Adult Audiobooks

These are audiobooks on CD for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Walk the Wire (CD)
Baldacci, David.
Such a Fun Age (CD)
Reid, Kiley.
Pretty Things (CD)
Brown, Janelle.
Masked Prey (CD)
Sandford, John.
From Scratch (CD)
Locke, Tembi.
Dead Land (CD)
Paretsky, Sara.
The Business of Lovers (CD)
Dickey, Eric Jerome.
The Book of Longings (CD)
Kidd, Sue Monk.
Think Like a Monk (CD)
Shetty, Jay.
Simon the Fiddler (CD)
Jiles, Paulette.
Pierced by the Sun (CD)
Esquivel, Laura.
The New Husband (CD)
Palmer, D. J..
The House of Kennedy (CD)
Patterson, James, 1947-
Hell and Other Destinations (CD)
Albright, Madeleine.
Staples, Dennis E.
Revenge (CD)
Patterson, James, 1947-
Joy at Work (CD)
Kondo, Marie.
If I Never Met You (CD)
McFarlane, Mhairi.
Hidden Salem (CD)
Hooper, Kay.
Hid From Our Eyes (CD)
Spencer-Fleming, Julia.
The Grace Kelly Dress (CD)
Janowitz, Brenda.
Broken (CD)
Winslow, Don.
A Bad Day for Sunshine (CD)
Jones, Darynda.
The Ancestor (CD)
Trussoni, Danielle.
More Myself (CD)
Keys, Alicia.
Hour of the Assassin (CD)
Quirk, Matthew.
Heaven and Hell (CD)
Ehrman, Bart D..
Devoted (CD)
Koontz, Dean.
After Sundown (CD)
Howard, Linda.
Texas Outlaw (CD)
Patterson, James, 1947-
The Sinner (CD)
Ward, J. R..
Oona Out of Order (CD)
Montimore, Margarita.
The Last Odyssey (CD)
Rollins, James.
Lady in Waiting (CD)
Glenconner, Anne.
The K Team (CD)
Rosenfelt, David.
The Honey-Don't List (CD)
Lauren, Christina.
The Glass Hotel (CD)
Mandel, Emily St. John.
The City We Became (CD)
Jemisin, N. K..
The Red Lotus (CD)
Bohjalian, Chris.
The Jerusalem Assassin (CD)
Rosenberg, Joel C..
How to be Fine (CD)
Greenberg, Jolenta.
Hollywood Homicide (CD)
Garrett, Kellye.
Hollywood Ending (CD)
Garrett, Kellye.
Hit List (CD)
Woods, Stuart.
My Dark Vanessa (CD)
Russell, Kate Elizabeth.
The Mirror & The Light (CD)
Mantel, Hilary.
In Five Years (CD)
Serle, Rebecca.
A Good Neighborhood (CD)
Fowler, Therese Anne.
A Forgotten Murder (CD)
Deveraux, Jude.
999 (CD)
Macadam, Heather Dune.
Polk, C. L. (Chelsea L.)
Trace elements
Leon, Donna
You Are Not Alone (CD)
Hendricks, Greer.
The Numbers Game (CD)
Steel, Danielle.
Long Range (CD)
Box, C. J..
Find Your Path (CD)
Underwood, Carrie, 1983-
Eight Perfect Murders (CD)
Swanson, Peter.
Dear Edward (CD)
Napolitano, Ann.
The Way of Kings (CD)
Sanderson, Brandon.
Apeirogon (CD)
McCann, Colum.
The Unspoken Name (CD)
Larkwood, A. K..
Salt River (CD)
White, Randy Wayne.
The Sacrament (CD)
Olafsson, Olaf.
Postscript (CD)
Ahern, Cecelia.
Out of the Attic (CD)
Andrews, V. C..
Name Drop (CD)
Mathews, Ross, 1979-
The Last Tourist (CD)
Steinhauer, Olen.
Franklin & Washington (CD)
Larson, Edward J..
A Divided Loyalty (CD)
Todd, Charles.
Dead to Her (CD)
Pinborough, Sarah, 1972-
When You See Me (CD)
Gardner, Lisa.
When We Were Vikings (CD)
MacDonald, Andrew David.
The Look-Alike (CD)
Spindler, Erica.
Into the Fire (CD)
Hurwitz, Gregg.
A House in the Mountains (CD)
Moorehead, Caroline.
Children of the Land (CD)
Castillo, Marcelo Hernandez.
The Art of Resistance (CD)
Rosenberg, Justus.
Love & Life (CD)
Schlessinger, Dr. Laura.
Remembrance (CD)
Woods, Rita.
Consider This (CD)
Palahniuk, Chuck.
Come Tumbling Down (CD)
McGuire, Seanan.
Westering Women (CD)
Dallas, Sandra.
No Fixed Line (CD)
Stabenow, Dana.
The words between us
Bartels, Erin
Dominicana (CD)
Cruz, Angie.
A Marvelous Life (CD)
Fingeroth, Danny.
Dead Astronauts (CD)
Vandermeer, Jeff.
The Attack (CD)
Griffin, W. E. B..