Marie Antoinette

Let them eat cake...because we have lots and lots of leftovers.

There is something appealing to me about watching characters living lives of extreme excess. Too much food, too many clothes, too much money. No, I am not talking about hoarders or eating competitions. It is strictly in a historical and royal context that I want to watch these displays of gluttony. When the excess is surrounded by tradition, protocol, palace intrigue, politics, and layers upon layers of silk; do I enjoy it. This is exactly what is on display in Sofia Coppola's version of Marie Antoinette. The dialogue is sparse because the food, the clothes, the wigs, the ornately decorated rooms and lawns are what takes center stage. We all know the fate of Marie Antoinette and her reputation as a Queen with extravagant tastes is on full display in this film. The way she lived is so central to the film that her ultimate fate is never shown or mentioned. Coppola does try to conjure some sympathy for poor Marie, but the characters are never developed enough for any real impact. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a visually interesting film that is light on plot, or anyone who loves fashion and royalty.