Adult Audiobooks

These are audiobooks on CD for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Umbrella Lady (CD)
Andrews, V. C..
Smoke (CD)
Ide, Joe.
The Russian Cage (CD)
Harris, Charlaine.
Master of the Revels (CD)
Galland, Nicole.
Kingdom of Shadow and Light (CD)
Moning, Karen Marie.
The Kaiser's Web (CD)
Berry, Steve.
Just As I Am (CD)
Tyson, Cicely.
How We Show Up (CD)
Birdsong, Mia.
Honey Girl (CD)
Rogers, Morgan.
Flowers of Darkness (CD)
De Rosnay, Tatiana.
Distrust (CD)
Jackson, Lisa.
The Devil You Know (CD)
Blow, Charles M..
Blood Grove (CD)
Mosley, Walter.
What Could be Saved (CD)
Schwarz, Liese O'Halloran.
Waiting for the Night Song (CD)
Dalton, Julie Carrick.
The Vanishing Half (CD)
Bennett, Brit.
The Unwilling (CD)
Hart, John.
Truly Like Lightning (CD)
Duchovny, David.
The Survivors (CD)
Harper, Jane.
A Stranger in Town (CD)
Armstrong, Kelley.
Serpentine (CD)
Kellerman, Jonathan.
Saving Justice (CD)
Comey, James.
The Power Couple (CD)
Berenson, Alex.
People Like Her (CD)
Lloyd, Ellery.
Icebound (CD)
Pitzer, Andrea.
Healing Politics (CD)
El-Sayed, Abdul.
The Four Winds (CD)
Hannah, Kristin.
A Fatal Lie (CD)
Todd, Charles.
Blink of an Eye (CD)
Johansen, Iris.
Being Ram Dass (CD)
Dass, Ram.
American Melancholy (CD)
Oates, Joyce Carol.
The (Other) You (CD)
Oates, Joyce Carol.
White Guilt (CD)
Steele, Shelby.
Tropic of Stupid (CD)
Dorsey, Tim.
A Thousand Ships (CD)
Haynes, Natalie.
Shipped (CD)
Hockman, Angie.
The Russian (CD)
Patterson, James.
Prodigal Son (CD)
Hurwitz, Gregg.
The Plague Cycle (CD)
Kenny, Charles.
Kamala's Way (CD)
Morain, Dan.
Irish Parade Murder (CD)
Meier, Leslie.
Ink and Shadows (CD)
Adams, Ellery.
In Search of Wisdom (CD)
Meyer, Joyce.
Ida B. the Queen (CD)
Duster, Michelle.
The House on Vesper Sands (CD)
O'Donnell, Paraic.
American Daughter (CD)
Plymale, Stephanie Thornton.
Aftershocks (CD)
Owusu, Nadia.
Yellow Wife (CD)
Johnson, Sadeqa.
The Wife Upstairs (CD)
Hawkins, Rachel.
West End Girls (CD)
Colgan, Jenny.
Till Murder Do Us Part (CD)
Patterson, James.
Spin (CD)
Cornwell, Patricia.
The Scorpion's Tail (CD)
Child, Lincoln.
Saving Freedom (CD)
Scarborough, Joe.
Neighbors (CD)
Steel, Danielle.
The Lost Boys (CD)
Kellerman, Faye.
Land (CD)
Winchester, Simon.
Keep Sharp (CD)
Gupta, M.D., Sanjay.
Into the Light (CD)
Weber, David.
Greenlights (CD)
McConaughey, Matthew.
The Forever Girl (CD)
Shalvis, Jill.
The Children's Blizzard (CD)
Benjamin, Melanie.
The Chanel Sisters (CD)
Little, Judithe.
Black Buck (CD)
Askaripour, Mateo.
American Traitor (CD)
Taylor, Brad.
All the Colors of Night (CD)
Krentz, Jayne Ann.
The Patriots
Groom, Winston
Flowers, Catherine
World of Wonders (CD)
Nezhukumatathil, Aimee.
Mediocre (CD)
Oluo, Ijeoma.
Layla (CD)
Hoover, Colleen.
The Farm Stand (CD)
Clipston, Amy.
The Coffee Corner (CD)
Clipston, Amy.
The words between us
Bartels, Erin
The game never ends
Crown, Zaire
Judge's girls
Harris, Sharina
Finessed a dope boy's heart
Willliams, Racquel
A small silence
Verissimo, Jamoke
The Queen's diamond
Moore, Niyah
Street Banditz
Hudson, C.J.
Hernandez, Treasure
Diamond mofia
Woods, Genesis
Role play
Whitaker, Tu-Shonda
The deadline
Swinson, Kiki
Thin Ice: A Mystery (CD)
Shelton, Paige.
Eleanor (CD)
Michaelis, David.
Cold Wind (CD)
Shelton, Paige.
Written in the Stars (CD)
Bellefleur, Alexandria.
Tsarina (CD)
Alpsten, Ellen.
The Future of Nutrition (CD)
Campbell, PhD, T. Colin.
Cobble Hill (CD)
Von Ziegesar, Cecily.
Chance of a Lifetime (CD)
Deveraux, Jude.
The Book of Lost Names (CD)
Harmel, Kristin.
Before the Coffee Gets Cold (CD)
Kawaguchi, Toshikazu.
Dead west
Goldman, Matt
The shallows
Goldman, Matt
Gone to dust
Goldman, Matt
Broken ice
Goldman, Matt
Sitting Pretty (CD)
Taussig, Rebekah.
Overground Railroad (CD)
Taylor, Candacy.
The Fixed Stars (CD)
Wizenberg, Molly.
Finding Freedom (CD)
Scobie, Omid.
Hush-Hush (CD)
Woods, Stuart.
Girl Gurl Grrrl (CD)
Hunt, Kenya.
Eddie's Boy (CD)
Perry, Thomas.
Eat Smarter (CD)
Stevenson, Shawn.
Dearly (CD)
Atwood, Margaret.
Break 'Em Up (CD)
Teachout, Zephyr.
Badass Habits (CD)
Sincero, Jen.
The Age of Wood (CD)
Ennos, Roland.
Long Time Coming (CD)
Dyson, Michael Eric.
The Wrong Family (CD)
Fisher, Tarryn.
Nypd Red 6 (CD)
Patterson, James.
Murder of Innocence (CD)
Patterson, James.
War Lord (CD)
Cornwell, Bernard.
The Greatest Secret (CD)
Byrne, Rhonda.
Deadly Cross (CD)
Patterson, James.
Dark Tides (CD)
Gregory, Philippa.
Rhythm of War (CD)
Sanderson, Brandon.
Real Change (CD)
Salzberg, Sharon.
Our Only Home (CD)
Lama, Dalaï.
Mill Town (CD)
Arsenault, Kerri.
Fast Asleep (CD)
Mosley, Dr. Michael.
Daylight (CD)
Baldacci, David.
Always Young and Restless (CD)
Thomas Scott, Melody.
All That Glitters (CD)
Steel, Danielle.
Trust (CD)
Buttigieg, Pete.
Marauder (CD)
Cussler, Clive.
Make Me Rain (CD)
Giovanni, Nikki.
Luster (CD)
Leilani, Raven.
In the Lion's Den (CD)
Bradford, Barbara Taylor.
Hot to Trot (CD)
Beaton, M. C..
Hidden in Plain Sight (CD)
Archer, Jeffrey.
The Tower of Fools (CD)
Sapkowski, Andrzej.
Three Women Disappear (CD)
Patterson, James.
Love Your Life (CD)
Kinsella, Sophie.
Do You Feel Like I Do? (CD)
Frampton, Peter.
The Dirty South (CD)
Connolly, John.
Black Sun (CD)
Roanhorse, Rebecca.
V2 (CD)
Harris, Robert.
Oona Out of Order (CD)
Montimore, Margarita.