Getting Your Card

A CADL membership is the key to unlocking valuable library services that inform and entertain.

Four-year memberships are free to residents of any age who live in our service area. Use your card to check out physical items from our branches, or stream and download items from our digital collections—or do both! One card covers it all. CADL memberships can save $900 per year by just checking out one item per week.

Types of Membership 

In addition to regular memberships for adults, we offer special options for youth and for businesses and institutions.

Applying for Membership

There are two ways to apply for a CADL membership: online or at a branch.

Apply Online

This option is available to both resident and non-resident youth and adults. After submitting the application, you will receive a number that can be used to access digital services immediately. Then, within the next 21 days:

  • Resident adults must verify the account by uploading images of your photo ID and proof of residency. Once that step is completed, your membership can be used for all CADL services. If you do not verify it, the account will expire.
  • Resident youth must visit a CADL branch with the guardian/parent who submitted the application. The parent/guardian will need to provide current photo ID with proof of address. If you do not verify it, the account will expire.
  • Non-residents must visit a CADL branch to purchase a membership. Unless that step is completed, the account will expire.

Apply Online Now

Apply at a Branch

Bring a current photo ID with proof of your address to any CADL branchResidents will receive a four-year membership card. Non-residents may purchase a membership.

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