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Defy me / Tahereh Mafi.
Juliette Ferrars isn’t who she thinks she is. Nothing in her world is what it seemed. She thought she’d finally defeated the Reestablishment. She thought she’d finally taken control of her life, her power, and her pain. But Juliette has only just begun to…
The fall of Crazy House / James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet.
The revolution is about to get even crazier. Twin sisters Becca and Cassie barely escaped the Crazy House alive. Now they are trained, skilled fighters who fear nothing, not even the all-powerful United. Together the sisters hold the key to defeating the …
All is fair / Dee Garretson.
"It's 1918, and war is raging across Europe. When Lady Mina Tretheway receives a telegram at boarding school, she doesn't want to read it--telegrams never bring good news. The message is written in a cryptic code, and Mina is soon pulled out of school and…
Stolen time / Danielle Rollins.
Seattle, 1913. Dorothy is trapped. Forced to wed a wealthy man so she and her mother can live comfortably for the rest of their days, she'll do anything to escape, including sneaking away from her wedding and bolting into the woods to disappear. New Seatt…
The antidote / Shelley Sackier.
"In the world of healers, there is no room for magic. There is only knowledge - precious wisdom, painstaking accounts of herbal remedies, and long-practiced techniques handed down from healer to apprentice since the beginning of time. Fee knows this, just…
Fame, fate, and the first kiss / Kasie West.
Lacey Barnes has dreamed of being an actress for as long as she can remember. So when she gets the opportunity to star in a movie alongside one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, she doesn’t hesitate to accept the part. But Lacey quickly learns that life in t…
Great jobs in education / By Don Nardo.
"Education is often defined in the general sense as the process of receiving or giving information. But today there are all sorts of other educational occupations within school systems that in various ways support that of the traditional teacher. These in…
In the headlines #MeToo : women speak out against sexual assault / edited by the New York Times Company editorial staff.
"#MeToo was born in the wake of a ... New York Times investigative report on producer Harvey Weinstein's habitual sexual harassment of young women. The hashtag empowered women around the world to share their stories of sexual assault and abuse. Corporatio…
The devouring gray / Christine Lynn Herman.
Four teenagers have the power to protect their town from a monster, but only if their families' secrets do not destroy them first.
Once & future / Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy.
Resets the Arthurian legend in outer space, with King Arthur reincarnated as seventeen-year-old Ari, a female king whose quest is to stop a tyrranical corporate government, aided by a teenaged Merlin.
Lovely war / Julie Berry.
When immortals Ares and Aphrodite are caught in a World War II-era tryst by the latter's jealous husband, she defends her actions by imparting the tale of four young humans who became connected during World War I.
Warrior of the wild / Tricia Levenseller.
After she fails her coming-of-age test, Rasmira, a chieftain's daughter, is banished by her father to a wilderness filled with monsters and can only return if she kills the manacing god who exacts tribute from the villages each year.
Barely missing everything / Matt Mendez.
"Three Mexican-Americans--Juan, JD, and Fabi--each try to overcome their individual struggles as they all grapple with how to make a better life for themselves when it seems like brown lives don't matter"--Provided by publisher.
Dealing in dreams / Lilliam Rivera.
"Sixteen year old Nalah leads the fiercest all-girl crew in Mega City, but when she sets her sights on giving this life up for a prestigious home in Mega Towers, she must decide if she's willing to do the unspeakable to get what she wants"--Provided by pu…
Battle born / Cassandra Rose Clarke.
When an alien alliance known as the Covenant lays siege to the planet Meridian, four high school students--Saskia, Dorian, Evie, and Victor--are thrust into battle to save their world.
Dark of the west / Joanna Hathaway.
Athan, the youngest son of General Dakar of Savient, wants nothing to do with his father's military and political ambitions, but when his mother is murdered, he is ordered to go undercover in the kingdom of Etania, befriend Princess Aurelia, and gather in…
The everlasting rose / Dhonielle Clayton.
Camille, Edel, and Remy, aided by The Iron Ladies and backed by alternative newspaper The Spider's Web, race to outwit Sophia, find Princess Charlotte, and return her to Orléans.
Rayne & Delilah's Midnite Matinee / Jeff Zentner.
Told in two voices, Josie and Delia struggle with growing up and growing apart as they face tough decisions about their post-high school futures and the fate of their weekly cable television show.
What we buried / Kate A. Boorman.
Told in separate voices, Jory, whose face is partly paralyzed, and his sister Liv, a former reality television performer and child beauty pageant contestant, join forces to search for their missing parents.
Pretend she's here / Luanne Rice.
Fifteen-year-old Emily has six siblings, but she was also close to her best friend, Lizzie Porter, who died nearly a year ago, and she is still grieving; but Lizzie's family are also grieving, so much so, that they use Lizzie's younger sister, Chloe, as a…
The weight of a thousand feathers / Brian Conaghan.
Seventeen-year-old Bobby Seed, the devoted but exhausted primary caregiver for his terminally-ill mother and difficult younger brother, finds respite in a support group and good friends, but must face his mother's impossible choice alone.
The beauty of the moment / Tanaz Bhathena.
Sixteen-year-old Susan is the new girl in her Canadian high school, striving to meet her parents' academic expectations, missing the friends she left behind in Saudi Arabia, dreaming of pursuing her passion for art, and secretly meeting with troublemaker …
Sorry not sorry / Jaime Reed.
Janelle Pruitt is into activism and causes, her former best friend Alyssa is just into herself and her "group" of self-absorbed teenagers; but then Alyssa collapses, and it turns out that diabetes has ravaged her body as badly as the recent hurricane rava…
Tell me everything / Sarah Enni.
With her best friend Harold off to the National Merit Scholar summer program at Stanford, Ivy discovers a new photo-sharing site called VEIL where people can anonymously post secrets and art, and which only shows posts within a five mile radius of the use…
The music of what happens / Bill Konigsberg.
It is summer in Phoenix, and seventeen-year-old Maximo offers to help a Jordan, a fellow student in high school, with the food truck that belonged to Jordan's deceased father, and which may be the only thing standing between homelessness for Jordan and hi…
That's not what I heard / Stephanie Kate Strohm.
High-school seniors Kimberly Landis-Lilley and Teddy Lin have been together since kindergarten, but then someone starts a rumor that they have broken up, and suddenly the whole William Henry Harrison High School is taking sides, somebody is putting up pos…
Roam / C.H. Armstrong.
When Abby and her family find themselves living on the streets, she must decide if she trusts her new friends at school to help her find a normal life.
Soaring earth : a companion memoir to Enchanted air / Margarita Engle.
"In this follow-up to her award-winning memoir Enchanted Air, Margarita Engle details her teenage years in Los Angeles against the turbulent backdrop of the Vietnam War. In vulnerable verse, she addresses the notions of peace, civil rights, freedom of exp…
Perfect harmony / Emily Albright.
Seventeen-year-old Pippa Wyndham, a top cellist, faces stiff competition in her senior year from cocky Declan Brogan, a transfer student from a fancy conservatory who shares her determination to be the best.
Tarot / a novel by Marissa Kennerson.
After being imprisoned in a Tower by the Hierophant King, Anna discovers that she is the daughter of a magician and escapes to Cups, a land which appears to be full of creativity and adventure, but she soon realizes that Cups is the foundation for a new w…
A soldier and a liar / Caitlin Lochner.
Four supernaturally gifted teenagers--a self-conscious perfectionist, an amnesiac, a fighter looking for revenge, and a secretive telepath--are forced to work together to save their sector from the threat of a rebel takeover.
The art of losing / Lizzy Mason.
While struggling to cope with her alcoholic boyfriend's betrayal that put her sister in a coma, seventeen-year-old Harley reconnects with neighbor Raf, who is facing his own demons after rehab.
The great unknowable end / Kathryn Ormsbee.
Told in two voices, sixteen-year-old Galliard and seventeen-year-old Stella cross paths and realize they must determine their own futures as strange events occur in Slater, Kansas, and its neighboring commune in 1977.
The past and other things that should stay buried / Shaun David Hutchinson.
Dino and July, seventeen, are granted time to resolve what was left unfinished between them after July's sudden death, one year after their friendship ended over Dino's new relationship.
Echo north / Joanna Ruth Meyer.
After her father disappears, Echo meets a wolf who promises to make sure her father is returned home safely if Echo agrees to live with the wolf in his enchanted house for one year.
Spectacle / Jodie Lynn Zdrok.
Sixteen-year-old Nathalie Baudin, the writer of a newspaper's daily morgue report, must use her supernatural visions to discover the identity of a killer targeting the young women of nineteenth-century Paris.
Feminism is... / written by Alexandra Black, Laura Buller, Emily Hoyle, and Dr. Megan Todd.
Presents the history, theories, debates, and daily realities of feminism, discussing its role in private and professional environments, the importance of intersectional feminism, and the roles of such feminists as Gloria Steinem and Malala Yousafzai.
Awake in the world / Jason Gurley.
Zach's father dies on an oil rig and he thinks he is headed toward a similar fate until he meets Vanessa, an optimistic and wealthy girl who wants to study astronomy.
The afterward / E.K. Johnston.
In the aftermath of a successful quest, Apprentice Kalanthe and Olsa-the-thief-of-the-realm must cope with their newfound fame and find a way to overcome the forces that would drive them apart.
Immoral code / Lillian Clark.
Told from five viewpoints, high school friends Bellamy, Nari, Reese, Keagan, and Santiago team up to hack into Bellamy's absentee billionaire father's business accounts to skim enough money for her MIT tuition.
Nick and June were here / Shalanda Stanley.
Told in two voices, Nick, a sometimes artist who steals cars to support his aunt, and June, who has been hiding her symptoms of schizophrenia, run away together.
The truth and lies of Ella Black / Emily Barr.
Ella, seventeen, has a very dark side--Bad Ella, or Bella--but when she is whisked away to Brazil and learns she is adopted, she questions everything she thought she knew about herself.
The blood spell : a Ravenspire novel / C. J. Redwine.
Kellan Renard, crown prince of Balavata, must choose a bride, but he finds an unexpected connection with Blue de la Cour, a girl from his childhood who ruined his adventures, as they join forces to discover dark secrets about the kingdom and their pasts.
The black coats / Colleen Oakes.
When her cousin's killer goes free, Thea joins a secret society of girls who take vengeance on men who have hurt girls and women, but as their acts of revenge escalate in brutality, Thea must decide just how far she is willing to go for justice.
The triumphant / Lesley Livingston.
When Caesar is murdered, Fallon and her fellow gladiatrices lose their protector and, realizing that Cleopatra is now in grave danger, travel to Alexandria, Egypt, for her safety and theirs.
Comics will break your heart / a novel by Faith Erin Hicks.
Frustrated when her grandfather, the co-creator of a smash-hit comic series, loses its rights to his co-creator and leaves their family struggling, college hopeful Miriam fights her complicated feelings for the grandson of the man she believes defrauded h…
Watch us rise / Renée Watson and Ellen Hagan.
Frustrated by the way women are treated--even at their progressive New York City high school--two best friends start a Women's Rights Club, post their essays and poems online, and watch it go viral, attracting positive support as well as trolls.
Ship of smoke and steel / Django Wexler.
Isoka, an eighteen-year-old ward boss in the great port city, Kahnzoka, is sent on an impossible mission to steal Soliton, a legendary ghost ship, or her sister will be killed.
Firestarter / Tara Sim.
Colton, Daphne, and the others must choose between those striving to take down the world's clock towers so that time can run freely, and terrorists trying to bring back the lost god of time.
What every girl should know : Margaret Sanger's journey / a novel by J. Albert Mann.
In this fictionalized biography, a teenage Maggie Higgins struggles to balance her responsibilities to her family, society's expectations for women, and her desire to pursue her education and plan for the future.
The warrior maiden / Melanie Dickerson.
"From New York Times bestselling author Melanie Dickerson comes a fresh reimagining of the classic Mulan tale. Mulan isn't afraid to pretend to be a son and assume her father's soldier duties in war. But what happens when the handsome son of a duke discov…
Crown of feathers / Nicki Pau Preto.
Veronyka, sixteen, leaves her controlling sister and disguises herself as a boy to join a secret group of warriors who ride phoenixes into battle.
The deceivers / Kristen Simmons.
Brynn Hilder's academic record and talent for running cons earns her a place at Dr. Odin's exclusive private school Vale Hall, where students are trained to collect secrets that have the power to overthrow corrupt politicians.
The Dead Queen's Club / Hannah Capin.
Nosy new student Annie Marck is determined to find out what really happened to two of her popular best friend Henry's last six girlfriends, who both died in mysterious ways, ideally before history repeats itself.
The wild lands / Paul Greci.
After the government collapses and fires burn the wilderness, Travis and his younger sister, Jess, must travel hundreds of miles searching for some type of civilization.
Courting darkness / by Robin LaFevers.
When Sybella discovers there is another trained assassin from St. Mortain's convent deep undercover in the French court, she must use every skill in her arsenal to navigate the deadly royal politics and find her sister-in-arms before her time--and that of…
Station Zero / Philip Reeve.
After receiving a mysterious coded message, Zen Starling abandons his life of luxury and, with the help of sentient trains, goes in search of android Nova, who plans to reawaken the Railmaker.
No one here is lonely / Sarah Everett.
Just as Eden's relationships with her best friend and family are falling apart, she discovers a means of communicating with Will, whom she had a crush on until his death two weeks before their graduation.
The Cerulean / Amy Ewing.
Chosen as the sacrifice needed to break the tether that holds her city in the sky to the planet below, Sera feels betrayed, and as things don't go as planned, she finds herself not only fighting for her own life, but the lives of her people as well.
The weight of our sky / Hanna Alkaf.
"Amidst the Chinese-Malay conflict in Kuala Lumpur in 1969, sixteen-year-old Melati must overcome prejudice, violence, and her own OCD to find her way back to her mother"--Provided by publisher.
Lady smoke / Laura Sebastian.
"After fleeing Astrea and regaining her freedom, Theo searches for new allies to help her reclaim her throne, although that comes at a steep price. And with her enemies closer than she thinks, Theo's fight to win back Astrea may prove not only impossible,…
The waning age / by S.E. Grove.
Determined to rescue her brother from the world's biggest company after they kidnapped him, Natalia finds her mission complicated by a serial predator, a boy who needs help, and the bounty on her head.
Enchantée / Gita Trelease.
After smallpox takes their parents, seventeen-year-old Camille supports herself and her sister by magically transforming herself into a baroness in the court at Versailles, then faces difficult choices as the French Revolution looms.
Flight of a starling / Lisa Heathfield.
Told from two viewpoints, sisters Lo and Rita spend their lives flying high on the trapeze, but real danger comes as secrets begin to unravel the tightknit circus community and Lo finds love with a "flattie."
Ransacker / Emmy Laybourne.
Sixteen-year-old Sissel Hemstad and her siblings have been living peacefully in small-town Montana, but while two men, one a mine owner and one a Pinkerton spy, are courting her, using her gift as a Ransacker could doom them all.
Goodbye, perfect : a novel / Sara Barnard.
When her best friend runs away with a teacher, Eden is forced to question her friendship and herself.