Reader's Roundtable Episode 58: Stories with Pictures

The selectors talk about favorite artists, books with great covers, picture books, graphic novels and other graphic-heavy books.

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Cheryl’s Picks

Books featuring the art of Nikki McClure

Emile and the Field by Kevin Young with art by Chioma Ebinama

Cher Ami: Based on the World War I Legend of the Fearless Pigeon by Melisande Potter and illustrated by Giselle Potter

Herbal Handbook: 51 Profiles in Words and Art from the Rare Book and Folio Collections of the New York Botanical Garden

Atlas of Extinct Animals by Radek Maly and illustrated by Jiri Grbavcic and Pavel Dvorsky

Mari’s Picks

Bryan Collier’s art from Dave The Potter by Laban Carrick Hill

Sydney Smith’s art from Town Is By The Sea by Joanne Schwartz

When the Wind Came by Jon Andrews

The Ghosts of Rose Hill by R.M. Romero

Little Houses by Kevin Henkes

Jessica’s Picks

The Blur by Minh Lê and Dan Santat

Rabbit Chase by Elizabeth LaPenseé  (J GN)

Paper Girls by Brian Vaughan et al.

Saga by Brian Vaughan et al.

Chivalry by Neil Gaiman and Collen Doran (GN)