Switching-up Our Space

As a kid I remember enjoying Spot the Difference puzzles in the newspaper. Two nearly identical images side by side and you are asked what is different about the two images.  

It’s been over a year since many of you will have been in the library. During that time, we have made several changes to our space. And I wonder, how many of the differences will you be able to spot? 

Some of the changes were made from necessity.

IMG_8224.JPGThe old book couch with paperbacks falling off and staples poking out is gone. No more worrying about kids climbing on it and getting poked! Goodbye constant repairs as we tried to keep it together.  

Some of these changes will be temporary.

Work areas for staff who were used to working close together have spilled over into the Reading Room and the Community Room. As conditions continue to improve and our service model shifts work areas will be moved out of those spaces once more. 

Other changes were made to make browsing the shelves easier or more fun. 

Collections have been shifted and reorganized, and additional displays were added to the youth area. 

More changes are yet to come.

Stick Library.pngA giant Scrabble Board in the hallway, Stick Library for dogs by the front door and an improved outdoor space with additional seating will be added soon. We are constantly looking at our space and services to see where we can improve. 

So what changes would you like to see at the Haslett Branch? Where do you see improvements can be made? Let us know, by leaving a comment at cadl.org or reach out direct to me at mooret@cadl.org.  

Starting June 1,  in-person browsing is back so please stop by and see us. 

HA_Scrabble Board.jpgHA_Tree Mural.jpg






Thomas Moore, CADL Haslett Head Librarian