Mister Miracle

  • Type: Books
  • By: Tom King
  • Age Category: Teens
  • Genre: Graphic Novels
  • Recommended by: Andy B.
  • ISBN/UPC: 9781401283544
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Even gods have bad days

Tom King continues a tradition of taking Marvel and DC back-benchers (Vision, the Omega Men) and building compelling, complex series around them. Mister Miracle is the culmination of these, using the Fourth World characters that comics legend Jack Kirby created in the 1970s. This series follows Mister Miracle, AKA Scott Free of the New Gods has gone through and the toll that has taken on him emotionally and spiritually. 
Part of King’s success with this book is his ability to ground the fantastical elements of these characters in our own world. In this case it’s literal gods locked in an eternal struggle of good and evil, but who also have to figure out childcare, how best to remodel their LA condo, and how to handle being at the heart of an endless struggle against evil. King never lets you forget, though, that this is a fantastical world even if it’s just another day for Mister Miracle. Riding this line is part of what makes this book shine, especially in conjunction with the art of King’s favorite collaborator, Mitch Gerads. Over the top superhero action work is done in the in the same realistic style from their earlier collaborations like The Sheriff of Babylon. 
While some knowledge of Kirby’s Fourth World doesn’t hurt, this is a standalone series that has plenty to offer both newcomers and longtime DC fans alike, so even if names like Big Barda, Granny Goodness, and Darkseid mean nothing to you, this is still a compelling read.