Not Just for Readers

dfasdfa.jpgOne of the great things about CADL’s Summer Reading program is that anyone can participate. There’s a version for kids and teens, of course, as well as a distinct adult program. But young children can also join in the learning and fun. We offer a reading program developed specifically for pre-readers, which emphasizes early literacy activities that an adult can do with a child to help him or her get ready to read. Here are a few examples from CADL’s Pre-Reader Log:

  • Sing the ABC song
  • Play musical chairs
  • Attend a library event
  • Put on some music and dance together
  • Make up a song about your favorite food
  • Read a book together and point to the words as you read
  • Plant a seed together

As participants work their way through Summer Reading, they earn prizes including a rubber duck (or other toddler-safe toy) and a board book of their choice. But more importantly, they will be learning important concepts like phonemic awareness and print motivation, which are building blocks in developing strong reading skills.

In 2018, more than 700 participants were registered for the pre-reader program. We at CADL hope to grow this number in the future so that even more of our youngest patrons gain the tools they need to become super readers. The last day to claim prizes is August 18, 2018. Keep working through those early literacy activities and come on in to pick up prizes for your little one.

-Tom S., CADL Okemos