Code of Conduct

August 15, 2018

Rules and Regulations

To maintain pleasant facilities for all library patrons at all library locations, the CADL Board of Trustees has adopted the following Code of Conduct. 

  1. Tobacco, tobacco products and/or other burnable products may not be used in the library or on library property. This includes no smoking, chewing, rolling or display of tobacco, other burnable products or electronic cigarettes.  Library property includes parking lots and private sidewalks, but not public sidewalks alongside a roadway.  If a library is located in a shared facility, the rules adopted by the owner of the shared facility apply.
  2. Library patrons may not possess, consume or be under the influence of any intoxicant or any controlled substance (except as may be authorized by prescription). 
  3. All weapons are banned from Library premises to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  4. Patrons may not disturb others in any manner.  Patrons may not behave in a rowdy manner, stare at another person with the intent to menace or intimidate, follow another person about the building, play audio equipment so that others can hear it, sing or talk loudly, use profane or abusive language, or behave in any manner that can reasonably be expected to disturb others.
  5. Patrons may not display materials or make verbal comments or gestures that might reasonably be expected to offend or harass others.
  6. Patrons need to be respectful of library furnishings including library equipment and materials.  Users may not deface, mark on, or mutilate any library furnishings, materials or equipment. 
  7. Users shall not remove or attempt to remove any library materials without first checking them out.  Unauthorized removal of CADL property or failure to return CADL property constitutes larceny, and CADL has the right to report these matters to the appropriate authorities.  Failure to return CADL property or to pay late fees and replacements costs may result in criminal charges.
  8.  Shoes (or other footwear), shirts, pants, shorts or skirts are required at all times for hygiene and safety purposes.
  9. Patrons may not jeopardize the health and cleanliness of other patrons, library staff, library materials and library facilities by having fleas, lice, bed bugs, urine or feces on themselves or their possessions.
  10. Clear water in a covered container is permitted except at computer workstations.  Other beverages and food may only be possessed and consumed in connection with events sponsored by the Library if approved by the Head Librarian or designee. 
  11. Cell phone users need to turn ringers and the “push to talk” feature to “silent” when they enter the library. Patrons may use cell phones in the library as long as they do not disturb others. Patrons may be asked to move to the lobby or stairwell (if available) if their conversations are disruptive to others.
  12. Patrons may not sleep in the library.
  13. Patrons may not use restroom facilities for washing or drying clothes, bathing, shaving, or any other purpose that might reasonably be considered inappropriate. 
  14. Patrons may not disturb library patrons and staff, interfere with other library patrons' or staff members' use of the facilities through extremely poor personal hygiene.
  15. People may not use roller blades, roller skates, or skateboards on library property.
  16. People may not solicit or beg library patrons in the library or on library property in a way that is disturbing to library patrons or interferes with library patrons’ access to the library and its materials.
  17. People may not circulate petitions, distribute literature or leaflets, or make appeals to the public inside the library or on library grounds without first obtaining permission from library staff.  The appropriate library staff may designate an area or areas where such activity is permissible subject to reasonable time, place and manner restrictions, in accordance with applicable law.  No speech may be made or done in such a way that it interferes with a library patron’s access to the library and its materials in a quiet and respectful atmosphere.
  18. Only animals needed for library programs and service animals are allowed in the library.
  19. Patrons may not enter an area that is designated "Staff Only". Except for library programs, patrons may not remain in the Library after closing time or after a request to leave, including emergencies and evacuation drills.
  20. Patrons must follow library procedures when instructed to do so by library staff.
  21. Patrons must provide identification when requested by library staff.
  22. Patrons may not violate any local ordinance, state or federal law.


Any person who violates these rules and regulations may be denied access to the library and to library services by the Branch Head or designee upon notice for a period commensurate with the infraction.  Library employees will contact the police when necessary.


Any person denied access to the Library or its services may appeal the denial to the Executive Director.  If the appeal is not resolved by the Executive Director, it may be submitted in writing to the Library Board. The Library Board will provide the person with an opportunity to be heard before deciding the appeal.