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Happy grumpy loved : a little book of feelings / written by Ruth Austin ; illustrated by Kanae Sato.
These playful images and key words encourage babies and toddlers to explore their world with confidence, empathy, and joy. A fun, gentle way to build your little one's vocabulary.
The only way is badger / by Stella J. Jones ; illustrated by Carmen Saldaña.
"One morning, the animals wake up to find that someone has built a huge wall and put up posters on the trees that read "Badgers are best!" Badger wants everyone to be more like him, and when they can't do things as well as he does, he sends them away to t…
Courageous people who changed the world / Heidi Poelman ; Kyle Kershner, illustrator.
Profiles eight individuals who fought for freedom, including Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Mahatma Gandhi, and Malala Yousafzai.
Ralph breaks the internet / adapted by Nancy Parent ; illustrated by Helen Chen ; designed by Tony Fejeran.
"Wreck-It Ralph leaves the arcade behind, venturing into the expansive universe of the internet--which may or may not survive Ralph's not-so-light touch."--Publisher's description.
How the squid got two long arms / by Henry Herz ; art by Luke Graber.
A squid that feels cold begins stealing clothing from other animals until, finally, they fight back, leaving him with two arms longer than the others. Includes facts about squids.
A tangle of Brungles / Shobha Viswanath ; Culpeo S. Fox.
A coven of witches stirs up a spell using a quiver of cobras, a lounge of lizards, a mess of iguanas, and other animal ingredients.
The lying king : a tale from the watering hole / Alex Beard.
"Can warthogs fly? Do tigers eat broccoli? For answers, follow along as Warthog lies his way to the throne in this timeless, yet most timely, Tale from the Watering Hole. Will the Truth catch up with the king? Find out as Alex Beard's whimsical animals co…
Wiggle jump tickle : a little book of actions / Ruth Austin ; [edited by] Amelia Riedler.
These playful images and key words encourage babies and toddlers to explore their world with confidence, empathy, and joy. A fun, gentle way to build you little one's vocabulary.
Builder Brothers : big plans / Drew and Jonathan Scott ; illustrated by Kim Smith.
It all begins when Drew and Jonathan are doing what they do best--thinking up big plans for even bigger projects. Will they build a treehouse? A castle? A catapult? They have a whole lot of big ideas, but no one thinks they can do any of them! The twins b…
Hide seek stinky sweet : a little book of opposites / written by Ruth Austin ; illustrated by Kanae Sato.
These playful images and key words encourage babies and toddlers to explore their world with confidence, empathy, and joy. A fun gentle way to build you little one's vocabulary.
The night monster / Sushree Mishra ; Sanket Pethkar.
Every night, when the owl hoots and the shadows of the trees dance on the walls, the Night Monster creeps into Avi’s room and frightens him. One day, his sister suggests he write a letter to the monster, and Avi’s nights are not the same any more.
At the beach = En la playa  / illustrated by Mandy Stanley ; Spanish translation, John Midgley, Taylor Wray
Introduces young children to a selection of words in a child-friendly format
A good day for ducks / by Jane Whittingham ; illustrated by Noel Tuazon.
A colorful picture book celebrating the joys of rainy days.
Camille and the sunflowers : a story about Vincent Van Gogh / by Laurence Anholt.
Despite the derision of their neighbors, a young French boy and his family befriend the lonely painter who comes to their town and begin to admire his unusual paintings.
Bread lab! / by Kim Binczewski and Bethany Econopouly ; illustrated by Hayelin Choi.
"Iris's kitchen is transformed into a busy bread lab one Saturday thanks to her favorite aunt, a plant scientist who helps farmers grow grain. Together they make whole wheat sourdough bread with just four ingredients, beginning with a mysterious goo calle…
Peppa Pig and the day at the museum.
Peppa and George go to the museum.
The snow rabbit / by Georgiana Deutsch ; illustrated by Alison Edgson.
"Bear is ALWAYS GRUMPY. He has a furry frown, a sulky scowly, and a grizzly, grumbly GROWL. What will it take to make Bear smile? Could it be...a SNOW RABBIT? Or maybe even...a FRIEND?"--Back cover.
The Peace Dragon / written by Linda Ragsdale ; illustrated by Marco Furlotti.
"One day, while out on an expedition, Sherwyn gets the surprise of a lifetime when he meets an extraordinary dragon named Omani. But unlike other dragons, she is special. Omani is a Peace Dragon. Their story unfolds to show what can happen when we follow …
Beautiful, wonderful, strong little me! / written by Hannah Carmona Dias ; illustrated by Dolly Georgieva-Gode.
Dark skin, curly hair, freckles, and full lips. Smart, strong, funny, and friendly. Lilly knows that she does not look like her friends, and others have noticed. Through playful, lyrical lines, Lilly speaks up for every girl who has been asked What are yo…
Christmas ABC / [illustrated by] Jannine Ho.
Do you know your Christmas ABCs?
Daniel and the Nutcracker / adapted by Angela C. Santomero ; additional writing by Alexandra Cassel ; poses and layouts by Jason Fruchter.
Daniel Tiger can't wait to see his friends Katerina Kittycat and Prince Wednesday perform together in the Nutcracker Ballet! But when he arrives at the Enchanted Garden, Daniel learns that Prince Wednesday is sick and can't dance! Can Daniel step in and s…
Winter is here / by Kevin Henkes ; illustrated by Laura Dronzek.
"Snow falls, animals burrow, and children prepare for the wonders winter brings"--Provided by publisher.
What's inside my lunch box? : a lift-the-flap book / by Hannah Eliot ; illustrated by Elio.
Simple rhyming text, complemented by lift flaps, introduces young readers to different types of food from around the world.
The chilly penguin / Constanze von Kitzing ; translated by Lisa Rosinsky.
When a little penguin is unable to get warm by himself, he turns to a friend for help.
Oliver : the second-largest living thing on Earth / Josh Crute ; illustrated by John Taesoo Kim.
Oliver wishes he were as popular and important as Sherman, the largest giant sequoia tree, until he discovers it is enough to be part of something big.
I'm done! / by Gretchen Brandenburg McLellan ; illustrated by Catherine Lazar Odell.
Little Beaver would rather play with friends than build a proper dam, but finally he is ready to get it done.
Lights, camera, Carmen! / by Anika Denise ; illustrated by Lorena Alvarez Gómez.
In pursuit of a film career, Carmen enters a commerical contest and enlists her little brother, Eduardo, as her cinematographer, but her plan takes a surprising turn.
Team Steve / written and illustrated by Kelly Collier.
When Steve learns the Race-a-thon is going to be a relay race, he is worried he may lose because he is on a team with the slowest runners in the forest.
Jojo and fight! / written by Didier Lévy ; illustrated by Nathalie Dieterlé ; translated by Lisa Rosinsky.
Angry jungle animals have been having a huge food fight for many days and nights, but when a confused little elephant steps into it, they come together to help him.
When I grow up / story adapted by Marilyn Easton.
When her teacher asks the class to think about what they would like to be when they grow up, Peppa has a difficult time deciding what she would like to be.
Thomas and the runaway pumpkins / illustrated by Richard Courtney.
The island of Sodor prepares for their annual pumpkin festival, and Thomas and the other engines must find a shipment of pumpkins that has gone off the rails.
Weekend with Chewy / by Ariel Bernstein ; illustrated by Mike Malbrough.
When Warren has to take care of the class hamster, Chewy, for the weekend, he and his best friend, Dragon, think it will be easy, but Dragon complicates things when he thinks Chewy would like more space to roam and opens his cage.
Vampirina in the snow / written by Anne Marie Pace ; pictures by LeUyen Pham.
"Vampirina and all her monster friends and family celebrate a snow day"--Provided by publisher.
Thank you, crow / by Michael Minkovitz ; illustrated by Jose D. Medina.
When Sebastian helps a crow with an injured wing, the crow shows his gratitude by bringing Sebastian many objects, including a ball of yarn, wooden spoons, and a giant can of soda.
Star wars galactic adventures storybook collection.
Presents eighteen stories set in the "Star Wars" universe, recounting the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Scaredy bear / by Steve Smallman ; illustrated by Caroline Pedler.
When brave Little Bob the bunny learns about a scary creature called the Big Hairy who lives in the forest, he sets out to find it, and befriends a very timid bear along the way.
The truth about dinosaurs / Guido van Genechten ; English translation from the Dutch by Clavis Publishing Inc..
Using a photo album, a chicken attempts to prove that it is really a dinosaur and that it is distantly related to all the extinct dinosaurs from the past.
A moon for Moe and Mo / Jane Breskin Zalben ; illustrated by Mehrdokht Amini.
Moses Feldman and Mohammed Hassan both live on Flatbush Avenue, but when they meet at the grocery store they quickly become best friends, sharing a picnic while their families prepare for the holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Ramadan.
Search your feelings / written by Calliope Glass & Caitlin Kennedy ; illustrated by Katie Cook.
Characters from Star Wars use rhyming text to introduce young readers to such emotions as excitement, jealousy, confusion, fear, and hope.
Night train, night train / Robert Burleigh ; illustrated by Wendell Minor.
Told in rhyming text, a train speeds through the night, revealing the sights and colors along the way to its young and sleepy riders.
Tomorrow I'll be brave / words & pictures by Jessica Hische.
Illustrations, hand-lettering, and easy-to-read text reveal a child's bedtime promise to strive the next day to be adventurous, strong, curious, and more.
Thread of love / written by Kabir Sehgal & Surishtha Sehgal ; illustrated by Zara Gonzalez Hoang.
Three siblings enjoy the Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan, a celebration of the special relationship between brothers and sisters, in this reinterpretation of the song Frère Jacques.
You can be / Elise Gravel.
A child learns to embrace diversity in themselves and in others.
Benji, the bad day, and me / by Sally J. Pla ; illustrated by Ken Min.
Sammy is having a very bad day at school and at home until his autistic brother, Benji, finds a way to make him feel better.
Take heart, my child : a mother's dream / Ainsley Earhardt, with Kathryn Cristaldi ; illustrated by Jaime Kim.
An unnamed mother shares life lessons with her newborn child, encouraging them to follow their hopes and dreams and to not lose heart during challenging times.
The snowy nap / Jan Brett.
After hearing about winter from his friends, Hedgie the hedgehog tries to stay awake to experience its wonders.
Builders & breakers / Steve Light.
Two children follow their father to work when he forgets his lunch and they get to see the sights and sounds of a building site, including breakers breaking, diggers digging, and cranes hoisting.
Violet and the woof / story by Rebecca Grabill ; pictures by Dasha Tolstikova.
Violet and her brother take a long, long journey, fraught with danger and peril, to deliver soup to Papa Jean-Louis, and encounter a fierce, ferocious wolf in their path.
Made by Maxine / written by Ruth Spiro ; illustrated by Holly Hatam.
When Maxine's school puts on a pet parade, she creates a unique contraption to allow her very special pet fish, Milton, to participate.
The very last castle / words by Travis Jonker ; pictures by Mark Pett.
Ibb, curious about the lone castle in her town, forms a long-distance friendship with the guard and, despite warnings there is something fearful inside, accepts his invitation to enter.
Just add glitter / Angela DiTerlizzi & Samantha Cotterill.
Illustrations and simple, rhyming text encourage the reader to add glitter to everything in sight, until even what should really sparkle is obscured.
Dream big, little one / Vashti Harrison.
Features female figures of black history, including pilot Bessie Coleman, politician Shirley Chisholm, mathematician Katherine Johnson, poet Maya Angelou, and filmmaker Julie Dash.
I'm tough! / Kate & Jim McMullan.
A tough pickup truck describes the features that help the truck haul three very different loads.
Bears in a band / Shirley Parenteau ; illustrated by David Walker.
The little bears pick up their musical instruments and embark on a jubilant, if off-key, performance that interrupts Big Brown Bear's nap.
Fiona's friends / by Dr. John Hutton ; photographs by Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.
Introduces young readers to some of the zoo animals that live at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden with Fiona the hippopotamus.
8 little planets / words by Chris Ferrie ; pictures by Lizzy Doyle.
"To the tune of "Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" comes a new bedtime story from bestselling author Chris Ferrie that's sure to get little ones excited about the solar system while learning new facts about each planet!"--Provided by publisher.
Vroom vroom : garbage truck / Asia Citro & Troy Cummings.
A garbage truck goes through its daily routine of picking up garbage throughout the city and bringing it to the dump, in a book that explores the sounds a garbage truck makes.
Sweet dreaming / words by Julia Rawlinson ; pictures by Nicole Wong.
Molly's mother imagines stories to lull her to sleep, from swooping birds to a quiet beach, and soon one of them has nodded off.
The cow said neigh! : a farm story / by Rory Feek ; illustrated by Bruno Robert.
Illustrations and rhyming text follow a series of farm animals as each wishes it could be another, and lets out the sound of the animal it envies.
Paul writes (a letter) / Chris Raschka.
Introduces the Apostle Paul, an early missionary of Christianity, and examines his writings on how to live a good life to his friends.
Quiet / Tomie dePaola.
While observing the busy world around them, two children and their grandfather take a moment to appreciate being quiet and still.