Adult High Demand

These are fiction and non-fiction books that we know will be popular. We've ordered them so that we will have them as soon as they are published.

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Silk: A World History
Prasad, Aarathi
My Mama, Cass: A Memoir
Elliot-Kugell, Owen
The Age of Grievance
Bruni, Frank
Did I Ever Tell You?: A Memoir
Kingston, Genevieve
I Curse You with Joy
Haddish, Tiffany
People in Glass Houses
Castle, Jayne
The Paradise Problem
Lauren, Christina
Happy Medium
Adler, Sarah
Think Twice
Coben, Harlan
Missing White Woman
Garrett, Kellye
Granite Harbor
Nichols, Peter
Only the Brave
Steel, Danielle
Miss Morgan's Book Brigade
Charles, Janet Skeslien
The Stolen Child
Hood, Ann
Daughters of Shandong
Chung, Eve J.
The Library Thief (Original)
Shenje, Kuchenga
Long Island
Toibin, Colm
Loneliness & Company
Dyroff, Charlee
Their Divine Fires
Chen, Wendy
Skin & Bones
Watson, Renee
Real Americans
Khong, Rachel
Summers at the Saint
Andrews, Mary Kay
Crow Talk
Garvin, Eileen
Juska, Elise
The Heirloom
Rosen, Jessie
Cinema Love
Tang, Jiaming
I Will Ruin You
Barclay, Linwood
Mukherjee, Abir
Mind Games
Roberts, Nora
Phantom Orbit: A Thriller
Ignatius, David
Clive Cussler the Heist
Du Brul, Jack
The 24th Hour
Patterson, James
Indian Burial Ground
Medina, Nick
Here We Go Again
Cochrun, Alison
Just for the Summer
Jimenez, Abby
The Rule Book
Adams, Sarah
Funny Story
Henry, Emily
Patchwork Quilt Murder
Meier, Leslie
Rough Trade
Carrasco, Katrina
The Last Word
Griffiths, Elly
A Game of Lies
Mackintosh, Clare
Don't Turn Around
Dolan, Harry
Close to Death
Horowitz, Anthony
A Murder Most French
Cambridge, Colleen
What Cannot Be Said
Harris, C. S.
Murder in Rose Hill
Thompson, Victoria
The Paris Novel
Reichl, Ruth
Sweetness in the Skin
Robinson, Ishi
A Calamity of Souls
Baldacci, David
Smiley, Jane
Village Weavers
Chancy, Myriam Ja
One Last Word
Park, Suzanne
The Alternatives
Hughes, Caoilinn
You Know What You Did
Nguyen, K. T.
While We Were Burning
Koffi, Sara
I Cheerfully Refuse
Enger, Leif
The Band
Ma-Kellams, Christine
The Limits
Freudenberger, Nell
Darling Girls
Hepworth, Sally
Reich, Christopher
It Had to Be You
Clark, Mary Higgins
Preston, Douglas
Rebel Rising: A Memoir
Wilson, Rebel
Secrets of the Octopus
Montgomery, Sy
The Black Box: Writing the Race
Gates, Henry Louis
The Wives: A Memoir
Gorrindo, Simone
Sociopath: A Memoir
Gagne, Patric
Nuclear War: A Scenario
Jacobsen, Annie
Fi: A Memoir of My Son
Fuller, Alexandra
One Way Back: A Memoir
Blasey Ford, Christine
The Familiar
Bardugo, Leigh
Toll of Honor
Weber, David
The Mars House
Pulley, Natasha
Mal Goes to War
Ashton, Edward
Just for the Summer
Carlson, Melody
Hardt, Helen
The Trail of Lost Hearts
Graves, Tracey Garvis
Nosy Neighbors
Sampson, Freya
Bless Your Heart
Ryan, Lindy
Ghost Station
Barnes, S. a.
The Beloved
Ward, J. R.
The Garden
Beams, Clare
American Daughters
Huguley, Piper
The Titanic Survivors Book Club
Schaffert, Timothy
All We Were Promised
Lattimore, Ashton
The House on Biscayne Bay
Cleeton, Chanel
A Short Walk Through a Wide World
Westerbeke, Douglas
Mukherjee, Neel
The Stone Home
Kim, Crystal Hana
Shriver, Lionel
The Widow Spy
Campisi, Megan
The Twilight Garden
Adams, Sara Nisha
One by One
McFadden, Freida
The Husbands
Gramazio, Holly
The House of Broken Bricks
Williams, Fiona
A Better World
Langan, Sarah
The Gathering
Tudor, C. J.
City in Ruins
Winslow, Don
Daughter of Mine
Miranda, Megan
The North Line
Riordan, Matt
Toxic Prey
Sandford, John
The Princess of Las Vegas
Bohjalian, Chris
The Truth about the Devlins
Scottoline, Lisa
Off the Air: A Mystery
Estes, Christina
The Mystery Writer
Gentill, Sulari
Lost Man's Lane
Carson, Scott
The Angel of Indian Lake
Jones, Stephen Graham
Finding Margaret Fuller
Pataki, Allison
The Divorcees
Beaird, Rowan
Double Lives
Monroe, Mary
The Lost Book of Bonn
Labuskes, Brianna
Rose, Karen
The Wild Side
Michaels, Fern
Still See You Everywhere
Gardner, Lisa
Kill for Me, Kill for You
Cavanagh, Steve
Expiration Dates
Serle, Rebecca
Memory Piece
Ko, Lisa
Perris, California
Stark, Rachel
The Morningside
Obreht, Tea
A Great Country
Gowda, Shilpi Somaya
Day One
Dean, Abigail
Like Happiness
Villarreal-Moura, Ursula
Lee, Ela
Those Beyond the Wall
Johnson, Micaiah
Ackerman, Elliot
Happily Never After
Painter, Lynn
A Love Discovered
Peterson, Tracie
Listen for the Lie
Tintera, Amy
Murder at La Villette
Black, Cara
The Hunter
French, Tana
A Grave Robbery
Raybourn, Deanna
Finding Sophie
Mahmood, Imran
I Am Rome: A Novel of Julius Caesar
Posteguillo, Santiago
The Tower
Carr, Flora
All Our Yesterdays
Morris, Joel H.
The Underground Library
Ryan, Jennifer
Becoming Madam Secretary
Dray, Stephanie
Bullwinkel, Rita
Fruit of the Dead
Lyon, Rachel
Until August
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
Say Hello to My Little Friend
Capo Crucet, Jennine
Great Expectations
Cunningham, Vinson
Help Wanted
Waldman, Adelle
Pride and Joy
Onome, Louisa
Never Too Late
Steel, Danielle
Anita de Monte Laughs Last
Gonzalez, Xochitl
Black Wolf
Gomez-Jurado, Juan
Cloistered: My Years as a Nun
Coldstream, Catherine
Devout: A Memoir of Doubt
Gazmarian, Anna
Waiting for the Monsoon
Nordland, Rod
Sun of Blood and Ruin
Lares, Mariely
A Fire So Wild
Ruiz-Grossman, Sarah
The Other Valley
Howard, Scott Alexander
Gallagher, Matt
Murder at an Irish Chipper
O'Connor, Carlene
Double Grudge Donuts
Bolton, Ginger
A Catered Quilting Bee
Crawford, Isis