We are Dansville, Small but Mighty

CADL Con 2020 Dansville (1).jpg“Small but Mighty,” is the motto of Dansville Schools, and I feel that it’s a fitting motto for the Dansville library staff as well. As we’ve adapted to new methods of connecting with you, everyone in our six-person team has made unique contributions. Did you know about these?

Every month library assistant Sally shares her passion for early literacy in virtual science storytimes, for which she received the Director’s Award!

Long-time library assistant Harriett knows our members interests and always manages to find just the right books for our Grab & Go requests. The Take & Make kits she creates are always gone by the end of the week.

An avid reader across many categories, library assistant Angela co-hosts the virtual monthly book discussion and is a regular sleuth at finding people recommended reads.

Library pages Tina and Sedona joined our staff this winter and have been instrumental in assembling the learning kits delivered to the preschools each month.  They took on the project of preparing Student Success Initiative library cards for all of Dansville’s K-12 students, so that students can more easily connect to library resources.

In March I participated in a CADL CAST podcast to share reading recommendations for kids and I record book recommendations for the CADL website.

If you didn’t know who’s behind-the-scenes of the things you love at the library, you know now! The great things will keep on coming from our small-but-mighty team, and we can’t wait to welcome you back to the library.

Lynn Harper, Head Librarian of CADL Dansville