CADL Pedaler Bike

OverviewImage shows a line of bikes in a bike shop with the front one having Capital Area District Libraries on it.

Have a biking adventure on a CADL Pedaler! CADL Pedalers are available for same-day checkout on a first-come, first-serve basis. Safety kits, including helmets, are available with bike checkout. 

Bicycles are available at the Stockbridge and Williamston branches. 

Each CADL Pedaler consists of a Priority Turi Bicycle and bike lock with key. The bicycles are available in two sizes, large and small. Bicycle Safety kits are also available and come in two sizes, S/M and M/L and include a bicycle helmet, lights, and bike manuals. 

Bicycle Guidelines

  • Bicycles and safety kits are available for check out to CADL cardholders age 18 and older.
  • Borrowers must sign the required Bike Borrower Agreement, Complete Waive and Release.
  • The bicycle and safety kit must be checked out and returned on the same day. Overnight or multi-day check-out are not available. 
  • Borrowers must provide valid identification. 
  • Members cannot check a bicycle and safety kit out for another person’s use. The person checking out the bicycle and safety kit must be the only person using the items. 
  • Members can only check out one (1) bicycle and safety kit with their CADL card. 
  • A bicycle and safety kit cannot be borrowed less than 2 hours before branch closing time.
  • The bicycle and safety kit must be returned at least 15 minutes before closing.
  • Holds cannot be placed on bicycles.
  • Bicycles and safety kits must be returned to the branch they were borrowed from.

Basic Safety

  • Ride on the right. On roadways, always ride with traffic. Bicycles may use the entire lane.
  • Leave plenty of room when passing parked cars to avoid opening doors.
  • Be predictable. Always ride in a straight line. Do not weave from side to side or suddenly move out into traffic.
  • Be alert and plan ahead to avoid obstacles.
  • Always check over your shoulder before changing your lane position.
  • Never weave between parked cars.
  • Obey traffic signs and signals.
  • Use hand signals. It can be as simple as pointing in the direction you plan to go.
  • Yield to pedestrians.
  • On the bike path, alert others of your approach by ringing a bell or horn or by announcing, “Passing on your left.”
  • Riding on sidewalks jeopardizes walkers.


  • Contact CADL Stockbridge at 517.851.7810 or CADL Williamston at 517.655.1191

CADL circulates many unexpected items. Many have different loan rules. See the quick details here. Item's individual pages have further details.

Library of Things (LOT)

  • check out for 2 weeks
  • ages 18+ only
  • must sign agreement
  • requires valid identification
  • may only check out 1 Thing at a time (may still check out other items that are not in LOT collection)
  • adults may check out 1 LOT Thing and 1 LOT Jr Thing at a time


  • check out for 2 weeks
  • adult and youth cards
  • may only check out 1 LOT Jr Thing at a time (patrons may still check out other items that are not in LOT collection)
  • look for the Junior tag on the image or item's page to identify

Board Games

  • check out for 2 weeks
  • adult and youth cards

Raising Reader Backpacks (RRB)

  • check out for 3 weeks
  • any age

Passes & Branch Specific

  • vary by pass, read pass details