CADL Pedaler Bike

OverviewImage shows a line of bikes in a bike shop with the front one having Capital Area District Libraries on it.

Have a biking adventure on a CADL Pedaler! CADL Pedalers are available for same-day checkout on a first-come, first-serve basis. Safety kits, including helmets, are available with bike checkout. 

Bicycles are available at the Stockbridge and Williamston branches. 

Each CADL Pedaler consists of a Priority Turi Bicycle and bike lock with key. The bicycles are available in two sizes, large and small. Bicycle Safety kits are also available and come in two sizes, S/M and M/L and include a bicycle helmet, lights, and bike manuals. 

Bicycle Guidelines

  • Bicycles and safety kits are available for check out to CADL cardholders age 18 and older.
  • Borrowers must sign the required Bike Borrower Agreement, Complete Waive and Release.
  • The bicycle and safety kit can be checked out and returned on the same day or overnight or the next open day. 
  • Borrowers must provide valid identification. 
  • Members cannot check a bicycle and safety kit out for another person’s use. The person checking out the bicycle and safety kit must be the only person using the items. 
  • Members can only check out one (1) bicycle and safety kit with their CADL card. 
  • A bicycle and safety kit cannot be borrowed less than 1 hour before branch closing time.
  • The bicycle and safety kit must be returned at least 30 minutes before closing.
  • Holds cannot be placed on bicycles.
  • Bicycles and safety kits must be returned to the branch they were borrowed from.

Basic Safety

  • Ride on the right. On roadways, always ride with traffic. Bicycles may use the entire lane.
  • Leave plenty of room when passing parked cars to avoid opening doors.
  • Be predictable. Always ride in a straight line. Do not weave from side to side or suddenly move out into traffic.
  • Be alert and plan ahead to avoid obstacles.
  • Always check over your shoulder before changing your lane position.
  • Never weave between parked cars.
  • Obey traffic signs and signals.
  • Use hand signals. It can be as simple as pointing in the direction you plan to go.
  • Yield to pedestrians.
  • On the bike path, alert others of your approach by ringing a bell or horn or by announcing, “Passing on your left.”
  • Riding on sidewalks jeopardizes walkers.


  • Contact CADL Stockbridge at 517.851.7810 or CADL Williamston at 517.655.1191

CADL circulates many unexpected items. Many have different loan rules. See the quick details here.

Library of Things (LOT)

  • check out for 2 weeks
  • ages 18+ only
  • must sign agreement
  • requires valid identification
  • may only check out 1 Thing at a time (may still check out other items that are not in LOT collection)
  • adults may check out 1 LOT Thing and 1 LOT Jr Thing at a time


  • check out for 2 weeks
  • adult and youth cards
  • may only check out 1 LOT Jr Thing at a time (patrons may still check out other items that are not in LOT collection)
  • look for the Junior tag on the image or item's page to identify

Board Games

  • check out for 2 weeks
  • adult and youth cards

Raising Reader Backpacks (RRB)

  • check out for 3 weeks
  • any age

Passes & Branch Specific

  • vary by pass, read pass details