Kids Non-fiction

These are non-fiction books for kids. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Utterly amazing Earth
Jerram, Dougal, author.
The who was? history of the world
Manzanero, Paula, 1962- author.
We Are All Greta : Be Inspired by Greta Thunberg to Save the World
Giannella, Valentina/ Marazzi, Manuela (ILT)
Wait, Rest, Pause : Dormancy in Nature
Atkins, Marcie Flinchum
Under pressure : the science of stress
Kyi, Tanya Lloyd, 1973- author.
Snack, Snooze, Skedaddle : How Animals Get Ready for Winter
Salas, Laura Purdie/ Ǧvry, Claudine (ILT)
Paper World : Planet Earth
Bomboland (ILT)
Bugs / Bugs
Hickman, Pamela, author.
My First Book of New York
Arrhenius, Ingela P.
Just like Beverly
Conrad, Vicki, author.
I am Marie Curie
Meltzer, Brad, author.
How to draw cute food
Nguyen, Angela, author, illustrator.
How many? : a different kind of counting book
Danielson, Christopher, author.
Firefighters' handbook
McCarthy, Meghan, author.
Disney 365 Days With Winnie the Pooh
Disney (COR)/ Ferguson, Don/ Moore, Richard (ILT)
Dalai Lama : a leader in exile
Leigh, Anna, author.
Crazy plants
Hamalainen, Karina, author.
Train Your Brain With Activities of Odds and Chance
Hillman, Emilee/ Regan, Dana (ILT)
The Sun and Animals
Mattern, Joanne
So You Want to Be a Viking
Haywood, John/ Akiyama, Takayo (ILT)
Sloane Stephens
Ellenport, Craig
Sharing Our Truths Tapwe
Beaver, Henry/ Willett, Mindy/ Beaver, Eileen (CON)/ Macintosh, Tessa (PHT)
Save the crash-test dummies
Swanson, Jennifer, author.
Absolute expert : pandas
Strother, Ruth, author.
Otters at the Zoo
Lynch, Seth
Poliquin, Rachel/ Frith, Nicholas John (ILT)
Ninja : get good : my ultimate guide to gaming
Blevins, Tyler, 1991- author.
Near or Far?
McDonnell, Rory
Gregson, Agatha
Movers and Shakers
Claybourne, Anna
Monkeys at the Zoo
Lynch, Seth
Let's Go to the Fair!
Proudfit, Benjamin
Let's Go to a Parade!
Proudfit, Benjamin
Bassington, Cyril
Kevin Durant
Real Sports Network (COR)
Heavy or Light?
Zubek, Adeline
Paleontologists : with STEM projects for kids
Gibson, Karen Bush, author.
Front or Back?
Zubek, Adeline
Bassington, Cyril
First history encyclopedia
Wilkinson, Philip, 1955- author.
Firefighter in Training
Ard, Cath/ Lawrence, Sarah (ILT)
Fast or Slow?
Zubek, Adeline
Eye Teasers
Claybourne, Anna
Darwin's tree of life
Bright, Michael, author.
Cycle Sports
Spilsbury, Louise
Celebrating Earth Day
Linde, Barbara M.
Aquatic Sports
Spilsbury, Louise
Animals at Night
Flint, Katy/ Li, Cornelia (ILT)
All of us : a young people's history of the world
Pommaux, Yvan, author, illustrator.
20 fun facts about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Mahoney, Emily Jankowski, author.
Where is the Vatican?
Stine, Megan, author.
What were the Negro Leagues?
Johnson, Varian, author.
What were the Negro Leagues?
Johnson, Varian, author.
Weird animals
Carson, Mary Kay, author.
Under the Southern Cross
Lessac, Fraň/ Lessac, Fraň (ILT)
Stand up! : be an upstander and make a difference
Moss, Wendy (Wendy L.), author.
See-thru Bugs
Gerstein, Sherry
See-thru Bats
Gerstein, Sherry
Leading the Way : Women in Power
Howell, Janet/ Howell, Theresa/ Clinton, Hillary Rodham (FRW)/ Akia, Kylie (ILT)/ Bye, Alexandra (ILT)
The Byzantine Empire
Griffin, Mary, 1978- author.
A wild child's guide to endangered animals
Marotta, Millie, author, illustrator.
Surprising stories behind everyday stuff
Drimmer, Stephanie Warren, author.
A Songbird Dreams of Singing : Poems About Sleeping Animals
Hosford, Kate/ Potter, Jennifer M. (ILT)
Smarts! Everybodyѫs Got Them
Armstrong, Thomas, Ph.D./ Palin, Tim (ILT)
Sharks vs. sloths
Beer, Julie, author.
Not a bean
Martínez, Claudia Guadalupe, 1978- author.
Nian, the Chinese New Year dragon
Loh-Hagan, Virginia, author.
My Very Important World
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Mario and the Hole in the Sky : How a Chemist Saved Our Planet
Rusch, Elizabeth/ Martinez, Teresa (ILT)
Lego Ninjago Visual Dictionary
Kaplan, Arie/ Dolan, Hannah
A Is for Audra : Broadway's Leading Ladies from A to Z
Allman, John Robert/ Emmerich, Peter (ILT)
Humanimal : Incredible Ways Animals Are Just Like Us!
Lloyd, Christopher/ Ruffle, Mark (ILT)
Game On! 2020
Scholastic Inc. (COR)
Coral Reefs
Gibbons, Gail
Chinese New Year colors
Lo, Rich, author, illustrator.
Buzzing With Questions : The Inquisitive Mind of Charles Henry Turner
Harrington, Janice N./ Taylor, Theodore (ILT)
The Apartment : A Century of Russian History
Litvina, Alexandra/ Desnitskaya, Anna (ILT)/ Bouis, Antonina W. (TRN)
1-2-3 My Feelings and Me
Millar, Goldie/ Berger, Lisa A./ Burris, Priscilla (ILT)
For a girl becoming
Harjo, Joy.
Yummy Yoga : Playful Poses and Tasty Treats
Bauer, Joy/ Stephens, Bonnie (ILT)
Why Do We Poop?
Blackford, Harriet/ Henson, Mike (ILT)
Why Do Things Fall Down?
Blackford, Harriet/ Henson, Mike (ILT)
Whose Footprint Is That?
Lunde, Darrin/ Oseid, Kelsey (ILT)
Who Would Win? : Ultimate Showdown
Pallotta, Jerry/ Bolster, Rob (ILT)
Who is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?
Demuth, Patricia, author.
Where does the Sun Go?
Blackford, Harriet/ Henson, Mike (ILT)
What's in the Picture?
Brooks, Susie
What Is the Story of the Wizard of Oz?
Anderson, Kirsten/ Who Hq (COR)/ Squier, Robert (ILT)
What Is the Story of the Wizard of Oz?
Anderson, Kirsten/ Who Hq (COR)/ Squier, Robert (ILT)
What is the story of Doctor Who?
Cooper, Gabriel P, author.
What is the story of Doctor Who?
Cooper, Gabriel P, author.
What Is a Rainbow?
Blackford, Harriet/ Henson, Mike (ILT)
The Ultimate Builder's Guide in Minecraft
Salmon, William (EDT)/ Blain, Louise/ Copeland, Wesley/ Dalby, Aiden/ Davies, Emma
Totem : Spirit Animals of Ancient Civilizations
Cassany, Mia/ Eterno, Nacho (ILT)
Tiger time
Einhorn, Kama, 1969- author.
Telling Time
Adler, David A./ Miller, Edward (ILT)
The taco magician and other poems for kids
Bertrand, Diane Gonzales, author.
Roberts, David/ Roberts, David (ILT)
Sport : ship dog of the Great Lakes
Cameron, Pamela, author.
So Cute! Koalas
Boyer, Crispin
So Cool! Leopards
Boyer, Crispin
The Sleepy Pebble and Other Bedtime Stories
Gregory, Alice/ Kirkpatrick, Christy/ Mcnaught, Jon (ILT)
Sailing on the Mayflower
Jenner, Caryn
Roblox Top Battle Games
Official Roblox (COR)
Red Rover : Curiosity on Mars
Ho, Richard/ Roy, Katherine (ILT)
Princess Power
Mills, Andrea
Princess Power
Mills, Andrea
The Presidents : Portraits of History
Tinari, Leah/ Tinari, Leah (ILT)
Precious Planet : A User's Manual for Curious Earthlings
Tavernier, Sarah/ Figueras, Emmanuelle/ Verhille, Alexandre (ILT)
Portrait of an Artist : Frida Kahlo
Dieckmann, Sandra (ILT)/ Brownridge, Lucy
Playing With Collage
Baker, Jeannie/ Baker, Jeannie (ILT)
A Picture Book of Alexander Hamilton
Adler, David A./ Collins, Matt (ILT)
Our House Is on Fire : Greta Thunberg's Call to Save the Planet
Winter, Jeanette/ Winter, Jeanette (ILT)
Now You Know What You Eat
Fisher, Valorie/ Fisher, Valorie (ILT)
My First Atlas of the 50 States
Beth, Georgia/ Cramb, Sara Lynn (ILT)
Little libraries, big heroes
Paul, Miranda, author.
Little Creatures : An Introduction to Classical Music
Gerhard, Ana/ Morin, Mauricio G̤mez (ILT)
Kitten Lady's big book of little kittens
Shaw, Hannah René, 1987- author.
The Kingfisher First Animal Picture Atlas
Chancellor, Deborah/ Lewis, Anthony
Just Feel : How to Be Stronger, Happier, Healthier, and More
Chopra, Mallika/ Vaughan, Brenna (ILT)
It Began With a Page : How Gyo Fujikawa Drew the Way
MacLear, Kyo/ Morstad, Julie (ILT)
Into the Deep : An Exploration of Our Oceans
Dreyer, Wolfgang/ Siems, Annika (ILT)
Instructions Not Included : How a Team of Women Coded the Future
Brown, Tami Lewis/ Dunn, Debbie Loren/ Beck, Chelsea (ILT)
I'm an Activist
Mara, Wil
I'm an Activist
Mara, Wil
Hip-Pocket Papa
Markle, Sandra/ Marks, Alan (ILT)
Go, Goats!
Einhorn, Kama
Fungus Is Among Us!
Keller, Joy/ Salcedo, Erica (ILT)
Full of Beans : Henry Ford Grows a Car
Thomas, Peggy/ Fotheringham, Edwin (ILT)
Free lunch
Ogle, Rex, author.
Finding Narnia : The Story of C. S. Lewis and His Brother Warnie
McAlister, Caroline/ Lanan, Jessica (ILT)
Family Pack
Markle, Sandra/ Marks, Alan (ILT)
The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs
America's Test Kitchen Kids (COR)
Child of St Kilda
Waters, Beth
Charles Darwin's on the Origin of Species
Radeva, Sabina (ADP)/ Radeva, Sabina (ILT)
Animazes : Extraordinary Animal Migrations
Templar Company Limited (COR)/ Castrill̤n, Melissa (ILT)
The Animal Awards
Jenkins, Martin/ Freeman, Tor (ILT)
Zaha Hadid
Vegara, Isabel Sanchez/ Amar, Asun (ILT)
What Is a Refugee?
Gravel, Elise
Walk This Underground World
Baker, Kate/ Brewster, Sam (ILT)
Roblox : Where's the Noob?
Official Roblox
The President Sang Amazing Grace
Mulford, Zoe/ Scher, Jeff (ILT)
Zoo, Keith (ILT)/ Odd Dot (COR)
The Obamas : a lift-the-flap book
Lemay, Violet, author, illustrator.
My mighty journey : a waterfall's story
Coy, John, 1958- author.
A Million Dots
Vḻker, Sven
Mary Shelley
Vegara, Isabel Sanchez/ Bryksenkova, Yelena (ILT)
Legends and Lore
Claybourne, Anna
Greek Myths and Mazes
Bajtlik, Jan/ Bajtlik, Jan (ILT)
The Forest in the Trees
McLennan, Connie
Li-chee-ming, Linda (ILT)/ Li-chee-ming, Linda/ Odd Dot (COR)
Explanatorium of Science : The Fabulous Celebrations You Won't Want to Miss
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)/ Winston, Robert (FRW)
Patcha, El/ Patcha, El (ILT)/ Odd Dot (COR)
Cryptid creatures : a field guide
Halls, Kelly Milner, 1957- author.
Comic book creators
Arbona, Alejandro, author.
Cells : an owner's handbook
Fisher, Carolyn, author.
The Brain Is Kind of a Big Deal
Seluk, Nick/ Seluk, Nick (ILT)
The atlas of amazing birds
Sewell, Matt, author.
Animal Skins
Holland, Mary
16 Words : William Carlos Williams & The Red Wheelbarrow
Rogers, Lisa/ Groenink, Chuck (ILT)
Who Was Sam Walton?
Buckley, James/ Who Hq (COR)/ Hammond, Ted (ILT)
McNaught, Louise (CON)/ Claybourne, Anna
Solids, Liquids, Gases, and Plasma
Adler, David A./ Raff, Anna (ILT)
Silent Swoop : An Owl, an Egg, and a Warm Shirt Pocket
Houts, Michelle/ Hoeffner, Deb (ILT)
Scientists Get Dressed
Rose, Deborah Lee/ Watkins, Caroline (EDT)/ Stumpf, Shan (CRT)
Science and Me
Winter, Ali/ El Fathi, Mickael (ILT)
Scholastic Year in Sports 2020
Buckley, James, Jr.
The Rainbow Flag : Bright, Bold, and Beautiful
Millar Fisher, Michelle/ Kuang, Kat
The Plastic Problem
Salt, Rachel
Me and the Sky : Captain Beverley Bass, Pioneering Pilot
Bass, Beverley/ Williams, Cynthia/ Stone, Joanie (ILT)
Like a Girl
Degman, Lori/ Penny, Mara (ILT)
Feed Your Mind : A Story of August Wilson
Bryant, Jen/ Chapman, Cannaday (ILT)
Bakugan : Gaming Guide
Scholastic Inc. (COR)
Wow! Look What's in the Oceans
De La Bedoyere, Camilla/ Johnson, Ste (ILT)
Wow! Look What Bugs Can Do!
De La Bedoyere, Camilla/ Johnson, Ste (ILT)
Turner, Tracey/ Burke, Fatti (ILT)
Under Our Clothes : Our First Talk About Our Bodies
Roberts, Jillian/ Heinrichs, Jane (ILT)
On the Go! Jokes for Kids : Over 250 Jokes
Zondervan Publishing House
Look I'm a Mathematician
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Lego Holiday Ideas : More Than 50 Festive Builds
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Jesus Is Born
Zondervan Publishing House
If Elephants Disappeared
Williams, Lily/ Williams, Lily (ILT)
Harriet Tubman
Jazynka, Kitson
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Kanefield, Teri, 1960- author.
Eek, You Reek! : Poems About Animals That Stink, Stank, Stunk
Yolen, Jane/ Stemple, Heidi E. Y./ Nobati, Eugenia (ILT)
Solar system
Jankeliowitch, Anne, author.
Ada Lovelace
Castaldo, Nancy
5-minute adventure Bible stories. Polar Exploration Edition
Madsen, Jim (ILT)/ Zondervan Publishing House
Wild in the Streets : 20 Poems of City Animals
Singer, Marilyn/ Wright, Gordy (ILT)
We Get Dressed
Arnez, Lynda
Up or Down?
McDonnell, Rory
Gregson, Agatha
Toucans at the Zoo
Lynch, Seth
Tigers at the Zoo
Lynch, Seth
Street Sports
Spilsbury, Louise
Sports in the Wild
Spilsbury, Louise
Snow and Ice Sports
Spilsbury, Louise
Snakes at the Zoo
Lynch, Seth
Savage Animals
Levy, Janey
The Renaissance
Roesser, Marie
Reindeer at the Zoo
Lynch, Seth
Poisonous Plants
Levy, Janey
Allan, John
Richards, Jon
Pizza, Peanut Butter, and Pickles
Gutman, Dan/ Paillot, Jim (ILT)
Pit Bulls
Frank, Sarah
The Middle Ages
Roesser, Marie
How Fighter Jets Work
Ransom, Candice F.
Creepy Crawlies
Allan, John
The Arctic Fox's Journey
Pfeffer, Wendy/ Huff, Morgan (ILT)
Always Looking Up : Nancy Grace Roman, Astronomer
Gehl, Laura/ Pigott, Louise (ILT)/ Oxton, Alex (ILT)
Who Was Mister Rogers?
Bailey, Diane/ Who Hq (COR)/ Putra, Dede (ILT)
What Was the Berlin Wall?
Medina, Nico/ Who Hq (COR)/ Marchesi, Stephen (ILT)
Star Wars Character Encyclopedia
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Special Operations Files
Webb, Brandon/ Feldman, Thea