Kids Non-fiction

These are non-fiction books for kids. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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This or That... or That? : Quiz Book
Henke, Emma MacLaren/ Persico, Zoe (ILT)
Soccer Record Breakers
Gifford, Clive
Phrases of the moon : Lunar poems
Lewis, J. Patrick, author.
Mythical beasts
Mills, Andrea, author.
Mythical beasts
Mills, Andrea, author.
Little Larry goes to school
Ellis, Gerry, author.
I Want to Be a Builder
Liebman, Dan
I am the rain
Paterson, John, 1958- author, illustrator.
How to Talk to Your Computer
Simon, Seymour/ Lowery, Mike (ILT)
The Great Grammar Book
Petty, Kate/ Maizels, Jennie (ILT)
The Frog Book
Jenkins, Steve/ Page, Robin
Fly guy presents : police officers
Arnold, Tedd, author.
Disney ideas book
Dowsett, Elizabeth, author.
Dinosaurs discovered
Lomax, Dean R., author.
Cook's cook : the cook who cooked for Captain Cook
Bishop, Gavin, 1946- author, illustrator.
1,000 facts about ancient Egypt
Honovich, Nancy, author.
Who Is Michael Jordan?
Anderson, Kirsten/ Who Hq (COR)/ Putra, Dede (ILT)
Who Is Eric Carle?
Sabol, Stephanie/ Who Hq (COR)/ Conley, Laurie A. (ILT)
Stem Lab
Challoner, Jack/ Smithsonian Institution (COR)
Space Travel
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Secret Engineer : How Emily Roebling Built the Brooklyn Bridge
Dougherty, Rachel/ Dougherty, Rachel (ILT)
The Puffins Are Back
Gibbons, Gail
The New Children's Encyclopedia
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Moon Landings
Weider, Shoshana
Moon Landings
Weider, Shoshana
Martin Luther King Jr.
Calkhoven, Laurie/ Ager, Charlotte (ILT)
Katherine Johnson
Wilkins, Ebony Joy/ Ager, Charlotte (ILT)
Just Right : Searching for the Goldilocks Planet
Manley, Curtis/ Lanan, Jessica (ILT)
Gibbons, Gail
Helen Keller
Romero, Libby/ Ager, Charlotte (ILT)
Bailey, Diane/ Ager, Charlotte (ILT)
Big Cats
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Anne Frank
Krensky, Stephen/ Ager, Charlotte (ILT)
Albert Einstein
Mara, Wil/ Ager, Charlotte (ILT)
A Year of Nature Poems
Coelho, Joseph/ Judd, Kelly Louise (ILT)
A World of Birds
Woodgate, Vicky
Wilma's Way Home : The Life of Wilma Mankiller
Rappaport, Doreen/ Kukuk, Linda (ILT)
The town mouse and the country mouse
Berne, Emma Carlson, author.
A Song for Gwendolyn Brooks
Duncan, Alice Faye/ Gordon, Xia (ILT)
Someday is now / Clara Luper and the 1958 Oklahoma City Sit-Ins
Rhuday-Perkovich, Olugbemisola, author.
The Roots of Rap : 16 Bars on the 4 Pillars of Hip-hop
Morrison, Frank (ILT)/ Boston Weatherford, Carole
Robert Bateman : The Boy Who Painted Nature
Ruurs, Margriet/ Bateman, Robert (ILT)
Malala Yousafzai
Walsh, Jenni L.
Malala : my story of standing up for girls' rights
Yousafzai, Malala, 1997- author.
Kids who are changing the world!
Higginson, Sheila Sweeny, 1966- author.
Jungle Wildlife
Vetere, Lori
Gravity Explained
Tolish, Alexander
A day in a forested wetland
Kurtz, Kevin, author.
Coral Reefs
Hulick, Kathryn
The Chinese Family Table
Hulick, Kathryn
Carter Reads the Newspaper
Hopkinson, Deborah/ Tate, Don (ILT)
The African Family Table
Bailey, Diane
Weather and the Seasons
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Celebrate Kwanzaa
Otto, Carolyn, author.
Huber, Raymond/ Lovelock, Brian (ILT)
Elvis Is King!
Winter, Jonah/ Red Nose Studio (COR)
Saxby, Claire/ Harricks, Tannya (ILT)
Animal architects
Romero, Libby, author.
Animal architects
Romero, Libby, author.
Welcome, wombat / Tales of Rescue and Release
Einhorn, Kama, 1969- author.
Seven Wonders of the Milky Way
Aguilar, David A.
Returning to Guatemala
Hudak, Heather C., 1975- author.
Returning to Afghanistan
Barghoorn, Linda, author.
My new home after Yemen
Hudak, Heather C., 1975- author.
My new home after Syria
Barghoorn, Linda, author.
My new home after Iraq
Rodger, Ellen, author.
Music : The Sound of Science
Albertson, Margaret E., Dr./ Emick, Paula
Model Makers
Amstutz, Lisa J.
The King of Sting
Peterson, Coyote
Jewish Holidays Cookbook
Bass, Janet Ozur (CON)/ Bloomfield, Jill
How a City Works
Ward, D. J./ Lemay, Violet (ILT)
Hoping for a home after Myanmar
Rodger, Ellen, author.
A fearless leader : a Bible story about Deborah
Weaver, Rachel Spier, author.
Poliquin, Rachel/ Frith, Nicholas John (ILT)
I Am Sonia Sotomayor
Meltzer, Brad/ Eliopoulos, Christopher (ILT)
Smithsonian Timelines of Everything
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)/ Smithsonian Institution (COR)
Puerto Rico
Yomtov, Nelson, author.
Steel drums
Lakin, Patricia, 1944- author.
Star Wars Droidography
Sumerak, Marc
Squares, Rectangles, and Other Quadrilaterals
Adler, David A./ Miller, Edward (ILT)
My Little Golden Book About Martin Luther King Jr.
Bader, Bonnie/ Cornelison, Sue (ILT)
My Little Golden Book About Jackie Robinson
Berrios, Frank John/ Bauer, Betsy (ILT)
Martial Arts
Kane, John
Jesus Loves Me
Scholastic Inc. (COR)
Space : The Definitive Visual Catalog
Callery, Sean/ Smith, Miranda
Soccer School : Where Soccer Explains the World
Bellos, Alex/ Lyttleton, Ben/ Gerrell, Spike (ILT)
Life at the Zoo
George, Michael
Buzz Aldrin
Jazynka, Kitson, author.
Buzz Aldrin
Jazynka, Kitson, author.
100 Things to Build in Minecraft
Future Publishing (COR)
Who was Nikola Tesla?
Gigliotti, Jim, author.
Who Was Napoleon?
Gigliotti, Jim/ Who Hq (COR)/ Copeland, Gregory (ILT)
The A-Z of wonder women
Lin, Yvonne, author.
Scholastic Year in Sports 2019
Buckley, James, Jr./ Shoreline Publishing Group (COR)
Peanuts Dell Archive
Schulz, Charles M. (CRT)
Leaping Llama
Rosenberg, Madelyn
Simon, Seymour
Destination - Space
Williams, Dave/ Cunti, Loredana
Around the World in 80 Tales
Pirotta, Saviour
Wallace, Audra
The Untold History of the United States Young Readers Edition : 1945-1962
Kuznick, Peter/ Stone, Oliver/ Singer, Eric (ADP)
McDaniel, Melissa
Once upon a Star : A Poetic Journey Through Space
Carter, James/ Hernandez, Mar (ILT)
New Hampshire
Yomtov, Nel
Zeiger, Jennifer, author.
My Best Book of Bugs
Llewellyn, Claire
Zeiger, Jennifer
Schwabacher, Martin
Disney - Mary Poppins Returns : The Visual Guide
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Bold & Brave : Ten Heroes Who Won Women the Right to Vote
Gillibrand, Kirsten/ Kalman, Maira (ILT)
The Best Book of Pirates
Howard, Barnaby
West Virginia
Schwabacher, Martin
McDaniel, Melissa
Hackett, Jennifer
Dc Super Hero Science
Not Available (NA)
Shahzia : My Life As an Artist
Sikander, Shahzia/ Barczyk, Hannah (ILT)