Learning Early Literacy Skills While Playing With Peers

Playing with peers, even at a young age, is so important when it comes to developing those early literacy skills.

Through playing and socializing children learn how to communicate with others. Playing with peers gives them the opportunity to experience new ways to play and use their imaginations which in turn leads to practicing new words, sounds and ultimately learning new vocabulary.

“Pretend play (also known as dramatic play or role play) is critical for developing oral language. Researchers discovered that children engaged in pretend play often use higher forms of language than they would use in normal situations.”- The Genius of Play

Lansing Area Littles provides opportunities for kids in our communities to get together to play, socialize and use their imaginations. Whether we are playing at a playground, visiting a farm or doing a craft together, your kiddos are learning essential early literacy skills. Most importantly, they are having FUN while doing it!

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Come PLAY with us!

Amy Romback, Founder of Lansing Area Littles