Adult Audiobooks

These are audiobooks on CD for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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The flight portfolio
Orringer, Julie
Tender mercies
Snelling, Lauraine
Lord, Karen
Terns of Endearment (CD)
Andrews, Donna.
Outfox (CD)
Brown, Sandra.
Never Have I Ever (CD)
Jackson, Joshilyn.
The Inn (CD)
Patterson, James.
A Dangerous Man (CD)
Crais, Robert.
The Book Charmer (CD)
Hawkins, Karen.
The reapers' song
Snelling, Lauraine
Willing to Die (CD)
Jackson, Lisa.
Treason (CD)
Zahn, Timothy.
Someone We Know (CD)
Lapena, Shari.
Smokescreen (CD)
Johansen, Iris.
The Russian (CD)
Coes, Ben.
One Good Deed (CD)
Baldacci, David.
Lady in the Lake (CD)
Lippman, Laura.
Labyrinth (CD)
Coulter, Catherine.
Far and Away (CD)
Michaels, Fern.
Chances Are... (CD)
Russo, Richard.
My word
Bryant, Gizelle
Hampton, Brenda
Carl Weber's kingpins: Houston
Hernandez, Treasure
Carl Weber's kingpins: Jamaica
Williams, Racquel
Know your place
Ellis, Shelly
Trouble in Rio
Weber, Carl
Over the fence
Monroe, Mary
Upheaval (CD)
Diamond, Jared.
Under Currents (CD)
Roberts, Nora.
Surfside Sisters (CD)
Thayer, Nancy.
Stop Doing That Sh*T (CD)
Bishop, Gary John.
Sorrow Road (CD)
Keller, Julia.
The Poacher's Son (CD)
Doiron, Paul.
Once More We Saw Stars (CD)
Greene, Jayson.
A Good American Family (CD)
Maraniss, David.
The Golden Hour (CD)
Williams, Beatriz.
Fix Her Up (CD)
Bailey, Tessa.
Dark Age (CD)
Brown, Pierce.
Almost Midnight (CD)
Doiron, Paul.
Heart of barkness
Quinn, Spencer
The department of sensitive crimes
Smith, Alexander McCall
Wherever She Goes (CD)
Armstrong, Kelley.
The Orphan's Song (CD)
Kate, Lauren.
Lost and Found (CD)
Steel, Danielle.
The Gone Dead (CD)
Benz, Chanelle.
The British Are Coming (CD)
Atkinson, Rick.
Big Sky (CD)
Atkinson, Kate.
Backlash (CD)
Thor, Brad.
After the End (CD)
Mackintosh, Clare.
Summer of '69 (CD)
Hilderbrand, Elin.
The Stationery Shop (CD)
Kamali, Marjan.
One Night in Georgia (CD)
Norfleet, Celeste O..
The Lemon Sisters (CD)
Shalvis, Jill.
The Last House Guest (CD)
Miranda, Megan.
Empress of Forever (CD)
Gladstone, Max.
Recursion (CD)
Crouch, Blake.
The Islanders (CD)
Moore, Meg Mitchell.
The Hive (CD)
Card, Orson Scott.
The First Mistake (CD)
Jones, Sandie.
Wolf Rain (CD)
Singh, Nalini.
The Summer Country (CD)
Willig, Lauren.
Skin Game (CD)
Woods, Stuart.
My Life As a Rat (CD)
Oates, Joyce Carol.
Fall (CD)
Stephenson, Neal.
City of Girls (CD)
Gilbert, Elizabeth.
The Book Supremacy (CD)
Carlisle, Kate.
Alphabet Squadron (CD)
Freed, Alexander.
The Unhoneymooners (CD)
Lauren, Christina.
The Flatshare (CD)
O'Leary, Beth.
The Island (CD)
Jonasson, Ragnar.
The Scent of Murder (CD)
Logan, Kylie.
Middlegame (CD)
McGuire, Seanan.
Miracle Creek (CD)
Kim, Angie.
The Infinite Game (CD)
Sinek, Simon.