Read Off Fines This Summer

What is Read Off Fines?

Making sure kids and teens have access to books is important, which is why we’re excited to announce the return of our Read Off Fines program!

CADL cardholders under the age of 18 can participate in Read Off Fines anytime between June 1 and August 31. In exchange for 30 minutes of reading – or listening to reading – kids and teens will be given $1 of CADL Cash to be used towards any overdue fines or lost and damaged item fees existing on their account. Read Off Fines is a way to have fun reading, increase skills, and keep library cards active.

How to participate:

1.       Ask for a Read Off Fines form from a staff member.

2.       Keep track of reading. For every 30 minutes read, mark off a box. 

3.       Bring your log to the circulation desk to have fines and fees waived, $1 for every 30 minutes read.

4.       When $10 is earned, you’ve completed the program.

You cannot read off someone else’s fines or participate twice. The CADL Cash cannot be used towards future fines, collection agency-referral or non-resident fees.

Libraries charge fines to encourage people to return their checked-out items on time, keep items moving through the system and make sure everyone has a chance to use our most popular titles. But some families avoid using the library for fear of fines, and children don’t often have control over whether their items are turned in on-time or not. Read Off Fines gives children a way to maintain access to the library when they need it most. Kids can read off their fines at the library, at home or anywhere they prefer.

Happy reading!

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