Kids Non-fiction

These are non-fiction books for kids. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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You are mine, porcupine
Wilbur, Helen L., 1948- author.
The Unsightly Aye-aye
Levy, Janey
Nuovo, Avalon/ Doran, David (ILT)
The ocean : exploring our blue planet
Krestovnikoff, Miranda, author.
Joni : The Lyrical Life of Joni Mitchell
Alko, Selina/ Alko, Selina (ILT)
Bread for words / A Frederick Douglass Story
Keller, Shana, 1977- author.
The book of big science ideas
Hardy, Freya, author.
Ruth Objects : The Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Rappaport, Doreen/ Velasquez, Eric (ILT)
The Cockroach
Gravel, Elise
The Bat Book
Milner, Charlotte/ Milner, Charlotte (ILT)
The Bat
Gravel, Elise
All ways family
Fernández Selva, Noemi, author.
Wow! Look What's in Space!
Johnson, Ste (ILT)/ Stott, Carole
Wow! Look What Birds Can Do
De La Bedoyere, Camilla/ Johnson, Ste (ILT)
Wilma Rudolph : Fastest Woman on Earth
Cipriano, Jeri/ Brooks, Scott R. (ILT)
Tent City : Voices of Poverty from a City of Hope
Pinkney, Andrea Davis/ Pinkney, J. Brian (ILT)
Sometimes I'm Anxious : A Child's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety
O'neill, Poppy/ Ashman-wymbs, Amanda (FRW)
Gibbons, Gail
The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver
Barretta, Gene/ Morrison, Frank (ILT)
Save Energy, Bert and Ernie!
Boothroyd, Jennifer
The Power Book : What Is It, Who Has It and Why?
Saunders, Claire/ Songhurst, Hazel/ Amson-Bradshaw, Georgia/ Salami, Minna/ Scarlet, Mik
Normal / One Kid's Extraordinary Journey
Newman, Magdalena M., author.
I Voted : Making a Choice Makes a Difference
Shulman, Mark/ Bloch, Serge (ILT)
Honey, the dog who saved Abe Lincoln
Swanson, Shari, author.
The Grizzly Mother
Huson, Brett D./ Donovan, Natasha (ILT)
Greta's Story : The Schoolgirl Who Went on Strike to Save the Planet
Camerini, Valentina/ Giovannoni, Moreno (TRN)/ Carratello, Veronica (ILT)
From Pup to Shark
De La Bedoyere, Camilla
From Egg to Bee
De La Bedoyere, Camilla
From Acorn to Tree
De La Bedoyere, Camilla
Fred's Big Feelings : The Life and Legacy of Mister Rogers
Renauld, Laura/ Barrager, Brigette (ILT)
Fight Pollution, Big Bird!
Boothroyd, Jennifer
Elizabeth Cady Stanton : Fighter for Women's Rights
Cipriano, Jeri/ Brooks, Scott R. (ILT)
A Cat Called Trim
Fenton, Corinne/ Smith, Craig (ILT)
Goldish, Meish
The Big Book of Everything You Need to Get the Job Done
Cassany, Mia/ Inclan, Maria Suarez (ILT)
Be Water-wise, Super Grover!
Boothroyd, Jennifer
Rose, Rachel
Animal Antics
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Alien Ocean Animals
Colosi, Rosie
Alien Ocean Animals
Colosi, Rosie
Birdoff, Ariel Factor
50 Things You Didn't Know About the Old West
O'Neill, Sean/ O'Neill, Sean (ILT)
50 Things You Didn't Know About the Middle Ages
O'Neill, Sean/ O'Neill, Sean (ILT)
50 Things You Didn't Know About Colonial America
O'Neill, Sean/ O'Neill, Sean (ILT)
50 Things You Didn't Know About Ancient Rome
O'Neill, Sean/ O'Neill, Sean (ILT)
50 Things You Didn't Know About Ancient Greece
O'Neill, Sean/ O'Neill, Sean (ILT)
50 Things You Didn't Know About Ancient Egypt
O'Neill, Sean/ O'Neill, Sean (ILT)
Who is Jackie Chan?
Shaffer, Jody Jensen, author.
Weird and Wonderful Animals
Banfi, Cristina/ Trionfetti, Rossella (ILT)
A voice named Aretha
Russell-Brown, Katheryn, 1961- author.
Thump Goes the Rabbit : How Animals Communicate
Hodgkins, Fran/ Morley, Taia (ILT)
Shawn Mendes : ultimate fan book
Croft, Malcolm, author.
Perl, Erica S./ Slack, Michael (ILT)
The Oldest Student : How Mary Walker Learned to Read
Hubbard, Rita Lorraine/ Mora, Oge (ILT)
Nose knows : wild ways animals smell the world
Figueras, Emmanuelle, author.
Mamie on the Mound : A Woman in Baseball's Negro Leagues
Henderson, Leah/ Doutsiopoulos, George (ILT)
Incredible dinosaur facts
Owen, Ruth, 1967- author.
Honeybee : The Busy Life of Apis Mellifera
Fleming, Candace/ Rohmann, Eric (ILT)
Hard Work, but It's Worth It : The Life of Jimmy Carter
Hegedus, Bethany/ Han, Kyung Eun (ILT)
Fly High, John Glenn : The Story of an American Hero
Krull, Kathleen/ Quarello, Maurizio A. C. (ILT)
Country Music History
Abdo, Kenny
Being Frog
Sayre, April Pulley/ Sayre, April Pulley (ILT)
20 Fun Facts About Famous Subways
Bard, Jonathan/ Bard, Mariel
For a girl becoming
Harjo, Joy.
Why we need plants
Gregory, Josh, author.
What's that plant?
Crane, Cody, author.
Welcome to Spanish with Sesame Street
Press, J. P., 1993- author.
Welcome to Hebrew with Sesame Street
Press, J. P., 1993- author.
Welcome to German with Sesame Street
Press, J. P., 1993- author.
Welcome to French with Sesame Street
Press, J. P., 1993- author.
Welcome to Arabic with Sesame Street
Press, J. P., 1993- author.
Weird Dinosaurs
Kington, Emily
Voyage to Pluto
Kruesi, Liz
Ugliest Animals
Mattern, Joanne
The U.S. Constitution / Why It Matters to You
Donohue, Moira Rose, author.
The U.S. Congress / Why It Matters to You
McDaniel, Melissa, 1964- author.
Tree frogs : life in the leaves
Donohue, Moira Rose, author.
Temple Grandin
Cardona, Ruby, author.
Strong Voices : Fifteen American Speeches Worth Knowing
Bolden, Tonya/ Velasquez, Eric (ILT)/ Roberts, Cokie
Rachel Carson
Rooney, Anne, author.
The Presidency / Why It Matters to You
Kellaher, Karen, author.
Plants and ecosystems
Kurzius, Alexa, author.
Plant life cycles
Grunbaum, Mara, author.
Octopuses : clever ocean creatures
Grunbaum, Mara, author.
Lions : kings of the grasslands
Roome, Hugh, author.
Let's look at diggers and dumpers
Allan, John, 1961- author.
Kangaroos : amazing jumpers
Herrington, Lisa M, author.
Jane Goodall
Woolf, Alex, 1964- author.
It's a round, round world!
Peterson, Ellie, author, illustrator.
Human body
Olstein, James, author, illustrator.
Grizzly bears.
Scholastic Inc.
Great white sharks.
Auss, Hilary
Go on a critter scavenger hunt
Kington, Emily, 1961- author.
Flowers, leaves, and other plant parts
Batchelor, Jacob, author.
The fierce 44 : black Americans who shook up the world
Ball, Robert (ILT)/ Undefeated (COR)
Scholastic Inc.
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Clap Your Hands : A Celebration of Gospel
Igus, Toyomi/ Wood, Michele (ILT)
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Birds of paradise : winged wonders
Unwin, Cynthia, author.
Big Ideas for Curious Minds : An Introduction to Philosophy
School of Life (COR)/ Botton, Alain De (EDT)/ Doherty, Anna (ILT)
Atlas of monsters and ghosts
Magrin, Federica, 1978- author.
Animal Tricksters
Mattern, Joanne
Animal Athletes
Mattern, Joanne
Animal Appetites
Mattern, Joanne
When the stars come out
Edwards, Nicola, author.
Three Korean Fairy Tales : Beloved Stories and Legends
So-un, Kim/ Kyoung-Sim, Jeong (ILT)
Take charge of anger
Hasson, Gill, author.
Stephen Biesty's More Incredible Cross-Sections
Biesty, Stephen (ILT)/ Platt, Richard
Snow Leopard : Ghost of the Mountains
Anderson, Justin/ Benson, Patrick (ILT)
A Ride to Remember : A Civil Rights Story
Langley, Sharon/ Nathan, Amy/ Cooper, Floyd (ILT)
Put your worries away
Hasson, Gill, author.
The moon
Pang, Hannah, author.
The Magical Guide
March, Julia
Ink! : 100 fun facts about octopuses, squid, and more
Drimmer, Stephanie Warren, author.
Ink! : 100 fun facts about octopuses, squid, and more
Drimmer, Stephanie Warren, author.
Frozen 2 idea lab
Olmanson, Shaina, author.
By and by : Charles Tindley, the Father of Gospel Music
Weatherford, Carole Boston/ Collier, Bryan (ILT)
Brain candy : seriously sweet facts to satisfy your curiosity
Beer, Julie (Children's author), author.
Bear Goes Sugaring
Eaton, Maxwell
The who was? history of the world
Manzanero, Paula, 1962- author.
We Are All Greta : Be Inspired by Greta Thunberg to Save the World
Giannella, Valentina/ Marazzi, Manuela (ILT)
Under pressure : the science of stress
Kyi, Tanya Lloyd, 1973- author.
Snack, Snooze, Skedaddle : How Animals Get Ready for Winter
Salas, Laura Purdie/ Ǧvry, Claudine (ILT)
Paper World : Planet Earth
Bomboland (ILT)
Bugs / Bugs
Hickman, Pamela, author.
My First Book of New York
Arrhenius, Ingela P.
Just like Beverly
Conrad, Vicki, author.
I am Marie Curie
Meltzer, Brad, author.
How to draw cute food
Nguyen, Angela, author, illustrator.
How many? : a different kind of counting book
Danielson, Christopher, author.
Firefighters' handbook
McCarthy, Meghan, author.
Disney 365 Days With Winnie the Pooh
Disney (COR)/ Ferguson, Don/ Moore, Richard (ILT)
Dalai Lama : a leader in exile
Leigh, Anna, author.
Crazy plants
Hamalainen, Karina, author.
Train Your Brain With Activities of Odds and Chance
Hillman, Emilee/ Regan, Dana (ILT)
The Sun and Animals
Mattern, Joanne
So You Want to Be a Viking
Haywood, John/ Akiyama, Takayo (ILT)
Sloane Stephens
Ellenport, Craig
Sharing Our Truths Tapwe
Beaver, Henry/ Willett, Mindy/ Beaver, Eileen (CON)/ Macintosh, Tessa (PHT)
Save the crash-test dummies
Swanson, Jennifer, author.
Absolute expert : pandas
Strother, Ruth, author.
Otters at the Zoo
Lynch, Seth
Poliquin, Rachel/ Frith, Nicholas John (ILT)
Ninja : get good : my ultimate guide to gaming
Blevins, Tyler, 1991- author.
Near or Far?
McDonnell, Rory
Gregson, Agatha
Movers and Shakers
Claybourne, Anna
Monkeys at the Zoo
Lynch, Seth
Let's Go to the Fair!
Proudfit, Benjamin
Let's Go to a Parade!
Proudfit, Benjamin
Bassington, Cyril
Kevin Durant
Real Sports Network (COR)
Heavy or Light?
Zubek, Adeline
Paleontologists : with STEM projects for kids
Gibson, Karen Bush, author.
Front or Back?
Zubek, Adeline
Bassington, Cyril
First history encyclopedia
Wilkinson, Philip, 1955- author.
Firefighter in Training
Ard, Cath/ Lawrence, Sarah (ILT)
Fast or Slow?
Zubek, Adeline
Eye Teasers
Claybourne, Anna
Darwin's tree of life
Bright, Michael, author.
Cycle Sports
Spilsbury, Louise
Celebrating Earth Day
Linde, Barbara M.
Aquatic Sports
Spilsbury, Louise
Animals at Night
Flint, Katy/ Li, Cornelia (ILT)
All of us : a young people's history of the world
Pommaux, Yvan, author, illustrator.
20 fun facts about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Mahoney, Emily Jankowski, author.
Where is the Vatican?
Stine, Megan, author.
What were the Negro Leagues?
Johnson, Varian, author.
What were the Negro Leagues?
Johnson, Varian, author.
Under the Southern Cross
Lessac, Fraň/ Lessac, Fraň (ILT)
Stand up! : be an upstander and make a difference
Moss, Wendy (Wendy L.), author.
See-thru Bugs
Gerstein, Sherry
See-thru Bats
Gerstein, Sherry
The Byzantine Empire
Griffin, Mary, 1978- author.
A Songbird Dreams of Singing : Poems About Sleeping Animals
Hosford, Kate/ Potter, Jennifer M. (ILT)
Smarts! Everybodyѫs Got Them
Armstrong, Thomas, Ph.D./ Palin, Tim (ILT)
Not a bean
Martínez, Claudia Guadalupe, 1978- author.
Nian, the Chinese New Year dragon
Loh-Hagan, Virginia, author.
Mario and the Hole in the Sky : How a Chemist Saved Our Planet
Rusch, Elizabeth/ Martinez, Teresa (ILT)
A Is for Audra : Broadway's Leading Ladies from A to Z
Allman, John Robert/ Emmerich, Peter (ILT)
Humanimal : Incredible Ways Animals Are Just Like Us!
Lloyd, Christopher/ Ruffle, Mark (ILT)
Game On! 2020
Scholastic Inc. (COR)
Coral Reefs
Gibbons, Gail
Chinese New Year colors
Lo, Rich, author, illustrator.
Buzzing With Questions : The Inquisitive Mind of Charles Henry Turner
Harrington, Janice N./ Taylor, Theodore (ILT)
The Apartment : A Century of Russian History
Litvina, Alexandra/ Desnitskaya, Anna (ILT)/ Bouis, Antonina W. (TRN)
1-2-3 My Feelings and Me
Millar, Goldie/ Berger, Lisa A./ Burris, Priscilla (ILT)
Why Do We Poop?
Blackford, Harriet/ Henson, Mike (ILT)
Why Do Things Fall Down?
Blackford, Harriet/ Henson, Mike (ILT)
Whose Footprint Is That?
Lunde, Darrin/ Oseid, Kelsey (ILT)
Who Would Win? : Ultimate Showdown
Pallotta, Jerry/ Bolster, Rob (ILT)
Who is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?
Demuth, Patricia, author.
Where does the Sun Go?
Blackford, Harriet/ Henson, Mike (ILT)
What's in the Picture?
Brooks, Susie
What Is the Story of the Wizard of Oz?
Anderson, Kirsten/ Who Hq (COR)/ Squier, Robert (ILT)
What Is the Story of the Wizard of Oz?
Anderson, Kirsten/ Who Hq (COR)/ Squier, Robert (ILT)
What is the story of Doctor Who?
Cooper, Gabriel P, author.
What is the story of Doctor Who?
Cooper, Gabriel P, author.
What Is a Rainbow?
Blackford, Harriet/ Henson, Mike (ILT)
The Ultimate Builder's Guide in Minecraft
Salmon, William (EDT)/ Blain, Louise/ Copeland, Wesley/ Dalby, Aiden/ Davies, Emma
Totem : Spirit Animals of Ancient Civilizations
Cassany, Mia/ Eterno, Nacho (ILT)
Tiger time
Einhorn, Kama, 1969- author.
Telling Time
Adler, David A./ Miller, Edward (ILT)
The taco magician and other poems for kids
Bertrand, Diane Gonzales, author.
Sport : ship dog of the Great Lakes
Cameron, Pamela, author.
So Cute! Koalas
Boyer, Crispin
So Cool! Leopards
Boyer, Crispin
The Sleepy Pebble and Other Bedtime Stories
Gregory, Alice/ Kirkpatrick, Christy/ Mcnaught, Jon (ILT)
Sailing on the Mayflower
Jenner, Caryn
Roblox Top Battle Games
Official Roblox (COR)
Red Rover : Curiosity on Mars
Ho, Richard/ Roy, Katherine (ILT)
Princess Power
Mills, Andrea
Princess Power
Mills, Andrea
The Presidents : Portraits of History
Tinari, Leah/ Tinari, Leah (ILT)
Precious Planet : A User's Manual for Curious Earthlings
Tavernier, Sarah/ Figueras, Emmanuelle/ Verhille, Alexandre (ILT)
Portrait of an Artist : Frida Kahlo
Dieckmann, Sandra (ILT)/ Brownridge, Lucy
Playing With Collage
Baker, Jeannie/ Baker, Jeannie (ILT)
A Picture Book of Alexander Hamilton
Adler, David A./ Collins, Matt (ILT)
My First Atlas of the 50 States
Beth, Georgia/ Cramb, Sara Lynn (ILT)
Little libraries, big heroes
Paul, Miranda, author.
Little Creatures : An Introduction to Classical Music
Gerhard, Ana/ Morin, Mauricio G̤mez (ILT)
Kitten Lady's big book of little kittens
Shaw, Hannah René, 1987- author.
The Kingfisher First Animal Picture Atlas
Chancellor, Deborah/ Lewis, Anthony
Just Feel : How to Be Stronger, Happier, Healthier, and More
Chopra, Mallika/ Vaughan, Brenna (ILT)