Adult High Demand

These are fiction and non-fiction books that we know will be popular. We've ordered them so that we will have them as soon as they are published.

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The wandering earth
Liu, Cixin, author.
Star Wars Visions : Ronin
Candon, Emma Mieko
A spindle splintered
Harrow, Alix E., author.
Purgatory's shore
Anderson, Taylor, 1963- author.
No Gods, No Monsters
Turnbull, Cadwell
Destroyer of light
Brissett, Jennifer Marie, author.
Child of light
Brooks, Terry, author.
The Cabinet
Kim, Un-su/ Halbert, Sean Lin (TRN)
Among Thieves
Kuhn, M. J.
Along the Saltwise Sea
Baker, A. Deborah
The Vanished Days
Kearsley, Susanna
Three Sisters
Morris, Heather
Small Pleasures
Chambers, Clare
Schlink, Bernhard/ Collins, Charlotte (TRN)
The Lincoln highway
Towles, Amor, author.
The duchess
Holden, Wendy, 1965- author.
Waiting on love
Peterson, Tracie, author.
Payback's a witch
Harper, Lana, author.
Once more upon a time
Chokshi, Roshani, author.
Love, Comment, Subscribe
Yardley, Cathy
Love, chai, and other four-letter words
Sharma, Annika, author.
A holly jolly Diwali
Lalli, Sonya, author.
Perversion of justice : the Jeffrey Epstein story
Brown, Julie K., 1961- author.
State of Terror
Penny, Louise/ Clinton, Hillary Rodham
Le Carre, John
Last Girl Ghosted
Unger, Lisa
High Stakes
Johansen, Iris
Foul play
Woods, Stuart, author.
Damascus Station : a novel
McCloskey, David, author.
The Chaos Kind
Eisler, Barry
The Apollo Murders
Hadfield, Chris
This thing between us : a novel
Moreno, Gus, 1985- author.
These Bones
Chenault, Kayla
Reprieve : a novel
Mattson, James Han, author.
Malerman, Josh, author.
Out of the Rain
Andrews, V. C.
Horseman : a tale of Sleepy Hollow
Henry, Christina, 1974- author.
The death of Jane Lawrence
Starling, Caitlin, author.
Harrison, Rachel, 1989- author.
The recruiter : spying and the lost art of American intelligence
London, Douglas (Operations officer) author.
Ackroyd, Peter, 1949- author.
Foodheim : A Culinary Adventure
Wareheim, Eric/ Timberlake, Emily
The Baseball 100
Posnanski, Joe
Backstory : my life so far
Gregg, Avani, 2002- author.
Wildland : the making of America's fury
Osnos, Evan, 1976- author.
Where tomorrows aren't promised : a memoir
Anthony, Carmelo, 1984- author.
System Error : Where Big Tech Went Wrong and How We Can Reboot
Reich, Robert/ Sahami, Mehran/ Weinstein, Jeremy M.
Slonim Woods 9 / A Memoir
Levin, Daniel Barban, author.
Say it loud! : on race, law, history, and culture
Kennedy, Randall, 1954- author.
Poet warrior : a memoir
Harjo, Joy, author.
Ordinary heroes : a memoir of 9/11
Pfeifer, Joseph, 1956- author.
Rees, Paul
Guinness World Records 2022
Guinness World Records (COR)
Fuzz : when nature breaks the law
Roach, Mary, author.
Forever Young
Mills, Hayley
Cuba : an American history
Ferrer, Ada, author.
Christmas With Southern Living 2021
Southern Living Magazine (COR)
Black nerd problems / Essays
Evans, William Henry, lll, author.
Beautiful country : a memoir
Wang, Qian Julie, 1987- author.
Antoni: let's do dinner / Let's Do Dinner
Porowski, Antoni, author.
Vanderbilt : The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty
Cooper, Anderson/ Howe, Katherine
Unrequited Infatuations
Van Zandt, Stevie
Robert E. Lee : A Life
Guelzo, Allen C.
The rage of innocence : how America criminalizes Black youth
Henning, Kristin, (Law teacher), author.
Eating salad drunk : haikus for the burnout age by comedy greats
Henry, Gabe/ Nancherla, Aparna (INT)/ Flake, Emily (ILT)
Something New Under the Sun
Kleeman, Alexandra
Night Music
Moyes, Jojo
Eight Perfect Hours
Louis, Lia
A Yuletide Kiss
Putney, Mary Jo/ Jeffries, Sabrina/ Hunter, Madeline
When sparks fly
Hunting, Helena, author.
Hardt, Helen
No Words
Cabot, Meg
Mile High With a Vampire
Sands, Lynsay
The Matzah Ball
Meltzer, Jean
It started with a dog
London, Julia, author.
We Know You Remember
Alsterdal, Tove
Murder Outside the Lines
Davis, Krista
Murder Gets a Makeover
Levine, Laura
Marked man
Mayor, Archer, author.
Here Comes the Fudge
Coco, Nancy
Cutthroat dogs : an Amos Walker mystery
Estleman, Loren D., author.
Chapter and Curse
Penney, Elizabeth
Under the whispering door
Klune, TJ, author.
Summer Sons
Mandelo, Lee
Starlight Enclave
Salvatore, R. A.
The orphan witch
Crutcher, Paige, author.
Light from uncommon stars
Aoki, Ryka, author.
The last graduate : a novel
Novik, Naomi, author.
The Lady of Caladan
Herbert, Brian/ Anderson, Kevin J.
No words : a novel
Cabot, Meg, author.
The Matzah Ball
Meltzer, Jean
An impossible promise
Deveraux, Jude, author.
Where the truth lies
Bailey, Anna, 1995- author.
When ghosts come home : a novel
Cash, Wiley, author.
Parks, Brad
A perfect bind
St. James, Dorothy, author.
The Killing Kind
Casey, Jane
Russell, Craig, 1956- author.
Daughter of the morning star
Johnson, Craig, 1961- author.
A darker reality
Perry, Anne, author.
When the Reckoning Comes
Mcqueen, Latanya
The last house on needless street
Ward, Catriona, author.
Three words for goodbye : a novel
Gaynor, Hazel, author.
The World Played Chess
Dugoni, Robert
The wish
Sparks, Nicholas, author.
We are the Brennans
Lange, Tracey, author.
Watch Her Fall
Kelly, Erin
The turnout : a novel
Abbott, Megan E., 1971- author.
Tin Camp Road
Airgood, Ellen
Songbirds : a novel
Lefteri, Christy, 1980- author.
The Santa suit
Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954- author.
Santa Cruise
Michaels, Fern
Once in a Lifetime
Monroe, Mary
Cloud cuckoo land : a novel
Doerr, Anthony, 1973- author.
The book of form and emptiness : a novel
Ozeki, Ruth, 1956- author.
Bewilderment : a novel
Powers, Richard, 1957- author.
The unknown
Graham, Heather.
The stowaway
Murray, James S. (James Stephen), 1976- author.
The jailhouse lawyer
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
City on Fire
Winslow, Don
The burning
Kellerman, Jonathan, author.
Rock paper scissors
Feeney, Alice, author.
Rabbit hole
Billingham, Mark, author.
Nice Girls
Dang, Catherine
The New Kingdom
Smith, Wilbur A./ Chadbourn, Mark
Never Saw Me Coming
Kurian, Vera
My sweet girl
Jay, Amanda, author.
Left for Dead
Parnell, Sean
Her perfect life
Ryan, Hank Phillippi, author.
Enemy at the Gates
Flynn, Vince/ Mills, Kyle
MacLeod, Alison
Mina, Denise
A most clever girl : a novel of an American spy
Thornton, Stephanie, 1980- author.
Miss Kopp Investigates
Stewart, Amy
Groff, Lauren
The magician : a novel
Taoibain, Colm, 1955- author.
The Mad Women's Ball
Mas, Victoria/ Wynne, Frank (TRN)
The Living and the Lost
Feldman, Ellen
Defending Britta Stein : a novel
Balson, Ronald H., author.
An Untidy Death
Brett, Simon
Striking Range
Mizushima, Margaret
The Stolen Hours
Eskens, Allen
Robert B. Parker's stone's throw
Lupica, Mike, author.
Murder by the Bookend
Black, Laura Gail
The house of ashes
Neville, Stuart, 1972- author.
Hooked on a feline : a magical cats mystery
Kelly, Sofie, 1958- author.
Forgotten in death
Robb, J. D., 1950- author.
You sexy thing
Rambo, Cat, author.
The Wisdom of Crowds
Abercrombie, Joe
Britain, Kristen
When Sorrows Come
McGuire, Seanan
The Actual Star
Byrne, Monica
The War for Gloria
Lish, Atticus
Talk to Me
Boyle, T. Coraghessan
Summer light, and then comes the night : a novel
Jaon Kalman Stefaansson, 1963- author.
Nealon, Louise
The night she disappeared : a novel
Jewell, Lisa, author.
Mom jeans and other mistakes
Martin, Alexa, author.
The missing hours
Dahl, Julia, 1977- author.
L.A. weather
Escandaon, Maraia Amparo, author.
The Inheritance
Ross, JoAnn
In Every Mirror She's Black
ℓk̕nm̀de ¿kerstr̲m, Lol̀
Harlem Shuffle
Whitehead, Colson
Friends Like These
McCreight, Kimberly
Fault lines : a novel
Itami, Emily, author.
Dark things I adore
Lattari, Katie, author.
Binet, Laurent, author.
The beginning
Lewis, Beverly, 1949- author.
Beautiful world, where are you
Rooney, Sally, author.
Brown, Natasha
Apples never fall : a novel
Moriarty, Liane, author.
Witch please
Aguirre, Ann, author.
The Shaadi set-up : a novel
Vale, Lillie, author.
The Love Hypothesis
Hazelwood, Ali
A Lot Like Adios
Daria, Alexis
A Christmas in the Alps
Carlson, Melody
The Charm Offensive
Cochrun, Alison
You got anything stronger? : stories
Union, Gabrielle, author.
The survival of the city : human flourishing in an age of isolation
Glaeser, Edward L. (Edward Ludwig), 1967- author.
Remembering Slavery : African Americans Talk About Their Personal Experiences of Slavery and Emancipation
Berlin, Ira (EDT)/ Favreau, Marc (EDT)/ Miller, Steven F. (EDT)/ Gordon-Reed, Annette (FRW)
Peyakow : reclaiming Cree dignity
McLeod, Darrel J., author.
Invention : A Life
Dyson, James
September 11 : The 9/11 Story, Aftermath and Legacy
Associated Press (COR)/ De Niro, Robert (FRW)
The history of bones : a memoir
Lurie, John, 1952- author.
Light Chaser
Hamilton, Peter F./ Powell, Gareth L.
In the Watchful City
Lu, S. Qiouyi
The Devil You Know
Rocha, Kit
What the cat dragged in
James, Miranda, author.
Seven-year Witch
Sanders, Angela M.
No Grater Crime
Day, Maddie
Murder at Wakehurst
Maxwell, Alyssa
The madness of crowds
Penny, Louise, author.
Lightning Strike
Krueger, William Kent
Halloween Party Murder
Meier, Leslie/ Hollis, Lee/ Ross, Barbara
The Fragile Edge
Chazin, Suzanne
Coached in the Act
Laurie, Victoria
The Education of Nevada Duncan
Weber, Carl/ Phillips, C. N.
You can run : a novel
Cleveland, Karen, author.
A slow fire burning
Hawkins, Paula, author.
The Guide
Heller, Peter
Gregory, Daryl
My heart is a chainsaw
Jones, Stephen Graham, 1972- author.
The Women of Troy
Barker, Pat
Sisters in Arms
Alderson, Kaia
My policeman
Roberts, Bethan, 1973- author.
Stronger Than You Know
Foster, Lori
The royals next door
Halle, Karina, author.
Maple Leaf Harvest
Anderson, Catherine
The heart principle
Hoang, Helen, author.
The dating playbook
Rochon, Farrah, author.
Breaking Badger
Laurenston, Shelly
MacLean, Sarah
19 Yellow Moon Road
Michaels, Fern
Several People Are Typing
Kasulke, Calvin
A million things
Spurr, Emily, author.
The last chance library
Sampson, Freya, author.
After the Sun
Eika, Jonas/ Hellberg, Sherilyn Nicolette (TRN)
Willie Nelson's Letters to America
Nelson, Willie/ Pipkin, Turk (CON)