It's Been a Pleasure, Webberville!

It's with mixed emotions that I will be retiring at the end of January. There have been many libraries in my past. I have worked in a college residence hall library, an academic library, an archive, a large metropolitan public library and the state library. They were all different and colored my experiences as a librarian.

My first position with CADL started in 2003, as the head librarian at the Dansville Branch. I truly loved working in that community the four years that I spent there. Next, I spent four years as head at the South Lansing Branch. I attended a few meetings in the Webberville Branch during that time and remember falling in love with the beautiful palladium window. When the opportunity came in 2011 to move to the Webberville Branch, I was excited. I knew that I really enjoyed the smaller, rural communities. I also remembered that lovely window.

I could not have asked for a better place to be the last eight years. It has been a pleasure getting to know members of the community, whether as library users, the Lions Club, the Village DDA or schools. The people of Webberville appreciate the value of having a library in the community, which makes the librarian’s job an easy one. It also made Webberville the perfect place to start CADL’s Student Success Initiative, which now brings library access to all of Webberville’s students.

It is the youngest members of the community that I will miss the most. Visiting the preschool classes has been one of my greatest joys. Fostering the love of reading in a child at a young age will turn that child into a life-long reader. If I have contributed anything to Webberville, I hope that it’s a few forever readers.

Peg M., Head Librarian at CADL Webberville