I Drive Home with Comedians in My Car

I drive home with comedians in my car.

Not that I need to make my driving any funnier or crazier (Just ask my family!). 

When the back bumper of my Nissan Sentra flew off on the freeway, I took it as a sign I needed a new car. The no-frill Saturn Ion I replaced it with was good on gas, but bad on entertainment value. No tape deck, no CD player, no Bluetooth or any type of serious radio except your standard AM/FM.

My entertainment comes through my phone, and I choose to have comedians in my car. Before I buckle up and hit the road, I download them through Hoopla, one of Capital Area District Libraries’ digital services. After catching up on the news who isn’t ready for a little comic relief?


Sometimes I listen to the oldies...Richard Pryor, George Carlin or Bill Cosby. Or I find the funny people whose routine I don't know by heart: Aziz Ansari or Jim Gaffigan, Marina Franklin or Nikki Glaser. Raunchy and racy or clean and cute, there’s something for everyone – even the kids! And if you’d rather lose a bumper than listen to comedies, there are still many great options for digital recourses to the news.

Check out CADL’s digital services and be sure to contact your local library staff if you’d like help using our downloadable digital services. You deserve a good laugh.


Betsy H., Head Librarian of CADL Okemos