Adult High Demand

These are fiction and non-fiction books that we know will be popular. We've ordered them so that we will have them as soon as they are published.

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The Measure of Our Lives : A Gathering of Wisdom
Morrison, Toni/ Smith, Zadie (FRW)
Shapes of Native nonfiction : collected essays by contemporary writers
Washuta, Elissa (EDT)/ Warburton, Theresa (EDT)
Missing person
Lotz, Sarah, author.
Gritton, JP, 1984- author.
The Cockroach
McEwan, Ian
Gwendy's Magic Feather
Chizmar, Richard
Snowfall in the City
Wiggs, Susan
Forever and a Duke
Burrowes, Grace
Dirty Letters
Keeland, Vi/ Ward, Penelope
All Fired Up
Foster, Lori
The Wives
Fisher, Tarryn
Such a Fun Age
Reid, Kiley
Shepard, Sara
The Playground
Shemilt, Jane
The age of anxiety : a novel
Townshend, Pete, author.
The Wicked Redhead
Williams, Beatriz
Sword of kings : a novel
Cornwell, Bernard, author.
Mary Toft; or, the rabbit queen : a novel
Palmer, Dexter Clarence, 1974- author.
The bridge to Belle Island
Klassen, Julie, 1964- author.
Africaville : a novel
Colvin, Jeffrey, author.
Under occupation : a novel
Furst, Alan, author.
Smoke screen
Blackstock, Terri, 1957- author.
The second sleep : a novel
Harris, Robert, 1957- author.
Oppo : a novel
Rosenstiel, Tom, author.
A madness of sunshine
Singh, Nalini, 1977- author.
Just Watch Me
Lindsay, Jeffry P.
Good Girls Lie
Ellison, J. T.
Cook, Robin, 1940- author.
Dead sea conspiracy
Jenkins, Jerry B, author.
The Dead Girls Club
Walters, Damien
The Attack
Griffin, W. E. B./ Butterworth, William E.
Winter grave
Tursten, Helene, 1954- author.
When Old Midnight Comes Along
Estleman, Loren D.
Verse and Vengeance
Flower, Amanda
Trace of evil
Blanchard, Alice, author.
Thin ice : a mystery
Shelton, Paige, author.
Puddin' on the Blitz
Myers, Tamar
The old success
Grimes, Martha, author.
Now you see them
Griffiths, Elly, author.
Brewed awakening
Coyle, Cleo, author.
Beating About the Bush
Beaton, M. C.
Louis L'Amour's Lost Treasures
L'Amour, Louis/ L'amour, Beau
Scarlet fever : a novel
Brown, Rita Mae, author.
No Man's Land
Driscoll, Sara
A Murderous Tangle
Goldenbaum, Sally
Invitation Only Murder
Meier, Leslie
The season : a history of the debutante
Richardson, Kristen, author.
Love and Life
Schlessinger, Laura
Jay-Z : Made in America
Dyson, Michael Eric
Incidental Inventions
Ferrante, Elena/ Goldstein, Ann (TRN)/ Ucini, Andrea (ILT)
Hardt, Helen
Not the Girl You Marry
Christopher, Andie J.
Leopard's Wrath
Feehan, Christine
Get a Life, Chloe Brown
Hibbert, Talia
The bromance book club
Adams, Lyssa Kay, author.
The Starless Sea
Morgenstern, Erin
The rise of magicks
Roberts, Nora, author.
Fate of the Fallen
Kade, Kel
The Deep
Solomon, Rivers/ Diggs, Daveed/ Hutson, William/ Snipes, Jonathan
Spy : a novel
Steel, Danielle, author.
Secrets of the chocolate house
Brackston, Paula, author.
The revisioners : a novel
Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson, author.
On Swift Horses
Pufahl, Shannon
Tom Clancy Code of Honor
Cameron, Marc
The Siberian Dilemma
Smith, Martin Cruz
Secret service
Bradby, Tom, author.
The Poison Garden
Banner, A. J.
A Minute to Midnight
Baldacci, David
Final option
Cussler, Clive, author.
Criss Cross
Patterson, James
Come Back for Me
Perks, Heidi
Anything for you
Black, Saul, author.
The andromeda evolution
Wilson, Daniel H. (Daniel Howard), 1978- author.
The Accomplice
Kanon, Joseph
Twenty-one truths about love
Dicks, Matthew, author.
Nothing to see here
Wilson, Kevin, 1978- author.
Noel Street
Evans, Richard Paul, author.
The Family Upstairs
Jewell, Lisa
The confession club : a novel
Berg, Elizabeth, author.
The book of lost saints
Older, Daniel José, author.
Twisted Twenty-six
Evanovich, Janet
Tracking Game
Mizushima, Margaret
Storm of Secrets
Marion, Loretta
River Run
James, J. S.
Nothing More Dangerous
Eskens, Allen
Guilty Not Guilty
Francis, Felix
Galway girl / A Jack Taylor Novel
Bruen, Ken, author.
City of scoundrels
Thompson, Victoria (Victoria E.), author.
A Christmas gathering : a novel
Perry, Anne, author.
The chocolate shark shenanigans
Carl, JoAnna, author.
The Body on the Train
Brody, Frances
The angels' share / A Wine Country Mystery
Crosby, Ellen, 1953- author.
36 righteous men : a novel
Pressfield, Steven, author.
Manhunters : how we took down Pablo Escobar
Murphy, Steve (Steven E.), author.
It's Garry Shandling's book
Shandling, Garry, author.
In the Dream House : A Memoir
Machado, Carmen Maria
I Am C-3po : The Inside Story
Daniels, Anthony/ Abrams, J. J. (FRW)
Carrie Fisher : a life on the edge
Weller, Sheila, author.
The hidden world of the fox
Brand, Adele, author.
Blood : A Memoir
Moorer, Allison
Goodkind, Terry
Supernova Era
Liu, Cixin/ Martinsen, Joel (TRN)
The burning white
Weeks, Brent, author.
Wyoming Heart
Palmer, Diana
Twice in a Blue Moon
Lauren, Christina
Meant to Be Yours
Mallery, Susan
Wonѫt Back Down
Rhoades, J. D.
Let Justice Descend
Black, Lisa
Kiss the girls and make them cry
Clark, Mary Higgins, author.
The deserter : a novel
DeMille, Nelson, author.
The House of Brides
Cockram, Jane
Find me
Aciman, André, author.
The curious heart of Ailsa Rae
Butland, Stephanie, author.
The Christmas spirits on Tradd street
White, Karen (Karen S.), author.
White Elephant
Harnetiaux, Trish
To the land of long lost friends
McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- author.
Three Widows and a Corpse
Sennefelder, Debra
Strangers at the gate : a novel
McPherson, Catriona, 1965- author.
Shot Through the Hearth
Carlisle, Kate
The Night Fire
Connelly, Michael
A Cruel Deception
Todd, Charles
Coached to Death
Laurie, Victoria
Christmas Sweets
Fluke, Joanne/ Levine, Laura/ Meier, Leslie
A Catered New Yearѫs Eve
Crawford, Isis
Blue moon : a Jack Reacher novel
Child, Lee, author.
Ordinary girls : a memoir
Díaz, Jaquira, author.
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood : a visual history
Wagner, Melissa, 1974- author.
Long way home
Douglas, Cameron, 1978- author.
Janis : Her Life and Music
George-Warren, Holly
Morris, Edmund, author.
Roux, Madeleine, 1985- author.
If Only I Could Tell You
Beckerman, Hannah
Before the Devil Fell
Olson, Neil
After Sundown
Howard, Linda/ Jones, Linda
Untitled Bob Weir Memoir
Von Robertson, Morow
What Lies Beneath
Hetherton, J. G.
Dark site : a Sam Dryden novel
Lee, Patrick, 1976- author.
Mad Love
Dini, Paul/ Cadigan, Pat