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These audiobooks on CD for kids are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top).

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Susan B. Anthony / Teri Kanefield.
The biography of one of the most notable figures in American history discusses the woman who fought tirelessly to ensure that other women had the right to vote.
The truth as told by Mason Buttle / Leslie Connor.
Mason Buttle is the biggest, sweatiest kid in his grade, and everyone knows he can barely read or write. Mason's learning disabilities are compounded by grief. Fifteen months ago, Mason's best friend, Benny Kilmartin, turned up dead in the Buttle family's…
Rise of the dragons / Angie Sage.
Once the world was full of dragons, who lived in harmony with humans. Dragons counseled kings and queens. They fought in human battles. And they gave humans the most precious gift of all: magic. But after a group of rogue dragons, tried to take over Earth…
Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales / Hans Christian Andersen ; translation by Erik Christian Haugaard.
Listeners will rediscover Hans Christian Andersen's best-known fairy tales, and find new favorites, all brought to life by a full cast. Recognizing the literary merit of Andersen's own simple colloquial language, which Victorian translators and their imit…
Wished / Jen Calonita.
When Maxine finds an old lamp that turns out to house a genie, she knows exactly what to do: wish for everyone to be happy! But her wish has some unexpected consequences.
Grenade / Alan Gratz.
It's 1945, and the world is in the grip of war. Hideki lives with his family on the island of Okinawa, near Japan. When WWII crashes onto his shores, Hideki is drafted into the Blood and Iron Student Corps to fight for the Japanese army. He is handed a gr…
Middle school : born to rock / James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts.
Rafe Khatchadorian's hilarious little sister, Georgia, is back for another rollicking adventure. This time, she's vying to be crowned winner of the Battle of the Bands, if she doesn't die of embarrassment first!