of fun.
Oakley the squirrel : the search for Z: a nutty alphabet book / Nancy Rose.
"With its nutty conceit, retro aesthetic (these sets could be from the '50s), and delicious sense of language, Oakley the Squirrel: The Search for Z is an alphabet book like no other. In it, we meet Little Oakley as he embarks on a quest to find the lette…
How to wear a sari / Darshana Khiani ; illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff.
Tired of being treated like a child, a young girl sets out to prove herself capable to her multi-generational Indian-American family, but an ill-fated attempt at putting on a sari has an unexpected outcome.
Carol and the pickle-toad / by Esmé Shapiro.
"In the big city, people wear all kinds of hats. Not everyone wears a toad as a hat, but some people do . . . and some of those toad hats can be VERY bossy! Carol has always followed the orders of her demanding toad hat at the expense of her own inner voi…
Let's work together! / by Mary Man-Kong.
When fashion designers Satin and Chenille decide they need some special luminescent fabric to complete their latest dress and refuse to compromise, Poppy introduces them to inventors Rhythm and Blues, who take them into another dimension in search of the …
Dino-Gro / by Matt Myers.
"Cole is very excited about his new Dino-Gro toy. He can’t wait for it to reach its full size! But when Dino-Gro becomes much larger than intended, Cole goes so far as to put Dino-Gro on a liquid-free diet and an exercise regimen, which don’t seem to make…
The fairies' ball / by Diane Muldrow ; illustrated by Olivia Chin Mueller.
"At The Fairies’ Midsummer Ball, crickets provide the music, the Fairy Queen arrives on the back of a swan, and there’s sassafrass soda for everyone! But what happens when a cat arrives, uninvited?" --publisher's website
What's in dragon's backpack? / by Joan Holub ; illustrated by Christopher Lee.
"What's in Dragon's backpack? Take a look inside. Homework, books, or fireballs... how many secrets can you find?" --back cover
My first book of superpowers / by Morris Katz.
"What makes Superman, Green Lantern, and Cyborg, and their friends so special? Superman and Supergirl come from the planet Krypton. They have X-ray vision, heat vision, super-strength—and they can fly! Green Lantern can fly too! And his power ring lets h…
My first book of girl power / by Julie Merberg.
"What are your special powers? Wonder Woman can always uncover the truth. Batgirl has a sharp mind, Black Canary has a powerful voice, and Nubia is super-strong. These amazing Super Heroes and their friends are inspiring role models." --back cover
10 hugs and kisses / illustrations by Nicola Slater.
Readers follow the "characters [in this book] as they count all the way up to ten by making peace signs, sharing hugs, blowing kisses, and saying goodnight." --publisher's website
Hugo Sprouts and the strange case of the beans / by John Loren.
Hugo Sprouts is a "tale about a boy frustrated with being small. Luckily, Hugo P. Sprouts is a mad scientist and determined to find a solution... In his lab, Hugo develops a potion and finally becomes the biggest kid in town—but also the biggest jerk aro…
Principal Tate is running late! / Henry Cole.
"Every day goes smoothly at Hardy Elementary School because Principal Tate keeps everyone happy and everything in order. But what happens when her car breaks down one day and she's running late? How will the students, teachers, parents, and visitors get …
Bloop / written by Tara Lazar ; illustrated by Mike Boldt.
"In his quest to become the next Emperor of Planet XYZ, Bloop makes too many bloopers. So he’s sent to Earth to conquer that crazy planet first. Who’s in charge there? One visit to the park and Bloop knows: dogs, of course! Bloop tries to master these ma…
My first book of farm animals / interior illustrations by Agnese Baruzzi.
This book "tap[s] into the Montessori Method at home, allowing children to discover and engage with concepts in a holistic way that promotes a drive for knowledge and self-motivation. In FARM ANIMALS, children are invited to play hide-and-seek with baby a…
Dr. Seuss discovers. Space / by Astrid Holm ; illustrated by Ron Cohee.
"The Cat in the Hat and Thing One and Thing Two tour the solar sytem....With stops at the Sun and each of the eight planets, there’s plenty to look at and lots of fun facts to learn. (Who knew? A crater on Mercury is named for Dr. Seuss!)" --publisher's w…
Diversity is a superpower / by Julie Merberg.
"DC super heroes come are a diverse group. Some like Superman, can fly. Others, like Bumblebee, can change their size. They come from all over the galaxy, and understand how it feels to look, sound, or seem different from the people around them. And t…
The color monster : a story about emotions / Anna Llenas.
"One day, Color Monster wakes up feeling very confused. His emotions are all over the place; he feels angry, happy, calm, sad, and scared all at once! To help him, a little girl shows him what each feeling means through color. As this adorable monster lea…
Not little / Maya Myers ; pictures by Hyewon Yum.
"Dot is the smallest person in her family and at school; even her name is small! People often mistake her for being younger than she is, but not when she tells them the square root of sixty-four is eight, nor when she orders from the grown-up menu at rest…
My school stinks! / words by Becky Scharnhorst ; pictures by Julia Patton.
"Dear Diary, Today is the first day at my new school and I think there’s been a mistake. My desk mate stinks, my locker buddy bites, and my teacher is unbearable! I told Mom my classmates are WILD ANIMALS but she said all little kids are wild animals. I t…
The giggles are coming! / Christopher Eliopoulos.
"Two best friends are so excited to go back to school. They’re in the same class, their classroom is full of art supplies, and they’ve even made a new friend. But then it happens: Just as the teacher introduces herself, the GIGGLES show up! They’re everyw…
Tou-can't! : a little sister story / by Brandon Todd.
"All one little toucan wants is to be big like her sister, and to get to do all the things her big sister can do. Tie her own shoes? She tou-can’t. Make her own breakfast? She tou-can’t! Read her own books? She tou-can’t, tou-can’t, tou-can’t!!! But when…
Dozens of dachshunds : a counting, woofing, wagging book / Stephanie Calmenson ; illustrated by Zoe Persico.
"Dozens of dachshunds in clever costumes are the stars of a woofing, wagging costume parade! How many dogs can you count? Dressed up as birds, bees, books, dinosaurs, and other delightful surprises, each new pair, trio, and group adds to the excitement. W…
Peter's school day : a Peter Rabbit tale / Beatrix Potter ; illustrations by Eleanor Taylor.
"It's Peter's first day at school. He is gathering all the important things to take with him, from a new pencil to a packed lunch. Peter Rabbit can't wait to start learning!" --back cover.
The more the merrier / David Martin ; illustrated by Raissa Figueroa.
"Stepping high, galumphing low, leaping fast, wiggling slow. Do you like to kick your feet and bend your knees to the music? Or maybe you prefer to slip and slide! Whatever your style, join Bear, Moose, Snake, and other forest animals as they dance to t…
Best day ever! / by Marilyn Singer ; illustrated by Leah Nixon.
"This playful puppy thinks she’s having the best day ever! She's so happy to be out with her friend, she doesn't even realize that she's being a little naughty. But then he scolds her, and suddenly—Worst. Day. Ever. Will puppy be able to make amends and t…
Star Wars. The Skywalker collection. Episodes I-IX.
"All nine films in the epic Star Wars Skywalker space saga...are retold in this Little Golden Book collection!" --publisher's website
Arnold the super-ish hero / Heather Tekavec & Guillaume Perreault.
"Though Arnold works in the family superhero business, he isn't exactly a superhero. Unlike all his relatives, Arnold has no superpower. Everyone expects it will show up any day. Arnold believes that the only thing he's good at is taking phone messages. T…
Blue's clues & you. ABCs with Blue.
"Join Josh, Blue, and their friends from Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues & You as they practice their ABCs! This amusing board book with its sturdy pages pairs rhyming and everyday objects to help boys and girls ages 0 to 3 learn the alphabet." --publisher's w…
Over in the forest : a woodland baby animal counting book / by Marianne Berkes ; illustrated by Jill Dubin.
"Lets visit the forest and count animals that live in the woods! While beavers build, turkeys scratch, and skunks spray, learn about baby animals in their habitat." --back cover
A boy named Isamu : a story of Isamu Noguchi / James Yang.
"If you are Isamu, stones are the most special of all. How can they be so heavy? Would they float if they had no weight?...James Yang imagines a day in the boyhood of Japanese American artist, Isamu Noguchi. Wandering through an outdoor market, through th…
Pigs at a party / by Hans Wilhelm ; illustrated by Erica Salcedo.
"Three little pigs are on their way to a party, and little readers are invited to come along! Open the book's cover to welcome the little piggies into the festivities, then join in the fun of their friend's special day! From wrapping presents to playing g…
The cutest thing ever / by Amy Ignatow ; pictures by Hsinping Pan.
"Want to see the cutest thing ever? Is it a fluffy monster? A kitten? Kittens in a hat? What about a unicorn? These things are cute but are they really the cutest thing ever?" --back cover
Over in the ocean : a coral reef baby animal counting book / by Marianne Berkes ; illustrated by Jeanette Canyon.
"Let's visit the ocean and count animals that live in a coral reef! While pufferfish puff, gruntfish grunt, and sea horses flutter, learn about baby animals in their habitat." --back cover
Zuri Ray tries ballet / written by Tami Charles ; illustrated by Sharon Sordo.
"Meet Zuri Ray. She’s always willing to go the extra mile for family and friends and is up for any challenge. At least, that was before her best friend, Jessie, asked her to join a ballet camp. Now Zuri isn’t sure if she’s up for everything. While Jessie…
The runaway pea / Kjartan Poskitt & Alex Willmore.
"It’s time for dinner, but one pesky pea has decided to roll himself off the plate in search of a party! The rogue pea shoots, flings, and bounces across the kitchen as he embarks on his perilous adventure. But will he find the fun he is looking for, or i…
Q & U call it quits / written by Stef Wade ; illustrations by Jorge Martin.
"What happens when best friends Q and U quarrel? It's a real quandary, since they have always been quality friends--a true squad. But sometimes, U wants some time to herself--even though Q is lonely because he doesn't always fit in with the other letters …
Little Ghoul goes to school / Jef Czekaj.
"Little Ghoul is nervous about her first day of school. Her mom assures her that it will be great: The teachers will be scary. The lunch will be revolting! And the other classmates will be spine-tingling and creepy. But what if Little Ghoul’s greatest fe…
Hugo / Atinuke ; illustrated by Birgitta Sif.
"Hugo the pigeon has a very important job. He is a park warden: he tends to his small Parisian park and all the people who live around it. Hugo helps the park neighbors all year long: keeping Madame Grande company as she sits in the sun, discussing the ne…
Theo Thesaurus : the dinosaur who loved big words / written by Shelli R. Johannes ; illustrated by Mike Moran.
"Theo TheSaurus is a little dino who loves words–the bigger the better! And he’s determined to share that love with his new classmates in his new school, no matter that they don’t understand him at first. But when a trip to the athenaeum (also known as th…
All hands on deck! : a deadly hurricane, a daring rescue, and the origin of the Cajun Navy / Robert Neubecker.
"When the wind is high and the barometer is low, it can mean only one thing: Hurricane! In the aftermath of a terrible storm, a coastal community is left in shambles, with thousands of people stranded on cars or rooftops. The Coast Guard is stretched to i…
Family reunion / written by Chad & Dad Richardson ; illustrated by Ashleigh Corrin.
"A boy is reluctant to go to his family reunion, which he’s sure will be boring. Vivid, poetic language and rich illustrations bring readers along for the boy's emotional journey, as he ultimately finds himself enjoying the large and joyous gathering in s…
Little mermaid / Rhiannon Fielding ; Chris Chatterton.
"In the kingdom of the merpeople, merchildren whizzed around! With ten minutes to bedtime, though . . . someon could not be found."--back cover.