Adult Audiobooks

These are audiobooks on CD for adults. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Radical Love (CD)
Levi, Zachary author.
I'll Show Myself Out (CD)
Klein, Jessi author.
The German Wife (CD)
Rimmer, Kelly author.
Blood Orange Night (CD)
Bond, Melissa author.
The Angel of Rome (CD)
Walter, Jess author.
We Carry Their Bones (CD)
Kimmerle, Erin author.
Sparring Partners (CD)
Grisham, John author.
The Second Husband (CD)
White, Kate author.
The Woman in the Library (CD)
Gentill, Sulari author.
West Side Love Story (CD)
Oliveras, Priscilla author.
The Stardust Thief (CD)
Abdullah, Chelsea author.
The Rise and Reign of the Mammals (CD)
Brusatte, Steve author.
Riding the Lightning (CD)
Almojera, Anthony author.
A Proposal They Can't Refuse (CD)
CaƱa, Natalie author.
The Messy Lives of Book People (CD)
Patrick, Phaedra author.
Local Gone Missing (CD)
Barton, Fiona author.
Learning to Talk (CD)
Mantel, Hilary author.
The Hotel Nantucket (CD)
Hilderbrand, Elin author.
A Face to Die For (CD)
Johansen, Iris author.
Escape (CD)
Patterson, James author.
Created Equal (CD)
Carson, M. D., Ben author.
Boss Witch (CD)
Aguirre, Ann author.
Bloomsbury Girls (CD)
Jenner, Natalie author.
Night of the living rez
Talty, Morgan
Lost banshee mine
Compton, Ralph
Out of the clear blue sky
Higgins, Kristan
The marlow murder club
Thorogood, Robert
Steel, Danielle
Her hometown hero
Thomas, Jacquelin
The Bronx
Phillips, C.N.
Glenn, Roy
In search of a prince
Shiloh, Toni
Carl Weber's kingpins
Hernandez, Treasure
Hosea Williams
Rice, Rlundus R.
Unfailing Love (CD)
Oke, Janette author.
Tracy Flick Can't Win (CD)
Perrotta, Tom author.
Raising Antiracist Children (CD)
Hawthorne, Britt author.
The Omega Factor (CD)
Berry, Steve author.
More Than You'll Ever Know (CD)
Gutierrez, Katie author.
James Patterson by James Patterson (CD)
Patterson, James author.
It All Comes Down to This (CD)
Fowler, Therese Anne author.
How to Grow (CD)
Bridgewater, Marcus author.
The Hawk's Way (CD)
Montgomery, Sy author.
Happy-Go-Lucky (CD)
Sedaris, David author.
Counterfeit (CD)
Chen, Kirstin author.
By Her Own Design (CD)
Huguley, Piper author.
Be My Baby (CD)
Spector, Ronnie author.
Be Joyful (CD)
Meyer, Joyce author.
After Steve (CD)
Mickle, Tripp author.
We Were Dreamers (CD)
Liu, Simu author.
Two Nights in Lisbon (CD)
Pavone, Chris author.
River of the Gods (CD)
Millard, Candice author.
A Rip Through Time (CD)
Armstrong, Kelley author.
Meant to Be (CD)
Giffin, Emily author.
Managing Expectations (CD)
Driver, Minnie author.
The Latecomer (CD)
Korelitz, Jean Hanff author.
Killing the Killers (CD)
O'Reilly, Bill author.
The Foundling (CD)
Leary, Ann author.
Book of Night (CD)
Black, Holly author.
The Boardwalk Bookshop (CD)
Mallery, Susan author.
With a Mind to Kill (CD)
Horowitz, Anthony author.
Nightwork (CD)
Roberts, Nora author.
Every Cloak Rolled in Blood (CD)
Burke, James Lee author.
Clive Cussler's Dark Vector (CD)
Cussler, Clive author.
Back to the Prairie (CD)
Gilbert, Melissa author.
Wang, Weike
Bad indians
Miranda, Deborah A.
Smoke signal
Benedict, Marie
Jones, Tayari
Sunset springs
Callender, Kacen
How it ends
Hall, Rachel
My annihilation
Nakamura, Fuminori
Razzmatazz (CD)
Moore, Christopher author.
The Lost Summers of Newport (CD)
White, Karen author.
The Island (CD)
McKinty, Adrian author.
Activities of Daily Living (CD)
Chen, Lisa author.
The Movement Made Us (CD)
Dennis Jr., David J. author.
The Lioness (CD)
Bohjalian, Chris author.
Kaikeyi (CD)
Patel, Vaishnavi author.
When She Dreams (CD)
Quick, Amanda author.
Robert B. Parker's Revenge Tour (CD)
Parker, Robert B. author.
My Seven Black Fathers (CD)
Jawando, Will author.
A Brief History of Equality (CD)
Piketty, Thomas author.
The Book Woman's Daughter (CD)
Richardson, Kim Michele author.
Black Ghost of Empire (CD)
Manjapra, Kris author.
An Honest Lie (CD)
Fisher, Tarryn author.
The Duchess Countess (CD)
Ostler, Catherine author.
The Reckoning (CD)
Trump, Ph. D., Mary L. author.
Salt : a world history
Kurlansky, Mark.