Adult High Demand

These are fiction and non-fiction books that we know will be popular. We've ordered them so that we will have them as soon as they are published.

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The Woman Who Lied
Douglas, Claire
Bad River
Cameron, Marc
The Best Lies
Ellis, David
Look in the Mirror
Steadman, Catherine
What We'll Burn Last
Chavez, Heather
What Have You Done?
Lapena, Shari
The Last One (Standard Edition)
Hall, Rachel Howzell
The Book of Elsewhere
Reeves, Keanu
The Fiance Dilemma
Armas, Elena
The Lumberjack
Stoker, Susan
Slow Dance
Rowell, Rainbow
What We Hide
Coble, Colleen
Anderson, M. T.
The Briar Club
Quinn, Kate
My Mother Cursed My Name
Salgado Reyes, Anamely
Cornejo Villavicencio, Karla
Someone Like Us
Mengestu, Dinaw
The Bookshop Sisterhood (Original)
Lindo-Rice, Michelle
Manguso, Sarah
The Horse
Vlautin, Willy
The Wedding People
Espach, Alison
The Haters
Harding, Robyn
Blood Jade
Vee, Julia
The Spellshop
Durst, Sarah Beth
Bacigalupi, Paolo
The West Passage
Pechacek, Jared
The Lost Story
Shaffer, Meg
Take Me Home
Sweeney, Melanie
The Au Pair Affair
Bailey, Tessa
Grown Women
Johnson, Sarai
Hardt, Helen
The Bang-Bang Sisters
Youers, Rio
Desperation Reef
Parker, T. Jefferson
A Controversial Cover
Barrett, Lorna
What Fire Brings: A Thriller
Howzell Hall, Rachel
The Burning
Castillo, Linda
The Black Bird Oracle
Harkness, Deborah
Bury Your Gays
Tingle, Chuck
I Was a Teenage Slasher
Jones, Stephen Graham
Things Don't Break on Their Own
Easter Collins, Sarah
This Great Hemisphere
Askaripour, Mateo
The Astrology House
Jade, Carinn
Tell It to Me Singing
Ramirez, Tita
The Summer Pact
Giffin, Emily
Bright Objects
Todd, Ruby
All This and More
Shepherd, Peng
The Cliffs
Sullivan, J. Courtney
Anyone's Ghost
Thompson, August
Long Island Compromise
Brodesser-Akner, Taffy
Like Mother, Like Daughter
McCreight, Kimberly
Humor Me
Shook, Cat
Welcome to Glorious Tuga
Segal, Francesca
A Novel Summer (Original)
Brenner, Jamie
The Unraveling
Keeland, VI
Bad Tourists
Carver, Caro
A Death in Cornwall
Silva, Daniel
The Wilds
Pearse, Sarah
Foul Days
Dimova, Genoveva
Gryphon's Valor
Lackey, Mercedes
The Gilded Crown
Gordon, Marianne
Sangoyomi, O. O.
A Novel Love Story
Poston, Ashley
Tangled Up in You
Lauren, Christina
The Villain Edit
DeVore, Laurie
The Match
Adams, Sarah
One Last Summer
Spencer, Kate
A Choice Considered
Peterson, Tracie
The Love of My Afterlife
Greenwood, Kirsty
Come Shell or High Water
MacRae, Molly
All the Colors of the Dark
Whitaker, Chris
A Daughter of Fair Verona
Dodd, Christina
The Unwedding
Condie, Ally
Requiem for a Mouse
James, Miranda
Pitch Dark
Doiron, Paul
A Ruse of Shadows
Thomas, Sherry
Midnight Rooms
Coles, Donyae
Dunlay, Emily
Husbands & Lovers
Williams, Beatriz
The Lion Women of Tehran
Kamali, Marjan
God Bless You, Otis Spunkmeyer
Thomas, Joseph Earl
The World After Alice
Green, Lauren Aliza
The Same Bright Stars
Joella, Ethan
Michaels, Fern
Steel, Danielle
Phillips, Julia
A Happier Life
Harvey, Kristy Woodson
Evenings and Weekends
McKenna, Oisin
How the Light Gets in
Maynard, Joyce
Sanchez, Santiago Jose
Big in Sweden
Franson, Sally
Trust Her
Berry, Flynn
You're Safe Here
Stephens, Leslie
Greaney, Mark
Storm Child
Robotham, Michael
Red Star Falling
Berry, Steve
Kanon, Joseph
Johansen, Iris
Flashpoint: An FBI Thriller
Coulter, Catherine
Our Little Secret
Jackson, Lisa
Hip-Hop Is History
Consent: A Memoir
Ciment, Jill
1974: A Personal History
Prose, Francine
Fire Exit
Talty, Morgan
Sloan, Robin
Daughter of Calamity
Lin, Rosalie M.
A Love Like the Sun
Neilson, Riss M.
The Summer Escape
Shalvis, Jill
Not in Love
Hazelwood, Ali
The Midnight Feast
Foley, Lucy
Death in the Air
Murali, Ram
The Nature of Disappearing
Grant, Kimi Cunningham
Crouch, Sarah
Winter Lost
Briggs, Patricia
Horror Movie
Tremblay, Paul
We Used to Live Here
Kliewer, Marcus
Tripp, Dawn
The Glassmaker
Chevalier, Tracy
Little Rot
Emezi, Akwaeke
One of Our Kind
Yoon, Nicola
Devil Is Fine
Vercher, John
How to Age Disgracefully
Pooley, Clare
Same as It Ever Was
Lombardo, Claire
Newman, Catherine
The Next Mrs. Parrish
Constantine, LIV
The Sons of El Rey
Espinoza, Alex
Dad Camp
Porter, Evan S.
Swan Song
Hilderbrand, Elin
The Rom-Commers
Center, Katherine
Four Squares
Finger, Bobby
The Housemaid Is Watching
McFadden, Freida
Middle of the Night
Sager, Riley
A Talent for Murder
Swanson, Peter
What You Leave Behind
Morris, Wanda M.
The Fireborne Blade
Bond, Charlotte
Mirrored Heavens
Roanhorse, Rebecca
Grace, Hannah
Devil's Kitchen
Fox, Candice
The Comfort of Ghosts
Winspear, Jacqueline
Fondant Fumble
McKinlay, Jenn
Smoke and Mirrors
Hilliard, M. E.
Farewell, Amethystine
Mosley, Walter
Blood in the Cut
Nodarse, Alejandro
The Queen of Poisons
Thorogood, Robert
Wroblewski, David
Wingate, Lisa
The Second Coming
Hallberg, Garth Risk
Perry, Sarah
Bright and Tender Dark
Pearson, Joanna
The Borrowed Hills
Preston, Scott
Camino Ghosts
Grisham, John
Summer Romance
Monaghan, Annabel
Comey, James
Seven Summer Weekends
Rosen, Jane L.
Summer on Highland Beach
Hostin, Sunny
Swift River
Chambers, Essie
Fuentes, Marcela
You Are Here
Nicholls, David
The Devil's Fortress
Brown, Dale
Stuart Woods' Smolder
Battles, Brett
With Each Tomorrow
Peterson, Tracie
Chilton, L. M.
The Diva Goes Overboard
Davis, Krista
Oates, Joyce Carol
The Wealth of Shadows
Moore, Graham
Tyree, Omar
Lies and Weddings
Kwan, Kevin
The Main Character
Goldis, Jaclyn
Long Time Gone
Donlea, Charlie