Picture of the button maker device.

Button Maker - 1.25"

Check Me Out


  • 1.25" button maker
  • Graphic punch
  • Directions
  • Supplies to make 25 buttons included free


Make professional looking metal 1.25” pinback buttons with this round button maker. This kit includes a round graphic punch to make it easy to punch your art to prep it for the button maker. Includes supplies to make 25 buttons free and instructions to get you started.

If you would like to make more than 25 buttons, you may purchase button making supplies at any CADL branch. Button supplies are sold in packs of 25 for $1.25. If you are interested in purchasing your own supplies, separate from CADL, supplies for this machine are found at www.Tecre.com. Please do not use any other manufacturer's supplies in this button machine, as it may break.

This button machine is set up to use regular printer paper. It works best with paper that is between 22 lbs. and 28 lbs. Please refrain from using photos, they jam the cutter and the machine.



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