Adult Audiobooks

These are audiobooks on CD for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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The Longmire defense
Johnson, Craig
The discreet charm of the big bad wolf
Smith, Alexander McCall
After that night
Slaughter, Karin
Deeper than love
Karrington, Blake
A damaged girl
Hunter, Travis
Diva 2.0
Ralph, Sheryl Lee
The other mistress
Williams, Shanora
Young Queens
Chang, Leah Redmond
The detective up late
Mckinty, Adrian
Steel, Danielle
Hirahara, Naomi
All is not forgiven
Kenda, Joe
After death
Koontz, Dean
The bitter past
Borgos, Bruce
Sleepless city
Coleman, Reed Farrel
The rooster house
Belim, Victoria
The last sinner
Jackson, Lisa
Such kindness
Dubus, Andre
Translation state
Leckie, Ann
A hacker's mind
Schneier, Bruce
The darkness manifesto
Eklof, Johan
The Paris Daughter (CD)
Harmel, Kristin author.
My Magnolia Summer (CD)
Frank, Victoria Benton author.
The Little Italian Hotel (CD)
Patrick, Phaedra author.
The 9th Man (CD)
Berry, Steve author.
The First Ladies (CD)
Benedict, Marie author.
Famous in a Small Town (CD)
Shipman, Viola author.
A Crown of Ivy and Glass (CD)
Legrand, Claire author.
The Beach at Summerly (CD)
Williams, Beatriz author.
Zero Days (CD)
Ware, Ruth author.
Welcome to Beach Town (CD)
Wiggs, Susan author.
The Missus (CD)
James, E. L. author.
The Last Secret of the Secret Annex (CD)
van Wijk-Voskuijl, Joop author.
Inside Threat (CD)
Quirk, Matthew author.
The Happiness Plan (CD)
Mallery, Susan author.
Between Two Strangers (CD)
White, Kate author.
Robert B. Parker's Bad Influence (CD)
Parker, Robert B. author.
Private Moscow (CD)
Patterson, James author.
Good Night, Irene (CD)
Urrea, Luis Alberto author.
The Five-Star Weekend (CD)
Hilderbrand, Elin author.
Deep As the Sky, Red As the Sea (CD)
Chang-Eppig, Rita author.
Be Mine (CD)
Ford, Richard author.
The Wind Knows My Name (CD)
Allende, Isabel author.
Tom Clancy's Flash Point (CD)
Clancy, Tom author.
The Survivor (CD)
Johansen, Iris author.
Pageboy (CD)
Page, Elliot author.
Near Miss (CD)
Woods, Stuart author.
George (CD)
Hughes, Frieda author.
The Endless Vessel (CD)
Soule, Charles author.
Crow Mary (CD)
Grissom, Kathleen author.
Cross Down (CD)
Patterson, James author.
Clive Cussler's Fire Strike (CD)
Cussler, Clive author.
All the Sinners Bleed (CD)
Cosby, S. A. author.
Drowning (CD)
Newman, T. J. author.
After the Miracle (CD)
Wallace, Max author.
The Poisoner's Ring (CD)
Armstrong, Kelley author.
Identity (CD)
Roberts, Nora author.
The Guest (CD)
Cline, Emma author.
The Book Proposal (CD)
Micciche, KJ author.
Summer on Sag Harbor (CD)
Hostin, Sunny author.
The Old Lion (CD)
Shaara, Jeff author.
The Lost Sons of Omaha (CD)
Sexton, Joe author.
A Line in the Sand (CD)
Powers, Kevin author.
The Enchanted Hacienda (CD)
Cervantes, J. C. author.
Viviana Valentine Goes Up the River (CD)
Edwards, Emily J. author.
Honey, Baby, Mine (CD)
Dern, Laura author.
All the Days of Summer (CD)
Thayer, Nancy author.
Steel, Danielle
The Rescue (CD)
Parker, T. Jefferson author.
Salt : a world history
Kurlansky, Mark.