Libraries Work Because We Do

April 9 is National Library Workers Day, and I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to the incredible staff of CADL. The theme “Libraries Work Because We Do” couldn’t be truer. All of you have a daily impact on our communities. From the welcoming smiles to our visitors to the expertise shared in answering questions, from the creativity poured into programming to the diligence in cataloging and organizing materials, from the public-facing spaces to the behind-the-scenes operations, your contributions are invaluable.

Many people have formative childhood memories of their experiences at a library, and often trace their love of reading to these. The people we help each day to access digital and physical resources may have had nowhere else to turn to, making the library a crucial part of their success. Library workers make this all happen.

We are a critical human connection for our communities, and we create a sense of belonging every time someone walks through our doors.

It may seem like you’re “just doing my job,” but all library jobs are important, and it’s often the seemingly smallest act that can make the biggest difference to someone.

Thank you for your dedication, kindness, and support to our patrons, to your fellow CADL workers, and to the mission of the library. National Library Workers Day is a celebration of the many ways your everyday efforts help to transform our communities and create opportunities for all.

Jenny Marr, CADL Executive Director