Sachiko Robison Receives Director's Award

I’m pleased to announce that the Director’s Award for April has been given to Sachiko Robison.

Sachiko is a clerk at the Directors award.jpgHolt-Delhi Branch where she provides outstanding customer service to CADL patrons. Last year, she also helped with getting the word out about our millage by joining a great group of Holt staff members and myself to march in the Memorial Day parade and hand out informational material on the library’s millage.

She’s also forward thinking in what services and collections CADL can offer. Most recently, she saw a connection between CADL and CATA, where her mother is the Director of Marketing and Customer Experience, and asked about the possibility of circulating bus passes at the library. Well, that will turn into a reality on May 1!

Sachiko, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and dedication to CADL.

 Scott Duimstra, CADL Executive Director