Movement Makes a Great Reading Partner

GettyImages-1133671169.jpgIf you have kids in your life, you already know how important it is to read to them. But some kids miss out on the benefits of this experience because they dislike sitting still for a story.  

My nephew Emmett used to find books boring. Then my family discovered that if we let him move around while we read aloud to him, he not only listened to the story, he could repeat everything that had happened!   

Emmett’s favorite books were the kind that encouraged him to do a physical activity while reading. A favorite one was From Head to Toe by Eric Carle, where the animal on each page moves a body part and asks the reader to join in. When he got a little older, he loved We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. Readers are prompted to take the book along with them while they search their surroundings for bears!  

Now Emmett is a bright, active 7-year old who loves to read. His reading skills have been a huge help in communication, motor skills, and comprehension, making him a star in his current class! I believe this success is the result of being read to when he was very young, and of choosing the kind of stories that engaged him. 

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Karon Walter is the Head Librarian for Capital Area District Libraries’ Holt-Delhi branch