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This form searches for digitally formatted items only, but of various forms (words, sounds, video).

You can search for words in titles, authors, performers, subjects, etc.


  • climate change
  • cinderella
  • david bowie

You can also use * as a wildcard to take the place of any number of letters, or even by itself to match everything.


  • wom*n (matches woman, women, womyn, etc.)
  • car* (matches car, cars, card, cart, carts, carbon, caring, etc.)
  • *  (matches everything)

Check (or uncheck) the boxes next to the format types to include them (or not) in your search results.

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Jessica T. Recommends

The Write Escape
This is a fun multi-ethnic contemporary romance in which Chicagoan publisher Antonia Harper and Galway lecturer Aiden Byrnes both need a break and each find themselves in a tiny village on the coast...
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Paola S. Recommends

The Food Explorer
Have you ever wondered about the food you eat? Where did it come from? Fascinating and truthful story about the origins of some of our favorite foods in the and the men behind them. It’s like...
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Morgan D. Recommends

The Marrow Thieves
There's a lot of dystopian teen fiction out there, but I haven't seen much that acknowledges the dystopian past and present of indigenous people under colonialism. Cherie Dimaline's The...
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