Statement on Yearbook Contents

The Forest Parke Library & Archives (Local History) Digital Yearbook Collection includes all copies of yearbooks from CADL’s service communities, either owned by CADL or lent to Local History for digitization, with more being added as they are obtained. These yearbooks have been scanned without any alteration from their original form. Some of these yearbooks contain images and content that could be perceived as offensive. The Library’s Materials Selection Policy (SER 101) and the Society of American Archivists’ Code of Ethics for Archivists outline that manipulating, removal, or censorship of these materials from the Yearbook Collection and our larger historical record would be counter to the goals of a transparent and honest view of our society.

To view a digitized yearbook:

  • Select a school
  • Then select the year you want to view
  • Click the text in the Link(s) field in the page that opens up
  • Yearbook PDFs are very large files that can take a long time to download

See lists of our missing yearbooks here.

A small amount of private school yearbooks, and yearbooks outside the immediate Greater Lansing/Ingham County area, are available. See the bottom of the list below.











Other Communities / Private Schools

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