Adult High Demand

These are fiction and non-fiction books that we know will be popular. We've ordered them so that we will have them as soon as they are published.

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The Defense Lawyer : The Barry Slotnick Story
Patterson, James/ Wallace, Benjamin
Watching over You
Foster, Lori
Annihilation Road
Feehan, Christine
My Heart Will Love Again
Morrison, Mary B.
The cat who saved books
Natsukawa, Sōsuke, 1978- author.
Bright burning things : a novel
Harding, Lisa, author.
The ballerinas : a novel
Kapelke-Dale, Rachel, author.
Shadows of Swanford Abbey
Klassen, Julie, 1964- author.
The queen's men
Clements, Oliver, 1972- author.
The last dance of the debutante
Kelly, Julia, 1986- author.
Boy Underground
Hyde, Catherine Ryan
W.E.B. Griffin rogue agent
Andrews, Brian, 1973- author.
The Sorority Murder
Brennan, Allison
Sea Hawke
Bell, Ted, author.
The Replacement Wife
Kane, Darby
The Paris Detective
Patterson, James/ Dilallo, Richard
My Darling Husband
Belle, Kimberly
A history of wild places : a novel
Ernshaw, Shea, author.
Darkness Falls
Bryndza, Robert
Criminal Mischief
Woods, Stuart
Playing With Fire
Swinson, Kiki
A Shadow in the Ember
Armentrout, Jennifer L.
Under Pressure
Driscoll, Sara
They Can't Take Your Name
Justice, Robert
Stitched in Crime
Caldwell, Emmie
So far and good
Straley, John, 1953- author.
Silent parade / A Detective Galileo Novel
Higashino, Keigo, 1958- author.
Renewed for Murder
Gilbert, Victoria
The Midnight Hour
Griffiths, Elly
Marriage Can Be Mischief
Flower, Amanda
A Deadly Endowment
Maxwell, Alyssa
Dark night : a mystery
Shelton, Paige, author.
Cold Brew Corpse
Lush, Tara
City of shadows
Thompson, Victoria (Victoria E.), author.
The Bone Cay
Nellums, Eliza
Bake, Borrow, and Steal
Alexander, Ellie
Absence of Mallets
Carlisle, Kate
Sea State : A Memoir
Lasley, Tabitha
Garbo / Her Life, Her Films
Gottlieb, Robert, 1931- author.
The deeper the roots : a memoir of hope and home
Tubbs, Michael, 1990- author.
Call Us What We Carry
Gorman, Amanda
Pippen, Scottie
The 1619 Project : a new origin story
Hannah-jones, Nikole (EDT)/ The New York Times Magazine (EDT)
The singles table
Desai, Sara, author.
Pretty Little Lion
Snyder, Suleikha
How to marry Keanu Reeves in 90 days
Jackson, K. M., author.
Guild Boss
Castle, Jayne
The fastest way to fall
Williams, Denise, 1982- author.
The Donut Trap
Tieu, Julie
Dark tarot
Feehan, Christine, author.
A certain appeal
King, Vanessa (Vanessa L.), author.
The becoming
Roberts, Nora, author.
Leviathan Falls
Corey, James S. A., author.
Lesser evil
Zahn, Timothy, author.
Jade Legacy
Lee, Fonda
God of Mercy
Nwoka, Okezie
Even greater mistakes / Stories
Anders, Charlie Jane, author.
Elder Race
Tchaikovsky, Adrian
Wish you were here : a novel
Picoult, Jodi, 1966- author.
The Throwback List
Anderson, Lily
The Missing Piece
Lescroart, John T.
Medusa's ankles : selected stories
Byatt, A. S. (Antonia Susan), 1936- author.
The Impossible Truths of Love
Beckerman, Hannah
Five Tuesdays in winter : stories
King, Lily, author.
Doctors and friends
Martin, Kimmery, author.
Dava Shastri's last day : a novel
Ramisetti, Kirthana, author.
The City of Mist
Ruiz Zafon, Carlos
The Christmas Promise
Evans, Richard Paul
Oshetsky, Claire
Carry the dog : a novel
Gangi, Stephanie, author.
The Winter Guest
Jenoff, Pam
The Sisters Sweet
Weiss, Elizabeth
The Postmistress of Paris
Clayton, Meg Waite
The pilot's daughter : a novel
Jaeger, Meredith, author.
A net for small fishes
Jago, Lucy, author.
A man of honor
Bradford, Barbara Taylor, 1933- author.
The French Gift
Manning, Kirsty
Flying Angels
Steel, Danielle
The family
Krupitsky, Naomi, author.
The Dickens Boy
Keneally, Thomas
City of time and magic
Brackston, Paula, author.
The wolf
Ward, J. R., 1969- author.
Where They Wait
Carson, Scott
We Hear Voices
Green, Evie
Reboots : Undead Can Dance
Lackey, Mercedes/ Martin, Cody
Nothing but blackened teeth
Khaw, Cassandra, author.
Termination shock : a novel
Stephenson, Neal, author.
Baldacci, David, author.
The Left-handed Twin
Perry, Thomas
Fear no evil
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Dolphin junction : collected stories
Herron, Mick, author.
Do I Know You?
Strohmeyer, Sarah
The Days to Come
Rosenstiel, Tom
The devil's sea
Cussler, Dirk, author.
Arctic Sea : a Dan Lenson novel
Poyer, David, author.
The midnight lock
Deaver, Jeffery, author.
Hello, Transcriber
Morrissey, Hannah, author.
Game on : tempting twenty-eight
Evanovich, Janet, author.
An Eggnog to Die for
Pershing, Amy
Doggone Deadly
Blake, Deborah
Death on the Shelf
Brook, Allison
The dark hours
Connelly, Michael, 1956- author.
The Collective
Gaylin, Alison
A Christmas Legacy
Perry, Anne
Autopsy : a Scarpetta novel
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, author.
The undertakers
Glover, Nicole, author.
The Seventh Queen
Kelly, Greta
Okorafor, Nnedi
A marvellous light
Marske, Freya, author.
The god of lost words
Hackwith, A. J., author.
Follett, Ken, author.
Boxing Rings and Cages
Bates, Lorisa
Shoot the Moonlight Out
Boyle, William
The Shadows of Men
Mukherjee, Abir
Psycho by the Sea
Truss, Lynne
Miss Moriarty, I presume?
Thomas, Sherry (Sherry M.), author.
Mango, Mambo, and Murder
Reyes, Raquel
Killer research
McKinlay, Jenn, author.
The Corpse Flower
Hancock, Anne Mette
A Brush With Murder
Abbott, Bailee
Body and Soul Food
Collette, Abby
The Archivist
Pickett, Rex
All Her Little Secrets
Morris, Wanda M.
Wish You Were Gone
Scott, Kieran
The Surrogate
Halleen, Toni
Still life
Winman, Sarah, 1964- author.
The Sentence
Erdrich, Louise
Our country friends : a novel
Shteyngart, Gary, 1972- author.
O beautiful : a novel
Yun, Jung, author.
New York, my village : a  novel
Akpan, Uwem, author.
The Month of Borrowed Dreams
Hayes-McCoy, Felicity
A little hope : a novel
Joella, Ethan, author.
Just haven't met you yet
Cousens, Sophie, author.
The Hidden : A Novel
Golding, Melanie
Heard it in a love song
Garvis Graves, Tracey, author.
The attic on Queen Street
White, Karen (Karen S.), author.
You can't be serious
Penn, Kal, 1977- author.
Smith, Will/ Manson, Mark (CON)
Tiger King : The Official Tell-all Memoir
Exotic, Joe/ Simons, Natasha (EDT)
Rebel homemaker : food, family, life
Barrymore, Drew, author.
The new cooking school cookbook : fundamentals
America's Test Kitchen (COR)
Cokie : A Life Well Lived
Roberts, Steven V.
Clanlands Almanac : Season Stories from Scotland
Heughan, Sam/ McTavish, Graham (CON)
1000 years of joys and sorrows
Ai, Weiwei, author.
Hip-hop and Other Things
Serrano, Shea/ Torres, Arturo (ILT)
The shattering : America in the 1960s
Boyle, Kevin, 1960- author.
No One Wins Alone : A Memoir
Messier, Mark/ Roberts, Jimmy (CON)
Miss Dior : a story of courage and couture
Picardie, Justine, author.
Baking with Dorie : sweet, salty & simple
Greenspan, Dorie, author.
Unprotected : A Memoir
Porter, Billy
Sorry Not Sorry
Milano, Alyssa
Renegades : Born in the USA
Obama, Barack/ Springsteen, Bruce
One fair wage : ending subminimum pay in America
Jayaraman, Sarumathi, 1975- author.
Natural History
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)/ Smithsonian Institution (COR)
The Justices Behind Roe V. Wade : The Inside Story, Adapted from the Brethren
Woodward, Bob/ Armstrong, Scott/ Truett, George (EDT)
Going There
Couric, Katie
Gentrifier : A Memoir
Moore, Anne Elizabeth
The deep places / A Memoir of Illness and Discovery
Douthat, Ross Gregory, 1979- author.
David Copperfield's history of magic
Copperfield, David, 1956- author.
The broken king : a memoir
Thomas, Michael, 1967 August 21- author.
Bibliophile : Diverse Spines
Harper, Jamise/ Mount, Jane/ Mount, Jane (ILT)
Stine, Alison
The Secret of Snow
Shipman, Viola
Over My Dead Body
Archer, Jeffrey
Oh William!
Strout, Elizabeth
The Memoirs of Stockholm Sven
Miller, Nathaniel Ian
Forgiving Paris
Kingsbury, Karen
The days of Afrekete
Solomon, Asali, author.
Christmas in Peachtree Bluff : a novel
Harvey, Kristy Woodson, author.
The Christmas Bookshop
Colgan, Jenny
Well matched
DeLuca, Jen, author.
A Thorn in the Saddle
Weatherspoon, Rebekah
One Christmas Wish
Jackson, Brenda
The Last Goodnight
Martin, Kat
Donut fall in love
Lau, Jackie, author.
Christmas in Rose Bend
Simone, Naima
The Christmas Escape
Morgan, Sarah
Archangel's Light
Singh, Nalini
All the Feels
Dade, Olivia
The unheard : a novel
French, Nicci, author.
To the Tome of Murder
Elliott, Lauren
These silent woods : a novel
Grant, Kimi Cunningham, author.
Murder at Mallowan Hall
Cambridge, Colleen
A Line to Kill
Horowitz, Anthony
The Joy and Light Bus Company
McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- author.
It's a wonderful woof
Quinn, Spencer, author.
Grave Reservations
Priest, Cherie
Getaway With Murder
Kelly, Diane
Gated Prey
Goldberg, Lee
Down the hatch
Beaton, M. C., author.
Deck the Donuts
Bolton, Ginger
Better off dead
Child, Lee, author.
As the Wicked Watch
Hall, Tamron
Warriors of God
Sapkowski, Andrzej
The last shadow
Card, Orson Scott, author.
Flowers for the Sea
Rocklyn, Zin E.
The Wicked Widow
Williams, Beatriz
The Prince of the Skies
Iturbe, Antonio/ Thwaites, Lilit (TRN)
Once upon a wardrobe
Henry, Patti Callahan, author.
The Last Checkmate
Saab, Gabriella
The hidden child : a novel
Fein, Louise, author.
The loneliest Americans
Kang, Jay Caspian, 1979- author.
Hausmann, Romy, 1981- author.
The nameless ones
Connolly, John, 1968- author.
Mulled to Death
Lansing, Kate
In the Company of Witches
Wallace, Auralee
In Hot Water
Kingsbury, Kate
Digging Up Trouble
Crowe, Kitt
Diamond and the eye
Lovesey, Peter, author.
Best in snow
Rosenfelt, David, author.
All That Is Secret
Raybon, Patricia
When two feathers fell from the sky
Verble, Margaret, author.
The brides of Maracoor : a novel
Maguire, Gregory, author.
The wandering earth
Liu, Cixin, author.
Child of light
Brooks, Terry, author.
The Cabinet
Kim, Un-su/ Halbert, Sean Lin (TRN)
Along the Saltwise Sea
Baker, A. Deborah
The Vanished Days
Kearsley, Susanna
Waiting on love
Peterson, Tracie, author.
Payback's a witch
Harper, Lana, author.
Once more upon a time
Chokshi, Roshani, author.
Love, Comment, Subscribe
Yardley, Cathy
Love, chai, and other four-letter words
Sharma, Annika, author.
A holly jolly Diwali
Lalli, Sonya, author.
These Bones
Chenault, Kayla
Out of the Rain
Andrews, V. C.
Backstory : my life so far
Gregg, Avani, 2002- author.
Eating salad drunk : haikus for the burnout age by comedy greats
Henry, Gabe/ Nancherla, Aparna (INT)/ Flake, Emily (ILT)
Murder Gets a Makeover
Levine, Laura
Cutthroat dogs : an Amos Walker mystery
Estleman, Loren D., author.
A perfect bind
St. James, Dorothy, author.
Watch Her Fall
Kelly, Erin
City on Fire
Winslow, Don
MacLeod, Alison
You sexy thing
Rambo, Cat, author.
Curse of Salem
Hooper, Kay