Sphero indi & iPad Kit

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  • 1 Sphero indi Robot
  • 20 Rubber Color Tiles
  • 15 Beginner’s Programming Challenge Cards
  • 1 Blue Carrying Case
  • 1 micro-USB to USB cable
  • 1 Anker Power Adapter
  • 1 iPad in Case
  • 1 iPad Lightning Cable
  • 1 iPad Power Adapter
  • 1 Quick Start Guide 
  • 1 Mini Galaxy Backpack


indi is a robot designed to introduce early learners to the fundamentals of computational thinking, STEAM, and computer science principles while encouraging open-ended, imaginative play-based learning with real-life scenarios. indi offers an unplugged, screenless programming experience with an on-board color sensor. When ready, learners can use the included iPad with the installed Sphero Edu Jr app to kick their skills into high gear with more coding options.

indi behaving strangely? Reset indi by pressing and holding the power button for three seconds. indi can also be reset from the app, directions on how are in the Getting Started Guide


The iPad only has Sphero apps installed to use with indi. Bluetooth must be on for indi to work with the iPad. A web browser is not included on the iPad. 


General Policies

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