Adult High Demand

These are fiction and non-fiction books that we know will be popular. We've ordered them so that we will have them as soon as they are published.

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August Wilson : A Life
Hartigan, Patti
Klune, T. J.
Not That Duke
James, Eloisa
Kiss the Girl
Cordova, Zoraida
Forget me not
Soto, Julie, 1988- author.
Finding us
Peterson, Tracie, author.
Three Fires
Mina, Denise
The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store
McBride, James, 1957- author.
Flags on the bayou : a novel
Burke, James Lee, 1936- author.
The bookbinder : a novel
Williams, Pip, 1969- author.
What Harms You
Black, Lisa
Secrets in the Dark
Graham, Heather
The Last Ranger
Heller, Peter
Just Another Missing Person
Mcallister, Gillian
Everyone here is lying
Lapena, Shari, 1960- author.
Dead Fall
Thor, Brad
Eason, Lynette, author.
Circle of Death
Patterson, James/ Sitts, Brian
Adeleke, Remi/ Hartov, Steven N.
After Death
Koontz, Dean R.
A Troubling Tail
Cass, Laurie
The spider / A Killer Instinct Novel
Kepler, Lars, author.
Small town sins : a novel
Jaworowski, Ken, author.
The Second Murderer
Mina, Denise
A questionable character
Barrett, Lorna, author.
Prom Mom
Lippman, Laura
Mrs. Plansky's revenge
Quinn, Spencer, author.
An Honest Man
Koryta, Michael
Hirahara, Naomi, 1962- author.
The Bone Hacker
Reichs, Kathy
Birder, she wrote
Andrews, Donna, author.
The weaver and the witch queen
Gornichec, Genevieve, author.
Light Bringer
Brown, Pierce
Gryphon in light
Lackey, Mercedes, author.
Dragons of Fate
Weis, Margaret/ Hickman, Tracy
Cassiel's Servant
Carey, Jacqueline
Tom Lake
Patchett, Ann
Speech Team
Murphy, Tim
Somebody's Fool
Russo, Richard
The peach seed
Jones, Anita Gail, author.
My name is Iris
Skyhorse, Brando, author.
The Men Can't Be Saved
Purkert, Ben
The Lookback Window
Hertz, Kyle Dillon
King of the armadillos
Chin-Tanner, Wendy, author.
Gone tonight
Pekkanen, Sarah, author.
Family Lore
Acevedo, Elizabeth
The Centre
Siddiqi, Ayesha Manazir
Between two strangers : a novel of suspense
White, Kate, 1950- author.
The Apology
Han, Jimin
Camp Damascus
Tingle, Chuck, author.
The Beast You Are
Tremblay, Paul
The King of Late Night
Gutfeld, Greg
Thief Liar Lady
Soria, D. L.
Silver Nitrate
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
Immortal Longings
Gong, Chloe
Ebony gate
Vee, Julia, author.
The carnivale of curiosities
Gibbs, Amiee, author.
The only purple house in town
Aguirre, Ann, author.
Must love flowers : a novel
Macomber, Debbie, author.
Zero - Sum : Stories
Oates, Joyce Carol
The Summer Skies
Colgan, Jenny
The summer of songbirds : a novel
Harvey, Kristy Woodson, author.
The St. Ambrose school for girls
Ward, Jessica, 1969- author.
A Quitter's Paradise
Chang, Elysha
The Majority
Silver, Elizabeth L.
Hope : a novel
Ridker, Andrew, author.
High time : a novel
Rothschild, Hannah, 1962- author.
Hello stranger
Center, Katherine, author.
Excavations : a novel
Michell, Hannah, author.
Crook Manifesto
Whitehead, Colson
The block party : a novel
Day, Jamie, author.
Women of the Post
Sanders, Joshunda
Queen of exiles : a novel
Riley, Vanessa, author.
Griffiths, Rachel Eliza
The Paris Agent
Rimmer, Kelly
The madwomen of Paris : a novel
Epstein, Jennifer Cody, author.
A lady's guide to scandal : a novel
Irwin, Sophie, author.
Do Tell
Lynch, Lindsay
The Air Raid Book Club
Lyons, Annie
The Woods Are Waiting
Greene, Katherine
The mistress of Bhatia House
Massey, Sujata, author.
The last dance
Billingham, Mark, author.
An evil heart
Castillo, Linda, author.
Cutting teeth
Baker, Chandler, author.
A Cryptic Clue
Gilbert, Victoria
With a Kiss We Die
Dorn, L. R.
Staub, Wendy Corsi
What Remains
Walker, Wendy
A Twisted Love Story
Downing, Samantha
Thicker than water : a novel
Collins, Megan, 1984- author.
Patterson, James/ Born, James O.
A likeable woman
Cobb, May, 1973- author.
How Can I Help You
Sims, Laura
The Guest Room
Sylva, Tasha
The ghost ship
Mosse, Kate, 1961- author.
The Collector
Silva, Daniel
The Bones of the Story
Goodman, Carol
Blind fear : a thriller
Webb, Brandon, author.
Tabula Rasa
McPhee, John
No ordinary assignment : a memoir
Ferguson, Jane, author.
Jackie : public, private, secret
Taraborrelli, J. Randy, author.
The Road to Roswell
Willis, Connie
The first bright thing
Dawson, J. R. (Omaha teaching artist) author.
The archive undying
Candon, Emma Mieko, author.
The Wife App
Mackler, Carolyn
Sunshine nails
NguyAẽn, Mai, author.
Save What's Left
Castellano, Elizabeth
The Rachel Incident
O'donoghue, Caroline
Steel, Danielle
One summer in Savannah : a novel
Harris, Terah Shelton, author.
The memory of animals : a novel
Fuller, Claire, author.
Little monsters : a novel
Brodeur, Adrienne, author.
The Librarianist
Dewitt, Patrick
The drowning woman
Harding, Robyn, author.
Banyan Moon
Thai, Thao
Klune, TJ, author.
The Seven Year Slip
Poston, Ashley
Hardt, Helen
Business or pleasure
Solomon, Rachel Lynn, author.
The wind knows my name : a novel
Allende, Isabel, author.
Lockhart, Zelda
The sunset crowd
Tanabe, Karin, author.
Starring Adele Astaire
Knight, Eliza
The spectacular : a novel
Davis, Fiona, 1966- author.
A right worthy woman : a novel
Watson, Ruth P., author.
The Paris daughter
Harmel, Kristin, author.
Lucky Red
Cravens, Claudia
The king's pleasure : a novel of Henry VIII
Weir, Alison, 1951- author.
Beutner, Katharine
The Housekeepers
Hay, Alex
The house of Lincoln : a novel
Horan, Nancy, author.
Good Night, Irene
Urrea, Luis Alberto
The Glass Chateau
Kiernan, Stephen P.
The first ladies
Benedict, Marie, author.
Crow Mary
Grissom, Kathleen
The Brightest Star
Tsukiyama, Gail
The Beach at Summerly : a novel
Williams, Beatriz, author.
What the neighbors saw : a novel
Adelman, Melissa A., author.
A stolen child
Taylor, Sarah Stewart, author.
Speak of the devil : a novel
Wilding, Rose, author.
Robert B. Parker's Bad influence
Gaylin, Alison, author.
Murder off the books
Berry, Tamara, author.
Murder Is a Piece of Cake
Burns, Valerie
A Most Agreeable Murder
Seales, Julia
Misfortune Cookie
Chien, Vivien
The Long Ago
McGarrity, Michael
Lay your body down : a novel
Clarke, Amy Suiter, author.
The last drop of hemlock
Schellman, Katharine, author.
Killing Moon
Nesbo, Jo/ Kinsella, Sean (TRN)
In a hard wind
Housewright, David, 1955- author.
Hiss me deadly
James, Miranda, author.
The Gulf
Cochran, Rachel
The Good Ones
Stewart, Polly
Flop dead gorgeous
Rosenfelt, David, author.
Death comes to Marlow : a novel
Thorogood, Robert, author.
Dead man's wake
Doiron, Paul, author.
The Body in the Web
Page, Katherine Hall
All the sinners bleed
Cosby, S. A., author.
Maeve fly
Leede, CJ, author.
The edge of sleep
Emanuel, Jake, author.
Demons of good and evil
Harrison, Kim, 1966- author.
Whispers at Dusk
Graham, Heather
The Survivor
Johansen, Iris
Private Moscow
Patterson, James
The Last Sinner
Jackson, Lisa
The 9th man
Berry, Steve, 1955- author.
Unfortunately Yours
Bailey, Tessa
The Sweetheart List
Shalvis, Jill
Remember me : a Ravenswood novel
Balogh, Mary, author.
Once more with feeling : a novel
Sussman, Elissa, author.
Mortal follies : a novel
Hall, Alexis J., author.
The Missus
James, E L
Love, Theoretically
Hazelwood, Ali
The Happiness Plan
Mallery, Susan
Chef's Choice
Alexander, T. J.
The Cafe at Beach End
Thayne, RaeAnne
Zero Days
Ware, Ruth
Weapons of opportunity
Brown, Dale, 1956- author.
The Puzzle Master
Trussoni, Danielle
The only one left : a novel
Sager, Riley, author.
Night will find you
Heaberlin, Julia, author.
Near miss
Woods, Stuart, author.
Inside Threat
Quirk, Matthew
Girls and their horses
Brazier, Eliza Jane, author.
Cross Down
Patterson, James/ Dubois, Brendan
The Couples Trip
Kvensler, Ulf
Clive Cussler fire strike
Maden, Mike, author.
You Were Always Mine
Pride, Christine/ Piazza, Jo
You can trust me : a novel
Heard, Wendy, author.
The Wishing Game
Shaffer, Meg
The whispers : a novel
Audrain, Ashley, 1982- author.
Welcome to beach town : a novel
Wiggs, Susan, author.
Watch Us Shine
De Los Santos, Marisa
Watch us dance
Slimani, Leïla, 1981- author.
Patterson, Richard North
Talking at night
Daverley, Claire, 1991- author.
Such Kindness
Dubus, Andre, III
The spare room : a novel
Bartz, Andrea, author.
She started it : a novel
Gilbert, Sian, author.
Same time next summer
Monaghan, Annabel, author.
The Quiet Tenant
Michallon, Clemence
Nightbloom : a novel
Medie, Peace A., author.
The new mother
Murphy, Nora, 1990- author.
The Mythmakers
Weir, Keziah
My murder
Williams, Katie, 1978- author.
My Magnolia Summer
Frank, Victoria Benton
Lucky Dogs
Schulman, Helen
James, Tania
A little ray of sunshine
Higgins, Kristan, author.
The Little Italian Hotel
Patrick, Phaedra
Holding pattern : a novel
Xie, Jenny, author.
The Glow
Gaynor, Jessie
The girls of summer
Bishop, Katie, author.
The Five-star Weekend
Hilderbrand, Elin
Famous in a Small Town
Shipman, Viola
Everything's Fine
Rabess, Cecilia
The Celebrants
Rowley, Steven
Beware the Woman
Abbott, Megan
Be mine / A Frank Bascombe Novel
Ford, Richard, 1944- author.
Witch king
Wells, Martha, author.
Translation State
Leckie, Ann
Psyche and Eros
Mcnamara, Luna
The ink blood sister scribe : a novel
Törzs, Emma, 1987- author.
Women We Buried, Women We Burned
Snyder, Rachel Louise
When the world didn't end / A Memoir
Turner, Guinevere, author.
My Effin’ Life
Lee, Geddy.
Pageboy : a memoir
Page, Elliot, 1987- author.
King : a life
Eig, Jonathan, author.
The King : The Life of Charles III
Andersen, Christopher
George : A Magpie Memoir
Hughes, Frieda
Allergic : our irritated bodies in a changing world
MacPhail, Theresa, 1972- author.
Mrs. Nash's Ashes
Adler, Sarah
Rogue justice : a novel
Abrams, Stacey, author.
Martin, Kat/ Ivy, Alexandra/ Zanetti, Rebecca
Only the Dead
Carr, Jack
A Line in the Sand
Powers, Kevin
The chateau : a novel
Goldis, Jaclyn, author.
Witch upon a Star
Sanders, Angela M.
Sing her down : a novel
Pochoda, Ivy, author.
Rehearsed to Death
Polito, Frank Anthony
The poisoner's ring
Armstrong, Kelley, author.
The Lock-up
Banville, John
Give Fudge a Chance
Coco, Nancy
Blueberry Blunder
Flower, Amanda
Bad summer people
Rosenblum, Emma, author.
Titanium Noir
Harkaway, Nick
Summer Stage
Moore, Meg Mitchell
The senator's wife : a novel
Constantine, Liv, author.
Michaels, Fern
I am Ayah : the way home
Hill, Donna (Donna O.), author.
Halcyon : a novel
Ackerman, Elliot, author.
The adult
Fischer, Bronwyn, author.
A crown of ivy and glass
Legrand, Claire, 1986- author.
Cassandra in Reverse
Smale, Holly
Wildflower : A Memoir
James, Aurora