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Saturday magic : a hoodoo story / written by Nyasha Williams and Kenda Bell-Spruill ; illustrated by Sawyer Cloud.
"Dayo practices Hoodoo with her family. One Saturday, she wakes from an interesting dream about a yellow bird. What could it mean? She knows that it’s up to her to figure it out. Over the course of the day, as Dayo and her family move through their daily …
The day Bell found her sound / Lizzy O'Donnell.
"In a town bursting with music, everyone marches to the beat of their own drum. Except for a quiet mouse named Bell, who doesn’t yet know what her sound is. She tries honking, tooting, strumming, even tapping, just like she hears her neighbors doing. But …
My animals / Liesbet Slegers.
"Animals are fun! Some animals are pets, like dogs, cats, and rabbits. But you can also find all kinds of wild animals outside the house, like birds, butterflies, and ants." --back cover
Can I sleep here? : baby lion / Ella Bailey
Baby Lion has been hard at play all day long and needs to find a safe, cosy and warm place to sleep for the night
Belly song / Mother Moon ; illustrated by Leah Giles.
"Big belly, little belly, round belly, flat! I like whatever kind of belly that you've got!... Mother Moon's uplifting song about body positivity and neutrality is a perfect introduction for babies and toddlers....[and presents a] powerful message of love…
How do dinosaurs say trick or treat? / Jane Yolen ; illustrations by Mark Teague
"It's Halloween time! The streets are filled with kids in costumes, the spooky decorations are out, but our inquisitive and rambunctious dinosaurs are not quite sure about trick or treating... With a little practice, and some hilarious antics, our prehi…
ABCs of Michigan / Sandra Magsamen.
"There's no place like home! In this heartwarming ABC adventure, babies and toddlers will experience how wonderful it is to explore Michigan, from Detroit to Mackinac Island." --publisher's website.
I see summer / by Charles Ghigna ; illustrated by Ag Jatkowska.
"Sailboats, seagulls, and picnics are just a few of the joys of summer." --publisher's website.
That's not my teddy... : its paws are too woolly / written by Fiona Watt ; illustrated by Rachel Wells.
A mouse describes how a series of teddy bears look and feel different from its own.
Automotive engineering / Ruth Spiro ; illustrated by Irene Chan.
"Baby loves strollers, cars, and other things that go. He explores what makes vehicles move and learns what automotive engineers do in this STEM book for the youngest readers"--Provided by publisher.
ABCs of feelings / Diane Alber.
"Name your feelings from A to Z! Help babies and toddlers learn their feelings, letter by letter! Once children are able to identify their feelings, they can learn how to manage them in a healthy way!" --back cover
Billy's birthday / Mack.
"Mommy Elephant hangs up a beautiful garland because it's Billy the baby elephant's birthday. All his friends come to celebrate. Together, they eat cake and sing a birthday song. Hip, hip...hooray!" --back cover
Stegosaurus / by J.D. Forester ; illustrated by Sarah Rebar.
"Young readers will love exploring this dinosaur-shaped board book filled with playful rhymes and facts all about the mighty Stegosaurus! Stomp, stomp, stomp! Roar, roar, roar! Learn all about Stegosaurus, a Jurassic dinosaur!"--From publisher website.
How Tito loses his nose / [written and illustrated by] Guido Van Genechten.
"Clown Tito is the star of Circus Rondo. Every day, he performs. Tito runs, dances, and jumps...The people love his show. But one day, something strange happens. Tito loses his nose! A playful picture book about insecurity and popularity"--Publisher websi…
A mobs of Minecraft treasury / Christy Webster ; illustrated by Alan Batson.
"In these three different stories, new Minecraft player Sam encounters mysterious mobs for the first time. Readers will learn everything they need to know about discovering, avoiding, surviving, and sometimes even caring for these mobs in their own Minecr…
Moon bear / Clare Helen Walsh ; Carolina T. Godina.
"Ettie is afraid of the dark. Every night without fail her Mummy calls, 'Time for bed, Ettie!' The curtains pull shut, her bedside light blinks out and Ettie is surrounded by the deep inky cloak of the dark… … Until one night, the bright moon shines thro…
Squirrels! this is not a book about dinosaurs / text by Melina Schoenborn ; illustrations by Felipe Arriagada-Nunez ; translated from Canadian French by Jeffrey K. Butt.
"When a loud-mouthed dinosaur meets a brainy squirrel in this award-winning picture book, we learn that everyone has a story to tell. Squirrels are amazing! But look out, this dinosaur wants to steal the show! Every time the squirrel tries to tell us ama…
A big day for bike / written by Emily Jenkins ; illustrated by Brian Karas.
"Today is Bike’s first day on the job as a community bicycle. She’s parked on the street and ready to go. But what if nobody wants to ride her? Bike feels a little nervous. Then she meets her first rider—Sunita. Soon Bike is off, taking Sunita to her dest…
The last day Julian was my best friend / by Jody Jensen Shaffer ; illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff.
"Best friends and neighbors Anthony and Julian are having the summer of their lives. Making pancakes, riding bikes to the beach, playing in the sand and surf…They have everything they need for an epic summer vacation. But Anthony is worried. He has a secr…
The yellow bus / Loren Long.
"There is a bright yellow bus who spends her days driving. She loves carrying children from one important place to another. Every morning they climb in... Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, giggle, giggle-patter. And they fill her with joy. As time passes, thi…
Hit the piñata / by Jeffrey Burton ; illustrated by Neil Clark.
"Join the party in a story that's stuffed with surprises inside!" --back cover.
Animals in the pond / illustrated by: Wendy Kendall ; written by: Rebecca Weerasekera.
"From frogs on lily pads to turtles going for a swim, little ones will love discovering all the different animals and minibeasts that live in the pond." --publisher's website.
Volcanoes, rocks, & minerals / [written by Ruth Redford ; illustrations by Howard Gray & Partrick Corrigan].
"Young readers can learn fascinating facts about volcanic eruptions, different types of rocks, fossils, minerals, and gemstones in Priddy Explorers: Volcanoes, Rocks, and Minerals. is full of interesting information, fascinating photographs, a…
Hoo's there? : a silly book for the bedtime scaries / written and illustrated by Kristi Valiant.
"Crash! Snort! Sniff! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo's there? It must be a monster! Follow Hampton the owl and Figgy the piggy as they discover that frightening noises in the dark may not be so scary after all!"--Page [4] of cover.
Boo can't poo / Xiao Jing Wang, Rocio Ledesma.
"Boo has a poo and it just won't MOVE!" --back cover.
Knock knock : who's there? / Rob Hodgson.
"Get giggling with your little one as they tell you their very first jokes! Knock Knock on the door and wait to be asked "Who's there?" before turning the page to discover a different googly-eyed animal with a funny punchline"--From publisher's descriptio…
A wild windy night / Yui Abe.
"Whoo-o-o-o-sh! Suddenly, the wind howled loudly. Ricky looks out the window and sees his toy car fly away in the wind. Then all of his other toys start to fly away too! 'Wait, wait!' he shouts, as he and all his toys are blown away by the wild wind....If…
Come, little one / Guido van Genechten.
"When you’re little, everything is big and also a little exciting. Come, little one, and discover your place in the world"--From publisher website.
Baby signs : a baby-sized introduction to speaking with sign language / pictures by Joy Allen.
"With this...board book of essential signs, babies and toddlers can easily learn how to communicate their needs, wants, and feelings and even make basic observations with a simple gesture. Studies show that babies who use sign language feel less frustrate…
Home in a lunchbox / by Cherry Mo.
"When Jun moves from Hong Kong to America, the only words she knows are hello, thank you, I don’t know, and toilet. Her new school feels foreign and terrifying. But when she opens her lunchbox to find her favorite meals—like bao, dumplings, and bok choy—…
Tate's wild rescue / by Jenny Turnbull ; illustrated by Izzy Burton.
"Tate loves animals, but she worries about the ones who live in the wild—aren’t they cold? Hungry? Lonely? She is determined to help and comes up with the perfect plan: she'll offer one a better life and they will be best friends! To her surprise, none o…
Porcupine and Cactus : a prickly pair / written by Katie Frawley ; illustrated by Alex Willmore.
"On a long and lonely desert walk, chatty and outgoing Porcupine discovers quiet Cactus and couldn’t be happier. These two spiky specimens are sure to have tons in common! But when Porcupine tries to get to know his new pal, Cactus doesn’t say a word. Af…
Zuni and the memory jar / written by Aisha Saeed ; illustrated by Neha Rawat.
"Meet Zuni. She’s sweet, silly, ever-so-charming, and full of bright ideas. Her family has a memory jar. Anytime someone in the family does something important, they mark those moments through notes and photos stored in the jar and share those memories to…
A song for Nolan / written by Rushie Ellenwood ; illustrated by Sally Chen.
"When Nolan is invited to a birthday party at the roller rink, they are so excited. They pick out the perfect, sparkling outfit, tie on their snazzy skates, and join their friends for a day of roller skating bliss. But when the DJ calls for a boys skate f…
Dream submarine / Charlotte Gunnufson ; illustrated by Cleonique Hilsaca.
"Glide through the ocean with a young child in her cozy little submarine. See how marine animals brush their teeth, put on pajamas (by shifting colors to better blend in), and tuck themselves into sponge beds. Dive between towers of slumbering whales and …
Rhino? What rhino? / Caryl Hart and Sarah Horne.
"Rhino escapes from the zoo to a farm and leaves a trail of havoc and destruction behind. Whent he poor animals end up taking the blame for rhino's bad manners, they decide he needs to learn a lesson or two!" --back cover
Pearl's lost pearls / Olivier Dunrea.
"Pearl loves her pearl necklace. Maybe even as much as she loves singing! But when she comes home from a day of singing to friends all over the farm, her pearls aren't around her neck where they should be. Pearl retraces her steps, but it's only with the …
Why do I have to go to school? / Katie Daynes ; illustrated by Marta Alvarez Miguens.
"From forming friendships to learning new skills, join a lively bunch of kids as they discover what school is really about and how to make the most of it." --publisher's website
Play outside with me / words by Kat Chen ; art by Lorraine Nam.
"What do you like to do outside? I like drawing with chalk! It's a playdate in a book!" --back cover
Silly lullaby [lap-size edition] / by Sandra Boynton.
A number of animals get ready for bed.
Ruby's tools for making friends / Apryl Stott.
"It’s Ruby the fox’s first day at a new school. She’s a little nervous, but luckily, she has her tools to help: a tape measure to count her breaths if she feels overwhelmed, pliers to remind her to be flexible, and safety goggles to see things in a new wa…
Goodnight school / words by Catherine Bailey ; art by Cori Doerrfeld.
"As the sun sets, a security guard arrives to help this sleepy little school get some rest. From tucking in chairs to checking all the locks to listening to the silverware snoring, she makes her moonlit rounds. One by one, the lights are turning off and e…
Pajamarama! / by Julie Gonzalez ; illustrated by Rob Sayegh Jr.
"Celebrate bedtime with a bouncy ode to jammies of all kinds! Whether you rock flowing gowns fit for royalty, kick it in ninja robes, or lay back in footed onesies with a peek-a-boo toe, picking jammies is the best part of any nighttime routine. Pajamar…
Patrick and the not so perfect party / words by Anne Wynter ; pictures by Shirley Hottier.
"All Patrick wants for his birthday is a perfect FOOD party. But why did Karter arrive dressed as a FOOT? Patrick learns a valuable lesson in patience, embracing chaos, and most of all that family isn’t perfect. Patrick likes everything to be just-so, wh…
First day, hooray! / by June Sobel ; illustrated by Nabila Adani
"There's a lot to check off on the back-to-school list. Lunchbox? Check. Notebook? Paper? Glue stick? Check. Check. Check. But school supplies aren't the only thing we bring with us. We also bring along our FEELINGS!! Follow along as a class of young chi…
Bubble Gum Bison needs a bath / written by Scott Rothman ; illustrated by Pete Oswald.
"Bubble Gum Bison, Blue Bison’s little sister, is having too much fun with her playground associates to take time out for a bath. In fact, she escapes through the bathroom window to avoid the inevitable. But when Bubble Gum Bison slips in the mud, gets c…
Let's pretend fire station / text by Nicola Edwards ; illustrations by Thomas Elliott.
"It's a busy day at the fire station! Children can see and learn how the firefighters at the fire station work." --publisher's website.
Bear about town / [written by] Stella Blackstone ; [illustrated by] Debbie Harter.
"Walk down to town with Bear and discover all the different businesses and settings. The rhyming text teaches days of the week, and is complemented by a full-spread map of the town at the end. Includes an online access link to audio and video animation"--…
Bear in a square / written by Stella Blackstone ; illustrated by Debbie Harter.
"Discover lots of different shapes with Bear—there are triangles on the waves, diamonds on the crown and stars in the sky. Rhyme, repetition and counting establish this book of shapes, and a two-page spread recapping the shapes and colors reinforces the e…
Duck duck taco truck / written by Laura Lavoie ; illustrations by Teresa Martinez.
""Duck. Duck. Taco truck. Working hard to make a buck." Two food trucks staffed by sworn enemies: ducks vs. geese. Before you can say "curly fries", these two rivals are in an epic food truck face-off. "Battle on! At dawn, we ride!" But soon, Goose becom…
Itty Bitty Betty Blob / by Constance Lombardo ; illustrated by Micah Player.
"It's monster picture day again, and Itty Bitty Betty Blob sits in front of the mirror where she practices growling for the camera. But for Betty it's not so easy. She's not a typical monster, so she doesn't love scaring anyone. What she loves is dancing …
Not-a-box city / Antoinette Portis.
"Follows Bunny who wants to build a new city alone until Bunny realizes that friends make all the difference"--Provided by publisher
Frank and Bert : the one where Bert learns to ride a bike / Chris Naylor-Ballesteros.
"Bert is certain he can ride his bike as well as Frank, but he is very wobbly! And even when they both try riding Frank's bike it still goes very wrong! Will the best friends make it all the way down from the big hill? Of course! All they need is a little…
The Very Hungry Caterpillar's birthday party : with a special foldout surprise / Eric Carle.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar's friends enthusiastically prepare for his birthday celebration.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar's nature walk : a search-and-find book / Eric Carle ; words by Gabriella DeGennaro.
Look for various animals on each spread while on a nature walk with The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Clifford's school day / Norman Bridwell.
"Clifford's School Day follows Emily Elizabeth as she brings her puppy, Clifford, to school for show-and-tell. Together with the rest of the class, Clifford tries to fingerpaint, bake cookies, and play in water and sand. But the small red puppy always mak…
Three little pigs / text by Pavla Hanáčková ; illustrations by Shunsuke Satake.
"Has anybody ever told you that hard work pays off? Follow the story of the Three Little Pigs, who definitely know a thing or two about the truth of this saying. Immerse yourself in this beloved fairy tale with a fun new format perfect for small hands. Pa…
The nervous dragon : a story about overcoming back-to-school worries / illustrated by Clare Victoria Wilson.
"It's Blaze's first day at school and he feels very nervous. Blaze can't breathe fire and he's worried he'll be the odd dragon out. When his teacher asks everyone to show off their breathing, it seems like Blaze's worst fears are coming true... Will this …
My best friend is a dragon / illustrated by Siân Roberts
"[This] book is all about Dragon and why she’s the best, from her sparkly crown to her red bicycle and much more." --publisher's website.
David goes to school. / by David Shannon.
"David's teacher has her hands full. From running in the halls to chewing gum in class, David's high-energy antics fill each school day with trouble-- and are sure to bring a smile to even the best- behaved reader." --publisher's website.
Cesaria feels the beat / written by Denise Rosario Adusei ; illustrated by Priscila Soares.
"Cesaria is going to perform for the seaside Carnival. She skips past the beach barefoot, dressed in her favorite peacock leotard. But when her dance director tells her she must put on her shoes to go on stage, Cesaria signs, 'Peacocks don’t wear shoes!' …
I am a thundercloud / written by Leah Moser ; illustrated by Marie Hermansson.
"a young child is having a bad day—they BOOM, ROAR, CRASH, and CRACKLE like an angry thundercloud. Tense body language, an inability to say the 'right' words, the instinct to hide are like a brewing storm within the child. But like the sun breaking throug…
Donald Duck : Little Golden Book favorites.
"Join the quick-tempered duck with a heart of gold on three hilarious adventures." --publisher's website.
Getting ready for preschool / written by Vera Ahiyya, the Tutu teacher ; illustrated by Debby Rahmalia.
"It’s almost the first day of preschool and everyone is busy getting ready. A young boy and his family meet the teacher, post a family photo on the classroom wall, send a special lovey for naptime, pack a healthy lunch, and take a special photo . . . but …
Gorgeously me! / Jonathan Van Ness ; illustrated by Kamala Nair.
"I won’t be afraid to stand out or show the world what I’m all about. I am exactly who I’m meant to be. Perfectly, happily, gorgeously me! Being true to yourself and showing the world who you are isn’t always easy. Gorgeously Me assures young readers tha…
Animals in underwear / Todd Parr.
Presents the letters of the alphabet with animals wearing different types of underwear representing each letter, from "A" for alligator and "E" for elephant to "W" for walrus and "Z" for zebra.
Let's go home, baby tiger / Carolina Búzio.
Help the baby jungle animals get home with moving sliders and four unique tracks to practice fine motor skills.
Our friend Earth / Lea Redmond ; illustrations by Rasmth Studio.
"Like day and night, the people, places, and things we love come and go and come back around again. While our days are full of flux, the Earth is our constant companion, an unconditional friend who reminds us we are never alone"--Provided by publisher.
Sea of constellations / by Melissa Cristina Márquez ; illustrated by Rocío Arreola Mendoza.
"Maren the whale shark loves her life as the biggest, brightest fish in the sea. She spends her days exploring the water around her and finding fresh new snacks as she travels. But one day, the ocean goes dark and Maren's adventures come to a halt. With o…
The adventures of Paddington. Paddington's holiday.
"Join Paddinton for a fun-filled trip to the seaside. Don't forget to pack plenty of marmalade!" --back cover
How to be a ghost / by Meredith Rusu ; illustrated by Josh Lewis.
"Gavin the ghost has always wanted friends, but after so many people run away scared, he’s lost his confidence. When the latest family moves into his house, he’s determined to make them like him. But how can he make friends when he’s not being true to him…
Goodnight sun / Eoin McLaughlin ; Morag Hood.
"Cheeky Sun won't go to bed! Sun's too busy making rainbows, drinking the sea and hiding behind mountains. But the whole world knows eventually Sun most go down." --back cover
Tim Burton's the nightmare before Christmas. I am Sally / by Nicole Johnson ; illustrated by Jeannette Arroyo.
"Join Sally on her journey from captive rag doll to a Halloween Town heroine as she learns how to follow her own dreams!" --publisher's website
Disney Little golden book frightful favorites.
"This Little Golden Book collection features two stories from iconic Disney films: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and a trip to the beloved Disney Parks attraction in The Haunted Mansion!"…
Daddy's girl / written by Helen Foster James ; illustrated by Estelle Corke.
"What's more fabulous than a tea party? Tea with Daddy, of course! This...story begins before the honored guest arrives, with much ado—preparing, decorating, and accessorizing. And when Daddy makes his entrance, it's clear that the little hostess couldn't…
Bears and boos / Shirely Parenteau ; illustrated by David Walker.
It's Halloween and Big Brown Bear and the four little bears are very excited. But will there be enough costumes for everyone?
Barbie. You can be an astronaut / Based on a story by Phil Williams and adapted by Lainee Gant ; art by Fernando Güell, Ferran Rodriguez, David Güell, Fabio Laguna, and Leandro Corral.
What's it like to be an astronaut? Barbie 'Malibu' and Barbie 'Brooklyn' want to learn more about space exploration so they visit a science center. Nadine is not only an accomplished space explorer, she is also a pilot and scientist. Nadine inspires Ma…
Barbie. You can be a doctor / based on a story written by Lisa Rojany and adapted by Lainee Gant ; art by Mattel and Jiyoung An.
"What's it like to be a doctor? Barbie 'Malibu' and Barbie 'Brooklyn' are volunteering at a busy pediatricians office. The firends watch a girl get an X-ray, and the help keep her calm while her cast is removed. They also assist a nurse by writing down…
Human body / illustrations by Howard Gray & Patrick Corrigan ; written by Ruth Redford.
"Young readers can learn fascinating facts about organs, bones, and body parts....There are lots of amazing facts to discover, such as how the brain communicates with different parts of the body, how the heart pumps oxygen to various organs, how food is p…
Big dog-- little dog / by P.D. Eastman.
"Big Dog . . . Little Dog, staring Fred and Ted—mutts who are opposite in every way, but best friends nevertheless." --publisher's website.