Adult Audiobooks

These are audiobooks on CD for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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The Way of Kings (CD)
Sanderson, Brandon.
Trouble is What I Do (CD)
Mosley, Walter.
The Lost Night (CD)
Castle, Jayne.
The Deserter (CD)
Demille, Nelson.
The Big Lie (CD)
Grippando, James.
Apeirogon (CD)
McCann, Colum.
The Unspoken Name (CD)
Larkwood, A. K..
Sisters by Choice (CD)
Mallery, Susan.
Salt River (CD)
White, Randy Wayne.
The Sacrament (CD)
Olafsson, Olaf.
Postscript (CD)
Ahern, Cecelia.
Out of the Attic (CD)
Andrews, V. C..
The Other Mrs. (CD)
Kubica, Mary.
Name Drop (CD)
Mathews, Ross.
The Museum of Desire (CD)
Kellerman, Jonathan.
The Last Tourist (CD)
Steinhauer, Olen.
Golden in Death (CD)
Robb, J. D..
Franklin & Washington (CD)
Larson, Edward J..
A Divided Loyalty (CD)
Todd, Charles.
Dead to Her (CD)
Pinborough, Sarah.
Chasing Cassandra (CD)
Kleypas, Lisa.
Blindside (CD)
Patterson, James.
Alone in the Wild (CD)
Armstrong, Kelley.
When You See Me (CD)
Gardner, Lisa.
When We Were Vikings (CD)
MacDonald, Andrew David.
Love Her Or Lose Her (CD)
Bailey, Tessa.
The Look-Alike (CD)
Spindler, Erica.
Into the Fire (CD)
Hurwitz, Gregg.
A House in the Mountains (CD)
Moorehead, Caroline.
Highfire (CD)
Colfer, Eoin.
Hi Five (CD)
Ide, Joe.
Followers (CD)
Angelo, Megan.
Don't Believe a Word (CD)
Shariatmadari, David.
Children of the Land (CD)
Castillo, Marcelo Hernandez.
The Art of Resistance (CD)
Rosenberg, Justus.
American Dirt (CD)
Cummins, Jeanine.
Urban Isis
Gross, Willie
A sister's power
Rax, Cydney
Hernandez, Treasure
The vows we break
Cole, Briana
Private property
Hunt, La Jill
Eraserheads 2: the decision
Brick and Storm
More to life
Billingsley, ReShonda Tate
Right beside you
Monroe, Mary
I do love you still
Morrison, Mary B.
Rising (CD)
Rush, Elizabeth.
Mary Ball Washington (CD)
Shirley, Craig.
Love & Life (CD)
Schlessinger, Dr. Laura.
Late Migrations (CD)
Renkl, Margaret.
A Bookshop in Berlin (CD)
Frenkel, Francoise.
Whispers of War (CD)
Kelly, Julia.
Remembrance (CD)
Woods, Rita.
Many Rivers to Cross (CD)
Robinson, Peter.
A Longer Fall (CD)
Harris, Charlaine.
Consider This (CD)
Palahniuk, Chuck.
Big Lies in a Small Town (CD)
Chamberlain, Diane.
The Wives (CD)
Fisher, Tarryn.
Come Tumbling Down (CD)
McGuire, Seanan.
Jesus the Christ
Talmage, James E.
Westering Women (CD)
Dallas, Sandra.
The Vanishing (CD)
Krentz, Jayne Ann.
Treason (CD)
Woods, Stuart.
No Fixed Line (CD)
Stabenow, Dana.
Mr. Nobody (CD)
Steadman, Catherine.
Moral Compass (CD)
Steel, Danielle.
The words between us
Bartels, Erin
The Ship of Dreams (CD)
Russell, Gareth.
She Came to Slay (CD)
Dunbar, Erica Armstrong.
Highway of Tears (CD)
McDiarmid, Jessica.
Dominicana (CD)
Cruz, Angie.
All This Could be Yours (CD)
Attenberg, Jami.
A Marvelous Life (CD)
Fingeroth, Danny.
The Blood Mirror (CD)
Weeks, Brent.
The book of lost saints
Older, Daniel Jose
Winter grave
Tursten, Helene
Good Girls Lie (CD)
Ellison, J. T..
Dead Astronauts (CD)
Vandermeer, Jeff.
Africaville (CD)
Colvin, Jeffrey.
The Wicked Redhead (CD)
Williams, Beatriz.
The Attack (CD)
Griffin, W. E. B..
Fair Play (CD)
Rodsky, Eve.
Sword of Kings (CD)
Cornwell, Bernard.
The Long Call (CD)
Cleeves, Ann.
Stolen (CD)
Bell, Richard.
The Grammarians (CD)
Schine, Cathleen.
A Nearly Normal Family (CD)
Edvardsson, M. T..