Kids Non-fiction

These are non-fiction books for kids. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Dittmer, Lori, author.
Dittmer, Lori, author.
Schuh, Mari
Dawn Flight : A Lakota Story
Locke, Kevin/ Von Innerebner, Jessika (ILT)
Wow! Look What's in the Forests
De La Bedoyere, Camilla/ Johnson, Ste (ILT)
Wow! Look What Robots Can Do!
Johnson, Ste (ILT)/ Mills, Andrea
Women in biology
Wissinger, Mary, author.
Why Do Things Have Names?
Mongin, Jean Paul/ Shibuya, Junko (ILT)
What Is Nintendo?
Shaw, Gina/ Who Hq (COR)/ Thomson, Andrew (ILT)
Welcome to Your Period!
Stynes, Yumi/ Kang, Melissa/ Latham, Jenny (ILT)
Anthony, William
The Ups and Downs of Gravity
Adler, David A./ Raff, Anna (ILT)
A Train Journey
Lomonaco, Gerard
Supersimple Physics
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)/ Smithsonian Institution (COR)
Star Wars Galactic Storybook
Lucasfilm Press (COR)/ Cook, Katie (ILT)
Sound and Light
Glover, David/ Vaisberg, Diego (ILT)
She Caught the Light : Williamina Stevens Fleming: Astronomer
Lasky, Kathryn/ Swaney, Julianna (ILT)
Shape of a Stomach
Holmes, Kirsty
Set Up the Skeleton
Holmes, Kirsty
Puppy in My Head : A Book About Mindfulness
Gravel, Elise/ Gravel, Elise (ILT)
Parts of a Heart
Holmes, Kirsty
Monarch Butterfly
Gibbons, Gail
Marvelous Machines : A Magic Lens Book
Wilsher, Jane/ Lozano, Andres (ILT)
The many lives of Eddie Rickenbacker
Speno, Andrew, author.
Little Audrey's Daydream : The Life of Audrey Hepburn
Ferrer, Sean Hepburn/ Ferrer, Karin Hepburn/ Corbasson, Dominique (ILT)/ Avril, Francois (ILT)
Lay Out the Lungs
Holmes, Kirsty
Kids can cook : fun and yummy recipes for budding chefs
Coombs, Esther, author, illustrator.
Harriet Tubman
Pinkney, Andrea Davis/ Clinton, Chelsea/ Boiger, Alexandra (ILT)/ Flint, Gillian (ILT)
Garbage and Recycling
Morgan, Sally
Gibbons, Gail
Fishing Village
McDowell, Pamela
Anthony, William
Eyewitness Presidents
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Anthony, William
The Complete Guide to Space Exploration
Lonely Planet Kids (COR)/ Hubbard, Ben
Britannica all new children's encyclopedia : what we know & what we don't
Lloyd, Christopher (EDT)/ Luebering, J. e. (FRW)/ Group, Britannica
Britannica 5-minute Really True Stories for Bedtime : 30 Amazing Stories
McCann, Jackie/ Arena, Jen/ Valentine, Rachel/ Symes, Sally
Beyonc©♭ : Queen of the spotlight
Wilkins, Ebony, author.
The beak book
Page, Robin, 1957- author.


Anthony, William
A World of Mindfulness
Alladin, Erin/ Del Rizzo, Suzanne (ILT)/ Bender, Rebecca (ILT)/ Grimard, Gabrielle (ILT)/ Anderson, Tara (ILT)
Who Was Walt Whitman?
Anderson, Kirsten/ Foley, Tim (ILT)
Who Was Walt Whitman?
Anderson, Kirsten/ Foley, Tim (ILT)
Who Was Catherine the Great?
Pollack, Pamela/ Belviso, Meg/ Gutierrez, Manuel (COR)/ Putra, Dede (ILT)
Who Was Catherine the Great?
Pollack, Pamela/ Belviso, Meg/ Gutierrez, Manuel (COR)/ Putra, Dede (ILT)
What is the civil rights movement?
Smith, Sherri L., author.
What is the civil rights movement?
Smith, Sherri L., author.
We Wait for the Sun
McCabe, Katie/ Figueroa, Raissa (ILT)
We Love Sports Cars
Lewis, Katherine
We Love Pickup Trucks
Lewis, Katherine
We Love Electric Cars
Lewis, Katherine
Walking Toward Peace : The True Story of Peace Pilgrim
Krull, Kathleen/ Bowler, Annie (ILT)
Us Presidents : Oval Office All-stars
Basher, Simon (ILT)/ Green, Dan/ Widmer, Edward
Timelines from Black History : Leaders, Legends, Legacies
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)/ Harper, Mireille (FRW)
Teatime around the world
Waissbluth, Denyse, author.
Tasty Treats : Easy Cooking for Children
Little Gestalten (EDT)/ Chitu, Adina/ Beretta, Elenia (ILT)
Stephen Hawking
Button Books (COR)
Starstruck : The Cosmic Journey of Neil Degrasse Tyson
Krull, Kathleen/ Brewer, Paul/ Morrison, Frank (ILT)
Star Wars Complete Vehicles
Hidalgo, Pablo/ Fry, Jason
So you want to be a ninja?
Vincent, Bruno, 1980- author.
Slow down : 50 mindful moments in nature
Williams, Rachel, author.
Kenney, Karen Latchana, author.
Scholastic Year in Sports 2021
Buckley, James, Jr.
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
Schwartz, Alvin/ Gammell, Stephen (ILT)
Vegara, Maria Isabel Sanchez/ Cachetejack (COR)
The Presidents Visual Encyclopedia
Dorling Kindersley (COR)
Penguins and Polar Bears : A Pretty Cool Introduction to the Arctic and Antarctic
Gestalten (COR)/ Helmer, Grace (ILT)/ Klepeis, Alicia
One Step Further : My Story of Math, the Moon, and a Lifelong Mission
Johnson, Katherine/ Hylick, Joylette/ Moore, Katherine
No Reading Allowed : The Worst Read-Aloud Book Ever
Haldar, Raj/ Carpenter, Chris/ Gladfelter, Bryce (ILT)
Nice Jewish Girls
Merberg, Julie
My First Book of the Cosmos
Sheddad, Ferron Kaid-salah/ Altarriba, Eduard (ILT)
Martin Luther King Jr.
Button Books (COR)
Kenney, Karen Latchana
Life in a wetland
Waxman, Laura Hamilton, author.
The Legend of Michael Jordan
Triumph Books (COR)/ Motin, Adam (CON)/ Frey, Patricia (CON)
Laugh-out-loud Valentine's Day Jokes for Kids
Elliott, Rob/ Chernyshova, Anna (ILT)
Grack, Rachel
J.K. Rowling : behind the magic
Senker, Cath, author.
Healthy Planet
Carney, Elizabeth
Healthy Planet
Carney, Elizabeth
Do Lizards Eat Ice Cream? : How Animals Beat the Heat
Kaner, Etta/ Piechota, Jenna (ILT)
Cody Bellinger
Fishman, Jon M.
Coco Gauff
Fishman, Jon M.
Button Books (COR)
Charles Darwin
Vegara, Maria Isabel Sanchez/ Hoffmann, Mark (ILT)
The Bird Atlas
Taylor, Barbara/ Orr, Richard (ILT)
Anne Frank
Gmc (COR)
Wild girl
Skelton, Helen, 1983- author.
Wild City
Hoare, Ben/ Rose, Lucy (ILT)
Who was Duke Ellington?
Payne, M. D. (Matthew D.), 1978- author.
The Universe : The Big Bang, Black Holes, and Blue Whales
Wood, Matthew Brenden/ Cornell, Alexis (ILT)
Top Secret
Boyer, Crispin
Steve Jobs
Vegara, Maria Isabel Sanchez/ Lewis, Aura (ILT)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Davidson, Rose
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Davidson, Rose
Quill soup : a stone soup story
Durant, Alan, 1958- author.
Boyer, Crispin
Philosophy : A Visual Encyclopedia
Fletcher, Robert/ Romero, Paola/ Talbot, Marianne/ Warburton, Nigel/ Whiston, Amna
Vegara, Maria Isabel Sanchez/ Rosa, Camila (ILT)
Nature at night
Regan, Lisa, 1971- author.
My Little Golden Book About Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Corey, Shana/ Lucas, Margeaux (ILT)
Monuments of India.
Agrawal, Shalini (EDT)/ Silas, Mark (EDT)
A garden in your belly : meet the microbes in your gut
D'yans, Masha, author, illustrator.
Festivals & Traditions in Switzerland
Piatti, Barbara/ Rogenmoser, Yvonne (ILT)/ Carozza, Mary (TRN)
Ernest Shackleton
Vegara, Maria Isabel Sanchez/ Holden, Olivia (ILT)
Elton John
Vegara, Maria Isabel Sanchez/ Beer, Sophie (ILT)
The Efficient, Inventive (Often Annoying) Melvil Dewey
O'Neill, Alexis/ Fotheringham, Edwin (ILT)
Dk Workbooks Language Arts Math and Science Grade 3
Ruggieri, Linda/ Flounders, Anne/ Westrup, Hugh
Dk Workbooks Language Arts Math and Science Grade 2
Ruggieri, Linda/ Flounders, Anne/ Westrup, Hugh
Countries of the World : Our World in Pictures
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Corazon Aquino
Vegara, Maria Isabel Sanchez/ Hsu, Ginnie (ILT)
Building Zaha : The Story of Architect Zaha Hadid
Tentler-Krylov, Victoria/ Tentler-Krylov, Victoria (ILT)
Aretha Franklin
Saanchez Vegara, Ma Isabel (Maraia Isabel), author.
About seabirds : a guide for children
Sill, Cathryn P., 1953- author.
Walrus Vs. Elephant Seal
Pallotta, Jerry/ Bolster, Rob (ILT)
Sir Cumference gets decima's point
Neuschwander, Cindy, author.
Reindeer on the move! / On the Move!
Clarke, Ginjer L., author.
Selena : queen of Tejano music
Lopez, Silvia, 1950- author.
Meditation Station
Katz, Susan B./ Semirdzhyan, Anait (ILT)
The lion queens of India
Reynolds, Jan, 1956- author.
Life-size animals : an illustrated safari
Schiavo, Riva M., author.
Libby Loves Science : Mix and Measure
Derting, Kimberly/ Murray, Joelle (ILT)/ Johannes, Shelli R.
Libby Loves Science : Mix and Measure
Derting, Kimberly/ Murray, Joelle (ILT)/ Johannes, Shelli R.
Gamblin, Kate Moss/ Patkau, Karen (ILT)
John Lennon
Vegara, Maria Isabel Sanchez/ Bromell, Octavia (ILT)
If You Want to Visit a Sea Garden
Weisman, Kay/ Vickers, Roy Henry (ILT)
I am Benjamin Franklin
Meltzer, Brad, author.
I am Anne Frank
Meltzer, Brad, author.
Ghosts unveiled!
Hollihan, Kerrie Logan, author.
Friendship bracelets!
Zoo, Keith, author, illustrator.
Ferdinand Magellan
Gourlay, Candy/ Knight, Tom (ILT)
Conspiracy : Nixon, Watergate, and democracy's defenders
Pearson, P. O'Connell (Patricia O'Connell), author.
The chemistry of cola
Gallagher, Jamie


Winter, Jonah, 1962- author.
Who is Greta Thunberg?
Leonard, Jill, author.
What Is the Story of Mickey Mouse?
Korte, Steve/ Who Hq (COR)
Weather : Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Weather Bombs, and Our Weather Really Works
Scholastic Inc./ Farndon, John/ Callery, Sean/ Smith, Miranda
Twisted Tongues : Jokes, Comics, Facts, and Tongue Twisters
Lively, Kit/ Lewman, David/ Degrand, David (ILT)
Tails from the animal shelter
Shaw, Stephanie, author.
Gibbons, Gail
Sight : glimmer, glow, spark, flash
Romanyshyn, Romana, 1984- author, illustrator.
Mary Seacole : Bound for the Battlefield
Rubin, Susan Goldman/ Pope, Richie (ILT)
Louise Bourgeois
Vegara, Maria Isabel Sanchez/ Garcia, Helena Perez (ILT)
Lego Minifigure : A Visual History
Hugo, Simon/ Farshtey, Gregory/ Lipkowitz, Daniel
Human Body
Delahaye, Rachel/ Munoz, Isabel (ILT)
Girl on a motorcycle
Novesky, Amy, author.
Follow your breath! : a first book of mindfulness
Ritchie, Scot, author, illustrator.
Everything awesome about sharks and other underwater creatures!
Lowery, Mike, 1980- author, illustrator.
Curious Comparisons : A Life-Size Look at the World Around You
Doneiger, Jorge/ Chouela, Guido (PHT)/ Sisso, David (PHT)/ Setton, Marcelo (PHT)/ Iturralde, Iraida (TRN)
Breaking the News : What's Real, What's Not, and Why the Difference Matters
Bruder, Mary Newton/ Terranova, Jamie/ Brown, Robin Terry
Turner, Tracey/ Selmes, Caroline (ILT)
The ABCs of Black history
Cortez, Rio, author.
Who was Kobe Bryant?
Labrecque, Ellen, author.
Who was Duke Ellington?
Payne, M. D. (Matthew D.), 1978- author.
Who was Confucius?
Burgan, Michael, author.
Who was Confucius?
Burgan, Michael, author.
Who is my neighbor?
Levine, Amy-Jill, 1956- author.
Reindeer on the move! / On the Move!
Clarke, Ginjer L., author.
Pokaemon gym battle guidebook
Whitehill, Simcha, author.
Our subway baby
Mercurio, Peter, author.
Magnificent Moths
Owen, Ruth
The Legend of the First Unicorn
Don, Lari/ Ilincic, Nataتa (ILT)
I am Eleanor Roosevelt
Vitale, Brooke, author.
Hanukkah : The Festival of Lights
Bader, Bonnie/ Stone, Joanie (ILT)
A crowded farmhouse folktale
Rostoker-Gruber, Karen, author.
Ice! Poems About Polar Life
Florian, Douglas
Flying Free : How Bessie Coleman's Dreams Took Flight
Parsons, Karyn/ Christie, R. Gregory (ILT)
Reeves, Diane Lindsey/ Hansen, Connie (CON)/ Bennett, Ruth (ILT)
Y Is for Yet : A Growth Mindset Alphabet
Anderson, Shannon/ Souva, Jake (ILT)
Wwe Thumb Wrestling
March, Julia
What Is the Story of Princess Leia?
Snider, Brandon T./ Who Hq (COR)/ Spaziante, Patrick (ILT)
What is the story of Princess Leia?
Snider, Brandon T., author.
The treehouse joke book
Griffiths, Andy, 1961- author.
Space Encyclopedia : A Tour of Our Solar System and Beyond
Aguilar, David A./ Daniels, Patricia
Say Hi When You're Shy
Hasson, Gill/ Jennings, Sarah (ILT)
Rights and Equality
Murray, Marie/ Kai, Hanane (ILT)
Queen Elizabeth II
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Pearl Harbor
Messner, Kate/ Meconis, Dylan (ILT)
A parade for George Washington
Adler, David A., author.
Mindset Power : A Kid's Guide to Growing Better Every Day
Anderson, Shannon/ Lemay, Violet (ILT)
The Metric System
Adler, David A./ Miller, Ed (ILT)
The little witch's book of spells
Kusby, Ariel, author.
Let's find wedges
Blevins, Wiley, author.
Let Go of Jealousy
Hasson, Gill/ Jennings, Sarah (ILT)
The hero handbook
Langdon, Matt, author.
Hello, Earth! : poems to our planet
Sidman, Joyce, author.
First Picture Atlas
Chancellor, Deborah/ Lewis, Anthony (ILT)
Dk Workbooks Language Arts Math and Science Kindergarten
Ruggieri, Linda/ Flounders, Anne/ Westrup, Hugh
Culture and Diversity
Murray, Marie/ Kai, Hanane (ILT)
Bling! : 100 fun facts about rocks and gems
Berne, Emma Carlson, 1979- author.
Bling! : 100 fun facts about rocks and gems
Berne, Emma Carlson, 1979- author.
Bill Nye's Great Big World of Science
Nye, Bill/ Mone, Gregory
Becoming a Good Creature
Montgomery, Sy/ Green, Rebecca (ILT)
A world together
Manzano, Sonia, author.
Wild Weather
Kingfisher (COR)
Who's Who in the Marvel Universe
Behling, Steve/ Kurth, Steve (ILT)/ Huddleston, Mike (ILT)/ Holland, Geanes (ILT)/ Frare, Michela (ILT)
Who was Nellie Bly?
Gurevich, Margaret, author.
Who was Benedict Arnold?
Buckley, James, Jr., 1963- author.
Who was Benedict Arnold?
Buckley, James, Jr., 1963- author.