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Risking it all / SM Koz.
Paige, who plans on becoming a pilot, is assigned to mentor Logan, the new student at Wallingford Academy, who is only there as a part of a plea bargain for criminal behavior.
Loved / P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast.
"It's Zoey's eighteenth birthmas and the Nerd Herd has been scattered across the country busily adulting for almost a year when Stark calls them back to Tulsa to surprise Z. But all is not well in T-Town. Strange, dark signs are appearing--could it be pos…
Sorry for your loss/ Jessie Ann Foley.
As the youngest of eight siblings, Pup Flanagan is used to flying under the radar, getting whatever hand-me-downs life gives, and settling for less. Like with his best friend, Izzy, who he's been into since freshman year—she uses him, and he never says an…
I wanna be where you are / Kristina Forest.
Chloe's mom shut the door on her daughter's aspirations with three little words: No dance school. But Chloe refuses to give up. With her dream conservatory on the line, she hatches a plan to drive two hundred miles to the nearest audition. She hits her fi…
The confusion of Laurel Graham / Adrienne Kisner.
Seventeen-year-old Laurel Graham has a singular, all-consuming ambition in this life: become the most renowned nature photographer and birder in the world. The first step to birding domination is to win the junior nature photographer contest run by promin…
When we were lost / Kevin Wignall; forward by James Patterson.
When a plane bound for Costa Rica crashes in deep jungle, the tail section breaks free and nineteen teenagers miraculously survive. Joel Aspinall, son of a local politician and student rep on the school’s council, is quick to take on the mantle of leaders…
The Legacy Chronicles. Out of the shadows / Pittacus Lore.
Set in the world of the #1 New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series and featuring fan-favorite characters Six and Sam Goode, this collection is also the perfect companion to the spin-off series Lorien Legacies Reborn! Teens across the globe have…
Something like gravity / Amber Smith.
After coming out as transgender, Chris is still processing a frightening assault he survived the year before, while Maia, grieving the loss of her older sister, is trying to find her place in the world, which makes falling in love the furthest thing on th…
The bone charmer / Breeana Shields.
When an argument with her mother, a Bone Charmer, leads to a fracture in one of the bones, Saskia is forced to live two potential life paths simultaneously.
Happily and madly / Alexis Bass.
During a summer in wealthy Cross Cove with her estranged father and his new family, seventeen-year-old Maris Brown learns that her stepsister's boyfriend, Edison, is hiding something and Maris is intrigued.
Nexus / Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings.
Mercenary Androma finds herself stranded on an ice planet and seeks the help of Arachnid, the one person who can help her end the reign of the bloodthirsty Queen Nor.
Switchback / Danika Stone.
When classmates Vale and Ash get separated from their group during an overnight nature hike, they must find a way to survive in the Canadian wilderness with limited supplies, dangerous weather conditions, and deadly wildlife.
Rules we're meant to break / Natalie Williamson.
High school senior Amber falls for star basketball player Jordan despite the strict anti-attachment rules she has long followed that stem from her mother's dating track record.
The grief keeper / Alexandra Villasante.
After escaping a detention center at the U.S. border, seventeen-year-old Marisol agrees to participate in a medical experiment hoping to keep her and her younger sister, Gabi, from being deported to El Salvador.
Dissenter on the bench : Ruth Bader Ginsburg's life & work / by Victoria Ortiz.
The life and career of the fiercely principled Supreme Court Justice, now a popular icon, with dramatic accounts of her landmark cases that moved the needle on legal protection of human rights, illustrated with black and white archival photographs.
Runaway Max / Brenna Yovanoff.
"Don't miss this gripping, emotional prequel to the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things! The never-before-told backstory of the beloved Dig Dug maven, Max Mayfield, written by New York Times bestselling author Brenna Yovanoff. This must-read novel, based…
Ordinary girls / Blair Thornburgh.
Fifteen-year-old Plum and her older sister Ginny find their relationship tested by family finances, personality differences, and the secrets they are keeping from each other.
Shadow & flame / Mindee Arnett.
After earning the title of Wilder Queen for her role in the rebellion, Kate and her people face new threats as their enemies begin to assemble armies, while a slave named Clash may have the means to end the fighting for good.
When the ground is hard / Malla Nunn.
At Swaziland's Keziah Christian Academy, where the wealth and color of one's father determines one's station, once-popular Adele bonds with poor Lottie over a book and a series of disasters.
Like a love story / Abdi Nazemian.
When Reza moves to New York City, he begins dating Judy even though he is secretly gay and then struggles with his feelings when he grows close to Judy's best friend Art, who is openly gay.
Teeth in the mist / Dawn Kurtagich.
Inspired by the legend of Faust and told in alternating timelines, sixteen-year-old Roan arrives at Mill House as a ward and discovers she is connected to an ancient evil secret, while, centuries later, seventeen-year-old Zoey explores the dwelling's ruin…
If it makes you happy / Claire Kann.
Winnie looks forward to spending the summer in Misty Haven, where she works at her grandmother's diner and lives her best life, but when she is crowned Summer Queen she finds that she is afraid of everything that comes with the position.
This might hurt a bit / by Doogie Horner.
Relates a seriously bad day in the life of Pennsylvania teenager Kirby Burns, in which he faces dangerous classmates, discovers that a friend is hiding a terrible secret, and grapples with the one-year anniversary of his sister's death.
The beholder / Anna Bright.
After a public humiliation, Selah sets sail across the Atlantic in order to find a life partner among the European royal houses who can help secure the future of her Potomac people, a journey that sees her interacting with figures from legend and mytholog…
Virtually yours / Sarvenaz Tash.
College freshman Mariam uses a new virtual reality dating service and is matched not only with her new best friend, Jeremy, but also with her high school ex-boyfriend, Caleb.
Rise / Ellen Goodlett.
"Sisters Akeylah, Ren, and Zofi are all a step closer to their dying father's throne, but their pasts continue to haunt them as their blackmailer threatens everyone and everything they hold dear"--Provided by publisher.
Girls of July / Alex Flinn.
Told from separate perspectives, four girls, Britta, Meredith, Kate, and Spider, only two of whom had met before, spending an unforgettable July with Spider's aunt in the Adirondacks.
This time will be different / Misa Sugiura.
Seventeen-year-old CJ enjoys working at her family's flower shop and is upset when she learns that her mother has plans to sell the shop.
Kissing Ezra Holtz : (and other things I did for science) / Brianna R. Shrum.
When laid-back Amalia and buttoned-up Ezra are paired on an AP Psychology project, they posit that anyone can fall in love with anyone else given the right scientific steps, but do not expect to test the theory with each other.
Viral : the fight against AIDS in America / Ann Bausum.
"Groundbreaking narrative nonfiction for teens that tells the story of the AIDS crisis in America. Thirty-five years ago, it was a modern-day, mysterious plague. Its earliest victims were mostly gay men, some of the most marginalized people in the country…
Where I end & you begin / by Preston Norton.
As punishment for breaking into their high school to watch the solar eclipse, Ezra, his crush Imogen, Ezra's best friend Holden, and Imogen's best friend Wynonna must perform in the school's production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, but before the first …
Wild and crooked / by Leah Thomas.
Kalyn, living under a pseudonym, and Gus, who has cerebral palsy, get caught in an uproar in Samsboro, Kentucky as the truth about the brutal murder of Gus's father by Kalyn's comes to light.
All eyes on us / Kit Frick.
In alternate chapters, Amanda faces family pressure to marry Carter, knowing he cheats, and Paulina pretends to date Carter to alleviate family and church pressure about being a lesbian.
The haunted / Danielle Vega.
To evade her manipulative ex-boyfriend, sixteen-year-old Hendricks' family moves to small-town New York, where she joins the popular crowd, but only her outcast neighbor, Eddie, can help chase vindictive ghosts from her new house.
I'll never tell / Abigail Haas.
While on spring break in Aruba, a young girl is accused of her best friend's death and must stand trial for murder in a foreign country.
War of the bastards / Andrew Shvarts.
A year after the Inquisitor Miles Hampstedt usurped the throne of Noveris, Tilla and her fellow bastards continue to fight tyranny as they contemplate a pact with the people of the Red Wastes.
That night / Cyn Balog.
The more Hailey struggles to understand her boyfriend's apparent suicide, despite the discouragement of his stepbrother, her best friend, Kane, the more she remembers and the more secrets are revealed.
Twisted / Laurie Halse Anderson.
After finally getting noticed by someone other than school bullies and his ever-angry father, seventeen-year-old Tyler enjoys his tough new reputation and the attentions of a popular girl, but when life starts to go bad again, he must choose between trans…