From Summer to School: Reading and Learning at the Library

With summer ending and school on the horizon there’s a few things to remember. The last day for all you “Summer Readers” to stop in the library and claim your prizes is Saturday, August 10. We don’t want you to miss out on any great coupons or a free book, so make sure you schedule a visit this week!

One thing you could never miss out on is getting a library card or renewing your expired one. Now is a great time to get that card since you can get a free, colorful CADL tote to carry all your check-outs. Supplies are limited so the sooner the better! Go to 

Speaking of library cards, students at Webberville were the first ones to receive Student Success Accounts this past February! CADL strives to help students succeed in school, and we hope the accounts will help in that mission. The student success account allows kindergarten through twelfth grades to check out up to three physical items from a CADL library at one time, plus have full access to our digital collections no matter the child’s residence. One of the three items allowed is a student wi-fi hotspot. We have twenty hotspots that are reserved for Webberville students using their student success accounts. Have a great school year!


Peg M., CADL Webberville