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The shortest day / Susan Cooper ; illustrated by Carson Ellis.
A celebration of the winter solstice and the Yuletide season. As the sun set on the shortest day of the year, early people would gather to prepare for the long night ahead. They built fires and lit candles. They played music, bringing their own light to t…
The phone booth in Mr. Hirota's garden / Heather Smith ; illustrated by Rachel Wada.
"This gorgeously illustrated picture book tells the story of a young Japanese boy who loses his dad in a tsunami"--Provided by publisher.
Frozen II / adapted by Nancy Cote ; illustrated by Olga Mosqueda ; designed by Tony Fejeran.
Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven set off on a perilous journey to locate the Enchanted Forest. Will they discover the secret to Elsa's power--and find out what they need to reveal the mysteries of the past?
The lost cousins : a seek & find book / B.B. Cronin.
"While looking at an old photo album with Esmé and Tate, Grandad finds a photo of the children's long-lost cousins. They're scattered all across the globe--and they're the perfect excuse for Grandad and the children to go on a wonderful adventure! By st…
The dinky donkey / words by Craig Smith ; illustrations by Katz Cowley.
Originally written as a children's song, Wonky Donkey has a daughter, cute and small, and prone to mischief.
Sofia Valdez, future prez / by Andrea Beaty ; illustrated by David Roberts.
When her abuelo is injured at the local landfill, second-grader Sofia is determined to transform the dangerous Mount Trashmore into a park, taking on City Hall in the process.
Fry bread : a Native American family story / written by Kevin Noble Maillard ; illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal.
Celebrates the Native American tradition of sharing fry bread during family meals, in a story about family, history, culture, and traditions, both new and old.
Good night, Little Blue Truck / Alice Schertle ; illustrated in the style of Jill McElmurry by John Joseph.
As Little Blue Truck and his friends are getting ready to go to sleep, a thunderstorm arrives and they seek safety from the storm together.
Saturday / Oge Mora.
"Today will be special. Today will be splendid. Today is Saturday! This is the day Ava and her mother cherish. Saturday means: storytime, salon time, picnic time, and this week the best puppet show ever! But what happends when life doesn't exactly de…
A is for apricat / Mauro Gatti.
Are they fruits and vegetables? Are they animals? They're both! From Apricat to Zebrussels Sprout, 26 deliciously adorable critters are featured in this silly (but scrumptious) book. It's a whole new, good-for-you-away to learn the alphabet! -- back cover…
Good night, Oliver Wizard / Rebecca Kai Dotlich ; illustrated by Josée Masse.
Oliver Wizard overcomes his nighttime fears as his father gently helps him get ready for bed.
T is for thanks and turkey! / written by Melinda Rathjen ; illustrated by Amy Husband.
The Flanimals are a zany, flannel-clad group of animal friends. In T Is for Thanks and Turkey!, a turkey and his friends exhibit helpful behavior and gratitude in some unusual situations.
Frankie's favorite food / Kelsey Garrity-Riley.
"Frankie has a problem: he has too many favorite foods. He can't bring himself to choose just one to be for the school play, so on the day of the performance, he's still without a costume. His teacher comes up with a delicious idea: what if Frankie become…
Archies ABC / text by Sholly Fisch.
"Archie Andrews and the gang from Riverdale are all here to help you learn your ABCs!"--Page [4] of cover.
Sisters first / Jenna Bush Hager & Barbara Pierce Bush ; illustrated by Ramona Kaulitzki.
A young girl receives her wish of getting a baby sister, and as the siblings become inseparable, playing and dancing together, they make one another smarter and braver.
Juniper Kai : super spy / Laura Gehl ; illustrated by Alexandria Neonakis.
"Juniper Kai was born to be a spy. And while spies sometimes work alone, Juniper has always been able to count on her mom and dad to fill in as spy partners. Until now. Suddenly, Juniper’s parents are too busy and too tired to play with her. And when they…
Glacier on the move / written by Elizabeth Rusch ; illustrated by Alice Brereton.
Learn how glaciers grow, shrink, and move, shaping the world around them.
By the light of the moon / Frann Preston-Gannon.
"A little frog is singing to himself in the swamp one night. His song doesn't seem complete, so he invites other animals to join in. Nothing sounds right until the littlest voice joins the song - that of a tiny firefly."--provided by publisher.
Grobblechops / Elizabeth Laird, Jenny Lucander.
There's a monster hiding under the bed! This classic bedtime fear is hilariously brought to life by award-winning author Elizabeth Laird and Finnish illustrator Jenny Luncander. Amir thinks that a monster will come and eat him up! And maybe the monster wi…
Betty builds it / Julie Hampton.
"Betty can build just about anything. But she's lonely and longs for a friend--so she builds one! She welds on springs and attaches wheels while her little brother Toby zips around hoping to catch her attention. When Betty's creation goes haywire, Toby su…
The clever tailor / Srividhya Venkat, Nayantara Surendranath.
Rupa Ram is a famous but poor tailor with an unfulfilled dream - to stitch something for his own family. So, when he receives a gift of a brand new saafa, he is inspired to do just that! At the heart of this touching tale is a generous man who uses his i…
Anna, Elsa, and friends.
Introduces Elsa, the Queen of Arendelle, her sister Anna, and their friends Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven.
Frozen II / adapted by Bill Scollon ; illustrated by The Disney Storybook Art Team.
Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven travel to the enchanted forest in search of answers to why Elsa has magical powers.
Frozen II read-along storybook and CD / adapted by Suzanne Francis ; illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team.
Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven travel to the enchanted forest in search of answers to why Elsa has magical powers.
Frozen storybook collection / all illustrations by the Disney Storybook Art team.
Collects eighteen stories featuring Anna, Elsa, and the other characters from the movie "Frozen."
Home in the woods / Eliza Wheeler.
During the Great Depression six-year-old Marvel, her seven siblings, and their mother find a tarpaper shack in the woods and, over the course of a year, turn it into a home. Based on the author's grandmother's childhood; includes historical notes.
This is a sea cow / words and illustrations by Cassandra Federman.
As a young child writes a school report about sea cows, or manatees, her subject tries to defend herself against unflattering comparisons to a "land cow." Includes facts about manatees and links to sites where one can adopt a manatee.
The day punctuation came to town / Kimberlee Gard ; illustrations by Sandie Sonke.
When the Punctuation children arrive at their new school, the letters in the school wonder where the Punctuations belong, but after the letters joined into words and become tangled up, they realized why they need the Punctuations.
The fate of Fausto : a painted fable / by Oliver Jeffers.
A selfish man sets out to prove that he is the boss of everything he surveys.
Two tough trucks / by Corey Rosen Schwartz and Rebecca J. Gomez ; illustrated by Hilary Leung.
Told in rhyming text, two trucks, Mack and Rig, are paired up on their first day of class--Mack is a hotshot, all speed and power, and Rig is more cautious, but on the obstacle course they learn that their separate skills can work well together.
The squirrels who squabbled / Rachel Bright ; Jim Field, [illustrator].
Told in rhyming text Cyril and Bruce, two squirrels, are each determined to get the last pinecone of autumn; but when they fall into the river, they learn that sometimes it is essential to work together--and, in any case, a bird got the floating pinecone.
Finding Grandma's memories / by Jiyeon Pak.
"A little girl helps her grandma with her memory"--Provided by publisher.
Across the bay / written and illustrated by Carlos Aponte.
Carlitos lives happily with his mother and grandmother in the town of Cataño, but he misses his father and goes across the bay to San Juan to look for him.
Stormy : a story about finding a forever home / by Guojing.
In this wordless graphic novel, a young woman slowly befriends a stray puppy, who finds a forever home.
At the mountain's base / Traci Sorell ; illustrated by Weshoyot Alvitre.
In a cabin at the mountain's base, a Cherokee family waits for their loved one, a pilot, to return home.
Five minutes (that's a lot of time) (no, it's not) (yes, it is) / Liz Garton Scanlon and Audrey Vernick ; illustrated by Olivier Tallec.
Throughout a child's day, five minutes can go by quickly (when you are on a roller coaster) or slowly (when you are in the dentist's chair).
I love all of me / words by Lorie Ann Grover ; pictures by Carolina Búzio.
Rhyming text and colorful illustratons remind young reader to love everything about themselves, from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes.
Future engineer / written by Lori Alexander ; illustrated by Allison Black.
Babies demonstrate what it takes to become an engineer, from asking questions to learning from their mistakes.
The tale of the tiger slippers / Jan Brett.
A retelling of a folktale about how a pair of magical slippers always find their way back to the tiger whose mother made them for him.
Octopus stew / Eric Velasquez.
Ramsey dons his superhero cape to rescue Grandma from the huge octopus she is trying to cook--or is he simply telling a story? Includes author's note on the story's origin and a recipe for Octopus stew.
The things / Petronela Dostalova.
"Thing leads a simple life with its friends Cactus and Moose the Shadow Puppet, until the day Thing sees Other Thing through the telescope. How will thing react, and what will happen when Moos the Shadow Puppet suddenly disappears? A quirky story about …
Nickelodeon bedtime treasury.
"Fall asleep with your favorite Nickelodeon friends! This bedtime treasury includes tales from PAW Patrol, Sunny Day, Top Wing, and more." --back cover
What should Danny do? : school day / Ganit & Adir Levy ; illustrated by Mat Sadler.
"Danny is a real-life superhero in training, learning about his most important super power of all: 'the power to choose.' In this book, YOU decide how Danny's school day will end by making choices for him. You'll have a blast trying to reach all eight end…