Kids Non-fiction

These are non-fiction books for kids. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Wonderful Wild Cats : An Illustrated Guide
Jeffrey, Eliza/ Halak, Marina (ILT)
What Jewish Looks Like
Kleinrock, Liz/ Gottlieb, Iris (ILT)/ Pritchard, Caroline Kusin
What Do We Know About the Yeti?
Hubbard, Ben/ Who Hq (COR)/ Gutierrez, Manuel (ILT)
A Voice of Hope : The Myrlie Evers-williams Story
Salomon, Nadia/ Ladd, London (ILT)
Up, Up, Ever Up! Junko Tabei : A Life in the Mountains
Yasuda, Anita/ Shimizu, Yuko (ILT)
A Snail
Owen, Ruth
Haynes, Danielle
Priceless Facts About Money
Hobson, Mellody/ Stevens, Caitlin (ILT)
Poǩmon Visual Companion
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)
Narwhal : Unicorn of the Arctic
Fleming, Candace/ So'oteh, Deena (ILT)
My First Guide to Space
De La Bedoyere, Camilla/ Cushley, Aaron (ILT)
The mistakes that made us : confessions from twenty poets
Latham, Irene/ Waters, Charles/ L̤pez, Merc̈ (ILT)
Melanin Magic : A Young Mystic's Guide to African Spirituality
Trenou, Dosš-via/ James, Catmouse (ILT)
The Magnificent Book of Treasures : Japan
Chrisp, Peter/ Nobati, Eugenia
The Magnificent Book of Prehistoric Beasts
Jackson, Tom/ Walerczuk, Val (ILT)
A Ladybug
Owen, Ruth
The Kelce Brothers : A Little Golden Book Biography
Jordan, Apple/ Pamintuan, Macky (ILT)
Jackie Robinson : Baseball's Second Base Hero
Walters, Jennifer Marino/ Brooks, Scott R. (ILT)
DuBois, Jill, 1952- author.
Levy, Patricia, 1951- author.
How to Know a Crow : The Biography of a Brainy Bird
Savage, Candace/ Hudson, Rachel (ILT)
Great Warships
Kaiser, Brianna
Fast Fighter Jets
Kaiser, Brianna
Banes, Becky
Baby bat bedtime
Towler, Paige, author.
B is for belonging
Anderson, Shannon, 1972- author.
An Anthology of Fungi : A Collection of Mushrooms, Toadstools and Other Fungi
Ashby, Ali/ Boddy, Lynne/ Long, Daniel (ILT)/ Rizza, Angela (ILT)
An Ant
Owen, Ruth
An animal a day / 365 Amazing Animals to Take You Through the Year
Smith, Miranda (Children's nonfiction author), author.
5,000 Awesome Facts About Everything!
National Geographic Kids (COR)
1,000 Amazing Record Breakers
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)
What was the Great Chicago Fire?
Pascal, Janet B, author.
The Wild Robot field guide
Brown, Peter, 1979- author, illustrator.
Who Is Shaun White?
Pryor, Shawn/ Who Hq (COR)
We Celebrate the Light
Yolen, Jane/ Stemple, Heidi E. Y./ Chen, Jieting (ILT)
Mars : Explore the Mysteries of the Red Planet
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)/ Edson, Shauna/ Sparrow, Giles
Lonely Planet Kids Atlas of Cats
Evans, Frances/ Heaton, Kelsey (ILT)
A Kids Book About Voting
Next Up (COR)
I fuel : how energy powers our busy world
Schmitt, Kelly Rice, author.
Extraordinary Eyeglasses : The Amazing Invention That Helps Us See
Stevan, Caroline/ Vigneault, Franȯis (ILT)
Dolly Parton
Krensky, Stephen/ Houser, Bobbie (ILT)
David Atherton's Christmas Cookbook for Kids
Atherton, David/ Cottle, Katie (ILT)
Children's Book of Philosophy
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)
Brown Bears
Crumpton, Nick/ Larmour, Colleen (ILT)
Babe Ruth
Krensky, Stephen/ Houser, Bobbie (ILT)
Wow! Life Before the Dinosaurs : The Unbelievable Story of the Earth
Van Gageldonk, Mack/ Van Gageldonk, Mack (ILT)
World Wars
Brook, Henry/ Dowswell, Paul/ Brocklehurst, Ruth
Wild Brunch : Poems About How Creatures Eat
Harrison, David L./ Laroche, Giles (ILT)
Why oh why are deserts dry?
Rabe, Tish, author.
We Are the Dreams of Our Ancestors
Brown-ajayi, Imani/ Dibba, Mariama/ Ellis, Dazariah/ Fearce, Nalah/ Mawusi, Nandi
We Are a Class
Sanders, Rob/ Abbo, Hannah (ILT)
Sustainable structures : 15 eco-conscious buildings around the world
McMillan, Kate (Illustrator), author, illustrator.
A Stray Dog for Christmas : How Suzy Was Adopted
Jokinen, Jack/ Tan, Wendy (ILT)
Starlight symphony
Silverman, Buffy, author.
Sea Without a Shore : Life in the Sargasso
Rosenstock, Barb/ Roy, Katherine (ILT)
Ping-pong Shabbat : The True Story of Champion Estee Ackerman
Koffsky, Ann D./ Rajunov, Abigail (ILT)
The Magnificent Book of Fantasy Creatures
Jackson, Tom/ Walerczuk, Val (ILT)
Live Like a Viking : Discovering the Secrets of the Vikings
Saunders, Claire/ Hickson, Ruth (ILT)
Little Christmas carol
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.
Level Up 2025 : An Afk Book
Dynamo Limited (COR)
Let's Get Festive! : Celebrations Around the World
Konczak, Joanna/ Poklewska-koziello, Ewa (ILT)/ Webster, Kate (TRN)
Inside the compost bin
Plan, Melody Sumaoang, author.
I Am Stephen Hawking
Meltzer, Brad/ Eliopoulos, Christopher (ILT)
How to Be a Witch
Balkan, Gabrielle/ Gozansky, Shana/ Saldaą, Carmen (ILT)
Hello, I'm a Quokka
Rocco, Hayley/ Rocco, John (ILT)
Genius Ears : A Curious Animal Compendium
Anlauf, Lena/ Konstantinov, Vitali (ILT)/ Yarbrough, Marshall (TRN)
Gathered at the table : celebrating Communion
Nellist, Glenys, 1959- author.
Everyday Stem Engineering - Civil Engineering
Jacoby, Jenny/ Valentine, Luna (ILT)
Dying to Ask : 38 Questions from Kids About Death
Duthie, Ellen/ Cantavella, Anna Juan/ Antinori, Andrea (ILT)
Chapman, Sital Gorasia/ Varma, Darshika (ILT)
Dinosaurs Can Be Small
Lunde, Darrin/ Landy, Ariel (ILT)
Chess for Kids
Ulyeva, Elena/ Clever Publishing (COR)/ Nechayeva, Nadezhda (ILT)
Brilliant Bodies Inside and Out : Explore How Every Body Works
Little House of Science (COR)/ Bloggs, Josy (ILT)
The bee mother
Huson, Brett D., author.
As Edward Imagined : A Story of Edward Gorey in Three Acts
Burgess, Matthew/ Majewski, Marc (ILT)
100 Things to Know About History
Martin, Jerome/ Frith, Alex/ Cowan, Laura/ Lacey, Minna/ Mariani, Federico (ILT)
100 Forest School Activities
Walmsley, Naomi/ Walmsley, Dan
Zendaya : A Little Golden Book Biography
Clauss, Lauren/ Holmes, Alyah (ILT)
Wild Horses
Krenn, Cara
Why Do We Need Trees? : An Illustrated Guide
Watson, Olivia/ Borsboom, Tjarda (ILT)
Veterinarians : a first look
Leed, Percy, 1968- author.
Unexpected talkers
Leslie, Jay, author.
Unexpected swimmers
Caprioli, Claire, author.
Unexpected players
Caprioli, Claire, author.
Unexpected flyers
Leslie, Jay, author.
A Tree
Owen, Ruth
Tough Tanks
Miller, Marie-Therese
Tiny titans : the big story of plankton
Cerullo, Mary M., author.
Taking care of your horse
Idzikowski, Lisa, author.
Speedy Drones
Miller, Marie-Therese
Shackleton's Journey
Grill, William
Sassy Short-haired Cats : An Illustrated Guide
Jeffrey, Eliza/ Halak, Marina (ILT)
Puppies : A First Look
Anderhagen, Anna
Maloney, Brenna, author.
Open Wide! : Jaw-dropping Mouths of the Animal World
Letizia, Diamante/ Brown, Ed J. (ILT)
Monstrous Mammals
Pallotta, Jerry/ Bolster, Rob (ILT)
Lebron James : A Little Golden Book Biography
Clinch, Shasta/ Nebechi, Kingsley (ILT)
Maloney, Brenna, author.
Land and Water Combat Vehicles
Miller, Marie-Therese
Kittens : A First Look
Anderhagen, Anna
I Can Be Respectful
Rusu, Meredith/ Colombo, Alexandra (ILT)
I can be grateful
Rusu, Meredith, author.
Human 2.0 : a celebration of human bionics
Kane, Patrick (Motivational speaker), author.
Kington, Emily
Horse Breeds
Krenn, Cara
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)
Black, Sonia W., 1953- author.
Harry Styles : A Little Golden Book Biography
Loggia, Wendy/ Burrows, Ruth (ILT)
Goat Kids : A First Look
Anderhagen, Anna
Forests in danger! / A True Book: the Earth at Risk
Ting, Jasmine (Journalist), author.
Forests in danger! / A True Book: the Earth at Risk
Ting, Jasmine (Journalist), author.
The epic guide to Dragon Masters / A Branches
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
Elvis Presley : A Little Golden Book Biography
Rogers, Lisa Jean/ Flowers, Luke (ILT)
Dolores Huerta
Brown, Monica/ Clinton, Chelsea/ Boiger, Alexandra (ILT)/ Flint, Gillian (ILT)
Crowning Glory : A Celebration of Black Hair
Weatherford, Carole Boston/ Holmes, Ekua (ILT)
Cool and Peculiar Cats : An Illustrated Guide
Jeffrey, Eliza/ Halak, Marina (ILT)
BTS : K-pop's biggest headliners
Holleran, Leslie, author.
Wood, Alix
Bad Bunny
Romo Edelman, Claudia, author.
Awesome Long-haired Cats : An Illustrated Guide
Jeffrey, Eliza/ Halak, Marina (ILT)
Black, Sonia W., 1953- author.
Black, Sonia W., 1953- author.
Amazing Trees : An Illustrated Guide
Watson, Olivia/ Borsboom, Tjarda (ILT)
Who Is Travis Kelce?
Labrecque, Ellen/ Who Hq (COR)/ Putra, Dede (ILT)
What Is the Story of My Little Pony?
Mayer, Kirsten/ Who Hq (COR)/ Thomson, Andrew (ILT)
Spotlight on Stepping
Hammond, Mel
Space : The Final Pooping Frontier
Bondor-Stone, Annabeth/ White, Connor/ Kenseth, Lars (ILT)
The Sole Man : Jan Matzeliger's Lasting Invention
Keller, Shana/ Costanza, Stephen (ILT)
The Shape of Things : How Mapmakers Picture Our World
Robbins, Dean/ Tavares, Matt (ILT)
The secret of fall
Coy, John, 1958- author.
Plant pets : 27 cool houseplants to grow and love
Allen, Beatrice Boggs, author.
Marvelously Revolting Recipes
Dahl, Roald/ Blake, Quentin (ILT)
How to Build Lego Robots
Farrell, Jessica
Horseback Riding
Krenn, Cara
Horse sports
Idzikowski, Lisa, author.
Adler, David A., author.
Stevenson, Paul
Eyewitness Arctic and Antarctic
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)
Diwali : A Festival of Lights
Yasuda, Anita/ Varma, Darshika (ILT)
Clouds in Space : Nebulae, Stardust, and Us
Robeson, Teresa/ Renzina, Diana (ILT)
Call Me Roberto! : Roberto Clemente Goes to Bat for Latinos
Alonso, Nathalie/ Gutierrez, Rudy (ILT)
All Food Is Good Food
Ehlert, Molli Jackson/ Liem, Fanny (ILT)/ Adegbonmire, Foyinsi (EDT)
What Is the Story of Smokey Bear?
Korť, Steve/ Who Hq (COR)/ Squier, Robert (ILT)
What Is the Story of Smokey Bear?
Korť, Steve/ Who Hq (COR)/ Squier, Robert (ILT)
You're a Good Swimmer
Rivas, Christopher/ Boroff, Ariel (ILT)
Wonderful Me : A First Guide to Taking Care of Yourself
Shapiro, Nancy/ Sacramento, Vania (ILT)
Grant, Colin
Wildlife Crossings : Protecting Animal Pathways Around the World
Barr, Catherine/ Engel, Christiane (ILT)
Wild Animal Crafts
Lim, Annalees
Who Is Lin-manuel Miranda?
Matos, Elijah Rey-david/ Who Hq (COR)/ Malan, David (ILT)
Who Is Billie Jean King?
Fabiny, Sarah/ Who Hq (COR)/ Putra, Dede (ILT)
Weathering and Erosion
Martin, Claudia
Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Martin, Claudia
Beckerman, Nell Cross/ Chock, Kalen (ILT)
Grimes, Amy (ILT)
Urban Coyotes
Carson, Mary Kay/ Uhlman, Tom (ILT)
Tsunamis : the worst in history
Vale, Jenna, author.
Tom Brady : A Little Golden Book Biography
Keap, L./ Pamintuan, Macky (ILT)
This Is Our World: Welcome Home
Turner, Tracey/ Gilland, ¿sa (ILT)
Taylor Swift : Her Story
Mack, Grace/ Ryals, Lexi (EDT)
The Story of Dinosaurs : A First Book About Prehistoric Beasts
Barr, Catherine/ Husband, Amy (ILT)/ Williams, Steve
Stan Lee
Vegara, Maria Isabel Sanchez/ Albero, Ana (ILT)
Solar System
Bone, Emily/ Pastor, Terry (ILT)
Shelly Hen Lays Eggs
Chancellor, Deborah/ Groves, Julia (ILT)
Seeker of Truth : Kailash Satyarthi's Fight to End Child Labor
Venkat, Srividhya/ Pereira, Danica Da Silva (ILT)
Secret Factopia! : Follow the Trail of 400 Hidden Facts
Towler, Paige/ Smith, Andy (ILT)/ Britannica Group (COR)
Sea Wolves : Keepers of the Rainforest
Benedict, Megan/ Crowder, Melanie/ Vickers, Roy Henry (ILT)
History smashers Salem witch trials
Messner, Kate, author.
The Rock Cycle
Martin, Claudia
Parkin, Michael (ILT)
Remarkable Beasts
Allan, John/ Mendez, Simon (ILT)
Quiz Yourself Clever! Rocks and Minerals
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)
Quiz Yourself Clever! Animals of the World
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (COR)
Princess Diana : A Little Golden Book Biography
Fry, Sonali/ Hibbert, Hollie (ILT)
Prehistoric Giants
Allan, John/ Mendez, Simon (ILT)
Pokemon Trick-or-treat!
Scholastic (COR)
A place for butterflies
Stewart, Melissa, author.
A place for birds
Stewart, Melissa, author.
Outdoor Science
Williams, Tia/ Minter, Laura
Ode to Grapefruit : How James Earl Jones Found His Voice
Lavelle, Kari/ Collier, Bryan (ILT)
Harasymiw, Luke
Ocean Animal Crafts
Lim, Annalees
Microscopic Creatures
Claybourne, Anna
Wood, Alix
Harasymiw, Martin
Let's Go Strawberry Picking
Nelson, Kristen Rajczak
Kingdoms of Life
Allen-Fletcher, Carly
Katie Ledecky : Swimming Goat
Nelson, Kristen Rajczak
Journey : My Story of Migration
Valencia, Luis Onofre
I'm Going to Be a Writer!
Franco, Michou
I'm Going to Be a Pilot!
Franco, Michou
I Swim!
Jacobson, Bray
I Do Karate!
Jacobson, Bray
I Am, You Are : Let's Talk About Disability, Individuality and Empowerment
Whaley, Ashley Harris/ Wood, Hannah (ILT)/ Rao-middleton, Ananya (ILT)
Hurricanes : the worst in history
Vale, Jenna, author.
Granny Root Grows Fruit
Chancellor, Deborah/ Groves, Julia (ILT)
Giant Hissing Cockroaches
Humphrey, Natalie
Harasymiw, Luke
Floods : the worst in history
Vale, Jenna, author.
The Firehouse
Silva, Sadie
Fierce Defenders
Allan, John/ Mendez, Simon (ILT)
Farm Animal Crafts
Lim, Annalees
Draw With Art for Kids Hub Cute and Funny Foods
Jensen, Rob/ Art for Kids Hub (COR)
Dinosaurs to Chickens : How Evolution Works
Lund, Nick/ Rose, Lucy (ILT)
Award, Anna
Day of the Dead : A Celebration of Life
Orozco, Polo/ Ortega, Mirelle (ILT)
A Dandelion
Owen, Ruth
Creepy-crawly Crafts
Lim, Annalees
Coral Reefs
Sill, Cathryn/ Sill, John (ILT)
Harasymiw, Martin, 1978- author.
Clever Hunters
Allan, John/ Mendez, Simon (ILT)
Claybourne, Anna
Gunzi, Christiane
Caitlin Clark: College Basketball Goat
Rajczak Nelson, Kristen
Birds Play Tricks!
Thorpe, Judy
Bearded Dragons
Lynch, Seth
Barbra Streisand : A Little Golden Book Biography
Katschke, Judy/ Vaughan, Brenna (ILT)
Audrey Hepburn : A Little Golden Book Biography
Easton, Emily/ Surrey, Ellen (ILT)
Atoms and Molecules
Claybourne, Anna
Athletes Who Changed the Game
Buckley, James, Jr./ Walthall, Steffi (ILT)/ Labrecque, Ellen
Lynch, Seth
Amazing Plants : An Illustrated Guide
Griffin, Annabelle/ Borsboom, Tjarda (ILT)
Amazing Modern Structures
Thomas, Caroline
Amazing historic structures
Thomas, Caroline, author.
The Alamo
Levy, Janey
Gunzi, Christiane
Africanized Honeybees
Humphrey, Natalie
African Animal Crafts
Lim, Annalees
Wings of an Eagle : The Gold Medal Dreams of Billy Mills
Mills, Billy/ Bowman, Donna Janell/ Nelson, S. D. (ILT)
Who Is Lionel Messi?
Buckley, James/ Who Hq (COR)/ Gutierrez, Manuel (ILT)
The United States Book
Seigel, Rebecca/ Weinstein, Ellen (ILT)
Totally Turtles!
Clarke, Ginjer L.